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Luck Of The Draw

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Before her eyes closed for good, before her heart made that last final pump, the last sight she was able to make out were her calla lilies covered in her own blood. Tainting the white petals crimson.

The last smell was floral mixing in with something metallic and coppery.

The last thing she heard was sobbing.

The last thing she did was smile.

At the age of 24, she died in her home. More accurately, she died on the first floor of her home, which had been made into a floral shop and indoor garden. Died because a robber wanted money, but was too impatient and attempted to shoot a child that had been separated from their mother in the chaos of customers running from the robber.

It was her store.

There was a robber pointing a gun to a child.

A child's life was on the line.

She had lived a fine life - not the best or great, but fine -, a child hasn't even lived yet.

There were no thoughts or thinking when she dove just as the robber pulled the trigger.

Pain slowly made it's way into her mind, and her last thought on Earth was 'I made it in time.'.

With blood surrounding her, covering her flowers and with a child crying over her, she closed her eyes one last time with a smile on her face, and finally her heart beat one last time.

Before she opened her eyes once more, she felt static.

[....Optics Online. Systems.....Online.]

In fact, she didn't even open her eyes. There were no eyelids to open.

The first thing that registered in her mind was that she was supposed to be dead - yet, she needed to wake up right now.

Then, sight came to her.

It was like watching a TV come alive for the first time. Everything glitched, but came clear within seconds. Right in front of her was a tall, hefty and big, yet with skinny legs. Bald, with a large orange mustache. He had on glasses and wore a red coat with yellow and white designs on it and black pants and boots.

Even before he spoke, she knew who he was. Hard not too when she grew up seeing him on a TV screen for most of her life. Had seen him in video games and heard about him from children gushing over comics.

'Dr. Eggman'

But, another voice inside of her, one that sounded mechanical and nothing like her own voice, stated [Creator].

Gasping, she jolted when the sounds of wiring and gears greeted her. Quickly looking down, she was greeted with robotic limbs in the colors of grey and blue, the feet red and white. Twitching, her attention was grabbed by the hands. Yellow metal plates bolted into black hands with white bolts, the gray fingers themselves more like claws than fingers.

This couldn't be her.

Where was her peach skin? Her thin and long fingers that had callouses from taking care of so many plants and flowers over the years? Her long legs?

Where was her skin?!

'No.' She couldn't move. Laying and strapped to a metal table, all she could do was stare. This wasn't her. She was human, a young woman. A simple and average one at that. In no way had she ever been, or ever wanted to be, a robot of any kind. 'No! Nononononononono-!'

"Metal Sonic."

She couldn't breath-

[Breathing. The process of taking air into and expelling it from the lungs. Not needed. No lungs.]

"I am your creator, Dr. Eggman!" The man, Dr. Eggman, in front of her grinned widely. "And you, you are my most precious weapon. One that will help me destroy Sonic the Hedgehog for good!"

The man that is no longer fictional laughed in front of her, and all she could do was stare.

There were no eyelids to close this time.

There was no floral smell, only chemicals that registered inside of her rather than her smelling it.

There was no mouth for her to move.

There were no thoughts running in her mind.

All she could do was lay there, cold, and try to trick her mind into thinking that gears beating inside of her was a heart.

[Heart. A hollow muscular organ that pumps the blood through the circulatory system by rhythmic contraction and dilation. In vertebrates there may be up to four chambers, with two atria and two ventricles. Do not have.]

It was either bowing her head and crying or staying silent.

Out of fear for what would be done to her if she did act out, she stayed silent and just watched as her life and world fell apart all around her. All she could do was watch. Watch and know that she was nothing but a weapon now, to end in destruction and be destroyed one day.

Silent, waiting and watching. That is all she can do now.

All the while, Dr. Eggman grinned and laughed maliciously.

"You are unlike any other that I have built and will be able to build! With you, Sonic will be no more! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"