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Sugar Coma

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Days are long
And the nights so cold
Down here in the gutter
It eats at your soul

I inch myself above to fall a foot back down
Addicted to my pain
And never seeking help

Have you seen purgatory's light
Shining from beyond
It waits for me to die
No use to even try and fight
My fate's been set in stone
So don't pray for me tonight

Purgatory-The Koffin Kats.


You carefully unscrewed the lid to your flask, taking a lengthy sip of the vodka inside. Music was roaring all around you and people screaming and laughing filled your ears. Standing in line for the drop tower, you were at the Derry Carnival, alone. You didn't have very many friends if any at all, but you couldn't help the excitement and longing you felt begging you to go even if you were alone. You looked around seeing groups of family and friends, it didn't bother you much(why were you always alone?), but you thought it must be nice. Taking another quick swig from your flask you quickly put it away, hopping onto the seat of the drop tower.


As it started it's slow ascent, you take a look around, seeing all the sparkling lights, games and other rides. You felt the wind and took in the smells of the carnival, cotton candy, hot dogs, fried things, the exhaust of the rides, all the smells combining to make you feel giddy. Or maybe that was the vodka...looking around something caught your eye. It was a big something, especially being this far up, as you stared intently you noticed it looked like a...clown? It seemed tall even from up here, he was handing out red balloons to children, but they seemed to be avoiding him. You guessed it was because he didn't look like a typical carnival clown, not from this century anyway. He had on a silvery suit, it was fluffy with red pom poms on it. Fiery red orange hair surrounded his large head, and his white face paint had red lines gouging up from his mouth to his eyes, plump lips a deep red. Hearing the click that you were about to be dropped you could have sworn he looked you dead in the eyes and...winked at you...the fucker winked. Plunging down you gasped, rising back up you tried to see if you could find him again, but he was no where to be seen.

Weird, you thought, but you were plunging down again and delight filled you. You loved carnivals rides, the anticipation and the adrenaline coursing through you was a major relief from the numb feeling you usually felt. Hopping down as the ride finished, you walked to a tent that was serving beers and ordered a Blue Moon. Being tipsy always made you better at the games for some reason. Walking down the thoroughfare you stopped at a tent with guns lined up to shoot water into a clown's mouth.

"Hey pretty lady, want to give it a shot?" the worker leers at you. Sitting up on the seat you gave him a look. "Sure, I'll give it a 'shot'." He cackled and set it up. Soon you were spraying water into the clown's mouth, hitting right on target. You felt the wind pick up and swore you felt something slither around your neck, too engrossed in trying to win you simply ignored it. Winning you jump up, grinning at the worker, he hands you a medium sized clown doll. To your surprise it looks like the clown you saw earlier.

Looking up you see the stars sparkling in the deep velvet of the sky, you check your phone and notice it's about midnight. Grabbing for your flask, you take a short sip, noticing you feel a bit tipsier than you thought, it's probably time to get home, you definitely don't want to get drunk off your ass at the carnival. Clutching the clown doll to your side, you take out a smoke and head through Bassey Park. Groups of people are still walking around, but as you go further down you notice less people are there. You take a minute to stand and stare out at the canal. Suddenly you hear noises under the bridge, you grab onto the rail and try to look under...about 10 red balloons floated up into your face. Startled you jump back. "What the fuck?" you say aloud. Time to get out of here you think.


Walking through the path back to your house, you get the feeling of someone watching you, hearing whispers on the wind. You almost think they're your name, but every time you try to listen, it blows away from you. Walking faster you take a look behind you and stop short. There the clown from earlier stands, waving at you. A huge grin on it's face, you stare and see there's drool dropping over it's plump bottom lip. "Hello." you say and wave back quickly, turning around and walking faster, you pass a bend and look behind you, he's not there. You start jogging and head off to a path on your left, you crouch in the bushes holding the clown doll to your chest and trying not to breathe heavily while you keep a lookout. You throw the clown doll as far as you can to the other side of the path. Brambles bite in to your legs, tearing your tights. Coming up from the path you see the clown running at a ridiculously fast pace, growling and scenting the air, you watch it pass by you. Sighing in relief you turn around and run towards your house, already you can see the porch light.


Grabbing your keys you practically jump into the door and open it as fast as you can.
Shutting the door behind you with a bang, you make sure it's locked. Satisfied you hurry to the kitchen and grab a bottle of water, chugging it down, you then grab a beer and begin to feel a little silly. That was a nice adrenaline rush though. You haven't felt that scared or excited in a while. Sitting on the couch, the t.v. turned to Futurama, you relax into the cushions. Your eyelids feel heavy and you sit there in and out of consciousness.

Lightly you feel a caress, starting from your head, to your neck to your collarbone, you hum, enjoying the caresses. Feeling light and floaty you slowly open your eyes. The face in front of you startles you. It's blue eyes boring into your own. " did you get into my house?" you stutter. "Who are you?" You ask, sitting up. You notice he's crouching in front of the couch, but he's still face to face with you, his size overwhelming. He bears down on you, face inches from yours. " Why, I'm Pennywise, the dancing clown, do you want a balloon? I tried to give you one earlier, but you ran away." It pouts. It pouts but under that is a sinister laughter waiting to come out. You reach out to touch his face mesmerized, you can tell he's not human. "What are you?" you ask confused. It cackles at you. The little hairs on the back of your neck rise, and you feel a sliver of fear race down your spine.

"Oh, what's that?" It murmurs as it leans into your neck. You see his sharp teeth, drool oozing down then dripping on your neck. It's serpentine tongue grazes your jugular, wrapping almost all the way around your neck, you feel it grab a hold of you and bring you closer practically on it's lap. You straddle it's thigh, almost like a rag doll. Heart beat racing you feel the hard thigh smash against your clit and you gasp. How long had it been since anyone's touched you? You feel the burning and the fear racing through your body, as it goes on laving at your neck, tiny pin pricks of teeth scraping over your skin.

"What are you doing?" you say breathing hard. "Just want a taste, smells good, tasty." It grumbles. Hanging on his thigh, drool dripping onto your breasts, you try to think, just try to fucking think. This isn't right you think, it's going to eat you, it's going to kill you. Pounding your fists against it's chest you see it has no effect at all. It holds you tighter, making it hard to move and you feel blood start trickling down your neck, it laves it up slowly. You whimper, it's a bit painful but honestly it feels good. Soothing even. At the taste of your blood it growls slamming you on the floor, your head hits with a crack and you cry out, it hovers over you it's bottom half snug between your thighs. Something hard and twitching swarms over your mound. What the fuck is that, you think. It hovers over you and you can smell sugar, cotton candy and ice cream. It's eyes have changed to a burning gold. "Do you want to join the carnival (y/n)?" it rasps as It's hands reach down and slowly start pulling down your short shorts and tights, you shudder wondering if you'll live through this.