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Running from you.

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Banryu walked through the busy market. People were hustling and bustling from everywhere. Banryu wasn't looking for anything in special, he just needed a break from home. Well, actually a break from his house it was never really a home. At least here he could get some fresh air and enjoy some peace and quiet however, he might have spoken too soon. 

He spotted Sooho just a few steps away from him. "Great that's all I needed more useless bickering" Banryu muttered and turned around quickly to get away before Sooho could see him. Alas, he was too slow.

"Banryu! There you are! I thought that you were ignoring me. You know you should treat your future husband better than this. Don't you agree, wifey?"

Banryu felt all his muscles tense up, his blood was boiling. He tried to calm himself before turned to look at Sooho eyes cold and hard. "Do not call me wifey ever again, unless you want an early grave."

Sooho chuckled darkly, "Why are you so cold? I thought your family wanted that contract. I never asked to marry you."

"Like you said my family wanted that contract, I didn't have an opinion in the matter. I didn't want to marry you either. Besides, I don't see why you are even talking about this, it's not as if you dropped any of your concubines or anything. We will be married on paper and that's it. You do your own things and I'll do my things." Banryu hissed before walking away.


Banyu felt miserable. He gulped down his tenth drink in one go.

"Don't you think you had enough?" Yeowool asked concerned.

"n-noooo I AM KIM NO i am PARK BANRYUUUuuuu, I can do a-anything i waaant and I wanna d-die of aa-alcohol poisoning before I, before i, I get married t-to that Douche. I haaate hiiiiiiim sooooooo much. no he-he's bad an-"   

" Okay, okay that's definitely enough drinks for you. come on I'll bring you home" Yeowool said standing up.

He turned to find Banryu asleep hugging his bottle of alcohol.  'I am far, far too nice'  Yeowool thought to himself before carrying a sleeping Banryu on his back.

Yeowool sat Banryu beside him on the grass. He needed a short break to catch his breath. Banryu was really heavy. Another 25 mins and he would reach Banryu's house.

"Hey, are you okay? Do you need a hand?" Sooho asked. "Oh hi, nah we are fine thanks" Yeowool answered quickly hiding Banryu's face in the grass.

Sooho stared at Yeowhool suspiciously "Who are you carrying?" He demanded.

"umm well it''s just umm" Yeowool was trying to find an excuse as Banryu would kill him if he knows that Sooho saw him in this state.

"Is that Banryu?" Sooho demanded.

"well...umm yes. Yes, it's Banryu. He's a bit drunk so I'm dropping him home. Please don't mention this to him, please. He's dealing with a lot and doesn't need any more bickering" Yeowool answered coldly.

" I can drop him home. I'm going that way as well. You look exhausted. I won't mention anything to him so don't worry. what is he dealing with? Is he alright?" Sooho inquired.

'Ohh shit I wasn't supposed to let that slip, Banryu is definitely going to kill me now!' Yeowool thought. "It's nothing umm please don't mention this to him either. I can't say anything but if he trusts you he will tell you when he's ready." Yeowool explained.

Sooho carried Banryu on his back. Yeowool had to go home and Sooho offered to drop Banryu instead. Yeowool was a bit hesitant but he didn't have a choice.

Sooho dropped Banryu on his bed gently. He sat on Banryu's bed and stared his features for a bit.

He loved the way Banryu's dark hair was falling on his face. The way his cheeks were still flustered due to the alcohol he drank. The way his skin was so clear and nearly glowing. The way his lips looked so pink and kissable.

"What are you not telling me? Why do you not trust me?" Sooho whispered.

He tucked Banryu in before he turned off the light and left.


Yeowool had to leave Banryu with Sooho. He didn't have a choice he had to go home. His mother had something important to tell him.

"Mother! Is there something wrong? Are you alright?" Yeowool asked clearly concerned.

"I'm fine darling. You know I won't always be here so I arranged a marriage contract for you. Please don't be angry and try to understand. This is for the best, for your best. I tried to get someone you like to marry you. Please be nice and don't scare the poor boy. I can now rest assured that there will be someone to look after you even when I'm long gone. Be happy, alright? Please." she said weakly.

"I'm not mad, don't worry and I understand why you are doing this. I will never hate you. Now please get some rest it's very late. We can talk more tomorrow." Yeowool replied quietly before going to his bedroom.

Yeowool had dated a few people before but it was never anything serious.

Was he ready for such a big responsibility?

To actually live with someone, to care and be taken care of?

Till this day he still doesn't know who his father is, sure he pretends like it doesn't bother him when people talk about him or his mother but he doesn't really believe in lasting relationships.

What if his partner decides to run away? Who is his partner anyway? He was getting more curious by the minute but he had to send his mother to bed, her health is getting worse by the day. He doesn't wanna lose her as well.

The next day Yeowool woke up early, he didn't get sleep much. There were too many things on his mind.

Breakfast was already prepared. His mother smiled at him "He will be coming soon, Your future husband I mean"

Yeowool just nodded. Even though he was curious the night before, fear and worry had started to settle in.

What if he doesn't like that person? What if that person doesn't like him? There were too many questions in his head. So many things on his mind that he didn't even hear the door opening behind him.

"Darling please meet your soon to be husband" Yeowool's mother chirped.

Yeowool turned to see Hansung. He was standing straight looking at the ground not making eye contact at all.

The questions started coming into his head again. Was Hansung disappointed? Did Hansung love him in that way? Did he even have a say in this contract?

Hansung bowed and introduced himself. Yeowool's mother left the pair alone to have breakfast together.

The atmosphere was really heavy and awkward. Yeowool decided to break the silence "So, how are you doing? I mean this news is very new, are you holding up alright?"

Hansung scoffed "Why would you care? I rather eat in silence if you don't mind."

Yeowool was devastated. He didn't love Hansung in a romantic way but Hansung was still his best friend. It was just so new to see him so cold and bitter. Yeowool was sure that Hansung was disappointed and found him lacking. He probably didn't have a say in this contract either. It probably would be better if he gave Hansung some space.

After a very awkward and uneasy breakfast, Hansung left not saying another word to Yeowool.


Hansung felt terrible. He loves Yeowool. The contract doesn't bother him at all however he has to keep looking cold and bitter or else he might end up getting Yeowool in trouble or even killed.

Hansung went to talk to Seonu. He could always cheer him up.

Hansung skipped into the palace. He spotted Seonu in the royal garden. He was getting ready to jump and back hug him when he heard shouting.

Seonu was arguing with someone. Hansung got closer and saw Jinheung and Seonu quarreling. They were both usually really calm especially Seonu. It must be something big.

Hansung left the pair alone and went for a drink instead. He can always speak to Seonu another time. He was getting very curious though. What could they be arguing about?


Jinheung couldn't understand. Why did he have to marry only his cousin or sister!? Also if he had to marry his cousin why not Ahro? After all she is Seonu's sister.

The queen gave him a choice it was either Seonu or Sookmyung.

Jinheung was pacing in the garden, Who was he going to choose?

"Your Majesty, do you know who you are going to choose?" Paoh inquired.

" No I don't, Mother asked me to choose between Sookmyung and Seonu because she knows that I won't marry Seonu " Jinheung replied.

" Paoh, bring my advisor here now " Jinheung ordered.

" Of course your Majesty." Paoh bowed and left.


" Did you call for me your Majesty?" Namjoon asked.

"Ah, Namjoon yes I did, you are my advisor. Tell me, If I had to get married. Should I marry Sookmyung or Seonu?" Jinhyung asked seriously.

"Pardon me your Majesty but is this a trick question or a joke?" Namjoon replied.

"Sadly it's neither. Queen Jiso has given me a week to choose whether I will get married to Sookmyung or Seonu. I don't want either of them but I do not have a choice. Which one would be better to rule Silla by my side?" Jinheung announced.

"I would advice to marry Seonu. It is clear that there will be no romantic feeling with either choice but Seonu will be able to protect you. He also understands the people. He is trying to get a better Silla for the subjects. The people trust him. He would be the best choice for you and for Silla" Namjoon answered.

"Very well, thank you for your time and advice Namjoon. You may go" Jinheung said.

Namjoon bowed and left.

"Paoh, Please get Seonu for me" Jinheung demanded.

"Of course your majesty." Paoh bowed and left as well.

Seonu had a bad feeling, Paoh never usually looks this serious around him. Whatever it was he had a feeling that he wouldn't like it.

"Seonu, thanks for coming. I need to ask you something" Jinheung said quietly.

"Well, what is it?" Seonu asked getting curious.

"Mother gave me a week to choose my partner. I have to choose between Sookmyung and you" Jinheung said seriously.

"Well rest assured, my feelings won't get hurt if you choose Sookmyung over me. Seonu joked.

"Wait you are not actually serious are you?" Seonu demanded.

"Why else would I make you come here? I have a week to choose between you and Sookmyung and I choose you." Jinheung replied seriously.

"Excuse me? Do I not get a say in this? I will not marry you" Seonu replied fiercely.

" No, You don't have a say in this. I didn't either. I didn't want to marry you and I am fully aware that there will be no romantic feeling involved. It's life it might seem unfair but you have to endure it. You are the best person to make Silla better. The people trust you so no you don't have a say in this. We will get married in a few weeks time." Jinheung said bitterly.

"I refuse" Seonu argued back.

Paoh winced and stared at the pair yelling and fighting. This was going to be a long day.


Banryu was depressed. He was going to get married in 6 hours. He wasn't ready for this. 

He quietly sneaked out of the house. He needed to clear his head.

He was walking by the river enjoying the calming sounds of the water running over the rocks and pebbles.

He laid down in the grass and watched the clouds above him, listening to the birds chirping and singing sweetly. Of course, they were happy and were singing after all they were free. They have wings and can go away anytime they want. That's what Banryu longed for. He longed for freedom.

He winced as he sat up again.

" I knew I would find you here!" Yeowool said and sat beside Banryu.

" Hey, What are you doing here?" Banryu asked.

" I came to find you and to make sure that you don't try to drown yourself in the river " Yeowool replied.

"Well now, that's an idea" Banryu mumbled.

"Come on it's late, the wedding ceremony is in a few hours, we should get back " Yeowool informed.

"Go ahead I'll come soon, promised," Banryu said calmly.

"Alright, you promised. I'll wait for you at home. I trust you." Yeowool said before leaving. 

Yeowool was once again hesitant and was wondering if he should leave Banryu alone on a day like this. Especially after what happened a few months ago.

Banryu stared at the little vial in his hand. A few drops of this clear liquid would be enough to put an end to all this. Only a few drops and he would be free. No more pain, no more hurt and no more responsibilities. However, he promised Yeowool that he would come back soon and Banryu always keeps his word. 

He put the vial back into his pocket and walked home.

The whole way back he argued with himself wondering if he should break his promise just this once and drink the liquid from the damn vial already.

It would be best considering that Sooho and him were still not married. That way even if he dies it wouldn't affect Sooho's reputation or family name.

Banryu finally decided against it and went home. 

"Oh my God! Your makeup is completely smudged! Your eyes are so red and puffy!" Yeowool exclaimed.

Yeowool made Banryu wash his face and did his makeup again. 

"There you look even better than you did earlier" Yeowool proclaimed.

"Don't you think you went a bit overboard with my eyes and my lips?" Banryu mumbled.

"Of course not. You are too modest. You look very handsome. All the maidens will be crying that they missed their chance with you" Yeowool winked.


The wedding ceremony went by as a blur.

Banryu didn't really pay attention to anything.

He just wanted to get this over with.

He had to resist the urge to burst into tears a few times and he did make it through the ceremony without shedding a single tear.

Besides Yeowool would have killed him if he messed up his makeup again.

Banryu was now married and definitely depressed. 

He spent the rest of the night avoiding Sooho and sticking to Yeowool who was also avoiding Hansung.

The wedding ceremony was over and Banryu was dreading to go into his new house with his husband.

Banryu was walking through the garden behind their new house. He didn't really want to look at the pond or the flowers but he knew that he was now on his own with Sooho and he was still trying to avoid him. 

Sooho was inside the house and so Banryu was happy to stay outside and pretend that he was interested with the flowers.

Banryu walked on the bridge over the pond and watched the sunset. He took out the vial from his pocket again. He contemplated if he should just drink it here and now.

"You know I'm not going to do anything to you right?" Sooho said behind Banryu.

Banryu jumped letting the vial fall out of his hands and landing into the pond. Banryu let out a sigh and turned around to face Sooho.

"I know that I was just enjoying some fresh air. Don't just creep up on people like that. I nearly had a heart attack." Banryu replied a bit defensive.

" Very well then, as long as you know it." Sooho said before going back inside the house.

Banryu watched Sooho walked inside the house. He pulled up his trousers and his sleeves and went into the shallow pond. The vial couldn't be very far.

After 20 minutes of searching, Banryu was ready to give up. He then grabbed something.

He pulled it out to see a frog.

Banryu screamed and lost his footing and therefore fell in the pond with a big splash.

He left out a sigh again.

He got up completely drenched.

How could he go inside the house now? He was so embarrassed.

Banryu kept his head up. He walked inside the house completely drenched and went inside his chambers to change.

Sooho was full on laughing downstairs. He saw the whole thing happen. He was in tears.

Maybe he should go and make sure that Banryu's alright.


The next day Yeowool was waiting for Banryu to go and have drinks.

"Hey, How are you? sore?" Yeowool asked cheekily.

"Hello to you too. I'm fine and no I'm not sore. Nothing happened so get your mind out of the gutter." Banryu replied.

"Seriously? I totally thought you would get some. I even made you look irresistible. How did nothing happen?" Yeowool whined.

"Well there's nothing between us and we also don't have any romantic feeling toward the other. The only thing that happened last night was me falling in the pond. I am still embarrassed. Anyways moving on, Are you still avoiding. Hansung?" Banryu asked quickly.

"Ohh man I would pay to see your face in that pond. Yea, well I'm not really avoiding him, I'm giving him space. He made it very clear that he doesn't want anything to do with me." Yeowool replied.

 "What do you mean? Did you have a fight with him or something?" Banryu asked

 "Ahh it's not important, I rather not talk about this." Yeowool replied dismissively.

He was indeed very angry and hurt.

"Anyway, I take it that there will be no mini Sooho or mini Banryu running around anytime soon." Yeowool teased.

Banryu choked on his drink.

"Please don't say that out like this. Only you and Jinheung knows that I'm a carrier. Also definitely not, I will never have a child with him, I just stocked up on Moon tea." Banryu whispered.

"umm, sad a little yelling Banryu or Sooho would be really cute" Yeowool mused.

"Hey, guys!" Jinheung said joining them at the table.

"Ohh speaking of the wolf. What are you doing here your majesty?" Yeowool asked.

"Please don't call me that here. I needed a break from the palace. My mother is making choose between Sookmyung and Seonu. I have to marry one of them by the end of the month. I'm pretty sure I will have to marry Sookmyung. Seonu is definitely against the idea of being married to me." Jinheung complained.

"How are you holding up?" Banryu asked.

"I'm okay. It's just something I must do for Silla. It's fine." Jinheung replied.


"Ohh God my house is so awkward." Sooho complained to his friends.

"It was a beautiful ceremony though" Hansung chirped.

"It was nice" Seonu agreed.

"Why is your house awkward?" Hansung asked.

"Well Banryu and I don't get along and the contract was just something that the parents wanted. It's awkward as we don't have any romantic feeling and we keep either avoiding or arguing with each other" Sooho complained.

"Sorry to hear that man." Seonu said.

"So Hansung why do you look so depressed? Did you want to speak to me?" Seonu asked.

"It's hard to explain. My grandfather wants me to get married but it's only for connection. He made a contract with Yeowool's family. The issue is that we can never fall in love or get attached to anyone in our family or else we get weak and discarded. The problem is that I already like Yeowool but I don't want him to get hurt because of me so it's better if I ignore him or if I make him hate me. That way I won't get more attached than I already am and he won't get hurt. My brother Taehyung got attached to someone. My grandfather asked him to get rid of whoever he was seeing. Taehyung refused and left the family. I think he now lives somewhere with someone called Jungkook. I never met him but I think he is nice." Hansung explained.

"I actually don't know what to say, but if you want a life with Yeowool would you not consider moving away like your brother?" Sooho said.

"He's got a point. You are a nice person and so is Yeowool. You both deserve each other. I think it's time to put your family behind you and to focus on your new life with Yeowool." Seonu said kindly.

"Yeah you are both right, I'll think about it. I was going to talk to you earlier but when I went to the palace you were having an argument with Jinheung. I didn't hear anything. I left. I don't mean to pry but are you alright? Is there anything that you need help with?" Hansung asked concerned.

"It's nothing really. Well, the queen wants Jinheung to get married to me or Sookmyung. Jinheung has a week to choose. He chose me and I refused so that's what the fight was about. I don't want to get married at least not to Jinheung." Seonu signed.

"That's a tough decision but You would be the best to help Silla grow and become stronger." Sooho muttered.

"Could it be that you are in love with someone else? Is that why you are rejecting the idea of being married to Jinheung so strongly?" Hansung asked.

" I am in love with Ahro. I don't want anyone else" Seonu grumbled.

"It's getting late I should get going. Goodbye" Hansung waved before leaving.

"I should get going too but could you give this to Master Anji? I have no clue what it is but I found it in the pond this morning." Sooho said before handing Seonu a glass vial.

"sure no problem, see you tomorrow" Seonu said before leaving as well.


"What going on? You look stressed?" Jungkook asked.

"Hansung is getting married. Grandfather will not let him live a happy life, I can't see my little brother living in misery any more kookie" Taehyung signed.

"How about your brother comes to live here with us, he can also bring whoever he wants to marry. I will give them sanctuary." Jungkook said.

"Can you do that?" Taehyung asked shocked and relieved.

"Of course I can my love, I am the crown prince of Baekje. I can do anything I want. However, your brother will have to leave his family and friends back in Silla. Also, he will not be able to change his mind afterward. If he chooses to come here. He will have to stay forever." Jungkook informed.

"Thank you, thank you so much I will send him a letter now." Taehyung exclaimed before running to write his letter.

"Are you sure it's safe to bring strangers in Baekje? What if they try to kill you?" Yoongi asked coldly.

"That's why you are my commander Yoongi. If Hansung or whoever he brings with him try to hurt Taehyung or me, I order you to kill them instantly." Jungkook answered before walking away.

" Do you know how long Namjoonie is planning to stay in Silla for? I thought that we got all the information that we needed. Why can't we just attack them?" Hoseok whined.

"Well, first of all, it's Jungkook who decides if we are going to war or not and second of all, there are still more things that we are trying to uncover from Silla. Did you know that there are a few carriers there? They would be valuable here. Also, I think Namjoom fell in love with one of the nobles there. I think his name is Kim Seokjin." Yoongi replied.

"Now excuse me I have to go and see Jimin before he gets cranky again." Yoongi said before walking away.


" Where did you get this?" Anji asked startled as he stared at the vial in Seonu's hands.

"Sooho gave it to me, he found it in the pond of his new house with Banryu and was asking if you had an idea about what could be inside? Is it dangerous?" Seonu said.

"It's one of the most dangerous and potent poison in Silla. Only a few drops of this would be able to kill someone. I wonder why he had it in his pond? Tell your friend to be careful, maybe someone is trying to get rid of him or his husband!" Anji exclaimed.

" Thank you, I will tell him right away" Seonu uttered before leaving.


" Are you sure?" Sooho asked stupefied.

"Of course Master Anji said so himself," Seonu replied.

"Alright thank you, do you still have the vial?" Sooho asked.

"No problem and yeah I do. Just be careful and tell Banryu to be careful as well since the vial was found in the pond of your new house." Seonu replied before handing the vial to Sooho.

"Ohh don't worry he'll be safe. I'll have words with him" Sooho said darkly before leaving.

'What was that about? and since when can Sooho look so intimidating and enraged?  Seonu thought.


Sooho stormed home. ( Yes, he calls the house in which he lives in with Banryu home)

His normally happy, cheerful, and pleasant demeanor changed, his face contorted in anger and confusion. His nostrils flaring, his eyes flashing and closing into slits, his hands clenching into fists. He was definitely enraged.

He raced up the stairs and slammed Banryu's bedroom door open ready to roar at him and tell him how idiotic and reckless he can be at times but froze at the sight in front of him. 

Banryu shrieked and pulled his robes on quickly. He was just out of the shower and was about to slip in his clothes when Sooho barged in rudely nearly scaring him to death.

Sooho visibly calmed down when he saw Banryu, all the anger disappeared and was quickly replaced by concern. Sooho looked pale as if he just saw a ghost. He couldn't shake off the images that he just saw. They were engraved inside his mind.

Banryu was covered in bruises (Mostly his back and shoulders). The bruises were a multitude of hues, colors that normally should not be on someone's skin. There were garish purple splotches, roughly the size of a fist, while others were more grayish but still looked just as bad. And they were all over him. It was horrible. It wasn't just the bruises. There were scars, too. Lines across his body, like someone, whipped him.  Sooho could hardly bear to look at him and suddenly felt sick.

Banryu finished getting dressed and turned to look at Sooho " Have you ever heard of knocking? Why were you so angry anyway?" he asked a bit irritated.

"Y-'re back" Sooho mumbled dumbly.

"You were not supposed to see that. Just pretend as if you saw nothing. It's fine" Banryu whispered.

" It's not fine! How can you say that it's fine? Who did this to you?" Sooho bellowed.

Banryu flinched when Sooho screamed.

"I-I need to go," he said quickly before running away.

Sooho tried to run after him but he lost him.


Banryu knocked on a door.

"Ohh Banryu! Are you okay? What happened?" Yeowool asked concerned.

"N-nothing can I stay here for the night?" Banryu sniffed.

"Of course you can stay anytime. Come in quick before you catch a cold!" Yeowool said before pushing Banryu close to the fireplace.


The next morning Banryu was still asleep on Yeowool's bed when someone knocked on the door.

Yeowool tiptoed his way down the stairs and opened the door quietly.

"Hi, is Banryu here? I've been looking for him the whole night, I can't find him anywhere!" Sooho said distressingly.

"He is but I don't think you should see him. He is still asleep anyway. Just go and I'll tell him that you came by when he was still sleeping." Yeowool replied coldly.

"Please I need to see him, I just need to make sure that he's alright." Sooho pleaded.

"Like I said he's still sleeping. You shouldn't upset him so much. He was very grim and dreary last night." Yeowool replied bitterly.

"I didn't mean to upset him. I went into his room when he was getting dressed yesterday and I saw all types of scars and bruises on his body! When I tried to talk to him, he ran away. Do you know anything about his marks and scars? I also found this in the pond, it's Banryu's. Do you why he had such a powerful poison with him?" Sooho asked before handing Yeowool the vial.

"Come in, I'll tell you about the bruises. The only reason, I'm telling this is because I know that you can protect Banryu." Yeowool said seriously before dragging Sooho in.


Yeowool put the vial aside, he will eventually return it to Banryu when he's in a better mental place.  ''Let me warm you, I consider Banryu as a brother if you ever hurt him, I will kill you. I don't care about your name, status, or friends. He's my family and if you hurt him I will come after you. Prison or the death penalty doesn't scare me anymore.  Do you understand?'' He asked coldly.

''I understand, I didn't mean to get him upset. I just want to understand him more'' Sooho replied.

Yeowool took a big breath in, thinking well before he starts speaking. ''Tell me, how do feel about Banryu? Do not beat around the bush, just tell me straight. If you like him that's fine and if you don't that's also okay as I know you didn't have a choice in this contract but I need to know your real feelings and emotions towards him.'' he asked calmly.

''I-I-...well I'm not really sure. I suppose I do like him. I would like to improve our relationship and I understand that it will not be easy and that it will take time. I respect Banryu and I want to protect him. He's obviously hurt at the moment so I want to be able to cheer him up and support him without him thinking I'm too controlling or abrupt.'' Sooho replied 

"Okay, next question, what do you know about carriers?" Yeonwool asked staring sharply at Sooho.

"I know that they are a gift, that they are a wonder of nature. They are very gentle, kind, and loving. There are both male and female carriers. The woman can hide it better than the man. When a woman is a carrier, it is said that they are more likely to have a safe birth. They are considered as treasures whereas male carriers are considered as freaks that need to be put down. I strongly disagree with this. It is unfortunate that a lot of people are small-minded and would rather kill a male carrier than cherish him. Carriers usually need a lot of attention and reassurance. They have something called phases every few months which is basically the time when they are more fertile and can have a baby. Around that time their eyes are most likely to turn purple/amethyst in color. It looks absolutely gorgeous unfortunately for a male carrier this also lets people/strangers know what they are. I heard that there are dangerous people around at the minute. They hunt carriers both male and female and waits for their eyes to turn purple. Once it looks purple they pull the eyes out and sell them on the black market for a very high price. The eyes need to be conserved. I heard that even after years of being pulled out the eyes don't change color and stays purple which created a morbid fascination in scientists, medics, and the likes. The only reason I know so much about them is because my little sister is a carrier. It's my job as her older brother to research about this and to keep her safe. '' Sooho explained seriously.

''I see, I didn't know your sister was a carrier. Last question, what do you think of master Young-shil?" 

"Rumors say that he is a cruel and cunning leader of the opposition who yearns for more power, and would do anything to overthrow and kill the King. I believe in these rumors. I know that he is Banryu's adoptive father but I doubt that he ever treated him as a son but more of a pawn in his horrible plans.'' Sooho replied bitterly.

Yeonwool took another deep breath in. '' Banryu was abused by Master Young-Shil from a very young age. He would always make Banryu study and if he fell asleep then he would be whipped and would he have to start over. The training was much more harder than the studying. Master Young-Shil would get the meanest teachers he could find to beat the lessons and training into Banryu. As if that wasn't enough he would occasionally get a group of thugs to beat up Banryu to see if he could defend himself or not. This is why he's on edge all the time. He's traumatized and probably thinks someone is always hiding and waiting to beat him or do something even worse. A few months ago...a few months ago Master Young-Shil really wanted a contract with a Japanese lord. I do not know about the terms or conditions for the contract. Banryu doesn't really speak about it. All I know is that the Japanese lord wanted to sign the contract over dinner but only if Banryu was there alone. Master Young-shil didn't care and asked Banryu to go get the contract and not to come back unless he got it. Banryu went and there was a group of man that was waiting to sleep with him there. They tried to drug him and force themselves onto him. I don't know what exactly happened but I know he made it out of there. He came to my house with pieces of clothes missing and had a few cuts and other bruises. He was hysterical. Please do not ever mention that incident to him, please. He is still very upset about it. He stayed with me for a few days, he wouldn't eat, drink or sleep. I was very worried. He decided to return to his house. I did not try to stop him. I was hoping that maybe he would eat or drink something at his house. When he got there, Master Young-Shil was waiting. He was annoyed that Banryu didn't have the contract and got the guards to beat him up. He passed out on the ground outside in the pouring rain. He got up a few hours later. He went into his room and took some plants with him. He stumbled and nearly crawled his way to the river. He was listening to the river calming himself before he started chewing on the poisonous plants. I was walking by that night as I was trying to catch a fish when I saw him. His eyes were glassy and he had white foam coming out of his mouth and his skin looked as pale as a ghost. I panicked and rushed him to Master Anji. If I was five minutes late he would have died. It's a miracle that he's still alive today. Once he was better I made him stay with me for a few weeks and got him back on his feet. Then Master Young-Shil told him that he was going to get married to you. Banryu never told Master Young-shil or anyone else except me that he is a carrier. I am letting you know that he is a carrier as I need you to protect him. I need you to take care of him, to support him, and most importantly to never let him meet Master Young-shil alone ever again. Can you promise me that you will do those things?''  he asked in tears.

Sooho was also in tears after hearing what Yeonwool had said. ''I promise.'' He replied with anger and determination in his eyes. He would never let anyone hurt his Banryu again. After all Banryu was now his husband (wifey) it was his job to protect and to provide for him.