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Eurovision 2011 Group Chat

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Lena Meyer-Landrut looked down at her laptop. She had been invited to a big Eurovision group chat by Alexey Vorobyov aka Alex Sparrow. It was the final of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest tomorrow, she had a few more preparations to make, but right now she was going to join Alexey's group chat. Lena tapped a few buttons on her laptop, and there it was. All she had to do was choose a username. LenaSatellite seemed appropriate.

--You have joined the server as 'LenaSatellite'--

-LenaSatellite has joined the chat-
-Other users in this chatroom are AlexSparrow (Admin), DariaCelebrate, EricSaade, PoliGenova-

DariaCelebrate: And you think Russia can win this year?
AlexSparrow: Yup.
AlexSparrow: Oh hey, Lena! Glad you could make it.
LenaSatellite: Hey Alexei
LenaSatellite: Hey everyone
PoliGenova: Heya Lena!
DariaCelebrate: Hey Lena! Congrats on the win last year!!!
LenaSatellite: Thank you! :)
PoliGenova: So, is this it? Just the five of us?
DariaCelebrate: Yeah, chat is kinda empty tbh
AlexSparrow: Well, I've invited a few more people. I don't know if they'll show up but I hope so.
PoliGenova: Agreed Daria, we need more people in here.

-Vlatko85 has joined the chat-

Vlatko85: Hello! :D
LenaSatellite: Hey
Vlatko85: Good morning! :D
DariaCelebrate: good morning vlatko
Vlatko85: Thank you! :)
Vlatko85: Hey, everyone...
Vlatko85: Vote for Macedonia! :D
EricSaade: Vlatko, you didn't qualify from the semi finals...
Vlatko85: i know
Vlatko85: it's joke :))
Vlatko85: :D
AlexSparrow: Well
AlexSparrow: Heres another joke for you
AlexSparrow: Sweden's Eurovision song
EricSaade: wow excuse me???!!
PoliGenova: lol
EricSaade: Alex we are going to win the whole contest
AlexSparrow: LOL
AlexSparrow: No you won't
AlexSparrow: Thanks for the laugh though
Vlatko85: Everyone stop fighting please! :D
LenaSatellite: Vlatko is right, stop it

-EllAZ has joined the chat-
-NikkiAZ has joined the chat-

ElIAZ: Hey guys
NikkiAZ: Hello everyone
AlexSparrow: Hey you two!
AlexSparrow: Glad you could make it

-EllAZ was given admin powers by AlexSparrow-
-NikkiAZ was given admin powers by AlexSparrow-

AlexSparrow: There you go
AlexSparrow: Just as agreed
EllAZ: Wow thanks ^_^
NikkiAZ: Nice!
EricSaade: um wtf????
EricSaade: ok so why do they get admin powers??????
EricSaade: ?????????
AlexSparrow: lol
AlexSparrow: My server, my rules
EllAZ: ^_^

-BUYCHEAPNIKESHOES has joined the chat-

LenaSatellite: um...
EllAZ: lol
EllAZ: So, "BUYCHEAPNIKESHOES," what country are you representing at Eurovision this year?
NikkiAZ: Ha ha ha
BUYCHEAPNIKESHOES: Buy cheap Nike shoes at -virus link removed-
AlexSparrow: What the
Vlatko85: lol :D
Vlatko85: We have spammers in here already? :D
BUYCHEAPNIKESHOES: Buy cheap Nike shoes at -virus link removed-
LenaSatellite: Kick the shoe spammer Alexey
PoliGenova: lol ban the bot already

-BUYCHEAPNIKESHOES has been kicked by AlexSparrow-

AlexSparrow: There, he's gone
DariaCelebrate: Good
PoliGenova: Thanks Alex

-BUYCHEAPNIKESHOES has joined the chat-

PoliGenova: No
PoliGenova: Not again
BUYCHEAPNIKESHOES: Buy cheap Nike shoes at -virus link removed-
Vlatko85: lol ban him already alexey :D
DariaCelebrate: AlexSparrow EllAZ NikkiAZ
DariaCelebrate: Someone ban it from the server please
BUYCHEAPNIKESHOES: Go to -virus link removed-
AlexSparrow: Get a ban

-BUYCHEAPNIKESHOES has been banned from the server by AlexSparrow-
-(Reason: Spammer / Bot)-

AlexSparrow: There
AlexSparrow: All better
LenaSatellite: Thanks Alexey
Vlatko85: Thank you very much! :D

-EmmyApricot has joined the chat-
EmmyApricot: Hello everyone
NikkiAZ: No

-EmmyApricot has been kicked by NikkiAZ-
-(Reason: no)-

PoliGenova: Ouch
EricSaade: Hey that's admin abuse
EricSaade: wtf?????
AlexSparrow: lol
AlexSparrow: Ell, Nikki, let Emmy in the chat please
AlexSparrow: She does anything bad and you can kick/ban her

-EmmyApricot has joined the chat-

EmmyApricot: Hmm... what just happened?
EmmyApricot: I think I lost connection
EmmyApricot: Anyway, hello everyone
Vlatko85: Heya Emmy.. :D
Vlatko85: Welcome to the chat :)
EmmyApricot: Thank you Vlatko
LenaSatellite: Welcome Emmy!
EmmyApricot: Thanks Lena

-YOUWONANIPAD has joined the chat-

PoliGenova: Oh no
PoliGenova: Not again
Vlatko85: lol :D
EmmyApricot: Who is that?
PoliGenova: Its a spammer, Emmy
YOUWONANIPAD: You are a winner! Make sure you claim your prize at -virus link removed-
EllAZ: -_-

-YOUWONANIPAD was banned from the server by EllAZ-
-(Reason: Go away)-

EllAZ: There
AlexSparrow: Thanks Ell, I was AFK
EllAZ: Anytime ^^

-UndercoverESCReporter has joined the chat-

Vlatko85: Hmm?? :D
Vlatko85: Who is this? :D
UndercoverESCReporter: Don't mind me
UndercoverESCReporter: I'm totally not an undercover Eurovision journalist writing my new story
EllAZ: Sure -_-
AlexSparrow: You can stay as long as you don't spam up the chat
AlexSparrow: How did you find our secret server, anyway?
UndercoverESCReporter: Trade secret ;)
UndercoverESCReporter: Plus you have your server set to 'public' and not 'private'
UndercoverESCReporter: That helps
AlexSparrow: Oh...
AlexSparrow: Oops.