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Bent But Not Broken

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“One two three and step up!, Kookie you’re out of step again!” Hoseok instructed, going through the steps of fake love, which Jungkook seem to have trouble with.

“Sorry Hyung, I just can’t get that step, can you instruct me one on one?” Jungkook asked, bending down to catch his breath

“No, let’s have a water break first” Namjoon said while the members already scattered to their own water bottles

“You are usually good at picking up the step formation Kookie, what happened today?” Jimin asked, sitting next to Jungkook,  who was wiping away sweat

“I don’t know, I just can’t get my leg to make that step, it’s the memorization” He huffed, taking another sip before going over to Hoseok, who was getting ready to teach him one on one.

“Ok Kookie, can you just verbally go over the step formation?” Hoseok stood in front of Jungkook  

“One two three and step up” recited Jungkook confidently, which Hoseok nodded to happily

“Alright, now follow the steps” which Jungkook did, but once he had to step his foot over the other one, it was clearly out of step. “There, that step, move your leg further”

Jungkook tried very hard, but the moment he extended his leg, he felt pain shoot up all the way to his spine, and felt an insane amount of tightness, as if someone was pulling his muscle, “Ow ow Hyung! I’m not flexible like you! “ Jungkook sounded like he was in genuine pain, pulling himself into a neutral position while gently rubbing his leg.

The members were looking at Jungkook worriedly, even Yoongi could step up like Hoseok did, it was not a problem with flexibility at all.

“Alright Kookie, how about we end dance practice today, take a hot shower to relax your muscles and we will start again tomorrow?” Hoseok looked at Jungkook who was about to protest but Jimin interrupted him

“Kookie, I’m the most flexible one in the group, overworking will make it worse, a shower will help a lot”  Jungkook sighed and then nodded, moving slowly to get his bag.


The members ate a quick dinner, before Jungkook went to take a shower, spending as much time as he pleased since he showered last. His muscles were feeling a lot less sore, but with that comes the feeling of lethargy, he wanted nothing but to sleep in his comfy bed.

Jimin invited him to sleep on his bed because Jungkook always favors it, hoping that it would ease his muscle tension a bit. They fell asleep quite fast, being very tired from practice.


Jungkook shifted in bed, trying to relieve the pressure that’s on his back and the pull of muscle in his leg, when he shifted he felt a searing pain and an intense pull that forced him to whimper, waking up Jimin with all the noise and the movement

“Kook-ah why aren’t you asleep yet?” Jimin’s raspy and sleepy voice startled Jungkook “S-sorry Hyung, I was asleep but just woke up” Jungkook’s response was heavy and out of breath, which alerted Jimin and made him sprint out of bed, “Jungkook? Are you ok?” he whispered, afraid of waking up Hoseok. “My back and leg really hurt Hyung” Jungkook said, while shifting again to try and find a position that would ease the pain. Jimin stood up and got a glass of water for Jungkook, “Here drink some water and try to relax, where does it hurts exactly?” Jungkook slowly shifted to recline on the bed’s headboard, accepting the water and taking a sip before replying “My lower back and right leg, it’s like the pain is going all the way to my toes”, his voice sounding frustrated and tired. Jimin’s  frown deepened, not only was Jungkook’s symptoms out of his experience, but he was an enough pain that he was not putting up a tough face. It clearly showed that his pain was a severe one. Jimin looked over at a sleeping Hoseok, contemplating waking him up, he has a lot more experience with dance related injury. Jungkook let out a whine of pain when he tried putting the glass back on the bedside table, and Jimin decided it was time to wake up Hoseok.

He gently went over to Hoseok, looking at Jungkook who closed his eyes, seeming to try and bare the pain, then back at Hoseok’s sleeping form before gently petting his arm “Hobi, please wake up.” Hoseok hummed sleepily, “What is it Jimin? I’m too sleepy” he mumbled. Jimin kept his voice calm and collected, “Hyung it’s Jungkook, he’s in pain”, that sentence was enough to have Hoseok  up and alert, “Pain? Where?” Jimin stepped back to allow Hoseok to get up, “His back and leg, his symptoms don’t fit any dance injuries I know so I had to wake you up, he seems very uncomfortable.” Hoseok nodded, before heading over to Jungook, who still has his eyes closed and his breaths even and deep, a sign that he was breathing through the pain. When Hoseok sat on the bed, his weight dented the mattress, and Jungkook winced in pain, the jostling of the matters increasing his pain, “Oh sorry, did that make the pain worse Kookie?” Hoseok asked, getting off the bed slowly. Jungkook seemed surprise at hearing Hoseok’s voice, opening his eyes quickly, “H-hyung? Sorry I woke you up”

Hoseok shook his head, “Don’t apologize, we are here to make you all better, how about you lay on your stomach so we can see what’s going on with that back of yours hmm?” Hoseok was already helping Jungkook get off the pillow. Jimin Joined in and allowed Jungkook to use his arm as a pallor in one hand, the other was behind his back, helping Hoseok, who took a hold on Jungkook’s legs, gently pulling him down to lay flat on the matters, before helping him turn on his stomach. “Jiminie, get me a heating sticker, an ice pack, the muscle ointment, and the muscle relaxer pills please” Hoseok ordered, removing the pillows  out of the bed and lifting Jungkook’s shirt up, exposing his back. Jimin nodded, quietly heading out to the bathroom, where they keep the medicine cabinet.

Hoseok looked at Jungkook’s back, it wasn’t red or swollen, which made him frown, “Kookie I’m going to press on your back, tell me where it hurts ok?” Jungkook nodded in reply, trying his best to relax. Hoseok warmed his hands a bit, before gently pressing on Jungkook’s upper back, watching closely for any signs of pain. Jungkook was indifferent, until Hoseok reached his lower right side, he flinched with a gasp, “Sorry Kookie, sorry, that hurt a lot didn’t it?”  Jungkook nodded, trying to get up before Hoseok stopped him “No, no get back, I won’t press anymore, lay back down, Hyung will be more gentle, sorry Kookie” At that time Jimin entered with a tray of the necessary items, worried, after hearing what Hoseok said “What happened Hyung?”

Hoseok took the muscle ointment from the tray, “Jungkookie here has quite a sore back, the muscles in his right lower back are very tense” he squeezed the medicine on the tips of his finger, then extended  it around his palm, “Kookie I will massage your back, it might hurt but keep taking deep breaths alright?” Jungkook nodded again, while Jimin went beside him, cold banana milk in hand, “Hyung, can he have a drink?” Hoseok nodded, starting massaging Jungkook’s back, Junkook whined in pain, squirming a bit before Jimin stopped him, “No no  Kookie, don’t move, it will hurt more, here take a sip” he placed the straw near his lips, urging him to drink and relax.

Hoseok was trying very hard to relax Jungkook’s tense muscle, but it was impossibly tense, and the more pressure he used, the more pain it caused. He stopped when Jungkook was close to tears from the pain, “Jimin, help me take him to the shower”

Jimin stopped playing with Jungkook’s hair, looking questioningly at Hoseok, “He showered before sleeping Hyung”

Hoseok went over to Jungkook’s closet, taking out some clothes, “No not for hygiene purposes, his muscles are very tense, he needs a constant stream of hot water” Jimin nodded in understanding, going to the bathroom to turn on the shower, bit warmer than what Jungkook, or all of them for that matter, shower with. Hoseok went over to Jungkook, “Kookie, let’s get you in the shower, it will help a lot with the pain, Hyung will help you, can you move?”

Jungkook’s body was in an intense pain, he feels like someone stitched his back without numbing medicine, and very breath pulls on those stitches, moving was the last thing he wanted to do right now, he tried moving his upper body to sit up, face scrunching up in pain and letting out a low groan.  Hoseok rushed to hold him, helping him sit up, before Jimin came to help him. They both got Jungkook up and walking, while they held his hands, “Easy Kookie easy, slow steps” Hoseok warned when a certain step hurt him more than the others. Once they made it to the shower stall, being very thankful that they don’t have a shower tub but a stall instead, Jimin took Jungkook’s shirt off, keeping his pants on, while Hoseok help his hands out for Jungkook to hold on, getting under the hot stream. “Ok Kookie, relay on me and relax, Hyung will take care of everything, try to stay standing but I will rock you slowly in slow circular motion, just relax”

Jungkook nodded, relaxing and holding tightly on Hoseok, who was almost hugging him at this point. The water stream was quite painful, making him whimper every once in a while, while Jimin stays close in case Hoseok needs help with holding Jungkook’s body up. He stayed under the shower for half an hour, feeling utterly drained and exhausted, the pain getting numb. He was almost falling asleep on his Hyungs.

Jimin noticed that the slow gentle rocking and the heat was helping Jungkook relax greatly, he was almost falling asleep. The whimpers and groans were getting quitter and softer, “Hyung I think we should get him out, he’s falling asleep.” Hoseok nodded, helping Jungkook walk out of the shower stall, while Jimin turned off the water and proceeded to help dress Jungkook in comfortable dry clothes.

Once they made it to Jimin’s bed, Jungkook was half asleep, becoming a ragdoll between their hands. Hoseok placed a heating pad on the bed, while Jimin adjusted him to lay exactly on it, before they tucked him in. he fell asleep in less than 5 minutes. “Hyung would you like some coffee? Breakfast?” Jimin asked, while Hoseok looked at the time, it was 5:56 am, “That would be great Jimin, please make me a sandwich or anything that’s a bit salty.” Jimin nodded, while Hoseok pulled his phone to read.



 Both Jimin and Hoseok were reading, each nursing a mug of steaming hot coffee, while Jungkook slept away. They didn’t leave his side, even when the clock was striking 10 am. They were so quite that a knock on the door sounded like a bomb, which made them both jump and look at Jungkook, afraid that the knock woke him up.

Seokjin slowly entered, being surprised to find that both Hoseok and Jimin awake, “Hey guys up early?” he timidly asked, something about them was off.

Hoseok nodded, “Yeah, very early, Kookie isn’t feeling too well.” Seokjin frowned in concern, walking over to Jungkook’s bed, checking his temperature with the palm of his hand, “He doesn’t have a fever, was his throat hurting?” Jimin stood up and stretched, “No, his back was hurting very badly, took a while to get him to sleep.”

Seokjin nodded, “both of the managers are in the living room, they want to go over this week’s schedule, get changed and meet us in the living room, I will tell them about Jungkook.


After the member’s meetings, the Managers deemed that it was necessary for Jungkook to head over to the hospital to get checked, they weren’t able to even get him to sit without being in severe pain.

Jungkook was sitting painfully at the paper-like material covering the bed, looking over at Sejin, who was hovering worriedly next to him. “Does it hurt that badly kookie? Did you fall yesterday or something?” he asked, concern lacing his voice.

“No Hyung-nim I didn’t fall at all, I was just practicing with the Hyungs but then it started hurting  a lot, Jimin Hyung and Hoseok Hyung tried to help me yesterday but it didn’t get better” Jungkook spoke in a gentle manner, afraid that speaking too loudly would set his back off somehow. Before Sejin could reply the doctor knocked at the door, coming in after couple seconds.

“Hello there, I’m Doctor Lee, I will be assisting you today” she spoke in a motherly voice, sitting on a stool near the computer. She was an old woman with a head full of white hair, wrinkles showing the years of experience, and a smile of a mother. “ SO what’s the matter dear? I have received a couple of your test results and it appears that you’re in quite the pain, would you like to explain to me what’s been bothering you?” based on her attitude and soft voice, Jungkook felt like he was complaining to his mother about falling as a child during recess. “I was practicing with my Hyungs at the dance studio and there was a step I couldn’t do, I started having leg pain after trying couple of times but when I went back home my back started to hurt” the Doctor nodded her head “ I guess my assumption is correct but let’s have a small conformation exam shall we? If you could, please stand in front of me dear” she stood up while Sejin gently helped Jungkook step down from the raised bed, observing the pain that appeared on his face. She stood next to Jungkook, sticking her hand out for him “Hold my hand and gently bend down as far as you can” Jungkook looked startled at her, before he started to bend down, whimpering when his hands touched his calves. She let go of his hand and stood behind him, lifting his shirt up” that’s exactly what I thought, come here dear” she beckoned Sejin over “This here is a clear evidence of Scoliosis” she Gently placed her hand on Jungkook’s bulging side, “Those are the raised muscles that the spine is pushing” she walked next to Jungkook again, taking his hand in hers” you might stand up again darling, that hurt a lot doesn’t it?” Jungkook slowly stood up biting his lips in pain until he was guided by Sejin to Sit on the chair, while the doctor went back to sit on her stool.

“Based on his X-ray and my examination his Scoliosis is quite sever, with a curve of 40 degrees on the bottom and 27 degrees on the top. We usually try bracing and physical therapy but I can guarantee you that with his case those would just be a waste of his time. I suggest Surgery” at the mention of Surgery Jungkook’s eye’s widened “We can’t, we have a new album “ he mumbled nervously “is there anything I can take for the pain then I will do the surgery later” he looked at the doctor with big doe eyes, pleading.

“I’m afraid not dear, your pain is too severe, if I prescribe you meds, then you would have to take large dosages that will harm your kidney, you’re young, the surgery is the best option I can offer”


The members were all waiting for Sejin in the conference room with Pang-PD, they were informed that they have an emergency meeting about Jungkook’s condition, to say that they were nervous would be an understatement. Their nerves skyrocketed even more when Sejin came in with their trip planning manager, the one that plans all their overseas trips, with laptop in hand.

Pang-PD took a sip of his coffee before he started talking, “I know all of you are nervous but I assure you it’s nothing too terrible. Jungkook was diagnosed with Scoliosis at the hospital, it’s when the spine curves, pushing the muscles to one side, putting a lot of strain and pain on the body. His doctor saw it’s best that he undergoes surgery to fix it” he looked at all the members, surprise to see them calm and collected

“Senbae-nim, undergoing scoliosis surgery has a long recovery time, with our fame, I’m concerned with him having to stay for a week in a hospital were everyone knows where he is” Spoke Namjoon, fidgeting with his mug of coffee

Bang smiled, “And this is why I’m sending all of you to the U.S, he needs a week in the hospital and at least 5 months to fully recover, during that time we will take advantage and send you to train with different trainers and expand your popularity to the US, MR. Kim, what’s the plan for the trip?” he asked, gazing at the manager

“I contacted the Doctor that Dr. Lee suggested and told me he has a free opening at the end of next week, but he wants tests to be done at the beginning of the week. He was willing to take him so quickly since he is a celebrity and he assured me that his team have no clue who BTS is, matter of fact the state I planned for him isn’t very informed about Kpop, so even if they were seen in public, they won’t be recognized. I have plane tickets ready for the end of this week, and have pulled all of Jungkook’s medical documents to be sent to the doctor after he consented”

They were at awe at how fast their trip manager planned their trip and got in contact with the Doctor, but they didn’t pounder too much, focusing on the situation in hand.

“I don’t mind doing the surgery this fast, the quicker the better, and if no one will recognize us, I feel much better” Jungkook spoke softly, smiling when Jimin squeezed his hand under the table.

“It’s set then, let’s talk about scheduling”


Jungkook was listening to music while laying down on his side, scrapping random line on his drawing notebook, before he heard a knock on the door. “Come in” he called over his music, when Namjoon and Yoongi poked their heads inside. “Can we talk to you for a second?” Jungkook sat on his bed, lowering the music to a soft hum “Sure Hyungs” the Hyungs both came in, Yoongi taking his gaming chair while Namjoon sat near his feet. “We just want to approve everything by you for a second time without the fear of Bang-PD being there, are you sure you’re ready for this Surgery Jungkook?” asked Namjoon gently

Jungkook looked at his Hyung and smiled, “Yes Hyung I’m sure, I’m an idol, I need to be perfectly healthy, and if surgery is what will help me get over this pain, then I don’t mind”

Yoongi sighed, “Kook-ah there’s nothing wrong with saying no, or being afraid, if you need more time to think about it more, then we will give you the time you need” Jungkook smiled widely “No Hyung, I don’t need time, I’m a 100 percent sure about that decision”

Both Namjoon and Yoongi smiled back, ruffling his hear before standing to head out, “Hyungs, can I sleep with you tonight?” Jungkook asked timidly, giggling with both Hyungs attacked him in a hug.


The week passed by very quickly and to Jungkook it felt like he blinked and he’s already laying on the bed of the pre-operation waiting rooms with Namjoon sitting next to him.

“Are the Hyung’s still outside?” he asked while shifting on the uncomfortable bed, the papery hospital sheet is doing nothing to keep him warm

“Yeah, they will stay until you’re out of surgery”

“They should leave and have some lunch, we left very early” Jungkook was trying to keep a conversation going, to keep himself calm, which Namjoon has caught on.

“Of course, in fact Seokjin hyung is already looking for a Korean restaurants to buy you your favorite foods“ which caused both of them to start giggling before a Nurse came in, dragging a cart with her,

“So Jun- um- Joonkook? Did I say that correctly?” she asked looking confused at both of them.

Jungkook laughed softly at his name being pronounced very inaccurately but cutely while Namjoon corrected it “It’s Ju-ng-kook-“

“Oh dear I apologize I butchered your name” the nurse smiled “Alright Jungkook you’re in for a spinal fusion?” the nurse asked, heading over to pull the blood pressure cuff near Jungkook’s head, while he looked over at Namjoon confused

“Yes, he has scoliosis”

“Please conform date of birth and full name” she asked while wrapping the cuff around his bicep, “Jeon Jungkook,  September 1st, 1997” the nurse looked surprised when Namjoon answered “Does he not speak English?” she asked “No ma’am he doesn’t” the nurse looked over when the machine beeped “OH it didn’t read, let’s try another cuff, you have the bicep of a sailor sweetie”  The comment made Namjoon laugh loudly, translating to Jungkook quickly through laughs, which also made Jungkook giggle shyly

“I always tell him to stop exercising but he won’t listen” Namjoon smiled fondly

“I have a son the same age as he’s and he also loves exercising, let me tell you, I stay a foot away from him when I scold him” the nurse joked, wrapping the new blood pressure cuff and writing down the reading

“Thankfully we live with 5 other guys so scolding him is no problem” which made the Nurse look at them shocked, then at Jungkook “Poor you, you can’t rebel can you?” Namjoon translated to him and Jungkook smiled, speaking in a broken English, “Oh n-no, I still , um, make trouble” 

“Oh yes that’s the spirit!” the nurse cheered while typing on the computer asking Jungkook questions about his health which Namjoon either translated or replied for himself.

“Alright honey, time for that big mean thing, I need to put a needle in your hand for an I.V” she explained speaking slowly so he could understand, then looked at Namjoon, “Has he ever had an I.V before?”

“Yes he has, he usually takes them well”

The nurse nodded taking Jungkook’s arm into hers, looking over his forearm for a good vein, “I will count to three and you will feel a small poke, you’re allowed to scream, curse, and do whatever you want but don’t pull your hand away no matter what ok?” Namjoon translated to Jungkook, while the Nurse was wiping the back of his hand with rubbing alcohol,

 “Oh no, I won’t, m-move my hand” he said, looking at the nurse tying the tourniquet around his wrist. “Ok, now look at your brother, don’t look at me” Jungkook did as he was told, laughing when their eyes met, “Hyung this is weird why is she forcing me to look away?” Jungkook said laughing, missing the count and wincing when the needle went in

“I don’t know Kookie, just follow along” Namjoon smiled, looking at Jungkook’s hand when he winced.

“All done! Such a good boy!” the nurse cheered, connecting the catheter to the I.V line and into the bag “I will give him a shot through the IV to help calm him down, his doctor and the anesthesiologist will meet him in a while” she gave him the shot, gathering her things “Any questions?” Jungkook shook his head and the nurse left them by themselves again, shutting the curtain after her.

“She remind me of Hoseok Hyung” spoke Jungkook, settling on his side, facing Namjoon.

“This is Hoseok Hyung after 50 years” they both laughed “She’s old but has more energy than both of us combined.

“It’s like having Hoseok Hyung and Taehyung hyung in one person” joked Jungkook, yawning.

“Feeling sleepy?” Asked Namjoon.

“Yes Hyung, I feel so sleepy. Here take my phone” Jungkook handed Namjoon his phone. Namjoon kept his phone with Jungkook’s in his pocket

“Sleep Kookie, they will wake up when it’s time” Namjoon tucked Jungkook in and watched him in concern while he took a nap. Both doctors came and talked to Namjoon while Jungkook slept away, waking up when it was time for his surgery by the nurses. They pulled his bed halfway through the hall before they stopped, talking to Namjoon, “All right big brother, say goodbye” Namjoon smiled, bending down to kiss Jungkook on his forehead, “we will wait for you Kookie, you will be ok, don’t worry at all” Jungkook smiled sleepily, hugging Namjoon before letting go, and he was pushed in a room filled with tools and big lights.

He heard someone speak saying that he doesn’t speak English well, and then a man above his head, “Mr. Jeon, please tell us what’s is your birthday?” Jungkook frowned, processing only the word birthday “s-sep…tember ..1st ..19.. “ before he saw a dark cloud engulf him and he fell asleep


Namjoon followed a nurse away from where they took Jungkook, feeling something in his heart pull him to go and wait for Jungkook outside the operating room, before a voice startle him, “This is the exit to the waiting room” she handed him a circular device with a screen in the middle “ This will beep with updates about Mr. Jeon’s surgery, when the surgery is done we will tell you through the device and you have to head to the family room where he doctor will talk to you. You can take it anywhere in this hospital but you can’t leave the hospital” Namjoon thanked her and left to meet the guys outside.

When he walked through the door, he saw all the members sitting far away from the others, Seokjin comforting Taehyung how seems to have fallen asleep after crying, Hoseok on his phone, Yoongi reading, and Jimin looking out the window.

“Hey guys..” He gained all of their attention within half a second.  Jimin jumped into a stand and held his arm in desperation, asking him a million question a minute.

“Calm down Jimin, he was ok, no he didn’t cry, and he was a bit nervous but very brave” Namjoon smiled like a proud father.

“That’s our Jungkook, very brave” Yoongi spoke, running a hand on Hoseok’s back comforting him.

“He said you guys should grab lunch” Namjoon said, heading over to take his backpack, putting Jungkook’s phone and his in it

“What if we take a long time and he’s out of surgery?” asked Seokjin, while ruffling Taehyung’s hair to wake him up

“They gave me a device with updates on his condition, we will know, let’s go eat something” Namjoon worse his backpack, taking Taehyung’s hand to help him stand.


They were sitting in a small sitting area that’s covered in the surgery floor with food all over the coffee table when the first update came through, they all jumped at the vibration of the device on the table. Namjoon took it and read the update, “Mr Jeon ‘s surgery just started, he is stable and doing fine” he read, then translated to the members who sighed, “he will be fine, he’s ok” encouraged Hoseok, holding a cup of coffee between his palms


It was 3pm when the update they all have been waiting for came through, “Mr. Jeon’s surgery is done, please head over to the family room to meet the doctor”  they all jumped at the same time, scrambling to gather their stuff and head over to the family room, a small private room with couple of chairs, leaving some member standing, before Dr. Montgomery, entered with his scrubs still on,” Hello there gentlemen” he greeted “ Mr. Jeon’s surgery went well, he was a fighter and did very well. I’m impressed by him.” The members all smiled, that’s their Kookie that they know. “He is actually awake now, but he will stay in the ICU for today to monitor him closely, of course all of you could visit him when he’s settled in his own private room. Right now only 2 people could go, he’s in the recovery rooms recovering from the anesthesia. Allow me to remind you that the surgery he had is a major surgery, we straightened his spine as much as we could using metal screws and rods so he will be extremely sore and have difficulty moving, please be gentle, and don’t move him in any way that would cause his spine to move.” Namjoon did his best to translate everything to the other members, and ask questions that they have. It was decided that Namjoon and Jimin would be the ones to meet Jungkook in the recovery room first, and the other members would follow after they shower and get dinner from the Korean restaurants near the hospital.


Namjoon and Jimin were escorted by a nurse through labyrinth of halls to meet Jungkook in the recovery room, which was just like the pre-operation room but with much more machines. They saw a nurse sitting at a computer near Jungkook’s bed observing him, when they got closer she smiled kindly at them, “Jeon Jungkook’s family?” she questioned

“Yes, we are here to see him” Namjoon nodded while Jimin went straight to Jungkook. Jungkook was barely awake with his hair all tasseled and his face swollen. He was breathing deeply through an oxygen canola looking pale and frowning every once in a while. His body was completely covered by two thick blankets but they could see all the wires coming from his body and connected to the machines near his head.

Namjoon sat near Jimin, who was petting Jungkook’s hair talking to him, “Kookie, Hyungs are here, how do you feel?” Jungkook only mumbled while closing his eyes again

“He’s not fully awake yet, he wakes up and falls asleep again which is normal” the nurse comforted them when they looked at Jungkook sadly. They gave her a small smile and Namjoon patted Jungkook’s leg while Jimin kept playing with his hair. It was silent when the nurse startled them, talking to someone through her headpiece “yes Mr. Jeon is stable, heart rate is 79 bp, blood pressure 130/35, no vomiting or chills, he’s stable to be moved to his own private room” both of them were looking curiously at the nurse before another nurse came and disconnected some of the wires. “We will be moving him to his own room where everyone could visit him, you might follow us, we will be in room 525 if you would like to inform your other brothers.


After the nurses connected all the wires again and left, Jungkook become more alert to his surroundings, but with alertness comes pain. He whimpered, lifting his arm a bit that Jimin quickly took a hold of, “H-hurts..” he mumbled with a whimper “I know kookie it must hurt badly doesn’t it” Jimin comforted sadly, patting Jungkook’s head, while Namjoon came over Jungkook’s other side, holding his legs down when he started to whimper and try to pull his legs up. “H-Hyung..J-Jimin Hyung?” he asked, with a frown, confused. “it’s c-cold…” he mumbled, closing his eyes again and falling asleep

“Stay with him Jiminie, I will go ask the nurses for another blanket”

Jimin nodded and kept holding Jungkook’s hand, rubbing his hand to warm them up, he did feel cold to the touch. It took a while before Namjoon came back with a nurse, and the other members who all went to the small sitting area in the room, away from disturbing the nurses. Seokjin had a grounding hand on Taehyung, and Yoongi came over to Jimin, “go get a bite to eat, we brought back some food, also clothes for you three, go take a shower” jimin didn’t want to leave Jungkook alone at all, but something in Yoongi’s eyes told him to not argue, so he went to Hoseok to get his necessities  

The nurses were taking Jungkook’s blood pressure when he started to groan , “There you are, how are you feeling?” the nurse kindly asked

Jungkook turned his head to where the nurse was standing to his right, looking at her but not registering her word, until Namjoon translated and Jungkook’s eyes found his “ I have water?” he spoke in korean, and Namjoon quickly translated, he turned his head to his left when he heard a familiar whimper, almost a cry coming from Taehyung, but instead of seeing Taehyung, he saw Yoongi.

“Hello there Kookie” Yoongi smiled at him keeping his palm on Jungkook’s forehead who shivered under his touch. Yoongi lifted his head, looking at the nurse who was pushing meds through Jungkook’s IV, “He..He is shivering, is it normal?” he asked with an accurate but heavily accented English

The other nurse nodded, “it’s very normal for him to feel cold, perhaps some socks would help warm him up” she unfolded a heavy blanket that was sitting on a chair and covered Jungkook with. Hoseok came quickly with fluffy socks for Jungkook, gently putting them on his foot without moving his legs too much.

“Jungkook sweetie, you can’t have any water yet, but I got a sponge that’s soaked in cold water that could help you with the mouth dryness” the nurse came over, placing the sponge near jungkook’s mouth and he sighed in content with the cold  water made it into his mouth. He sucked it couple of times before the nurse took it away “you can have some later dear, you can’t have too much it will make you sick” she placed the cup on his bedside table, addressing the other members “Since he had some water he is going to be more alert, encourage him to cough to get his lungs working because he had a tube to help him breath during surgery” Namjoon translated to the others and the nurses left

“Why don’t you go eat something Namjoon, have some shut eye, you did a lot today” Yoongi address Namjoon, who was tucking Jungkook in. Namjoon looked over at the members before nodding, heading over to Hoseok to take his portion of food.

Seokjin looked over at Jungkook, shivering every once in a while but awake, mumbling couple word to Yoongi, before he turned over to Taehyung who looked like he was close to tears, “Listen Tae, I will allow you to go to Kookie but please, please be gentle ok?” Taehyung nodded eagerly, and dashed to his bag to get his stuffed toy from his backpack and head over to Jungkook

He stood next to Jungkook calling kookie softly waiting to gain Jungkook’s attention, and when he did, he almost burst into tears. Jungkook looked utterly exhausted, eyes barely open, hair everywhere, and tucked under what it seems to be a million blankets yet still shivering.

“Hyung bought you this” he presented a big stuffed white rabbit, and what he got in return melted all their heart. Jungkook smiled, pushing the blankets weakly until both Taehyung and Yoongi helped him remove them, when his hands were exposed he lifted them towards the stuffed rabbit. Teahyung placed it on Jungkook’s stomach and he automatically hugged it close to him. Both Seokjin and Hoseok came over to Jungkook, rubbing his legs to warm him up, “feeling better Kookie?” Hoseok asked, to which Jungkook nodded, “Much better Hyungs” he mumbled while Yoongi covered him again without taking the stuffed rabbit away, “Sleep Kook, Hyungs will be here” and that’s all it took before Jungkook was out.


It was decided that Namjoon and Taehyung would stay the night with Jungkook. Taehyung took the recline chair near Jungkook’s bed, covering himself with the hospital sheet, reading a comic book. Namjoon layed down on the provided couch near the window, watching a documentary on the tv, with the volume lowered and the lights off. it was 2 am when Jungkook started to move around, both his Hyungs jumped, in case he starts to move harshly but his movements were weak and limited, he had a blood pressure cuff on his left hand, a tube in his back, two I.Vs on his right hand with a heart rate clip on his right index finger, but despise all that, he was pushing at the blankets.

When Taehyung removed the blanket Jungkook sighed, calming down instantly. Namjoon looked at Jungkook’s face, it was still pale but his cheeks tinted red, with sweat blastering his hair to his forehead, “Taehyung quickly go wet a towel” Taehyung dashed to the bathroom while Namjoon placed his hand on Jungkook’s forehead, not surprised when he touch an alarmingly warm skin. He quickly pressed the call button. “Yes, what can we help you with?” a manly voice answered. “Jungkook is running a fever, could you please come and check it?” the nurse quickly closed the call and came at the same time as Taehyung came out of the bathroom with the wet towel.  He was a guy their age but taller and more musclor than even Jungkook, “what happened to him?” he asked

“He started to fidget around and it seems like he suddenly had a spike in temperature, he was asleep calmly before that” Namjoon’s voice shook slightly

The nurse nodded taking a thermamoter and placing it in Jungkook’s ear, who winced at the foreign object. “He does have a high fever, that wet towel would help greatly” Taehyung quickly placed it on Jungkook’s forehead

“I-Is it normal for him to spike a fever suddenly?” stuttered Namjoon

The nurse nodded again, “very normal, I will give him pills in a while, would you kindly wake him up until I come back?” both of them nodded when the nurse left to fetch the pills.

Namjoon went started to help arise Jungkook from his sleep, taking a couple touches and calls before he opened his eyes, blinking multiple times before he looked at Namjoon and Taehyung, “Hyung.. I don’t feel good”


Taehyung took his hand in his, feeling Jungkook’s fever seeping into his palm, “You have a fever Kookie, they will give you meds to make it better, it’s normal don’t worry ok?” Taehyung was slipping into satori from concern. Jungkook shook his head, “N-no..going to be sick..”

Namjoon ran to wet the towel again, when the nurse came with a cup of water and a pack of pills, but the moment he made it through the door and the curtains Taehyung shakily talked to him, “Koo- I um.. Jungkook is going to .. uh.. “ he doesn’t know how to tell the nurse that Jungkook feels nauseous   so he motioned with his hand, acting a bit in front of the sternly focused nurse, before a an “aah” and a nod of understanding came from the nurse.

Namjoon came when the nurse was pulling a blue bag from a drawer, looking confusedly at Taehyung who explained to Namjoon that Jungkook was feeling sick. Taehyung kept mumbling reassurance to Jungkook to relax and Namjoon was holding a cold wet towel on his forehead before the nurse’s booming voice startled them,

“Alright so what will we do is move him on his side” he spoke while gathering  Jungkook’s I.V lines and placing them on his stomach, moving over to remove the blankets, smiling when he saw Jungkook hugging the stuffed toy, “I will use the sheet he is laying on to pull him more towards me, then use the sheets to shift him to his side” both Namjoon and Taehyung were focused on the nurse, following his instructions. The nurse and Namjoon pulled Jungkook to their side, while Taehyung bended Jungkook’s legs. When they shifted him Jungkook let out a mumble then a groan of pain, suddenly jerking his head and vomiting into the bag that Taehyung was holding out for him.




The nurse was unphased by the ordeal, fixing Jungkook’s I.Vs, and checking his surgical wound. Namjoon was shocked by the state of Jungkook’s back, it had a white dressing running from between his shoulder blades to his lower back, all filled with patches of blood, with a whole beside the wound that had a tube inserted in it, the tube was attached to a white circular machine and both were red with blood. Namjoon was so shocked he jumped when Taehyung’s sharp voice spoke to Jugkook, “Kookie calm down!” Jungkook had a death grip on Taehyungs hand, body almost arching out of bed with pouts after pouts of dry heaving. Namjoon went over to Jungkook, holding his face between his hands, “Kook, look at me, look at Hyung, take a deep breath, in through your nose and out through your mouth, come on” Namjoon kept a firm hand and gaze at Jungkook, when he calmed down sobbed, “Oh kookie don’t cry, it’s ok, you’re being so brave, so strong, you’re just overwhelmed aren’t you?” Namjoon  spoke softly, placing Jungkook’s head on his neck. “Jungkook nodded with tears slipping, “I-it’s too much Hyung, it hurts, I don’t feel well” Namjoon hummed, speaking softly in his ear and playing with his hair until he calmed down enough for him to gently guided his head back to the pillow.

Taehyung moved his hands to hold the stuffed rabbit and tuck him in. the nurse gave him the pills and small sips of water, that Jungkook greedily sipped “It’s normal for him to throw up like that, it’s the combination of him not eating and the medicine, it will most likely not happen again but if it does just guide him through it. I will check on him in an hour.” The nurse left, turning the lights off again that none even realized was on to begin with. Namjoon filled a container with lukewarm water, changing Jungkook’s cold compressors every once in a while but keeping his hand on top of them on Jungkook’s forehead. Taehyung snaked his hand under Jungkook’s blanket, holding his hand and gently running his thump over the needle on the back of Jungkook’s hand. He started to gently sing random songs, his voice drifting Jungkook to sleep.


Seokjin came back with Hoseok, Jimin, and Yoongi with breakfast and coffee in hand, they gently opened the door, moving the curtain aside and what they saw melted their hearts; Taehyung was half laying on the bed, holding Jungkook’s hand on top of the stuffed toy, and Namjoon had one hand on Jungkook’s forehead keeping the towel in place and the other under his head, all three of them fast asleep.

“Looks like they had a rough night” whispered Yoongi, going over to wake Namjoon up

“Yeah, but they have to wake up to eat something” Seokjin was already checking Jungkook’s temperature with his hand himself, “He’s still burning up”

“That’s normal” mumbled Taehyung, with one eye still close

“Oh did we wake you up?” asked Hoseok, spreading breakfast on the table for the two to eat, “Can Kookie have some breakfast too?”

Namjoon shook his head while Yoongi helped him to his feet, stretching like a rabbit before speaking with a husky deep voice, “He can’t eat yet”

“Go wash up you two, then eat, we will take care of Kookie, your shift is done” ushered Seokjin, pushing both Namjoon and Taehyung over to Hoseok

“Oh you woke up too, Good morning Kook” Spoke Jimin, fussing over Jungkook’s blankets

Hoseok came over with Jungkook’s own personal blanket, removing the hospital blanket and covering him with his own, “Go’d mornin’ “ mumbled Jungkook

“feeling any better Kooks?” asked Hoseok placing his hand on Jungkook’s cheek gently, “better..” said jungkook, voice deep, hoarse voice, “Would you like some water?” Yoongi was already pouring water over the ice he head and dipping the sponge in it. Jungkook eagerly nodded, gaining smiled from all the members. Yoongi laughed, bringing the sponge near his mouth and he latched on immediately

“Aigoo just like a baby” teased Jimin, making the rest of the members laugh, including Jungkook,


The members were gathered around Jungkook’s bed talking to Jungkook’s parents before a knock disturbed them. Two female workers poked their heads in, which made Hoseok take Jungkook’s phone away to talk to his parents outside, and the members step aside, leaving only Namjoon near Jungkook.

“Hello my name is Annie, I’m the physical therapist” smiled a women in her 40s, she was quite short with a slim body and a short hair “We would like to help Mr. Jeon to move a bit”

“I’m heather, the physical therapy nurse” smiled the younger woman, both shaking hand with Namjoon and Jungkook

“should he be moving so soon after surgery?” asked Yoongi, standing near Namjoon out of conern

“Yes of course! In fact we deeply encourage it, it would help him get well faster” Jungkook looked at Namjoon while he translated frowning and shaking his head

“Hyung no, I will fall, I don’t want to” he mumbled, shaking his head even more. The nurse looked at Jungkook confused before Namjoon explained to her what Jungkook said

“Oh sweetie no, we won’t let you fall at all, you must feel very heavy and sore right? Sitting up will help you” she bent down to be eye level with Jungkook who looked like he was a hairsbreadth away from crying, “N-No, please don’t make me”

The nurse smiled, holding both his hands in hers, “how about this, we will let your brothers help, it won’t  take a long time and you will feel much better honey” Jungkook whispered “ok” when Namjoon translated to him, which made all the members stand near Namjoon to help.

“Alright, we will use the sheet he’s lying on to pull him up, I want two people to sit him up, one in front of him to hold his hands, one to pull his legs down,  and one ready with the vomiting bag, there’s a great chance he will puke”

The members automatically scattered to their duty, without even discussing it, Jimin and Seokjin stood at Jungkook’s side to pull him up, Yoongi was ready with a wet compressor and a puke bag, Taehyung was in front of Jungkook, Hoseok near his legs, and Namjoon near them translating

“Perfect! On the count of 3, you to gentlemen left him up, you near his leg pull them down, Jungkook dear, your job is to just breath and tell us how you feel” the therapist instructed, all of them nodded and once the nurse finished counting, both Seokjin and Jimin sat Jungkook up, Hoseok pulling his leg all the while.

Jungkook felt an intense wave of dizziness, the entire room span out of place, he held into Taehyung’s hands with a death grip, “D-Dizzy, I want to lay back down” he spoke shakily, Namjoon stood near Taehyung, “Stay for couple minutes Kook, you can do it, just couple more” Jungkook nodded, breathing deeply, while the nurse fussed behind him, covering him with another gown and making sure all the tube were not disturbed. The Hyungs kept Jungkook up, never letting go. “Head up sweetie, keep your eyes open” instructed the nurse, he didn’t even realize he closed his eyes. He opened his eyes and looked up, coming face to face with Taehyung, who had a boxy grin on his face. Jungkook smiled back, feeling a lot less dizzy but his back was super tight, “Hyung, Can I stand?” the question made the others panic, “What if it’s too soon?” “Should we let him? It’s too much isn’t?” Namjoon calmed them down and asked the nurse,

“Of course! Him standing is great!” the Hyungs looked skeptical but gave in none the less. Taehyung stepped away for a bit, Seokjin and Jimin holding his biceps, while Hoseok and Yoongi stayed around just in case Jungkook falls. Jungkook conformed that his Hyungs were ready before he stood up, automatically latching into Taehyung’s hands, “ Oh my God! Hyungs Kookie is taller!!” cheered Taehyung smiling happily at Jungkook, who gave a bunny teeth smile in return. The Hyungs all kepts cheering Jungkook for standing, walking, and even sitting in a chair. The Nurses changed his bed sheets while the Hyungs cuddled him on the chair, “Hey Kook you ok? You’re sweating” Asked Yoongi, wiping the sweat off with the towel that they have been using to keep Jungkook’s temperature down. Jungkook nodded before mumbling, “Tired, want to sleep” Seokjin pulled his blanket of his bed and tucked him in.


Jungkook was sitting up in bed, sucking on a popsicle with the Hyung line talking to him about the new meeting with the production team when Jimin and Taehyung came barging in with big smiles, ice crem in hand from the refresher’s room “Kookie, Kookie, look who’s coming!” all four of them looked up at the duo in surprise when a bark startled them. A large Husky dog made his way into the room with his owner, “Hello this is Anjo, he’s a therapy dog” Jungkook gave the puppy his full bunny teeth smile, petting  the dog that melted on his bed, while the Hyungs where confused, who should they coo at more, the Dog or their Kookie?


After 3 weeks they returned to Korea after Jungkook was giving the ok to head home, they gentle guided him through the apartment but when Namjoon opened the door their house was cleaned and perfect. “Careful Kookie, slow steps” warned Seokjin who was holding Jungkook’s hand, seeming unphased that their house was not like how they left it, with a smell of freshly cooked food

“Welcome home baby” whispered a female voice

Jungkook almost gave himself a whiplash due to how fast he looked up, “Eomma!”

Chapter Text

Seokjin slowly opened the door to jungkook’s room, smiling when he saw Jungkook tucked in his mother’s embrace, “Yes eomeonim  , you texted me?” he asked in a whisper. Jungkook’s mother nodded, “Do you have a thermometer? Kookie seems to have been running a temperature but I can’t get up, he’s lying on my arm” whispered Jungkook’s mother back, abruptly looking at her son when he mumbled something in his sleep. Seokjin frowned in concern nodding his head, “Sure eomeonim I will bring one right now” he said while heading out to fetch the requested item.

Yoongi came in, finding Jungkook’s mother playing with Jungkook’s hair. He smiled when they made eye contact, “eomeonim , this is the thermometer, I also brought you both some tea”

Jungkook’s mother thanked Yoongi kindly, getting up and waking Jungkook from his slumber, while Yoongi placed the tray on the bedside table, picking the thermometer, and waiting for Jungkook’s mother to fully arise Jungkook.

Jungkook coughed, wincing when it hurt his back, before he whimpered, trying to hide his face in his mother’s embrace. “Oh baby, I’m sorry for waking you up, we need to check on that fever of yours” she spoke softly but Jungkook was dead to the world again Yoongi giggled, coming closer to Jugkook to shake him awake, “eomeonim, Jungkook won’t wake up if you’re this gentle” Yoongi informed the concerned mother, watching him in surprise as Yoongi helped Jungkook sit against the mountain of pillows, “He wasn’t such a heavy sleeper before” whispered Jungkook’s mother. “Oh he is a quite a handful to wake up” smiled Yoongi fondly, while pulling Jungkook’s shirt to place the thermometer under his armpits. “Seokjin Hyung is making dinner, you should grab a bite” Yoongi had Jungkook up and ruffling his hair to wake him up. Jungkook’s mother nodded, getting up and heading over to bring some food for her son.

“Hyung, I don’t feel good” whispered Jungkook in a hoarse voice

Yoongi sat on the bed next to Jungkook, placing a comfortable hand on his thigh, “What’s wrong Kooks? What doesn’t feel good?”

Jungkook took a moment to answer, as if he’s trying to figure out how he was feeling exactly, “My throat hurts, also my head, and my nose is starting to run” he added with a sniff

Yoongi hummed and then nodded, taking the thermometer away once it beeped,” Your fever isn’t concurringly high, I thing you caught the flu from the weather changes and probably there was someone sick on the plane, your immune system is weak right now. Let me go talk things out with Namjoon and see what we should give you, how does that sound?”

Jungkook sighed, his surgery was effecting every part if his body, he can’t even come back home peacefully? He nodded, “I will just lie back down, my back is starting to hurt” Yoongi assumed he was in more pain than he should be because of the fever, so he helped him lay back down, covering him with a thin sheet only.

Jungkook must have fallen asleep because when he woke up, he woke up to the entire group in his room, all looking worried. His mother was playing with his hair, petting it and scratching his scalp gently, it was working wonders on his headache, “My baby isn’t feeling too well is he?” she asked in a motherly tone that almost made him cry, but instead he nodded shifting to place his head on her chest, which caused the members to coo at him.

“How about you take a shower? You need to walk so your back doesn’t get stiff, and it would help you feel better?” suggested Namjoon, smiling gently at him to ease his nerves, he could see that Jungkook was starting to get too overwhelmed with being sick while still barely getting strong enough after surgery to head home.

Jungkook nodded, “but what about my incision? it would get wet” it was indeed jungkook’s first time showering without taking bird baths.

“Don’t worry Kookie, Hyung bought water-proof wound dressing and I have the care manuel with me, we got you” At this point Namjoon knew he was dealing with an anxious Jungkook that was seconds away from having a full blown out panic attack.

“Jiminie how about you take eomeonim to finish her dinner, have some tea, while we get kookie situated’ Yoongi took the lead in guiding the members, each one of the filtering out of the room, leaving only Namjoon, Seokjin, and Yoongi in the room. Seokjin was helping Jungkook sit on the edge of the bed while Yoongi was grabbing him a change of clothes and Namjoon reading the instruction papers. The silence made Jungkook’s anxiety ease off a bit, he helped Seokjin open is button down shirt while his other two Hyung’s fuss behind him, murmuring softly about how they should care about his incision.

“Kooks I’m going remove your dressing, clean your incision and then cover it up with a water-proof dressing, then after your shower we will change it to a dry one, does that sound ok with you?” he got a nod from Jungkook so he proceeded, “it might hurt a bit, you can bite Seokjin Hyung”

Both Jungkook and Seokjin laugh, “ Oh no his bunny teeth look sharp” said seokjin which caused Jungkook to show his bunny teeth through a teasing smile. Yoongi took this moment of distraction to peel off a bit of the dressing, almost making it halfway when Jungkook flinched with a hiss, “Sorry Kookie, your incision bled a bit at this area so the blood dried and it’s sticking to the dressing” apologized Yoongi

Jungkook was too focused on the sharp pain in his back to notice that Namjoon had left and came back with a bag of gauze, “We will try to wet it so it would loosen up, hopefully it would hurt less”

While Namjoon and Yoongi were working on his back, Jungkook was focused on Seokjin, who was trying to act childish to grab his attention, “Kookie! Kooooo, baby here, here, look here” Seokjin was speaking in a high pitch voice, acting as if he was trying to grab a baby’s attention in a photoshoot.

Jungkook laughed, trying to swing at Seokjin’s hand, which caused Namjoon to place his hand on his shoulder to keep him still. Somehow they managed to get his incision all taken care of and set.

The shower went without major events up until jungkook wanted to take his lotion from his bag that was on the floor. His Hyung’s left him alone to get him some meds and food, but his face felt very dry due to his fever. He can do it! His bag was only inches away from him, all he has to do was to bend, hold his bag, and lift it, it can’t be hard can it? Jungkook overestimated his abilities. Bending was quite difficult and he should have stopped then and went back to his bed, but instead he used the wall to balance himself to bend more, holding the strap of the bag, and pulling it up, the moment he lifted it he felt the worst pain he has ever felt in his life. it was a sharp hot pain that shot up through every nerve in his body. He gasped, the scream catching in his throat before dropping the bag and falling to his knees. He went into a coughing fit that made his back hurt even worse, he was in so much pain that he didn’t realize that his Hyungs came rushing in after hearing him scream.

“JUNGKOOK! Kookie, hey what’s wrong?!” Taehyung was holding his face that was filled with tears

“Hu-Hurts” he muttered before coughing, wet and strong. He was sobbing at this point

Hoseok didn’t wait for any instructions or any further explanation from Jungkook, he lifted him up bridal style and carried him to bed placing him gently on his side, covering his lower half with a thick blanket. Yoongi automatically went to the bag that had Jungkook’s medical necessities. Pulling his shirt to make sure that the incision was clean, while Jungkook was crying himself into a panic attack. The members were touching him in all the places they can reach without causing him pain. “Namjoon please try to calm him down, he will make his incision bleed if he continues on” Yoongi tried to make his voice calm but his own panic was seeping through his tone.

Namjoon tried to gain Jungkook’s attention by holding his face, while Jimin and Taehyung were rubbing his hand. “It’s ok Kookie.. hyung got you.. you’re safe”  Namjoon kept holding eye contact with Jungkook but Jungkook continued to cry in an earnest. “Come one Jungkook breathe for Hyung yeah?” Namjoon pulled away enough to face Jungkook and take his hand to place it on his chest. “Come on deep breaths just like Hyung, follow me, deep breaths in and out” Namjoon kept on taking deep breaths for Jungkook to follow until he was calm enough. Namjoon wiped his tears away from his face giving him the most comforting dimpled smile “There we go, you’re doing great, keep breathing like that”. Seokjin came over with a pill of painkiller, “Here, Take this and drink the entire water bottle”

Namjoon helped lift his head up gently to take his medicine and drink the water. They all sighed in relief when Yoongi declared that his incision was not harmed, but they decided to message the doctor to make sure that Jungkook didn’t cause any damage to his spine.

His mother went over to him, soothing him and comforting him with Jimin. The rest of the members stayed until Jungkok feel asleep. They gently closed the door, leaving jungkook’s mother, Jimin, and Taehyung in the room to tend to Jungkook. Easing his fever with cold compresses and massages.

Nmajoon rubbed at his face, “We definitely need to talk to Jungkook about this issue”

Seokjin nodded” Yeah he will definitely feel guilty that we have to help him with everything, specially since he’s so shy”

“Not only shy but he hated depending on others” added Hoseok

“So far, let’s not leave him alone yeah?” the members all agreed with Yoongi, Knowing that they will have to take care of Jungkook’s mental health, as much as his physical health.

Chapter Text

“How is he?” Namjoon asked in a whisper, entering Jungkook’s room that’s being lightened up by the nightlight

“I think he has the flu, he’s breathing with difficulty and his fever still hasn’t gone down.” Jimin and Jungkook’s mother have been trying to get his fever for the past 5 hours, they were staying up well past midnight.

“His doctor in the US replied back, he said we should take him for an x-ray” Namjoon came over to Jungkook, judging his temperature with the back of his hand.

“Oh, he replied that quickly? It’s late” Jimin was wetting another towel for Jungkook

“It’s the morning back there, I’m glad he replied quickly, there’s a radiology clinic nearby that we can take him to, instead of the hospital”

Jimin rubbed his face with his cold hands, “Oh yeah that’s right, I’m jet lagged my hours are all messed up” Namjoon nodded, everyone was tired, it hasn’t been a month since Jungkook got his surgery done, which kept them on their toes. They managed to get him cleared to head home with strict instructions but one was already broken. They can’t afford to have Jungkook injury himself this early in his recovery. They kept watching him like a hawk.

“He hasn’t had any dinner, he should eat and walk a bit” Namjoon was already trying to shake Jungkook awake.

“it breaks my heart to wake him up, he’s sleeping too deeply” mumbled Jimin, even though he was helping Namjoon wake up. They couldn’t physically manhandle him to his feet due to his surgery. It took many nudges and words to wake him up, and the first thing he did was almost cough his lungs out. Face scrunching up in pain that the coughs was causing.

“Easy, easy. Here drink some water” Namjoon offered the water while Jimin was petting his back to ease the phlegm out of his lungs. Jungkook took some sips before he realized that his mother wasn’t near him anymore.

“Where’s mom?” his voice raspy due to his flu

“Sorry Kooks she had to leave, she couldn’t leave work, she left a bit after dinner to catch the train” Namjoon was petting Jungkooks hair to calm down his nerves.

Jungkook only nodded not responding before shifting his legs a bit to get comfortable. His back was starting to feel stiff and uncomfortable.

“You must be feeling stiff aren’t you? You have been laying down for quite a while. How about we help you walk to the kitchen to have something to eat?” both Namjoon and Jimin stood up to help Jungkook. They helped him sit up, then stand up. Once Jungkook was upright he faltered, unconsciously closing his eyes and leaning heavily on Namjoon,

“Hey Hey Jungkook open your eyes, come on” Namjoon’s hold was strong on Jungkook, afraid that he might fall. He saw Jungkook shakily open his eyes, mumbling, “D-dizzy, it’s spinning hyung” Jungkook latched on Namjoon, fully hugging him instead of using only his arm. Namjoon held him firm and strong, waiting for Jungkook to gain his balance.




before he felt Jungkook flinch with a hiccup, then puke all over his back.

Jimin ran to find something to give to Jungkook but Namjoon quickly got his attention, “Jimin don’t worry about the vomiting, just make sure he’s ok, don’t let him close his eyes”

Jimin shakily nodded before going to Namjoon’s back, where Jungkook’s face was showing above Namjoon’s shoulder, the leaders back was filled with throw up. Happy to see Jungkook’s eyes open.

“s-sorry hyung, I-I didn’t meant to throw up all over y-your back” Jungkook sniffed, scrunching his nose when the smell almost made his puke again.

“Don’t worry about it, focus on yourself. I will turn us around so we can walk.” Namjoon held both of Jungkook’s arms, detaching him from the embrace. He kept facing Jungkook, walking backwards towards the kitchen. He heard Jimin run to inform the members about what happened before rushing back to them to make sure that Namjoon wasn’t going to stumble on anything.





“Eye’s open Kooks, keep your eyes open baby” Jimin kept making sure that Jungkook was as alert as he can get him to be. The walk to the kitchen was taking longer than it should, but they were willing to take it slow in favor of making sure that jungkook felt comfortable.

“I know you feel dizzy kooks, take it easy and slow” Both Namjoon and Jimin were encouraging him until they reached the living room. Yoongi popped up in Jungkook’s line of vision, giving him a comforting gummy smile.

“Take him to the couch, his dinner is ready on the coffee table” He stayed by their side while the other members were sitting around, leaving a couch empty. The couch was covered in a new duvet, a set of fluffed out pillows, and another duvet as a cover. Yoongi and Jin took over, each holding Jungkook to settle him down. Taehyung and Jimin fussed over Jungkook when he was settled down, with two pillows behind his back and a warm duvet covering his legs.

Jungkook ignored all the fussing, lifting his head up to look at Namjoon, face flushed and sweaty.****** “Hyung, go shower, I’m sorry I puked all over you, I’m ok now”

Namjoon smiled fondly, petting Jungkook’s head, “Don’t be sorry, Hyung is ok with it, but I will go shower if that makes you feel better”

Jungkook nodded, before he flinched when Taehyung started wiping his face with a wet cloth, “Sorry Kookie, your pretty face is all sweaty, we can’t have that now can we?” Jungkook held his hand still and Taehyung almost gasped from the heat that engulfed his wrist

“You will get sick hyung, I’m contagious”

“Nah I won’t, unless you plan on sneezing on me?” as if on demand Jungkook sneezed, quickly lifting his hand to sneeze on the crook of his elbow

Taehyung used that to his advantage, gasping dramatically, “The audacity!!! You want me to get sick you mean bunny!”

All the members laughed, relaxing a bit at the familiar atmosphere.

When Namjoon left the shower, feeling a lot less disgusting, he was even more relaxed to hear the maknae giggle, even if it comes out raspy and breathy.

When he entered the living room, Hoseok was spoon feeding Jungkook soup that Jungkook’s mother prepared as a way of saying goodbye. She stacked their fridge with home cooked meals, but that didn’t stop Seokjin from making fresh meat for the maknae.

“How about you try a piece of that meat hmm? You need protein to regain the strength in those muscles” encouraged Hoseok

Jungkook looked at the piece of grilled meat, sniffing, the hot broth had made his nose a lot runnier.

“Hyung no, I like him without the muscles, they scare me” said Taehyung, munching on a bar of chocolate

That evocate Jungkook, biting the meat out of the chopstick, “you wish Hyung”

The members laughed again, Taehyung was doing a great job of treating Jungkook normally, they all agreed to stop treating Jungkook as if he’s made out of glass, knowing well that it would only make their maknae shut them away and clam on himself.

Jungkook felt cozy and warm after his dinner, at first he thought he would never stomach anything after puking all over his Hyung, but the hot broth calmed his aching throat and his stomach wasn’t hurting as much, now that it has more than just fluids in it. He was starting to feel sleepy, almost dozing off when he coughed, subconsciously squeezing Yoongi’s hand that was near his thigh. He was glad that Yoongi didn’t panic, but instead placed a grounding hold on Jungkook’s shoulder, so the coughs wouldn’t wreck his body.

“Does it hurt when you cough kooks?” asked Hoseok from his place on the floor

Jungkook accepted the water bottle that Namjoon was holding out for him, taking couple sips before answering, “mhm, not bad “ the members didn’t argue, knowing full well that it hurt a lot, judging by how Jungkook’s face crumples every time he coughs, body tensing until they pass.

Seokjin came over with his bag of medication and a thermometer, “ let’s check that fever, take meds, then you can sleep for couple hours before heading over to the clinic” apparently that was a wrong thing to say, Jungkook was fully alert looking at Namjoon with wide eyes,

“C-Clinic?! What for? I’m ok” he protested

“Hey hey calm down, none of that” Yoongi was ready to hold Jungkook down in case he decided that walking to his room by himself was a great decision

“Hyung, please no more hospitals, I promise I will take all my meds and follow your instructions, I won’t lift anything but please no hospitals” Jungkook’s flushed face got even redder with upcoming tears

Seokjin hugged him tightly, tucking Jungkook into his neck

“We only have to get an x-ray done so we can make sure that no damage happened to your body, we won’t go to the  hospital, it’s just a small clinic and you’re going to be back home in less than an hour.” Comforted Namjoon, rubbing Jungkook’s back gently.

They let Jungkook cry out his emotions, knowing well that those tears were pent up frustration of more than just a small visit to the clinic.

After Jungkook exhausted himself, Yoongi lowered him on the pillow, placing the thermometer before Jimin placed another wet towel on his forehead. The last thing he remembers was Yoongi  pulling the thermometer from his armpit and covering him with a duvet.


Jimin almost gasped when he opened the door for the members, only Yoongi and Namjoon went with Jungook to get his x-ray done, but now Jungkook was on Namjoon’s back, seeming to be asleep,

“What’s wrong with him?! Is he ok? Did something happen?” Jimin’s panicked voice caused the other members to rush over,

“He’s ok he’s just asleep, please allow Namjoon to settle Kookie on the couch then we can talk” Yoongi’s calm voice calmed them all.

After Namjoon settled Jungkook down, placing another wet towel on his forehead, he faced the members,

“ His spine was not damaged, the screws and rods were not disturbed at all, he just complained about his legs going numb, the doctor checked it out, and said that his muscles were overworked. Apparently the bending and lifting of the back, along with the airplane ride was too much on his muscles. He won’t be able to walk without help for a while. He might also experience some pain too, so be gentle with him” 

The members sighed, it was only 9 am, a day after coming back home and they were exhausted.

Jungkook whimpered in his sleep, trying to bend his knees to get rid of the pain, Jimin used that moment to sit on the couch, placing Jungkook’s legs on his thighs, massaging them. Jungkook sighed in relief, still asleep.

“Well, at least massages seem to make him more comfortable” noted Jimin happily

“Don’t worry, we will take care of  our little trouble maker, the house is too quiet” the members smiled sadly, each promising to take good care of Jungkook.

Chapter Text

Before I start the chapter, writing this story I have realized that there are many ARMY with chronic illness, as a person who suffers from them I know how difficult it is to deal with it sometimes and you need people there that actually understand your pain, so I'm creating a Line group chat for army's with chronic illness, pls comment your line id below so I can add you  or you can add me my ID is pivoine-bonini ^^ otherwise enjoy!!


Jungkook woke up inhumanely early, due to his need to go use the bathroom, he was drenched in sweat, making him feel overheated and cold at the same time. His legs and back were throbbing in pain. He sat up with a groan, being careful to not wake Jimin and Taehyung up, who were sleeping in the bed that they dragged into his room before he fell asleep. He managed to sit up, taking a moment to put a stop to the dizziness that clouded his sight. He took couple deep breathes before he scooted to the edge of the bed, lifting himself up and almost crumpling down from the shock of pain, that spread from his toes to his lower back. He balanced himself by holding onto the bedside table, taking a moment until the Pain lessened. He took a deep breath and started to walk slowly, walking by memory rather than feelings. His legs were numb, almost as if he’s walking on nothing. He managed to very slowly make it to the bathroom, using it as quickly as he can manage, before going back. Once he reached his room, he found that both Jimin and Taehyung are awake.

“Oh Kookie! Here you’re! did you sneak out to get drinks?” Jimin asked? Hiding his intense worry.

Jungkook was out of breath when he made it to his bed, allowing Taehyung to help his sit down, covering his body with a dark blue blanket, Kookie realized that they must have changed the bedding,” Oh no Hyung, bathroom” Jungkook’s voice was miserable, barely above a whisper.

“you sound quite bad Kook, is your cold getting worse?” Jimin asked, while picking clothes to help jungkook change his clothes.

“Yeah, my throat burns and I’m badly congested” Jungkook spoke with a congested sniff tearing up when the burn radiated from his nose all the way to his head.

“Oh our Kookie isn’t feeling too well is he?” Jimin pouted, holding the hem of his shirt. Lifting it up with Jungkook’s hands, coming in contact with concerningly warm skin. He looked at Taehyung, nodding his head a bit

“I will go make you something warm, change and rest yeah?” Taehyung ruffled the waft of hair that appeared from the shirt’s neck opening while jimin was pulling the new shirt on.

Jungkook nodded, shakily removing the blanket from his legs to change his shorts.


Taehyung closed the door with a sight, breathing calmly to control his anxiety. He was so worried when he woke up, not finding Jungkook in bed almost sent him in a panic attack. He was so worried that he had walked and injured himself. What if he fell and injure himself? What if he got dizzy and hit his head? There were so many things that could have gone wrong. He almost flinched when he felt like he was being back hugged by Jimin,

“I know you’re worried, hell I almost had a heart attack, but he’s ok” whispered Jimin.

“I just wish he had woken one of us up, many things could have gone wrong, and that scares me so much”

“You know Kooks, he hates asking for help, it’s been 3 weeks since his surgery, he thinks he should be up and about already”

“But he isn’t! he can barley move without pain! And he caught the flu on top of that!” Taehyung was slipping into satori from anxiety

“Shh I know I know Taetae, we will take care of him, he will be ok. Let’s go prepare him some food and tea”

Jungkook was starting to get sleepy again but his head was throbbing, his nose blocked, barely able to breathe through it, and his throat burning. He winced in pain when his chest rippled with a phlegm filled cough. He sniffed for what seems to be the billionth time. Tearing up when the sniff burnt his nose and shooting pain all the way to his head. He reached to his bed side table were Jimin placed the tissues,  pulling one before his back gave a shot of pain. He groaned, more in disappointment rather than the pain. It’s been 3 weeks! Why does his back still hurts so much? It doesn’t feel any different than a week ago. Shouldn’t he be feeling good enough to be up and around, at least to the bathroom? He huffed, laying back on the 3 pillows Taehyung placed on the headboard. He’s starting to have chills, but the shivers are aching his body more than his usual post-surgery body aches. He shifted his legs, trying to get the aches to lessen, but moving increased the pain in his knees.


Jimin was warming up a pot of rice porridge, while Taehyung was filling a tray of flu medicine, cough syrup, cold compressors and choosing between a variety of teas and milk

“Should I add some vegetables? Meat? Feeding him just rice porridge isn’t enough”

Taehyung has decided that warm milks is the best decision, even though he read somewhere that dairy is bad for flu, as it increases the production of phlegm but the poor guy has been in pain the past 3 weeks, he can have what he likes. He was pouring some in a pot to warm up, “Yeah you should, Seokjin Hyung made stir fry meat with vegetables, he left some for kookie, you should warm it up”

Jimin hummed, going to the fridge to get the plate, “oh the sun is up, should we make breakfast for all the members? Kookie didn’t walk much last night, we should get him here so he can eat too”

Taehyung looked at the time, it was 8:20 am, “Yeah that’s a good idea, I will go get kookie”

Taehyung heard Hoseok’s voice talking to jimin once he entered Jungkook’s room. Jungkook was in bed, rubbing his upper thigh with a grimace

“Does your legs hurt Kookie” asked Taehyung, placing his palm on Jungkook’s forehead

“Yeah, they ache”

Taehyung gave Jungkook a cute pout, “Hyung will help you walk to the kitchen, Jiminie has your food and bunnies need to exercise”

Jungkook laughed a bit, “I can walk Hyung, I don’t need help”

Taehyung’s heart almost leaped out of his chest in worry, but he hid it well, thanking his acting skills, “But Koookie! Hyung will worry a lot, it’s early in the morning, even Hyung isn’t awake enough, and Yeontan likes to jump on people in the morning, what If he jumps on you and you trip?!”  Taehyung spoke in acted shock, as if he’s telling a story to a kid.

Jungkook laughed again and shook his head in disbelief, “Alright Hyung, alright”

Taehyung flashed Jungkook a boxy grin helping Jungkook sit down, holding him a bit until the wave of dizziness fade, Taehyung doesn’t even need Jungkook to tell him that he’s dizzy, he could see the color fading from his face, and he waited until the color returned, before lifting him up onto his feet, waiting for Jungkook to steady himself before proceeding to walk with him to the living room. Taehyung allowed Jungkook to walk almost alone, only holding his hand and wrapping the other one around Jungkook’s waist. He could feel Jungkook’s body being overworked with fever.

Once they reached the living room everyone was already sitting on the dining table, Jungkook’s chair being fluffed up with pillows,

“Goo’ morning”

“Morning kooks! How you feeling?” the members all greeted Jungkook, acting as normal as possible, even though they could hear his voice, see his face all sweaty and pale. He clearly wasn’t ok.

“Um, my back and legs ache a bit, Hyung can I take painkillers?” Jungkook sat slowly on his chair, asking Seokjin,

“Sure Kooks, just eat first” the members all started eating, glancing worryingly at Jungkook every once in a while


Jungkook remembers taking the medicine but doesn’t remember falling asleep. He woke up again to an empty living room,

“Oh sorry Kook, did I woke you up? Sorry I didn’t realize there was a smaller pot inside the bigger one and it fell”

“Uh no Hyung you didn’t wake me up, um where’s everyone?” Jungkook asked confused.

Yoongi ignored him for a while, going back to the kitchen and coming back shortly after with a mug of steaming tea and a cold patch.

He took the old one off, Jungkook didn’t even realize he had one on, and replacing it with a new one.  The coldness provided instant relief to Jungkook’s overheated face.

“Everyone went for a meeting with Bang Pd-nim, he wants to go over schedules” Yoongi watched Jungkook sip the tea, wincing while swallowing.

“Oh are we going back to schedule?”

“We will see about that Kooks” Yoongi wanted to say definitely no, but remembering that they agreed to let Namjoon break the news of Jungkook’s hiatus from schedule until further notice.

“You should have waken me up, I can be there too, that way you didn’t have to miss it either” Jungkook’s voice kept disappearing mid-sentence, almost talking in a whisper by the end of his sentence.

Yoongi couldn’t handle the emotions raging through his heart anymore, he took Jungkook’s mug away, and embracing him tightly, “Please Jungkook, allow yourself to heal, please, Hyung is asking you a favor, be selfish only this time yeah?”

Chapter Text

The tension  between the members could have been cut with a knife, they were all sitting on the dining table. Jungkook was glaring daggers at the table top, fighting back his frustration tears.

“Kook, I know this is frustrating and hard on you, but please understand that this is for the best” Namjoon spoke softly but with authority.

Jungkook did not respond, still staring at the table, only sniffling through the flu that’s still raging in his weak body.

“ we know you’re mad, but it’s necessary that you fully recover, the surgery you went through was not easy, you need to be in full health before going back to schedule” Yoongi’s voice radiated finality.

Junkook only nodded, sniffing, before attempting to stand up. The members were fighting their urge to stand up and help. It was killing them to see him trying so hard to stand up, but they know if they got up and helped. it would just make things worse ” Excuse me, I will be in my room hyungs” he said while waiting for the dizziness to fade before he continued walking very slowly, holding on to different objects along the way to steady him until he reached his room, gently closing the door.

“Well that didn’t go too well” sighed Hoseok, shaking his head, running his hand through his hair, looking frustrated

“It was expected, he thought he will be attending schedule for in 2 months, but to tell him it’s more than that must have crushed him” rationalized Jimin. rubbing a comforting hand on Hoseok's back. 

“How about we allow him to do a vlive today?” suggested Taehyung, sounding excited and happy, doing his best to lighten up the mood.

The members looked at him, thinking about his suggestion, 

“But he’s sick, all nasally and the fever is very obvious on his face, he looks quite sick” Seokjin frowned in concern, Jungkook appearing in a vlive like that will sure spike concern.

“well actually that might be of benefit, at least they know he’s sick and will not question his disappearance from schedule, if he does vlives, and twitter updates throughout, it won’t make fans question his hiatus and spread rumors” Sejin was looking proudly at Taehyung.

“Ok, how about this, we will film eat Jin, that way we can encourage him to eat, be with him, and act fast if something happens” Seokjin was already thinking about a menu that would be good for Jungkook to eat.

The members agreed that it’s beneficial for Jungkook to do a vlive. He got couple cups of ramen, making kimchi fried rice, adding every vegetable that can fit in it, with the most tender meat he has in the freezer. While he was cooking, the maknae duo were coxing Jungkook out of his room to do the vlive. They expect it to be difficult because Jungkook is aware of how sick he is, and appearing in front of fans like that was taking a lot of reassurances. The Hyung line was trying to figure out a way to fluff out the couch with pillow without it grabbing fans attention,

“Ok how about we get his gaming chair? It reclines back, it’s comfortable, and we can place many BT21 pillows behind him without them showing since they chair is wide and tall. The blanket is not going to show” Namjoon was talking enthusiastically, explaining with hand gestures.

“That’s actually a great idea” Yoongi agreed, walking straight into Jungkook’s room.

When he entered the room, he smiled when he saw Jimin and Taehyung arguing over what Jungkook should wear for the vlive. The room was a mess, clothes are everywhere,

“Don’t mind me, just want the chair, is that ok with you  Jungkook?” Yoongi almost burst out laughing at Jungkook, he looked at Yoongi with wide eyes, hair everywhere, and clothes all over his lap.

“Uh, oh yeah sure Hyung” Yoongi stifled a laugh, dragging Jungkook’s chair to the living room placing it near the coffee table.

Hoseok and Namjoon automatically started piling pillows and adjusting the chair as comfortable as they can get it. Smiling when the setting was all done. Food was being brought out to the living room, the living room was comfortable and cozy, and the maknae line appeared with Jungkook, cladded in all black, a t-shirt, a hoodie, and sweat pants, making his fleshed cheeks look redder than they were. They carefully helped Jungkook sit down, making sure that everything was comfortable for the boy.

Namjoon squatted down to Jungook’s eye-level, “Don’t worry about anything kook, just eat and enjoy, if you feel any pain just text on your phone, we will all be in the living room, if you feel like puking just call Yoongi Hyung, he will play some music and remove you from the frame, just tell us as soon as possible alright?” Jungkook nodded, smiling gently “Sure Hyung, Thank you” The fan’s will definitely catch on Jungkook’s flu, the moment he says hello.

Seokjin and the Maknae line joined the couch to start the vlive, with yoongi filming on his phone,

“All right guys, it’s on”


Jungkook tried to stay as silent as possible during the intro. Seokjin was introducing the food to the fans, while explaining what it was.

“Which cup of ramen would you like Kookie?” Jimin asked as Seokjin was passing the cups of ramen.

“Um, is there any vegetable ramen Hyung?” Jungkook’s voice was extremely hoarse, sounding almost like yoongi

Taehyung hummed, “Kooks here has caught the flu you guys, that’s why army should learn from him and not travel without a jacket” he teased while stirring his spicy ramen.

“Hyung! I was wearing a jacket!” Jungkook leaned a bit to grab the cup of ramen out of Jimin’s hold but stopping when his back twanged in pain. He saw all of his hyungs look at him in concern.

“aigoo Jungkookie hyung warned you not to move too fast you will get dizzy, here let Hyung get it for you” Seokjin played it off, hoping that Jungkook will play along

Thankfully, jungkook did, laughing sheepishly, “Sorry Hyung, I’m starving, being sick doesn’t affect my appetite!” oh how they wish that statement was true.

“Here Hyung will prepare you a plate, do you want Hyung to feed you too?” Teased Jimin, disappearing out of the frame to get Jungkook a plate

Jungkook laughed, “You just want a reason to feed me Hyung huh?”

Jimin laughed loudly, “Who knows,… maybe?” causing the members to laugh.

The members continued eating while talking randomly about their schedule and what they did in the weeks that they haven’t made any public appearance in. The Hyungs were happy to notice that Jungkook was actually eating more than what he would typically eat.

“Don’t worry army, I’m alright, it’s just a small flu, nothing too serious” comforted Jungkook, he was feeling ok so far, in fact he feels less dizzy since he ate. Until He was taken by surprise when he ate a mouthful of noodles, mistakenly slurping it, causing him to cough. The coughing caused his back to hurt enough that a whimper slipped from his mouth, holding tightly onto the armchair. Face contoring in pain.

Taehyung’s heart dropped when he noticed the amount of pain in Jungkook’s face, jumping into action immediately, jumping in front of Jungkook’s face, “Ayee Jungkook-ahhhhh how long have you been in this industry! You can’t show such a face”

Jimin forcefully laughed, “Sorry army we have to protect Jungkook’s image, we can’t show him like this, he looks too ugly”

Jungkook managed to choke out a “Hey!!” after the coughing had died down, taking deep breaths to manage his pain, before giving Taehyung a smile and a thumps up.

“Sorry army I’m ok, slurping noodles with a flu appreantly  is a bad idea” he shook his head, this time picking a bowl of kimchi fried rice.



“Oh God that was exhausting” Jungkook layed his head on the tiny pillow situated on his chair. Closing his eyes, breathing a bit fast

“You did great kook! Good job, how about a shower and an early bed time today?” Seokjin was already hoisting Jungkook up, taking him to his room, while Namjoon and Yoongi trailed behind him, to change his dressing and help with the shower.

All the memebrs sat down out of pure exhaustion once Jungkook was out of sight. Today was a complete rollercoaster.

Chapter Text

Yoongi slowly approached Jungkook’s room, trying his best not to startle the maknae awake. It’s been 2 months and Jungkook was still having trouble sleeping through the night. Coming down with whatever his Hyungs brought from their different schedules in a blink of an eye. Today was a recording day, and since Yoongi was the one that wrote the lyrics, he has already recorded his part, so he was the one that stayed in the dorms to assist Jungkook.

He slowly opened the door, finding Jungkook asleep on his back, painkillers and random mugs of tea were all over the floor. According to Seokjin, Jungkook was up until late last night, his back and right leg  was giving him loads of trouble, pain keeping him awake until the sunrise. Yoongi bent down to Jugkook’s level, softly shaking him, “Kook-ah you need to wake up”

Jungkook mumbled incoherent words, trying to turn on his side before he whimpered in pain,

“Hey easy, easy stop twisting your back like that” worried Yoongi, hands trying to stop Jungkook from twisting even more.

The pain was enough to wake up Jungkook, mumbling more incoherent words before he looked up hazily at Yoongi, “Hyung?”

“Yes Jungkookie, it’s time to wake up, it’s 2 in the afternoon, you need to eat something”, Yoongi helped Jungkook sit up gently on his bed,

“Hyung, um, I need to shower” Jungkook shyly asked, he would have done it himself but he still needed someone to help him with the wound dressing.

Yoongi nodded, walking over to Jungkook’s drawer, picking out the medical supplies.

Jungkook stood up, going to his closet to pick some clothes for himself. He was quite angry that he still can’t lift his hands up to reach the top section of his closet yet. Why is his recovery taking such a long time? Why does he have to keep getting sick? It’s been 3 months already and he still suffers through painful spasms and long nights. He knew that it would take him a while to get back to normal but he did not expect that he would need help with the smallest of things. He was so deep in thought that Yoongi startled him when he called him over, “Kook-ah, You ok? I have been calling you for a while now”

Jungkook looked over at Yoongi, who was sitting on Jungkook’s bed, waiting for Jungkook to sit in from of him.

“Sorry Yoongi Hyung, I was thinking about what to wear” Smiled Jungkook sheepishly

Yoongi only nodded, helping Jungkook take his shirt off, slowly peeling the dressing off, after changing Jungkook’s dressing so many times already, he got quite good at doing  it in a fast pace.

“All done Kooks, go shower and I will prepare some lunch for both of us, yell when you’re done so I can place the new dressing on” Yoongi gathered all the old dressing, glad to see that there was no more blood staining them.


Jungkook finished the shower with difficulty, halfway through his shower his back and leg was starting to hurt. He had a hard time washing his hair so he skipped the conditioner, his hands were shaking due to the pain of his back. He left the shower, wearing his boxers and sweatpants only, keeping his shirt off, since his Hyung has to change the water-proof dressing into a normal one. He was already so exhausted just from something as basic as a shower. He was quite disappointed with his health at this point.

Yoongi was already waiting for Jungkook in the living room with the medical supplies,

“You took quite a while Jungkookie, is everthing ok?” asked Yoongi is concern

“Yeah Hyung, sorry I just got caught up showering” Jungkook scratched the back of his neck. He was lying

Yoongi only hummed, peeling the water-proof dressing, easily, drying the incision before applying antibiotic ointment and covering it back again, “Make sure you wear your shirt quickly Kooks so you don’t catch a cold.”

Jungkook nodded, putting his shirt on, while Yoongi stood up to through the dressing again. “Hyung will go out to the grocery shop, we don’t have enough ingredients to make donksu kimchi stew

Jungkook smiled happily, ever since the run episode, he had been a fan of Yoongi’s donksu kimchi stew.



The dorm was quiet after Yoongi left jungkook alone. He was sitting on the couch when he heard Yeontan bark in Taehyung’s room. He was shocked. Didn’t Taehyung take him to the studio with him?

Jungkook’s back twanged in pain when he stood up, forcing a whimper out of him, and forcing him to stop until the pain subsided. After couple minutes he started making his way to Taehyung’s room, opening the cage for Yeontan who dashed to the living room with his tiny legs, tripping on Taehyung’s shoes with a yelp, before getting up to continue his little run to the living room. Jungkook passed by the laundry room, noticing that the majority of the laundry was his clothes, his hyungs have been ignoring the laundry for a while, too busy making sure that Jungkook was alright and running back to schedule in time. He stood for a while, his pain was moderate but he could manage to do the laundry right? He was sure bending for couple times won’t hurt his back too badly.

He opened the washing machine, bending to deposit the clothes from the basket into the machine, at first it wasn’t bad, he didn’t have to bend that far to get the clothes, but when the basket was half empty, he had to bend further to reach the clothes. He slowly started bending, making sure to keep a steady hold on the washing machine. His back was starting to feel stiff, the pain starting as a deep pressure in his lower back but Jungkook didn’t stop, and he only had one more basket left so he pushed through. By the end of the chore, he felt like someone set his back on fire, limping his way to the living room. He was surprised to know that he spent half an hour doing the laundry. He went to the couch to lay done before remembering that Yeontan still hasn’t had his lunch yet. He limped to the kitchen, his back was hurting severely, every step felt like it was pulling every nerve in his back.

He got Yeontan’s bowl that’s filled with food, sitting down gently on the couch, trying to breathe through the pain, “Come here Tan-ah, you need to eat” he was in too much pain to come get Yeontan. Yeontan came dashing into Jungkook, earning a painful whimper when Yeontan hit his right leg. Jungkook kept feeding Yeontan by hand, trying to handle the pain.



When Yoongi came home, he found Jungkook sitting up, almost in tears while Yeontan was playing near his feet. Yoongi quickly placed the groceries on the floor and running to get Jungkook’s medication, when he passed by the laundry room, he heard the drying machine and the basket of clothes is gone. He sighed in disappointment, Jungkook must have washed the laundry.

He gathered all of the medication with Jungkook’s heating pad. Walking back into the living room. he silently worked on the couch, reclining the back part of it so it becomes a bed, placing Jungkook’s pillow, plugging the heating pad and turning it on, “I know you washed the clothes Kooks, don’t act all well, I know you’re in pain” scolded Yoongi, while Jungkook looked down in shame, not talking back to his Hyung. He allowed Yoongi to help him lay down on the comfy couch, wrapping the heating pad around his knee, while Jungkook took his painkillers.

“I-I’m sorry Hyung, I just wanted to help” mumbled Jungkook,

“You’re not helping when you get worse Jungkook, your health is important, clothes can get washed, but what happens when you perhaps fall and hit your back?” Yoongi’s tone was serious even though his heart was breaking, just by looking at Jungkook’s face.

Jungkook didn’t say anything, only bowing his head, the pain was becoming too much for him to handle, and Yoongi found out that he washed the clothes even though he was told to not do anything but get better and walk around.

Yoongi sighed again, “Kookie, I know it’s hard, but please, trust Hyungs and let us take care of you.” Jungkook only nodded, still not looking at Yoongi. Yoongi shook his head, smiling fondly, getting on the couch and gathering Jungkook in a hug, “I know it hurts a lot, just go to sleep, Hyung will take care of you”


Chapter Text

The pain woke Jungkook up, his back was unbelievably sore, it felt like someone set every bone in his spine on fire, radiating the pain to his stomach, he has never experienced such pain, even during his surgery. He groaned trying to lift his feet up, perhaps that would decrease his pain? He tried but whimpered in pain, why does it hurt so much?

“You ok Kooks?” asked Taehyung, looking worriedly at Jungkook, who had his brows frowned in pain

“Y-yeah” he wanted to lie and say everything is fine, but then remembering what Yoongi told him, “my back hurts a lot”

Taehyung’s worry increased, all of his Hyungs are out, some of them went grocery shopping and some of them were called over to the studio.  He hasn’t been left alone with Jungkook ever since he got the surgery done, he wasn’t sure if he was capable of taking  care of Jungkook alone but he was the only one in the dorm.

“how about we turn your heat pad back on?” suggested Taehyung, waiting for Jungkook to nod, turning it on when he received the ok. He helped Jungkook get comfortable, placing a pillow behind his back and covering him with a blanket.

“you haven’t eaten anything, I will prepare you some food, then you can take some painkillers, alright?” Taehyung didn’t wait for a response from Jungkook, knowing that Jungkook should eat no matter what.

He turned on the T.V with iron man playing, before handing Jungkook the remote and grabbing his phone. He thought about texting the Hyungs but they said they should be here in about 2 hours when they left, he can take care of Jungkook for 2 hours. He warmed up the lunch that Yoongi cooked, making sure to give Jungkook a generous amount of vegetables. After preparing a tray of food and a cold class of apple juice, he took it to Jungkook.

Jungkook still had that pain filled frown on his face, even when he’s paying attention to the movie. Taeehyung pouted sadly, before placing the tray on the coffee table, sitting next to Jungkook on the couch, and pulling the coffee table closer to him.

“Do you want Hyung to feed you kooks?” teased Taehyung with a smile

“Hyyuuung..” whined Jungkook, extending his hand out to receive the bowl of bibimbab, mixing it with concentration

They fell into a comforting silence while jungkook eats. Even with Taehyung’s bubbly personality, he knew that Jungkook was in a lot of pain, even if he is not showing it, and the last thing he needs right now is having a hyperactive Taehyung. He acted like he was focusing on the movie, when in reality he was paying attention to every move Jungkook made. He almost jumped when he heard Jungkook whimper, handing Taehyung the still have full bowl, even though he started eating half an hour ago.

“You alright there buddy?” asked Taehyung lightly, hiding his deep concern.

He was surprised when Jungkook shook his head, his breath hitching in concern, “Why? What’s wrong?” Taehyung was ready to call one of the Hyungs without hesitation

Jungkook carefully shifted to lay down, placing his legs on Taehyung’s lap. Taehyung allowed him to toss and turn until he was comfortable, with his legs fully on Taehyung’s lap, heat pad under his back, and his head on two fluffy pillows. Taehyung started massaging his legs, lately he suffers a lot of leg pain, some days are harder than others.

Between the heat coming of the pad, the painkiller in his system, and Taehyung massaging his legs, the pain started to calm down to a bearable level, where he could actually sleep, even though he still couldn’t understand why the food felt a bit too heavy in his stomach, and why his stomach is hurting.

Taehyung was glad that Jungkook was falling asleep even though he had no idea what was hurting Jungkook that badly, at least Jungkook was resting.

He leaned over, checking Jungkook’s forehead for any signs of a fever, sighing in relief when he found out that it was normal. He pulled his phone to check twitter, while his other hand still massaged Jungkook’s legs.

Taehyung had informed the others that jungkook wasn’t feeling well and that he’s resting. When the members came inside, they were quite, and some of them looked quite worried.

Hoseok was the first one that come to check on Jungkook, “What’s wrong with him?” his brows were frowned, he didn’t even take off his coat yet.

Taehyung shook his head, indicating that he had no idea

Yoongi had informed them about this morning’s ordeal, they didn’t have a chance to talk to Jungkook about it, since he slept for most of the day, “Could it be the pain from earlier?” Yoongi asked, pushing back the coffee table to where it originally was.

“Let him sleep it off, he always feels better after a long nap” suggested Namjoon, which the members agreed to.


It was late at night when jungkook woke up to a stabbing pain in his stomach, it was hurting enough to roughly pull him from his deep slumber on the couch. His stomach was hurting enough to make him want to puke. He tried to breath, convincing himself that he could pull through, that it hurt this badly because he just woke up. Instead of it getting better, it was actually getting worse, he was disoriented and scared that he wanted to call one of his Hyungs.

 Jungkook carefully stood up, wanting to keel over from the amount of pain in his stomach, he has no idea why it was hurting this badly, even his back wasn’t in this much pain.

He gently walked to the closest room to the living room, which happened to be Namjoon’s. He kept his balance by holding on different objects, until he made it into Namjoon’s room. Namjoon’s room was quite cluttered, which caused Jungkook to walk even slower. Once he reached Namjoon, he was out of breath.

“N-Namjoon hyung, please wake up” Jungkook called, not wanting to bend down to shake Namjoon awake

Namjoon stirred, mumbling couple words, before going back to sleep. Jungook was almost in tears, he held onto Namjoon’s headboard of the bed, bending down gently and attempted again, this time waking Namjoon,

“Kook? What is it?” Namjoon asked with a voice filled with sleep, not comprehending Jungkook’s state,

“Hyung, I- something isn’t right” Jungkook tried to explain in a shaky voice, causing Namjoon to fully wake up, jumping up to a sitting position that caused his vision to blur for couple second.

“What’s wrong Jungkook? Are you ok?” He asked, while getting up, now that he’s awake, he could see the state that Jungkook was in, one hand around his midsection, his face pale and sweaty.

“My stomach hurts too much Hyung, I don’t know why” explained Jungkook in a soft voice, body shaking from being upright.

Namjoon hurriedly took hold of him, gently guiding him to the bed, “Lay down Kook, you look like you’re about to pass out” Namjoon’s heart was beating too fast in worry, but he need to get Jungkook on the bed as quickly as possible, he can’t risk having him falling.

Once he had Jungkook on the bed, jungkook automatically laid on his side, hissing in pain when he tried to pull his legs in, to curl into a fetal position. Namjoon was quick to stop him by holding his legs, “No Kook no, you will hurt yourself, stop”

Jungkook only nodded, pressing with both hands instead, closing his eyes trying to take control over the pain. Namjoon removed his hair back from his forehead with affection, not failing to notice the warm skin, he has a fever again?! “What hurts Kiddo, hmm? Speak to Hyung, what happed?” Namjoon kept his hand on Jungkook’s head, playing with his hair, “I woke up with my stomach hurting, it has been hurting since last night, but I assumed it’s from my back, since my back was hurting too” explained Jungkook, still keeping his hand on his stomach,

Namjoon had no clue what would be the cause of the pain, the doctors didn’t mention anything about stomach pains being a side effect, he needs to wake up Yoongi. “Hey buddy, Hyung will be back alright, just try to relax”


Jungkook only nodded, biting his lips when another strong cramp hit his stomach, stopping himself from whimpering in pain, his nausea was getting ten times worse. He could feel the heat setting his throat on fire, mouth drying, and he knew he was going to vomit, but he had to wait for his Hyung, he can’t make a mess, not when Namjoon was kind enough to give him his bed.

It felt like his Hyungs were gone for ages


After Namjoon disparately woke Yoongi up, both of them hurriedly made their way  into Namjoon’s room to Jungkook dry heaving, and the quickly ran to him, with Yoongi helping him set up and Namjoon rushing with the trash bin, placing it under Jungkook’s mouth.

Jungkook didn’t waste any time, one hand tightly holding Yoongi’s hand, and the other is clutching tightly onto his right side, before the meal that Taehyung fed him re-appeared.

Both Namjoon and Yoongi were shocked with worry, the vomiting didn’t stop, even though Jungkook has been going at it for the past 10 minutes, tears streaming down his face, and his face white as a sheet.

“H-Hyung, my st-“ Jungkook couldn’t finish his sentence before he dry heaved again, groaning in pain, from his back and his stomach.

Namjoon rushed to the bathroom and back with a thermometer and a cool cloth, placing the cloth on Jungkook’s neck, while placing the thermometer in his ear, looking at Yoongi with eyes filled with worry.


Namjoon pulled the thermometer once it beeped, “His fever is high Hyung, 38.7 (101.6), something isn’t right” Namjoon didn’t even try to keep the worry out of his voice this time, specifically after seeing Jungkook this out of it.

He had finally let go of the trash bin, going back to wrapping both his hands on his stomach while Yoongi fussed over him with cool compresses to wipe all the sweat he had worked out while vomiting.

“It really hurts” Jungkook’s voice was hoarse from all the abuse that his throat faced, taking a hold onto Namjoon’s hand.

Yoongi stopped for a moment, looking Jungkook over, one hand holding namjoon, the other holding his right side, he managed to spike a high fever within couple hours, and he was vomiting. His eyes widened in realization, hoping desperately that what he was thinking was wrong,

“J-Jungkook, have you been able to use the bathroom since the pain started?” both Namjoon and Jungkook looked at Yoongi with confusion, not understanding where the question came from, and he could swear that Jungkook’s cheeks got redder, but answered none the less with a shake of his head.

Yoongi could feel the panic creep up in his veins, willing himself to calm down before he spoke again,

“Hey can Hyung check that stomach of yours?” which Jungkook nodded too, shifting to lay on his back with the help of a still confused Namjoon, Yoongi removed his hand, which Namjoon held without hesitation.

Jungkook stomach didn’t look any different, which made Yoongi sigh in relief, “I’m going to press on your stomach, tell Hyung if it hurts” Yoongi watched Jungkook’s face closely, for any reaction

Jungkook was indifferent to most of the prodding, until Yoongi got closer to the right side, the slight pressure of Yoongi’s fingers made Jungkook’s breathe hitch, lifting his leg in reaction to the pain, “Sorry Kookie, Hyung is sorry, I won’t do it again”

Namjoon’s eyebrow frowned, questioning Yoongi’s action, which Yoongi replied with a shake of his head, pointing with a shaky hand to his own right side, it took Namjoon a moment before his eyes widened in fear,


Chapter Text

They allowed Jungkook to settle down with a nice warm tea while they have a small fever patch cooling his fever. They had no idea how to break the news to Jungkook that he has to be going to the hospital. Both Yoongi and Namjoon decided that they will not inform Jungkook about their findings.

Jungkook was sitting up sipping carefully on his tea, wincing every time a strong cramp hits him, which calmed Namjoon down a bit, hopefully he will cooperate with them and let them take him to the hospital

Yoongi sat on the bed near Jungkook gently, playing with his hair, hopefully to soften the blow, while Namjoon sat on the chair near jungkook’s bed.

“Kook ah, I know you’re in a lot of pain, and hyungs can’t really do anything to help you with the pain” Namjoon started, sparing Yoongi a glance before looking back at Jungkook, who was staring at him with bambi eyes “I think we should take you to the hospital, there you can get the correct treatment if something is wrong, If not, then they will give you something for the pain and you will be pain free quickly”

They both expected Jungkook to scream and throw a tantrum, but they were rendered speechless when Jungkook sighed and looked at the mug of tea he had in hand. His silence was scaring both of them, but before they could talk to him to prevent a panic attack, Jugkook softly interrupted them. “This is not just a normal stomachache right Hyung? Something is wrong isn’t?” Jungkook faraway look and resigned tone of voice sent shivers down their spines.

“Hyung doesn’t know that for sure Kooks, which is why you need to see a doctor, it could be just a normal side effect of your surgery that the other doctor failed to tell us about” spoke Yoongi softly, keeping a soothing hand on Jungkook’s back.

Jungkook took a long deep breath, nodding. Both the Hyung’s jumped up to get the maknae dressed and they were sitting in the triage room in less than 3 hours.

Jungkook was asleep on the bed after they gave him painkillers and nausea relief, he was tired enough that he didn’t mind all the poking and prodding.

Namjoon rubbed his face with both his hands roughly, feeling Yoongi’s warm hand running comforting patterns on his back, “Did the rest of the kids wake up?”

“Yeah” Yoongi spoke with his eyes still glued to his phone screen, “Seokjin explained to them everything, and they’re very worried”

Namjoon didn’t have a chance to reply, a knock on the door stopping him.


“Surgery?! What do you mean he’s having another one?” screamed Jimin, standing up from his chair, on the dining table

Seokjin tried kindly to calm Jimin’s anger, but Jimin continued to rage on, “what’s next! Them telling us he can’t use his back?! Why can’t they just treat him?! Aren’t they doctors?!” Jimin was so busy being angry that they didn’t realize that Hosoek was starting to have a panic attack. Being a dancer he always had a fear of one of the members injuring themselves to the point of disability. He has had many nightmares.

“Oh my God! Hoseok Hyung! Come on breath with me, nothing is happening, everything is ok Hyung” soothed Taehyung when he realized that Hoseok was breathing abnormally. Putting a stop to Jimin’s anger.


“How come no one mentioned that appendicitis was a side effect of scoliosis?” scoffed yoongi, sitting in the operation waiting room with Namjoon.

Namjoon massaged his temple, face pale, “I think it’s not an established side effect” he spoke softly, as if he was scared of using his normal voice.

Yoongi frowned in concern, “Are you ok Namjoon?” scooting closer to check on Namjoon, placing his hand on Namjoon’s forehead, “you’re a bit warm”

The nurse that was passing by heard their conversation, stopping in front of them before kneeling down in front of Namjoon, “Sir is there something wrong? Are you feeling alright?”

Namjoon looked startled before smiling gently at the nurse, “Yeah I’m fine, just a migraine”

The nurse hummed, standing up before speaking again, “there’s a private room, you could use it with the rest of your members which I assume will come over, that way no fans can disturb you and you can rest in the dark”

Both Namjoon’s and Yoongi’s heart dropped, the nurse was a fan! If Namjoon could get any paler, he would blend in with the white wall behind him. The nurse seems to have caught on to their fear, he smiled, shaking his hands in denial, “Oh please don’t be scared, no one knows you are here or that Jungkook is being treated here, your manager made sure none of the staff is a fan, I just happen to know you guys because my girlfriend would not stop talking about your group. I feel like she knows all of you better than me” he Joked to lessen the intense atmosphere.

His assurances made both of them sag in relief, before they followed him to the private room, providing Namjoon with a painkiller and an ice-pack.

Yoongi wanted to have a breakdown himself. One of his members is being operated on, the other is suffering from a migraine, and the third suffered through 2 panic attacks. The only thing that kept him sane for the upcoming 3 hours was the coffee in his hand and the kakao conversation he was having with Seokjin.

The same nurse came back, cautiously opening the door and whispering, “Jungkook-shi’s surgery went well, he’s in the recovery room right now, everything went perfectly, the doctor will talk to you in more detail later”


Chapter Text

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Chapter Text

Namjoon splashed water on his face, exhaling deeply and willing his hands to stop shaking. His migraine was attacking his brain without stop, the pain was too much to handle. He excused himself to go to the bathroom when all the members arrived, still waiting for the doctor to talk to them. He encouraged himself to leave the bathroom and breathe deeply through to the nausea.

He sighed in relief when he walked right behind the doctor, managing to slip through before the doctor manages to close the door, walking next to Seokjin, who seem to be the calmest one of the group, he can’t handle the nervous energy that the other members were emitting right now.

“The surgery was very successful, I was quite worried since his body is already compromised due to his spinal fusion, but he fought well, we managed to perform a laparoscopy, which means he only has 3 small incisions. We didn’t want to overwhelm his body with a big incision, the recovery time is a lot shorter..”

The doctor’s voice was fading in Namjoon’s brain, he felt his eyes close involuntarily, opening them wide to awake himself, everything around him was blurry and the doctor’s voice was starting to fade, he held onto seokjin to keep himself stable, he felt the entire room spin out of axis, he felt the room get overwhelmingly hot to the point that it was making him nauseous, he tried to look up at Seokjin to ask him why was the room so hot, before a black cloud engulfed his vision, and everything faded.


Seokjin was paying close attention to the doctor since he was talking about Jungkook’s condition and recovery, they didn’t need Namjoon’s English skills since they are in Korea and the doctor was Korean, he thought nothing about Namjoon holding him, thinking that it was for emotional support, but he started to worry when Namjoon almost crashed into him. He caught Namjoon right on time when he started to fall down, managing to hold him up, his scream of Namjoon’s name alerted everyone in the room that Namjoon has fainted.

“Place him on the ground quickly! One of you raise his legs up, does he have any health problems?” the doctor rushed towards Namjoon, where Seokjin gently guided his limp body to the floor, while Yoongi held his legs up. The doctor placed his hand on Namjoon’s forehead checking his temperature, paging a nurse to come when he didn’t find any.

“He was having a migraine earlier this morning, he hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday, I haven’t seen him drink anything aside couple cups of coffee” Yoongi’s voice was calm but the hints of panic heavily undernoted it, he spoke while rubbing his thump gently on Namjoons ankle

“It’s most likely dehydration, we will set him up with a bag of fluids and medication for his migraine” The doctor gave the nurse the instructions, while checking Namjoon for any injuries, “Let’s get him settled, we will put him in the same room as your other member for easier safety precaution”

Hoseok didn’t wait until the nurse got a wheelchair or a stretcher, picking Namjoon bride-style himself.

Just as Hoseok was started to get up, Namjoon started to wake up, feeling the vibration of Hoseok speaking, “Namjoon are you ok?!” just as he heard Jimin screaming, “ Guys! He woke up!”

Namjoon was very confused, why was he in Hoseok’s arms? Why was Hoseok walking in a hospital hall? Why is his head hurting so much?

“It’s ok Namjoon, we are just going to Jungkook’s room, get you a bed and some fluids and meds, you’re going to be alright” Yoongi’s voice was so close to him, Juungkook’s room?…hospital

Namjoon clutched Hoseok’s shirt to get his attention, “Hoseok put me down, I can walk, I don’t want to be in a bed, Hoseok”

Namjoon felt the vibration of Hoseok’s voice, but couldn’t make out what he was saying, his vision was fading again, he felt his hands shake with dizziness, closing his eyes against the burning of bright light above him


“So appendicitis was a side effect of scoliosis surgery, why no one has ever mentioned it before?”

“Apparently they don’t have enough evidence to support the research, so it’s an unofficial side effect, but it happens often, at least that’s what the doctor said”

“Well, it’s done and over with, eat the soup and get your strength back”

Namjoon heard the conversation but wasn’t fully awake, he shifted, trying to sleep on his side when someone untangle something from his arm, gently guiding him to shift, he felt someone slip from his forehead, the conversation ending, leaving only a heartbeat sound.

“Are you awake Namjoon Hyung?” Jungkook asked

Namjoon frowned, wait, Jungkook? He opened his eyes, voice scratchy, “J-Jungkook?”

Jimin appeared in his vision, brushing Namjoon’s hair out of his eyes, “Jungkook is alright hyung, he’s awake and even eating” his voice was soft but filled with happiness

Namjoon nodded, not processing what Jimin said, holding his hand to help himself sit up, he felt an intense amount of dizziness once he was sitting upright, scared that he was going to vomit all over himself, when Seokjin’s voice cut through his haziness, “Take it slow Namjoon”

He nodded again, willing to stabilize himself again, taking a few moments before opening his eyes.

He was sitting in a recliner chair next to Jungkook’s bed, with an IV attached to his arm, a heavy blanket covering him, and an ice pack. Jimin was sitting between his chair and Jungkook’s bed, while Hoseok was standing near him, still holding the IV line to allow Namjoon to move freely, Yoongi was sitting near the window and Taehyung was holding hands with Jungkook. He looked at Jungkook, who was sitting crossed-legged in bed, looking completely wrecked with an IV, blood pressure cuff, and a pulse monitor all over his arms and Seokjin feeding him soup.

“W-what happened? Are you ok jungkook?” he asked confused

“Hyung I’m feeling a lot better, you’re the one that fainted” Jungkook looked at Namjoon with worry

“Yeah Hyung, you fainted due to lack of hydration and stress, you were so cool! Fighting the nurses to set you up on the chair instead of a bed, saying that you were alright and didn’t want to scare Jungkook, even though both Hoseok hyung and Yoongi hyung were holding you up” beamed Taehyung

Namjoon looked at both his Hyungs, looking beyond confused, “That happened?”

The members all laughed, including Jungkook, “That’s our leader for you”

Chapter Text

Jungkook felt like his spinal fusion and appendicitis scars are itching and burning. The burn going deep into his bones, it made him scared, scared that the burn will go deeper and deeper into his flesh, making its way all the way to his bones, breaking and burning them. He remembers, all the aches and the pains that he experienced like he was there all over again. He remembers his first practice after recovery, how limited his movements were. How the tears streamed down his face because no matter how hard he tried he couldn't get his back to twist. He remembers how his back hurt severely after every practice, making him curl in a miserable ball of tears. He remembers the deep ache in his body when his feet swelled up after practice. The worst memory of them all was the fear. Fear of never being able to step up on stage ever again. The fear that his life is now shattered, every dream he had was now gone. He remembers the days he spent lying on his bed crying, he couldn’t stop crying no matter what his Hyungs said to him, in his brain, everything is now over. He can feel his skin tightening, just how it felt in his first couple sessions with the physical therapist. That day he felt like he didn’t know his body anymore. His muscles are all gone, he kept losing weight and muscle no matter how much food Seokjin shoved in his throat. He remembers almost giving up, he couldn’t even bend to pick his own bag, needing the help of his Hyungs for something as simple as putting socks on. He recalls all the worried response he got from fans when his hyungs performed without him, appeared in interviews without him, and filming run episodes without him. He was taking too long to recover, his mental health putting his physical health recovery on pause. His Hyungs never gave up in him. They were there with him during every night he spent in tears. They held his hand through all the struggles of physical therapy. They calmed his pain with patience and love. They picked up the things he couldn’t pick, helped him with things he was longer able to do himself. But the most important one of them, was that they never gave up on him. They never allowed him to think that he was left out. They never failed to mention him in any public appearance, never failed to pray for him to get well in front of everyone in any place, always asking him to return to the stage with them. They always kept a gape in their formation for him, asking him to return without verbally stating so, keeping his place empty because he was not replaceable.

“ook, Jungkook!” Hoseok’s voice startled Jungkook from his thoughts

“Sorry Hyung, I was just thinking” mumbled Jungkook, he looked around him, this was their waiting room! he had his makeup and hair done, he twisted his back, waiting for the tightness and pain to settle in, but it never came!

“Jungkook ah, you’re all right now, you’re in the waiting room, we’re getting ready to perfume our concert, we’re on tour, remember?” Hosoek’s soft voice gently coaxed him to relax. Ever since Jungkook’s failed practice couple month ago, he experienced episodes of panic attacks until he made himself sick. Yoongi and Namjoon quickly took notice of it, educating the rest of the group about calming Jungkook and coxing him from a panic attack.

It took Jungkook couple minutes to notice that he was almost hyperventilating, slowly taking control of his breathing with Hoseok’s guidance.

“It’s ok to be nervous, it’s your first concert after almost a year, you had loads of trouble to get here Kook, it’s ok” Namjoon’s voice joined Hoseok’s calm one.

Jungkook nodded, it was too overwhelming for him,  he dreamed for so long to stand on the stage again, to dance, to sing, to not feel the pain anymore. He worked so hard to reach the day he was in today, he should be happy, but for some reason he was so so scared. He was scared of mistakes, scared of the pain coming back, scared that the fans got used to them being 6 instead of 7, got scared that he will not be how he used to be.

“That’s the point Jungkook, you will never be who you used to be, but that’s not a bad thing, you’re the new you, the stronger you, you might be bent, but you were never broken, you shouldn’t go back to who you used to be” Namjoon ran a comforting hand on Jungkook’s back, who looked at him in shock

Jungkook said what he was thinking about out load, all of his Hyungs were there listening to him, he looked around, seeing their faces mixed with concern yet relief.

“5 more minutes!” screamed the staff member, making them all jump, running to get ready, gathering together to place their hand on top of each other, but this time they held on to Jungkook’s with a tight grip, “We are finally 7 again, let’s do well as we usually do, give it your all like it’s your last performance, Bangtan!” they cheered together, each placing a hand on Jungkook to encourage him.

The nerves were exploding inside Jungkook, he was so scared he felt like vomiting, taking a deep breath before appearing on stage, his name brought shock of relief to his body, every cell inside of him shook with the intensity of the voices calling his name, cheering for him, he smiled widely, stepping fully on stage with a burst of new feelings, happiness, relief, comfort, home….

He’s finally back to where he belongs, next to his 6 Hyungs, on stage.