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The Black Madness

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It was the first weekend after Yule that found Corvus following Blaise through the halls of Hogwarts. 


"When I found it I knew," Blaise said. "I knew because it's been used in countless feuds, and wars, and even scandals,"


Corvus nodded, so Blaise continued.


"I don't know how Dumbledore got it, or what he plans to use it for," Blaise opened the door to a side corridor. "But whatever it is isn't good,"


When Corvus saw the mirror standing in the center of the room his heart froze. He crept closer, the warnings of his ancestors echoed in his head.


The Mirror of Desire could reveal a person's deepest secrets. Frequently used by enemies of House Black to reveal where their Honor lay, which was the easiest way to turn the Black Family against each other. While the family was loyal to each other, it was a grim truth that their Honor would always come first. 


Blaise watched with baited breath as his Lord and friend stood in front of the cursed mirror. The black haired boy raised his hand, tears softly streaming from his eyes. Blaise wouldn't let the other boy stand there for too long, but when Corvus sniffled and huffed a bittersweet laugh Blaise decided his friend would need a minute.


"Why do you fight Papa?" Jennie asked during martial arts practice. 


"So I can protect my Honor," Corvus said.


"What do mean?"


Corvus knelt in front of Jennie and held her hands. Her bouncy black curls held back by a hair tie and her bright blue eyes watching him with innocent curiosity.


"Everyone Honors something Jennifer," Corvus said. "It could be a person, or a concept, or a location, but everyone has something like that,"


Jennie frowned, her eyebrows scrunching in thought. 


"So the Family?" 


"No," Corvus shook his head.


"Your friends?"


"Not quite,"


"Why not? Didn't you say you'd die for the Family's protection?"


"Yes," Corvus said. "But that's loyalty, not Honor,"


"What's Honor then Papa?"


"Honor is precious Jennie," Corvus said. "Because it's a person's reason for living and what they continue to live for. It can take some longer than others to find, and rarely does it change,"


Jennie was quite for a few seconds. 


"What's your Honor then Papa?"


Corvus smiled softly before answering.




A hand on his shoulder pulled Corvus from the memory, but his eyes remained on the four-year-old image of Jennie in the mirror. If anyone found out she was his Honor, Corvus clenched his fist. No one could find out. 


"The worst thing about this mirror is that it's nearly indestructible," Blaise said with a glance to the mirror, his own deepest desire flickering in his sight before he turned to follow Corvus from the room.


"Everything can be destroyed," Corvus said. "I'll drop it into an active volcano if I have too," 


Anything to protect his Honor.