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Grimm Lovers

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“We should go in.” Alex declared, pointing to the tower, climbing so high above the trees it almost touched the clouds. The branches have stayed far from the clearing, learning to work around the fate of the tower rather than intertwined themselves in a story that wasn't theirs.

It seemed, the trees were smarter than John and Alexander.

“You can't. There's no way in, never was.” John crossed his arms, pouting slightly.

He was scared. And Alex had promised they wouldn't try to do anything to the tower, especially after John had told him such.

“Tell me more about the tower, then.” Alex pleaded, succumbing to defeat after circling the tower three times already, knowing full well there was no way to get it. “Please, John?” Alex implored, taking John's hands in his own.

That was the reason they came out here in the first place. John loved Alexander, and Alex loved John, but there was no way to defend that in a world such as their own. They hoped to build a place in the woods, somewhere far from the fearful weapons of the outside world. Somewhere far from the people who hated love, just as they hated John and Alexander.

Their village was particularly horrid, scared of absolutely every last thing that was different from what they believed. Love that wasn't true, Magic that didn't belong, Kings who declared their rule. A small town, hateful to others. In that town, a small orphanage was settle in the middle, in hopes of keeping it safe from the people beyond. That's where John and Alexander grew up, but instead of feeling safe, they felt caged. Trapped, they wanted to be part of a world with Magic and Kings and Queens, witches and warlocks.

That's how John recalled telling the stories his mother used to put him to sleep with. This tower was particularly large in their hearts, because inside, was supposed to hold hope. Something they could always count on.

“Alex.” John whined, looking at the tower. “Not here, why here?” He mumbled, staring at it coldly. The place used to enchant him, now all he can see is something else that might hurt them.

“John, isn't this why we came out here in the first place?” Alex's face fell.

John's eyes drooped, mouth flipping to a frown. “Sure, but Alex, I've only ever been told the good of such a place… and even so, it made me fear.” John felt his eyes water, the sun dissolving behind.

He felt his heart race, body shaking. Nothing good ever came of the night. “The sun.” He whispered, pale and deadly. “She falls.”

“Are you scared of the sunset?” Alex questioned, looking beyond the tower.

“Alexander!” John cried, “When dusk falls, the wood is no longer safe! We cannot be here, surely the town is safer with hated glares than to be torn apart by bewitched evergreens!”

“But the tower…” Alex seemed to whine back, like a babe who lost their mother.

“Shall be there tomorrow, Alex, please do not make me stay.” John knew Alex's weaknesses, his favorite being himself. It was easy to manipulate Alex when John was on the line.

“Then you can leave, yes?” Alex let his voice soften, proving John's point.

“Not without you, never without you.” John pulled them closer.

Alex broke the boundary, pressing his cold lips to John's warm ones, mixing perfectly in the center. John savoured the taste, the feel, the connection, know that once they left the forest, they'd never be allowed to touch, let alone kiss, for fear of others. But he had to break apart, save for dusk.

“I do love you, John.” Alex confirmed, voice breathy, “More than life itself.”

“Oh, Alex.” John hugged him closer, “I wish there was a way more to prove that love you… more than I can say.”

They travelled past the wicked trees and the haunted Eastside before reaching the path that only goes so far. They broke apart afterwards, heading to their separate beds in lonesome houses, eagerly awaiting the safe morning glow of dawn.

When it came, both meet each other eagerly to return to their beloved safe place.

Daybreak has always been John's favorite, because that meant Alex and John could sneak out and the entire day held something new.

Today was not one of those days, for Alex made them return to the tower.

“Alexander.” John grouched, cranky from the lack of touches Alex has been denying. “I’m starting to think you'd much rather be with this pile of stones than with me.”

Alex shushed him with a smile, pressing their noses together. “Never.” He grinned. “I came here so you can tell me.”

“Tell… you?” John scrunched his face up in defense, settling on the stone outside the tower.

“The story. Of the tower.” Face a light with childish giddy, Alex sat down beside him, practically jumping in his chair. John let his facade fall, giving Alex a hopeful turn of the lips.

He did love telling stories.

“Look, you see that window? Way, way up high, many centuries ago, that's where the queen lived.” Eleanor said to her toddler, John looking up with excitement. Her eyes shown too, like the stars, twinkling with wonder. “She was treasured by all of Europe, famed for her incredible beauty.” She said with flying hand motions John tried to imitate.

Then her voice went dark, just so, enough to make John sit back down to listen. “But also vain and selfish.” John gazed up at the tower, “The world was her own reflection.”

John loved to imagine her, someone fit to be Queen, beautiful yet ruthless. He's heard the story enough to already have characters dancing around his head to play the parts, creating a picture in his mind.

“It was on the Queen's wedding day, that the plague arrived.” She whispered fearfully, eyes softening for her baby, setting him down to look at her and she whispered, “The King was the first to die.”

John would always gasp, heart hammering.

“His bride built a tower. She locked herself away, safe from the horrors below.” John nodded, hoping the story would change, but knowing the ending never would.

“But what she forgot,” Eleanor continued, taking John's hand, “Was the plague is carried on the winds. When she first fell sick, and her gorgeous flesh began to rot away… They say you could hear her screams across the oceans.”

John shook, looking to the tower above. He didn't know why he felt such a connection to the queen, as well as many other princesses in other stories. He never wanted to the be King, just the beautiful Queen.

“But my princess isn't scared, is he?” Eleanor smiled, calling him a name forbidden to other ears. But John grinned, shaking his head 'no’ and hugging her.

“But there's more, isn't there?” Eleanor suddenly said. John shot up. No, he wanted to say, there was never more. She's never said more before.


“Oh, princess. You should know by now that stories don't just end. They live, forever, because the world never stops moving forward… and this one in particular isn't finished quite yet…”


John quirked up an eyebrow. “So what?” He sounded almost offended.

“What about the rest? The end? The part that-” he made air quotations “-'isn't quite finished yet’?”

“Oh… she passed before she could say.” They silence that followed was horrible, John refusing to speak and instead falling into Alex’s arms.

“My love, I know you miss her dearly.” Alex kissed between his eyebrows, wiping his teary eyes.

“I just wish I could… I don’t know.” John started, falling to his knees.

Something sharp sliced through his pants, making him cry out as it dug into his knee. Pain shot up his leg, making him fall into Alex who had knelt down beside him, picking up his body and placing it him in his lap. John sobbed, the movement jostling his leg even further, leaving him in agony. He bit down on his hand, letting Alex move his leg to inspect the cut, eyes going wider. Blood spilled over his pants and the ground, too much to be just a scratch.

“We should get you to a healer.” Alex paled considerably, suddenly aware of the amount of blood. He looked to the wound one last time, noting the way John whined and whimpered. He knew he needed to stop the blood somehow, ripping a shred of his coat off and jumbling it between two fingers. He slowly dipped it into the wound, causing John to cry out again.

“Stop! Please!” John sobbed, hovering his hands over the wound to keep Alex away. It was much deeper than he thought it was, and when he had pressed in, John had felt something dig deeper . “I-It’s still in there Alex- fuck -”

Alex’s breath stuttered. He hated blood, god, he hated it. He couldn’t handle the sight of it, or the way it felt or looked. He felt his stomach lurch and his hands become clammy, pressing one tight to his lips to keep from expelling his inner contents. He barely watched, guilt traveling up his spine, yet too unwilling to step closer as John tried to stand, grabbing Alex with his red hands and his leg hitting the ground.

All Alex saw was another wave of the red liquid gush from John’s legs and his eyes rolled back, falling to the ground.

John sobbed again, falling with him. He didn’t know what to do. Now he was alone, bleeding, and scared, unsure of when his lover would return to him. He flet more tears slip down his cheeks, lips shaking in the cold.

“Help, please, someone!” He barely managed to whisper. He didn’t want to attract the attention of unwanted animals. More tears slipped down his face, the wound cutting into his muscle. “Anyone…” He pleaded, curling up next to Alex. The pain was starting to get to him too, his vision going sour.

Everything started to shake, a light blinding him, and a face, warm and kind. He was being wrapped in something, soft, softer than sunlight.

His eyes drifted shut.

John almost didn’t want to wake when his eyes fell open. It felt like he was laying in the clouds, warmth engulfing him from every angle, the smell of ink and parchment falling next to him indicating the presence of his lover. It felt too good to be true, so likewise, his opened his eyes.

Beautiful tapestries fall over the cold walls, carpets adorned every corner, curtains over the one window and bare spaces on the wall. They were settled in a bed, covered in the richest blankets and lightest pillows beneath them, toning his every curve. Four posts sprawled up from each corner of the mattress, each one with two curtains tied to it to keep it from falling over the sides, letting the light shine in on them. A large canopy shield the coned roof from view, swinging down to meet the drapes. A throne sat off to the side of the bed, like it had been pushed away, along with a table and three chairs, all a rich gold and silver. A large mirror sat in front of the curved wall across from the bed, the golden light casting everywhere, making the room seem larger. His eyes caught on the golden basket covering the table, spilling with luscious fruits and bittersweet treats, leaving his mouth watering.

But what really caught his eyes was the man standing before both of them.

He had dark skin and raven curls, perfectly silky, matching the stubble that fit to well over his chiseled chin. His skin was blemish free and seemed to glow with energy, his eyes light and smile warming. His outfit was a sheer fabric, running down his chest in two straps crossing over each other, then falling down his waist where John blushed at attire. He was covered, yes, but barely , the cloth- almost a tight skirt- leaving nothing down his legs, covered by the see-through fabric. He look to high above them to touch, figuratively of course, he was kneeling right before them but John felt the strange urge to kneel for him. The air around him seemed dusty yet fresh, looking like an Egyptian Prince and smelling of an Oasis.

He felt his throat dry, eyes widening, his arm wrapping around Alex protectively. The prince laughed at the motion, his voice heavy and warm.

“I am not going to hurt you, or your lover.”

John tensed up. Nobody was supposed to know that, tears springing in his eyes. He kicked the blankets off, suddenly aware that he was able to kick. He paused, ceasing his movements. The man had made no attempt to stop him, only watching with a small, perfect smile on his plump lips.

“Are you a healer?” John bent his now uncovered knee, shivering in the cold.

“I suppose.” He said, moving beside him. He pulled the quilt back over his bare legs, covering his barely covered lower half. John didn’t rest on the words, looking around the room once more. It was round, and small.

“Where are we?” He snuggled back into Alex, desperate for more warmth. He hated how… calm he felt. He should be worried, scared, he didn’t know where he was or who he was with, but it felt right.

“Exactly where you need to be.” The the man grinned.

“Where is that ?”

“The place you’ve always wanted to be.” John looked around the room once more, letting it click. He gasped.

“The Tower.” He whispered, eye darting to the single window. There had only ever been one window, no door. The man nodded. “But h-how? Who… who are you? How long have we been here? How did we get in, I don’t understa-”

“Calm down, little one. I’m sure you have questions, but would you not like to hear the answers?” His accent was thickly french, John realized suddenly, eye narrowing.

“Are you part of the french militia?” John’s eyes widened back out, kicking the blankets back off and tumbling to the ground, “Have you come to kill us? I promise we haven’t done anything against law, please, we haven’t committed a treason, leave us be.” He sobbed.

The man paled, “Treason?” He shook his head, pulling a smaller blanket off the bed to cover John’s naked body, worried of the cold. He wrapped it around the shivering frame, taking a step back. “Take a breath. I am not here to hurt you.”

“Right.” John felt dizzy, spreading his legs forward. His bare knee poked out from under the blanket… and it was bare . No scar, not even a scratch. He choked down another gasp, locking eyes with him again. “Who…” He whimpered, curling back up.

“I heard every story your mother ever told you.”


“The queen? You want to know how it ends, don’t you?” John’s heart was beating so fast he could feel it in his chest, cracking his rib cage.

“Nobody’s lived in this tower for years… the story’s… just that. A story.” He directed it at the man, but he didn’t know if he was talking more to himself or the him. What he was saying was beyond crazy, John wasn’t a child anymore, he didn’t believe in that stuff. He shouldn’t .

“It’s not. I can tell you know that.”

“No… no. I- I can’t…”

He crawled over to John, kneeling in front of him. He reached out hesitantly, wrapping his warm palm around his ankle. Slowly he brought out John’s leg, showing him a long, stinging scratch down the side of his leg in thin red line from the back of his knee to his ankle from his little escapade of escaping the bed. He didn’t speak, watching him cover the entire thing with his hand and open his mouth. A french lullaby poured out, soft to his ears and easy to listen to with his deep voice going higher and louder, then softer and sweeter. He could feel himself drifting but the searing heat traveling up his leg keeping him awake. The song stopped and John couldn’t help but yearn for it, including the radiating heat when the man took his away.

He felt he should've been more surprised when the cut was gone.

“Okay.” He surprised himself, “You aren’t to hurt me… so let’s… talk.” John finally whimpered out.

“My name is Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier de Lafayette, but I wish for you to call me Lafayette. Or even Laf.”

“Right… I’m- I’m John Laurens.”

“I am well aware. I’ve listened to your stories for years. I have yearned for you touch for eons.” Lafayette scampered, leaning against the headboard. “I suppose you want an explanation?”


“I know you understand the story of the Vain Queen ?” Lafayette stood, walking over to the plentiful basket. He pulled out a glass, filled with the brightest red liquid, walking back over to John. “Wine.” He whispered, handing him the cup.

John took it gratefully, sipping it. He gasped when the liquid hit his tongue, it’s sweetness unlike anything he’s ever tasted in his life. He chugged the rest of it, feeling his head spin. This kind of thing was reserved solely for the gods… He gazed at Lafayette again, suddenly aware of how close that might actually be to being true.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
“She’s my mother.” John spit what was in his mouth back into the cup before he started choking. Lafayette jumped into action, pulling John into his lap and hitting his back until the fit was over. John didn’t have it in him to move. “When she understood how close death was looming, she had decided she wanted a child… yet she was sick. No one should ever want to breed with that, so, she resorted to magic.”

“So your father?” John interjected, “He was a sorcerer?”

“Better.” Lafayette grinned, “My other mother was.” John started choking again.

This time, Lafayette smiled, letting John work it out. When he finished, he stared up at him, a child-like awe in place. He almost felt excited, waiting for the rest of the story like he believed it to be true just as when his mother was still around.

“Her name his Morgan Le Fey, but you know her better as Morganna.”

“No.” John turned to face him, twisting in his lap, “Your mother is... famous." He settled with, "You cannot be, she... she lives in storybooks, fables. Quite literally Camelot, and that's not here." He added softly.

Lafayette snorted, looking to the bed. He paused, voice going quiet. “Wait. He rises.” Alex poked his head from the bed, his hair sprawled adorably in every direction just as the words were spoken.

Then he started to giggle, “Are you really telling his magical ass that?” He pointed to Lafayette who shrugged at John’s confusion.

“He woke before you… you have been sleeping for three days.” At this point, John didn’t even care.

“Fuck you two, I’m still processing.” Alex cracked up harder on the bed at his lazy language, wrapping a quilt around his shoulders and joining them on the floor. “Is it bad to say I believe him?” This time the question was directed at Alex, anxiety creeping beneath his skin.

“Absolutely not… actually, I want you to hear what he has to say.” Alex’s eyes softened, turning pleading. This was not a look that meant anything small, Alex truly believe this Lafayette… and if not for that, John was going to try too.

“Okay.” He said softly.

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“I know you understand me. ” Morgan looked at her son, eyes large and pleading. She shouldn’t have left that book lying around, shouldn’t have let him see it. How could she be so careless with something like that?  "The book lies, please, do not do this.”

“I know you are lying to me… your eyes turn yellow when you lie.”


“No, mother, I can’t just leave them, I love them!” The small boy declared, like he was proud of the decision he was making.

“No you don’t!” She tried to reason with the young magician, “You don’t even know them, my son, are you going to leave me for them?” She felt guilty putting herself on the line like that, but she couldn’t lose her son, not after she lost her wife so bitterly to the same tower.

“Mommy, I have to. Even if the tower is cursed… I have to do it.” The little Lafayette’s eyes sparkled, looking back at the door. It had remained locked until this point, waiting for it’s next willing victim.

“Do you even know there names, beautiful?”

“John and Alexander, mommy.” His smile was brighter than the sun, “And I love them!” Her heart wanted to shatter.

The tower fed off Morgan’s negative energy when the queen had died. It became known as the Queen’s curse, taking a captive and holding them there until they were called for by the one who loved them most. She shouldn’t have let her grieving do this to such a precious part of her castle, and now it was taking her son.

“What about me? Your brother?”

“You will be here when I get back… you have to be. I read the book, mommy, I can only come back after I have fulfilled my purpose.” Morgan smiled at his innocence.

“I know, I wrote the book.” She fell to her knees, dress fluttering around her in the dim hallway. “Camelot's going to miss you.”

“I am going to miss Camelot.” Lafayette sighed truthfully.
“Then stay.” She begged one last time, grasping at her child. They embraced, light fluttering around the room from the magic.

“I would miss them more.” Morgan swirled her hand in the air, a large book whose spine was fit with vines and golden leaves appearing in her palm.

“I cannot stop you. But read the book, understand it fully. I will not be able to accept your loves into our world unless they are able to leave theirs behind.”

“I know mommy. I love you.”

“I love you too, my precious gem.”

Lafayette let the knowledge sink in, deciding it best to just let them soak it in at their own pace. He looked over their features, soft faces and beat bodies. He had listened to them for days on end already, telling them of their horrid old lives and evil spirits of the people who lived in their town with them. They were so beautiful to him, he didn't understand how humans could dislike them so much. Sometimes it made him question-

“Is there anything good about your world?”

John started to laugh, Alex's mouth falling open. Lafayette couldn't even try to be embarrassed, not when his curly haired lover was giggling so adorably. He was glad his own words were forgotten, hoping he could get somewhere happier with them. They knew he loved them, he’s said it multiple times, and they haven’t turned him away, so why now?

“No.” John said finally after a swift gasp, bracing himself on Lafayette's abdomen. “Not one good thing.”

“Well…” Alex's face suddenly lifted, “I remember one good thing.”

Lafayette smiled, “Share, please.” John nodded in agreement.

“Intercourse.” He said simply.

John's cheeks reddened, heating like a furnace. He hissed something, hiding his face in his hands.

Lafayette didn't even flinch, face contorting. “Oh.” He said, “But surely there is something more? Intercourse isn't all that special.”

It was John and Alex's turn to twist with confusion. What could be better than mutual pleasure?

Lafayette shook off their faces, waving them off. “Surely you have indulged in other sexual activities ?” He purred, tangling a hand in the sheer fabric keeping him covered.

Alex shook his head. “There is… nothing else to indulge in…” Lafayette noticed the lack of confidence.

“Hm.” He grinned, crawling slowly over John's body. The small boy shivered, looking to Alex then back to Laf, cock stirring with the words.

Lafayette trailed a finger between their bodies, reaching beneath the band of John's trousers, effectively making him mewl.

“But I need to be completely sure you are okay. Tell me if you feel the need to stop.” Lafayette whispered, making it sound so devilishly good. John nodded, Alex doing the same.

Slowly Lafayette slipped the silk off his body, putting on a show of swirling his hips and spreading his legs, the skirt riding high. He slipped John's shirt of next, leaving his dusty nipples bare, hardened from the cold.

Lafayette slipped his knee between John's legs, leaning over him and pressing his mouth to the pretty pink nipple. He latched onto it with his teeth, John's gasp loud and surprised, flicking his tongue over it.

“A-Alex-” he moaned, hesitantly pushing his hips into the pressure of Lafayette's knee, eyes widening at the new sensations of flickering pleasure.

“What are you doing to him?” Alex asked breathlessly, his own shirt lost to the heat. His pants were also increasingly tenting, grinding into the soft covers.

Lafayette popped off with a final whimper from John. “Just showing you more than intercourse.”

Alex didn't think anything of it when Laf snapped his fingers until he was in a different position, clothing gone completely, yet he found his arms restricted by a silky slash of fabric tying his hands to the posts above him and his feet to the one below. The red fabric was bright on his skin, making his cock seem darker, slick with his own pre.

“Pretty.” Lafayette mumbled, flicking a finger over the member. Alex huffed in a weak attempt to close his legs from surprise. “Look at me.” Alex did, finding John attached to Lafayette's side, listening. “If at any point you wish to stop I want you to say 'Tower’. Okay?”

John nodded again his skin, “Yes.” Alex whispered, lifting his hips.

“Good… now tell me. Have either of you actually had sex?” John couldn't flush any darker, bucking his hips into the mattress at the thought.

“Yeah…” he replied softly running his delicate fingers over Alex's thighs. “And it was better than life itself.” Something flickering behind his words. A challenge, sliding his hand higher, higher, but never touch Alex where he needed. He was practically begging Lafayette to take the bait, prove him wrong, making him scream .

God was Alex delighted when he took it.

“It is such a pleasure being above life then, isn't it.”

The words didn't settle until far too late. Lafayette had flicked his fingers again and John was bent over Alex's body, arousal just above his face like a treat, head down by Alex's. His ass was presented, hole puckering for attention in a way that made Alex's fingers twitch to loosen him. But he found his hands to be stuck by some force, keeping him locked to the bed.

He breathed out heavily, John whining, the air alone making John's pulsing cock drip.

“Open.” He said, both easily obilging. The invisible force pushed John down immediately, his open mouth taking Alex's thick length down his throat with a gag, Alex doing to same. John barely had time to adjust before the force began lift, taking his head off to catch his breath, but Alex stayed latched up, sucking the salty taste off his slit.

“W- what in h-hell- ” John moaned, hips acting on their own accord. His arms rushed to support him, tumbling with the effort of keeping his pleasure thrumming body above Alex's. His mouth was wet and warm on his cock, head spinning at the feeling. He could feel the breath he just took leaving his lungs, looking to Lafayette needily.

He didn't know what he wanted, opening his mouth when Alex's tongue ran over the underside of his cock, something low and langid leaving instead.

Lafayette connected their lips, sucking in the sweet noises as soon as they were let out, surprising John more when he slipped his own tongue past his plump lips, nibbling at them. John cried out, Alex's mouth flexing around him, and Lafayette's magic keeping the pleasure floating through the air.  Lafayette pulled away, pulling the cloth off his hips, presenting his large throbbing manhood to John.

John felt his cock jump making his mouth fall open and his eyes roll back. He looked to Alex's neglected arousal, watching the way it throbbed with every whimper John let out or every twitch of his hips, but John decided Laf's needed more attention at the moment.

He pressed a finger to the base, and licking over the head. Lafayette shivered, the feeling like nothing of his lonely nights, John doing the same to something of Alex's accord. The taste was new, but not bad, lowering his mouth back over it. He liked the way it felt, hot and heavy in his mouth, lapping up the new taste over his burning slit, sucking delicately over the head. He didn't dare try to go any lower, knowing what would result if he did, but instead he focused on the tip, dipping his tongue between every pleasurable whimper. He tried to stay focused, following what Alex did to him, sucking particularly hard enough to make a John's mouth fall open around him, whining softly.

The sweet noises they made echoed around the room, the pleasure going to his head of having his cock in something so warm and so wet, drooling over Lafayette's and using it to secure his hand around the base and pump. Lafayette seemed to enjoy it too, careful with every tick of his hips to not force too much on John who seemed to accommodate his thrusts well enough.

“So good, little one.” Laf moaned, Alex following. John felt Alex's cock twitch against his cheek, eyes suddenly alight with an idea.

He could feel his orgasm approaching fast, Alex's mouth sucking harder than ever. His thighs closed around Alex's head, pulling off and crying out at the feeling of his cock running over the roof of Alex's mouth, slick and rough.

John's mind was clouded, fuzzy with pleasure and wishing to please, moving Lafayette's hips so he was still between Alex's legs, but this time their cocks lined up. He knew it would be impossible to fit the base of Laf's cock in his mouth now, but he never would've been able to any way, falling back down.

His mouth pried open to accommodate both thicknesses, pushing down as far as he could in one go. Alex groaned around his cock, sending vibrations shooting through him, spurring him on. He didn't dare come before them, hand sliding down his body to tighten at the base, holding off what he knew was inevitable. His balls felt so full, drawing up to his body beginning to thrust his hips harder into Alex's face.

Alex was in pure ecstasy, the feeling of Laf's cock sliding against his in John's wet heat was almost enough to make him come alone, but then John began to slide them further in his mouth and Alex was gone.

He shot of with a loud sigh, his seed falling down John's throat, which only tightened as he swallowed, thrusting next to Laf as he came down from his high.

John couldn't wait any longer either, moving his hand down his throbbing cock and moving it over Alex.

Hah! Alex-! ” He cried, pulling his cock out and shooting over Alex's face, still contorted in pleasure.

Lafayette snapped his fingers again, immediately take John off Alex's body, still coming hard and shooting another spurt of hot white seed over the duvet. He gasped again, falling backwards next to Alex's still tied body.

“Shit.” Alex whispered still shaking so violently in the bonds. “Laf…” he moaned.

“There is always more.” Lafayette teased, poking at Alex's hole. He had pulled out a bottle of oil at some point, sliding his finger into it and pulling it out slick, returning to his tied up lover. “Never think anything is enough.” He spoke softly, watching the way Alex tensed when his finger prodded the taut muscle of his hole. “Unless you have tried everything else and believe it to be true.”

John spoke from the side, “What about us? Should we not be enough for you?” He was still breathy, and words may have seemed sad or hurt, but he asked with genuine curiosity, something Lafayette would grow to adore.

“You are enough for me… but I will not force me to be enough for you.”

Alex smiled at his words. “You already are . We do not want to step back into a world that has already declared it's hate for us when you have showed us nothing but love.”

John nodded to the side, sitting up, “We choose you.” Lafayette's smile was brighter than the rising sun, leaving them blinded with their own grin smudged on their faces. “Take us. Mark us, make is yours.” John begged, running his fingers over Lafayette's stomach, over the dips and creases of well defined muscle. He moved to rest at his side, holding his arm and Alex's leg.

“I shall… but not today.” Laf decided. John pouted pointedly. “Listen, little one. I want us to connect as one, together. At once. And that… requires precarious stretching.”

His lubed finger left Alex's hole and moved to John's instead, slipping inside. John gasped.

“Days, my little, give me three days and you will be able to take both your lovers at once.”

John nodded, falling to his hands and knees so Lafayette could push in another finger, scissoring him open.

He couldn't see what was being pushed inside him but it stretched . He groaned, fists tightening around the sheets. He could feel his cock stiffening once again, still pent up from months of waiting for Alex.

“Ah, my littles are so needy.” Lafayette chuckled, pressing the thick porcelain further into John's hole. He loved the way it looked, stretching his hole so perfectly. He couldn't wait for it to be his cock.

“I don't want to wait days .” He whined, his mostly polite speech leaving for something much less elegant, “I want it now.”

Alex gapsed from the side, having slipped his hand free while Lafayette's magic worked John open, furiously fisting his own hard-on. He was so close, waiting, watching his baby spread open, his orgasm was there, right there-

Something clipped around him, definite with a snap.

It felt like the ball of pressure inside him dulled slightly, so close to blowing off, then tempering down.

“Lafayette!” He called, annoyed, needy. “What did you do?” He shuddered, still trying to reach his release, even with the strange string of metal clipped around him.

“Just teasing, Mon Chou ,” the name slipped, but neither could care, Alex still too focused on how sensitive it was making every touch, cock still dark, red and dripping.

“Well stop.” he pouted, ceasing his ministrations. Instead, Lafayette let him free, pulling him closer to John.

“I am afraid I should not.” He kissed his cheek then forced his face to John's open hole, noticing something buried inside. A small orb was keeping him open, not the largest thing, but it was definitely pulling a reaction from him. “It is to open him for us both.” Laf explained, running his finger around the inside of his rim. John shivered, thrusting into the sheets. Alex noticed a ring wrapped around John, gold and fitted tight to stay.

“The rings…?”

“They shall keep you from release, but it is only fair.” Alex pouted. Lafayette noticed. “John cannot come before he is finished stretching. It would make him much too sensitive to continue, so you shall stay with him the entire time.”

John whimpered in front of them, drawing back their attention. “Laf…” he started tentatively, silently pushing into the sheets. “Please.”

Lafayette shook his head, “I apologize… but it will be worth it, I promise.” John nodded. “One more and we can sleep.” Another nod, from both of them this time.

Alex moaned, watching another glass orb appear in Laf's hand, larger than the last time but still considered small. They were magically threaded together, pulling the second one in. John cried out again, cock leaking over the bedspread.

“Let us sleep. Tomorrow I will discuss our departure.”

They were too worn out to question his word choice fine with snuggling into the clean side of the spread, snuggling against each other.

John whined softly when Laf's leg hit his erection, grinding harder into him.

It restless sleep achieved, but still much better than their lonely nights they all spent so close, but much too far.

Chapter Text

“I have missed you, but mother’s going to be angry.”

Alex and John woke to the sound of a soft bickering happening in the furthest round of their room.

“It was bound to happen, I just gave a little… shove.” Lafayette's voice was heard over the other’s.

“You do not shove fate, Laf.” Alex had to hold his breath to keep from making a noise, ears straining to hear the conversation. “You should know they weren’t ready. Even I can tell Mother won’t let them through, this isn’t enough, not yet.”

“Ywain, please calm down-”

“You know I hate it when you use my given name.” The man sighed. Lafayette chuckled.

“My apologies, Hercules, I just… I am upset.”

“I know you are. It’s been centuries. But still, isn’t waiting a little longer worth more than pulling them in just to cast them back out?” Lafayette said nothing, instead focusing on the way his brother’s face moved in the light. It has been too long since he’s seen his face. He has grown taller, stronger. He felt safe beside his younger brother, who used to be so small. He pulled Herc into another hug, wiping his tears.

John rustled beside him, sitting up suddenly. Hercules sniffed, pushing Lafayette away. “I love you, Laf. We’ve all missed you and we want you home.”

“I love you too, brother.”

“But I hope you’re ready to deal with the consequence.” Hercules’ voice hardened, “Come home soon, please. Mother’s starting to mourn again. We need you home.” The door slammed shut, just in time for John to yawn.

“I can't tell if I'm sore or still aroused.” John moaned, lifting his ass of the mattress. Alex laughed, pulling him into his lap, letting Laf take the spot John had previously occupied.

Alex fit his hand between their naked bodies, running a finger over his sore hole. It twitched with sensitivity, followed by a small gasp from John. Alex pulled away, laying him back on the bed. They were both thankfully flaccid, after a long night of trying to sleep still much to hard, and covered in small bites and bruises. He didn't even remember how exactly those came to be.

“So,” Alex began, catching Lafayette's attention. “We heard you talking to someone earlier than dawn, yet how they got here, we don't know.”

Lafayette snorted. “As in how they reached the tower, you ask?” John nodded before Alex could muster something to say. He wasn't patient enough for that. “The door.” He said simply, like it was that obvious.

“Show us.” John spoke up, looking over the walls. They were covered, realized, and somewhere in the back of his mind he knew it all along, but he just assumed they were bare beneath the fabric.

Lafayette stood elegantly, walking across from the bed and beside the table, pulling aside the curtains. There rested a large brass and wood carving, a circular handle heavy and weighed. It looked like a castle's prison entrance.

Of course, it would look the same as an exit.

“Open it.” He spurred. He didn't like the feeling of being trapped, a prisoner. He wasn't his father. Not again did he want to be imprisoned falsely, as a child - no more-

“I cannot.” Lafayette's eyebrows creased, “Why do you wish it open?”

John's breath quickened slightly. “Please.” He whimpered. He wasn't in a cage any longer, he tried to imagine, he was free, he was choosing to be here, he wasn't with father anymore he wasn't-

He felt arms around his torso, then a fresh breeze on his face. Yes, no longer a prisoner.

He untensed in the arms, sucking in another gulp of the dewy air, opening his eyes to find their forest, looking so beautiful beneath him. It was lush this time of year, plush under blankets of soft snow and smelling of bitter-sweet pine and roasts.

“My love?” Lafayette had rushed over to his side, “I apologize for causing you distress!” He knelt down, taking John's hand and placing it over his rapid heart. “I didn't mean to cause such a problem, but I truly cannot open the door.”

Alex did not look pleased. “Did you bring us in here as bait? A trap? Are you intending to switch our freedom for yours?”

The sudden pain that flared through his chest was foreign, unwanted. He felt gullible in the worst of ways, falling for someone with a pretty face like a maiden in distress. He wanted to be mad, wanted to prove himself more than a princess, but his mind kept him on that certain thought. The one that said Lafayette wasn't lying when he said he's been waiting for them. Waiting for his lovers.

Lafayette's jaw fell open, “Of course not! Never!” He wrapped his arms around both of them instead, leading them back to the bed. It took a slight persuasion, but the air was cold near the window and the bed so inviting.

A small silence followed, full of confused grieving. It was a silence Lafayette never wanted to hear again.

“Let me explain? Please? Magic can be complicated when it wants to be.”

John curled up to Alex, nuzzling into his neck. Alex nodded. “I didn't mean… I'm sorry.” He said, pulling John's curls away from his face, “John just gets sensitive-”

“And it was an act of protection. I understand, admire it actually.” Alex gave him a small smile. “I do owe you an explanation, I suppose.” He paused, unsure of where to start. Eventually, he spoke again. “I chose to be locked here, you know this, yes?”

John nodded into Alex's chest. “But why would you choose a cage over a life where you belong?” It was whispered, scared.

Lafayette pulled him from Alex, “Because I needed to find you. I made a deal with Mother, but, she doesn't play fair.” He ruffled a hand through his curls, kissing his nose. “I was to continue life in the world of the deities or stay in my cage , as you call it, and leave only once I've found you.”

“So you can leave now?” Alex interjected, looking tired and small.

“Not exactly… That is exactly what I needed to talk to you about…” Lafayette trailed off. John spurred him on with the flick of his hand. Alex sighed, watching him chew up the inside of his lip. “Right now, in this tower, you have already passed one test. Imagine this.”

He paused, taking a breath.

“You are at the gate right now. The Tower is the gate. Of course it does not open from the outside in, only inside out, so we must be invited.”

“That seems simple enough.”

“It should.” Lafayette correct. “But for you to be invited you need to be noticed , yet to be noticed, you need to be clean of your previous world. You need to be ready to leave everything behind.”

“That's why you couldn't get through, then.” Alex smiled, “You weren't ready to leave us.”


A pregnant pause settled around them, something nestling deep inside John. He could feel guilt, regret, something he wasn't ready to leave behind. Something he's never lived down, no matter how hard he tries to shake it off.

“You are tense, little one.”

John stiffened further, tears springing to his eyes. “So what would become of regrets?” He questioned, wiping his eyes. This was not supposed to be a time for mourning, he was finally with his lover, both of them , and he was crying. It seemed so pitiful, but he couldn't let it go.

“Regrets hold you down like weights in an ocean. What most people don't know, however, is that they are not tired around your wrists, but held in your palms.”

“So how does one let go?”

“That's different for everyone, but something tells me you know what you need to do.” Alex ran his thumb over his heated cheeks, brushing the line of wet.

“I just wish to make sure she is alright.” He whimpered, touching Alex's hand with his palm. Lafayette reached for his other cheek, then slowly trailed his fingers down his body.

“Then we shall.”

“Tell me how you got here, Jacky.” Alex kicked the blankets off his bed, jumping up and over instead. He giggled, spinning over the springs.

John normally found fun in his antics, but today was a dark day, one he wished to forget.

“Today, Alexander? Off all times.” He mumbled, tightening his hold on the pillow in his arms. Alex's face fell, lifting his feet so he landed on his butt, bouncing to a stop on the bed.

“Sorry. I forget myself.”

John smiled, “It's alright, really, m’just upset is all.”

“Rightfully so!” Alex declared, hopping to John. He pulled the boy into a bone crushing hug. “Yet still, I wonder… you tell me every year of your time with your father and it's awful, yes, but you've never shared how you survived.”

Alex knew it wasn't the wisest thing to say, mouth constantly moving faster than even his brain, speaking before processing. He could still process, though, very well in John's opinion, but it was much easier never to listen and just to speak. Even he thought so.

“It's not… the prettiest story.”

“That's what makes it a story. Don't take away it's character.” Alex acted mock offended, slapping John's shoulder. John giggled, ever so slightly. But it turned easily solemn with the start of the story.

“After mother became sick, father resorted to drinking. He thought it was a game, to see how wasted a man could become and how many children it took to carry him home. Eventually his job fell and we couldn't pay taxes. He had me and my sister pick the purses and pockets of strangers… but one day I was caught.”

“This I know.”

“Aye, I'm aware. All too aware.” John grouched. “But what you don't know of is when my father began to lose it. The day I was caught, he and I were thrown to the cells. He went mad behind bars, stole the food given to me and gnawed at the bars like a rabid wolf.” John shivered. “I was possibly four, maybe five, starving to death at the hands of my father.”

“You stop there everytime.” Alex cut in, “please tell me how you got out. I need to know. Need confirmation that you are really here with me.” Alex hugged tighter, hiding in the larger body.

“Okay, okay.” John breathed in deeply, blowing it over Alex's hair. “There was a lady, a prostitute, thrown in jail after she refused to deliver. Her story his even more tragic than mine. A young girl too, she was merely fourteen, sold into a marriage that was used against her.”

“Oh.” Alex had stopped bouncing, the weight of the story keeping him down.

“When she denied him use of her body, she was turned in for witchcraft. But first, she had been raped, impregnated, and had birthed before being locked. She was still producing while I starved… it was a bad situation, but she saved me by sticking her bosom through the bars connecting our cells while father slept.”

John shook again, tossing the pillow and hugging Alex to his chest. Alex hugged back, ignoring the tears along his back as long as John would ignore his.

“I still feel guilty, Alex.”


“She was barely older than a child, Alexander. I know that then I was but a babe, but now I know what I've done and it can't have been easy for her, considering her story.” John sobbed.

Alex squeezed tighter. “No, no, she loved you, I can tell by your words. She believed you had a life to live, while hers was already lost. She wanted you to John, please understand.”

“No…” he whined, “That makes it worse!” He cried harder, more tears flooding his cheeks. “She saved me and I left her. I left her!”

“There was nothing you could do John!” Alex figured too late that his words made it worse, hushing his tone. “No, no, I mean… here. Let's make a bargain. When we leave this place, when we are men, we shall find her and you can provide for her just as she had for you.”

He didn't know if John truly understood his words, clouded by his weeping haze, but he felt a nod on his shoulder likewise.

“Promise me, promise me you'll stay. At least beyond the sunrise.” John choked.

Alex laid them down. “I'll stay beyond this sunrise and every one after.” he kissed his cheek. A forbidden act, a small act, but it gave them hope.

John closed his eyes, never letting Alex go. “Mother would've liked you.” He coughed out before drifting.

“Even if she didn't, I'd still promise you forever.”

John shivered, even wrapped in the finest material Lafayette had to offer, being back on the forest floor felt wrong now that he belonged above it.

They walked away from the tower, Lafayette doing it with such ease, John suddenly stopped.

“How come you never came to us?” They turned around to see him, arms crossed, nose a cherry red.

Lafayette raised his hands in another shrug. Alex giggled at it. For a being of magic, he certainly never had the answer.

“I've never been able to leave before. Not even stick my head out the window. This is new.” He puckered his lips. “I did not even know if this would work, if I am being completely honest.” Alex fell into a fit of laughter, John's eyes softening.

He continued walking, threading his hand through Alex's out of habit. He was about to grab Lafayette's when he stopped, putting his hand up.

They stayed silent, not daring to move as they watched the light warp around him, his form dissolving and morphing behind a wall of invisible light, like waves gaurding the ocean. It took no time at all for him to return, but in the form of a silver wolf, eyes golden and fur soft.

“Shit.” Alex whispered, bending to his knees. He took the dog’s muzzle, running his thumbs over the sides of his mouth and around his ears, pulling a deep rumble of satisfaction. The light reflected off the shiny fluffy exterior of their companion, John's heart pounding in his chest. But he wasn't scared, he didn't feel he needed to be.

They didn't question why he changed either, silently agreeing that he did it for good reason, placing his hand before Lafayette's nose, letting him sniff it. He barked.

Alex inhaled deeply, jumping away before coming back, eyebrows furrowed. They barely had time to process as he took off running.

They glanced at the wolf, running between the patches of sunlight through the trees, taking off after him. They screeched with laughter, following him with larger than life grins as the cold wind bit at their noses. John even forgot about the objects still stretching him, instead focusing on being home. It didn't hold the best memories, but he remembers some things that makes it hard to leave behind.

But right now, all he wanted to do was run through the fallen leaves one last time, but with both of his lovers.

He was completely untouchable.

Chapter Text

The sun had almost set by the time they reached the town. The same feeling, the need to leave the woods before the wolves came out to bite overtook him, making his insides churn. He pulled closer to Alex, shivering in the fading light. But Lafayette lagged slightly, nose in the air, one paw lifted from the hard mix of snow and earth.

“Come, Lafayette, we can go to an Inn and take refuge there, just please let us leave the wood.” John begged, already feeling himself succumb to the darkness. He could feel the walls of pure inky blackness pressing in on him, pulling him beneath the water, leaving him lost, suffocating. He squeezed Alex’s hand tighter, unbeknownst to these attacks of the mind.

“Lafayette…” The dog peered at them, his eyes dark and gleaming. Slowly, he gave a little nod.

They closed their eyes as he changed back, this time in a worn down over coat and battered shoes and pants.

“My loves? Why is it we are stopping if we still have this maiden to look for.” He returned to their side, pushing the shivering John between them.

“We need to sleep, Laf, John's getting tired.” Alex rolled his eyes, but there was a fondness still present in his voice.

“I forget how different your world is from my own.”

They walked in silence for just a moment before something unnatural settled around them. It was but a thought, but even more so, one that didn’t sit well. John’s heart hammered, the beating travelling to his skull like a drum pounding inside his mind.

“How… how are we supposed to find her?” The thought made his insides turn. Where were they even supposed to start?

“We shall discuss it in the morn. For now, you need to stretch and sleep.”

John’s cheeks darkened. It seemed even in the middle of an ill-timed adventure, Lafayette’s sex drive was still at its peak.

“Really? Still?”

“Of course. I expect this to take no more than the time you need to open up.” Alex snickered, shushing them with his hand. The dim glow of house candles illuminated through closed and open shutters alike announced their arrival. No longer should they be able to hold each other close as they walked, John taking an instinctive step backwards, leaving a space between Laf and Alex.

“Do not speak here, our thoughts are not wanted. Let Alex handle this.” He knew this wasn’t their old town, but the one just over. He hadn’t realized what direction they had been traveling until now. This was the town he was imprisoned in, but the more he thought on it, the more sense it made. Of course Lafayette would lead him here for this was the last place John had encountered her, making it the best place to start by default.

“I think I should be the one to handle it, actually.” Lafayette’s eyes gleamed in the dark, taking on that of a glow. John shook his head, nerves tipping over the edge.

“Don’t do anything.” He whispered frantically, wary of the eyes around them as they stepped onto the loose stone marked as a walkway. He hated the fact that he had no power over him, not even his words held a place in his mind like they should.

Alex led them through the candle lit town to a wide house, beaten down and open in the center. There, he walked in and they followed. A small woman greeted him, her skin dark and hair darker, curled like John’s and tied behind her head. She smiled motioning for them to come closer.

“How can we be of service?” She grinned at Alex and John. They closer they got, the more about her they realized. Her clothes were rather rich, not as a queen but at least a noble. And one eyes was a shade whiter than the other.

Alex flinched back silently, shaking it off a moment later. “I am Alexander, me and my friends wish for a place to stay.”

“Of course.” She looked to John, then to Lafayette, pausing. Her eyebrows furrowed. “Names, please.” She said, never taking her heated gaze off Lafayette.

“John Laurens.” John mumbled, looking to Lafayette who stayed silent. Laf gave them a smirk and John groaned softly.

“Margaret, you know me.” The girl gasped, but her shock was replaced with a small smile. She escaped the small table, running around it to get to Lafayette who she drew into a hug, so small she barely reached his face, even standing on her toes. Or maybe Lafayette was just tall.

“You’re free.” She mumbled into his chest, tightening her grip. “You’re here, I can’t believe it. We’ve been waiting so long for you to return home- wait, why aren’t you home?”

“She knows?” Alex interjected, looking thoroughly interested.

Lafayette smiled, “This is Margaret, a Lady of the Lake known as Peggy.” Everyone knew of the Lady of the Lake, but what they didn’t know was that there were actually three of them. “She’s a seer.”

“A seer.” Alex echoed, face breaking into a grin, “So she can help us find Maria.”

They turned to the girl just in time to see her face pale considerably. Her good eye glazed over, taking a step back.

“No… I can’t… find people.” She excused herself, backing away from the trio. She was about to turn around when Ladayette grabbed her arm, spinning her back around. Her face was set, not frightened, but not something they wanted to see.

“What is the matter?” Lafayette scolded, tightening his hand around her wrist.

“I’m not helping you find her.”

John groaned, fists clenching. He took a step then was pulled back by Alex. He growled at him, trying to work his way out of his hands, but Alex has always been stronger than him. Peggy looked to him, her tone softening for just a split second before returning.

“You’ve helped people before, why not us?” Alex pushed their bodies closer to hers, noting how surprisingly calm she was. “That is what a Lady of the Lake is; a defender, a friend.” She looked like she wanted to laugh, biting her lip.

“There is a reason I’m here, and not in my Lake.”

“So you don’t help people anymore?”

“I didn’t say that.” John whined, kicking his feet. This was getting flat out annoying, but he stay attached to Alex’s arm, worried of what he’d do if he was free. Worried he’d be like his father if he could get his hands on her- “I just said I’m not helping you find her .”

Lafayette laughed. “And why’s that?”

“She’s not ready to be found. She’s in hiding.”

“Wait.” John gasped. His heart had picked up speed again, eyes widening. “So she’s alive.”

Alex felt him relax in his grip, never letting it cease.

“Yes.” Peggy paused. “She doesn’t want to be found… not by you.” She whispered, yanking her hand from Lafayette’s grip.

“Peggy, please.” Alex eased forward, taking her hand. John swallowed a flare of jealousy he hadn’t realized existed, sinking to the floor. He watched her throat move as she thought, her eyes darting between them, finally resting back on Alex.

“In the morning. I’ll help you find someone, but not her.”

Lafayette shouted victoriously, Alex following but John stayed on his knees. Peggy handed them a key which Alex took off with, followed by Laf, leaving John with the seer. He stood.

“Keep a tight grip on him, yeah.” Peggy said softly, motioning to the door Laf and Alex had disappeared behind. John stood on shaky legs, eyeing her.

“Who are you leading us to?” He said after a breath. He kept his arms crossed, like the barrier would keep his secrets hidden.

“The person she wanted to be found by.” She said softly, “Keep tight to Alex.”

“Why do you keep bringing Alex into this?” John ran a hand through his curls, realizing how dirty he actually was.

“I see things, obviously.” She got closer to him with every word, each step making him flinch. “But I don’t know for sure what will happen. I only know the possibilities.” John gazed longingly at the door, his blood going cold.

“So we don’t even know if we’ll make it to her?”

“No.” Peggy said simply, “It’s just most likely to happen.”

“And Alex?” When she didn’t answer, John turned away, crossing his arms. He was so close to the room, the other side of that door and he could forget. Forget about the world and how awful it truly was, and just be with Alex and Lafayette and figure it out on his own-

“Be careful with your words.” Peggy whispered from the other side of the hallway. “I see only one outcome were you end up happy.”

John felt his heart stop.

“One?” He almost sobbed, barely controlling his voice.

“Only one. Do not be fooled. I see many outcomes were you end up with Alex but Alex won’t be with you.”


“I will help you, but it comes at a cost.”

“Anything, anything so I can keep my Alexander.”


"Where are we going, Alexander?" John grinned excitedly. He didn't care where he was going, as long as he was with Alex.

"To a lake... I saw the most beautiful woman in the stream just beyond.”

John felt his heart stutter, face falling. The thought of losing Alex to someone else was almost enough to pulling Alex back to their hell of a town, just to keep him for his. Alex must’ve noticed, by the way he paused, looking back to John.

“Is there a problem?” He pulled John’s face closer to his, placing a hand on his cheek. John leaned into it.
“The most beautiful woman?” He said softly, closing his eyes to avoid Alex’s glance. Alex pulled their hips together, grabbing John by the root of his hair. He mashed their lips together roughly, hidden away by the trees to keep their act secret. John whined when he pulled away, eyes glassy with tears.

“Never, ever, more beautiful than the princess in my arms.” Alex confirmed, wiping away the tears.

“Then why-”

“I meant it as magical… she could be a Lady of the Lake by the way she looked.” John tried to looked more convinced than he felt, ducking into Alex’s chest. He let out a small sob, pulling Alex tighter.

“I hate this world.” Alex silenced him, hugging him tighter.

“I know. Even in a world that hates our love, I shall never marry if that means being with you for eternity. Even in hiding.” Alex spoke softly, coaxing John out of his hiding place. He took John’s hand and extended it, pulling out the pinky. There he wrapped his own pinky around John’s extended one.

“I swear it. I’d do anything for our love, John.”

“I would too.” John sniffed, hugging tighter, never willing to let go.