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A Date with the Devil

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Kara hated mornings.

More specifically, she hates mornings that started with the sound of Mr. J'onzz angry shouts echoing through the DEBS four bedroom house. Being the top team gave them the luxury of an off-campus living space, but it also meant their handler, Mr. J'onzz, had access to their speaker system and - like clockwork - would begin his ranting at 6:00 am on the dot.

With a low groan, Kara lifted up and out of the bed, stretching her arms above her head as the sunlight filtered into her room. She could hear Cat scolding Leslie for bringing yet another guy upstairs and into her bed, but Kara could only shake her head in amusement. She was pretty sure Leslie only did it at this point to get under Cat's skin and it worked.

Every. Single. Time.

Throwing on her uniform shirt, she barely glanced up as Cat threw open her door.

"Five minutes," she barked, leaving as fast as she'd arrived.

She heard Cat repeat herself a third and final time to Lena.

"Have you seen my gun?" Lena inquired, terrified she'd lost the damn thing again. She was brilliant - her IQ was off the charts - but she was terrible at two things: keeping track of her gun and actually shooting it.

Two things Cat valued.

"Jesus Christ, Luthor, get it together," Cat snapped, slamming the door closed harder than necessary.

Kara frowned.

Lena was her best friend - Cat claimed that spot for herself, but there was something about Lena that made them click (platonically, mind you) - but she wasn't cut out for the academy. She would make a great scientist or engineer, but she'd never make a good spy, but Kara would never tell her that.

Being a perfect score meant she wasn't supposed to judge others. If she did, they'd either accuse her of expecting too much - expecting them to be perfect - or they'd get so down in themselves. Both bothered Kara immensely so she kept quiet. She never pointed out that Cat was too brash to run an inexperienced team or that Leslie just didn't care enough or that Lena was too kindhearted and genuine to ever go up in the ranks.

"Kara, phone!"

Sighing, Kara adjusted her skirt and grabbed the landline, resting it between her shoulder and ear. "Hello?"

"We need to talk, Kara." Mike's voice was clear through the phone, tinged with desperation and a sense of entitlement that left Kara a little nauseous.

What did I ever see in him?

"No, we really don't." She hung up before he could respond, rolling her eyes as her cellphone chimes from the bed.

"Kara, we need to discuss our break-up. You can't just dump me and not tell me why."

Brow furrowing angrily, Kara pulled the phone from her ear and glared at it as though she were looking at Mike himself. "I did tell you why. I just don't want to date you anymore."

He went to retort, but Cat yelling up the stairs had Kara ending the call and rushing out of her room before Mr. J'onzz finished counting. Hopping off the third step, she barely stuck the landing and came face to face with the older blonde.

"I swear to God if we're late, I'll personally kick your ass in the training room later," Cat sneered, though it held no real malice. She had a soft spot for Kara and everyone knew it.

The drive to school wasn't a long one, but Kara couldn't keep from blurting, "I broke up with Mike."

Everyone in the car froze before Lena piped up. "Why? You guys were perfect together…"

"No we weren't. Honestly, I have no idea what I saw in him. He's a terrible person - and a seriously bad kisser."

"He's an ass. Good for you," Leslie praised, fishing a pack of cigarettes out of her bag.

"Don't you dare light that in my -"

With a smirk, Leslie flicked her zippo open and lit the end of the rolled paper. The smell of tobacco filled the car and Kara's nose crinkled.

"Those are going to kill you one day," Lena said, her tone so matter-of-fact that Kara could hardly contain her giggles.

"We're spies, Luthor. I'm more likely to die of a botched mission than cigarettes, especially if it involves guns considering you're a lousy shot," Leslie snapped, her lip snarling around the filter.

"Screw you," Lena whispered, her feelings clearly hurt.

"So, I gotta know. How was Mike in bed? He super boring and vanilla? Y'know, only knows one position and lasts like two minutes at most?"

Kara glared at Leslie through the rearview mirror, but the other woman only looked back expectantly, completely unrepentant. "I wouldn't know."

"You never slept together?" Cat snorted.

Shaking her head, Kara stared out the front window of the car. She was embarrassed to admit that, but she just didn't feel comfortable enough to sleep with the guy despite having dated him for over seven months. There was just something off about him that made Kara's skin crawl. She'd never really understand why she stayed with him.

Cat's turn into the parking lot sent Kara's heart into her stomach and she gripped the seatbelt, bracing herself. The slam of Cat's breaks lurched them forward, but Kara managed to avoid whacking her head on the front window (finally).

"Jesus, Cat, your driving might actually kill me before these cigarettes do," Leslie groused, tossing the finished bud out of the window before rolling it up.

"Bite me."

Leslie clicked her teeth together, a wolfish smirk passing her lips as she pushed open the door. "You know you love me, Kitty."

Kara followed her example and slipped out of the car, standing near the hood as she waited for the others. She peered around, taking in the familiar scene. White and blue buildings filled the campus while girls milled about, preparing for their morning classes.

Once they were all situated, Cat led them toward the cafeteria, waving disinterestedly at the newer members who gave enthusiastic greets to them. Being a top team had its perks - but also its downfalls. Kara still wasn't sure which one outweighed the other.

Spotting Mr. J'onzz in a booth, the group wandered over and flopped down, two on each side.

"It's come to my attention that Director Marsdin will be joining us very briefly this morning," J'onn informed them, a blank expression matching his monotonous tone.

"Director Marsdin? She never comes down here," Cat blinked, casting a startled look in Kara's direction.

As though summoned, a holograph of Director Marsdin appeared, her features less stoic than J’onn’s, but no less fierce. She was the embodiment of feminine power; she was statuesque and just as brilliant - if not more - than her male counterparts.

There was a reason she was the director.

"Good morning, girls. I wish there was time for pleasantries, but a mission has come up that I want you four on immediately," Director Marsdin glanced at the group before her gaze leveled on J'onn. "Alex Danvers has surfaced in National City."

"Wow," Kara breathed, "I'm writing my thesis on her."

"I want to be kept in the loop, girls. Every agency in the States will be here to try and get their hands on her. Do not let them show us up." She locked eyes with each DEB before disappearing in a flash of blue light.

Cat leaned back in the booth, staring blankly at the table. "Alex Danvers is back in the States…"

"And we're the team supposed to fetch her," Leslie snarked, signaling the waitress for a cup of coffee. "There's no way this is going to end well."

"Who's Alex Danvers?" Lena asked meekly, wilting under Cat's heated glare.

"Really? You've been a DEB for how long and you don't know who Alex Danvers is? The criminal mastermind who plotted to sink Australia?"

J'onn waved his hand and a screen appeared, Alex Danvers' picture plastered all over it. "She's the last surviving member of the Danvers Dynasty. She wasn't too involved until after her father's death, but when she inherited the keys to his kingdom, she took it very seriously. She's smuggled guns, does business deals with some of the deadliest people in the world, and she has a taste for the finer things in life - mainly diamonds."

Kara swallowed, her throat suddenly dry. She'd been studying up on Alex Danvers for weeks, but their textbooks didn't have any solid pictures of the woman. Seeing her now - in full color on their holographic projector - it was clear to see she was very attractive.

"Wow…" she whispered.

J'onn shot her a look, but continued on. "Her band of misfits is run by her right hand, Lucy Lane."

"General Lane's daughter?" Lena piped up, studying the mugshot of Lucy, her monochrome eyes displaying complete control. She wasn't a typical criminal; she was well thought out and definitely in a good state of mind.

She'd be just as hard to track as Alex.

"One and the same. She's been with Alex since her release from prison in 2012. Alex Danvers went into hiding not long after the third attempt to apprehend her failed. She hasn't been seen in nearly two four years."

"No one has ever lived to complete the damn mission," Cat growled, glaring at the pictures on the screen. "The minute Alex Danvers gets her hands on someone…"

Lena swallowed hard.

"Why would a reclusive underworld god come out of hiding? She's gone this long without being caught, what could make her risk her freedom?" Kara wondered absently, her eyes never straying from Alex's portrait.

J'onn tilted his head, staring at the screen. "She's here to meet this woman," an imagine of a tan woman with dark hair and darker eyes appeared, "Maggie Sawyer, former hitman for the cartel, now freelance assassin. They're planning to meet at Maximoff's for dinner at twenty hundred hours."

"That can't be good," Leslie mused, sipping her coffee.

"Find out what they're up to - learn their plans - but do not try to capture her. Strictly recon, nothing else. Cat, you're lead on this. Kara, you're her second." J'onn locked eyes with each girl. "Be careful. We do not want to have to bury any of you."


The hideout was discreet, an old warehouse expanded to accompany any and all odd endeavors she set out to complete. Armed thugs were either stationed at the entrance or milling about, guns strapped to their backs and knives hanging from their belts. Should trouble come knocking, they'd be prepared.

Images of Maggie filled the computer screens in the main room, her face flickering between a playful grin and a murderous stare. Her hair wasn't extremely long and her profile pictures weren't overly feminine, but she could easily pull off the femme fatal aura that would enthrall her marks and keep them unsuspecting until she finally pulled the trigger.

Alex Danvers definitely didn’t want to be on the receiving end of her barrel.

"Where'd you find her?" Alex inquired to the woman behind her, barely tipping her head back to glance at her.

"She's on INTERPOL's watch list. She's relocating stateside and is looking for companionship."


Lucy nodded. "Yep. You're meeting at 20:00 at Maximoff's. It's discreet, but trendy. I think you'll enjoy it."

Alex studied the woman's picture, tilting her head in thought. Maggie was rather pretty, but not exactly her type. Preferring blondes with blue eyes, it was odd to be going out with her. "Cancel it. I don't want to do this."

Lucy scowled. "Excuse me? What the hell do you mean cancel it? It's all set up and ready. I've even picked out the perfect outfit for this meet!"

Jerking up from her seat, Alex stormed through the warehouse, leaving Lucy to chase after her. "I don't date and I sure as hell don't do blind dates, Luce. You and I both know that."

"It's not a blind date because you know exactly who she is and what she looks like," Lucy pointed out.

"Tell her I've come down with the flu or something. Hell, tell her I died if you have to!" Alex snapped, glaring over her shoulder at the other woman.

"It's been two years since Sara dumped you, Al, it's time to move on. You need to go out, meet people. Have a one night stand. Do something!" Lucy responded, flailing her hands about irritably.

"I've been out! I went out with that girl obsessed with screeching noises! Y'know, the really sarcastic one with the ego the size of Texas."

Lucy sighed. "No you didn't. We both went to that concert with her and you left early claiming you had food poisoning."

"It was loud," Alex said defensively, "and I had a headache."

"Look, your schemes will only get you so far," Lucy stated matter-of-factly. "They don't replace love and affection."

Alex rolled her eyes, scribbling her signature onto some paperwork one of her goons passed her. "That's a little melodramatic, don't you think?"

"When you're involved? No."


Lucy gripped Alex's shoulders and shook her lightly. "You've got a date with a hot assassin. You're going to go and have fun and open yourself up again."

Sighing, Alex grasped Lucy's hands and pried them off. "Fine. Fine, I'll go. But I reserve the right to leave if she's crazy."

Lucy cackled, strolling out of the room. "Deal."