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Their Small World

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Wei looks at Lan and smiles softly, like the gentle snow. "I think my world is very small."


Lan feels confused. "Because you only know very few people? Because it's only me, shitty Zun and few other people in your world?"


Wei doesn't know how to explain. It's not about the quantity of people. He wants to say something else but Lan continues.


"I think it's better that way, no? Being lonely when you are surrounded by a lot of people is worse than being lonely when it's just you. Instead of fake relationships and quantity, this is better. I love you. Shitty Zun loves you. Your students adore you. The SID, the traitors, they love you more and wish for your happiness and safety more than mine."


Lan is misunderstanding but Wei doesn't mind. Wei is happy that his world is small because he can place it on the palm of Lan's hand, because he can give everything which belongs to him to Lan and Lan can fit in better in his small world. He doesn't want anyone else other than Lan to fill that small space, so that Lan can fill it up entirely, not even leaving space for Wei himself.


He doesn't know how to put it in words or make Lan understand his emotions. It's hard. Maybe one day, he can just show Lan once he finishes learning and mastering his new powers.


Wei murmurs, "It's meant to be."


Lan nods, "Have you thought about it this way? Maybe your world is meant to be small so that it can have only me in it. You don't have to change yourself or worry about anything because I will always be in your small world and you will always be in mine. You will be the first one in my world, there will be others in your little world and mine but the primary, most significant people will be us, just us. And we will be wrapped in each other even more tightly."


Lan conveniently excludes Zun and SID team and other people close to him and Wei. They might kill him later if they find out and try to keep Wei for themselves. They mean a lot to Lan and Wei, they are very important people in Wei and Lan's lives but right now, Lan just wants Wei to understand his feelings about Wei and his world.


They cannot live without each other or forget each other, no matter what. It's like a free fall. They are an extension of each other. Touching each other, wanting each other, waiting for each other, pining for each other, having everything the other has, memorizing each other, fighting for and with each other is just so easy, so natural. Their love is strong and mutual. Loving comes so easily, like breathing. Passionate and easily noticeable like their favorite book or song. Their world is bright, precious, majorly for each other.


And Wei gets it.


Maybe, maybe, he doesn't have to explain it to Lan after all because Lan also looks like he feels the same. And what more could possibly Wei ask for?