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All Kinds of Heroes

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Midoriya stood on shaky legs. He was tired but it was a good tired. The one that came from defeating a villain. The League of Villains had tried to attack again and once again they had been foiled. Midoriya allowed his guard to be let down as he watched the police arrest the group. Todoroki stood next to him. He looked ready to embrace Midoriya.

And Midoriya was ready to lean on him. But even though the battle was over, they couldn't risk relaxing that much. Even as Shigaraki, who had been bound by Sero's tape was getting handcuffed.

"Every single time", he grumbled. "Every time it's you!" He glared at Midoriya. "You and this whole damn class. Why don't you just disappear!"

"As you wish!", a person exclaimed, appearing out of the shadows.

"Someone apprehend that villain!", an officer shouted.

They had an average looking body type, so Midoriya braced himself to face their quirk. He couldn't remember seeing this person with the others during the attack. Suddenly, something shot out from behind them. The slimy looking tentacle smacked Midoriya in the face before he could realize what was happening. Then the appendage recoiled.

"What the...?"

"Are you okay?", Todoroki asked.


"Die!", Bakugou shouted, charging right in. He dodged the tentacles that came to him head on, not noticing the ones that circled back behind him.

"Watch out!", Kirishima yelled as he appeared behind Bakugou, taking the hit from a tentacle that had snuck up on him. Todoroki finally immobilized the final villain in his ice and then gave Midoriya his attention, who was still a little stunned. The touch had been unpleasant, but not painful. Which could only mean their quirk would produce some kind of side effect.

As he thought this, Midoriya noticed his hands begin to shimmer. As the shimmer spread, his senses dulled. Todoroki was grabbing his wrists and shouting but Midoriya couldn't hear a thing. Not even Bakugou's voice reached his ears as he reached for Kirishima who was disappearing. Soon Midoriya's eyes stopped working. He was engulfed in darkness.

Did the quirk he was hit with take away one's senses? If that was all, then Midoriya could just sit still until Recovery Girl could get to him or it wore off. There was no use struggling when he might hurt someone in his state. Then slowly his senses returned. Already he knew his body must have been moved because the sounds were different.

He and the others had been attacked in a forested area. But Midoriya could hear cars going by. Had he been taken to a city hospital? No, that wasn't right. He wasn't laying in a bed. He was being cradled by someone. And there was wind rushing past them. They were falling downwards. Midoriya opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was a mechanical looking face decked out in green and white.

Then he saw the cityscape rushing around them and the ground getting closer. How did he get here? Was this person a new hero? Or a new villain? Midoriya had too many questions. They landed on the ground and the stranger set Midoriya on his feet.

"There ya go kid. Cool outfit you got there. Gonna be a hero someday, huh?"

"Huh? Oh! Yes sir!", Midoriya answered. This person was friendly and had helped him. He must be a hero.

"So how did you fall from the sky? Still getting used to your powers?"

"The sky? I don't know how I got here. But yeah, I'm kind of a late bloomer, I suppose..." As Midoriya looked around, he realized he didn't recognize this place at all. Had he teleported to a different city?

"Late bloomer? I think I was around your age when my powers started manifesting kid." The mechanical looking face finally opened enough to show warm brown eyes behind a black mask.

Midoriya raised a brow at that. Getting your quirk in your teens wasn't completely unheard of, but it was still really rare. Before he could reply, a person in a similar suit walked up to them, dragging some guy by the back of his shirt as police cars pulled up.

"Are you done here yet? I've got the perp", he said in a bored voice.

"Just about", the one who had saved Midoriya said to his partner before giving the boy back his attention. "How's about an autograph from your favorite hero?"

Midoriya's eyes lit up. "Oh I'd love an autograph!" He was glad that he had a small notepad and pen in his belt that would come in handy right now. It was always nice to get something signed by who must be an up and coming hero.

"But just for the record, my favorite hero is All Might!", Midoriya said proudly as he handed the pen and pad over.

His exclamation was only met with confusion. "Who is All Might?"

Kirishima was met with the orange of a setting sky in front of him and the soft grass of the ground on his back. As he sat up, it was immediately apparent that he had no idea where he was. He stood up and surveyed the area, hoping to find something familiar.

Luckily there was a police station nearby.