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Judge Not, Lest You Be Judged

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This was as close to Hell as he could bring himself to go… short of leaving the country altogether. Sure, Lucifer liked living in style and comfort, but he really didn't believe he deserved that at the moment. He deserved the tiny flat he'd rented in the dingiest part of South Boston. He deserved the rubbish clothing and the rubbish liquor and the rubbish looks he got from the neighbours as he climbed up to his bedsit at all hours of the night drunk or high or both. He deserved to be disliked and vilified and seen as a monster.

Because he was a monster.

Honestly, Lucifer had lost his will to really enjoy anything earth had to offer anyway. He'd contemplated going back to Hell many times but couldn't convince himself to flagellate his already bruised heart any further. The damage he'd sustained had already been severe enough.

Not to mention that Maze would literally eviscerate him if he left her behind.

No. Forcing himself to live below his means and wallow in his own pathetic pity party was enough for now. It wasn't like he could escape it. Every time he closed his eyes he could see Chloe. Beautiful, kind, perfect Chloe staring at him in absolute terror as she saw him for what he truly was. The worst part about that moment was that Lucifer didn't even know that he had changed. He had been so relieved that everything was finally over, for Cain to be dead and for Sinnerman to be but a memory, that he could only smile when he saw his detective safe. It was only when he raised his hand to reach for her that he realised that everything had gone horribly wrong.

Lucifer had to admit that Chloe was still amazing in the face of the Devil. She didn't run. She didn't scream. She just stood there, much like Linda had done, and stared at him in stoic horror, whispering only a few words before falling silent. He didn't stay to see the fallout. He didn't want to see his Detective break. Even though it was excruciating, Lucifer used his broken wings to get the out of there before the Detective could blink.

Lucifer believed it was all for the best, really. She didn't deserve the burden of him any longer. He had been far too selfish to believe that any sort of relationship would work between them.

Far too stupid as well.

So he left.

Of course, Lucifer didn't leave like he had before when he ran off to Las Vegas. This time he had contingency plans in place.

Lux would still continue to run smoothly because he'd left his manager, Patrick, with instructions on how to keep the business open in the boss's absence.

He'd stated to Linda, clearly, that he was going to go away for a while to distance himself from the mess he'd made. She didn't agree with him, but she rarely did, so that was nothing new. She even tried to talk him out of leaving. He made sure that his bank account delivered a monthly payment of services to the good doctor regardless of his being there to partake in her advice. She deserved it.

Maze was still on thin ice as far as Lucifer was concerned, but he would not outright ghost her. Their companionship was far too old to cast aside, no matter how cruel and misguided Mazikeen had been. They'd be okay eventually, once all of the pain had passed. They were immortal and knew well enough that time could heal all wounds… most of them, anyway. So he sent her a text that was short and to the point.

You are not a consolation prize. You have not been forgotten. -L

He then turned off his phone and left it on the bar of his penthouse. He'd reach out to Mazikeen properly when he wasn't ready to strangle her.

Lucifer had also returned to the precinct to give a statement on the death of Lt. Marcus Pierce. The department wanted the case closed quickly so they easily took his words of self-defence as truth. Much to his surprise, Chloe had backed him up in her own statement, though he made sure to carefully coordinate his appearance at the police station with her absence. She didn't need to be faced with him after everything she'd been through.

Before he left, Lucifer placed a CD with a bow attached on Ella's work station in the lab. It was of the Christian rock band Skillet and it had a note taped to the back that simply read: Not all of Dad's followers write like whiney teens. Enjoy, Miss Lopez.

On Daniel's desk, he left a book titled Puddin': Luscious and Unforgettable Puddings, Parfaits, Pudding Cakes, Pies, and Pops by Clio Goodman and Adeena Sussman. There was a post-it note stuck on it that said: Broaden your horizons. Don't get poisoned. -L

Finally, he wrote a letter to the police captain that had stepped in to deal with the fallout of Pierce's corruption. The letter detailed Lucifer's resignation as a consultant for the LAPD and thanked the department for their acceptance. It also lauded Chloe Decker as the most resourceful, brilliant, and competent detective that he could have ever had the honour of working with. He made two copies and left one on Chloe's desk along with a small, homemade, chocolate cake with the name Beatrice written on it in white frosting. It was the best he could do in ways of goodbye. He was never really good at those anyway.

That had been two months ago.

Having a pair of wings certainly made leaving easier and made tracking him even more difficult. No plane tickets to find, no paper trail to follow. He had been careful to take only his cash reserves and not use his credit cards or access his bank accounts remotely. He had a few stashes outside of Los Angeles and, though he considered going abroad for his escape, he decided that financing a proper passport with a new identity wouldn't be worth his time or money so he ended up just fleeing to the other side of the country. Not even Mazikeen would be able to track him.

Which led Lucifer to sitting on a bench in Boston Common at midnight drinking from a bottle Jack Daniels wrapped in a brown paper bag. As per usual, he would have to guzzle the whiskey to maintain any sort of buzz and this was his third bottle in less that two hours. Being even remotely close to drunk was infinitely better than being sober. Being sober made his memories clearer. Being sober made his chest hurt.

Once he was finished, Lucifer binned the bag and started his slightly inebriated trek back to his flat. It was about a forty-minute walk if he maintained a good speed, but he felt like meandering tonight. There were a couple of drug-dealers that he felt needed to be paid a visit. Oxycodone seemed like the right choice this evening. Once he hit up a few suppliers (because they all got suspicious if he bought them out of their supply), he proceeded to blow through three eight-balls of oxy in a matter of minutes in an dark alleyway, revelling in the delicious high he received with the mix of alcohol.

"See what I've become?" Lucifer said, his eyes turned glassily to the sky as he smiled ruefully. "I can fall even farther than Hell. Guess that wasn't surprising to you though, huh?"

Of course, nobody answered him, but Lucifer felt a little bit better for the attempt at guilt-tripping his father.

Scoffing softly, Lucifer began to stumble his way home. He had almost made it inside when he heard a now familiar voice from behind him.

"So, how fucked up are we tonight, Sam?"

The question made Lucifer roll his eyes and curse his stupid self for using something so close to his given name on his new ID.

Samuel Apollyon. Dreadful.

Lucifer Morningstar was far too conspicuous a name and one trip to Google would have outed him as a billionaire philanthropist and former LAPD consultant in moments… but still… he felt foolish and slightly angry anytime someone called him Sam. At least it wasn't Samael and he did loath lying.

Lucifer turned to come face-to-face with Detective Kevin O'Keefe. He actually reminded Lucifer of Daniel… after he'd become not a douche. Kevin was a good cop who just didn't have good luck. His wife had contracted some rare disease a few years ago and the medical bills had put Kevin in such debt that, when the woman had eventually passed, he was left destitute. It was just another story that proved to Lucifer that his Dad didn't give a crap about his little humans at all and just let the good ones suffer for the entertainment of it. Prick. And somehow, Kevin remained positive throughout it all which made Lucifer like him even more.

Screw you, Dad. You tried to dim this man's joy and he only shined through it. Take that, you bastard.

"Not nearly enough, as usual." Lucifer offhandedly responded as he gave his best attempt at a winning grin. It lacked all of it's usual lustre, the shine having worn off weeks ago. "You're not going to arrest me for public intoxication, are you officer?"

Lucifer's tone was flirtatious, but there wasn't any real charm put behind it. It was just to ensure he was likeable enough not to be cuffed and thrown in a drunk tank.

"Have you at least eaten today?" Kevin asked, waving Lucifer towards the entrance to the dodgy old apartment complex. They both began walking and Lucifer even held the door for the detective as they went in.

"My friend Jack and I had a picnic on the Common. Good times." Lucifer grinned and Kevin only shook his head.

The detective stopped to check his mailbox while Lucifer continued on, stumbling up the stairs because the damned lift had been broken for months. As he turned the corner, Lucifer came upon Happy talking to a couple of thug-like characters that tended to frequent this building of unfortunate peoples.

Happy was aptly named. The kid was always in good spirits and Lucifer could swear that, in the two months he'd been here, he'd only seen the kid frown once. Happy was a runner for a local Irish gang, but he was a decent enough chap. Lucifer had even tried to talk him into leaving his "boys" to find a better life elsewhere, but Happy was… well… happy with his life. Even if it meant he lived in a shitty flat with even shittier flatmates at age seventeen. Apparently the youth had even just finished a short stint in prison for possession and he still continued to smile.

Lucifer caught a glimpse of a gun sticking out of the back of Happy's waistband and he rolled his eyes. Honestly, could this kid get any dumber? He lived a floor away from a police detective, for crying out loud.

"Don't put your gun there, boy." Lucifer murmured conspiratorially as he came up behind Happy. "What if it goes off? Better gangsters than you have lost buttocks, you know. And at least have the decency to hide it properly. Untuck your shirt, you berk."

"Oh, hey Mr. A!" Happy exclaimed, quickly pulling at his shirt to hide the gun. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Right, well, at least tell me the safety is on." Lucifer chuckled and, at the blank look Happy gave him, Lucifer deadpanned, "You did put the safety on, right?"

Another blank look had Lucifer rolling his eyes again. He feared they'd get permanently stuck up there at this rate.

"Oh, give it here." Before the kid could protest, Lucifer removed the gun from Happy's trousers, showed him the little switch designated safety, and clicked it into the on position before handing it back to the kid. "There. Now your buns will remain on your body."

"Thanks, Mr. A." Happy smiled and Lucifer couldn't stay miffed. The young man was radiating too much genuine glee… he was too much like Miss Lopez.

"Get a decent holster for it." Lucifer commanded.

"A decent holster for what?" Came Kevin's voice as he came around the corner with a handful of mail. "Do I have to cart you back in, Happy? Because I really don't want to go back to work just yet."

"Oh, no, Detective O'Keefe. It's all good." Happy exclaimed before disappearing into his apartment with his buddies. They knew better than to hang around with a cop right there, at least.

"Do I want to know?" Kevin asked and Lucifer shook his head.

"Definitely not." Lucifer smiled before continuing his trek up the stairs. He and the detective lived on the same floor, so Kevin followed behind, every now and then placing a hand on Lucifer's back when the inebriated man stumbled a bit.

"You know, how about you come have some coffee and a sandwich? I make a mean reuben." Kevin said, giving Lucifer a hopeful expression.

Lucifer was sure that the detective thought him to be the resident addict and, though that may not be far off the mark, addiction wasn't exactly a problem for the fallen angel. As much as he didn't like being coddled, Lucifer also wasn't looking forward to being alone in his single bedroom flat with his thoughts. And even though he was as straight as an iron arrow, Kevin was a handsome bloke, so a little harmless flirting might put Lucifer in a better mood.

"I suppose, if you insist." Lucifer said, shrugging one shoulder and allowing Kevin to pass him on their floor to lead on to the detective's own apartment, number 212.

"I do. I know it's late, but you look like you could at least use the coffee." Kevin smiled as he opened the door and ushered Lucifer in. "And I could use the company. It's been a long week."

"Rough day at the office?" Lucifer asked as he took a seat at the small breakfast table at the edge of Kevin's tiny kitchen.

"You have no idea. I'm sure you've seen the news. Rash of suicides hits South Boston?" Kevin said as he clicked on the kettle and pulled out his coffee press. "It's been seven people so far. I mean, they weren't good people, per se, but they were still people, you know? It's like Dexter meets Sherlock out here and none of us know what to make of it."

"You know, I heard once that a fresh pair of eyes can help break a case," Lucifer said offhandedly, fiddling with the strings of his hoodie. "Are the victims connected at all?"

"Not that we can find." Kevin said as he moved about his kitchen procuring ingredients for the suggested reuben. "They all died differently, in different parts of South Boston, one if 'em even crossed over into Telegraph Hill."

"So there is nothing that links them at all?" Lucifer asked, raising a brow.

"Well, there is one thing, but we've investigated that angle to the point where we've beat the horse to a pulp, if you know what I mean." Kevin said with a sigh before eyeing Lucifer critically. "You sure you weren't a cop in a past life?"

"I've dabbled." Lucifer said casually before gesturing for the detective to continue. "So they were connected?"

"Well, they're all criminals. But the weird thing is that they're all criminals who got off of their last charges." Kevin explained. "But it was all for different reasons. Juries hung, cops made mistakes, eyewitnesses disappearing…"

"So, they are all bad guys who were caught dead-to-rights only to make it off scott free without punishment due to minor technicalities?" Lucifer asked, frowning softly.

"Essentially, yeah." The detective sighed. "So they get a get-out-of-jail-free card and then take their own lives? It doesn't make any sense. What makes more sense is someone is knocking them off and making it look like suicide."

"Sounds to me like someone is doing the world a favour." Lucifer said darkly and Kevin stopped his movements to stare at the addled man for a moment.

"Okay, you're high off your tits, so I'm going to let that slide." Kevin said before returning to his food preparation. "They may be bad people, but they are still people."

"So you've said." Lucifer replied, his mind wandering to all of those horrible malcontents that he and his Detective put away. Or put in the ground. Like Malcolm, or Cain…

"Well, enough shop talk. Here." Kevin interrupted Lucifer's train of though to proffer a warm sandwich and a hot cup of black coffee before sitting across from him at the breakfast table. "What about you? What brought you to the states? Certainly not the Jack Daniels or the cocaine."

"Ha! No. Definitely not." Lucifer chuckled and shook his head. "I originally came here on holiday a while ago and just… never left. I used to live in LA."

"Los Angeles? Really? Why did you leave? I hear the weather is amazing. It freaking sucks here." Kevin smiled before sipping his own coffee. "Unless you enjoy six months of winter."

"I don't think I'll remain in Boston permanently." Lucifer said, playing with his mug a bit before deigning to take a sip himself. His high was wearing off anyway, so caffeine would be enough of a buzz for now. "I'll probably head back eventually. I just… I needed to get away."

"You're not wanted out there or anything, are you?" Kevin asked and the question hit Lucifer hard. He knew that the detective was asking if he had any warrants out for his arrest, but the wording felt far more personal.

"No. I'm most assuredly not wanted out there at all." Lucifer sighed before deciding he had enough of talking about his own life. He used his sandwich as an excuse to remain quiet and the two fell into a companionable silence while they ate.

Once the meal was done, Lucifer cleared his throat and shook his head. There was no escaping his dark thoughts tonight. He didn't even feel like flirting anymore. What a waste.

"I think it's time I take my leave." Lucifer said as he stood up, watching as Kevin cleared the plates and put them in the sink. "Thank you for your hospitality."

"Hang on, now." Kevin said before turning to Lucifer and squinting up at the other man's face. "Yeah, alright. Your pupils aren't the size of dinner plates anymore, so I guess it's safe for you to go."

"Ahh, so this was all just a ruse to sober me up, was it?" Lucifer chuckled, knowing that getting him sober was only half the reason Kevin had invited him in. He knew he had sort of a recluse reputation among his neighbours and never attempted to correct the idea.

"Drat. You saw through my clever ruse." Kevin laughed as well. "You going to be alright to get to your place?"

"Will I be alright to walk the ten or so meters to my own flat?" Lucifer smiled. "Yeah, I think I will be able to manage such a great feat."

"Alright, alright. I get it." Kevin said, raising his hands in a jovial display of defeat. "Thank you for coming by and here…"

Kevin turned to open a drawer by the sink which looked to be a catchall for random papers and such. He rummaged a bit before pulling out a business card and handing it to Lucifer.

"Don't take offence, alright, but you seem like a pretty decent guy." Kevin said with a warm, almost disarming smile. "A guy worth at least an attempt at saving."

Lucifer looked down at the card and couldn't help but smirk. It was for a drug counsellor.

"You know I'm not actually an addict, right?" Lucifer said and Kevin shook his head.

"You know I've heard that line too many times to count, right?" The detective responded, his smile taking on a softer, sad tone.

"Touché." Lucifer nodded. "I appreciate the forethought. Goodnight, Kevin."

"Goodnight, Sam." Kevin said and showed Lucifer to the door.

Lucifer stood in the hallway for a long moment staring at the card. He didn't need it. He wasn't anything along the lines of a real human addict, but perhaps he should seek some counselling. He hadn't been to see Linda in months and perhaps that was taking its toll on his overall wellbeing. Granted, he'd survived hundreds of thousands years without seeking professional advice for his problems. What were a few months?

Sighing, Lucifer pocketed the card and headed down the hall to his apartment, number 221. His was the last in the hall of second floor with 222 just across. Slipping his key in the lock, he opened the door and stepped into the darkness of his kitchenette. Kevin's kitchen had been a little larger, the man having a two-bedroom apartment as opposed to the bedsit Lucifer rented. He told himself he didn't even deserve the luxury. The would-be studio was just fine for his needs at the moment. Dropping his keys and the business card into the small bowl he kept on the counter, he moved to turn on the lights. Before he could make it to the switch, a warm, aged voice broke the silence, actually managing to startle him.

"Hello, detective."

Whipping his head around in the dark, Lucifer frowned when he saw the silhouette of a woman sitting on his beaten-up sofa. He flicked the switch and bathed the kitchen in light, casting a warm glow on the face of a woman that Lucifer didn't recognise in the slightest.

"Who the hell are you?" He asked, his eyes growing dark and his mouth forming a deep scowl. "Because you must be really stupid if you think breaking into my flat was a good idea."

"You're not even American. That will make this so much sweeter." The woman said as she stood. Something was tingling in the back of Lucifer's mind, but he pushed it aside to gape at the audacity of this stupid human who dared to encroach on the Devil's territory.

"I'm not even human, which is what you should be more concerned with." Lucifer growled. "So I ask again, who the bloody hell are you?

"I'm your reckoning." The woman said, taking a step towards Lucifer. He didn't balk and, instead, took his own step forward.

"Is that right?" Lucifer sneered. "Come to dance with the devil, have you?"

"So lovely that you already known what a great sin you are." The woman grinned and moved closer.

The tingling in the back of Lucifer's mind turned into something of an itch which gave him pause. He tilted his head as if trying to scratch his brain which gave him a slightly tweaked appearance.

"I was going to make this last, but maybe I'll just get it over with." The woman spoke, breaking Lucifer's attention away from the itch and forcing him to focus on her. "Now, tell me, detective. Where is you gun?"

The words washed over Lucifer like a wave and he had to blink a moment to reorient himself. Something wasn't right. He had felt almost compelled to answer her which didn't make any sense.

"I don't have a gun." Lucifer eventually responded, causing the woman to frown at him.

"Don't play coy with me. Where is your gun?" She asked again and Lucifer's stomach rolled slightly as he once again felt the weight of her words.

"How are you… what have… did you drug me or something?" He asked, his brows furrowing in confusion. It couldn't be the drugs. He was sober and nothing could penetrate his immortal flesh, at least, not without his Detective nearby. He squinted at the woman and took a small step back. "What… are you?"

"Come on now, detective, you know you want to tell me." The woman smiled and it was at that moment Lucifer realised what was happening.

Was this what it felt like when he asked people their desires? It was almost like a fog was trying to cover over his mind and force him to answer the woman without any choice of his own.

"I'm not a detective." Lucifer said calmly, trying his best to focus. This was wholly bizarre and completely unprecedented. Though, Lucifer had to admit to himself that the feeling was also quite novel. "Are you a witch, or something? A demon? No. Not a demon. A demon would have no power over me. And you're definitely no angel. I'd know one of my siblings if they barged into my home uninvited."

"What are you talking about?" The woman said, her voice reflecting her clear irritation. "Just tell me where your gun is."

"Oh, for Dad's sake, I don't have a gun, you insane bint." Lucifer growled, this time putting a bit of his own power behind the words. "And I'm not a bloody detective."

"You're not Kevin O'Keefe?" The woman asked and Lucifer scoffed.

"No, you nutter. You've got the wrong flat. Though I'm glad you did." Lucifer said, now resuming his stalking forward towards the strange woman. "Kevin happens to be an acquaintance of mine and I'd rather you not use your rather interesting powers on him. I have a feeling you're not interested in his wellbeing."

"You'd be right, but now you're just in my way." The woman said before waving her hand. "You don't want to get in my way. You're tired. I can feel the darkness in you. You don't want to be here anymore."

Something shifted and Lucifer felt a deep despair sweep through him. For a moment, he actually believed the woman's words and his mind flickered to the thought of possibly ending his holiday entirely and just going back to Hell where he rightly belonged.

"How…? How?" Lucifer growled, no longer finding this novel or interesting anymore. Somehow, this woman was wielding a power so dangerously close to his own and it actually affected him. It wasn't possible. He moved forward in three long strides and gripped the woman by the lapels of her crisp suit.

"How are you doing this? Tell me." He demanded, his eyes narrowing on her. "Tell me, little witch. What do you desire?"

The woman, for all her worth, wilted when Lucifer grabbed her and paled the moment he finished speaking.

"This isn't possible. Nobody can resist me…" She whimpered and Lucifer gripped her jacket tighter.

"Well, no human, I'm sure. Now answer my question." Lucifer hissed. "What do you want more than anything?"

"I… I want… no… how… no…" The woman shook her head before roughly shoving Lucifer away with a strength that surprised him, even more than her resistance, before whispering in horror, "What are you?"

Before Lucifer could even come up with anything either witty or threatening to reply, a heavy knock came at his door.

"Sam? You still up?" It was Kevin. "Seems like I got some of your mail again. You would think people would be able to figure out the difference between 212 and 221, but alas, not so much."

The woman's eyes went wide before she slowly began to smile. Kevin had promptly explained her mistake and outed himself in a ridiculous turn of fate.

"You want to die." She said to Lucifer in a stern tone that was clearly the full force of whatever power it was she was using. He felt it. He felt it deep. It shook him to his core and he felt the depression he had been trying to escape blanket him in a moment of pure hopelessness. He saw flashes of Chloe's terror. Of Linda's fear. Of Beatrice's tears. Of Maze's hatred. It all crashed down on him so abruptly that he swayed on his feet.

"Sam?" Kevin's voice came again, but this time it felt like a benediction. For the first time in eons, he had never been so thankful to hear his own name uttered in such a concerned manner. It could have been one of his brothers behind that door checking in on him after one of his spats with Michael.

In a moment of pure adrenaline, Lucifer spun on his heels and whipped open the door to a very startled detective only to quickly grab his arm in a vice grip and pull him hurriedly down the hallway.

"What the f— Sam! What are you doing?" Kevin exclaimed, unable to pull away from Lucifer's supernatural grip.

"I know who is killing your criminals, but we have to get away from here right now." Lucifer said sternly, practically dragging Kevin in a full sprint down the hall, the detective trying to wiggle free the entire way.

"Are you high again? Sam, you can't keep doing this to yourself." Kevin said, failing miserably at getting Lucifer to let go.

Lucifer quickly pulled Kevin down the central stairway, not even looking back to see if the witch was following. Was she a witch? Who knew? She was definitely something, though.

"I am not high, though I wish I was. Someone is here to kill you. We need to get out of here. She is, and I can't bloody believe I'm going to say this, she is too powerful for me and I can't protect you here." Lucifer shouted over his shoulder. "We need to get you somewhere safe."

"Shit, are you serious, man?" Kevin exclaimed as he nearly tripped down the stairs.

Lucifer stopped abruptly and turned to face the man in tow without releasing him.

"Look, there isn't a lot of time to explain, but I will say this. You were right-on earlier. I was a police consultant for the LAPD. I left because I had a falling out with my partner." Lucifer said quickly. That was the simple version of the story, but they honestly didn't have the time to explain everything in detail. "Lucifer Morningstar. That is my name. You can Google it when we are somewhere safe, alright?"

"A-alright." Kevin nodded, clearly confused but trusting Lucifer at least this much. With a quick check over Kevin's shoulder, Lucifer pulled the man further down the stairs only to collide head-on with Happy.

"Holy shit, Mr. A! Where's the fire?" Happy exclaimed, still bloody smiling.

"There's a woman here trying to kill Detective O'Keefe. Now move." Lucifer said, bodily pushing Happy out of the way.

"Woah, well, if you need a ride, I have a car." Happy said, looking over Kevin for a moment. "I know we aren't usually on the same side, but you're a good guy. You don't deserve to die, man."

Oh, Happy. Lucifer thought. How did you get into such a mess of a life with all that kindness in your heart?

"That would be helpful." Lucifer nodded.

"Coolio. Follow me." Happy said and the three men took off down the stairs, taking the steps two at a time. At least Kevin was following willingly now.

They ran outside to follow Happy around the block to darkened street. The street lamps flickered here and there, but most of the pavement was cast in shadow. Happy led them to a beat-up looking Honda that had certainly seen better days, but Lucifer had decided long ago that beggars couldn't be choosers when escape was the priority. Happy fumbled around in his satchel before pulling out a set of keys.

"Kevin O'Keefe!" It was the woman and she was running towards them. Lucifer could already feel the weight of her power flowing out of her and it seemed to affect Happy and Kevin as well. Happy's hands began to shake and he dropped his keys onto the sidewalk.

"Bloody hell!" Lucifer exclaimed and moved to quickly try to retrieve them.

"A broken cop, a druggie, and a gangbanger. It's my lucky day." The woman said as she approached them. Her face was shielded in darkness and she had the air of a predator on the hunt. Lucifer did not like feeling hunted at all.

"Bugger off, Sybil!" Lucifer growled as he pawed around in the darkness for the keys.

"Oh no. I think I'll take the turkey." Said the woman and Lucifer felt himself grow colder. This wasn't good. If her power affected him like this, what did it do to the humans with him? Glancing up, he found his answer.

Happy had taken out the gun he'd kept in his waistband and the click of the safety was nearly deafening.

"No…" Lucifer breathed, but the woman spoke over any other protests he might have had.

"That's right. You're nothing but a gangbanger. You don't deserve to live. You're a waste of space. A disappointment. Do it." She hissed and before Lucifer could stop him, Happy raised the gun to his chin and pulled the trigger.

It felt as if Amenadiel himself had shown up and slowed the moment down in time. Lucifer felt the splash of blood hit his cheek and watched Happy… sweet, kind, joyful Happy… fall to the ground with a resounding thud.

"NO!" Lucifer exclaimed and the world sped back to life. He reached out to check the boy's pulse and found nothing. Anger burned within him and he turned to look up at the woman. "Why!? Why would you do that!? Happy was good! Misguided, but good!"

"Oh my God…" Whispered Kevin who was frozen in horror and probably despair.

"Happy?" The woman asked before stopping her approach and taking a stuttered breath. Then, to Lucifer's bafflement, the woman looked at the boy on the ground and it seemed like something in her broke. "RICKY!"

The woman ran over and dropped to her knees at the sight of the young boy, pulling him close and pressing his face to her chest.

"No, no, no, no…Ricky, my poor baby…" She whimpered and Lucifer watched in shock as the woman started to cry. She sobbed for a good minute before her eyes turned hard and she glared up at Kevin. "You! YOU DID THIS!"

"W-what? I don't… I don't understand." Kevin said in a feeble tone. "I don't…"

"You! You were the one who arrested my baby! You got him sent to jail! YOU!" The woman screamed before another wave of pain and darkness rolled off her. Lucifer nearly fell off his knees and had to reach out for the car to steady himself. "You, Kevin O'Keefe, have nothing left to live for. Your wife is dead and you are left penniless and alone. You want death. You want it."

Lucifer felt the sorrow in those words as if it were his own. He blinked furiously to try and gather himself, but the moment he took his hand off the Honda, he nearly collapsed, so he held stilled and took a deep breath to try to gain some control.

"Don't listen to her, Kevin. You're stronger that that." Lucifer said, though his voice shook as he spoke. "You've lived through so much. You've shown so much bravery in the face of adversity. Don't listen to her."

"You want to die, detective. You've got nothing left." The woman hissed.

"I've got nothing left." Kevin said as tears sprung from his eyes. "Ana is gone. I lost everything when she died."

"That's right. You lost everything. Just end it all." The woman said, her voice turning sickeningly sweet.

"I should…" Kevin said as he fell to his knees and slowly began reaching for the gun that Happy had dropped.

"No! No, Kevin! She's wrong!" Lucifer cried, but Kevin already had the gun in his hand.

"You've got nothing left. You want to die." The woman said.

"I want to die." Kevin echoed and raised the gun to his temple.

"Shut up, you bitch!" Lucifer shouted and tried to reach out and swipe at her. He almost immediately lost his balance and fell flat on the pavement. "Kevin! Don't listen! Don't—!"

The second shot felt like it had hit Lucifer square in the chest. Kevin fell to the ground and Lucifer screamed, his eyes flashing fiery red as he reached for the gun. He didn't know what else to do, so he weakly pointed it at the murdering witch.

"WHY!?" He bellowed, tears he didn't know he was crying flowing over his cheeks. "WHY DID YOU KILL THEM!? HOW ARE YOU DOING THIS!?"

"It's your turn, Sam." The woman responded, standing up to glare down at Lucifer. "A deadbeat junkie like you, you're next. Your heart is full of darkness. You're nothing. A monster. You don't want to live anymore."

With her attention fully focussed on him, Lucifer felt the hand holding the gun begin to shake as  the woman's power washed over him. The flashes of memory returned and all he could see was Chloe looking at him an abject fear. The horror in her beautiful blue eyes haunting him and, before he knew it, he had the cold steel of the gun pressed against the space just above his right ear.

"That's it. Just give up. It's not worth living anymore. Let go." The woman cooed and Lucifer tried, tried so hard, to gain focus, to ignore the power in this woman's voice.

The shot echoed in the darkness.

Lucifer blinked and everything came quickly back into focus. He was still holding the gun and it was still pressed against his head, but there was no blood. No brain matter. No death. Because of course there wasn't. He was immortal. He was the Devil.

"What the hell…" The woman said, now completely awestruck.

Lucifer took a few breaths and pulled the gun away from his head with a shaky hand before slowly turning back on the witch who had destroyed two lives before his eyes.

"I am not the monster here. You are." Lucifer said as his eyes flashed red once more. "You never answered my question, vile woman. What do you desire?"

"For every lowlife in the world to die." The woman said, clearly so dumbstruck that she couldn't resist Lucifer's charms any longer. "How… what are you?"

"I need ask you the same thing." Lucifer said before the sounds of sirens in the distance startled the woman out of her shock. She quickly turned on her heels and ran, Lucifer unable to muster up the strength to follow after her. He fell back onto the kerb and let out a deep breath as the deep wave of despair slowly blissfully dissipated.

The sirens drew closer as he eventually managed to get up from the ground. Of course, a bloodied man standing over two bodies while holding a gun didn't make the best of impressions on the cops that arrived on the scene and Lucifer suddenly found four guns pointed at him with voices shouting.

"Drop your weapon!" One of the officers commanded and Lucifer did so immediately.


"Uh, guys…" Said Ella, interrupting Tribe night with a glance at her phone. "You know how I said I'd set up a Google alert for Lucifer?"

"Yeah. So?" Maze growled before knocking back her fifth shot of vodka. "It's been two months. He's probably getting it on with porn stars in Aspen or something. Who gives a shit what that asshat is up to?"

"I do." Linda said while giving Chloe a knowing look.

"You might want to take a look at this." Ella said. "Not porn stars. Would have really liked it to be porn stars."

"What is it?" Chloe asked, her voice slightly concerned.

Ella looked stricken as she turned her phone so that Linda, Chloe, and Maze could see the headline.

Billionaire Playboy Arrested in Boston for Murder of Cop and Judge's Son