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Bars Between Us

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It's been long grueling hours-although it somehow seemed much longer in this unbearable heat. The sun a slow haze of fire burning ever so slowly, and scorching everything in its path, as it made its tediously long descent down.

Drops of sweat crawl down Eren's spine as he arches his back to straighten. After hours of having been arching his back continuously from the work on the railroad, his spine was beginning to ache. His eyes scanned the work that had yet to be done. With the base of his right arm, he wiped his forehead from the collective amount of sweat forming.

He lets go of the handle of the large wooden mallet for a moment. Taking off his hat, he fans himself, naturally scowling from what he sees now.

Damn- have they only done this much in all these hours! At this sickening slow pace, it almost seems like their work is never going to be finish. Suddenly he had an even more terrifying thought- they are never finishing this railroad!

He groans.

A loud thunk sounded as several thick steel bars dropped down next to him.

Eren jumps startled, caught by surprise at the chunk of materials just dropped next to him. Besides him he sees the slightly parched porcelain skin- no doubt from the sun-of Mikasa.

Her dark haze of eyes don't look at him, they are cast down to the material she had hoisted in her shoulder just a second before easily.

Years of seeing firsthand her outstanding display of strength, he sometimes is still caught completely off guard by it. He stares both amazed and downright stupefied as she squares her shoulders.

Inwardly he is wonders how she possibly does it, only to quickly remind himself that of course she can do it- She's Mikasa after all.

"Eren?" She snaps his attention back at her, his name coming out in a question, now her dark blue gray eyes focused intensely on him.

"What?" He places his hat above his head again.

"Take a break, get some water, you haven't drunk anything all day," She says worriedly, so like her as well, to always be concern about him instead of herself.

"I'm fine, I don't- hey what are you doing Mikasa!"

She ignores him already gripping the handle of the wooden mallet, deadly determined to continue Eren's work.

"Go." Is all she said, in such a direct- no objection will be made tone, that Eren knew better than to argue with a stubborn Mikasa.

"Fine," Eren replies resigning, as he headed to the water barrels muttering and frowning because despite it all he actually was really thirsty and Mikasa was undoubtedly right. Of course, she was right -He scoffs- and it was just like her to always be worrying so much about him as well, sometimes not even taking care of her own well- being, to put him above herself- the train of thought switched instantly in his head as he wonders if she has had a break herself yet. With this heat and her doing a lot of the heavy lifting has she even taken a break?

He turns back to look at her as she lifts the large wooden mallet, her muscles highly exposed in the process through her wet and sweaty white blouse.

Eren stops himself midway. Even from here it was hard not to appreciate the way her arm muscles flex with each direct movement of her body.

He notices each detail in her work, finding it captivating to see how each muscle she has worked hard on for years be put to work in her body, shaping her into the outstandingly strong Mikasa he's always known. He had envied her strength, but truth be told he also admired the hell of it as well. Not like he ever told her, the thought of telling Mikasa just how amazing she was, always made his palms sweat and the tip of his ears turn red.

His eyes travel from her dead grip on the handle, long soft fingers curved into it, and further traveling to her deeply concentrated, heat-flush face as a drop of sweat which he had first seen on her nose starts to descend down, and roll right to the incline of her chest- He freezes.

He knows he should look away- but that single drop of sweat journey had trance him completely with just a flicker of a movement through her skin, and he- for whatever reason simply couldn't look away, as that drop of sweat continues down her soft skin and right down the crevice of her- he swallows loudly- her -Shit no! He looks away instantly guilty, his face felt hotter in an instant- damn Eren you perv that's Mikasa- he reprimands himself instantly, feeling his cheeks flame as much as his ears, jaw set tightly, his hands fist to his side. How could he ogle her like that? He shouldn't have-

"Eren?" Again her voice is what snaps him out of his thoughts.

His eyes don't immediately turn to her, he almost fears that Mikasa would see right through him and automatically find him repulsive for eyeing her in such a way. Yet, when he finally turns to look at her, something changes her blouse is completely unbutton exposing not only her killer abs but her bra as well.

"Mikasa!" he gasps, moving quickly forward as if someone had struck the ground he was in. He blushes as he sees her flush face turning to him further, her lips parting, as her chest heaves in front of her. Eren quickly refrains himself from where his mind was going with the sudden image of her like this- dammit keep your mind out of the gutter Eren- He scowls himself.

She straightens, letting go of the mallet.

"Is everything okay?" She asks innocently confused, as if she wasn't exposing herself for everyone to see.

Instantly he is covering her with his body, pressing himself to her in a wide body hug. "What are you doing! I know it's freaking hot but you- I-" He found it harder to form words now that he actually 'felt' the press of her breast right at his chest. Soft and perky. He swallowed slowly, why was his throat so incredibly dry? - there was such an urge to feel more- if only to just touch- his eyes travel down to her breast for a fraction of a second, getting a well enough view of them, before his head darted awkwardly up into the sky! Fuck! Damn it!

"I- There's boys here Mikasa! Connie, Armin, and Jean!" Suddenly he is yelling out into the sky. His eyebrows inclining further in a deep frown. Like hell he was ever going to let Jean see Mikasa like this! Friend or not, he couldn't let him see her so like…like this.

"Eren, there's no one here but us,"

What? "Huh, what do you mean? But-What?" He abruptly turns around suddenly finding himself all alone in the railroad track. Where did everyone else go? He could've sworn that they weren't the only ones here.

Fingers grip his chin, soft, and yet with enough force to move his head towards her.

"It's okay to touch now Eren, we're all alone," Mikasa says, her lips turning into a sweet smile, he so rarely got to see.


"T-Touch?" Eren frown back at her, unable to prevent the gulp, was she okay? What does she mean by touch?

Her other free hand quickly grabs his, leading his hand right inside her bra, and directly to her left breast.

He froze entirely, his body rigid in a second. Millions of thoughts circling his head, and yet all of them signaling something in his brain that has always been there, but he has done everything in his power to bury down.

"Mikasa I- You know I-" We can't- You're my best friend- I can't but I want to- I never thought- well maybe I have, but I can't- but I – his whole reasons for refusal kept diminishing with each rumble and toss in his mind. Because one thing he does know is that he wanted her right then! Wanted to finally capture those lip into his own! Just to try- to taste. Were they as desirable as he had always imagined?- Shit, did he want to feel the way her skin moved in his touch.

"Eren…touch me," she pleaded in a low voice, her eyes shadowing as she leans in close to his ear. "It's okay." She squeezes at his hand in her breast in reassurance.

Her head moves back only a little, before she leans in, pressing her lips tightly on to his in a kiss.

All forms of protest died then, his body now responding as if those lips of hers contained the ultimate power to possess him at a single touch. He reacts, finally squeezing her breast, while his free hand grips the back of her neck, bringing her closer to him in one desperate motion.

He had always wondered what it felt like to kiss her, sometimes at random moments when he wasn't sure where the thoughts even came from, others when people drew it to his attention how beautiful she was, which he would admit silently to himself that she really was, or even at times when he would remember the bunk talk of the guys throughout his cadet training, and how the pervasive mocking tones would lead to bringing up the girl cadets, consequently sometimes including Mikasa. Credit, he would get beyond furious when he did hear his own teammates talk about her in such a way- yet, sometimes guiltily, those dirty thoughts were hard to completely get out of his head completely.

A sweet moan escapes her lips into the kiss, and suddenly everything changes once around him again, but somehow Eren doesn't care, he was too preoccupied to care, because now instead of being outside, they're somewhere entirely new. A warm dark cottage, in a bed, and Mikasa was right beside him, taking the rest of her blouse off.

He's captivated by her in an instant.

She's beautiful- the thought passes through him, natural, and yet it flames the tip of his ears to admit it even to himself. In that instant, he can't believe he's ever been so lucky to know someone as deadly yet striking as Mikasa Ackerman.

She leans him towards her, interloping their legs together in one swoop, bringing him just above her. Hot sweaty skin pressed together. He continues to kiss her then, letting his body react instead of his mind-screw logic he can think about that later- right now all he wanted was to respond to her- to give her everything if she only said the words. One hand grasps her hair, and the other traces down at her lower back.

Strong precise finger curve into his hips and lower into his pants, where blood was certainly already rushing to a highly responsive and particular area.

She breaks contact with his lips only for her dark tantalizing eyes to lock with his for a second. A small smirk begins to form in her plump lips. His breath catches at the sight of her looking at him like that, as the ache in his pants increases.

He swallows thickly right as Mikasa quick fingers unbuckle his pants and reach in-

"Mikasa-…Ah,"- her fingers wrap right around his aching member, cutting off his words completely.

His eyes never leaving hers as she stares down and licks her lip in such a way, he can't even phantom why he's never realized how damn sexy Mikasa could be.

"Do you want this Eren?" She asks in quiet voice.

Her hand begins to move in place.

Dammit did it feel good-

He groans out. Yes- Yes! Yes-

"Do you want me?"

Trying to sustain the urge to groan once again as she pumps him faster. "What-what kind of question-"

"Do you want me?" She repeats interrupting him, eyebrows furrowed, almost as she's always been waiting for the answer.

He leans forward, gently bumping heads with her in the process. His chest heaving as another groan escapes at her speed, and he's getting harder with each pump.

"Yes," Fuck Yes! "I want you, Mikasa Ackerman."

"Then…why did you leave me-"

"What?" He pants in confusion as she begins to fade.

"If you want me, then come home Eren-" Her broken voice echoes out. "Come back to me…- Eren…,"-


He wakes up with a jolt, quickly scanning his surroundings only to realize he's still locked in his jail cell.

He looks down to the very evident tent of his pants.

Damn it- Of course it was all a dream. He leans back into the bed, covering his eyes with the base of his arm. Damn it, Damn it, Damn it, Damn it-

Just a dream. A dream which had at first started as a memory, and then morph to guilty desire for her- Mikasa.

What kind of scum pervert was he? What kind of horrible friend was he to think of her in such a wrong way?

He'd wanted to admit that this was the first time he ever thought of her in such a dirty way, but hell be burnt, it definitely wasn't the first time he's dreamt of her this way.

He wasn't sure when the first round of those dreams started- sometime in his earlier years they had been rare- once- or so, but never too detailed, never so frequently. Still one thing was consistent even then, it was always her he saw. With each passing year those dreams had become more persistent, and they always left him feeling empty, and unfinished when he awoke, just like now.

He uncovers his face, his hands clenching to the side.

He was a monster- he glares off into the ceiling, because even now-even knowing it was Mikasa, he still wanted to go back into the dream and continue where it always left off. He craved her touch like mana, wanted badly to touch her- every piece of her, wanted to actually hear the sound of her moans- kiss her until her lips were rosy and plump from the sheer amount of kissing they were doing. He has wanted her so desperately that shamefully, he has spent many nights, satisfying his own needs with his own hands while envisioning, and pretending it was her doing it, and not his own fingers.

Shit, I'm horrible -the worst kind of monster- Eren sat up, leaning his back towards the wall.

His mind absentmindedly flashbacks to a year ago, when he had embarrassingly told his friends how much he had cherished them that one afternoon. He remembers the color of her cheeks almost clearly, as he knew that Armin's lie was only a cover up for the obvious reddening of his own cheeks. All the people there were his friends, another family of sorts, but in between them all was Mikasa. The one person in the whole group he had to look at. Because he knew-

Damn it- he knew.

He wonders how she is- if she's still angry or hurt – He wouldn't blame her if she still was. He knows what the others think of him- his most cherish friends… -He grits his teeth. His mind in turmoil. What he has to do, what he has to sacrifice just to be free, to let them all be free. His mind and soul feel split into millions of pieces- all yelling as an invisible timer ticks in his mind.

Time is running out. If only he had more time-Fuck if only. He has to act soon, no matter what the others think, he has to act.

A couple minutes pass before he feels that he won't be able to fall asleep again to the same dream again, and in that moment he decides fuck it- it's not like there's any other person down here to see, no guards, no visitors- no one but himself.

He thinks back to the way dream Mikasa had looked seconds before he awoke, beautiful and hot, closing his eyes, he tries to remember how her strong fingers felt when she moved her hand to a rhythm that drove him against the wall- He bites his lower lip, as he fondles.

"Mikasa," He whispers out in the cell, calling out her name, how he wished she was really here.

"Eren?" A hush whisper echoes in return.

Huh? Has his envisioning skills sharpen so well that they were now blending with reality? It really did sound like Mikasa just then.

Steps on stairs echo out quietly.

"Eren….it's… me-," She sighs out, a heavy burden etched in her sad tone.

Wait….! Eren eyes flash open just in time to see the figure of Mikasa stepping from the shadows and right outside his cell.

"I know I'm not supposed to be here but I-…Oh!," Her eyes expand in a second, taking two steps back, her cheeks coloring at an instant- fucking shit!- Eren quickly springs up from the bed and towards the corner of the wall, turning his back towards her. He couldn't face her not with this mortification of what she had just caught him doing. Jeez- first Hange had sneaked without him realizing, now Mikasa as well. Worse of all, Mikasa had pick the absolute wrong time to visit.

He really had some luck.

An awkward tensioned-filled silence follows, neither spoke, and the only reason Eren knew she still hasn't left is because he could feel and sense her behind him.

Furrowing his brows deeply while staring at the wall, he speaks out finally, voice strained. He didn't know what to tell her. "What are you doing here Mikasa? I thought I wasn't allowed to have visitors."

"Eren- We have to talk."