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Fast Cars and Thrice Dead Slayers

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          Brian picked up his phone, recognizing the number. He wandered a little ways away from the store to hear more clearly. Dom watches him go from his place in the office with guarded eyes. This was not good.

          “Hello?” A familiar voice comes through the speaker.  

          “Brian? This is Brian right? I mean if you’re not than sorry, but I couldn’t get you to pick up at home and I didn’t know what to do to find you so I got Willow’s computer and I may or may not have borrowed one of her old hacking programs to find this number and I know you’re busy a lot and I need to talk to Brian and….” Brian interrupted his half sister’s anxious babble.

          “Hey, hey, Dawnie. It’s me. What happened? You ok?” He ran his hand through his hair worriedly. Now was really not a good time for his little half sister to be calling. He was on his first undercover assignment and he’d only just started working on getting the Torettos used to him. He was only a few days into his assignment.

          Besides, he hadn’t talked to Dawn since Joyce died and dad didn't even bother to call. He heard a muffled half sob come through the phone.

          “Dawn, tell me what happened.” He ordered. The music was off now, and the whole group was eyeing him oddly. If he wasn’t careful, his annoying youngest (as far as he knew) half sibling was going to blow his cover.

          “Brian? Oh, goddess. God. I… I….” She sobbed into the phone.

          “Dawn.” He snapped. He rubbed his hand through his too long hair again. It would be good to get a haircut after this case.

          “Yes?” Her voice was just so small . Vulnerable. He felt bad for snapping at her.

          “Dawnie, you gotta tell me what’s wrong. I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s happening. Tell me what’s wrong.” He says in a much gentler tone. He hears sniffling before she replies.

          “Brian, I don’t know how to tell you. But, oh god .” Brian freezes. Even though he wasn’t moving. Suddenly he doesn’t want to hear her talking anymore.

          “Dawn?” His voice is quiet. The sobbing on the other end makes his knees buckle, and suddenly he’s sliding down against the hot metal of a car. He feels a warm hand on his shoulder, and he can’t bring himself to look up at whoever it was to check on him.

          “Brian, Buffy, god, Brian, Buffy’s dead.” The phone clattered out of his hand. Sound came to him through a wind tunnel, and suddenly he couldn’t feel anything. Something had torn away and left a hollow hole in his chest. He wasn’t even aware of the tears falling down his face until someone crouched next to him, a soft hand brushing against his face. Mia Toretto was crouched next to him, handing his phone away.

          He glanced up to see Letty Ortiz with his phone in her hand. She looked at him, her hard face just a little softer than it had been a moment before. She waved a hand at a grumbling Vince, the other man backing away at the expression on her face.

          “Kid, where are you now? Anyone with you?” Her rough voice asked. Dominic Toretto had finally emerged from his office, standing in the storefront with his arms crossed, watching the whole scene.

          “Ok kid. Big brother is coming up tonight. I’m sorry for your loss.” Letty hung up, tucking the phone back into his hand. The tough mechanic dropped to her knees next to him and Mia.

          “Get it together. You still got a living kid sister who needs you. Go now.” Brian nods and pulls himself onto his feet on his own.

          “I have to go.” He muttered before leaving the store in a daze. He doesn't even notice the approving look on Dominic Toretto's face as he leaves.