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Collision Course

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Barry Allen was an up and coming new C.S.I. for Central City P.D. His life hadn’t been perfect, his reason for getting into law enforcement in the first place stemming from his mother’s murder and his father being arrested for it. His intelligence tested off the charts and few people knew about the accident that supercharged his life. One night while working in his lab, a lightning bolt struck a shelf of chemicals, dispersing them all over his body. Each chemical combined altered Barry’s physiology turning him into a meta-human with the power of super-speed. Dubbing himself the Flash, he had new ways of solving crimes and taking on other meta-humans that believed that their powers gave them the right to cause chaos.

Kara Zor-El has been living on Earth for the past twelve years since her Kryptonian pod regained its flight directions after being knocked off course and trapping her in the Phantom Zone. She was sent to protect her cousin Kal-El but upon arrival he had grown into the hero Superman. As she was still biologically thirteen years old, Kara was left in the care of the Danvers, taking the identity of Linda Kara Danvers, their adopted daughter. In time under the yellow sun, she began gaining the same powers as her cousin but hid them for fear of being taken away from her family. Initially she had wanted nothing to do with life as a superhero until a plane’s engines failed and she had to leap into action. Now at age twenty-five, she’s got a new career as a reporter for Cat Co. Media and a life as Supergirl.

She knows that other heroes exist in the world but only has regular contact with Superman and his sometimes allies Batman and Robin. The same goes for Barry as he mainly stays in the Central and Keystone City areas. Little do the two realize that their paths will soon cross as a remnant of Krypton would soon be discovered by Cadmus’ human’s first initiative.

It was a typical day in National City and Kara was handing in her latest article to Cat for publication in tomorrow’s edition. Since moving to National she had started going by Kara Danvers for her professional career. Cat mainly had her writing fluff articles even though she knew how much potential Kara had to be a great reporter. Then the biggest scoop ever dropped on Cat’s desk and it was all happening in Central City, and she knew that her chief rival the Daily Planet, though based in Metropolis, would also be interested in the story.

“Okay; look alive people,” Cat shouted to her assembled staff. “We’ve got the biggest story possible breaking right now and I want this in Wednesday’s edition! Any other articles you’re writing, shelve them. We just got word of an attack in our neighboring Central City! Ever since meta-humans started appearing after the particle accelerator exploded, people have been showcasing powers left and right. For good and ill, now we’ve got what appears to be an alien on meta-human attack happening. I need someone in Central immediately.”

The entire room fell silent at Cat’s announcement. With all the meta-human activity in Central City that had occurred, her staff was down-right reluctant to volunteer. Kara looked around at the hesitant faces and knew this was her chance to prove herself. Especially with Clark off-planet, she also knew Supergirl would be needed.

“I’ll go, Ms. Grant.”

“Keira, I think that this is a little out of your league. No offense, but you’re still a junior reporter. This is more in line with…”

“Someone like Clark Kent? Please Ms. Grant, I can handle this assignment. Let me take it.”

Kara knew she had just stepped up to her boss in a show of extreme courage and bravado, the other reporters turning away as they knew that Cat had fired reporters for less than what Kara had just done. She just made a direct challenge to the owner of Cat Co. media and all were surprised when Cat made her decision.

“Okay Keira, you think you can handle this, you’ll have to prove it. The assignment in yours, I need everything you can get. You bring me an article that trumps the reveal of Superman and Supergirl and the junior status gets dropped from your title.”

Kara was internally jumping for joy at this opportunity though externally she remained calm and collected. This story would be the one that makes her career and the thought of this potential alien being a threat was one she needed to take seriously like Clark would.

“Thank you Ms. Grant, I won’t let you down.”

“Be sure that you don’t. Now all of you, get out of here. You’ve got articles to finish.”

Kara immediately flew to her apartment for a change of clothes before taking off for Central. With both her telescopic vision and super-hearing she knew exactly where the crime scene was and quickly changed back from her Supergirl uniform into more professional attire. As she arrived the police and a single C.S.I. were already examining the body.

“What do you think Barry?”

“Can’t be sure he’s actually a Meta. We still don’t know how many were created by the explosion at Star. But it’s clear someone wanted him dead. The burn marks on his chest came from someone at close range. This wasn’t some random murder Joe, this was done with a purpose. The only way we’ll know if he was a Meta is to get him back to Star so Caitlin can examine him.”

Both Joe West and Barry were so engrossed in their examination that they didn’t notice the blonde woman standing in front of them taking notes. The crime scene had only been discovered fifteen minutes ago and Central’s paper was understaffed so scrambling for this news was taking some time. It wasn’t until she spoke that both Barry and Joe looked up.

“So if he isn’t a meta-human, why would someone kill him? What possible provocation or motive for this was there?”

“I’m sorry young lady, but who are you?”

Joe spoke first, slightly annoyed at the interruption, this was an active crime scene and he was currently in his element as was Barry, both as a C.S.I. and as the Flash. Barry on the other hand was rendered speechless at the woman in front of him. She was confident, and carried an air of compassion around her and he couldn’t help but be intrigued by her, especially since she almost appeared out of thin air.

“I’m Kara Danvers, a reporter for Cat Co. Media. My boss Cat Grant…”

“I know who Cat Grant is Ms. Danvers. She was the one who named Supergirl. My question for you is how Ms. Grant could know about the attack before we did, and what is her interest in this case given that National City is two hours from Central City.”

“She has a contact here in Central City, and she’s heard about your local news affiliate being understaffed. Besides; Meta-human activity hasn’t really been that big of a secret since the explosion two years ago, and with all the aliens that Superman and Supergirl deal with…”

“That’s more than enough, Ms. Danvers. This is an active crime scene and I’m in the middle of an investigation. At the moment…”

“So you’re not even going to speculate on this? It seems that…”

“No comment. Barry, I’ll see you back at the station.”

Joe’s part in the investigation was nearly wrapped up except for filing the report and Star Labs was on the way to collect the body which meant Barry had to wait. As he packed up his equipment, he noticed that the reporter had yet to leave.

“I’m sorry, but Barry was it? Your officer friend seemed less than cooperative, but is there anything you can tell me? I mean those burns don’t look natural. What kind of fire leaves green burns on someone?”

“I’m sorry Ms. Danvers, but like Detective West said, this is an active investigation. At the moment we have no answers. So no comment.”

“Alright then, you can be as uncooperative as you want, but I will get this story. Good Day Mr. Allen.”

Barry turned away as the Star Labs medical van pulled up and Cisco and Caitlin got out. He had loaded his equipment in the back before turning around to address the reporter he thought was still standing there.

“And Ms. Danvers…huh, she’s gone already. That girl is stubborn, overconfident and far too bold for her own good. I hope it doesn’t get her in trouble. But…I didn’t tell her my last name.”

Barry stood there mystified as Cisco tapped him on the shoulder, bringing him out of his stupor.

“Barry, you okay?”

“Yeah… yeah did you see that girl?”

“What girl Barry;…hang on…”

Cisco paused as he listened in on a conversation Barry couldn’t hear. But the look on Cisco’s face spoke volumes and Barry knew something was wrong before his friend spoke again.

“Looks like someone needs the Flash…”

“Another Meta attack?”

“Yeah, over by the waterfront. Barry this…”

“I just hope it’s not King Shark again.”

Barry ran off to suit up while Cisco and Caitlin drove back to Star Labs. He hadn’t known Kara was listening in an adjacent alleyway and heard everything up until he ran off at super-speed. She was already switching to Supergirl and making her own way to Central City’s waterfront. Unbeknownst to both superheroes they were being observed as they departed.

“Yes…I have eyes on both the Flash and Supergirl. Do I engage?”

“Negative, we don’t want to play our hand to soon. Superman is off world and his cousin is alone. She won’t be much of a threat, and maybe she and the Flash will take each other out so our plan can proceed without a hindrance.”

The observer signed off with his understanding of maintaining only visuals as the green rock in his chest glowed slightly brighter.

Barry was in full Flash mode as he reached the waterfront hoping that this attack was connected to the crime scene he had just come from. His hope considering the location was that he wouldn’t have to deal with King Shark again, but his hopes were dashed as the Meta was tearing up the docks while Central P.D. fired on him. The bullets were having no effect and Barry knew he had to end this quickly before his enemy got significantly more violent than he already was.

“FLASH! I told you when we last fought that if I saw you again, it would be for the last time!”

“And you don’t know how much I wanted to believe that was true. But here you are again. Come on Shark, this doesn’t have to end like the last fight.”

“You’re right, it doesn’t. You let me go and I’ll leave Central City alone.”

“You know I can’t do that.”

Barry charged at King Shark, cycling up his powers to throw a lightning bolt, and when it hit, it only caused minimal pain to the half human, half shark Meta. Barry had to change tactics and hit full speed circling his enemy. He was fast enough to stop the rampaging shark, but was caught off guard as he was locked in a choke hold. Now at King Shark’s mercy, Barry saw a hint of fear behind his eyes.

“This didn’t have to happen Flash. You could have let me go. I could’ve gotten away from this city and the alien meta-human killer. You should take comfort in the fact that he won’t get to kill you because I will!”