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Yun Lan curses and runs towards the park where his husband, Wei and their two kids - a girl and a boy aged 6 and 12 respectively - are playing. He is already late and he knows Wei is easily worried.


He doesn't have time to patch himself up but it's not that major of a cut anyway or so he thinks.


He sighs in relief as the park looms in his sight. He waves at Wei and his kids. The three just glare at him for his tardiness.


He gulps and makes his way towards them. He readies himself for Wei's sharp words and lecture.


That's when something unexpected happens. Wei's eyes comically widen in shock and horror as he looks at the blood from Lan's cut in his left arm. Wei's eyes roll to the back of his head and he slumps like a rag doll on the sand castle which he was building with his kids.


Lan panics, he panics like there's no tomorrow.


He rushes towards Wei, stumbles, almost falls and skids to a halt. He tries shaking Wei, Wei is not waking up.


He fumbles for his phone, he has to call an ambulance! What's wrong? What the hell is wrong?


That's when a small hand pulls the phone from his grip. He looks at his little girl in panic, this is not the time for playing! Why are his kids not panicking? Why are they so calm? Why are they more worried about the destroyed sand castle than their daddy?


His little girl whispers, "Pa, don't worry. Daddy fainted because of the blood on your arm. He will wake up soon enough. Call our Uncle Zun if you are worried, not the ambulance. Don't make a scene."


He looks at his little boy and he nods. Yes, Lan trusts his little boy a bit more because he is like Wei while his little girl is naughty and mischievous, like Lan himself.


Of course, the shitty Zun knows. How do the kids know though?


His little boy murmurs, "Daddy fainted once in front of us when Uncle Zun was hurt. Uncle Zun helped Daddy instead of Daddy taking care of Uncle Zun. Daddy doesn't faint always, he faints only when there's a lot of blood and when he is especially worried or panicking or caught off guard."


That's when Lan feels the sting and realizes that he is still bleeding, a lot. Didn't it stop before? His sleeves are almost soaked. He tears the sleeves and stops the blood flow by tying the wound up, his little boy helps him, they tie it up tightly, together. He hisses and drops his hand. He knows he is distracted but he is secretly proud of his little ones, they are so responsible and calm, like Wei. Good thing, they didn't take after him in certain things, especially his little boy.


His little girl chirps in, "Daddy didn't want you to know, he has kept it from you all this time thanks to Uncle Zun. But we knew that something like this would eventually happen."


Lan finally feels like he can breathe. He drags Wei away from their kids, not before telling them to stay put - their little boy will take care of things anyway, the elder one is responsible and calm and mature - towards a shady tree. He sits down and places Wei's head on his lap and gently pats Wei's hair. It's so soft.


Lan was terrified, he felt his heart beat out of his chest, he can never take it if something happens to his husband, to the love of his life.


Lan doesn't have to wait for long. Wei groans and wakes up. He looks at Wei completely, to make sure that he is not hurt.


Lan feels so much relief and then he just bursts out laughing.


Wei's eyes narrow in a glare. He stares at Lan as Lan tries his best to suppress the laughter, his shoulders are shaking and it doesn't stop.


Wei sighs and asks, "What did you do? What happened?"


Always putting Lan before himself.


Lan kisses Wei's forehead and says, "Worry about yourself first, huh?"


Wei rolls his eyes and slaps Lan lightly. "Do NOT change the subject."


Lan gulps, "Well, some brat stole an old lady's purse. I helped her retrieve it and he was waving around a knife and it's just a scratch. It may bleed a lot but no worries, I checked."


Wei grits his teeth. "We are going to the hospital, now. It might get infected. You are getting proper treatment no matter the size of the cut and that's that."


Lan just nods. He can never argue with Wei. Throughout the entire time they have known each other, almost 15 years, he has never been able to win an argument with Wei. He can never stay angry with Wei for more than a few seconds either.


Wei sighs again, "Do you always have to be the hero?"


Lan chuckles, "Well, you know me. I am brave, great, beautiful, magnificent..."


While Wei at the same time says in sync, "Narcissistic, reckless, rash, immature..."


Lan pouts.


They stay silence for sometime, watching their kids play.


Lan wants to tease Wei, as usual.


"I never thought that you would faint at the sight of a little blood..."


Wei knows what Lan is implying. He is referring to their past 200 years ago. Their 10,200 years of entwined past when Wei was an Envoy and Lan was the Lord of Guardians. This is their reincarnation. They have found each other in this birth as well and will continue to do so in all births, Wei has no doubt about it.


Lan continues, "The Mighty Envoy who slays people... fainting at the sight of blood?"


Wei just stubbornly doesn't say anything.


"Not at all fierce, are we?"


Wei whispers, "Do you want me to show you?"


Lan just shrugs, "You are all talk." Wei ignores Lan's flirting. Lan will always be the flirt, especially when it comes to Wei.


Their little girl says, "Pa, are you sure? Daddy can take you down, he knows Muay Thai!"


Lan feels as if something is going to go wrong.


And it does.


Their little girl, the big mouthed traitor, says, "Daddy, did you know? Pa said that your Muay Thai isn't fierce at all! It's his technique that is not at all fierce. Show him, daddy."


Lan wants their little girl to shut up, why is she so like him again?


He knows that he is going to be in trouble as he looks at Wei's expression. He ignores it. He will deal with it later. He has a few tricks up his sleeve as well. He knows Wei really well.


Wei calls Zun so that he can look after the kids. Wei holds Lan's arms and they walk towards the hospital.