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Is it lonely?

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Toshinori’s day was long and grueling. He thought as much as he heaved a grateful sigh upon walking through his door on a Friday night. It had been nothing but meetings and disasters for his company. It started with the wrong parts being ordered for the factory machines. Moving into the resulting factory shutdown as they could no longer produce the parts. Then the workers growing angry and impatient because they weren’t getting hours or pay. It was a logistics headache that Toshinori was able to solve by sourcing just enough parts to make quota from a different factory three hours away. Parts he had to go and pick up himself. It was days like these he didn’t feel like the CEO and he was beyond thankful the week was over.

“I’m home.” Toshinori murmured. He tugged at his tie, loosening it as he wandered his way to the living room. He stopped in his tracks at the sight that greeted him. Izuku, his ever bright and cheery toddler, was kneeling in the babysitter’s lap. The four-year old had his hands pressed against the blonde’s stomach, an awestruck look plastered on his face. Toshinori only had a few seconds to ponder what they were doing before Izuku’s focus shifted to him sharply. The next thing he knew the child was charging at him excitedly.

“Papa!” Izuku squealed barreling into Toshinori’s legs with gusto. He wrapped his tiny arms around the appendages, and squeezed tightly. He tilted his head back to grin up at his father, a gap in his smile from a missing tooth.

“Hey, Zuzu,” Toshinori greeted, keeping his pained wince internal. He reached down a hand to run his fingers through forest green curls, a fond smile spreading across his face.

“Did you have fun?” Toshinori asked. His smile stretched wider as Izuku nodded exuberantly and launched into a long monologue about his day. It started when his babysitter, Kacchan, picked him up from daycare. It then proceeded to wind its way into a tale about the park, a couple of cats, a shopping trip, and so much more. Toshinori tried to listen, he really did, but sometimes Izuku’s stories would run off into tangents of incoherent mumbling and Toshinori was left nodding along.

“Chill Deku, I’m sure you’re dad will be up to hearing all of it in the morning.” Katsuki called from his position on the couch. The teen got to his feet, making his way to the front hallway. A sharp smile was splashed across his face, showing of perfectly straight bleached white teeth. He came to a stop short of the father son pair, crossing his arms over his chest and cocking a hip out to the side as he smiled at the two of them.

Katsuki was a dangerously attractive omega. Toshinori was shamefully aware of that as he offered a shaky smile to the teen. He tried to keep his eyes from wandering across the boy’s form, yet still found them trailing across wide hips and down toned legs. The long limbs were clad in tight fitting denim that did nothing but accentuate his shape further and maybe drive the alpha out of his mind a little.

“Thank you for watching him, Katsuki-kun.” Toshinori said. He forced down his inappropriate attraction to the blonde, only for it to resurface seconds later. He watched Katsuki shrug, arms still crossed over his chest. The action pushed together the plump fleshy pecks Toshinori oft found himself glimpsing at. The teen’s cleavage only further detailed by the deep v-neck shirt he was wearing. The man had to cough and tear his eyes away lest he start salivating over the sight.

“It’s fine, Yagi-san.” Katsuki said, lifting a hand to wave him off. “We had loads of fun. Right, Deku?” Katsuki asked. He crouched to Izuku’s height, beaming at the child in question with a wicked smile. He held a hand up for a high five which Izuku returned enthusiastically, the toddler nodding vigorously in affirmation.

“See, no harm. Want me to put him to bed for you?” Katsuki asked, tilting his head to look up at Toshinori. He braced his forearms on his knees while Izuku took hold of his hands and began to mess with his fingers. He wasn’t bothered by the child’s curious nature in the slightest as Izuku turned his hand this way and that, tracing over the lines on his palm and poking between his fingers.

“That would be a huge help.” Toshinori said with a grateful sigh. He was genuinely glad Izuku liked Katsuki. It felt as if they had been through a mountain of sitters before they found the blonde. It had been a struggle finding someone who didn’t want to take advantage of his widowed status, nor his money, as well as someone Izuku didn’t find intimidating right off the bat. Not that Katsuki was perfect in that regard, but the two of them have worked out a strange back and forth banter that was endearing.

“No problem.” Katsuki said getting back to his feet and patting his knees. He reached a hand down for Izuku to cling on to. The child gave his father one last hug, chirping out a good night before taking the offered hand. The two of them made their way towards the stairs. Izuku was asking Katsuki if he could read a bedtime story when Katsuki paused.

“I made hamburger steak, there’s some left in the fridge if you want it.” Katsuki said over his shoulder. His face had a light blush spread over the bridge of his nose and his gaze wasn’t quite directed at Toshinori. He turned back to Izuku and trudged up the stairs, promising to read the toddler whatever book he picked out.

“What am I doing?” Toshinori hissed to himself, lightly slapping his own cheek to drag his eyes away from the sway of Katsuki’s hips. He roughly scrubbed a hand through his hair, tugging at the sunny blonde strands to drag himself out of his thoughts.

He berates himself all the way to the kitchen, yanking open the fridge in frustration. He easily finds the neatly boxed meal sitting on a shelf close to his eye level. He finds that amusing for some reason, knowing that Katsuki had to reach over his head in order to place it there. He pops the entire thing in the microwave for a quick reheat. He’s halfway through it when Katsuki makes his way back down the stairs.

“He’s out for the night.” Katsuki comments, snatching his jacket from the couch. He walked towards where Toshinori was sitting at the kitchen table and leaned against the back of a chair.

“I’m gonna head home.” He said.

“Wait,” Toshinori said quickly glancing at the clock. He didn’t want the teen to leave just yet, and he admit it was just so he could look at the other a little longer. As well as so he wasn’t left in the quiet of his own home for too long.,

“It’s late, do you want me to drive you?” Toshinori asked, turning his attention back to the young blonde. He tried not to look too guilty, or whatever, as he watched Katsuki blink at him in surprise.

“Yeah, sure, thanks.” Katsuki said, draping his jacket over the back of the chair he was leaning against. He walked around and dropped into it gracefully. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and scrolled through it idly while he waited for Toshinori to finish his dinner.

“So,” Toshinori said, clearing his throat lightly. “What where you and Izuku talking about?” He asked. He supposed this would count a dinner conversation, as he was currently having dinner, besides he felt awkward with the other just sitting across from him silently. He didn’t want the other to wait too long while he tried to scarf down the rest of his meal.

“Hm?” Katsuki asked, looking at Toshinori in confusion before his facial expression morphed into one of recognition. “You mean when you walked through the door.” Katsuki said, pointing a finger at Toshinori with the same hand he was holding his phone in. He placed the device face down on the table, a soft smile spreading across his face as he remembered the conversation.

“One of Izuku’s teacher’s is on maternity leave. He wanted to know where babies come from.” Katsuki said with small chuckle. He braced an elbow on the table and let his head fall into his hand.

“I told him people like me.” Katsuki finished with a little shrug.

Toshinori tried not to choke on the bite of food currently in his mouth upon hearing the statement. Katsuki had told Izuku he could have children. It was true, of course, omega were genetically predisposed to bear children, but Toshinori certainly didn’t need to think about it. Not that he was disgusted by the fact, but because that was his guilty pleasure fantasy when thinking about the blonde. Hearing it from the teen himself broke some sort of mental taboo he’d been holding onto.

“I see.” Toshinori said, coughing into his fist and admiring the small smile on the omega’s face. He didn’t know much about the teen outside of the interactions they had inside his home, but apparently the other was quite combative. Occasionally he’d encounter housewives from the neighborhood, betas and omegas with too much money and too much time. They’d always be so shocked that he’d allow Katsuki to babysit for him. They’d always allude to how rough the teen was, how unbefitting it was for an omega to be so rowdy. It often confused him as the only thing Toshinori saw was the confident caring omega that Izuku adored.

The situation made him feel special, knowing that he was probably one of a handful of people that saw the omega’s softer side on a regular basis. He tried to not read into it too much. He knew it was probably because of Izuku that the other was so considerate. Then again there were things Katsuki did for him alone. Things that set his heart aflutter and sent a warm feeling curling through his chest.

They were simple domestic things. Things like this not being the first time Katsuki had cooked enough dinner to include him. Things like all the laundry being completed, folded and put away, after he had put it off for several days. He’d once come back to all of his dress shirts pressed and hung neatly in his closet, and all of his ties organized by color. Things like the dishes being done, the living room cleaned, the floors vacuumed and swept. He’d asked about the behavior once and Katsuki had gotten extremely defensive. Toshinori had gotten a glimpse of the Katsuki the outside world saw every day that night, and he didn’t find it off putting in the least. On the contrary, he found it very cute.

Across the table Katsuki shifted lightly, breaking the elder out of his stupor. He crossed his legs, his entire body shifting with nervous energy. He licked his lips lightly and rubbed at the back of his neck. He looked flushed, and maybe a little tense.

“Here, let’s head out.” Toshinori said, noticing the behavior. It was probably his fault for keeping the other around so long, he was probably wary of the alpha. For good reason too, his silent lust for his son’s babysitter was beyond unacceptable. So he swallowed it down along with the rest of his meal.

Toshinori tossed his empty dish in the sink and turned to face Katsuki. He gestured out of the kitchen and back into the front hall. The omega fidgeted with his jacket for a moment before folding it over his arms and stepping out. Toshinori followed after, absently noting how Katsuki barely came up to his chest.

“Ne, Yagi-san, does it ever get hard?” Katsuki asked abruptly, stopping just shy of his shoes. He looked up at the alpha curiously, a pale brow arched and red eyes searching. He held his jacket close to his chest as a sort of buffer in case his question came off as insensitive.

“You know, raising Izuku.” The teen clarified, voice dropping low. His gaze trailed to look at the frames that hung on the wall. He reached a hand up to scratch at his jaw, feeling unsure of his question.

“Mmm, sometimes.” Toshinori admit, his expression turning somber. It was hard being a single father, everyone seemed to have some kind of suggestion or tips on how to raise his child. It was very lonely as well, tasks that were normally juggled between two parents fell solely on him, and he found himself floundering more often than not.

“Although, you’ve been a great help.” He continued, reaching out to place a hand on Katsuki’s shoulder. The boy’s scent changed just slightly at the contact, the smallest hints of sugary sweetness dancing through the air. Toshinori inhaled sharply, his lips parting as if he could taste the honeysuckle scent on the tip of his tongue. He craved it, a perfect dessert to end his night. He watched a light blush dance across Katsuki’s cheeks.

“Sorry.” Katsuki murmured, his blush growing darker by the second. He kept his gaze focused anywhere but the alpha in front of him. He could feel the tingle in his skin from where Toshinori still had a hand pressed to his shoulder. His heat was scheduled to start tomorrow, so he’d thought he’d be ok to babysit Izuku tonight. It was blooming early though, an embarrassing prospect considering the small crush he had on the elder.

“No,” Toshinori started, clearing his throat and shaking his head to rid himself of the scent. “I wasn’t aware you were so close to your cycle.” He continued, pulling his hand back. He shouted at himself internally. He had to take Katsuki home, before the Teen bloomed into a full heat. Oh, but to have the sharp omega a shuddering need wreck before him stalled his motions. Toshinori swallowed the saliva pooling in his mouth, trying desperately to beat back the alpha raging in his chest.

“Perhaps we should call your parents, to let them know you’re on your way.” Toshinori suggested, changing the subject. He’d hoped by alerting them he’d be able to hold himself responsible. Someone would be waiting for the omega, they would call the police if he was late. Katsuki quickly shut that down.

“They’re not home.” He said, shrugging his shoulders indifferently. “They went to Milan for the week. They aren’t around much to begin with.” The teen said sourly. He wrinkled his nose in distaste. He liked his solitude but there was a point when it just became too much. His parents being gone for pretty much three straight months was definitely breaking that threshold.

“O-oh.” Toshinori said at a loss for words. This was new information to him. He hadn’t been aware the teen was alone for the time being. The knew information wove through his mind like a siren’s call. It would be irresponsible to leave the omega alone on his heat, but it would also be irresponsible to ask him to stay. Even though he wanted him to, so very bad.

Katsuki watched Toshinori with curious eyes. He wasn’t sure what was going through the Alpha’s mind, but it looked like a struggle. He wondered if it was about him, if Toshinori would ask him to stay. He blushed hard at the thought, the resulting heat in his skin released an extra swath of pheromones into the air.

Toshinori’s chest heaved at the fresh burst of scent wafting into his nose. He licked his lips hungrily, a growl rumbling in his chest. His gaze sharply danced over Katsuki’s throat and bare shoulders. He imagined them littered with bruises and bite marks, remnants of his claim on the blonde. He couldn’t take it anymore.

“I’m sorry.” Toshinori apologized. He stepped forward sweeping the blonde into his arms. Their lips crashed together, the taste of the teen washing over him like a tidal wave. He knew the other would be sweet, and the hint of spice bursting across his tongue was a pleasant surprise. He swept his tongue through the other’s mouth, taking as much as he possibly could. He backed the omega into the wall, shoving him against it hard enough to rattle the frames hanging on their hooks.

Katsuki tensed only briefly in shock before melting into the embrace, his eyes dropping closed. He moaned lightly, bringing his arms up to wrap around Toshinori’s neck. He stretched onto his toes, tilting his head to bring the elder closer. He tried to match Toshinori’s movements, reeling for oxygen as the man pulled back. He let out an embarrassing keen trying to chase the other’s lips.

“No, no, Katsuki, I want to devour you.” Toshinori whispered, his lips a hairsbreadth away from the teen’s. His hands fervently stroked down Katsuki’s sides, absently feeling the dips and curves of the other’s body. He told himself to push the other away, to stop, but his hands wouldn’t listen. He pinched and groped at plush love handles, ran his fingers over thick thighs and grasped handfuls of the teens firm ass. It was like he couldn’t get enough.

“Yes, oh my god, Yagi-san, yes.” Katsuki groaned. He lets out a startled yelp as Toshinori lifted him from the floor, his legs immediately clamping around the elder’s waist. He let out a whine as the man moved to nip at his scent gland. He couldn’t help but writhe at the tingling sensations spreading throw his body. He whimpered and keened as Toshinori’s teeth scraped against his skin, the alpha’s sharp fangs flashing like a dagger poised to strike.

“Ah!” Katsuki cried sharply, throwing his head back as Toshinori ground up into him. The beginnings of the man’s undoubtedly monstrous erection poked at his cunt. He felt the wet slide of his own slick soaking through his underwear at the thought of having that same cock inside him. His thighs quivered and he rocked his hips, craving the slightest bit of friction.

“You’re so pretty. So, so pretty.” Toshinori praised, nosing around the collar of Katsuki’s shirt. He sank his teeth into Katsuki’s neck, sucking at the skin harshly. He nibbled and gnawed at the flesh straying clear of the boy’s scent gland. The temptation to bite through the skin was high. Bonding the teen would be disastrous, but if he did he would have the omega all to himself. The fact taunted him with fantasies too good to be true, so he had to be certain to keep his teeth to himself.

“Yagi-san~” Katsuki whimpered, letting his head fall to the side, opening his neck further for the man to bite at. He gasped at each rough suck at his skin, the sharp nips, and soothing passes of the man’s tongue. They were gonna leave behind a multitude of bruises, all temporary but a type of claim. The knowledge had Katsuki sighing in pleasure, his eyes fluttering closed.

Toshinori pulled him off the wall, stumbling out of the foyer and back into the living room. He practically tripped over his own feet as he made his way to the couch. He dropped the teen into the cushions, crowding over him with heavy pants. He settled between Katsuki’s parted legs, trailing kisses all over the omega’s neck. He tucked his hands beneath Katsuki’s shirt, jerking it upwards to reveal the perky pecks he’d been admiring for days. His mouth watered at the sight of pebbled rose pink nipples, the bud standing erect in the cold air of the room.

“Fuck, you really are beautiful.” Toshinori whispered, popping the buttons on his dress shirt. He tossed the article of clothing to the side, his focus razor sharp on the boy beneath him. He leaned down, sucking one of those pretty nipples into his mouth. He soaked up the sounds of Katsuki’s gasps, his excitement mounting like building blocks with each high pitched intake of breath.

“More, please, more.” Katsuki begged. He arched his back into the man’s mouth, whining as the hot tongue slid around his nipple devilishly. His head spun, mind going hazy with pleasure. This was everything he ever wanted, he’d had so many fantasies about this but he never thought they’d come true.

Toshinori wasted no time undoing the button on Katsuki’s jeans. Sliding his hand past the waist band and cupping the small mount of Katsuki’s tiny cock through the fabric of cute striped panties. He trailed his fingers up the short length, once, twice, then pushed down to probe at the soaking plush folds of Katsuki’s cunt. He pressed against the opening through slick soaked fabric. The sweltering heat of Katsuki’s core lay just beyond, teasing and inviting.

“You’re so wet.” Toshinori mused, lifting his head to look the other in the eye. He flicked his tongue out to tease the nipple in front of him, grinning as Katsuki shook in response. He worked his fingers in a circular motion against Katsuki’s folds, the sound of wet squelches resounding from beneath his fingertips. He kissed and nipped his way across Katsuki’s chest, determined to give the other peck the same amount of attention he had the first.

Katsuki’s body trembled violently as Toshinori’s hand pressed at his entrance. His own hands flew up to his mouth, his palm slapping over his lips to muffle the embarrassing groans and mewls he was emitting. His eyes watered as sensations crashed over him one by one, overwhelming but good. He rocked hi ships down into Toshinori’s hand, chasing the pleasure he felt. Searching for more, more, more.

“Hmm,” Toshinori hummed licking his lips and pulling back to admire the teen. A pleased rumbled worked its way through his chest as he looked at the other. The flush on Katsuki’s body ran all the way down his chest, painting him a pale pink. The teen’s chest heaved with breathy pants and his hazy red eyes stared up at Toshinori with something akin to awe. The alpha hooked his hands into both Katsuki’s jeans and panties. He grinned sharply before jerking them down thick hips to put the boy’s weeping cunt on display.

“Delicious.” Toshinori murmured. Katsuki’s tiny cock strained up towards his belly, begging for attention, but Toshinori was more interested in the cunt below. The lips were a juicy, glistening with slick that dripped down the top of the boy’s thighs. He slid his fingers through the mess before dipping it inside. It reached all the way to the third knuckle easily, poking around Katsuki’s insides with curious probes. The heat was almost unbearable, bordering on the edge of a harsh sting. The slide, though, was amazing; smooth and slick, with little resistance. He slipped in a second finger, then a third, curling and scissoring them, watching Katsuki squirm. He could scarcely wait to be inside the teen himself, to bask in the hot heat of Katsuki’s most intimate place.

The alpha pulled his hand free of katsuki’s entrance, reaching down to fumble with the zipper on his slacks. He hastily freed his length, hissing out a relieved sigh at no longer being constricted. His gaze, lust riddled and hungry, fixed itself on Katsuki as he gave himself a couple of languid pumps.

Katsuki couldn’t help but stare at the cock unveiled before him. He feared it would split him in half it was so big. The tip was an angry red, precum already beading from the slit and dribbling down the impressive length in long rivulets. Thick veins pulsed along the underside, snaking around the sides in a spiderweb pattern. It bobbed, thick and heavy, as Toshinori adjusted himself to sit more comfortably between his legs. Katsuki had to swallow in nervous anticipation at the sight of it.

“Relax, stay open for me.” Toshinori crooned, linking himself up with katsuki’s entrance. He pushed his hips forward slowly, the bulbous head of his cock squeezing past the teens entrance in a tight fit. He leaned forward, boxing Katsuki in with his arms. He planted a kiss on already reddened lips when the Teen’s breath hitched in pain at his advance.

“We’re almost there, it’s ok.” Toshinori soothed, his breath ghosting over Katsuki’s lips. He moved to place kisses anywhere he could reach on Katsuki’s neck and shoulders. It was a struggle not to just slam home. Katsuki’s cunt was everything he thought it would be and more. The hot cavern sucked at his cock greedily, pulling him deeper with a torturously slow drag. He worked himself forwards inch by inch, a low growl working at the back of his throat.

Katsuki tossed his head back with a sob. It hurt. It hurt so much, but he could feel the steadily increasing pleasure just beneath the pain. His breath came in ragged gasps, and he tried desperately to control them. He tried to keep his body lax as Toshinori worked his way in, but he tensed involuntarily at points. Katsuki stared at the ceiling over his head tears rolling back into his hairline. He let out weak little moans as Toshinori continued to bite at his neck, thankful for the distraction. A confused noise left his lips as he felt a steady pressure on something deep in his stomach, the harder Toshinori pressed into it the better Katsuki felt.

“Wow.” Toshinori breathed out, causing Katsuki to lift his head up to look at him in confusion. The man was staring down at Katsuki’s stomach with some crazed look in his eyes. A large hand was pressed over the pale expanse of skin and Katsuki almost missed what the alpha was looking at. There, under the man’s palm, was a distinct bulge in katsuki’s stomach, one that shifted when Toshinori did. Katsuki dropped his head back in shock, his eyes falling closed and a groan tumbling from his lips. He trembled as Toshinori shifted again, a tingle running up his spine.

“I want to come inside you. Want to see your belly full of my seed.” Toshinori rumbled out. He was practically salivating at the thought. He rocked his hips shallowly, watching himself move in Katsuki’s body. It would be wonderful to see the boy’s stomach inflate with his cum as well. To see him swell out into a nice dome, ready to carry his children.

Katsuki’s eyes snapped open at the statement. A sharp spike of arousal rushed down his spin and his heart beat wildly in his chest. He shook his head frantically, his hair flying in all directions. It sounded nice, but Katsuki couldn't have a child, not at his age. His hands reached out to clutch at Toshinoir’s shoulders desperately. He struggled to speak through the tiny gasps he was emitting with every shallow thrust Toshinori pushed into him.

“Wait, today’s not safe. ‘M gonna get pregnant.” Katsuki moaned. He yelped as Toshinori’s hips stuttered sharply. He couldn’t deny that it felt good. So good that Katsuki didn’t want the man to pull out. Even now he arched his back into the steady rocking of Toshinori’s hips, betraying his words.

“I’ll take responsibility.” Toshinori replied in a growl. He ran his hands down Katsuki’s sides, settling them on the boy’s hips. He dug his fingers into the weighty flesh, kneading at the skin harshly. He tugged the teen downwards, groaning with pleasure at the little bit of extra depth he could attain from the action.

“What!?” Katsuki gasped. His heart rate accelerated to the point he thought it would beat out his chest. He had no doubt the man would be able to take care of him, he was the owner of a fortune 500 company. It was a miracle he even allowed Katsuki to look after his only child instead of hiring a bodyguard or something. Having a child by his older neighbor wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen to him, but people would talk. His parents would be even more furious with him than they already were. Then again, they were never around were they?

“I thought you wanted this?” Toshinori taunted, dragging Katsuki’s hips down to match his ever thrust. He picked up the pace on his thrusts, moving until he found a brutal steady rhythm. He angled his hips so he reached deep in the teen, bottoming out with each movement.

“Thought that was why you agreed to babysit on the cusp of your heat. Thought that was why you were wearing those damnable jeans, this shirt.” Toshinori snarled, reaching up to tug at the collar of Katsuki’s shirt again. He ran his hand down the teen’s chest, tweaking an already abused nipple as he went, before settling it on Katsuki’s stomach. He rubbed at the soft skin thoughtfully before returning his hands back to the boy’s hips.

Katsuki moaned weekly at the accusations. He hiccuped, shaking his head in denial, his teeth clenched together in a fierce grind. His face was flushed all the way down to his heaving chest. His eyes were hazy and unfocused, staring up at Toshinori with a mix of apprehension and want.

“No, I-” Katsuki started only to cut off in a needy whine as Toshinori thrust into him sharply, scattering his thoughts with the action. He didn’t have a refusal, other than people would talk. He couldn’t deny that he wanted the alpha to fuck him, that he’d dressed specifically to seduce the man into bedding him. He’d been thinking of practically this exact scenario for months, practically since the start of becoming Izuku’s babysitter. He didn’t have a refusal.

“Don’t lie, you slut, you wanted me to breed you.” Toshinori growled. He punctuated his words with a sharp snap of his hips. He grins at the little moan Katsuki lets out at the statement. The teen’s cock twitches in interest and his pussy spasms around Toshinori’s cock. He drinks up the keens and whines Katsuki let’s out, licking his lips as Katsuki rocks down into him.

“Yagi-san, you really want me to have your baby?” Katsuki asks quietly. He bites at his lip, the flesh swollen and red from abuse. His gaze is pointedly turned away from the alpha, a hand curled loosely by his mouth. Little tear droplets cling to the omega’s eyelashes sparkling in the living room lighting.

“Yeah,” Toshinori grunted, slowing his thrusts. “You’re so good with ‘zuku. You’ll make a great mom. I want it to be you, always thought you’d look so good carrying for me.” Toshinori continued. He leans forward, nosing at Katsuki’s neck. He reaches a hand up to run his fingers through the other’s sweat trodden spikes. He lets his hand settle on Katsuki’s cheek, watching the skin grow an embarrassed red once more. He tilts Katsuki’s face so the other is looking at him and smiles disarmingly. Crimson eyes stare up at him in awe, and Toshinori can’t take it. He places soft kisses against Katsuki’s lips, deepening them when the teen lets out a little breathy sigh.

“I-if it’s Yagi-san’s baby…” Katsuki admits when the kiss breaks. His gaze is adoring, trusting. He knows Toshinori will take care of him, no matter what. He wonders why he was so against it in the first place. Now he can hardly wait for it: the spill that will fill his stomach with child. He wants Toshinori and whatever the man will give him.

Toshinori rumbles with pleasure, picking up speed again. His hands grip hard enough to bruise the creamy soft skin of Katsuki’s hips. The teen’s thick ass jiggles with each rough meeting of their hips. He bites at Katsuki’s neck possessively, his sharp nips leaving behind shallow scratch marks. None of them are deep enough to scar and claim the boy, but they’re more than guaranteed to ward off other alpha.

“Yagi-san, Yagi-san!” Katsuki chants, his breath coming out in harsh pants. He’s clinging to the man above him for practically dear life. The pace is punishing and he can do little more than hang on for the ride as Toshinori rocks into him fiercely. His moans and gasps are punctuated by the sharp slapping of skin on skin set to Toshinori’s rhythm. Katsuki can feel heat pooling in his stomach, the temperature climbing higher and higher.

“Toshinori, say it, say my name” The man growls out. He licks a stripe up the side of Katsuki’s neck with the flat of his tongue. He can feel the boy’s pulse fluctuate wildly beneath his tongue, the beat almost having a physical taste. A taste that would match the salty sweet of Katsuki’s skin and sweat.

“Toshinori!” Katsuki shrieked. His back arched sharply, body spasming through his release. His eyes clenched closed and he tossed his head back. His pussy clenched hard around Toshinori’s cock, almost dragging the man to a stop with the pressure. His small cock jerked spraying translucent cum across his and Toshinori’s chest. At the same time, a fresh spurt of slick wash from his cunt. He looked the picture of debauchery.

Toshinori’s need bubbled over at the sight. He hooked one of Katsuki’s legs over his shoulder, folding the other up. The position gave him the leverage to drive down into the teen’s womb. He quickened his pace just that much more, his balls slapping against Katsuki’s entrance with each punishing thrust. He could feel his knot threatening to pop with the wet squelch of Katsuki’s still greedy cunt echoing around him.

“I’m gonna come. Gonna knot you, you want it?” Toshinori rasped into Katsuki’s ear. He received a heady whimper in response. Katsuki nodding his head eagerly while tear tracks stained his face.

“Toshinori~ I-I want your knot. Want you to tie me.” Katsuki begged. His voice was a fervent mumble. The teen pulled Toshinori down, catching his lips in a deep kiss.

The words pushed Toshinori over the edge. He grunted the last few thrusts until his knot popped into the teen and refused to budge. He practically roared as he spilled into the omega, each pulse of his cock releasing a new spurt of semen into the teen’s body. He ground his hips downwards, determined to work his seed into the other’s belly. He panted with exertion, watching as Katsuki’s stomach slowly inflated with his spend. It was just enough to give the teen’s belly a slight curve.

“Oh, fuck,” Katsuki moaned. “I’m gonna have your kid, you’re gonna knock me up.” He whispered, his eyes watching the same scene as Toshinori. His hand wandered between them, gingerly splaying atop the new swell. He pressed on the skin experimentally and let out a little groan as the cum sloshed inside him.

“Do you not want it?” Toshinori asked wiping his brow with an equally sweaty hand. “I can take you to get an abortion.” Toshinori offered, his voice low. He shifted slowly, hooking his arms under Katsuki’s back and dragging the teen upwards. He maneuvered them until he was sitting with his back pressed into the couch cushions. Katsuki sat neatly in his lap, legs splayed wide. His knot was firmly stuck in the teen’s entrance, ensuring not a drop of his seed slipped past. Toshinori brought his hands down to rest atop Katsuki’s thighs, rubbing comforting circles into them.

Katsuki pursed his lips, looking down at his stomach before glancing back at Toshinori. He carefully wrapped his arms around Toshinori’s shoulders. He leaned forwards to press his face into the crook of Toshinori’s neck. He could feel the flush rising to his face as he mulled over his next few words.

“You’ll take responsibility, right?” Katsuki murmured into the man’s skin, too embarrassed to look at the other. Toshinori felt a pleasant trill tingle down his spine and he nodded firmly before remember Katsuki couldn’t see him.

“Of course, always.” Toshinori affirmed. He squeezed at the teens thighs gently. He waited patiently for Katsuki to organize his thoughts. The silence between them stretched on, but Toshinori was content to bask in the afterglow for a little while longer.

“I want it.” Katsuki said after a while. He pulled back to finally look Toshinori in the eye. He fidgeted with his fingers, the digits stroking along the back of Toshinori’s neck where Katsuki still had them linked. He barely has the time to react as a wide grin stretches across Toshinori’s face and the man is catching in an aggressive Kiss.

“Stay for your heat. Let me make sure it takes.” Toshinori demands. He’s elated, Katsuki’s agreement towards having his child sending him to cloud nine. He congratulates himself for a job well done. He’s already anticipating the changes to Katsuki’s body as the teen rounds out with his child.

“Ok.” Katsuki mumbles out between kisses, purring at the attention lavished upon him. He lets out little happy hums and sighs ans Toshinori kisses across his neck and the underside of his jaw. He was finally starting to understand why omega gained so much joy from providing children for their alpha. He’s glad he decided to give Toshinori what he wanted.

Chapter Text

Toshinori was in pain, a satisfying type of pain. The type that usually comes after a good workout. The multiple rounds of sex he’d had last night counted as exercise in his book. At first he was a bit wary he’d bitten off more than he could chew in asking Katsuki to stay for his heat. Lucky for him the teen was more than willing to pick up the slack and even rode him to completion during their third round. Last night was amazing and the next few days would be as well.

The alpha stretched his arms over his head as he trot down the stairs. He hummed to himself pleasantly as he fixed a cup of coffee. He had honestly forgotten what the day after sex boost felt like. The only way he could describe it, interestingly enough, was that he felt more like an alpha. He felt physically good, like he could take on the world. Knowing he’d left the omega in his bed sated and filled had him soaring with pride. He grinned to himself while lifting his coffee cup to his lips. A growl resound in the back of his throat as he anticipated the next round.

A light shuffling of feet drew his attention to the doorway. He quirked an eyebrow as Izuku sleepily stumbled into the kitchen. The child’s socked feet dragged on the floor, shuffling against the hardwood. The corners of Toshinori’s lips tugged upwards into a smile as he watched his son tug a chair out from the table and climb into it awkwardly. He muffled a snort as Izuku boosted himself upwards.

Izuku’s tiny legs wiggled in the air as he lay half in the chair. He managed to scoot himself into the seat after a while, and turned around with a huff. He placed his stuffed rabbit on the table top, the toy flopping against the table with a thud. Leaning forward Izuku pressed his cheek against the table his eyes slipping closed and a little sigh leaving his mouth.

“Morning, Zuzu!” Toshinori called jovially. He walked over to the child, placing his mug of coffee at the place adjacent. He busied himself with pouring the boy a cup of orange juice. Placing the cup in front of his son he slid into his seat and sent a wide grin to the sleepy child.

“Morning, papa.” Izuku said dragging his face out of the table. He reached for the cup in front of him with both hands, sipping at it gingerly. His eye suddenly widened in surprise and he slammed the cup back on the table. Juice spilled over the sides and splashed against the tabletop, but Izuku paid it no mind.

“Kacchan!” Izuku shouted. His face lit up with a blinding smile, all traces of sleep vanishing from his bleary eyes in an instance. The child bounced in his seat excitedly, making grabby hands towards the omega who’d just entered the kitchen. He made a little grunting noise as he grew impatient waiting for the other to come towards him.

Toshinori sighed in dismay at the spilt juice and stood to get a paper towel. He tried not to be too offended at the much more excited greeting Katsuki had gotten. After all he himself had straightened up excitedly when the omega walked into the room. Although his excitement upon seeing the omega was very different from Izuku’s, especially since the younger blonde was only wearing one of Toshinori’s large T-shirts.

The alpha let his eyes wander to the teen’s lean legs, lingering where his shirt fluttered just below the tops of the teen’s thighs. The limbs were bare all the way to his toes, smooth with only a light smattering of pale blonde hair. He had to shake himself before his thoughts got too deep into the rabbit hole, and hurriedly grasped a few paper towels before quickly swiping up the mess Izuku had caused.

“Deku.” Katsuki muttered in a bleary greeting. He paused in his trek towards the fridge, turning to look at the child with his whole body. He stared in Izuku’s general direction, focus extremely hazy before murmuring the child’s nickname again and making a beeline for him. Katsuki reached his hands out for the boy, and hewrapped Izuku in a tight hug. He pressed his cheek into the top of Izuku’s curly green hair and breathed out a contented sigh.

Toshinori relaxed from his tensed position, unaware he had even gotten so wound up. For one horrifying moment he’d thought Katsuki was going reject Izuku on instinct. It had been known to happen when alphas or omegas picked new mates. Any offspring from previous unions ran the risk of becoming obsolete in the new family unit and were, for lack of a better word, disposed of. It was an instinct, just as uncontrollable as the heat or rut it came accompanied with.

“Deku, my baby, Deku.” Katsuki slurred. He nuzzled his face into Izuku’s hair, drowning the boy in his scent. He pulled away slightly, dragging his hands through the child’s wild curls. He pulled apart any knots and tangles he came across, grooming the child distractedly. He ran his fingers down Izuku’s face, poking at the child’s pudgy cheeks and soft skin.

“Kacchan, I’m not a baby!” Izuku protested. He halfheartedly swat at Katsuki’s wandering hands, a giggle leaving his lips. He leaned into the omega’s touch, giddy but confused. He didn’t understand why Katsuki was acting so weird but he was happy to let the teen do what he was doing. He laughed as Katsuki ran his hands over his face lightly, scrunching his nose as the omega tapped the tip lightly.

“You’re my baby.” Katsuki hummed drunkenly in response. He pulled Izuku close again, resting his nose in the child’s hair. He rubbed his wrists over Izuku’s immature scent glands, spreading his own and claiming Izuku as his. He breathed in the child’s delicate powder smell and purred happily.

“Kacchan, can you make pancakes?” Izuku asked, wriggling in the teen’s hold enough to pull back and look up in the omega’s face. Katsuki looked strange to him. Like he was still really sleepy, but also really focused. The omega’s cheeks were a ruddy red and the teen purred at him happily. Izuku found himself relaxing in response, smiling at the other with uncontrollable excitement.

Toshinori watched it all in fascination. He knew that an omega’s heat had hot and cold periods; where an omega’s body would literally heat up and cool down in cycles. If an omega ran hot for too long they risked losing consciousness due to a combination of dehydration and heat stroke. Thus the cold periods existed to naturally prevent that from happening. A cold period was started one of two ways: the omega’s body couldn’t take the heat anymore and shut itself down, or the omega couldn’t physically fit anymore semen in their body.

Toshinori was pleased in knowing Katsuki’s cold period kicked off because of the second reason. As the teen wound down over the next few hours his body would cannibalize the seed in his womb in a weird biological turn of events. He would use this time to nest, care for his pack members, and restock on any nutrients he’d burned off earlier. When he was empty he’d kick into another hot cycle.

“Alpha.” Katsuki whined, snapping the man out of his musings. Katsuki’s dull red eyes fixed the elder with an unwavering stare. He still had Izuku clutched in his arms, much to the toddler’s delight. He lifted the child out of his chair and held him out to where Toshinori was sitting, gesturing for the man to take hold of his son.

“Oh.” Toshinori said for lack of anything else. He reached out to grab Izuku under the armpits on autopilot. Face to face, he and Izuku stared at each other in bewilderment for a few moments. Shrugging his shoulders Toshinori settled Izuku in his lap, turning the child so the could watch Katsuki work. He propped his arms on the table, Izuku copying the motion and placing his small hands inside of Toshinori’s.

Seemingly satisfied Katsuki nodded to himself and puttered around the kitchen. He deftly gathered the supplies he needed to get breakfast started. He whisked together eggs, milk, and melted butter before slowly adding the dry ingredients to the mixture. He was quick and methodical, even in his heat addled state, probably having made the dish hundreds of times before.

“Papa, is Kacchan going to spend the day with us?” Izuku asked tilting his head back to look up at his father. He reached out to wrap his fingers around Toshinori’s and swung his legs idly.

“Hm, yeah.” Toshinori responded somewhat distractedly. He looked down at the toddler in thought. Katsuki had essentially claimed the child as his. He wondered if the pheremones the omega released would work in luling Izuku to sleep before Katsuki’s next hot period. He hoped they did, he didn’t think he’d be able to handle the teen if Izuku was awake. It would be too mortifying to try and explain why he needed alone time with his son’s babysitter.

“Can we go to the zoo?” Izuku asked, excitement bleeding into his voice. His eyes sparkled with hope. He clasped his hands together in a pleading motion, shaking them just slightly. He bit his lip to try and hide the hopeful smile from breaking out on his face. It would be like a dream come true to have his two favorite people in the whole world together on a trip.

Toshinori grimaced at the look, feeling guilty. The last thing he wanted was to let Izuku down. He hated telling the boy no, but Katsuki couldn’t really leave the house. Placing a hand in Izuku’s hair, Toshinori ruffled it fondly.

“Maybe next weekend, Zuzu.” He said. It took everything in him not to change his mind as Izuku’s face fell into a disappointed pout. He was extremely guilty of spoiling his son, but Izuku was just so good and cute. He was saved from the puppy dog eyes as Katsuki placed a couple full plates of pancakes on the table in front of them.

Katsuki slid into the chair beside them, scooting close so his thigh was pressed against Toshinori’s. He pulled Izuku into his own lap, leaning into the alpha briefly. He reached around the toddler to cut up a few pancakes before dousing them in syrup. He handed the fork to Izuku and pressed his nose into the child’s hair again, purring with delight as Izuku shoved a forkful of the pancakes in his mouth.

“Yummy! Thank you, Kacchan!” Izuku exclaimed. He beamed, reaching out to spear another corner of the fluffy confection. He let out a happy hum as he chewed. His cheeks bulged with the breakfast food, a small bit of syrup dripping down his chin.

Katsuki preened, grabbing a napkin to wipe the syrup off Izuku’s face. He cooed at the child, running his fingers through Izuku’s hair again. He felt really good, this was the best heat he’d ever had. In the past he’d only had himself to get through them. He’d spend his hot cycles on a fake knot: frustrated, clawing for stimulation, the feeling of fullness always just out of his reach. His cold cycles were spent half awake a hollow feeling of failure pressing down on his senses. They were torture and he could never wait for them to be over.

This heat he had Izuku’s baby soft scent to keep him focused during his cold cycles. It gave him something to do, a purpose to pour all of his energy into. He had to care for the child, to make sure all of the boy’s needs were met. During his hot cycles he had Toshinori. He didn’t want that to end. Biting his lip Katsuki turned to glance at the alpha. He let out a low sensual purr when he noticed the man looking back at him.

Toshinori rumbled back in response, his own fork clenched between his teeth. Looking at the way katsuki held Izuku he was reminded of why he was attracted to the teen beyond his body. A different omega would’ve rejected Izuku outright after breeding with the alpha. To Katsuki Izuku was his just as much as he was Toshinori’s. The alpha absolutely loved that.

Toshinori watched silently as Katsuki ensured Izuku ate enough, then set the child down to scamper away. He grinned when the omega turned to him, the other glancing down at his half full plate. He wanted to laugh as the teen slide two more pancakes on top of what was left, but that was a surefire way to upset the other.

“Here.” Toshinori said, offering a forkful of his breakfast out to the omega. He smiled fondly as the omega opened his mouth obediently, taking the food with a curious hum. Toshinori was very happy with his current predicament. It had been far too long since he’d spent time letting his alpha care for a potential mate. So just sitting in the quiet kitchen, exchanging soft rumbles and purrs with the young omega while they split a meal was just perfect.

With breakfast completed and the table cleared, Katsuki set himself to his next task. He wandered through the house, collecting the blankets, pillows, and loose pieces of fabric he came across. He opened closets, benches, and drawers to find what he was looking for, checking every nook and cranny he remembered the location of. One by one he moved them all into Izuku’s room, arranging the items in a loose circle. The downy items seemed to accumulate as if by magic and Katsuki took them all. After deeming it acceptable Katsuki took hold of Izuku and set the child in the center.

“Kacchan?” Izuku asked in confusion, looking up at the omega from the large pile. He poked at the fluffy wall surrounding him, marveling at how sturdy it was for what it was made out of. He giggled as Katsuki slid into the pile with him, the fabric dipping beneath the omega’s weight. Izuku rolled about as the materials shifted, bouncing this way and that before he settled in the nest of pillows.

“Yes, Deku?” Katsuki asked, placing his fingers in Izuku’s hair again. He wanted to make sure the child was as comfortable as possible and debated on whether or not to go get a few more pillows or blankets. He was growing anxious and he didn’t want to leave Izuku without everything the boy needed.

“Nothing.” Izuku said, blinking slowly and opening his mouth in a wide yawn. He furrowed his brow lightly, confused as to why he was sleepy again so soon after waking up. The thought slipped from his head as he relaxed into the comfort of the nest. He curled into a small ball, sighing happily as Katsuki continued to scratch at his scalp. Katsuki was always so nice to him, he really liked the omega.

Toshinori stood nearby, tracking the teen’s cycle with sharp eyes. He could see the way the young blonde was starting to flush heavily, shifting in agitation. As soon as he was sure Izuku was safe and comfortable he would come looking for Toshinori again. As if on cue, Izuku’s breathing evened out to a deep steady rhythm.

Katsuki ran his hands over Izuku a couple more times, checking to make sure everything was fine before crawling out of the nest. He stood on wobbly legs, slowly making his way over to the alpha. He leaned against the man, wrapping his arms around the alpha’s waist and pressing his face into the center of Toshinori’s chest.

“M hot.” Katsuki mumbled. He rubbed his face against Toshinori, drinking in the man’s scent. He could feel his body heating back up, his legs growing week and the overwhelming need to present clawed at his brain. He sighed, pulling himself a bit closer, wanting to be with the alpha.

“I see.” Toshinori rumbled fondly. He let his hands settle on Katsuki’s lower back, feeling the teen arch into his touch just slightly. His eyes flickered to where Izuku lay securely curled in the nest before focusing solely on Katsuki again. He leaned down to nip at the teen’s lips. He was rewarded with a little mewl that had triumph thrumming in his chest.

“Take care of me.” Katsuki demanded. He pulled himself onto his toes so he could place a slow kiss against Toshinori’s lips. He closed his eyes, leaning into the sensation. He hummed as the alpha’s tongue slid over his upper lip with heavy intent.

“Of course, of course.” The alpha aquised. He slipped his hands lower on Katsuki’s body, tucking them beneath the boy’s thighs. He hefted the other upwards and Katsuki immediately wrapped his legs around Toshinori’s waist. The alpha pressed his lips against Katsuki’s neck, sucking at the skin harshly as he carried the teen down the hall and back to his bedroom.

He dropped the omega into the sheets, crawling over the other predatorily. A growl rumbled from his chest as he loomed over the teen. He brought his hands up to run up and down Katsuki’s sides. He licked at his lips as arousal pooled in his stomach. Katsuki looked good; head tilted back in submission his pale skin almost glowing against the dark color of his sheets.

Katsuki’s breath hitched and he trembled as Toshinori’s hands ran across his skin lightly. He lifted his arms above his head, arching his back lightly. He let out a soft moan as Toshinori’s hands settled on his hips. He could feel himself growing wet from just the simple touches, his small cock slowly filling out in interest. He bit as his lip, eyes lidded, as he gazed up at the alpha wantonly.

“You promised me a baby.” Katsuki murmured, his voice low and husky. He spread his knees, offering the sight of his tiny cock tenting the shirt he wore. He tilted his head to the side invitingly. He curled his fingers and toes with anticipation as the Alpha’s eyes flashed dangerously, a sharp growl reverberating through the man’s chest.

“I’m going to give you one.” Toshinori growled, his grip tightening on the teens waist. He couldn’t help but think about how perfect Katsuki was for him. The thought of a family was normally very far off for omega of Katsuki’s age, despite their youth being just right for breeding. Katsuki, though, he seemed to live for it. Acting like Toshinori’s little wife, ready to bear the alpha children as soon as the man asked. It drove him mad with desire.

Katsuki gave a coy smile, shuffling in the man’s grasp until Toshinori loosened it and leaned back. Katsuki rolled onto his stomach pressing his chest into the mattress below and raising his hips during the motion. He lifted the hem of the shirt he was wearing, sliding it up his thighs before letting it drop over the curve of his ass to pool at his shoulders, putting the glistening folds of his wet cunt and the straining curve of his cock on display. He pushed his ass higher into the air, letting his hips sway from side to side just slightly.

Toshinori watched as if entranced, drooling at the sight of the dripping wet cunt in front of him. He brought his hand to the fatty swell of Katsuki’s ass, stopping the teen’s motion. He palmed at the fleshy globe with rough fingers, his hand almost covering the whole cheek. He licked his lips, shifting closer, draping himself over the other’s back, using one hand to prop himself up. In this position he was completely dwarfing the omega’s small frame.

“This is a very nice position for you.” Toshinori rumbled out, his voice containing a fierce intensity. His finger’s trailed over Katsuki’s ass languidly, mapping the curve and caressing the smooth skin. He smoothed his hand around to Katsuki’s front pressing against the teens lower abdomen. He squeezed at the little bit of fat that marked where the teen’s uterus leans outwards, an eager growl vibrating in his chest.

Katsuki sighed happily, relaxing into Toshinori’s hold. He clutched at a pillow, tucking his hands beneath it as the heat haze settled over his mind once more. He moaned as his skin warmed up further, everywhere Toshinori was pressed against him almost searing. Saliva pooled in his mouth as he waited for the man to take him, his cunt leaking slick steadily.

“Alpha.” Katsuki hummed, pressing his cheek into the pillow he held in his hands. He glanced over his shoulder through pale fluttery lashes. He shuddered at the sight of the alpha hovering over him, the man looking like he was going to eat him alive. He resists the urge to reach his hand back to toy with his folds, his legs trembling with excitement. He knows Toshinori will take care of him, knows the alpha will leave him a wreck. Instead he arches his back further, pressing back against the bulge of Toshinori’s throbbing cock. He lets out a little inviting noise, inclining his head to show off the length of his neck.

Toshinori grins at the teen’s eagerness. He shifts a little, humping against Katsuki’s soaking folds. He leans forward, running his tongue along the side of Katsuki’s neck. He transitions into small nips and nibbles against the teen’s skin. He drags his hand from where he has it pressed against the teen’s stomach. He runs his fingers up and down Katsuki’s thigh in the barest of touches. He listens to the soft sighs that pass from Katsuki’s lips. If the other wants to be taken care of Toshinori is more than willing to oblige.

Toshinori pulls back to strip out of his sweats, drinking in the sight of the teen at his mercy. Katsuki looks good in his shirt. The large article of clothing hangs off his shoulder, displaying the bruise riddled skin around his still clear scent gland. The sight is almost tempting enough to have Toshinori throwing caution to the wind and placing a claiming mark on the spot. He shakes the thought, settling himself behind the omega again.

Hunching his back, Toshinori hooks his arms around Katsuki’s thighs. He drags the teen towards him, burying his face in the boy’s dripping cunt. He’s rewarded with a high pitched keen, Katsuki’s body tensing sharply. His tongue laps at the folds, accompanied by lewd slurping sounds each time the muscle dips into that heated core.

Katsuki tasted sweet and tangy, almost acidic against Toshinori’s tongue. It was similar to the sour candies that made you instinctively pucker your lips and salivate. Toshinori was definitely salivating as he slurped at the teen’s cunt. It didn’t even matter that a mixture of his own saliva and and Katsuki’s thick slick was sliding down his chin in rivulets. All that mattered was getting more. Getting Katsuki to make more of those breathy pants. Drinking down the slick that still spilled from within the teen. He greedily reached deeper; swirling his tongue about, dipping in and out, sucking on the plump lips.

Katsuki shuddered and moaned at the sensations. His body shivered and he pressed back into the tongue tracing his insides. His head lolled and he clenched his teeth, groaning as the alpha’s clever tongue danced in intricate patterns. A yelp startled from his throat as teeth scraped against the sensitive bundle of nerves between his cock and th entrance to his cunt. He jolted away only to be pulled right back in by Toshinori’s surprisingly strong grip. He whimpered as more slick oozed from his opening, sliding down the inside of his thighs.

Toshinori grunted hungrily, dragging his lower teeth against the teen’s clit again. He held tight as Katsuki squirmed in his hold, body unsure of how to process the new stimulant. Grinning to himself a bit cruely, Toshinori released his hold on one of Katsuki’s legs. He brought his freed hand around to the omega’s front, loosely wrapping his fingers around the omega’s small neglected cock. He easily fit the short length in the palm of his hand. He gave an experimental squeeze the same moment his teeth scraped against Katsuki’s clit again.

“Toshinori!” Katsuki shrieked, his body going rigid. His head snapped up, eyes rolling back. His infertil seed splashed against Toshinori’s hand, dripping onto the sheets below. His back arched sharply and his cunt spasmed wildly gushing more fluid. He collapsed into the sheets below unable to hold himself up any longer. He whined as he realized his hips were still elevated thanks to the tight hold Toshinori had on him.

The alpha withdrew from Katsuki’s cunt with satisfaction. He licked his lips of the other’s slick, wiping of the excess slick with the back of his free hand. He took the moment to admire his handy work. The flushed dazed look on Katsuki’s face, the glistening abused red folds of the teen’s plump cunt. Katsuki’s greedy hole fluttered expectantly around empty air, despite the orgasm he’d just experienced.

“Ah, Katsuki, we’re not done yet.” Toshinori tutted. He lifted the teen’s hips a bit higher, forcing the other back onto his knees. He pressed his aching cock against the slick opening of Katsuki’s cunt. He felt like he was going to burst from just this simple contact. He thrust forward slowly, dragging across the teen’s opening and up between the bouncy globes of Katsuki’s ass. He coated himself in the generous amounts of slick pooling from inside the teen. He repeated the motion a couple times, clenching his teeth against the wonderful tingling sensation each pass caused.

He forced himself still as Katsuki shifted, the teen trying to catch the head of his cock as it passed by his rim. He found himself feeling particularly sadistic as he heard the little frustrated noise Katsuki made when the alpha stopped. He ran his hands up and down Katsuki’s thighs smiling to himself all the while. He settled his hands on the teen’s hips, gripping harshly.

“You don’t seem quite ready.” Toshinori rumbled tauntingly, licking at his lips again. His smile sharpened as Katsuki sobbed and shook his head erratically. The teen locked eyes with him through a watery and dazed look.

“Toshinori, alpha, please. I’m ready, I’m ready. Need you, please, please.” Katsuki whined and begged, babbling the words almost nonsensically. His thighs shook with the effort of holding himself up, keeping himself presented for the alpha. His fingers curled into fists, tugging at the fabric of the pillow clutched between his hands. He twitched as Toshinori ran his cock across his cunt teasingly again.

Toshinori was thoroughly enjoying this. It was like Katsuki was made for him. The teen hit on every one of his fantasies. It shouldn’t even be possible, but here he was, sobbing for Toshinori’s cock. An excited growl ripped from his throat and he lined himself up. He pushed forwards, groaning with pleasure as he was engulfed by the intense heat of the teen’s passageway again.

“Ah, fuck, you feel so good, Katsuki.” Toshinori praised through labored breaths. His half lidded gaze fell on the blissed expression the teen was making, stirring up something dark and possessive in his chest. He ground his hips forward once fully seated inside the teen, watching the blonde’s mouth fall open in a faltering gasp. He pitched forward, pressing one of his hands into the mattress beside Katsuki’s head. He loomed over the small omega, casting a shadow against the sheets. He dropped his head pressing his forehead into the teen’s shoulder.

“Ahn~, Toshinori.” Katsuki mewled. His head fell to the side as Toshinori moved to nip at his neck once more. He kept his chest pressed into the mattress below, ensuring that his hips remained in the air. His legs trembled with the effort of keeping himself up when all he wanted to do was melt. Toshinori’s cock sat heavy in his stomach, bearing down on his cervix with constant pressure. The thick fleshy rod rubbed at his insides with the man’s every movement, shifting the skin on his stomach and stirring up his pleasure. Katsuki didn’t think he could take much more, already so sore and sensitive.

The alpha’s slow rocking thrusts light up every nerve in Katsuki’s cunt as the alpha’s cock passed by. The teen keened and pant in time with the languid thrusts, body shifting restlessly. His vision swam and he pressed his eyes closed to just experience the feeling of the alpha inside him. A low warmth bubble dup in his core, coiling up where each of Toshinori’s thrusts hit.

Toshinori himself groaned at the at the sensations. He took his time exploring the other’s entrance, adjusting his thrust minutely each time he pulled out and pushed back in. He was still learning the other’s body, searching for the spot that would really make the teen unravel. He was rewarded with a startled gasp on one particular thrust and decide to keep that angle. He changed his pace a little as well, rocking the teen into the sheets below harshly.

“I’m going to fill you up.” Toshinori growled into the teen’s shoulder. His teeth clenched together harshly and his gums itched with the need to bite down on the skin inches from him. He ground his molars, swallowing the saliva that gathered on his tongue as he stared at the unblemished patch of skin bare before him.

“Oh, please.” Katsuki moaned in response. A little hiccup left his throat followed by a breathy sigh. He spread his legs a little wider, opening further for the alpha behind him. He was so content to let the alpha use him however because it just felt so good.

“Going to make you big and pretty with my baby, breed you up nice and good.” Toshinori continued as if in a daze. Almost unbidden, he let his mouth fall open grazing his teeth against the teen’s shoulder. The need to bite into something was overwhelming, and Toshinori caved. He carefully sank his teeth into the teen’s skin feeling the flesh give just slightly under the pressure. He was still clamped far from the teens scent gland, staring at the patch of flesh longingly. It was a weak substitute for what he wanted, but it would have to suffice for now.

“Ah, Ah!” Katsuki pant. He reached a hand back, gripping a loose fist in Toshinori’s hair as he felt the man’s teeth in his skin. His body jostled as the alpha snapped his hips forwards. He was seeing stars explode across his vision with each thrust. His nerves wound tight, ready to spring at the slightest moment.

“Toshinori, Toshi, let me. Please, let me have your baby.” Katsuki sobbed. He trembled all over and his cunt clenched greedily around the man’s cock. His words changed something in the alpha’s manner, and suddenly every thrust was hitting impossibly deep. His eyes rolled upwards and he bit his lip hard, a squeal bouncing in his throat.

“Katsuki, you’re so good, so pretty.” Toshinori grunted appreciatively, gnawing at the teen’s shoulder. He rocked his hips hard, slamming forward with each thrust. His thighs slapped against Katsuki’s, slowly turning the skin red. His pace was steady, brutal, and rough, forcing the beginning swell of his knot in and out of the teen with each thrust.

Katsuki sobbed feeling the bulge of Toshinori’s knot brushing against his clit with every thrust. He needed it inside of him, plugging him up while the alpha pumped him full. He rocked back eagerly letting out a little sound each time the man’s knot pressed inside of him. He scrambled for purchase on the bunching sheets, throwing an arm out to brace against the headboard in order to prevent being rocked into it. Katsuki’s little breathy pants slowly turned to full blown screams as he seized up into another orgasm. His already spent cock dribbled clear semen and his cunt clenched around Toshinori’s knot, trying to keep it inside. He shuddered and drooled, dropping his face back into the pillow as Toshinori pushed into him through the alpha’s own release.

Toshinori clamped his jaw as his knot popped, a vicious growl rumbling through his chest. The copper taste of blood washed over his tongue, pushing his excitement that much further. He trembled as his orgasm washed over him, tightening his balls and sending his seed splashing into the teen. He rocked his hips shallowly, chasing the ghosts of pleasure as he basked in the afterglow.

“Shit.” Toshinori cursed under his breath, slowly pulling his teeth from Katsuki’s shoulder. He swept his tongue over the incision, cleaning and speeding the coagulation of blood slowly gathering on the surface of the teen’s skin. Luckily he had punctured far from the scent gland so bond wasn’t going to form. He swept a thumb over the little divots, hoping it wouldn’t scar. He looked down at the omega once realizing the other was quiet beneath him. He cursed again noticing the way Katsuki had his eyes covered with an arm. The teen sniffling lightly and trying to discreetly wipe away tears.

“I’m sorry, Katsuki.” Toshinori whispered. He wrapped his arms around the teen’s chest, pulling at him until the were laying on their side pressed back to front. He pushed his nose into Katsuki’s hair, crooning at the teen comfortingly. All the while he berated himself for being so reckless.

“I shouldn’t have bitten you like that.” He rumbled out softly. He ran his thumb across Katsuki’s collarbone it little strokes. He watched the teen shift, the blonde tucking his face into Toshinori’s forearms. He would’ve loved to turn the teen to face him, but his knot currently prevented that.

“It’s not…” Katsuki started before cutting himself off abruptly. Toshinori felt his lips pull into a frown. After a short pause the teen started again, softer.

“I know you shouldn’t bond me. I’m just, I don’t know, being stupid.” Katsuki seethed to himself, tears welling up in his eyes again. He felt so dumb, and selfish. He’d already gotten the man to break the law by just sleeping with him. Now he essentially wanted the man to marry him. He could hide the sex, and the baby, but not a bond.

“No, no, Katsuki. It’s not stupid. I would bond you if I could.” Toshinori immediately soothed. Still he felt like the world’s biggest hypocrite saying it. Katsuki should want a bond, he deserved a bond. Toshinori had promised the teen that he would take responsibility.

After trying to get the omega pregnant several times by now, Toshinori was slowly realizing how much pressure he was putting on the boy. Sure the alpha would be paying for everything Katsuki could ever possibly want or need as the pregnancy progressed, but no one would know he’s the father. They would never know he had another child on the way unless he told someone. Katsuki would be carrying physical evidence of their coupling, for nine months and the rest of his life. Toshinori could only imagine the scrutiny and discrimination the omega would face.

“I’m going to take care of you.” Toshinori swore, a fierce protectiveness sweeping over him. Katsuki was his, the baby was his and Toshinoir was going to stand by him. He would, even if it cost him his life, though he doubted it would be that drastic. Now he just had to figure out how to do it.

Chapter Text

Katsuki really should’ve thought better than to come to school today. He was pretty sure every alpha in the class had looked at him at least once. His history teacher’s nose had definitely wrinkled with displeasure upon spotting the bruises decorating his neck. In fact practically everyone had whispered about said bruises. He couldn’t blame them, he looked like he’d been fucking mauled. Toshinori had a thing about marking him apparently, but god if Katsuki didn’t love it. If he hadn’t slapped several scent blocking patches over his glands his whole school would know how aroused he still was.

The blonde omega shifted in his seat, biting his lip hard to hold back a small moan. His face flushed a deep red and he ducked his head, hiding behind his arms as he released a small breath. He was still trying to work out if the decision he’d made this morning was horrible or wonderful. It was falling somewhere torturously in between. He couldn’t even blame the alpha for the idea, no, that was all him.

When Toshinori had taken him home early in the day to get ready for school Katsuki had coerced the alpha into the house with him. He convinced the elder to join him in his room for a quick bout of sex. He’d shrieked and screamed as the man had fucked him into his own mattress. It was about then that he decided he wanted to be plugged since being knotted would take too much time. He clearly remembered Toshinori’s shocked face as he twisted to pull his box of toys from beneath his bed. He practically begged the alpha to chose one, unwilling to lose the man’s seed in the absence of a knot. Toshinori had nearly lost his mind working the large egg shaped silicone into Katsuki’s cunt. The end result was the flushed omega still sitting on the plug in the middle of his second period class feeling just as full as he had that morning.

Katsuki groaned, suppressing an excited shudder as he remembered the whole ordeal. He pressed his face into the crook of his arm and exhaled silently, he needed to get ahold of himself before his teacher’s began to dock him points or something. He was trying to listen to what they were saying despite his distracted mind. He was only able to scratch down jumbled notes of the little he managed to catch. He’d have to come back and read the chapter again later to really get a grasp of what the topic was about.

It was too hard to focus in his current state. He was always so sensitive at the end of his heat and every little movement he made not only had the plug he was sitting on rubbing against him but also sent the semen still filling his belly swirling about. Katsuki bit back another groan, dropping his head to press against his desk so he could peer down at his stomach. He dropped a hand down to the top of his belly as discreet as he could. He smoothed his fingers over the bulky cardigan he was wearing, giving the slight curve of his stomach a small caress. His mother was right. He’d only been with one alpha and he was already a knot slut, anticipating the next load of cum that would fill his womb. At the end of it all he’d be carrying Toshinori’s child.

Katsuki fought down another pleased shiver. He tore his hand away from his stomach and sat up abruptly. He stared straight ahead at the blackboard with unseeing eyes, unable to follow the lesson no matter how hard he tried. His grip tightened on his pencil as he tried to get a handle on himself. He could do this, he could make it through the rest of the day without turning into a stereotypical omega slut.

He was seriously beginning to doubt that statement when the lunch bell rang. He was glad he’d packed himself a lunch rather than planning on going to the cafeteria. It meant he didn’t have to move from his seat, an action he didn’t think he could complete without getting wet. If that happened then everyone would be able to smell he was still partially in his heat. He wasn’t ashamed of that, but he didn’t want any of these grimey alpha thinking they had a chance.

“Bakubro, you ok?” Eijirou asked. The young alpha warily crept closer to Katsuki’s desk. His eyes trailed over omega’s disheveled form. The other looked, not worse for ware, but definitely off. His face was flushed a bright red and his focus was hazy, almost drunken. What concerned Eijirou the most was the dark purple bruising along the omega’s neck, they looked suspiciously like teeth marks.

“Yeah.” Katsuki responded, nodding stiffly. He couldn’t bring himself to look at the red haired alpha. He was willing to bet the expression on his face was something borderline obscene based solely on the way he felt. Of course he and Eijirou had had multiple conversations about sex, as teens were wont to do, but he couldn’t live with himself if the alpha he thought of as a brother caught a glimpse of his sex face.

“You sure? You look kinda,” Eijirou paused, watching the way Katsuki sank into himself as his sentence went on. The teen rocked back on his heels, looking away bashfully. He scratched at his cheek as he tried his best to find a word that wasn’t too accusatory.

“Distracted.” Eijirou settled on, returning his focus to Katsuki. The omega had pressed his face into the top of his desk, completely avoiding Eijirou’s eyes. Eijirou really had no idea what to do with that, Katsuki had never really hidden from him before.

Katsuki himself whispered curses into the wood of his desk. He knew Eijirou was going to notice, for as dumb as the alpha was academic wise he was pretty good at reading people. Katsuki had thought his shirt did a pretty good job of hiding his cum bloated stomach. The bulky sweater prevented anyone from noticing anything amiss at first glance. Eijirou was one person he regularly had contact with, the alpha was sure to notice. The others probably thought he was some kind of exhibitionist or pervert.

“I’m on the last day of my heat.” Katsuki mumbled, pulling his face out of his desk. He turned to Eijirou with the sourest look he could muster. The heat of his galre was lost behind his flush and the whole effect was ruined. Still Katsuki bolstered himself refusing to look away from the Alpha.

“Should you be in school?” Eijirou practically squeaked. His own face growing red. He spluttered and his eyes darted away. He didn’t need to think about Katsuki in heat. It was simultaneously arousing and really gross. Which was too confusing and left him a flustered mess. Katsuki was his best bro, he didn’t want to think of him like that.

“I thought I’d be ok because I’m wearing scent blockers, but I’m still fucking leaking.” Katsuki grumbled rolling his eyes at Eijirou’s flustered emotions. He really shouldn’t be surprised at how dumb the other was being. Sure Eijirou was one of the better alpha and didn’t cringe out right and refuse to be helpful beyond sex during an omega’s heat, but the red head was still immature like other alpha their age.

“Ok.” Eijirou wheezed metaphorically dying on the inside a bit. He didn’t need to know that information. He didn’t want to know that information. He knew it was perfectly natural and even healthy, but holy cow did some omega bodily functions just boggle his mind.

“Uh, What about the--?” Eijirou asked, his embarrassment at an all time high. He awkwardly gestured to his own neck area with a grimace to make his point. The marks looked pretty bad, really bad actually.

“You really want to know?” Katsuki asked. HIs lips pulled back into a taunting grin that had Eijirou squeaking in fear. He would spill practically every detail of his sordid weekend affair, barring names of course, if for nothing more than making Eijirou more uncomfortable than he already was. He maybe also wanted to brag a little about his best heat ever, shoot him.

“No! No, no, not really.” Eijirou said almost too quickly. He waved his arms about chuckling nervously. He couldn’t look Katsuki in the eye anymore. It was pretty obvious Katsuki had spent his weekend with an alpha, though Eijirou couldn’t figure out who for the life of him. Katsuki was a pretty private person, never really joining their little friend group on their excursions out. Eijirou wrinkled his nose, rubbing at the back of his neck in contemplation.

“As long as you were, you know, safe.” The young alpha said lamely. He glanced at Katsuki from the corner of his eye. He let his arms drop back to his sides, plunging his hands into his pockets for lack of anything else to do with them. He didn’t really know what to say moving forward so he glanced away again.

Katsuki inwardly snorted at Eijirou’s statement. It was way too late to tell him to be safe. If he didn’t get pregnant on the first night he definitely was now. He’d spent practically three whole days laden with Toshinori’s seed, there was no way he wasn’t carrying. Katsuki dropped a hand to his stomach again at the thought, a traitorous smile tugging at his lips.

Toshinori had been almost single mindedly determined to keep Katsuki full. The teen could confirm that he’d done a fantastic job of it. Katsuki idly wondered what being pregnant would actually feel like, if it was any way relatable to the warm feeling of cum swirling in his womb. It was going to be a slow process, he knew that, but he was so fucking ready. Katsuki shifted again, trying to abate the building excitement in his body. He blushed, another quite exhale leaving his mouth.

“Fuck.” Katsuki cursed quietly. He shouldn’t be getting so worked up but he couldn’t help it. He slid to his feet, clenching his teeth as he felt the barest hints of slick sliding across the tops of his thighs, dripping past the plug still gripped in his cunt. He wasn’t going to make it the rest of the school day. Katsuki leaned heavily on his desk, unable to contain the shudder that raked down his back. His blush grew even darker as he heard several sharp inhales around him.

Eijirou squeaked in shock beside the occupied omega. The red head was beyond embarrassed enough for the both of him in that moment. He glanced around the room wildly, noticing a few of their classmates watching them closely. Some of the more shameless alpha openly stared with lust riddled gazes, their fangs bared in sharp smiles. Eijirou just knew that some of them were going to put this straight in their spank bank.

“Kiri, walk with me to the nurse.” Katsuki demanded, snapping the alpha out of his thoughts. Katsuki straightened up stiffly, snatching his bag off the hook and throwing it over his shoulder. He glared at the shocked alpha, his eyes hard set and his cheeks a ruddy red. His demeanor left no room for argument.

Eijirou nodded mutely, too stunned to really do anything else. He watched as Katsuki promptly turned on his heel and strode out the room without a second glance. Eijirou stumbled after the omega following a brief pause. As he passed the threshold of the door he could hear the soft gossipy chatter of their classmates.

“Lucky Kirishima, Bakugou’s such a bitch I thought his cunt was dry.”

“What a slut, you only come to school on your heat for the attention.”

“I bet he was hoping one of us would bend him over his desk. Fuckin knows he needs to be put in place.”

Eijirou cringed, hunching his shoulders up to his ears. He knew that if he’d heard the comments then Katsuki probably had too. He glanced at the omega’s back with trepidation trying to gauge the other’s mood. Katsuki looked as if he hadn’t heard them at all, his back was straight, chin held high, confident in himself as always. If the omega had heard, he didn’t care at all. Eijirou thought that was manly as hell.

The rest of the walk to the nurse’s was filled with similar comments from other students loitering in the halls. It had Eijirou’s skin crawling. He couldn’t understand why they would blatantly make up stories and lies about his friend. Didn’t they know it was horribly rude, and also really petty. Katsuki deserved none of that. Heck, the blonde omega was the only one he could talk to about his crush without fear of being made fun of.

“So, what now?” Eijirou asked as they stepped into the nurse’s office. He looked around the room noticing that the actual nurse wasn’t around. If he were anyone else he might’ve been thinking about this going in the direction of some poorly thought out porno. However, he was pretty sure that Katsuki wasn’t going to jump him in some heat induced sex craze. The omega could get really intense sometimes, like really, but he had expressly voiced his distaste in pursuing anything other than platonic affection with the red headed alpha on many an occasion. Eijirou was totally ok with that, he didn’t think he’d be able to keep up with Katsuki at all.

“You can go back to class, or whatever, I don’t give a fuck.” Katsuki grumbled, making his way to the nearest cot. He let his bag fall to the ground as he crawled into it gingerly. He flopped onto his side with his back to the door. He sighed to himself unhappily as his face hit the thin pillow. He was not pleased with the ridgid mattress or the steril scent of the sheets. After spending almost all his time laid up in the ridiculously soft satin blend sheets Toshinori used he was a bit spoiled.

“Um, alright. Let me know when you’re feeling better.” Eijirou said, already knowing that Katsuki was well on his way to ignoring him. He chuckled to himself when all he got in response was a lazy wave. He backed out the room, confident that the omega would be alright.

Katsuki listened to the door click shut and buried himself further into the thin sheets of the cot. He trailed a hand to his stomach again, letting his fingers run over the top of his cardigan. He smoothed the fabric down across the top of his stomach, running his palm over the light curve. He groaned in want and pressed his face into the pillow beneath his head, trying valiantly to hide his blush from himself.

There was definitely something wrong with him. Even if he was a sex crazed teenager, there was no reason for him to want to have a kid. Even if the drive to conceive a child was some evolutionary prerogative that came ingrained in all omega he should’ve been able to deny his instincts, but he wanted it. He wanted to carry a child, wanted to give birth, wanted to care and coddle them, wanted to watch them grow up. He wanted to do it with Toshinori.

Katsuki groaned in frustration. He rolled over, forcing the thoughts from his mind. He had to actively shut down every stray thought and question that passed through his mind. If he couldn’t focus he needed to sleep, that was it. He needed to sleep through the last of his heat daze, so he would be back to a normal functioning student when he woke up. So he lay in the cot with his eyes clenched shut, furiously batting away his thoughts until he drifted off.

Classes were over by the time the nurse finally woke him from his admittedly long nap. The beta smiled at him warmly from where she sat at her desk scribbling at a notebook she had placed open. She informed him that she had written him a pass to give to his teachers for skipping his afternoon classes. Which he was grateful for but knew none of the stingy old school alphas and betas would actually accept.

He thanked her anyways, stifling a yawn and sitting up slowly. He brought a hand to rub at his stomach on autopilot. He was disappointed, but not surprised, that the swell had gone down. He pulled his hand away with the click of a tongue and leaned over the side of the bed to dig his cell phone from his bag.

He cursed, checking the time, realizing he was going to be late to pick Izuku up from the toddler’s daycare. He nodded to the nurse gratefully, scooting off the cot. He didn’t make it far before an uncomfortable twinge broke out between his thighs. He quickly masked the wince he made remembering the plug he was still wearing. His gaze dart to the nurse checking to see if she noticed anything amiss.

He quickly dart out the door when he realized she hadn’t. He tried to keep his gait as normal as possible as he bustled through the empty halls. He debated on calling Izuku’s daycare to let them know he would be late but he really needed to take out the plug first. He practically burst into the omega bathroom.

Katsuki slumped back against the metal door of a stall almost as soon as he locked it behind him. He cursed, shimming his pants and underwear down around the tops of his thighs. He slipped a hand between his legs, fingers curling around the base of the plug. It had to be the size of an average knot in order to work the way he wanted to, so it was a bit smaller than his curled fist. He gave a light tug, hissing immediately as a small curl of pleasure slipped up his spine. He bit at his free hand, groaning slightly as he slowly worked the large toy back out. His face flushed as he muffled his tiny moans in his skin, thoroughly ashamed.

He bit at his hand harshly, tossing his head back against the door with a thud. He trembled as the toy slowly passed through the tight ring of muscles. The wet sound of his cunt sucking at the toy echoed around the empty bathroom. Slick leaked from the warm walls of his cunt, dripping down his fingers and pooling in his palm. He was such a pervert, getting aroused in his high school bathroom.

He sighed with relief as the plug popped free from his entrance, and took the time to catch his breath. He lay partially supported against the stall door, his chest heaving in ragged breaths as he wait. He slowly pulled his hand from his mouth, panting harshly. There were little red divots from where his teeth hand been clenched and the skin was coated in a healthy dosing of saliva. Personally he found the fact he drooled when aroused a little bit gross. Toshinori loved it though, and that was good enough for Katsuki.

Shaking the thought from his head, Katsuki wrapped the toy in a thick bundle of toilet paper. He hastily wiped off both hands with a different wad, flushing it down the toilet in mortification. He shoved the toy deep into the bottom of his bag, burying it beneath his gym clothes. He would’ve loved to wash it but the chance of someone walking in was still toy high for his tastes.

Fixing himself haphazardly, Katsuki peeked out the door to ensure no one else had entered the bathroom before walking out. He made his way to the counter, flicking on the faucet and shoved his hands under the water. He glanced at his reflection briefly as he scrubbed at his skin vigorously. He took in the heavy flush on his face and the slightly dazed far off look in his eyes. He clicked his tongue and dropped his gaze to stare at the soap foaming on his hands.

He was an actual fucking slut. He’d spent the whole day sitting on a toy and wishing he had more of Toshinori’s seed swirling in his stomach. He didn’t even feel bad about it, or wrong for doing it. Instead he was mortified because it felt so good. That was a particular line of thought he didn’t want to go into in his high school bathroom. So he pushed the thoughts out of his mind, drying his hands and taking off.

The route to Izuku’s daycare wasn’t too long, but he knew it by heart. He didn’t have to focus on where he was going, giving him plenty of time to think as he walked. The staff at the daycare knew Katsuki by name at this point. He’d been picking Izuku up for practically two years now, he’d be more surprised if they didn’t know him. He knew that some of them had some unsavory rumors about him. Normally he wouldn’t care if they talked about him or not, but now that some of the rumors were probably true because he was sleeping with Izuku’s father he was starting to reevaluate that. Anything they said about him could reflect back on the alpha, and Izuku in combination.

Katsuki tramped through the doors of Izuku’s daycare with a positively stormy scowl on his face. He was uncaring as a couple of children skittered out of his path and into their parents offended holds. He scowled at one particular nanny he’d had several bouts with as she huffed at him in exasperation. His mood only plummeted further as he recognized the omega woman chatting up the desk attendant.

The poor attendant was clearly only trying to be polite, her smile was strained and she was leaning away just slightly. The omega mother was waving a hand through the air, occasionally flipping back her trendy short hair. The attendants face sagged in relief as she noticed Katsuki over the woman’s shoulder, taking the blonde’s approach as an chance to escape.

“Bakugou-san! I’ll let Izuku know you’re here.” She said, clapping her hands together in false cheer. She bowed to the other omega apologetically and hustled away before the woman could say more. Katsuki clicked his tongue in disdain at the woman’s hasty retreat, suddenly finding himself left with the annoying omega mother. It was ironic, because he didn’t recognized that attendant at all, she must have been filling in while Izuku’s teacher was on maternity leave. It meant the other staff had probably talked about him if she recognized him on sight. He could take a couple stabs at what the topic was.

“Bakugou-kun.” The mother he had been steadfastly trying to ignore called out to him, her voice dripping with false pleasantries. Her maroon painted lips stretched back in the mockery of a smile, revealing dentist straight teeth. Her son lingered at her side, looking completely put upon.

“Kesho.” Katsuki grunted, barely glancing at her. For the life of him he couldn’t figure out why she made it her mission to stick around and harass the other parents after she picked up her kid. He loathed her and her little hell spawn, her little alpha. He hoped her caterpillar looking eyelashes would flutter away in the wind and he’d be spared from the overdone makeup look she had going. He could barely prevent himself from grinding his teeth in irritation as she lifted a perfectly manicured hand to laugh behind. She was one of those women who made it her goal to ensure people knew their status was below hers each time she walked out the house.

“I was just wondering what Yagi-san was up to these days. I see so little of him one would think he’s not the family type.” She said, pressing a hand to her cheek delicately. She reached a hand out to grasp her son’s shoulder, like she couldn’t bear the thought of having someone else pick the boy up. Her face schooled itself in a carefully crafted mix of disappointment and remorse. It was just genuine enough that the outside onlooker could mistake it for actual concern. Katsuki knew better.

He found himself feeling distinctly affronted on Toshinori’s behalf. He didn’t know the exact goal the woman was trying to achieve by slighting the alpha, but Katsuki was not going to let it slide. Maybe she was hoping he would get overly offended and she could gossip about how the man’s omega babysitter was unnaturally attached. Maybe she was hoping he would set up a meeting between the two of them and she could try sinking her grubby unfaithful hands in the single alpha. Maybe she just wanted to stir up trouble like the ugly troll she was. If she wanted to fight him, Katsuki was all for it. Before he could get out an eloquent ‘look, bitch’ Izuku was crashing into him.

“Kacchan!” The green haired child squealed, clinging to Katsuki’s legs tightly. He tilted his head back to beam up at the omega with practically sparkling eyes. The last time he saw Kacchan was that morning, and that was forever ago. He was struggling not to jump up and down in his spot from how excited he was to see the other.

“Hah, you tryin’ to knock me over, Deku?” Katsuki asked, grinning at the child. He bent down, scooping Izuku up swiftly. Izuku shrieked jovially as Katsuki tossed the boy over his shoulder. He poked his fingers into Izuku’s side’s, listening to the toddler laugh and beg for mercy. He swept up Izuku’s tote bag, shrugging it over his other shoulder with his own. He turned back to the omega woman he wished would just go and die already as an afterthought.

“Yagi-san’s a busy guy, I’m sure he’ll turn up again.” Katsuki said with a little shrug. He turned to walk away, Izuku still slung over his shoulder. Honestly he shouldn’t have even spared the woman another word after Izuku showed up. The whole pleasantry thing was not for him. With a discontent scowl, Katsuki adjusted Izuku’s position and lengthened his stride.

Izuku pat at Katuski’s back, content to be carried for the time being. This was the most time he’d ever spent with the red eyed omega, and it was amazing! All weekend Kacchan had cooked him food, and played with him, and read him stories, and they cuddled! He was a little sad his papa never joined the cuddling, because Kacchan was really warm and soft. Still it was really fun. He wanted the omega to stay longer.

“Kacchan, you should spend the night again.” Izuku state, kicking his legs slightly, excited by the prospect. If Kacchan stayed longer the could play more, and papa could play too. Kacchan could build another fort and his papa might cuddle with them this time. It’d be like having a mom. Or, at least, that’s what his classmates made having a mom sound like.

Katsuki startled hard, almost dropping Izuku in the process. Katsuki felt himself blush all the way down to his chest. If only Izuku knew what he was doing when he spent the night. Not only would the child probably be scarred for life, but he would never want to see Katsuki again. The blonde swat at Izuku’s wiggling limbs to keep from getting kicked in the face and opted to just put the toddler down instead.

“I might stay over again. I’d need to head home and grab some clothes first.” Katsuki admit. His parents were away for another two weeks so it wasn’t like he was going to be missed if he spent the night again. He did like staying with Izuku and Toshinori, but he didn’t think wearing only a variety of Toshinori’s shirts would go over well in the long run. He also wasn’t sure how the alpha would feel about him essentially moving in for the time being, but it also didn’t seem like he was going anywhere anytime soon.

“We can go now! I can help! I can see Kacchan’s house for the first time.” Izuku shouted, bouncing on his toes. The idea of Katsuki spending the night again was firmly fixed in his head. He was going to be the biggest help. Kacchan was never gonna want to leave because there were having fun.

Katsuki stared down at Izuku’s shining face as he thought it over. He was actually planning to talk it over with Toshinori first and go from there but Izuku looked so determined. It wasn’t even like it was all that far out of the way, maybe four or so blocks. They could swing by, Katsuki could grab a couple changes of clothes and they’d be on their way. Besides, in the event Toshinori didn’t want him to stay he could always just walk home. So he nodded, watching the way Izuku lit up at the fact. The toddler squealed bouncing around, and skipping in a small circle in in his uncontainable giddiness.

Katsuki took the child’s hand, making there way down the street and towards his house. His thoughts started to run away from him as they walked. He was worried he was moving too fast. This was his first and only relationship, if he could even title it as such. Toshinori was the only alpha he even entertained the idea of sleeping with. In three short days he had not only done that, but agreed to have the man’s child and proceeded to let the alpha try and impregnate him on practically every surface in the house. The living room couch was quickly becoming the alpha’s favorite haunt.

Katsuki huffed out an agitated breath, pinching at the bridge of his nose as he felt a headache coming on. He was so fucking brilliant, getting himself into this situation, but he couldn’t stop himself. All toshinori had to do was put those large hands on his waist and Katsuki was bending over for the alpha. The fact should’ve been humiliating, Katsuki never spared alpha a glance at school, but this is what he loved. Every damn second of it.

He loved sobbing for the man’s cock, begging and crying to be pounded. He loved being stuffed to the brim. Loved the swell of the alpha’s knot plugging him closed. Loved the feeling of the man’s cum swishing in his womb. Everything, he loved everything Toshinori gave him.

The chance that he wasn’t pregnant was so ridiculously low that he couldn’t even consider it. He’d already stated he didn’t want an abortion, he wasn’t going back on it now. How could he, when he was so attached to the mere thought of something that barely exist. It was his child, his and Toshinori’s.

Katsuki frowned, a thought niggling at the back of his mind. He dropped his gaze down to Izuku. The toddler happily swung their conjoined hands, humming a disjointed tune and hopping over the cracks in the sidewalk. A weird kind of fear crept up the back of Katsuki’s neck. Izuku was also Toshinori’s child. What if the toddler didn’t want a younger sibling? What if Izuku hated the baby? What if he hated Katsuki?

Katsuki instantly determined that he wouldn’t be able to handle Izuku hating him in any form, the thought horrified him. It would be even worse if the toddler hated his younger sibling. It wasn’t like Katsuki could blame him if Izuku decided he hated them both. He would be pretty damn annoyed himself if some harlot slept with his father and tried to convince him that he had to look out for the baby they were carrying, like they were his new parent or something.

Katsuki bit his lip as that opened up a whole new line of thinking. He wasn’t Izuku’s parent, even if he was going to be a parent. Would Toshinori want him to be Izuku’s mom too? He would do it in a heartbeat, he loved the toddler. He would kill someone for making the boy unhappy, but if Izuku didn’t want him then he’d be that step mom. The one that was routinely told ‘you’re not my real mom’. Call him dramatic, but Katsuki would die if he ever heard those words come from Izuku’s mouth. He was panicking, he needed to talk to Toshinori.

“Kacchan, are we gonna go in?” Izuku asked curiously. They had made it to the front door a while ago, but katsuki seemed to be thinking really hard about something. Izuku had glanced around to figure out what, but didn’t see anything that could catch the teen’s attention. He glanced at the red painted door in front of him, looking it up and down.

“Yeah.” Katsuki said absently, startling out of his thoughts. He dug his other hand in his pocket for his keys. He unlocked the front door and swung it open. He was fully used to stepping into the dark empty foyer by now, flicking on the lights as he went.

“Pardon the intusion!” Izuku called into the house, bouncing after Katsuki. He released the teen’s hand to bend down and untie his shoes. His tongue poked out his mouth as he fumbled with the laces between his chubby fingers.

“Deku, it’s just you and me.” Katsuki said slipping off his own shoes. He bent down to help Izuku pull off his shoes, steading the boy as he wobbled on one foot. He lined up there shoes on the empty rack by the door and stepped up into the house.

“Oh, Where’s your Mama and Papa?” Izuku asked, clamoring after Katsuki on unsteady legs. He looked around at the walls taking in the unframed canvases filled with sharp lines and formless squiggles. He tilt his head trying to make sense of what they were supposed to be stopping to look more closely.

“Keep up, Deku!” Katsuki called back, pausing at the bottom of the stairs to wait for the lingering toddler. He held out a hand for Izuku to grab hold of as the toddler quickly scurried to his side. Together they trekked up the stairs.

“Those pictures are silly, Kacchan.” Izuku exclaimed, forgetting about his earlier question. He focused hard on his steps, carefully watching his feet as he climbed the slick wood stairs. He grips Katsuki’s hand with familiarity, grateful the teen is there to pull him up when he stumbled.

“It’s modern art.” Katsuki explained. He took a sharp left upon reaching the top of the stairs and swung open the door to his room. He flushed a dark red as the stale scent of sex slapped him in the face. His sheets are still in disarray from the morning, a crumpled twisted statement to his early morning activities. He’s so glad Izuku is still premature and couldn’t pick up on the scent.

“Let’s hurry.” Katsuki says dropping Izuku’s hand and making a line for his closet. He pulls out a duffle and tosses it on top of his sheets, uncaring as it lands slightly off kilter. He hastily grabs his spare uniform out of the closet and tosses it in the bag before making his way to his dresser. Izuku stands in the doorway for a moment, looking around the room until something catches his eye.

“What’s this?” Izuku asks, the toddler walking forward to pick something up off the ground. He turns the black oval like object in his hands over noticing it has two buttons on it. He clicks one and vibrating sound starts up somewhere else in the room. Katsuki whips around quickly, staring at the toddler with wide eyes.

“Give me that.” Katsuki says stiffly, plucking the remote out of Izuku's curious fingers. He clicks the switch again and the vibrating stops. The remote must have fallen out of his box when he was rushing earlier this morning. He knew Izuku had no idea what it was but it didn’t stop the embarrassment.

“It goes to a toy.” Katsuki grumbles out as an explanation. He eyes the remote critically for a moment, a devious idea slowly coming to mind. He grins widely his gaze turning to Izuku sharply.

“Actually, I think your papa would really like it.” Katsuki says giddily. He ruffles Izuku’s hair as he steps past the child to duck under his bed. He quickly finds the matching vibrator and tosses it into the duffle with a mischievous excitement.

“Really?” Izuku asks his eyes lighting up. He makes his way to the side of the bed as well, standing on his toes to try and see what Katsuki had put in his bag. He huffs when he realizes he can’t catch a glance, sinking back to his heels in disappointment. He pouts crossing his arms over his chest moodily, he wanted to know what Kacchan was going to give his papa.

“Oh, don’t pout. It’s a grown up toy, you wouldn't like it.” Katsuki say with a grin and a fond chuckle as he moves back to his dresser. He fishes through his top drawer for a few more pairs of panties. If he plucked out a couple cute and a couple lacy you couldn’t shame him for it. He tosses them into the duffle and turns back to the still pouting toddler.

“Izuku, you wanna help me pick out some outfits?” Katsuki asks, tilting his head just slightly. He has to stop himself from snorting at how easily Izuku perks up at the suggestion. The toddler chirping excitedly and rushing to the teen’s side.

Together they go through the drawers. Izuku looks at almost every shirt Katsuki owns, gasping in awe as he come across the couple mock vintage superhero shirts the teen has shoved in the bottom. Katsuki shakes his head as Izuku eagerly hands them over babbling that they could match. Overall the rest of the packing doesn’t take long at all, partly because Katsuki was afraid to pack too much for fear of overstaying his welcome.

“We’re done! Let’s go home.” Izuku cheers swinging his arms and bouncing in his spot. He reaches out for Katsuki’s hand, eager to go so they can get started with their night.

“Yeah.” Katsuki says reluctantly. His earlier thoughts come flooding back to his mind. Sure it was home for Izuku, but it wasn’t for him. He wanted it to be though.

Chapter Text

“You want to move in?” Toshinori asked in surprise. Well he wasn’t actually surprised, he’d been expecting something of the sort after all the time Katsuki had been spending over. He smiled to himself as he wrestled a T-shirt over his head, ruffling his hair as he was freed from the confines of the cotton fabric. It would be nice having the other around on a more steady schedule. He turned to Katsuki, raising an eyebrow as the teen furiously shook his head.

“No, just stay here when my parents are gone.” Katsuki explained from where he was sitting on the california king sized mattress. He sank into the cushioning lightly, his hands braced on either side of himself. He raised his shoulders in a half hearted shrug as he stared at Toshinori imploringly. He didn’t want to seem needy, or like he was forcing himself into the alpha’s home.

“Hm, I have no problem with it.” The alpha hummed, gripping at his chin in thought. There was no immediate harm in letting Katsuki stick around. The other was over often enough that it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to see the younger blonde coming and going. When ever the teen fell pregnant, there would be talk sure, but he’d actually prefer it if the Katsuki stayed close by.

“Oh!” Toshinori said, dropping his fist onto an open palm as he suddenly remembered something. He strode from the dresser to where he had dropped his work bag in the floor when he’d come home earlier. He sifted through the contents quickly, making a short reminder to actually go through the documents later. He made a little triumphant noise upon finding what he was looking for, pulling it out with a bit of excitement.

“Here you are.” Toshinori said, standing from his position and walking over to where Katsuki was seated. He dropped the colorful bottle in the omega’s outstretched hand. He smiled to himself a little fondly as he watched the other’s brows screw up in confusion. He was actually pretty proud he even remembered to go pick these up.

“What?” Katsuki asked. He rolled the bottle over in his hands, blinking at the label in bewilderment. They were prenatal vitamins. He felt his face heat, his free hand pressing against his stomach lightly. His gaze snapped up to look at the alpha in awe. The other was already thinking about the health of their child, that fact had a little happy tingle sliding down his spine.

“Ideally you would begin taking them before you start trying to conceive. But, ah, I haven’t been the most patient, I admit.” Toshinori said with a chuckle. He shrugged his shoulders helplessly, his grin turning a little sheepish. He raised a hand to reflexively to rub at the back of his neck, ducking his head a little. The skin around his eyes crinkled just a bit, and if it hadn’t been the most adorable thing Katsuki had seen the alpha do in a while.

Would Katsuki be weird if he thought it was sexy? How fucking hot it was that Toshinori was such a great dad? Because, holy hell, it was. Izuku was a literal angel, who adored his father like no other, and the man who had raised such a perfect child decided to have a baby with him. It was mind boggling but Katsuki was secure in the knowledge that, moving forward, their own baby was going to be just as loved and spoiled as Izuku was. The thought had him pressing his thighs together and biting down a whimper as he grew damp.

“God, I wanna have your baby.” Katsuki found himself blurting out regardless. At this point he felt like he needed it. Like he needed Toshinori like he did oxygen. He was going to have a child with this alpha, stigmas be damned.

Toshinori’s eyebrows shot up in surprise at the sudden deceleration. The slight sweet scent of Katsuki’s slick has them lowering once more. The alpha’s lips pull back in a lopsided grin and he steps forwards, parting the teen’s legs to stand between them. It’s no secret that Toshinori is tall, he practically towers over everyone he comes in contact with. In this situation, however, his height puts his slowly hardening cock in line with Katsuki’s mouth.

“Oh? What a coincidence, I want to knock you up.” Toshinori muses with a mischievous grin. He threads a hand through Katsuki’s hair, he tilts the other’s head back just slightly. A pleasant shudder runs down his back as Katsuki lets out a ragged breath. The omega’s plump cupid bow lips brushing against the clothed tip of the alpha’s cock.

“Toshinori.” Katsuki breaths, his tongue darting out to wet his lips. It’s a quick transition from there to having his mouth around the fabric covering the alpha’s cock. He wants to taste it, and this was not doing it for him. He’s only getting the barest hints of the alpha’s musk through the layers keeping him from the man’s cock. He whines in disappointment, his mouth working sloppily over the bulge.

“Fuck, let me suck you off. Please, please alpha.” Katsuki groans, pulling back with a pant. He gazes up at Toshinori with hazy eyes, lips parted and heavy breaths rocking his chest. He doesn’t even care that he’s begging. He runs a hand over the generous bulge in Toshinori’s pants reverently, biting his lip as the alpha grinds into his palm. He’s gotta have it in his mouth, needs to know if it feels just as good there as it does in his cunt.

“Switch with me.” Toshinori commands, a growl reverberating in his chest. His smile is sharp as Katsuki practically shoots up, sliding around the man and pushing the alpha back onto the edge of the bed. He watches the teen drop to his knees swiftly, the motion hypnotizingly fluid. An appreciative hum leaves Toshinori’s throat as Katsuki settles between his thighs, the boy’s hands snaking up his sweatpant clad legs.

Katsuki hastily works to pull Toshinori free from his sweatpants. He groans greedily as he holds the familiar weight in his hands. He licks at his lips again, loosely curling his fingers around the base. He stacks his hands one on top of the other, shuddering as he realizes the tip still pokes out from his grip. He can hardly believe he’s come in contact with this monstrous thing before.

“You’re so big. You’ve been inside me so many times, but I’ll never get over it.” Katsuki mumbles, leaning forwards to lap at the tip. His cunt is practically free flowing as the heady flavor bursts across his tongue. The taste is salty and heavy, clogging all of his senses at once. He pulls back with a moan, his lips already shiny with spit and a little bit of precum. He was going to have the time of his life sucking the man off, he could tell.

Toshinori buzzed with barely contained lust. The way Katsuki stares at his cock, crosseyed and dazed, almost like the teen is worshipping him, has him considering just grabbing a fist full of the teen’s hair and fucking right in. He groans as Katsuki’s tongue sweeps past his frenulum before sliding over his tip again. He broad flat plane of Katsuki’s tongue drags slowly up and down the length of his cock, licking past every vein along the way.

“Ah, I can feel everything.” Katsuki babbled, his lips brushing against Toshinori’s cock as he spoke. He squirms in excitement, pushing his lips over the top. He rubs the thick head of alpha’s cock across the roof of his mouth. He moans around the girth stretching his lips wide, sucking at the different valleys and ridges presented by the veins lacing the length of Toshinori’s generous cock.

Toshinori can’t help but drop his head back with a hiss. The feeling of Katsuki’s warm eager mouth exploring his shaft sending sparks of pleasure shooting up and down his spine. He feels good, powerful, having the omega on his knees. He doesn’t want to say he could get used to this, but he could get used to this. Could get used the the pressure of the teen’s mouth sucking at him. Could get used to the slick feeling of himself pressed against the other’s cheeks, throat, tongue, all of it.

“Toshi, Toshi, you want to come in my mouth, or?” Katsuki asks, pulling off the end with a heavy pant. He continues to lazily stroke a hand up and down Toshinori’s cock. He alternates pressure as he pumps at the other’s dick, watching the alpha’s face for hints on what to do next. He wants to get this question out the way, because once he starts he doesn’t think he’ll be able to stop. He eyes the alpha’s cock hunger, wanting to get it back in his mouth as soon as possible.

“Hm, what?” Toshinori slurs, dragging himself out of his bliss. It takes his mind a couple seconds to catch up with the question asked to him. He would be lying if the thought of Katsuki drinking down his spend didn’t make him harder than a rock. It definitely appealed to him, however there was something he wanted a bit more than that right now.

“Ah, actually I would like to,” He pauses, coughing into his fist with embarrassment. It’s a completely self satisfying request. A little perverse, and perhaps a little degrading for Katsuki, but every alpha has one. It doesn’t help that Katsuki is still looking up at him through those sultry eyes.

“I would like to come on your face. If you don’t mind, of course.” He rushes out, almost in a single breath. He feels himself redden even further as Katsuki tilts his head in surprise for a moment. His trepidation is quickly replaced by a rush of anticipation as Katsuki’s mouth stretches into a lecherous grin.

“You are surprisingly kinky, alpha.” Katsuki says, leaning forwards pressing Toshinori’s cock against his cheek. Now that he’s close he can smell the alpha’s stench. It’s sweaty, a little like damp wood but glorious nonetheless. It makes him drool, his eyelids fluttering as the hunger grows in his belly. He turns to lick up the side of the girthy shaft before sucking the man down ravenously.

Toshinori is lost, just like that. He groans as Katsuki’s mouth drags over his length. The teen slurps loudly, saliva dripping down his chin and Toshinori’s cock as he works the entire length. The alpha growls and groans at the wet slide of Katsuki’s mouth. He watches the teen work through lidded eyes, the other looking positively wrecked as he stuffs his mouth with the alpha’s cock.

Katsuki’s cheeks bulge as he pushes the alpha’s cock into the stretchy walls. He swirls his tongue, tracing every bump he comes across. He tilts his head back, gasping through his nose as Toshinoir’s cock slips further into his mouth. He can’t help the little moan that vibrates through his chest as more salty precum drips down his throat. He adjusts the girth in his mouth, pushing it around just slightly with his tongue.

He needs more, so much more. His eyes roll back as he hollows his cheeks in a rough suck, holding his breath in wait. The tip brushes against the back of his throat and he swallows instinctively. The muscles in his throat squeeze at the alpha in undulating rolls, milking just a bit more precum.

Toshinori curses, his body shaking with pleasure. This was good, damn good. Katsuki’s spit slickened palms work at anything the teen can’t fit in his mouth. The warm hands twisting and squeezing at his sensitive member with calculated proficiency. Toshinori bucks his hips involuntarily as the omega swallows around his cock again.

Katsuki gags as the man suddenly fills his entire mouth. He pulls back quickly, gulping down a breath of air and calming his reflex. He clicks his tongue in defiance, taking another deep breath in preparation and opening his mouth wide. Before the alpha could even think to apologize Katsuki is diving back in with determination. His eyes slip closed as his jaws stretch wide. He shoves the meaty weight of Toshinori’s cock into his mouth, savoring every inch.

He moans again, warbling around the cock filling his mouth. He tucks a hand down his shorts to attend to his weeping cunt. His fingers work sloppily, barely coordinated enough to slip past his soaked folds. He sucks in time to the fumbling presses of his fingers against his dripping folds. Heavy pants rush through his nose as he swirls his tongue around the man’s cock. His eyes roll in his head and he manages to glance up at the alpha through a bleary gaze.

Toshinori stared down at the teen in wonder, electric blue eyes hooded in unadulterated want. He raises a hand, carding it through Katsuki’s hair. He rumbles out a possessive growl as Katsuki’s eyes flutter closed at the touch. The teen looks deceptively good; His face red from exertion, lips and chin shining with spit, his cheeks hollowed around the width of Toshinori’s cock. Little tears cling to the corners of Katsuki’s eyes completing the picture. Toshinori’s grip tightens roughly as Katsuki pulls off with a wet sounding pop to blow a gust of air across his skin. The rapidly cooled saliva on his heated erection has him tensing and curling his toes with a grunt.

Katsuki grins to himself, working his hand up and down Toshinori’s length again. He pushes the alpha back into his mouth before his flow is broken. He twirls his tongue around the head, sucking firmly. His jaw is starting to ache as he works at the alpha. He sloppily presses the man’s thick cock in and out of his mouth, moaning wantonly the entire time.

“Fuck, Katsuki, my omega. I’m so close.” Toshinori grunts, his teeth clenching in a hiss. With the way Katsuki was working over his dick, he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. He groaned as Katsuki slurped at him again and again, the teen’s ministrations curling heat in his lower stomach. He threads his fingers through spiky blond locks, tugging just a bit as he groaned in satisfaction.

Katsuki’s whole body spasmed at the words. Being called Toshinori’s, the idea of belonging to the alpha, it had him gushing all over the fingers pressed into his greedy cunt. He sped his pace, determined to get the alpha off more than ever. Disappointment was never an option, but now he had to please the alpha. He crowed to himself in triumph as Toshinori’s breathing picked up. The man squirmed anxiously beneath his touch. He pulled away, pumping his hand over the length furiously.

“Come on, alpha.” Katsuki said hoarsely, his grin wild. His smile only grew larger as Toshinori seized up. He reflexively closed his eyes as hot sticky semen splattered across his face. He licked his lips, clearing the little bit that landed there. He shuddered again, another groan leaving his lips, as the salty umami taste settled on his tongue. He blinked open his eyes once sure none of the cum clung to his eyelids to find Toshinori staring down at him in awe.

“Oh my goodness.” Toshinori said, his breath leaving him in a woosh. He flopped back into the sheets, spent. He wanted a picture, to eternalize the sight the omega made.The sight of the smaller blonde: red faced, covered in his seed, the teen’s own shorts soiled by his sudden release. It was a sight that was going to stick with him for a good long while, and he hoped to replicate it again in the future.

Katsuki snorted to himself as he got to his feet. He made his way to the bathroom, his step a little peppier than normal. He wiped down the inside of his thighs with a wet rag, peeling his shorts and underwear from his skin. He hummed happily as he washed the spunk off his face, fighting back a grin the whole time. He congratulated himself for pleasing the alpha as he pat his skin dry. He made his way back to the bedroom, where Toshinori was still splayed out on the bed. The alpha unmoving, staring up at the ceiling unseeingly.

“You ok there?” Katsuki asked, tossing a damp face cloth at the alpha as he walked by. He retrieved an extra pair of panties and shorts from his duffel, pulling them up over his legs. He turned to make his way back to the alpha. He crawled into bed next to the other, the mattress dipping slightly under his weight. He curled himself into Toshinori’s side, sprawling half across the other’s chest in the process.

“I think I may have just lost a quarter of my life.” Toshinori mumbled in a daze. He took the rag that had been tossed at him, cleaning himself swiftly. He tucked himself back into his sweats, tossing the rag in the general direction of the clothes hamper. He rolled to face Katsuki, wrapping his arms around the teen’s waist in the process. He drew the other close, pressing his nose into the top of Katsuki’s hair. He was finding himself continuously surprised by the omega, it’d been a long time since he’d been given head that good.

“Well, I’m gonna need you alive for a little while longer.” Katsuki joked, hiding his smile in the man’s chest. He wasn’t sure if what he was feeling currently was love or the leftover hormone rush from a sexual act. What he did know was that he really, really liked Toshinori. That fact brought him all sorts of anxious thoughts on a regular day, but right now, tucked in the alpha’s hold, he was on cloud nine.

“Of course, of course.” Toshinori chuckled. He brushed Katsuki’s hair off his forehead, locking gazes with adoring red eyes. The alpha felt a palpable fondness settle in his chest, softening the smile on his face. Like this Katsuki looked soft, pliable, trusting. The teen’s normal sharp gaze unguarded, just for him. His emotions crashed over him, overwhelming and all consuming. He leaned down, intending to give the omega a kiss only for Katsuki to back away quickly. Toshinori’s lips turned downwards in confusion, fearing he’d over stepped a boundary somewhere. He searched the other’s face, looking for signs of discomfort.

“I didn’t brush my teeth.” Katsuki mumbled, horrified. He covered his mouth with a hand, his nose wrinkling in the process. He hadn’t even considered it when he was in the bathroom earlier. It would probably be really disgusting if Toshinori kissed him right now.

“It’s fine.” Toshinori mumbled with a small amused snort. He leaned forwards to try again, only for Katsuki to back away once more. Toshinori sighed internally, the other was stubborn. He couldn’t help the little smile that worked at his lips as Katsuki shook his head vehemently.

“No, I had your cock all in my mouth. You don’t need to taste that.” Katsuki groused, squirming in the alpha’s hold. He huffed when the man finally let him go scooting away slightly. He slid off the bed, scurrying back to the bathroom. He could practically hear Toshinori’s eye roll as the other shifted up to follow him.

“You would be wrong if you think I haven’t tasted my own cum.” Toshinori said with a slight shake of his head. He leaned against the doorway to observe the teen, folding his arms across his chest in the process. The vicious sound of Katsuki scrubbing at his teeth stopped abruptly. Toshinori frowned at the sudden sour spike in the other’s scent.

Katsuki stared at the sink in contemplation. Of course Toshinori’s had other partners, he was the experienced one in the relationship. Katsuki was the one just winging it, having the time of his life and hoping everything turned out for the best. He had no fucking clue what he was doing, and that was scary. He shouldn’t feel so surprised to hear the other say something like that.

“Katsuki?” Toshinori asked in concern. He pushed off from his position and stepped into the bathroom. He felt his skin crawl in uncertainty as Katsuki turned to look at him. The teen’s expression was filled with self doubt. Toshinori hovered, unsure of what was going through Katsuki’s head at the moment.

Katsuki slowly pulled the tooth brush from his mouth, fiddling with it slightly. It wasn’t surprising, it shouldn’t hurt like it did. Izuku existed as living proof Toshinori’s had another partner, but it still sat with him weird. The man was a successful alpha, there were probably hundreds of omega willing to jump on his dick. Katsuki felt inadequate, like he had nothing to offer the other and he didn’t know what to do with that.

“Your wife?” Katsuki finally asked, his voice small. Really he shouldn’t be doing this to himself, comparing himself to Toshinori’s past partners, real or fake. He didn’t want to be a replacement, or a whim, but that’s what he was making himself following this line of thought. He wanted to be Toshinori’s, whatever that entailed.

Toshinori sucked in a sharp breath at the question, his heart sinking to the pit of his stomach. He wasn’t ready to talk about this: not when his heart still clenched and he physically ached thinking about her. He owes katsuki an explanation, he knows this, but he can’t. It’d been years, he should’ve been able to process it by now, but he hadn’t and it still stung. It wasn’t fair to Katsuki, what he was trying to do to the other and not resolving this issue, but he was a coward.

“That is a long conversation.” Toshinori says after a while. He exhales slowly, scrubbing a hand through his hair and rubbing at the back of his neck. There are a lot of conversations they need to have if they’re going to make this thing work. He wanted to get the more pressing ones out of the way before he attempted to cover things from his past. He sighs, stepping close to the omega and placing a hand at the small of the other’s back.

“Right,” Katsuki says to himself. He repeats the word, spitting it out bitterly as he turns back to the sink to finish brushing his teeth. He’s not going to deny the response stung, even if he kind of expected it. He knew a dismissal when he heard one, he’d been hearing them practically all his life after all.

Toshinori drops his shoulders at the aggravated tone Katsuki held, the night had been going so well too. He couldn’t fault Katsuki for the plummet in mood, that was natural. Katsuki was a new partner, it was inevitable that the other was going to compare himself to Toshinori’s previous wife. He sighed looking out towards the bedroom briefly, they couldn’t go to sleep like this.

“Here,” Toshinori says. He tugs at Katsuki’s arm gently as the teen finishes brushing his teeth. He pulls the other into his chest, Katsuki giving little resistance. He wraps the omega in an apologetic hug, pressing his cheek to the top of Katsuki’s head.

“There are many things we need to talk about, but that one should wait. Please.” Toshinori mutters. His heart twists as he stares at their reflection in the wall to wall mirror adorning the bathroom wall. Katsuki’s fingers clutch at his shirt in aggravation, the teen’s face buried completely in Toshinori’s chest. The teen looks so small next to him, like he’s fragile and easy to break. Toshinori feels like such a jerk, like he’s trying to manipulate the teen’s emotions to suit him.

He unravels from the hug, offering a supportive smile down to the teen as he does so. He can see the uncertainty in Katsuki’s eyes and he tries his best to assuage it. He trails his hands down Katsuki’s arms, linking their fingers together and giving the other’s hands a light squeeze. He brings the other’s hands to his lips, kissing the teen’s knuckles gently before pulling the forlorn teen back into the bedroom.

Katsuki crawled into bed almost on autopilot. He slides under the sheets and leans back against the headboard. He stares at his hands resolutely, twiddling his thumbs as Toshinori slips onto the other side of the bed next to him. He doesn’t want to drop the subject, but he doesn’t want to press the alpha either. He’s in a horrible position, sleeping with an older man. He knows Toshinori isn’t malicious, but the alpha has money and a good bit of political pull. If the man wanted he could make Katsuki’s life a living hell for years to come.

“I-- What do you want from me?” Katsuki asks softly biting at his lip nervously. He picks at his cuticles, peering at Toshinori out the corner of his eye. He should really be asking himself what he wants from the alpha, but he already knows the answer to that is whatever the alpha will give him. Does the other even know what Katsuki would do for him, let the alpha do to him?

“You, I want you.” Toshinori’s answer is quick, if not a little vague. He doesn’t know how to put into words the things he wanted from the teen. Katsuki had been a constant presence in his life for the past two years. He’d come home to the omega that looked after his son with such care for so long it never occurred to him that it might end. He just figured he could keep katsuki in his life forever.

If he had to pinpoint a time when his wants turned sexual, he’d say five months ago. Sure, he noticed Katsuki was pretty, in a platonic way, but it’d never really hit him until then. It was a beach party for Izuku’s fourth birthday party. Which turned out to be more of an outing. Izuku didn’t want to invite anyone from school, and Toshinori wasn’t active enough with parents of children Izuku’s age to set up playdates. So it was just going to be the two of them, but Izuku adores Katsuki. Then it became the three of them.

Sitting on that beach had Toshinori feeling like he’d stepped into an alternate universe. He’d watched as Izuku bounced around the omega with unbridled excitement, tugging at the blonde’s pull over with pudgy hands. Katsuki had packed a lunch for three of them, being sure to pack a cooler friendly version of Izuku’s favorite. It had made Toshinori feel bittersweet about the whole thing, knowing it was the type of thing families did.

However, when Katsuki shrugged off his pullover Toshinori had nearly popped a boner right there on the beach. The teen had been dressed in the slinkiest two-piece he’d ever seen in his many years of life. It was a complex mixture of black bands and mesh that simultaneously covered and hid nothing on the teen’s body. He’d been slammed with the single thought of want so hard he had to fight back growls as his eyes roved over the generous curves of the teen’s body. It was a miracle he’d made it through that day without incriminating himself in anyway.

Ever since then, the thought had been running in the back of his head like a chorus. He wanted the teen. He looked at Katsuki and he saw his mate. Someone he could provide for and cared for him and his pack in turn. He looked at Katsuki and saw something that was his. It was dangerous, and selfish, but he couldn’t shake the feeling.

“Yeah, ok, but how? A lover? Mother of your child?” Katsuki asked again, he swallowed nervously. His next thought is traitorous, making him stumble in his words. He shouldn’t entertain it but he needs to speak them. His body shakes with nerves as he stuttered through the rest of his thought.

“A-as your wife?” Katsuki finished quietly. He twisted his fingers together, wringing them as unprecedented hope bloomed in his chest.He knows he shouldn’t ask so soon, he’s practically begging to get his heart broken. If the man won’t bond him why would he aquise to this request. He wanted it so bad though, to be Toshinori’s wife.

“Oh.” Toshinori said eloquently. He sucked in a deep breath, rolling the thought over in his mind. Katsuki wasn’t eighteen yet, wouldn’t be for several months, but the omega was pregnant. Or, it was very likely the teen was pregnant. Toshinori needed to make this commitment. He couldn’t just use the other for his own pleasure and drop him, what kind of alpha would he be then?

“Katsuki,” Toshinori sighed, reaching out for the blonde. He drew the other towards him stroking his hands over Katsuki’s hair as he spoke.

“If you want, I’ll make you my wife when you’re of age.” Toshinori said gently. It felt forced. He hated himself. He was trying to do the right thing, to keep good on his word. It shouldn’t be so difficult.

Katsuki hurt, he wanted to marry the man who was going to give him a child. The alpha didn’t want it, he could feel that in every word the man spoke. It killed him on the inside, that marriage was a sore subject for the other. The alpha had sworn he was going to take responsibility and it was true. The alpha hadn’t done anything to lead Katsuki otherwise, and if the teen accepted the half hearted proposal Toshinori would marry him. The offer was real, but it was out of obligation. It didn’t mean anything if Toshinori didn’t want it. Katsuki was starting to feel like some kind of cheap replacement for Toshinori’s previous wife.

“I’m gonna go check on Deku.” Katsuki mumbled pulling out of the alpha’s hold slowly. He rolled from the bed, avoiding eye contact with the other as he went. He left the room quickly his shoulders tense as he tried to keep himself from swiping at stinging eyes. The door clicked shut behind him with finality, leaving the alpha alone in the quiet room.

Toshinori watched the omega leave, dread sinking in his stomach like an ocean liner. He’d made a mistake, he’d made a lot of mistakes. This was unfair, unfair to Katsuki, to himself, a horrible situation all over. The ugly feeling he was playing with the teen’s emotions weighed on his mind, souring his thoughts further.

“Shit.” Toshinori cursed, lightly thumping a fist against his forehead for his stupidity. He let out a bedraggled sigh, staring down at his lap in misery. He should’ve gotten his own emotions together before dragging someone else into his life. Yet here he was, literally balls deep in a mess he’d made for himself. He clenched his fists, his teeth grinding together in frustration, sitting in his descending thoughts for what felt like hours.

He looked up as the door clicked open again. Seeing Katsuki shuffle back into the room had guilt settling into his gut all over again. The teen’s eyes were red and puffy, showing the other had been crying. His expression broken and defeated. Toshinori cursed himself internally, watching as the teen crawled back into bed with him, flopping into the sheets with his back turned.

“Good night.” Katsuki muttered. He shrugged the comforter up to his shoulders, using it as a buffer against any questions the other would ask him. He buried his face into his pillow, squeezing his eyes shut in the process. He shouldn’t feel guilty. He wasn’t in the wrong here, but hearing Toshinori sigh dejectedly behind him had his heart squeezing painfully. Katsuki wasn’t a harlot, he wasn’t out to break hearts or ruin memories. That didn’t stop him from feeling like he was.

“Good night, Katsuki.” Toshinori responded automatically. He stared at the teen’s back, the other unmoving as he lay there. Toshinori wanted to curl around the teen, to whisper apologies and promises to make it better. He wanted to explain himself, even though he didn’t know how. However, that wasn’t how their relationship worked, if he could call this a working relationship.

Toshinori sighed again, shaking his head as he reached over to flick off his bedside lamp. He lowered himself into the sheets, his back pressed flat against the mattress. He stared at the dark ceiling in silent contemplation, his brow furrowed anxiously. He turned his head to glance at Katsuki’s back again warily. He rolled to face away from the other, the gap between them feeling impossibly large. He knew Katsuki wasn’t Inko, but he still needed to figure out what Katsuki was.

Chapter Text

It had been almost a week since the fight-not-fight. Katsuki had no idea what to call it and he didn’t really want to name it. Naming it made it seem like a big thing, and it’s not a big thing. Only he was making it a big thing by not letting it go, and it was really fucking him up.

He cursed at himself, tugging his hand through his hair and huffing in agitation. He should let it go, but he couldn’t and he didn’t know why. Toshinori hadn’t touched him since the fight-not-fight, and he didn’t know he was going to miss it that much. Not that his whole brain was on board with that, because he knew that if the alpha did try to start something sexual he was just going to think about the fight-not-fight and Toshinori’s previous wife. Which would not help him at all in his current predicament.

Katsuki tapped his foot in a jittering pattern the entire ordeal upsetting him all over again. He crossed his arms over his chest, pressing a fist to his lips. He narrowed his eyes sharply, scrutinizing the boxes sitting in front of him. The pregnancy tests would all perform the same function, despite all the differing bells and whistles they may or may not have, and knowing that made him extremely nervous.

He didn’t know if he’d feel any more or less pregnant after taking them, and he did in fact feel pregnant. It wasn’t even something he could explain, and it was startling. He didn’t understand how someone could just feel pregnant. Normally when he heard the wives tales about how some omega could ‘feel it’ he would scoff and roll his eyes. Now he was feeling it, and it didn’t seem so ridiculous. He didn’t feel full, but maybe he felt heavier? Bulky? Bloated? He didn’t know, and that’s why he grabbed the tests. He hoped that they’d sort out some of his issues, or at least stem the flow of them.

“Fuck it.” Katsuki hissed angrily. He snapped a hand out to snatch up the nearest box, tearing it open with a viciousness reserved for things he hated. He paused looking at the other boxes before tearing them open as well. The bathroom floor looked like a cardboard whirlwind blew through it, but he figured it would be best to get them all out of the way sooner rather than later. The process was pretty straightforward, obviously, but it didn’t make peeing on the little sticks any less awkward.

He lined up each one on the bathroom counter, glaring down at the little blank screens staring back at him tauntingly. For an inanimate object they had a good bit of intimidation factor. He growled and roughly flipped the faucet lever upwards. Water splashed into the sink and he wasted no time shoving his hands under the flow, not even waiting for the water to warm.

“Kacchan!” Izuku’s shout rang from downstairs. He repeated the call a couple times, when Katsuki didn’t answer immediately. The child probably just wanted to ask a question. If Katsuki waited too long to answer the toddler would go looking for the blonde. As much as Katuski liked Izuku he didn’t think he was prepared to answer the hundred and one questions that would come out of the toddler’s mouth regarding what he was currently doing.

“Yeah!?” Katsuki shouted back, rinsing the soap off his hands. He offered one more glance to the tests, flicking the water off his hands and into the sink. With another little scowl, Katsuki dried his hands and shoved them deep into his pockets. He stomped down the stairs sourly and turned to walk into the living room.

Izuku was peering at him from over the back of the couch, probably standing on the cushions. Katsuki should probably get on him for that, since this couch was brand new. Toshinori guiltily had the old one moved into his room since he’d pushed Katsuki into it one too many times to consider leaving it in a public space. Katsuki himself had blushed practically every time he saw it. So it was best Izuku didn’t know why the old couch was replaced, besides Katsuki couldn’t get mad at the wide teary eyes the toddler was sporting.

“Mint’s arm is broken.” Izuku sniffled, dangling his stuffed rabbit over the back of the couch. The child cradled the toy carefully, trying not to cause any more damage than there already was. He’d had Mint for as long as he could remember, and he didn’t want anything bad to happen to her. He also thought Kacchan would know what to do, since the teen knew how to do everything.

“Huh,” Katsuki muttered walking over to the toddler. He took the stuffed rabbit’s arm in one hand to examine it. Sure enough there was a rip at the shoulder seam, a few little puffs of stuffing poking out. Katsuki wasn’t surprised since the toddler took the rabbit practically everywhere. He’d had to confiscate it a couple times when Izuku tried to sneak it to school with him.

“She might need surgery.” Katsuki said, pulling back. He folded his arms across his chest watching the toddler’s reaction. He suppressed a snort as those round green eyes widened even further and Izuku’s mouth dropped open in a small gasp. It was so cute, and Katsuki had to fight down the urge to coo at the child because this was serious for Izuku.

“Surgery? Is it gonna hurt?” Izuku whispered in horror. He clutched the rabbit to his chest fearfully. He didn’t want Mint to get more hurt, but surgery meant the doctors, and doctors gave out shots, and shots hurt!

“Nah.” Katsuki said reaching out to ruffle Izuku’s hair. He made a motion for Izuku to follow him, and waited as the toddler hopped off the couch and made his way to the omega’s side. Katsuki knew realistically he wasn’t going that far, but he figured Izuku would want to know what he was doing regardless.

“Mint-chan is a strong rabbit. She’ll get through the surgery no problem.” Katsuki said, turning towards the Kitchen. The two of them trot across the wood flooring, until Katsuki stopped to pull open a drawer close to the door. It was filled with all sorts of miscellaneous items, and Katsuki swore he threw a needle and thread in there while cleaning up the other day.

“Don’t worry Mint, Kacchan can do anything. You’ll be all better in no time.” Izuku whispered to the rabbit. He stroked his fingers over one of the rabbit’s ears, before dropping his head to place a kiss into the stuffed animal’s fur. He turned his attention back to Katsuki, smiling brightly when he realized the other was looking at him.

Katsuki jolted when the toddler looked at him, complete trust and adoration on his face. Katsuki felt himself flush with embarrassment. He knew the toddler idolized him, and it made the teen feel warm and fuzzy, but also terrified. Izuku was also an omega, and right now Katsuki didn’t think he was the best role model for anyone.

The teen made a little triumphant noise when he found what he was looking for and head back to the couch. He fell into the cushions with a heavy thump, patting the seat next to him so the toddler could climb on as well. He held his hand out in a silent request for Izuku to relinquish the rabbit, and offered a gentle smile at the Toddler’s hesitance.

“Hey, it’s ok. I can do anything, remember?” Katsuki asked, quirking a brow. He grinned as Izuku nodded firmly and handed Mint to him. He situated the rabbit in his lap, threading the needle in swift motions. It was a little funny to see how serious the toddler was taking the whole thing. Watching Katsuki run a quick ladder stitch along the open seam with razor focus.

“Wanna say a magic spell?” Katsuki asked, looking at Izuku imploringly. The toddler blinked at him in confusion, tilting his head to the side. Katsuki smiled at him secretly, giving a quick wink.

“Pain, pain, go away!” Katsuki sing-songed, pulling on the end of the thread. The gap closed, the stitching disappearing as if it had never been ripped in the first place. He tied a knot in the thread, hiding it in the same seam before snipping it free. Giving the stuffed rabbit’s arm a light tug to ensure the limb was properly attached, Katsuki handed the toy back to Izuku.

“Mint, you’re fixed! That’s amazing!” Izuku said in shock. He lifted the rabbit’s arm to marvel at patch work. Kacchan did it so quickly, it looked brand new. He turned to grin at the teen, leaning forwards to give the other a hug with a happy squeal.

“Thank you, Kacchan.” Izuku cheered. He beamed up at the teen, eyes squinted closed and chubby cheeks tinted red. He practically radiated gratitude and happiness. He didn’t know what he would do if Kacchan wasn’t around. He’d probably have to stop playing with Mint to keep from breaking her.

“You’re welcome.” Katsuki mumbled, flustered. He gave the toddler’s curls a little awkward pat. He wondered what to do next, standing from the couch and depositing the toddler back into the cushions. He briefly thought back to the tests he left sitting on the bathroom counter. He should check them. He needed to check them. He didn’t want to check them. The prospect still left him feeling an acute sense of dread, almost like they were mocking him.

“Deku, do you want katsudon for dinner?” Katsuki asked, dropping the needle and thread back into the drawer and practically slamming it closed. He turned on the child quickly, using the toddler as a means of procrastination. He clapped his hands together as a means of added excitement, smiling at the child widely.

“Katsudon!” Izuku shrieked happily, bouncing up from the couch and over too the teen’s side. Katsuki didn’t make the dish often, but it was always really good when he did. The dish was always warm, and filling, and super tasty, it was Izuku’s favorite! He hopped around the teen excitedly, his curls bouncing in time as he sang the word over and over.

“Yeah, to celebrate Mint-chan’s successful surgery.” Katsuki said, moving to grab his apron off the hook in the pantry. He tossed it over his head, tying the straps behind him. He knew the dish wasn’t overly complicated, and pretty much consist of whatever he decides to put in it so it has enough steps to keep his mind off of other things.

He was terrified of what the pregnancy tests could say, and he couldn’t figure out why. He agreed to have a child while he was still in his right mind, before his heat and when that came it just amplified his decision. He hasn’t regret that at all. He’s almost one hundred percent positive that he’s pregnant. So why was checking the tests giving him so much anxiety?

If they were positive, it was fine. That was the optimal outcome for the whole situation. Despite their fight-not-fight, this is what they’d originally set out to do and Katsuki was looking forward to it. He wondered what would happen if the alpha decided it was too much of a hassle to have a child with him. What if Toshinori ditched him? It wasn’t like he hadn’t seen it happen. A girl in his class last year had gotten knocked up by the alpha she had been arranged to marry for years, and he had left her. It wasn’t like Toshinori was obligated to him, or anything. The alpha was already seemed hesitant about the entire situation, it just pushed home the fact that the other didn’t need to stick with him.

On the other hand, the absolutely miniscule chance that he wasn’t pregnant haunted him. Toshinori was completely free to leave him if he wasn’t, and he was a little selfish to think like that. The alpha could find Izuku another babysitter, kick him out and never see him again if that was the alpha wanted. Coming off the conversation a few days ago, Katsuki was feeling that more than ever.

He grumbled to himself as he gathered the materials he needed for dinner. Pulling the pork out of the fridge and marinating it in a plastic bag with vigorous shakes. It made him so mad, the fact that he was still having such a problem with this. He should trust the other. Toshinori wasn’t out to manipulate him and didn’t have any ill will towards him. However, Toshinori was also an alpha, and everyone always warned him off of those.

“God damnit.” Katsuki cursed. He dropped the bag of marinated pork on the counter turning swiftly to gather breading and seasoning things. He dumped the items in a bowl, whisking them together violently. It was a feeble attempt at getting his mind off his thoughts. He was quickly coming to the realization that the only thing he had to offer Toshinori was sex, and maybe the alpha didn’t want it.

Growling to himself, Katsuki slams the chopsticks he was using to scramble eggs onto the counter. He runs a free hand through his hair and blows out a rough sigh. It was frustrating to think he had no idea what he was doing in this relationship, and it was starting to feel like he was trying to trap Toshinori. Was he that desperate for company that he would actively try and fuck up someone else’s family?

Snorting to himself derisively, Katsuki picks the chopsticks backup and uses them to pluck a pork loin out of the bag. His lips dipped into a frown as he checked the temperature of the frying oil he put on the stove.

It wasn’t like Toshinori wasn’t lonely as well. The alpha had told him as much before fucking him into the couch after all, and having a child was his idea. Katsuki went along with it like a love struck fool. So maybe they were just using each other.

Katsuki placed the breaded pork loin into the oil, watching it fry with disinterest. His nose scrunched as his thoughts continued to run rampant. He could put a stop to everything at any time, probably should have, but he wanted to be used. Or it was more like he wanted to be useful. He wasn’t himself if he wasn’t doing something and getting that sense of accomplishment.

He wasn’t particularly well liked at school. He was too much of a bitch for the alphas, too stuck up for the other omegas, and beta largely left him alone to avoid incurring drama. Sure Katsuki had friends, and he was super grateful towards them, but like with any friends they were just as likely to roast you as praise you. He didn’t get to spend that much time with them anyways. All his after school time was spent with Izuku and, by extension, Toshinori.

It was no wonder the father son duo had managed to carve out a place in the limited list of people he cared about. They actually liked him, as mind boggling as that was. Izuku made it abundantly clear that he thought the older omega was the coolest thing to walk the earth. Toshinori was more subdued in his admiration, but he still did it, complimented Katsuki on the simplest things. The recognition without the expectation that Katsuki absolutely adored. They didn't expect him to be great, they just thought he was. Call him selfish, but he really didn’t want to lose that.

“Deku! Do you want to wash the rice?” Katsuki shouted back into the living room. He forcibly shook the remaining thoughts from his head, choosing to focus on the task at hand and just forget about his problems for the time being. He glanced over his shoulder as Izuku came sliding into the kitchen on socked feet, his steps thundering loudly across the floor.

“Yes!” Izuku said exuberantly, pumping his fists with determination. They had done a small cooking lesson in class the other day and Izuku had been all about it since then. he figured that he’d be able to make his own snacks without help one day.

“Alright, come wash your hands.” Katsuki said motioning for Izuku to come over to him. Katsuki grabbed the bag of rice and the pot from the cooker as he walked to the sink. He guided the toddlers hands to wash them, then helped him measure out the rice. He watched the child swish his hand through the grains and water to clean it.

“It feels funny.” Izuku giggled as the wet granules of rice slid over his fingers. He cupped his hands to keep the rice from spilling out as Katsuki tipped the pot to pour out the cloudy water. Flicking the faucet back on he watched the pot fill before turning it off quickly once it reached the line. He grinned at the praise Katsuki gave him and hopped off the little stool by the sink to follow as the teen walked over to the rice cooker with the pot.

“Here we go.” Katsuki said, closing the lid to the rice cooker and fiddling with the settings. He heft Izuku up letting the toddler lean over the counter top to flick the switch for the timer. He dropped Izuku back to the ground and gave the toddler a little high five for doing the work. Moving back to the stove he flipped over the frying porkchop and began breading the next one. Katsuki glanced into the hallway as the door clicked open, dread sweeping back over him quickly.

“I’m home!” Toshinori called into the house. Katsuki panicked at the sound. His mind snapped back to the multitudes of pregnancy tests he’d left on the counter. If Toshinori were to walk upstairs the alpha would know the result before Katsuki did. The teen decided he could not let that happen, and switched off the stove. He turned to scamper upstairs only to come face to chest with the alpha in question.

“Hello Katsuki.” Toshinori greeted, with a sheepish smile. He hovered uncertainly, his arms raised in a half aborted movement to give the blonde a hug. He knew Katsuki was still mad at him, and the cold shoulder he’d been receiving the last few days was a solid testament to that. In the end he let his arms fall back down, wringing his hands together nervously.

“Hi.” Katsuki greeted back, trying to deny how the aversion to touch hurt. He did want Toshinori to touch him, his body practically craved it. A little shiver of anticipation would slither down his spine whenever the alpha came close, and Katsuki was pretty ashamed of that. He needed his body to get on board with his unhappy mind.

“Papa, Kacchan’s making Katsudon!” Izuku piped in, tugging on his father’s pant leg in the process. He was always excited to see his dad come home. The man worked a lot and Izuku understood that his papa needed to do that, just like Izuku needed to go to school. For a while his papa was pretty sad, but now that Kacchan had been spending more time with them it seemed like papa was happier. Izuku smiled widely as the alpha bent to pick him up. He tossed his arms around his father’s neck, burying his face in the man’s shoulder. He wanted his papa to stay happy.

“Ah? That’s your favorite.” Toshinori hummed. Katsuki did have a soft spot for Izuku so it didn’t surprise him that the omega was making the toddler’s favorite dish. The other was often pretty good about making sure he didn’t make it too often, as it was fairly fattening and not healthy for a child’s growth. Still Toshinori couldn’t help the little bubble of fondness that cropped up and the glance he happened to shoot in the omega’s direction.

Katsuki was tucked into himself with embarrassment. His shoulders had risen all the way to his ears, and he ducked his head away. His face was stained a flustered red, the color extending across the bridge of his nose. A loosely curled hand covered the smile he was trying to supress. Toshinori found it terribly cute.

“Yeah, I helped with the rice.” Izuku said proudly. He waved a hand at the still bubbling rice cooker, before turning to grin back up at his father. It wasn’t the first time Kacchan had let him help in the kitchen but it was the first time he’d made something important like rice. He was sure his papa would be super surprised that he managed to do that.

“Did you now? That’s wonderful, Zuzu!” Toshinori said in exaggerated surprise. He tickled Izuku on the stomach, listening to the toddler squeal. He was happy the boy was learning little life skills now rather than waiting until the very last moment. He didn’t want the toddler to be hopeless in the kitchen as he was, and it was never too early to learn.

“I’ll be back.” Katsuki mumbled, edging around the pair. The scene was getting so domestic, and Katsuki was starting to feel anxious. He wanted it to continue, to be a family, but his emotions were still all over the place. He dart up the stairs two at a time, bursting into the master bedroom with no shortage of panic. He practically stumbled his way to the bathroom, sweeping the nearest test off the counter before checking them all one by one.

Positive, every single one of them positive. He couldn’t help but stare at them mutley for a while, his thoughts stalling to a complete halt. Then the elation swept through him like a natural disaster, and he honest to god squealed, dancing on the spot. Then he crashed as one thought, unbidden, vindictive and ugly, pushed its way up from the depths.

‘He doesn’t love you, get rid of it.’

Suddenly Katsuki’s breath was hitching in his throat and he was sinking to his knees in a defeated slump. He couldn’t see anything beyond the sudden blurring of his eyes, and he sobbed. Tears spilled over his cheeks like a fountain, he couldn’t control them. Rocking forwards he wrapped his arms around his midsection, pressing his forehead to the cold bathroom tile. His hands tightened to a white knuckled grip around the single test still clutched in his hand, the rest scattered across the counter and floor.

Why would he think that? He didn’t want that, ever. He wanted his baby, the thought of getting rid of it still made him sick. So why did his brain tell him to do so? It wouldn’t matter if Toshinori loved him or not. He still wanted his baby no matter how hard it was going to get raising them. They were his.

“Kacchan?” The sound of Izuku’s voice had Katsuki jerking up, spinning to look in the direction of the door. The toddler stood on his toes, practically hanging from the doorknob as he let the door creak open a little more. His brows were furrowed in concern and his lower lip pushed out in a pout.

Toshinori stood behind the worried toddler, in an equally concerned hover. He let his gaze wander over the sobbing teen and the disarray of the bathroom. The sight of the many pregnancy tests around the area had excitement fluttering in his chest, but the tear tracks running down Katsuki’s face had dread outweighing it all. He pressed a hand to Izuku’s back urging the toddler to step further into the bathroom.

“Kacchan, why are you sad?” Izuku asked. He crept forward slowly, wringing his hands together nervously. He didn’t know if the other was hurt, or if he was sick, or if he was mad. Izuku’s own eyes began to tear up as he watched the other cry. He didn’t want Kacchan to be upset. He was supposed to be happy, like he was with papa.

“No, it’s ok. Don’t worry, Deku. I’m just having some boy problems.” Katsuki soothed, wiping at his eyes quickly. His arms shot out as the toddler sniffled sadly. He pulled the other forwards, cuddling the child comfortingly. He ran his fingers through the boy’s curls, pointedly avoiding Toshinori’s gaze the whole while.

The alpha winced at the accusation, and yeah, he probably deserved that. He loitered a few feet away, he wanted to get closer but he wasn’t sure it would be too appreciated right now. He blinked curiously as Katsuki held out an arm to him, the last pregnancy test he’d been looking at clutched between his fingers. Toshinori carefully pulled the object from the teen, swallowing nervously as he did so.

Excitement rushed through him as he flipped the little stick over, the feeling was immediately followed by guilt. It was good news, but coming on the back of their misunderstanding and his own emotional aloofness it felt rough. He needed to remind himself that Katsuki was young, despite how mature he presented himself at times. The teen had never had a child before, and Katsuki was probably scared out of his mind. Still, the omega was carrying Toshinori’s child, he could be excited about that.

“Do you need Mint?” Izuku asked, offering the toy he held in his hands up to the teen. He fiddled with the rabbit’s ear, wrapping an arm around Katsuki’s neck. He pressed the rabbit into Katsuki’s hand urging the teen to take hold of it.

“Mint-chan helps when I’m sad.” Izuku explained, resting his head on Katsuki’s shoulder. He knew that Kacchan never cried, so the problem had to be super bad. Mint was good with super bad problems, and was a great listener so it only made sense that Kacchan needed the rabbit’s help.

“Thanks, Izuku.” Katsuki sniffled, taking the offered toy and giving the toddler a wobbly smile. He fought back another wave of tears as the child beamed at him happily. If he and Toshinori broke up, or spilt, or whatever, he probably wouldn’t ever see Izuku again. That was more heart wrenching than the prospect of being unloved. He clutched the toddler a little tighter, pressing his face into the top of the boy’s head to hide his watering eyes.

Toshinori watched the entire scene feeling like the world’s greatest jerk. He’d almost forgotten how much Izuku genuinely adored Katsuki. Of course it wasn’t just the minefield of his own and the omega’s feelings that he had to navigate, but also those of his highly impressionable son. He wanted to make good on all of them, but he was drowning with no shore in sight.

“Hey, Zuzu.” Toshinori called, dragging the toddler’s attention to himself. He crouched to be on eye level with the child as the boy turned around in Katsuki’s arms. Taking a breath, Toshinori offered as much of a non threatening smile as he could in the moment.

“Can I talk to Katsuki-kun alone for a bit? It’s grown up stuff.” Toshinori explained before the toddler could ask. He hated to do this, he would like to be as open with Izuku about things as possible, but he needed Katsuki’s consent on this topic as well. He tried not to be too hurt as Katsuki tensed, clutching at Izuku a little tighter before letting the boy go.

Izuku bit his lip, looking between his papa and Kacchan nervously. He didn’t think Kacchan was in trouble with his papa, but he had to be sure regardless. Setting his jaw he trot to Toshinori’s side. He tugged on his father’s sleeve, urging the man to bend forward a little further so he could whisper in his ear. Raising himself onto his toes, he cupped a hand around his mouth and craned upwards.

“Papa, Kacchan’s really sad. You gotta be nice, ok?” Izuku whispered an octave too loud. He dropped back to the flat of his feet, turning to glance at Katsuki. The teen wasn’t crying as hard as he was at first, but he still had tears running down his face. Izuku looked back at his father, his face set in as stern a frown as a four year old could manage.

“Right, promise.” Toshinori said. He hadn’t planned on upsetting the teen any further but knowing Izuku was expecting him to somehow fix this drove home the fact. He was feeling a lot more pressure than he was before, and even then he was sinking in it. He took another reassuring breath and held his pinky out towards the child.

Izuku scrutinized the offering seriously before linking his much smaller pinky with his father’s and shaking once. He broke the hold and dart across the room to give Katsuki one last hug. He eyed his father again as he slipped out the bathroom. He cast a lingering glance at the two of them before swinging the door shut and disappearing.

Toshinori watched the door, waiting a few seconds to ensure the child was really gone. He lowered himself to the ground with a grunt, sitting on the floor and folding his legs so the were crossed. He linked his hands together in his lap, twiddling his thumbs together nervously. The silence was almost physical as he tried to sort out a way to break the tension.

“So,” Toshinori started, dragging out the word. He let it hang between them like the awkward start it was. Trying not to back track over it as Katsuki remained silent. There was nowhere to go but forwards, he had to. He cleared his throat and took another breath.

“Do you want to tell me about your boy problems?” Toshinori prod gently. It wasn’t his best opener, but he had never been particularly good with words. He needed to know what was going through the teen’s mind, he couldn’t formulate a plan if he didn’t. The last thing he wanted was to break the teen’s heart.

Katsuki barked a laugh at the question, rolling his eyes at the alpha in the process. He grit his teeth and shook his head in disbelief. He squeezed Izuku’s stuffed rabbit to his chest, trying to stem the fresh wave of tears. Surely the alpha didn’t expect him to put the jumbled mess of anger, joy, sadness, and excitement into any form of coherence. Wiping at his eyes again Katsuki gave Toshinori a hard look.

“Sure.” He spat, shifting so he could curl his knees into his chest. He wrapped his arms around his legs, pressing his face into the tops of his knees. Curling himself into a little ball he peered at the alpha from the safety of his emotional shield.

“There’s this guy I like, and he’s a really great alpha. We’ve been sleeping together and I thought it was fantastic. I thought maybe I love this guy. I can see me spending the rest of my life with him. Ridiculous, I know, because I’m only seventeen. What the hell do I know about love?

“I didn’t care, because we’re going to have a baby together. He already has one child he loves practically to death, so of course he wouldn’t abandon me and our child. And he hasn’t, he promised he’d take care of me, but I don’t think he likes me the way I like him. I’m probably just being real fucking selfish, asking him to marry me and shit, but that’s what I always do. Fuck it up.

“I- I’d be his second wife. I know he loved his first wife, he probably still does. I’m not trying to tarnish her memory or anything, but I feel like a really cheap replacement. I’m realizing now how fucking unprepared I am to do this, because I’ve never been in a relationship before. But I rushed in, just like I do everything.”

The words gushed out uncontrollably. Katsuki choked on renewed sobs. He had said whatever came to mind at the moment, and it didn’t even really cover half of what he was feeling. The rest he couldn’t figure out.

“I’m so fuckign stupid.” Katsuki hissed out. He dropped his forehead into his knees, pressing at his wet eyes to stem the flow of tears. He felt even worse after the little pity party he threw himself. Whoever said talking about your problems made you feel better was a lie and he demanded a refund. It wasn’t fair he was feeling so down after the best few weeks of his life.

Toshinori was pretty much at a complete loss after hearing Katuski’s spiel. He understood that he needed to take charge in the relationship, and Katsuki was pretty much just following his lead. This entire situation was essentially his decision and he wasn’t doing what he needed to in order to make good on it. He needed to make Katsuki one of his highest priorities moving forwards, otherwise he was a pretty shitty alpha.

“Can I come over there?” Toshinori asked. He wants to hold the other, to apologize, press kisses to the teen’s face, to somehow fix the problem. It hurts to know that Katsuki feels insecure, and it hurts to know he probably helped in making the teen feel that way. He swore he’d make good on his promise to take care of the other. He still planned to do just that.

“Do what you want.” Katsuki snapped. He was still hurt and confused and didn’t know where to direct his anger. He felt bad for snapping at the alpha, yeah, but it made him feel better to have an outlet. He knew it was unhealthy, and they should talk about it like proper adults. God, he was going to have to do a lot of that, he was going to be a mother.

“Katsuki,” Toshinori sighed. He should’ve seen that coming. Katsuki wore his anger like Toshinori did a smile, neither being completely truthful about how they felt. They would need to work on that, communication.

“You know, I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, and the alpha you told me about seems to be doing a lot of that.” Toshinori said sadly. He leaned forward just a bit more, looking at the teen imploringly. He made a decision to not pressure the other anymore, since his selfishness is what brought this situation to light in the first place. He would be thrilled if Katsuki wanted the same things he did, but he didn’t want to continue to push the other into agreeing.

Katsuki quited at the admission. He bit his lip nervously, glancing up at the alpha with watery eyes. He let out a little disgusted noise and wiped at his running nose with the back of his hand. Shifting forwards onto his knees he crawled the short distance to the alpha. Curling up in the man’s lap, he wound his arms around the alpha and held tight.

“It’s not his fault.” Katsuki mumbled, pressing his cheek into Toshinori’s chest. Katsuki knew he had been just the slightest bit petty over the whole affair. He was nervous and way out of depth, but it didn’t mean he could be a bitch. He really did like the alpha, and he’d be damned if he fucked this up.

“Maybe not, but it’s also not yours.” Toshinori responded, a bit surprised the omega had come to him so quickly. He wrapped his arms around Katsuki’s waist, curling around the teen protectively. He quietly breathed in the teen’s scent, feeling better as it smoothed to the more delicate sweet the other normally had. He liked holding Katsuki, the other was warm and soft, small but strong, and he couldn’t believe he hadn’t had the chance since their disagreement.

“You are not stupid, and I’m sorry for pressuring you. It’s not fair of me to ask for so much and give so little in return. I will tell you about her, I swear. Know you’re not replacing her. I don’t think of you as her.” Toshinori said soothingly.

“You are important to me, Katsuki, because you are you.” He continued. He rubbed a hand along the teen’s back, offering comfort to the other with his touch. He dipped his head to press his nose into blonde spikes. The teen was now a permanent fixture in his life, come good or bad, but he hoped there’d be more good.

Katsuki blushed hard at the admission. It was probably as close to a confession as he was going to get in their current relationship status. It made his heart flutter, and gave him the hope that everything was going to work out in the end. He clenched his fingers into the back of Toshinori’s shirt, pressing his blooming smile into the alpha’s chest.

There they stayed, curled together on the bathroom floor, drinking in each other’s warmth and listening to contented breaths in the quiet. Passage of time seemed irrelevant, neither long or slow as the sorted through their individual feelings. Some issues resolved laid the brickwork for more complex conversations in the future, but for now they’d wait. The couple was pleased to have crossed one hurdle at the least.

Katsuki glanced up as Toshinori shifted anxiously. The alpha looked down at him briefly a little blush on his cheeks before his gaze darted away guiltily. Katsuki cocked his head to the side curiously, wondering what was going through the other’s mind. He knew for a fact the alpha wasn’t horny, even if the alpha was really quick in getting it up, he had a good respect for mood. It left what the other could possibly want a little up in the air though.

“Can I-,” Toshinori cut himself off with an embarrassed cough. He pressed his face back into Katsuki’s hair, grumbling to himself incoherently. It wasn’t an odd request by a long shot, maybe overeager. He couldn’t bring himself to look at the omega as he took a breath and reiterated his question.

“Can I touch your belly?” Toshinori got out quietly. He felt his face heat to practically sweltering levels. It was such a weird urge, but he had to. Katsuki’s body was going to change so much over the next few months and he wanted to be there through every second of it. It was probably just the instinct driven alpha at the back of his mind urging him on, but he was weak to it. He was so ashamed, if this was how he was acting when they just found out he couldn’t imagine what he was going to be like later.

“Sure. I mean, you can’t feel anything, but sure?” Katsuki said in shock. He blinked up at the alpha in surprise, his brows furrowing just slightly. He squirmed a little bit, releasing his hold on the alpha to lean back. He stretched across the man’s lap, showing off his still flat stomach. He lifted Izuku’s rabbit up to his face, hiding behind the plush shyly.

“I know, I just… want to.” Toshinori mumbled, his attention stolen by Katsuki’s stomach. He carefully smoothed a palm across the flat plane. He was acutely reminded of how small Katsuki was compared to him when seeing his fingers splay all the way across the teen’s frame, even curling over his sides a bit. He felt giddy, and he could only attribute that to the knowledge that the teen had a child growing inside him.

Katsuki couldn’t stop the little squeak that left his mouth when Toshinori began to rub small circles into his skin. It was weird, but he found himself preening: arching into the touch and feeling incredibly proud. His breath hitched and he pressed a hand over his face to hide his blush, it felt way too good just to be a simple touch. He peered at the alpha through his fingers, admiring the fond smile on the alpha’s face.

“Ah, can I kiss you?” Toshinori asked, leaning over the omega curiously. His hand remained pressed to the teen’s stomach, his other supporting the teen’s weight to keep him from falling out. He wanted to shower the teen in affection. Somehow explain how happy this situation made him, without being overbearing. Permission was first and foremost from here on out.

“Yeah.” Katsuki said almost breathlessly. He missed them, honestly; the little chaste presses of their lips. The kisses that always made him tingle happily and sigh for more. They hadn’t kissed since their fall out, and that felt like centuries ago to the teen. He more than welcomed the quick peck that Toshinori gave him, and the next one, and the next.

Katsuki’s eyes fluttered closed and he let out a little happy hum as the kiss transitioned to something deeper. He gasped as Toshinori pulled him closer, the alpha’s tongue sweeping into his mouth excitedly. He threw his arms around the alpha’s neck, pressing closer still. He worked his lips against the man’s in a steady rhythm, his own tongue sliding over Toshinori’s in a slippery dance. The man’s hands on his waist quickly turning to a heated brand.

“Wait, ok, ok.” Toshinori gasped, pulling away with harsh pants. He pressed his forehead to the Katsuki’s shoulder to ground himself. The teen made him want to lose all inhibitions. Made him want to tear off his clothes and ravage the boy on the bathroom floor. He took a breath calming the blood raging in his veins and looked at the teen again. He clenched his teeth in a groan at the sight.

Katsuki’s face was already red, eyes the slightest bit glassy. His lips were already flushed and kiss swollen form just those few moments. His jaw was slackened in a dazed expression. He hummed noncommittally at Toshinori’s hesitance, trying to drag the alpha back down. He brushed his lips over the corner of the alpha’s mouth, egging him for another kiss.

“I would, but dinner, Katsuki, dinner.” Toshinori groaned, trying to resist. He pulled away reluctantly, disentangling Katsuki’s arms from his neck. He chuckled at the little pout the teen sported and placed a quick kiss to the teen’s temple as an apology.

Katsuki whined in disappointment, rolling out of Toshinori’s lap and onto his feet. He stretched as the alpha got to his feet. He carefully retrieved Mint from where he had dropped the rabbit to the floor during their session. Dusting the rabbit off, he linked hands with Toshinori and smiled up at the man. The grin he got in return was just enough to let him know that they were going to be fine. Together they head back downstairs.

Chapter Text

Toshinori half heartedly covered his yawn with a hand as he sleepily pad down the stairs. He cradled a pajama clad Izuku in his other arm. The toddler was still half asleep, his face buried in Toshinori’s shoulder. Their sunday’s normally started slow like this, the both of them still in their pajamas and blinking sleep out of their eyes. However Katsuki tend to stick to a routine when given the chance. Which was why Toshinori was not surprised to find the teen in the kitchen already, dressed in a T-shirt and shorts, hair still damp from a shower and fixing breakfast.

“Did you go for a jog?” Toshinori asked, depositing Izuku into a chair and watching the child slump into the wood surface with mild amusement. He wandered to Katsuki’s side, leaning against the teen with familiarity. He tried to keep his affections as platonic as possible around Izuku, even though he wanted to practically smother the omega at times. Sometimes it was a genuine struggle not to shower the other with his affections.

It wasn’t that he wanted to keep their relationship a secret from Izuku. On the contrary, he would love to tell the toddler, because Izuku would just be positively thrilled to learn about it. However, children were not prone to keeping secrets in their excitement. If Izuku said the wrong thing to the right person Toshinori would find himself in very deep trouble.

“Should I stop?” Katsuki asked worriedly. He paused in rolling up egg omelets to stare at Toshinori with wide eyes. He didn’t know what proper pregnancy etiquette was. Maybe jogging was extremely harmful and he was already screwing up. He should’ve studied this, because now he was anxious.

“No, no, exercise is good. Just don’t overwork yourself.” Toshinori assured the other quickly, noticing how Katsuki immediately tensed up. He knew that Katsuki was taking this situation with maybe a bit too much stress. The teen tend to be a bit of a perfectionist and going into this pregnancy blind was probably freaking the omega out. All Toshinori could do was try to reassure him that everything was fine when needed.

“Yeah, ok. I’m just--” Katsuki cut himself off with a sharp inhale. His face rapidly paled and he fumbled to turn the stove off. He slapped a hand over his mouth as his stomach heaved violently. Turning sharply he dart towards the bathroom, practically shoving Toshinori out the way in the process.

The alpha startled as Katsuki rushed past him, disoriented from being displaced so suddenly. The sound of retching could be heard echoing from down the hall moments later and Toshinori made a small noise of understanding: morning sickness. He hummed thoughtfully and trailed after Katsuki, sparing a glance at a worried Izuku in the process. Stepping into the bathroom he sank to his knees behind the teen. He carefully placed a hand against the teen’s back, rubbing soothing circles into the other’s skin.

“Damn it.” Katsuki seethed from where he sat hunched over the toilet bowl. He gripped the sides of the porcelain with tense fingers, his body shaking lightly. His stomach rolled again and he was upheaving the remnants of last night’s dinner into the bowl. He’d been experiencing nausea for a while but it had never caused him to throw up like this. He huffed in agitation, mentally cursing himself for not being more prepared.

Toshinori felt sympathetic to the teen’s plight, but knew better than to say anything. Katsuki was uncomfortable and the alpha didn’t particularly want his hand bitten off for saying the wrong thing. He definitely remembered mornings, and some evenings, like this with Inko while she was pregnant. There was nothing he could conceivably do to help beyond offering his support. So, he continued to carefully rub at Katsuki’s back.

“Papa?” Izuku’s voice asked curiously as he peered around the doorframe. He clutched Mint tightly to his chest, his concerned gaze fixed on the two adults in the half bathroom. The four year old carefully shuffled forwards, his fluffily socked feet dragging across the wood flooring as he did. He pursed his lips in confusion, waffling in his spot.

“Yes, Zuzu?” Toshinori asked, tilting his head to look at the toddler. He couldn’t help the little wince he made as Katsuki groaned painfully beside him. Izuku’s alarmed look made him feel even worse and he offered a reassuring smile to the toddler. His mind scrambled for an answer to the question Izuku was inevitably going to ask. He was in no way prepared for this conversation.

“Is Kacchan sick?” Izuku asked creeping towards the downed teen. He edged around Katsuki and crouched down to try and peer into the teen’s face. Wobbling he reached out to place a steadying hand on Katsuki’s thigh. He offered the limb a couple of consoling pats as an afterthought, knowing that being sick was no fun.

“Um, sort of, but it’s a good sick, don’t worry.” Toshinori said waving his free hand idly. It would be for the best to try and knock the toddler’s worry out of the way. It was pretty endearing to watch Izuku’s eyes widen in fear then narrow in confusion. The range of emotions his son managed to display was always a treat.

“A good sick?” Izuku asked, his lips pursing. He didn’t understand how being sick could be good. Every time he got sick, it was horrible and he had to stay in bed. He wouldn’t be able to play or go anywhere. He didn’t think his papa was lying to him, but maybe he was trying not to scare Kacchan.

“Yeah, a good sick! See, Katsuki-kun has a baby in his tummy.” Toshinori explained, grinning broadly. He couldn’t help it, he was extremely excited and already mentally tallying things that needed to be done in the coming months. A few of which they were going to knock out the way today. Maybe he wanted to brag a bit, just a little, not that Izuku knew.

“A baby!?” Izuku shrieked in surprise, his face lighting up. He looked at Katsuki excitedly, practically vibrating in his spot. He couldn’t believe Kacchan was going to have a baby! He really hoped the baby would like him. Then he could teach them all sorts of things: like reading, or the best bath toys, or coloring. It all sounded like so much fun!

“Yeah! He has to make space for the baby to grow, so he’s a little sick right now.” Toshinori explained. He was pretty much making things up on the spot, but he wasn’t exactly sure how much of the reproduction process was appropriate to explain to a toddler. He lucked out that Izuku was already familiar with pregnancy because of his teacher. He wouldn’t have to work too hard.

“Will I get to see the baby?” Izuku asked curiously. He turned his attention to Katsuki, his eyes growing wide and pleading. He wondered if the teen would let the baby play with him. He really hoped so, because then Kacchan could play with them both.

Katsuki cursed quietly at Izuku’s sudden excitement, but remained leaned over the toilet as his stomach rolled treacherously. Hearing the words come from someone else's mouth smacked him with a level of realization he hadn’t come to before. He was pregnant. There was a child growing inside him and he had no clue what the fuck he was doing. As if on cue his stomach jumped and he ended up dry heaving into the bowl.

“Deku,” Katsuki sighed when his stomach settled a bit, turning his head to look at the toddler. He pressed his cheek into his arm looking at Izuku closely. The toddler was looking at him with such excitement that Katsuki felt his heart clench. The kid didn’t even know the baby was his sibling and he was already so pumped. Katsuki couldn’t take it. He groaned lightly and pressed his forehead into the back of hand, clenching his eyes shut in the process.

“It’s gonna be a long time before you see the baby.” Katsuki mumbled. He felt exhausted, and he probably looked it too. He was only a few weeks in, it wasn’t always going to be like this, but the fact it was so early and he was already so stressed did not bode well.

“How long? Tomorrow?” Izuku asked, his eyebrows furrowing as his lips dipped into a pout. He didn’t want to wait. He wanted to play with the baby soon. Maybe he should put clothes on though. It wasn’t appropriate to meet new people in your pajamas.

“No, no, months, Zuzu.” Toshinori laughed. He stopped himself from full on chortling at Izuku’s scandalized expression, shaking his head at the child. He couldn’t blame the toddler. He knew that a child’s sense of time was fairly skewed.

“That’s forever!” Izuku complained, a frustrated groan leaving his mouth. He tossed his head back to huff at the ceiling. He didn’t understand why babies took so long. It be easier if they could just get here faster, because then he would know all the things he needed to do with them. Now he had to wait, but at least he could make a list of things they could do together.

“Be patient, Izuku. I’m sure you and the baby will be friends when they’re born.” Toshinori assured the toddler, his lips twitching in a barely concealed laugh. It was heartwarming to see his son so interested in the new child, but he’d have to talk to Katsuki about what exactly to share with the toddler later. Unfortunately there wasn’t a guide for informing your first child that you managed to get their babysitter pregnant.

“Fine.” Izuku pouted. He leaned forwards to wrap his arms around Katsuki’s waist, or as far as they could go around the teen. He pressed his face into the other’s ribs, his lips pulled into a pout. With a little sigh he rubbed his face in the elder omega’s shirt.

“Thanks for the hard work.” Izuku mumbled petulantly. He squeezed at Katsuki a little tighter before backing away. He looked up at the teen expectantly, as if the comment would speed up the process of child bearing.

“What?” Katsuki asked incredulously. The statement had come out of left field, and Katsuki had no idea what it was supposed to mean. Izuku’s explanation might make sense or it may further confuse him. Honestly anything was better than the bafflement he currently felt. Toshinori’s full on wheezing laughter at the statement also wasn’t helping.

“Where on earth did you hear that?” Toshinori asked, his grin wide. He took deep breaths trying to contain his mirth at the statement. Sometimes it was a little hard to believe that this was his son. The child could be so adorable at times, perhaps too adorable.

“Mrs. Sparkle said having a baby was hard work, and that’s what you say when someone does hard work. Right?” Izuku asked, quoting the teacher currently on maternity leave. He looked between the two adults in mild confusion. He thought it was the right thing to do, but from his papa’s reaction maybe it wasn’t.

“Ah, you’re right! I’m sure Katsuki-kun appreciates it.” Toshinori said pushing himself to his feet. He smiled down at Izuku before sweeping the toddler up again. He poked they boy on the nose earning himself an affronted squeak in the process.

“Let’s finish making breakfast, yeah? That way Katsuki-kun doesn’t have to do so much work.” Toshinori suggested to the boy. He glanced down at Katsuki, raising an eyebrow to see if the teen was feeling a bit better. From the light blush and the flustered way Katsuki was waving him away he figured the teen would be fine.

Katsuki let out a little sigh as Toshinori left the bathroom, the alpha graciously closing the door behind him. He let his head fall back into his arms with slight agitation. His morning sickness seemed to only be getting worse and he didn’t know if that was normal or not. He was a bit worried that there may be a problem with his pregnancy.

He clicked his tongue, frowning sharply at the thought. He brought a hand to his mouth to bite at his cuticles nervously. Cursing himself for the bad habit he snatched his fingers away from his teeth and shakily got to his feet, flicking the toilet handle to flush along the way. He mulled over his thoughts a little more as he washed his hands and rinsed his mouth out.

This was his first pregnancy, maybe his only depending on how this relationship went. He didn’t know how anything worked, and he was berating himself for not doing more research before deciding to go get pregnant. He viciously spat the mouthful of water into the sink, sardonically thinking it was too late for that. For all of his good grades he certainly didn’t think things much further than their initial consequences.

He pressed a hand to his stomach as he left the bathroom, shaking his head to try and clear his darkening thoughts. They had plans today, he couldn’t bring the mood down. He took a deep breath as he made his way back to the kitchen stopping in the doorway to watch Toshinori and Izuku for a moment. As Toshinori handed the toddler a bowl of rice, it donned on him that the alpha’s had a pregnant partner before. He knew that, Izuku was right there, but it never crossed his mind that Toshinori’s had to go through an entire pregnancy with someone else before. He wondered if asking the man questions would remind him of his wife.

“Are you feeling better?” Izuku asked, carefully toddling over to Katsuki. He precariously balanced a bowl of rice in his hands as he did so. He offered it to the omega proudly when he finally crossed the gap, his lips stretching back into a wide smile.

“Yeah, thanks, Deku.” Katsuki answered back. He hadn’t been prepared for the way his heart melted upon looking down at the small child. If his own child ended up a fraction as sweet as Izuku was he’d be lucky, especially since he knew he was probably the worst as a child. He lifted the bowl from Izuku’s outstretched hands, using his free hand to ruffle the toddler’s curls.

“Papa, can I have another!?” Izuku shouted his smile wide. He scurried back to his father’s side, raising his hands to ask for another bowl. He bounced on his toes, urging his father to go faster when the man just raised an eyebrow at him. He didn’t think the man understood how important this was.

“You already have a bowl, why do you need another one?” Toshinori asked in confusion. He knew for a fact that Izuku could not eat two bowls of rice. He caught Katsuki rolling his eyes fondly at their exchange as the teen made his way towards the table. His attention was quickly shifted back to Izuku as the toddler made the exact same eye roll.

“It’s for the the baby, Papa.” Izuku said as if his father should’ve already known that. To Izuku it was really simply, everybody needed to eat, so the baby probably did to. He kept his hands outstretched after his explanation, clearly expecting his father to understand now.

“I see,” Toshinori said, closing the lid to the rice cooker. He placed the little serving paddle on the tray meant to keep the counters clean. He wasn’t even aware he owned one of those but it made mess management very easy. It was something little that left him in awe of how Katsuki changed his life. He crouched to be at eye level with the toddler, resting his forearms on the top of his knees.

“That’s very thoughtful, but the baby shares food with Katsuki-kun. You can ask if he wants more rice later.” Toshinori continued. He smiled as the toddler pouted and wandered towards the table to crawl into the seat next to Katsuki. Grabbing his own bowl of rice Toshinori went to join them, his smile stretching further as Katsuki gently nudged Izuku in the cheek.

“Cheer up, Deku, we’re gonna go shopping today. It’ll be fun.” Katsuki urged. The weather was steadily growing colder and Toshinori was on a huge providing kick. He wanted to ensure both Katsuki and Izuku were properly outfit for the coming winter. Katsuki didn’t really have a problem with that other than the fact he knew the alpha was going to go overboard, and the weather would be warming back up by the time Katsuki really needed maternity items. Still it was good to get started early.

The rest of the morning routine was dotted with Izuku’s enamored questions about the baby, the idea seeming to fascinate him to no end. The inquires that normally came from the inquisitive child were replaced with ones about Katsuki and the baby. Did the baby like dinosaurs? What does Katsuki do when the baby has to pee? Question after question heaped atop each other and the two adults had trouble keeping up.

“What will the baby look like?” Izuku asked as Katsuki made sure the child was properly bundled in warmer clothing. He made a little muffled noise as Katsuki wrapped a scarf around his neck. The toddler pulled the article away from his mouth, swatting at the knit fabric irritably. He didn’t like scarfs, they always fell off, but Katsuki seemed to think it was important so he’d manage.

“I don’t know. Like me, probably” Katsuki responded. His mind helpfully pointed out there was a fairly high probability of his child looking like Toshinori, but he didn’t know. He scowled to himself briefly, pulling Izuku’s hands away from his scarf. He knew he was being overbearing, the temperature had barely dropped below forty degrees fahrenheit, but he couldn’t help it. He clicked his tongue trying to wrestle Izuku’s wild curls underneath a hat. He figured he’d be able to carry the extra articles of clothing if Izuku got too hot.

“Do they have a name?” Izuku asked, adjusting his hat so it didn’t push his hair down over his eyes. He watched as Katsuki got to his feet, the omega seemingly satisfied with the way the toddler was outfitted. Izuku still had a lot of questions but this one was probably the most important. He needed to know what to call them, so he could properly introduce himself when the time comes.

“No, not yet.” Katsuki said as he shouldered on his own coat. He bit his lip a she pulled the zipper up, eyeing his still flat stomach critically. He was going to need to buy a whole new wardrobe, adding a couple more things to today’s list wouldn’t be too much of a hassle. He was going to get pretty big and thinking about it made him nervous.

“Oh. Can I name them!?” Izuku asked excitedly. He thought that would be the most awesome thing in the world, naming Kacchan’s baby. Maybe they could match! He glanced up as Toshinori made an appearance, the alpha twirling his keys around his around a finger. Izuku wondered what names his papa would come up with, after all the man had named him.

“You want to name my baby?” Katsuki asked slowly. It was a cute idea, whatever names Izuku came up with would probably be forgotten by the toddler at a later date, but still it was cute. He glanced up at Toshinori to gauge the man’s reaction and wasn’t disappointed. He fought down a smile as he watched the alpha splutter and juggle his keys.

Toshinori let out a sigh of relief as he caught his keys before snapping his attention down to Katsuki. His heart was still beating with a familiar mixture of nerves and excitement as he ran the question through his head again. It was too early to be thinking of names, he had nothing in mind. He didn’t even know if he had a preferred gender at the moment, not that he wouldn’t love the child regardless. He worried that if he settled on a name too early and it didn’t fit the child’s gender then he would be disappointed. He opened his mouth to voice his concerns.

“Yes!” Izuku chirped, cutting his father off in the process. Toshinori stared down at his son with wide eyes. He felt foolishly jealous of the child, and his lips quirked petulantly. He wanted to name the baby, it was his after all. It was quite mean of Katsuki to ask Izuku about names first.

“Ok, Deku, what would you name the baby?” Katsuki asked, mirth dancing in his eyes as he looked at Toshinori. He found the betrayed and dejected look on the alpha’s face hilarious. He couldn’t believe that Toshinori was so upset about the prospect of Izuku naming their child. It wasn’t like the name would be concrete, Katsuki was only taking suggestions.

“Um, a name for Kacchan’s baby…” Izuku mumbled his brow furrowing. He looked towards the ground with intense concentration, folding his arms across his chest as he did. He began to rattle off a few different names, each of them being rejected as he thought. He scuffed his shoe on the floor in frustration, letting out a little huff.

“You don’t have to come up with something right now, Zuzu.” Toshinori prod, selfishly trying to divert the toddlers attention. He didn’t want to upset the boy, but he also knew if Izuku picked a name they’d be hard pressed to change the child’s mind. He hoped this didn’t make him a bad father, but he really wanted to pick a name himself.

“It’s gotta be cool!” Izuku defended, his cheeks puffing out indignantly. His papa didn’t understand how important this was. The baby’s name had to be perfect, so Izuku had to pick really carefully. He also had to pick something that Kacchan would like, he needed to think really hard about it.

“Eh, why’s that?” Katsuki asked looking down at Izuku as he walked past him to the door. He shuddered at the cold gust of wind that greeted him upon opening it, tucking his face into his jacket with a grimace. Maybe it was colder than he’d first thought. He ushered them all out the door, stopping to scoop Izuku up as they approached the car.

“Because Kacchan’s cool, so his baby is going to be cool!” Izuku responded assuredly. He made the statement like it was a fact everyone was supposed to know. He lifted his arms as Katsuki buckled him into his carseat. Izuku had never seen the teen not do something amazing, so it stood to reason that this would be no different.

Katsuki blinked at the toddler in shock, his hands pausing in their motions as he stared at the child. He snorted then laughed aloud, shaking his head in the process. He ruffled Izuku’s hair, his smile melting into something fond. He had no idea what he did to get the child to have such a high opinion of him but he hoped that it wouldn’t change.

“You’re really excited about this, huh?” Katsuki asked softly. The thought filled him with a trepidation that made him sick. He knew for certain he was going to fuck up this whole parenting thing. Izuku’s ecstatic nod soothed some of the anxiety, if the toddler liked him his own child probably would. After all his parents weren’t the greatest in the world but he still loved them.

Katsuki smiled to himself, closing Izuku’s door to get in the front seat. He glanced at Toshinori as he buckled his own seatbelt. The alpha looked incredibly infatuated and it knocked the wind out of Katsuki. He flustered watching the man’s smile grow even larger, his face in a full on blush as Toshinori turned away to start the car. This was a thing families did, anyone looking in on them would think they’re a family. Katsuki flustered further at the thought, burying his face in his hands as Toshinori pulled away from the house.

The drive to Cycles was short, as there was one in practically every city. It was a multibillion dollar department store chain. The company specialized in providing things people would need for their rut and heat cycles; hence the name. One could buy practically anything: from nesting materials to rut aids, appliances to scent blockers, and they’d recently purchased a pharmaceutical company so they could provide suppressants as well. Needless to say it was practically everyone’s one stop shop, not that there weren’t others out there.

Izuku audibly marveled as they stepped through the large sliding doors of the department store. He reached for Katsuki’s hand as Toshinori made a beeline for the guest service counter. Katsuki looked down at the toddler with a raised eyebrow, and huffed as Izuku simply shrugged his tiny shoulders. The two of them ambled after the excited alpha, arriving on the scene just in time to watch the gobsmacked attendant look from Toshinori to the business card in his hands several times.

“Yeah, ok.” The attendant said mechanically. They turned slowly their gaze lingering on Toshinori before flickering over to Izuku and Katsuki in a blank shock. Katsuki could see the borderline confusion on his face as he walked towards a backroom. It wasn’t like Katsuki could blame him, it wasn’t everyday a literal billionaire walked into your store.

“What was that about?” Katsuki asked as the attendant left. He narrowed his eyes at the alpha uncertainty. He was pretty sure the man was up to something judging solely by the way Toshinori lit up at the question. He clicked his tongue, cocking a hip out to the side as he waited for the inevitable answer.

“I opened a registry. My company makes these little devices for the store that is something like a cellphone that allows you to shop digitally. You scan the item, it adds it to your registry and they can be purchased later. They’re quite ingenious little things!” Toshinori said feeling extremely proud of himself. They truly did make shopping in large quantities very easy, as they didn’t have to purchase everything right now, but they would know exactly what to come back for. There was something almost cathartic about buying new things.

“Wh- how much are you expecting me to get?” Katsuki spluttered as the attendant returned. He watched as the boy went to hand the device to Toshinori only for the alpha to motion to him. Katsuki took the device, absently thanking the attendant as he did so. It did look a lot like a phone, only one of the buttons on the side correspond to a scanner on the top. Experimentally, Katsuki scanned the item nearest to him. He scowled as the device immediately prompted him to add the item to his registry.

“Whatever you want, of course.” Toshinori said with a little shrug. He carefully took Izuku’s hand as the omega surveyed the device. The toddler looked between the two of them curiously, not exactly sure what was going on. Toshinori knew what it took to raise a child, but the brands and colors for items that Katsuki may want were still up in the air. It was better for him to allow the omega to pick the things he needed and just pay. Which he would gladly do because the little itch to provide had been edging on his mind for the last few days and he needed to get rid of it.

Katsuki scowled in embarrassment, turning on his heel to storm away. The blush lighting up his cheeks betrayed the fact he was happy about the situation. It was weird being cared for, he liked it, but it also made him a bit wary. A huff left his lips as he marched further into the store.

Katsuki wasn’t a fool, he knew raising a child wasn’t cheap, but this was one step short of Toshinori handing him a credit card and telling him to go wild. Shaking his head Katsuki lightly slapped at his cheeks to get rid of the excitement he felt. Taking a breath he decided to stick to the absolute basics right now, and anything else he could add later. That meant things he would need immediately, like proper nesting materials. With that in mind he set off.

Katsuki was weighing the difference between two futons for a nest base when his phone chimed. He sighed, draping the downy mattresses over the side of a cardboard container to dig his phone out his pocket. He was going to ignore it but that was the third message he’d received in the last minute. He was going to kill his friends if this was something stupid in the group chat. Waking his phone he cursed at the top message on the screen, his mood plummeting.

“What is it?” Toshinori asked, looking over at the teen curiously. He was leaned over a bin of colorful pillows, his arms shoved into the depths. He pulled back, dragging a giggling Izuku from the box. The child kicked his legs, screeching to be tossed back in. Toshinori obliged with a grin, watching the toddler flop into the pillows again.

Katsuki rolled his eyes as he watched them. Izuku had taken to the place like it was a playground. He’d crawled over practically every display, picked up every stray knick-knack he’d found, and generally ran amok. It’d be alot worse if Izuku was a more destructive child, but the toddler managed to put things back to as close to where the came from as he could. Still, Katsuki was pretty sure the only reason they hadn’t been kicked out the store yet was because Toshinori was stupidly rich.

“It’s my parents.” Katsuki muttered, tucking his phone back into his pocket. He walked to Toshinoris’ side, leaning over the bin as well to pull Izuku out again. He smiled at the child’s excited expression, giving him a quick once over. He snorted noticing Izuku was missing a shoe, and placed the child on his hip.

“Ah, they’ve returned?” Toshinori asked nervously. He raked his hands through the bin absentmindedly to find his son’s wayward shoe as he fret. He understood that Katsuki would need to return home at some point. As much as he acted like the teen was his bonded, they weren’t. What they were doing was pretty legally grey, despite how much they may have looked like a family to your average outsider. It would be for the best if they kept their budding relationship a secret for a while. They couldn’t do that if Katsuki smelled like Toshinori had been hanging off him every minute of the day, even if that was pretty much the truth.

“Not yet, their connecting flight doesn’t return until tonight. As long as I’m home before six it should be fine.” Katsuki mumbled. He fiddled with the sock on Izuku’s foot, just for something to do, smiling gently as the child squealed at him. He was apprehensive about going home, it been about three weeks since he’d last seen his parents. A lot had happened since then. He glanced up as Toshinori tapped him on the shoulder, Izuku’s missing shoe in his outstretched hand.

“Kacchan, you should get one of these.” Izuku said excitedly, pointing at the bin of pillows. He turned in Katsuki’s arms, making the process of putting his shoe back on more difficult than it should’ve been. He paid it no mind, his focus back on the bin. He thought the pillows were super soft and would be great in the next fort Katsuki made. They also came in cool colors and patterns.

“Yeah? How about you get one for your bed?” Katsuki asked, finally fitting Izuku’s shoe back on the toddler’s foot. He eyed the pillows critically once he was done, his gaze roving over them quickly. Nesting behaviour was part instinct and part learned. Getting Izuku into the habit early would save him a lot of stress later in life. Katsuki would know since he spent more time than he would’ve liked agonizing over materials and construction.

“Really? Can I, Papa?” Izuku asked eagerly, whipping his head around to look at his father with huge round eyes. He clasped his hands in front of him, and a few whispered ‘please’ fell from his mouth. Not only that but Katsuki had also looked to the alpha imploringly the two of them making an adorable combination. Toshinori could not say no.

“Sure, Zuzu.” Toshinori said with a smile. He wasn’t well versed in what went into nesting, despite many people trying to explain it to him through the years. Generally he realized he wasn’t much help beyond providing materials, and preferred to stay out the way. Izuku had seemed so fascinated with Katsuki’s last nest so it would be a good start for the child. Now that he thought about it Katsuki would be able to explain all the little nuances of being an omega to Izuku later in life. Provided the teen stuck around that long, he wanted the teen to stick around that long.

“Thank you!” Izuku squealed. He leaned over the box again, practically falling out of Katsuki’s arms in the process. He pushed his hands through the box, scrutinizing each pillow seriously before he pulled out two. In one hand he held a green pillow with white polka dots, in the other he had a red one with the same pattern.

“This one is mine,” Izuku said waving the green pillow as an indicator, “and this one is for the baby!” Izuku finished happily, waving the other pillow. He clutched both to his chest, beaming up at his father for approval. It wouldn’t be fair if he got one for himself only.

“Zuzu, you’re such a good kid!” Toshinori said jubilantly. He wouldn’t admit the proud tears that sprung to his eyes. He couldn’t even imagine what Izuku would do when he learned the baby was his sibling. He hefted the toddler form Katsuki’s arms, spinning in a small circle much to the boy’s delight. He pulled Izuku to his chest, practically smothering the child in affection. His son was too cute.

Katsuki watched the display with another fond roll of his eyes, absentmindedly pressing a hand to his stomach again. He was really lucky to have the both of them in his life right now, even if they tend to get a bit goofy. Another chime from his cellphone had his thoughts slamming back to earth as he was acutely reminded of his own parents. He’d have to hide this from them, all of this.

“Alright, let’s get this done.” Katsuki said, placing his hands on his hips and smiling at the father son duo. He had a few more things he wanted to get immediately and a few he figured he should add to the registry. He wanted to keep thoughts of his parents far from his mind for the remainder of his shopping trip. He didn’t want to ruin it.

However, looking through maternity clothes found him scowling at every design he knew would disgust his parents. Unfortunate, since it was practically all of them, and he couldn’t even help the thought. Sighing he slammed the shirt he was looking at back on the rack, running a hand through his hair in agitation. In spite of their consistent absence his fashionista parents had instilled the fear of ugly clothing into him and he couldn’t find anything he liked. They weren’t even in town and they were ruining things for him.

Katsuki wanted no part of returning home, it terrified him. He’d gone home to any empty house for weeks, months even. There was nothing there but the sound of his own footsteps echoing around the lofty corridors. Going back meant he had to leave this, the almost dreamlike existence that was being around Izuku and Toshinori. Katsuki was afraid that if he went back it would all end.

He knew it wouldn’t end quietly either. He almost knew that once he walked through the door at home his parents would know he was sleeping with the neighbor. They would know he was pregnant. The would know he was happy, and they’d take it all away. They’d force him to get rid of his child, get lawyers and the media involved, bar him from ever seeing Toshinori or Izuku again. They wouldn’t let him have this.

“Katsuki.” Toshinori called gently, breaking the teen out of his thoughts. After the texts, katsuki had been trapped in his own mind. He’d seen it happening but he didn’t know how to get the other out of it. He couldn’t assuage any of the teen’s worries if the other never shared them. He did know they stemmed from going home, but there was nothing he could do about that.

“Will you be alright?” He asked in concern. He fiddled with his keys in one hand, his other wrapped around Izuku’s tiny fingers. He didn’t want Katsuki to leave, and if he had waited the few months for the teen to turn eighteen they wouldn’t have had to part, but he’d been impatient.

Katsuki knew he wasn’t ready, he wanted to ask Toshinori to kidnap him. To move out the prefecture and never return, but that was unrealistic and very illegal. Instead he swallowed nervously, giving a jerky nod of his head. He remained quiet as they walked towards the front of the store, returning the little device and paying for the two pillows Izuku had picked out.

“You’re going home, Kacchan?” Izuku asked as the teen lifted him into his carseat again. He clutched the bag holding the pillows to his chest sadly, the plastic crinkling under the force. It had been really fun having Katsuki over all the time. He wanted the teen to stay so he could meet the baby.

“Yeah, but I’m gonna pick you up from school tomorrow, just like always. I just might not spend the night for a while.” Katsuki explained. It wasn’t like he was never going to see them again. He had to hold to that thought, that everything was going to remain the routine it was before the start of this thing. He smiled at Izuku in reassurance before climbing in the car himself.

The drive felt far shorter than it normally was. Too short for katsuki’s liking as his anxiety spiked pulling into the familiar driveway. He took a shaky breath as his sight took in the house he hadn’t set foot in in over a week. There were no lights on, no other car in the driveway, no movement inside the house, all of this pointing to the fact his parents still weren’t home. Katsuki exhaled in brief relief. Without his parents presence right of the bat he’d be able to gather himself a bit.

“Ok.” Katsuki breathed, reaching over to unbuckle his seat belt. He glanced at Toshinori before turning away and popping open the door. He couldn’t linger, the longer he lingered the less he was inclined to leave. He crawled out the car, biting at his lip apprehensively. He stood in the driveway, looking up at his home and fiddling with the hem of his jacket.

“I’ll be right back, zuzu.” Toshinori mutered, releasing his own seatbelt, his gaze fixed solely on Katsuki. He got out the car, leaning against the roof to watch the teen carefully. He didn’t want this goodbye to be as finalizing as Katsuki seemed to think it was. Pushing off the car he made his way around to the teen’s side.

“Hey, come here.” Toshinori said soothingly. He wrapped his hand around Katsuki’s pulling the teen forwards into a hug. He ran a soothing hand up and down the panicked teen’s back. This was as much affection as he could show in public like this, and it kind of sucked.

“We’ll see you tomorrow.” Toshinori said, pressing his cheek to the top of Katsuki’s head. He smiled, feeling Katsuki nod against his chest. Pulling back he looked down at the teen, stroking his thumb against the omega’s shoulder comfortingly.

“Yeah.” Katsuki said reluctantly. He took another calming breath and broke the embrace, stepping away carefully. He sent a wave in Izuku’s direction, promising the other he’d be back. His nerves settling a bit as the toddler excitedly waved back, a huge smile stretched across his face. Turning back to Toshinori, Katsuki returned the alpha’s reassuring smile, and gave him another quick hug. Finally turning away, he made his way to the front door.

He pressed his key into the door, the lock tumbling just as easily as ever. Only when he cracked the door open and stepped inside did he hear the engine to Toshinori’s car start once more. He glanced over his shoulder, watching the other drive off before finally closing the door behind him, locking it in the process. He let his head thump against the wood, sniffling lightly, he didn’t understand why a temporary goodbye hurt so much. Wiping at his eyes, he pushed away from the door and moved further into the house.

From there all that was left to do was wait. So he started his solitary routine, beginning with a shower. He felt morose washing off Toshinori’s scent but it had to be done. He changed into a pair of pajamas, fixed himself a snack and sat on the couch to wait for his parents inevitable return. Seconds ticked by, then minutes, then hours passed. Each rumble of a car engine outside had Katsuki tensing in fear only for the vehicle to keep going. He checked his phone time and again, wondering if he had missed a message, only to not see any new updates. Still time continued to march forwards.

Midnight came and went with no sign of his parents still. Katsuki checked his phone once more, having migrated from the couch to the floor in front of the coffee table. He slurped at his cup ramen while scrolling through his messages, hoping he had missed something but nothing. Slowly the fear he felt at coming back in contact with his parents melted into the long standing agitation he held with them. Yet he continued to wait, holding on the the fragile hope that refused to break, after all they were still his parents. He waited as the shadows on the wall stretched on, looming dark and foreboding in the early morning light.

He waited until the first rays of light were peeking over the horizon. His phone chiming at him jolting him out of his fitful sleep slumped over the coffee table. He rubbed at his eyes, checking the device to all encompassing rage. The first information he’d gotten about his parents since those dreadful texts hadn’t even come from his parents, but rather a social media update. They were in L.A. at a party celebrating the new last minute collaboration with an up and coming designer. Who knew how long that would take, but apparently he wasn’t important enough to inform first hand.

His hands shook with barely contained anger and his phone clattered to the marble top of the table. He felt betrayed. He’d been worried and scared to meet up with them, sure, but he could admit he missed his parents. He could admit that he wanted to talk to them in something more than dismissive text messages. He wanted to hear them speak about their travels, and share what he was doing in turn. He couldn’t do any of that if they weren’t here.

Katsuki dug the heels of his palms into his quickly tearing eyes. He hid his sobs behind grit teeth and an angry frustrated growl. It didn’t stop him from crying, and he dropped his head to the tabletop, wailing with anger. He shouted at nothing in particular, furiously swiping at his leaking eyes. He didn’t want to be here. He wanted to be back with Toshinori and Izuku, because they felt like home. They felt like family.

Chapter Text

The night had never felt so long yet so short for Katsuki. He’d received a single text between the time he came home to the time he’d left for school this morning, and it hadn’t even been from his parents. That was the real deal breaker, the fact they never bothered to contact him. He’d been so excited to finally hear his message notification go off. He’d practically dove for his phone with a quickening heartbeat, abandoning his tooth brush only to find out it was from Eijirou. The misplaced anger he felt towards the alpha was quickly stamped out by guilt. It wasn’t the optimistic alpha’s fault his parents were being absentee jerks.

He’d been so jumbled up during the school day that he’d felt the need to apologize to the redheaded alpha when he saw him. He realized how weird that would be as soon as it came up and forced it away for his normal aloofness. He didn’t know how he managed to get through the day, his displeased mood making everyone keep a few steps further away than normal. His friends kept sending him concerned glances and it was brought up once. Katsuki had viciously snarled for them to drop it, stabbing into his lunch tray hard enough to splinter his wooden chopsticks. The subject had quickly been changed to planning a study group on friday to prepare for an upcoming test that Katsuki somewhat reluctantly agreed to join.

In the end, it’d been nice knowing that nothing drastic had changed outside his home life. Even though he could feel the information of his pregnancy looming over himself. The knowledge that he couldn’t hide it forever. The fact he was going to have to tell his friends. The fact he was technically breaking the law, and there were very real consequences for the things they were doing. It was good to just go to school, despite his foul mood, and have his friends there to support him. If a time came where he would have to face those consequences he hoped his friends would continue to support him.

Katsuki took a deep breath, shouldering his bag a little higher as he broke out of his thoughts. He glanced towards the door to Izuku’s daycare again, the sound of screeching children ringing in his ears. It hadn’t been that long since the attendant had gone to fetch the child for Katsuki but waiting was making him feel unsettled. Every time he heard a kid cry, or a child would rush past him to cling to their parent he was reminded that he was going to have to do this from scratch. Sure he’d known Izuku since he was in diapers but the deku was a literal angel. The terrible twos just didn’t exist for the green haired child.

He abandoned that train of thought as Izuku pushed open the door, abandoning the attendant scurrying after him to come barreling towards the omega. The toddler squealed his nickname loudly, a broad smile plastered on freckled cheeks. Katsuki’s nerves settled almost immediately upon spotting the excitable toddler, and he crouches. He spreads his arms in time for Izuku to crash into him. It’s a bit dramatic, but he doesn’t actually hug Izuku all that often. With the way the toddler nuzzles against his chest, he thinks he needs to do it more often.

“You’re here!” Izuku says happily, pressing his cheek into the teen’s chest. He squeezes the omega as tight as he can, making his arms wrap as far as the could go. When Kacchan had left the other day, Izuku didn’t think he was ever gonna come back. His papa kept saying he didn’t know when Kacchan was going to come back and seemed really sad about it. Kacchan said he would come back though, and Kacchan doesn’t lie. He presses even closer to the omega, basking in the other’s warmth with a happy sigh.

“What’s that supposed to mean? I said I was coming back.” Katsuki scoffs, pulling away slightly. He glances up at the attendant who stands to the side a little awkwardly. He holds his hand out to accept Izuku’s tote from her as the toddler gets all flustered about his accusation, stumbling over his words to say he believed him. Katsuki rolls his eyes fondly and ruffles the toddler’s hair as he gets back to his feet. He nods in the appropriate places as Izuku starts to ramble about his day. Shouldering the toddler’s bag and linking hands with the child he gently tugs him along.

“Look!” Izuku suddenly says excitedly. He comes to a stop, practically leaping to Katsuki’s side in order to rifle through the tote the teen is holding. The toddler’s sudden motion brings the teen to a confused halt, and the blonde stares down at the child’s concentrated face with mild amusement. It’s only a few seconds before Izuku is triumphantly pulling out a piece of paper. The toddler carefully smooths out the paper between small fingers and turns it around to show off the colorful but messy drawing.

Katsuki makes an amazed noise as he scrambles to play back the conversation with the child in his head. He nods to himself when he remembers Izuku saying he’d made it during free time and was extremely proud of it. Katsuki scrutinizes the picture with a fair amount of seriousness, finding it a bit hard to make out what it was supposed to be. It looks like a family photo since he can easily distinguish Izuku’s representation of his father; due to the sheer lankiness Toshinori exudes as a caricature. Another is Izuku himself, because of the curly green skribbles on top of the short figure’s head, but the last is up in the air. Katsuki doesn’t think he knows anyone so particularly round.

“It’s papa, me, and you and the baby.” Izuku explains pointing at each figure in turn, the last being the chubby looking stick figure. Katsuki is momentarily offended, looking down at himself quickly. He didn’t think he’d gained any weight yet, but there was the off chance that he had and Izuku honestly thought he looked that big. He pursed his lips in a pout, brows furrowing in slight agitation, and pressed a hand to his stomach. He looks back at Izuku who had no idea of the internal conflict he’d just caused.

“But I don’t know what the baby looks like, cuz they’re still in your tummy. So I have to make another one later.” Izuku continues. He turns the paper around to look at it himself, frowning at it slightly. He holds the paper out at arms length as if it would give him some more insight into what the child will inevitably look like. He knows that Kacchan said the baby was gonna look like him, which sparked a small thought in his head.

“Do all babies look like their mama’s?” Izuku asked, voicing his question as it came to mind. He didn’t really look like his papa, and a lot of kids in his class also looked like their mamas. So it stands to reason that everyone looks like that. He glances up at Katsuki curiously, his eyes bright and inquisitive.

The sudden change in topic is just enough to knock Katsuki off of worrying about his weight gain. His lips dip into a frown and he hums thoughtfully. He didn’t want to seem standoffish, but he was really wary of any conversations that could possibly involve Toshinori’s late wife. He knew Izuku was practically a carbon copy of the woman, but he didn’t know if Izuku knew that. It made him feel so guilty that he didn’t know anything about her, and like he was running away for wanting to dodge the question.

“Nah, I look like my papa.” Katsuki said, trying to act nonchalant. He shrugged his shoulders and took one of Izuku’s hands again. He wasn’t as frazzled as he thought he’d be, but if he dwell on the idea too long he’d end up feeling stupid. He wasn’t too fond of that idea so he forced himself to push it from his mind.

“I’m gonna ask papa when I show him the picture.” Izuku says decisively. He swung his arm idly, glancing down at his photo again. He stumbled as Katsuki ground to a halt again, looking up at the teen who stared back at him with wide eyes. He fidgeted in place, worried that Katsuki was mad at him. His fingers crumpled the paper he was holding onto in a nervous grip.

Katsuki himself was reeling, wondering if Izuku had shown the drawing to anybody else. It wasn’t like Izuku knew the baby was Toshinori’s but the toddler couldn’t go around telling people his sitter was pregnant. Sucking in a breath he crouched to Izuku’s height quickly.

“Hey, did you show this to anyone else?” Katsuki asked, his breath leaving him in a rush. He carefully smoothed his hands over Izuku’s hair when the toddler responded with a hasty shake of the head. He cursed himself as he watched Izuku’s eyes grow shiny with tears, and cooed at the boy quickly.

“It’s ok, I’m not mad. You just can’t show anyone else, ok?” He continued, trying to convey how serious this was. Really there wasn’t a way to explain the situation to a child. Izuku didn’t have a concept of the laws regarding sex. He hoped to god Izuku didn’t even know anything about sex. Irregardless, the toddler probably thought it was ok for two people to be together because they loved each other and in a perfect world he’d be right.

“Oh, why not?” Izuku asked in confusion. He thought his drawing was really good. Maybe, though, if Kacchan didn’t want him to show anyone it wasn’t all that nice. He worried his bottom lip a bit, staring at the concrete beneath him in concentration. He nudged the crack in the walkway with a toe forlornly.

“You can still show your papa your drawing. I bet he’ll really like it.” Katsuki assured the child quickly. He watched Izuku sniffle a bit, the toddler wiping at his face with the sleeve of his jacket. He pat at Izuku’s hair a couple times, waiting for the child to calm himself.

“But the baby’s a secret, no one can know I’m having one.” Katsuki explained quickly. His hand wandered to his stomach without really thinking, it was a habit he was going to have to break if he wanted to keep the situation quiet. Of course he was excited, he’d been excited ever since Toshinori first proposed the idea to him while they were laid out on the couch.

“Why?” Izuku asked wiping away the lingering wetness that clung to his eyes. His lips dipped into a pout and his eyebrows pinched together in confusion. He thought having a baby was a good thing, so maybe Kacchan was trying to surprise people. He wiped at his nose, tilting his head to look at Katsuki questioningly.

“Cuz people will get mad.” Katsuki huffed out. He ran a hand through his hair as he thought about how much of an understatement that was. His parents, alone, would be livid. He could practically feel the tyrannical march his father would go on when she found out. He honestly didn’t believe a smidgen of the city would be left behind.

“Why?” Izuku asked. He couldn’t imagine people being mad at kacchan. He fiddled with his picture as he looked at the teen closely. He didn’t understand how something that made Kacchan happy would get him in trouble. Kacchan seemed like he really liked his baby, and as a result Izuku really liked his baby.

“Because I’m not a grown up yet, and people think only grownups should have babies.” Katsuki explained. That was probably the worst part of everything if someone found out, him being inevitably infantilized. Really, a ridiculous concept since he could look to the nearest advertisement and find an omega younger than him wearing things and posing in a manner that incite provocitism. Society was so quick to make them sexual objects, but just as quick to shame him for wanting to experience it himself.

“But you are a grown up!” Izuku protests. Kacchan was only a little bit shorter than other adults. He knew things that Izuku didn’t know, and he could always answer Izuku’s questions. Sure Kacchan still went to school but adults went to school too.

“How so, 'cause I’m bigger than you?” Katsuki asked. He bit back the sigh he wanted to let out. It wasn’t that Izuku was being difficult but most definitely that he wouldn’t get it. Of course everyone seemed like an adult to Izuku. The boy was already particularly small when it came to his peers, coupled with the fact he had four year old logic it was no wonder.

“No, because you do mom things! Like, like, you make me food, and you clean the house, and you play with me, and you pick me up from school, and you tuck me in and read me bedtime stories. Mom things!” Izuku exclaims again. Clearly the topic has wound the toddler up a bit, because his cheeks are a furious red that didn’t come from crying. He swings his arms about animatedly trying to further prove his point. Kacchan did things moms did, and moms were adults, all this culminated to the fact that Kacchan was an adult.

“Mom things, huh?” Katsuki asked mostly to himself, blinking in surprise. It made sense that Izuku thought those were things that moms did, since he’d most like see or hear about them from the kids in his class. Somehow Katsuki didn’t think those things alone were enough to qualify him for mom material, but what the hell did he know. Pinching the bridge of his nose, he let out a tired sigh and dropped his hand once more.

“Thanks, Deku.” Katsuki relent, smiling at Izuku softly. He got back to his feet slowly, resisting the urge to stretch his back in the process. He held his hand out for Izuku to take, giving the toddler’s pudgy fingers a light squeeze when their hands interlink. He guide them down the street, feeling a bit guilty about the remaining silence.

Katsuki’s mind clung to the fact that Izuku thought he did mom things. His thoughts ambling around the phrase as they continued their walk. The possibility that Izuku thought he was his mom was slim. Children did it all the time, sometimes called the authority figures in their lives by a parent title, but he didn’t think he fit that role. He still wanted Izuku to think of him as his mom, he would die for that. It was becoming a very real possibility now that it was confirmed he was going to give birth to the toddler’s younger sibling.

Katsuki was back to being particularly giddy when he finally unlocked the front door to the Yagi household. He ushered the toddler inside, before stepping in behind him and closing the door. He bent to untie his shoes and blinked down at the much larger pair of dress shoes already in the entryway. He barely had time to ponder that before Toshinori came sliding around the corner on socked feet.

“Zuzu!” Toshinori bellowed, sweeping the toddler into a smothering embrace. He pressed an exaggerated kiss into the toddler’s cheek, blowing a raspberry into the soft skin. He’d given himself and his secretary a half day, the beta had been surprised but grateful to head home early. There wasn’t a particular reason for him to do it, but he wanted to be home. His gaze wandered to Katsuki, watching a smile tug at the omega’s lips. His focus was drawn back to Izuku as the toddler started squirming.

“Papa, I gotta show you my picture!” Izuku squealed, immediately running back to Katsuki’s side as the man put him down. He bounced on his toes as he waited for the teen to pass him his tote bag. The toddler pulls out the paper quickly, skipping back to his father to hold it out proudly. He brandishes the piece of paper as if its a trophy, patiently waiting for his father’s opinion.

“It’s wonderful!” Toshinori replies immediately. He holds his hands out to take hold of the offered paper carefully. His eyes rove over the drawing carefully. He can make out the contents pretty quickly, often being on the receiving end of one of Izuku’s drawings. Izuku was clearly very excited about the baby and it didn’t look like that sentiment was going away anytime soon.

“Papa, do you think Kacchan is a grown up?” Izuku asks curiously, tugging on his father’s pant leg. He glances at the teen in concern as Katsuki makes a bitten off noise of outrage. The teen’s face is red with mortification and Izuku tilts his head curiously. His gaze flickers back to his father, the man himself staring down at him with wide eyes.

“Wh-, well, I-” Toshinori fumbles. It seems like such a loaded question. He is well aware that Katsuki is not legally an adult, painfully so actually. However he also knows Katsuki is more put together than a lot of his new hires and some of his junior staff. He wouldn’t of pursued the teen if he didn’t think Katsuki had the ability to handle the resulting situation. So far the other hadn’t shown him any different.

“Yes.” Toshinori says, leaving off the ‘but’ that niggles at the back of his mind. He does see Katsuki as an adult, it’s not a lie. The legality of their situation should sway his opinion more that it does but he can’t go back and change it. Of course there’s always the option of stopping, but he doesn’t particularly want to do that. He may be greedier than he’d originally thought.

“Ok, I’m gonna do my homework.” Izuku says, nodding to himself sagely. He pats his father’s leg and casts Katsuki as much of an ‘I-told-you-so’ look as a four year old can manage. He shakes his head and moves towards the living room, awkwardly balancing his tote bag as he goes.

Toshinori has to double take as he watches the toddler go. Izuku’s always been one to do his homework as soon as he gets home, so that wasn't’ a surprise. However, the borderline sass from the toddler towards his babysiter, arguably Izuku’s most favorite person in the world as stated by the child himself, is a new thing. He turns to Katsuki as the teen steps up besides him, a scowl on his pouty pink lips. Toshinori points after Izuku, raising a questioning eyebrow towards Katsuki in the process.

“I told him the baby was a secret because only grown ups could have babies, and I’m not a grown up. So he’s dead set on the fact I am an adult and proving it to me.” Katsuki sighed, crossing his arms over his chest. Really, the child could be a right menace when he wanted to, his determination was borderline dangerous when he set his mind to something. He peered up at the alpha next to him, blaming the wiry blonde for the child’s disposition.

“Ah,” Toshinori nodded, “Actually I did want to ask you about that.” He continued turning towards the other fully. By no means did he want to worry Katsuki with the conversation, but things like this could often be nerve wracking. He motioned towards the office a little ways down the hall, guilt creeping up on him as Katsuki eyed him warily. He followed close behind the teen as they stepped through the doors, shutting it behind him as they passed over the threshold. He coughed into his fist as he awkwardly edged around the teen to face him.

“You graduate in the spring, right?” Toshinori asked. He leaned against the edge of the desk, bumping into the pencil holder he had sitting a bit too close to the edge. He cursed to himself dropping down to catch the holder and fumbling the pencils that spilled out. He was a wreck, a nervous one, but a wreck nonetheless. He glanced up at Katsuki’s small chuckle, seeing the smile on the other’s face left him feeling completely enamored and a good deal calmer. He straightened up as the teen nodded a confirmation, his heart rate settling to a slower tone.

“What did you want to do afterwards? You know, before... “ Toshinori trails off the rest of the sentence, using one of the pencils in his hand to make a vague gesture towards Katsuki’s stomach. He sets the pencils and holder aside as he watches the other carefully. There’s so much he’s realizing just after the fact, and he really should’ve been prepared after already having one child. The reality is that he’s not. Katsuki’s been in Izuku’s life for a scant two years less than Toshinori has himself, it puts them on roughly equal footing in the parenting department.

“Before you got me pregnant?” Katsuki supplies with an amused grin. He snorts as the statement draws a squawk from Toshinori, the man flushing red from the tips of his ears down to his neck. The alpha could shove him to his knees in the bedroom without so much as a hint of nerves, but mention the baby and he becomes a flustered mess, swinging between excited and horny. He shakes his head fondly and hums in thought as he ponders the question.

“I didn’t really have a plan. I was going to apply to a few colleges, but that was only to give me something to do. I don’t have, like, a career aspiration or some shit.” Katsuki grumbles with a sigh. He runs his hand through his hair with a huff. Being a new mother was going to be taxing, he knew that. He didn’t have a job, and he couldn’t get one when he’d be taking a leave in a few short months, so he was really relying on Toshinori to support him. He didn’t know how long he could do that.

“Right.” Toshinori says, their conversation breaking off into tense silence. He feels like he should reiterate the fact he plans on taking care of the teen, but doubts it would be appreciated with his current track record for that conversation. Moving forwards their options are pretty sparse. He knows he wants to be a parent to the child, and Katsuki had expressed interest in marrying him but his own apprehension is deep rooted. He wants to put it off, leave the rest of the conversation for another time when they have more of an idea of what they’re doing. Then he remembers that they’ll never figure it out if they don’t talk about it and he’s being a coward.

“Will you date me?” Toshinori blurts suddenly. His face heats with an all too familiar blush as Katsuki looks at him incredulously. He fiddles with his fingers as Katsuki continues to stare at him in stunned silence. He has to will himself not to waive the question off as a passing thought in the wake of the teen’s lack of response. He was the more experienced party, yet he always seemed so flustered in the face of someone decades younger than him.

“Date you?” Katsuki finally asks slowly. He’s very confused by the proposition, and he’s reiterating the question just to make sure he heard it right. He doesn’t really know what that would entail. For one thing he’s never actually been on a date, for another it wasn’t like they could actually go out places. To do traditional dating stuff they’d either have to bring Izuku with them or find the toddler a babysitter, with how skittish the toddler could be when meeting new people that was a hard task. Coupled with the fact Toshinori was so much older than him, and people generally found that creepy, it sounded like a disaster waiting to happen.

“Yes?” Toshinori asks back just as confused. He feels incredibly dumb now that he’s asked the question. They’ve skipped a lot of steps in this relationship, a lot. He doesn’t know if they should back track, or keep pushing forwards, or step off the relationship path altogether. He’s admittedly very lost, but he wants to do this right. He wants to keep Katsuki around and this seems like the right way to do it.

“Yeah, ok. I’ll date you.” Katsuki says shrugging his shoulders. Toshinori seems incredibly set on it, and really, not much can conceivably change about how their relationship already is. Although the new title invokes some pleasant feelings. He’s dating Toshinori, Toshinori is his boyfriend. He blushes furiously as he rolls the phrase through his mind a couple more times. It’s so weird, but really nice at the same time.

“Oh, perfect. How about one tonight?” Toshinori asks. He hopes the monumental sigh of relief he let out at Katsuki’s consent wasn’t too audible. He’s already working out a plan to make this the best first date ever. It’s gonna be perfect, because anything less would be a disgrace. In his opinion, Katsuki deserves the best for putting up with his selfish requests so often.

“Tonight? What about Deku?” Katsuki asks, snapping out of his thoughts. It’s really sudden, he doesn’t known anyone he trusts to look after Izuku on such short notice. Sure he could always call Eijirou, but that would be one long explanation. He’d either look like he was shirking his responsibility to go out with some nameless alpha, or the truth that he’s dating said toddler’s father which is still pretty illegal. He wrinkles his nose in distaste, not particularly liking either option.

“No, no. It’ll be an at home date. I’ll make dinner, we’ll watch a movie, Izuku included. It’ll be fun.” Toshinori says quickly, waving off Katsuki’s worries. It was going to be a little tricky keeping the evening family friendly while still managing to be romantic. He knew he could pull it off though, and was greatly looking forwards to it.

“Yeah, alright, it’s a date.” Katsuki said shaking his head in fond exasperation. He rolled his eyes as Toshinori positively beamed at him. The whole situation seemed like such a married couple thing to do and Katsuki was over the moon for it. He brought up a hand to hide his smile as he turned to head back to the living room.

He sank to the floor on the opposite side of the coffee table from Izuku. The toddler barely glanced up from the worksheet where he was matching Kanji to their appropriate pictures, a determined expression set on his face. Katsuki gave a quiet snort at the toddler’s face before pulling out his own work books. He organized them by earliest due date before setting to work.

He hears Toshinori rustling around in the background. He doesn’t give it much mind until the door opens, a hasty goodbye shouted from the hall shortly before the door snaps shut. Katsuki feels a little miffed the alpha didn’t tell them where he was going but lets it go. With a little sigh he focuses on getting Izuku back into his homework, giving the toddler help as they go along. He’s halfway through his english homework when Toshinori makes a reappearance and the only reason he notices is because of the surprised noise Izuku makes.

“What are you doing, papa?” Izuku asks curiously, his head tilting to the side. Katsuki turns around to look at the man and wonders the exact same thing. Toshinori just grins at them as he continues to string a makeshift curtain across the entrance to the kitchen.

“It’s a surprise.” Toshinori answers, raising a finger to his lips and winking for good measure. He snaps the curtain shut and sets to work on whatever he has planned, leaving Katsuki and Izuku to stare at the makeshift divider curiously.

Katsuki shrugs his shoulders when Izuku looks towards him for an answer. He has no idea what Toshinori has planned for this date night, and as such has no idea what to tell Izuku. So he goes back to his workbook, his pencil scratching against the page lightly. He isn’t even sure if he knows that Toshinori knows how to cook. The man should be able to, he’s survived this long without Katsuki cooking for him, but still Katsuki’s rarely seen it. He’s starting to worry when an hour goes by and there’s no sign of Toshinori.

He’s standing from his seat in an attempt to go check on the alpha, when the curtain whips open with a flourish. Katsuki freezes, openly gaping at the self satisfied smile on the alpha’s face. He barely has time to react as Toshinori bustles forwards, wrapping an arm around his shoulders, stepping behind him, and ushering him towards the kitchen. The alpha is literally buzzing with excitement as he prompts Izuku to his feet as well, and Katsuki has no time to protest.

Honestly, Katsuki had not been expecting something so extravagant when Toshinori said at home date, but he continues to be surprised at the ridiculous lengths the alpha will go to. Before him the table sits covered in a bleach white table cloth, the corners elegantly tied up to make the draping even. A crystal bowl centerpiece complete with rose petals and a floating false candle make it look upscale. There are three place settings for a five course meal, and Katsuki makes note of the fact Izuku’s is a terribly cute plastic set decorated with panda faces.

He’s very overwhelmed as Toshinori scoots a chair out for him, and he sits down gingerly. He watches Toshinori walk to Izuku’s side, sweeping the toddler up and depositing him into his chair before stepping back with a wide grin. Toshinori brings his hands together in a clap before rubbing them together in anticipation.

“So, for tonight’s dinner we have a five course meal of traditional japanese dishes with a twist. We’ll start with an edamame salad, moving to a light miso soup, onto charred mackerel, with dry curry over rice as our main dish, and a dessert to finish off.” Toshinori explains, before whisking away to get started.

“It’s like a movie.” Izuku exclaims, bouncing in his chair. He follows his father’s progress as the man sets a little bowl of the green beans in front of him. He picks up his fork and pokes at them with a little pout as if they had personally offended him. He didn’t really like vegetables, they were sour. His father ruffles his hair as he passes by and Izuku lets out a little sound of protest.

Toshinori chuckles at the child before taking a seat adjacent to Katsuki. He turns to look at the teen a small knowing smile on his face. He hands off the salad and their dinner begins. He’s feeling good, since both Katsuki and Izuku seem to be very impressed by the set up. He wants to sear the whole experience into his memory. The way Izuku excitedly receives each new dish, even though he’s had them all before. The way Katsuki smiles and blushes as he throws the teen exaggerated bows and winks. He wants it all to be so cheesy it’s romantic, and he’s succeeding.

“Now for dessert!” Toshinori exclaims. He holds both hands behind his back, hiding the treat from view. His smile stretches wider as Izuku looks on with awed and expecting eyes. For his part, Katsuki looks both amused and fed up a small amused smile on his face. Like this he can easily see the rest of his life involving the two.

“Taiyaki!?” Izuku shrieks with delight, instantly recognizing the fish shaped treat as his father reveals the box. He drums his hands on the table excitedly, swinging his legs and bouncing impatiently. He thought the dinner was the best thing ever. It was very fancy and different from how they usually have dinner. He liked it a lot.

“Not just any taiyaki, it’s ice cream.” Toshinori tuts, wagging a finger in Izuku’s direction. He pops the box open and passes a wrapped sandwich to the toddler. The child struggles with the wrapper only briefly before he has it open and is tearing into the treat with gusto. Toshinori turns to offer the box to Katsuki, prompting the teen to take one as well.

“Interesting.” Katsuki comments as he takes an offered sandwich. He peels open the wrapper scooting the pastry up so it’s fish like head peeks from the packaging. He pauses in his motion to take a bite as he watches Toshinori unwrap his own fish tail first.

“Why?” Katsuki asks in dismay. He feels a weird kind of affronted as he watches Toshinori take a bite, the man smiling at him cheekily.

“So it doesn’t swim away.” Toshinori responds. Katsuki should’ve expected that answer, as it’s such a dad answer to give. Instead the teen lets out a disbelieving laugh and shakes his head before returning to his own treat.

“Speaking of swimming, do you want to watch Finding Nemo tonight, Zuzu?” Toshinori asks, turning to the child in question. The toddler’s head snaps up to look at him with wide shocked eyes. Soon Izuku is nodding at him enthusiastically, mouth still stuffed with bites of Taiyaki and fluffy green curls bouncing all over the place.

Katsuki quietly watches their interaction. He feels good, like he’s accomplished something and is just basking in the aftermath. He’s just existing, but it’s still good. It’s the indescribable feeling he gets when he’s with Toshinori and Izuku. Only here, he can just be pleased. He takes another bite of his ice cream sandwich to hide his smile, a light blush spreading across his cheeks.

Toshinori swears up and down to clean the kitchen while Katsuki and Izuku take a bath after dessert. Katsuki tries to get the alpha to let him help, but the other’s having none of it. Katsuki let’s the man shoo them away, taking hold of Izuku’s hand in the process. He let’s the toddler lead the way up the stairs, the child hopping up each step like a kangaroo. He pushes open the door to Izuku’s room, once again surprised by the large smattering of toys the child has.

Izuku drops his hand to scurry over to his dresser, looking through the bottom drawer for a set of pajamas. He pulls out different ones, eyeing them all critically before deciding on a ruffly purple nightgown. With his selection in hand he moves to his toybox, crouching to look through the bin. It’s a few moments later when he produces two plastic tiaras. He bounds back to Katsuki’s side, his treasures clutched tightly in his hands.

“What’s up, deku?” Katsuki asks, raising an eyebrow at the items the toddler has. He takes hold of Izuku’s hand leading him into the master bedroom, stopping to grab a t-shirt and running shorts for his own sleepwear. He continues on to the bathroom, setting all of their stuff on the counter.

“We’re princesses.” Izuku declares easily. He lifts his arms above his head dutifully so Katsuki can pull his shirt off. He slides his pants and underwear off and sits on the shower stool while Katsuki strips out of his own clothes.

“Really now?” Katsuki says in mock surprise. He pops the shower hat on top of Izuku’s head, threading the toddler’s hair through easily. He leans over to turn the tub on letting the basin fill as he warms up the shower wand and begins to wash Izuku’s hair.

“Yeah, because we had a fancy dinner, like princesses.” Izuku explains. He leans into the motion of Katsuki scrubbing at his scalp. He tilts his head forwards as Katsuki rinses the suds out, watching the water roll off the cap in front of him. He squeals at the cold glob of conditioner that Katsuki squirts into his hair, and goes back to leaning into the teen’s fingers.

“I see.” Katsuki says noncommittally. He was never very big on princesses when he was younger, not that it wasn’t common among omega. As a result he didn’t buy many things with ruffles and ribbons, most certainly not a nightgown. The closest thing he has is a sheer red chemise that came with a banging matching bralette and panty set, but that is most assuredly not for children’s eyes.

“I’m afraid I don’t have a gown.” Katsuki says, rinsing the conditioner from Izuku's hair. He moves on to scrubbing the toddler down, being sure to properly get every inch. All the while Izuku assures him it’s fine that he doesn’t have a dress, it’s the crown that matters. He hefts the child from the stool and lowers him into the tub, nodding like he understands the logic. He watches Izuku splash about in the water as he takes a seat on the stool himself.

He keeps a wary eye on the child as he washes himself down. His hands pause as they run over his chest, noticing the little bit of fat his pecks have managed to gain. His hands immediately go to his stomach next, and he marks the small amount of pudge that’s gathered there as well. He scowls to himself, a blush rising to his cheeks, maybe Izuku was right about that weight gain. Katsuki tries not to grumble too much as he rinses himself off and crawls into the tub with Izuku to soak.

Izuku can hardly sit still as Katsuki dries him off when they get out of the tub. He swings his arms as Katsuki dries his hair, wincing every now and then when the brush snags on a tangle. Once he’s slipped the night gown over his head he makes a grabbing motion for the tiaras which Katsuki hands to him from up off the counter. He waves for Katsuki to crouch.

The teen rolls his eyes and finishes pulling on his own night clothes before lowering himself to Izuku’s level. He holds back a little snort as the toddler stretches onto his toes to place a tiara in his hair. It always struck him as odd how small Izuku was given the fact that Toshinori was practically a literal giant.

“I crown you, princess Kacchan.” Izku says proudly, stepping back to admire his handiwork. He grins proudly and nods to himself before pushing the second towards Katsuki and ducking his head. Katsuki makes a show of tucking the plastic crown into Izuku’s curls, ensuring that it’s properly caught in his hair.

“There you go, princess Izuku.” Katsuki says, patting the child on the top of the head. He gets back to his feet, watching as Izuku squeals and darts out the room calling for his father. Katsuki rolls his eyes and follows after, making his way down the stairs at a more leisurely pace. Emerging back into the living room, Katsuki is just in time to witness Toshinori cooing over how cute Izuku looks. His hackles rise as the man suddenly spins to face him, mouth stretched into a wide grin.

“Ah, your majesty! Come join us.” Toshinori says teasingly, gesturing to the couch he’s standing next to as Izuku climbs into the cushions. There’s a throw blanket draped over the back looking deceptively in place. There’s a bowl of popcorn on the coffee table and the lights are dimmed low. The title screen for the movie floats on the flat screen in front of them.

“Bitch, I’m a queen.” Katsuki mutters to himself, an unfortunately conditioned statement from hanging out with his stupid millennial friends so often. As a result his embarrassment is swift and he scurries forwards in an attempt to hide it. He thinks Toshinori hasn’t heard it as he settles into the couch cushions next to Izuku, the toddler scooting a bit closer to him. It turns out to be wrong moments later as Toshinori drops onto Izuku’s otherside, whipping the blanket off the back of the couch to toss over the three of them.

“My queen?” Toshinori whispers over Izuku’s head as the movie starts rolling. His tone is bordering on the edge of suggestive. He slides his arm over the back of the couch, dropping it to curl loosely around the teen’s shoulders. He lazily strokes his fingers against the skin of the other’s upper arm, rustling the sleeve of his t-shirt just a bit on every upwards motion.

Katsuki tries not to jolt out of his skin at the casual touch, his face heating up. He lets out a shuddery breath and scoots a bit closer to the alpha. He startles as Izuku lets out a little indignant huff, Katsuki’s movement having squished the toddler between the two adults. Katsuki rushes to apologize and back away, but Toshinori is already shifting Izuku to his lap and dragging Katsuki into his side.

Katsuki’s hesitation doesn’t last more than a moment before he’s curling into the man’s side, a warm fuzzy feeling spreading through his chest. He ducks his head, pressing his nose into the alpha’s shirt to take a contented breath. The alpha’s scent washes over him quickly, all warmth and hearty musk. He hums gently, worming his arms around Toshinori’s waist and cuddling a little closer. He loved this, or he’s in love.

They spent the movie curled together comfortably, Izuku having shifted from his father’s lap to Katsuki’s some time during the movie. The toddler was already nodding off when the credits started to roll, head bobbing up and down as he tried valiantly to stay awake. Katsuki carefully maneuvers him into a better hold, tucking Izuku’s face into the side of his neck. He stands from the couch as quietly as possible, waving Toshinori away as the man hovers slightly.

He rolls his eyes as Toshinori holds up his hands in surrender and he turns towards the stairs. It’s a short trek back to Izuku’s room, the toddler’s quiet even breaths in his ear the whole time. He carefully removes the plastic crown from Izuku’s head, then his own, dipping awkwardly to put them back in the bin while maintaining his hold on the toddler. He tries to make his steps smooth and even, and his motions as quiet as possible.

It’s not enough, as Izuku stirs when Katsuki’s shuffling him into bed. He groggily blinks open green eyes, lethargically accepting Mint the rabbit as Katsuki offers it to him. He slumps into his pillows, curling around Mint with a little yawn. He lifts his chin as Katsuki tucks his comforter beneath it. A small purr slips past his lips as the teen threads deft fingers through his curls.

“I like it when you’re here.” Izuku admits sleepily, his eyes slipping closed. He buries his face in his pillow. He’s out before he gets to hear Katsuki’s reply, dreaming about a kingdom ruled by him, his papa, and Kacchan.

“Yeah, me too.” Katsuki replies gently. He carefully cards his hand through Izuku’s hair once more, smiling to himself as the toddler instinctively nuzzles into the touch. He pushes himself up, heading towards the door. He flicks the lights off, the room illuminated by hundreds of tiny blue stars projected from the night light in the corner. Katsuki looks behind him, watching the lights dance off the child’s freckled skin for a moment before finally pulling the door shut behind him.

He pads down the stairs quietly, finding Toshinori sprawled across the couch on his back. A quick glance lets him know that everything has already been cleaned and put away. He raises an eyebrow, impressed by the efficiency. A sharp smile slinks across his face as he concludes the alpha must want something and he makes his way over.

“What a nice night.” Katsuki states, throwing a leg over Toshinori to straddle the man’s waist. He arches his back a little more than he normally would as he settles, pressing most of his weight back into the alpha’s lap. He spreads his hands over the other’s chest, stroking over the lithe muscles firmly.

“It was…” Toshinori trails off. His eyes dance over the way Katsuki his spread atop him. The teen’s legs are wide, inviting, the hem of his running shorts riding further up his skin exposing more of those smooth limbs. Toshinori’s hands find a home on those lean legs, sliding up the warm skin. He tucks his thumbs beneath the hems of the tiny shorts, stroking teasingly at Katsuki’s inner thighs.

“You know,” Katsuki starts, leaning downwards to brush his lips against the alpha’s. He presses himself flush to Toshinori’s chest, snaking his hands up to rest on the man’s shoulders. He’s able to give one satisfied grin before Toshinori presses forwards, locking their lips together. It’s a slow lazy press of their lips. Soft skin sliding against each other as Toshinori directs them with a steady rhythm. Toshinori lets out a dreamy sigh as Katsuki pulls back, the teen licking his lips devilishly.

“It’s not over yet.” Katsuki says. He purposefully drags his hands back down Toshinori’s body as he slides off the alpha. He rises to his feet slowly, drawing away coquettishly. He throws a saucy grin over his shoulder as he turns away, sauntering off with an extra sway to his hips. There’s a short window from there to him jogging for the stairs, an excited laugh on his lips and Toshinori’s playful growl chasing after him.

Chapter Text

The couple almost doesn’t make it to the bedroom. Toshinori catches hold of the taunting omega just before the doorway to the bedroom. He practically slams Katsuki against the door, pushing forwards to devour his mouth in a kiss. His hands slide beneath the omegas shirt with heavy intent, fingers ghosting over the teen’s abs. He growls in pleasure as he feels the little hitch in the other’s breath, both on his lips and in the shaky tremble of the teen’s ribs.

Katsuki is quick to surrender, his head tipping back against the wood with a sharp gasp. He raises a leg to wrap around the man’s waist as he rolls his hips up into the alpha. Breathy pants slip from his lips, steadily growing in speed as he grinds against the other. The heavy pressure of Toshinori’s erection against his cunt makes him ache and quiver. He can’t stop the moan that spills from his mouth as Toshinori’s hands grip at his waist, huge and hot.

“Oh, oh, Toshinori.” Katsuki murmurs. His head lolls and his eyelids flutter as the alpha sucks what’s sure to be a nasty bruise into his scent gland. He bites his lip against a hiss, rocking his body in time with the impatient grinds the alpha pushes against him. He likens his arousal to the waves of the ocean, rising and falling with the tide of Toshinori’s movements. A startled gasp falls from his lips as his shirt is suddenly ripped over his head and he’s pushed back into the door again, Toshinori’s hands practically everywhere. The motion sparks his memory, the fact they’re still in the hallway coming back to him in a rush. His hand fumbles behind him blindly for the doorknob, trying to remedy the situation.

Toshinori stumbles as the door comes open beneath the omega. He recovers quickly enough, transitioning to hiking Katsuki up, the teen’s legs latching around his waist on instinct. He groans as the other’s full weight is practically settled on his straining cock. Katsuki’s fingers dig into his hair, tilting his head back to ravage his mouth further. His hands grip on Katsuki’s thighs and he stumbles. He tries to grind up into the other, eager to feel the warmth and friction, but the thrusting motion he wants to make too awkward with his current positioning. It takes him a couple sweeps of his leg to kick the door shut behind him through the distraction of katsuki’s needy kisses, somehow he manages.

“Katsuki.” Toshinori groans out as they fall into the mattress. The teen’s wanton shriek makes his cock jump in his pants and he presses himself on top of the other tightly. He’s quick to snatch the teen into continuing their kiss. His tongue delves into Katsuki’s mouth greedily, tasking the salty remnants of buttered popcorn on the other’s palate. He pulls back licking his lips, quickly discarding his own shirt to some dark corner of the room.

“You wanna do this? Do me?” Katsuki asks cheekily, breathlessly. His hips roll upwards to connect with the alpha’s, the length of the man’s cock pressing against him deliciously. He’s practically leaking slick like a fountain, drenching his panties. He shudders and sighs as massive hands trail down his frame, cinching wholly around his waist as his pulled into another kiss. He groans as they trail further downwards, hooking into the waistband of his shorts.

“Always.” Toshinori growls with a crooked smile. His eyes seem to glint in the dark of the room, ravenous and eager. He drags Katsuki’s bottoms off like he’s unwrapping a gift, anticipation rolling in his gut. He licks at his teeth as Katsuki’s panties are slowly revealed. It’s always a treat to him, the teen wearing an ever revolving mix of sinfully cute or lustfully lacy. Tonight they’re wine red, a shiny silk with ruffles on the front that transitions into a full lace in the back. Toshinori really wants to flip the teen over to fully admire them, but he also wants to plunge right in.

As if sensing the man’s dilemma Katsuki makes the decision for him, grinning like a fox and making a show of turning over. He arches his spine, lengthening his body while he languidly rolls to his stomach. He slides his knees under himself, keeping his chest pressed to the mattress below as he raises his ass higher. A breathy sigh leaves him as Toshinori’s hands trail over his back, across his shoulders and down his arms to link hands with him. Moans are pushed out of him as the alpha grinds against him, and he drops his face into the mattress below drool beginning to gather in the corners of his lips.

Toshinori grunts, a shudder running through his frame as he rocks his hips forwards, chasing the visceral pleasure he gets from simply rutting against the omega like this. He presses himself against Katsuki’s back, burying his nose in the soft spikes of the teen’s hair, breathing in the other’s familiar scent. Beneath him Katsuki is practically lost, so much smaller than his alpha partner. Toshinori is easily able to tuck the omega into his hold, pressing him further into the mattress, increasing the weight of his thrusts.

Toshinori groans, drawing back to look down at the teen. He drags his hands down the length of Katsuki’s body as he does so. He fits them on the teen’s hips, his thumbs finding a place in the little dimples on the other’s lower back. He lets his tongue rove over his lips distractedly as he drinks in the sight of the teen presenting for him. He pulls Katsuki onto his covered cock harshly, humping against the teen shamelessly. His cock strains against the fabric of his pants, urging him to get closer to the warmth of the other’s core. There’s still several layers of clothing between them but he can already feel the wetness of katsuki’s slick on him from how much the omega is leaking, the thick slippery substance soaking through everything.

It’s maddening, the way the omega drives him so easily to lust with the look and feel of a beautiful form. The sensual curve of the teen’s bowed back, knowing it’s only going to grow more pronounced as the weight of their child becomes heavy on Katsuki’s body. The plump round flesh of a bubble butt that jiggles at the slightest movements. The teen’s soft hips and thighs, easy to grasp beneath his eager hands. The breathy moans that leave plump pink lips. It’s enough to drive him to ruin, and he would never tire of it.

“I want to see you fall apart.” Toshinori growls through clenched teeth. He slides his fingers beneath the lacy panties, letting the pads of each one skim across Katsuki’s smooth flushed skin. He pulls the article of clothing down slowly, chasing the action with his lips. He kisses at the newly exposed skin, licking up the salty sweat before taking a playful nip at the bouncy globes of the teen’s ass.

“Oh!” Katsuki jolts in surprise, face growing dark in arousal. His breath leaves him in a woosh as he shudders, his fingers curling uselessly into the sheets as Toshinori worries the flesh of his left butt cheek between sharp teeth. He shakes as those sinful hands wander his body, snaking across his skin, leaving molten heat following in their wake. One settles on his stomach pressing into the skin lightly, the other comes to tweak at an erect nipple.

“You’ve gained weight.” Toshinori comments absent mindedly, fingers digging into the aforementioned weight curiously. Where the teen’s chest had been firm with a satisfying yield, it was now rounding just a little and jelly soft. He squeezes at the plush mound of Katsuki’s chest, the new breast swallowed in the palm of his greedy hand. As of now they haven’t grown much, but Toshinori has no illusions that they’ll stop here. He wonders how big the teen’s newfound tits will grow as he roll the stiff pink bud of the teen’s nipple between two fingers. He groans aloud when he thinks about the boy producing milk, his body shuddering at the fantasy that fills his head.

Katsuki squeaks at the statement, his back arching further with the sharp pinch to his sensitive chest. His face flushes and he hides in the mattress. He’d thought he’d be furious, he knew he was getting bigger, he didn’t need the alpha to point it out. Instead he feels pleasure drip down his spine and a low moan working in his throat as Toshinori gropes at him. He would happily gain weight if the alpha continued to find it this enthralling.

“Hey!” Katsuki’s shout of surprise from being suddenly flipped onto his back once more is abruptly cut off when Toshinori licks a long stripe between the valley of his breasts. The sensation has Katsuki mewling, indignation quickly stripped from his mind. It has his back arching and body trembling. He wasn’t going to last if the alpha kept teasing him like this.

Toshinori latches onto a pert nipple, rolling the new plumpness beneath it between his teeth. He grasps the other in the palm of his hand, quirking the skin with a clever palm and deft fingers. He pushes this way and that, tugging, rolling and teasing the skin, leaving the flesh sore and abused, a pleasant ache pulsing in his wake. Toshinori pulls away with a grunt, leaving the petal pink nub shining with cooling spit. He wastes no time switching between the two, giving them equal ravenous treatment.

It’s not long before Tohsinori’s shifting his hands, trailing them down the omega’s sides before slipping one beneath the teen’s back. He drags Katsuki closer, scraping his teeth over sensitive skin, sucking bruises wherever he can latch. He rolls his hips, pants sticky with precum and the slick pouring from the teen beneath him. His cock is achingly hard, pressed tight against the zipper. He needs them off, but Katsuki’s arms are wound around him like a vice. The teen’s finger’s dig into his back, dragging him down, keeping the space between them non existent.

“Hold on, hold on.” Toshinoir mutters, squeezing a hand between them to fumble with his pants. He wiggles out of them awkwardly, still confined to Katsuki’s frantic grasp. The teen laughs at him lightly as he kicks the dark jeans and boxers off the edge of the bed. He turns those breathless giggles into sharp moans as he runs his lips along the underside of the teen’s jaw. He shamelessly grinds his dripping cock against Katsuki’s stomach, smearing precum across the pale skin in generous swipes. The smooth squishy skin of the teen’s lower belly does wonders for his erection, the warmth and give causing more pre to dribble from his cock, the steamy liquid dripping onto the omega below.

Toshinori wants to mark him, the thought rearing up almost all consuming, He wants the other to smell of him, wants to rub his seed into the teen’s skin. Wants to make sure that everyone knows Katsuki is his. He wants to stake his claim in every way imaginable, there’s one easy way to do that. He dips forwards with a growl, teeth nipping harshly at Katsuki’s throat. His mouth finds a place over the teen’s scent gland, pupils blown wide at the fresh swath of pheromones he’s greeted with. He slowly works another hickey into the skin, a temporary claim.

“Shit, Toshinori, inside, please!” Katsuki gasps arching his back as fire spreads through him. He tilts his head back, offering more of himself as the alpha hums against his skin. Warm lips chase his pulse in searing butterfly kisses. A gently sigh slips from his lips as the alpha shifts slightly, pressing against his entrance warningly. He wants to urge the man forwards, to fill him, sate him, claim him.

Katsuki bites at his lip, a whining groan in his throat as Toshinori pushes forwards. His mouth drops open in a silent gasp and he scratches down Toshinori’s back with desperate fingers. He still has a hard time coming to terms with how big the alpha is. Even now, well acquainted with the man’s dick, he gasps and squirms as it stretches him. His toes curl and he drools for it, shuddering as his passageway molds itself to the familiar shape. Each inch is agonizingly wonderful in the way it burns, pushing inside him so deep it seems impossible.

“Oh, wait, go slow. Don’t hurt them.” Katsuki rushes out as a startling thought crosses his mind. His hand flies down to touch at his stomach, fingertips brushing against the small bump of Toshinori’s cockhead. He loves the fact Toshinori is so big, don’t get him wrong. Feeling like the alpha could rearrange his organs with each long stroke has his eyes rolling back in his head and his cunt gushing like a waterfall. His worry may be irrational, but he would hate to harm his child because his partner was too big.

Toshinori freezes in his motions, propping himself up to stare at Katsuki in awe. The teen is flushed in embarrassment, unsteadily holding his gaze while nibbling at his bottom lip. Toshinori is absolutely enamored by how cute the other is. A broad grin stretches across his face and he drags a hand through Katsuki’s hair, pulling the teen into a rough kiss. He dips his tongue into Katsuki’s mouth, suffocating in the teen’s syrup sweet taste. He takes every breath from the other, swallowing each gasping mewl with unquenchable greed. By the time he pulls away katsuki’s breath is ragged and the teen’s mind has been swept away.

“They’ll be fine, I’ll be gentle.” Toshinori assures, hovering a hair's breadth away from the other’s lips. His gaze is sharp as he stares into Katsuki’s eyes, his attention flickers to katsuki’s throat as it bobs with a thick swallow. He grins, slowly taking the teen into another kiss, finishing the roll of his hips to fully seat himself inside the other. He’s in no hurry, each thrust shallow and grinding. He’s content to just be inside the teen, kissing up each of Katsuki’s gasps as he moves.

If Katsuki ever knew torture, this may be it. Toshinori’s pace is slow, agonizingly so. It’s just enough to stroke at the itch in his core, teasing him with the prospect of relief. It’s good and bad wrapped together in an indecipherable puzzle. He gasps for breath, tilting away from the man’s kisses, too overwhelmed and drowning in the tide. In, out; push, pull. He clutches at the alpha for stability, anticipation building in him on the ebb, and crashing over him on the flow.

His body rocks ever so slightly with the steady motions, hips rising to meet each thrust. His hands wander restlessly: clinging to the man above him, the sheets, the headboard, the pillow beneath his head. Katsuki doesn’t know what to do with himself between the molten pleasure building in him and the breath stealing kisses Toshinori lavishes on him. He can’t process any thoughts beyond the hypnotic motion of Toshinori’s hips. His gaze is hazy, unfocused on the ceiling beyond the strands of the alpha’s wispy blonde hair. He chokes out moan that borders on a sob, his back arching and body tensing as the man focuses on his scent gland again.

Toshinori grins into the teen’s skin, adjusting his grip to keep the writhing omega still. This is all he wanted. Wanted to see the other go blank with pleasure, a passenger to his second nature. He wanted the only sounds coming from the younger blonde to be wordless gasps and moans. Rumbling in pleasure, Toshinori tucks his face into the juncture of Katsuki’s neck and shoulder, licking across the skin in broad stripes. He rolls like thunder into the teen’s body; slow, unyielding, and deep.

Toshinori’s arousal is low and roiling, his release a long way off the horizon, but he watches it build in Katsuki. He sees it in the way the teen’s head lolls dazedly, eyes tearing up at the corners. In the way his breaths get sharper, hitching at each press of the cock inside him. The way Katsuki can’t keep still, arching and squirming in his grasp, simultaneously trying to get away and to get closer. Toshinori watches it build, the omega creeping closer and closer to the edge. Then he watches him fall, grinning at the wail Katsuki lets out and the fresh burst of slick coating him. Clawed fingers dig into the alpha’s skin, sure to leave behind a scatter of purple bruises. Still, Toshinori does not stop.

“No, oh god, Toshi.” Katsuki whines and whimpers, tears trailing down his cheeks. He shudders as the alpha keeps going, his own small cock working its way back to stiffness. It hurts, every brush of the man against him, inside him, it stings. In the same instance it bleeds into white hot pleasure, and he finds himself arching into it. He drops his head back into the pillows and his breath huffs in laborious breaths. He keens as he continues to ride out the alpha’s thrusts, he doesn’t want it to stop.

“Are you alright?” Toshinori asks, never once breaking his stride. There’s a malicious tint to his grin as Katsuki nods shakily and he can feel the little part of him that wants to break the teen push at him. He needs to know how far he can push the other, how many orgasms he can draw out of the omega before he gets no more. How much he can get away with until Katsuki gives into him completely, and utterly. He tables the urge and tucks his face into Katsuki’s neck, pressing a careful kiss to the skin there.

He hisses as the warm vice of Katsuki’s cunt pulses around him, tightening and loosening in time with the little hitches in the teen’s breath. The pressure snakes up his spine as he rocks through them, pulling a delighted groan from the depths of his chest. He drags a hand down Katsuki’s body, hooking it around the teen’s thigh. His other curls in the teen’s hair, tilting the blonde’s head for better access to the omega’s glands. Toshinori squeezes at the toned and squishy muscles of Katsuki’s leg lightly before pushing.

Katsuki’s voice warbles in a wail, head thrashing from side to side as the man splays his legs wide. His eyes widen unseeing, back arching, shoulders digging into the mattress beneath him harshly. His breathing comes in loud heavy gasps, punctuated by high pitched whimpers. His fingers and toes curl almost painfully, digging into the sheets with enough force to stress the fabric. It honestly felt like Toshinori was trying to kill him.

“Can I knot you?” Toshinori asks, he practically growls. Sweat beads down his face as he watches for the teen’s reaction. He watches little tears slide down round cheeks. Watches the way the other clenches his teeth. Watches pale lashes flutter, allowing carmine eyes to slip open and peer up at him. Watches as they fall closed once more as Katsuki moans while he grinds into him, pushing for more, always more.

“Yeah.” Katsuki breaths. He’s never taken a knot outside his heat. Not that it would matter since the only knot he’s ever taken belongs to the man above him. He doesn’t think he wants any other. Not when the one he has stretches him excruciatingly wide, leaving him feeling sore and full for days with the ghost of it. Toshinori has ruined him, mad him greedy and complacent in one, he’ll never stray but he’ll never get enough.

Toshinori growls, tightening his grip on the omega. He bites at the teen’s neck, up to underneath his ear, leaving a trail of deepening bruises in his wake. Katsuki’s fingers tangle in his hair, grip painful and stinging, Toshinori is sure he’s lost a few strands. His slowly forming knot pushes against the rim of Katsuki’s entrance, slipping against the slickened folds eagerly. He wants so desperately to plunge in, to trap himself in the blissful damp heat of the teen. He hisses as it pops in, Katsuki’s shrill squeak ringing in his ear. It’s not enough yet, and he slips back out the lingering squeeze of the omega trying to grip onto him throwing stars into his vision.

Katsuki gasps and moans beneath the alpha, twisting with each deepening thrust. He shrieks in pleasure as the man’s knot slips inside him again, pressing up against his clit, and stretching him so wide. He rolls his hips desperately, chasing the deliciously full feeling, desperate to keep the knot inside him. He wants it locked into place, seeding him once more.

Katsuki tugs at Toshinori’s hair, prompting the man away from his neck. He trails shaking hands down the man’s face, fingertips trailing lightly over sharp cheeks. He carefully cups the other’s face in his hand, angling the elder’s face so he could look into electric blue eyes. His heart pulses at what he sees there: unbridled lust, adoration, and something the teen doesn't want to name for fear of being wrong. Time seems to freeze as he stares into the darkened depths of the elder’s eyes. Katsuki lets out a shuddering sigh, his eyes slip closed once more and he drags the man down for a kiss.

It’s exactly what Toshinori needs, his knot locking in place, body seizing and a low groan tumbling from his lips as he cums. He kisses the teen back lazily, pulling on plump lips, dipping his tongue into a pliant mouth. He keeps the space between them as small as possible, sharing breath with the teen as they come apart. He repositions them slowly, keeping his mouth on Katsuki’s as they move. They roll to the side, Toshinori hooking one of Katsuki’s legs over his hip to keep the teen open.

Katsuki sighs happily, sluggishly moving along with the alpha. He’d hardly recognized he’d orgasmed a second time. It had been a release, his entire body going lax, dropping like a stone into the pleasure. It leaves him feeling boneless, but so very good.

He slides his arms around the man’s shoulders, lazily curling his fingers in the fine hairs on the back of the other’s neck. He hums as he feels the hot seed inside him bubble and settle, not as much as when he was first trying to get pregnant but still enough to expand his stomach a bit. He nuzzles close to the other as Toshinori worms a hand between them to pet at the little pouch with a proud air. They sink into a silence, basking in the afterglow of one another.

“Alright?” Toshinori asks, his whisper startlingly intimate in the quiet of the room. He trails his fingers in small circles on the teen’s stomach. It’s strange to him, enthralling and mystic, knowing the omega is pregnant. Knowing that there is a child, his child, growing inside the teen.

“Yeah.” Katsuki mumbles back softly. He sleepily tucks his face into the side of the alpha’s neck. He feels content, safely wrapped in the man’s embrace and inner omega satisfied. Toshinori’s fascination with his stomach leaves him buzzing with pride. He’s carrying a baby for his alpha, providing a legacy for the man. It satisfies every one of his primal urges.

“I need to see a doctor.” Katsuki says suddenly. The thought pops into his mind like a friendly reminder, prompting him to get the best care for his child. It doesn’t feel so friendly after a moment, because he knows nothing about obstetricians. He can’t put it on his insurance, because it’s his parent’s insurance, which means he’d have to come out of pocket. More accurately Toshinori would have to come out of pocket.

“If it’s fine with you, we may be able to see the same one that helped with Izuku.” Toshinori offers. Chiyo was a wonderful obstetrician, and knowing her personally was a bonus. He wants to be able to go with Katsuki to every appointment. Even though she would have some choice words to say to him about it, he wouldn’t want to trust anyone other than Chiyo with Katsuki’s health, and that of their child’s.

“I don’t— Is that alright?” Katsuki asks, pressing his face into Toshinori’s chest. He’s nervous, very much so. Internally he understands that doctor patient confidentiality is a thing, and they’re unlikely to tell anyone unless it’s a major risk to his health. On the other hand he really doesn’t want anyone to know, an opinion he readily voices to Toshinori.

“It will be fine. Is this about your parents? What did they say?” Toshinori asks. His tone grows sharp, defensive. He wonders if he’ll have to fight the couple in order to keep Katsuki by his side. Knows there are several allegations they could pile on him at any given moment. Even if Katsuki is old enough to consent, it doesn’t mean the world thinks he’s old enough to consent to him.

“They never fucking came home.” Katsuki spits aggressively. He doesn’t want to think about it and stubbornly fixes his gaze on the starburst scar tissue littering Toshinori’s chest. He’s never asked where the alpha had gotten it, figuring the elder would tell him when it became important.

“Ah.” Is all Toshinori can say to that. It does concern him that Katsuki’s parents never seem to be around. Not because he believes Katsuki needs the supervision, the teen is more put together than himself at times, but because it had to be lonely. He’s no stranger to that feeling, and sometimes he fears the only reason Katsuki agreed to start this relationship was to abate it: The ugly and uncomfortable feeling, bringing with it an unbearable boredom. Since he knows it personally, he can’t say it’s not a compelling reason to begin a relationship, but he doesn’t want it to be the only reason. He wants Katsuki as more than just constant company, but he’d be a liar if he said the teen didn’t cure his loneliness.

Toshinori bites at his lip and looks down at the top of Katsuki’s head. His irritation with Katsuki’s parents is very hypocritical. He can’t express how he wished they were around more for the omega’s sake without acknowledging he’s been gleefully taking advantage of their absence. He can’t say he wishes they’d spend more time with their only son when he uses their trips to slip the teen into his bed. His intent isn’t malicious, none of it is, but it certainly feels that way when he brings to light the liberties he’s been taking.

He tucks his face into Katuski’s hair, the soft strands tickling his nose. He can hardly imagine his reaction if Izuku ever came home a pregnant teen. He feels like it wouldn’t be good, and it makes him feel worse, disgusting even. He never should have indulged in his wants, he should’ve left Katsuki alone. He should’ve let the teen find someone closer in age, someone he could introduce to his parent’s without facing immediate backlash.

With a slight frown, Toshinori tightens his hold on the teen. He inhales sharply, taking in Katsuki’s content smell and feels himself calm in response. This was fine, knowing that Katsuki was open and receptive to him. He didn’t need over complicate anything. Their relationship was new. It would have its fair share of rough patches, just like any other, but it was still a relationship.

He carefully runs his hands through Katsuki’s hair. He doesn’t want to tell anyone about their baby either. It was nice, being in this little family bubble. It was sinfully nice to come home to Katsuki and Izuku; far from the stress of running a company, from the eyes of the outside world. Letting others in would ruin it, and he didn’t want that.

“I’ll make you an appointment.” Toshinori rumbles. He would call Chiyo in the morning, tell her everything. She would chew him out but she’d help. She would let him be there for every appointment, for every grainy ultrasound. She would give him advice on what to do about the situation. He has to make this work. He wants to make this work.

Chapter Text

Katsuk really wanted to take Toshinori’s reassurances to heart, but his nerves clawed at him regardless. They’d stuck with him the whole day, turning his already morning sick stomach. He hurled three times, including once during the ten minute drive to the obstetrician’s after he’d forced Toshinori to pull over. He didn’t have any fears of the actual appointment going wrong, rather he felt the dragging weight of judgement on his back. He’d felt it the moment he’d walked into the office, toting a chattering Izuku on one hip and Toshinori’s concerned figure at his back. He knew acutely when eyes unconsciously turned towards him, making the split second assessment, and he knew exactly what picture he made.

Katsuki fidgeted under the crawling feeling of his skin, eyes darting around the waiting room furtively. His gaze jumped from the clock ticking on the wall beside the door, to the neatly potted fern below it; too green to seem real but too droopy to seem fake. His gaze moved to the source of the soft little giggles coming from his lap. Pulled from Izuku who bounced up and down as Katsuki’s leg jittered with his nerves. He bit his lip and stilled his bouncing knee, stopping himself from jostling the toddler about. He wrapped his arms around Izuku a tad too tight and apologized lightly, burying his face in the child’s curls.

He found himself eyeing the other couples in the room before he could stop himself. He peered at the young alpha-omega pair tucked into the corner to his right. Watching them thoughtfully through Izuku’s fluffy curls. They looked newly wed, from the way they were practically crawling all over each other, sending one another gooey and sappy eyes. The femme omega was leaning heavily into his alpha’s side, excitedly chattering at the man and petting at his tiny baby bump. The scene made Katsuki sick with envy. He wanted to curl into Toshinori’s space. Wanted to seek any comfort from the alpha that he could, but the trouble they could get into always froze his actions.

Guiltily looking away only presented Katsuki with the image of the happy family across from him. Their two children where tumbling around on the floor together, their father gently reprimanding them from time to time. His wife, a heavily pregnant female omega, was leaned back in her chair, giving her as much space as possible. She looked so tired, but the smile on her face didn’t show she regret it at all. Her hands sat atop her belly showing off her sparkling wedding ring, and when her husband reached over to stroke his thumb across the back of her hand Katsuki sourly noted his wedding band was a perfect match. Katsuki wanted that too.

Huffing, he pressed his nose into Izuku’s hair again, clenching his eyes shut against the jealous thoughts. Compared to the others in the room he felt inferior, and very out of place. He felt like the dumb teen who didn’t know how to close his legs and is now dealing with the consequences. It was a miracle Toshinori was even putting up with him at this point, he probably wasn’t even a good lay; being a virgin in the beginning and all. He felt like a drain, pregnancies cost a small fortune and Toshinori was going to have to come out of pocket for everything if Katsuki didn’t tell his parents at some point in time. He couldn’t do this, he was guaranteed to fuck it up.

“Katsuki.” Toshinori gently urged, causing the teen’s focus to snap to him in a panic. The omega’s distress was palpable, Toshinori could see it in the frantic way Katsuki’s eyes widened and his breath hitched. There was very little Toshinori could do to comfort the teen that wouldn’t come off too intimate, or predatory, in the eyes of the public. He knows the concerned glance the omega across from them gives them does even less to assuage Katsuki’s distress. They look slightly unsettling, he knows, with the way Izuku calls him papa but uses Katsuki’s name immediately breaking any familial relation between himself and Katsuki. He knows the questions he would ask. Instead he gives Katsuki an encouraging smile, and gestures towards the door where the attendant is waiting from them with a slight inclination of his head.

Katuski curses quietly, practically jumping to his feet. He shuffles Izuku onto his hip and bustles forwards, attention focused on the ground. He berates himself for being so absorbed in his own thoughts that he missed the call of his name. He flinches slightly as Toshinori’s hand settles on his lower back when the door swings shut behind them. It’s fleeting but enough to calm Katsuki’s nerves considerably as they trail after the nurse. Katsuki exhales shakily, trying to convince himself that everything was fine, that nothing was going to go wrong.

He passes Izuku to Toshinori as he goes through basic intake procedures: height, weight, family health history and the like. It’s an admittedly short time before he finds himself seated on an examination table, staring at the back of a closed door. He fiddles with his fingers as he waits for the doctor to appear, eyes watching Izuku poke about the room curiously. He feels like he’s sweating buckets, like he’s absolutely dripping in his nerves. He shifts his focus to Toshinori, the alpha sitting in the little metal chair of to the side. He returns the small smile Toshinori gives him, admittedly way more wobbly than he intended.

His attention is taken away by the sound of the door clicking open. He blinks as a short elderly omega walks through in, her greying blonde hair pulled up into a tight bun at the top of her head, a pencil shoved through it haphazardly. She offers Katsuki a warm smile, grandmotherly in the way her eyes crinkle, then she turns to Toshinori. Katsuki can swear the atmosphere shifts despite the woman’s expression never changing. He thinks he can see her dark eyes glint with malicious intent through the small slits they narrowed into when she smiled.

“Good afternoon, Toshinori. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen you.” She greets. Her hands fold in front of her serenley, an action starkly opposite her tone. She stares the alpha down, her smile never once leaving her face. Her presence is bigger than her stature, and Toshinori finds himself shifting in his seat uncomfortably.

“Good afternoon, ma’am.” Toshinori returns, his voice shakes slightly. He motions Izuku to his side, scooping the child into his lap as a metaphorical shield against the woman’s disdain. He hadn’t been able to gauge her mood over the phone when he’d called earlier in the week, it had left him more rattled than he hoped to admit. He’d thought she’d have come to terms with it by now, but oh how wrong he was. She turns her nose up at him with a little hum, finally shifting her gaze away.

“Hello, Bakugou-san, I’m Dr. Chiyo.” The woman says turning to face Katsuki, her professional demeanor sliding back into place. She steps towards the little desk are and the swivel chair sitting there. She seats herself gracefully, giving the chair a quick couple of pumps to raise herself a bit higher. Her eyes slide over the open document on the laptop sitting there, and she turns to ask Katsuki a couple more questions.

“This is your first prenatal visit? You took an at home test before coming in, correct?” Chiyo asks, inclining her head slightly. Katsuki nods somewhat hesitantly, still caught up in her earlier interaction with Toshinori. He finds himself blushing as she gives him another comforting smile.

“Uh, yeah, that was maybe a month or so ago.” Katsuki says with a little wince. He drums his fingers on the crinkling paper beneath him, his gaze darting away. He shifts on the tabletop nervously feeling distinctly like he’s missing something big. He knows the thoughtful hum she lets out isn’t for him to hear, and watches Toshinori flinch slightly.

“Well, today we’re going to do some blood work, and give you your first ultrasound.” Chiyo explains, she wheels her self a little ways away opening a drawer and pulling out a prepackaged syringe and needle. She doesn’t leave her chair as she wheels over to the sink to wash her hands, then over to Katsuki’s side as she preps the needle. Katsuki can’t really blame her, she is very short but seems to be extremely dedicated to her job. His attention is quickly caught by the little squeak of fear Izuku let’s out.

“Are you afraid of shots, Deku?” Katsuki asks, his lips quirking up in a smile. He rolls his eyes fondly as Izuku shakes his head in a blatant lie, green curls bouncing everywhere. The arm that Chiyo isn’t tightening the tourniquet around he holds out towards Izuku as a type of offering.

“That’s so brave, maybe you can hold my hand so I won’t be scared.” Katsuki says, feigning fear. He pushes down his smile as he watches Izuku scramble off Toshinori’s lap to rush to his side. The toddler grabs Katsuki’s outstretched hand with both of his smaller ones, squeezing his eyes shut and burying his face in the teen’s palm.

“Thank you very much, Deku.” Katsuki praises, smiling down at the child even though the other can’t see him. He doesn’t even feel it as Chiyo finishes drawing a vial of the blood she needed. He watches as she tapes the cotton swab to the crook of his elbow with a band-aid. Then alerts Izuku that the scary part is over, and hefts the child onto the bench with him when the toddler raises his arms in demand.

“Alright, I’m going to give this to the lab and I’ll be right back. Toshinori, I wanted to talk to you about your bill.” Chiyo says as she removes the needle from the vial and caps it. She lets her chair sink to the ground, hopping off once it reaches the desired height. She doesn’t pause as she exits the room fully expecting Toshinori to follow after her.

The alpha tries not to stiffen in horror, but doesn’t quite manage it. He does manage to keep the grimace off his face as he gets to his feet and slips out the room, assuring Izuku and Katsuki that he’d be back. He practically jumps out his skin as the sharp thwack of a cane raps against his shin the moment he steps out the door, leaving the skin in the impact area smarting smarting. He rubs at the injured limb as he eyes the shorter woman both warily and scandalized.

The glare she wears is impressive and he passively follows after her as she heads past the nurse’s station, dropping off the blood sample as she went, then into the single office. The door closing behind him feels like a death sentence. His only saving grace is that he hasn’t heard the lock tumble, but that’s quickly dashed as it soon slides into place with a solid thud. His shoulders hunch and he guiltily slinks into a chair as Chiyo sits in the large leather seat on the other side of the desk.

“I am very disappointed.”

The words sting in a way that can only be accomplished by someone who’s known you your whole life. This particular phrase hasn’t felt so sharp since he was a teenager first learning to drive and subsequently totaled the car. Toshinori feels himself physically flinch back, as if he could avoid the cutting sensation. He cringes, his head bowing downwards and thumbs twiddling as he waits for her to continue.

“If this were any other circumstance, I would be happy for you. I know I raised you to think with one head over the other, and yet--” Chiyo scolds. She watches her son squirm guiltily, thinking back on the time she first met him. His birth mother was a teen determined to see out her pregnancy but unable to raise a child. She’d gifted him to the barren doctor, and gave up visitation rights. If Toshinori were any less of a man history would have repeated itself. Her frown is deep set and she folds her arms over top of the desk, pressing her fingertips together.

“I know…” Toshinori admits meekly. He hunches forwards in his chair, propping his elbows on his knees and burying his face into his hands. The weight of the situation doesn’t hit him, it’s never really hit him. Rather it bears down on him slowly, like a paper press, each little turn of the wheel bringing with it more realizations, more problems. It settles on his shoulders, pound after pound, until he’s dragging his feet, understanding it’s too much for him to bear but too late for him to put down.

He had happily gotten Katsuki pregnant, eagerly even. He’d approached the teen and been quickly consumed by the thought. It was suddenly everything he ever wanted, to see the young omega carrying his baby. To accomplish that he forgot about everything else. He forgot about Katsuki’s parents, Katsuki’s schooling, the expenses that came along with a child, their age difference, society, the law. None of that mattered as much as getting Katsuki to stay with him, to get in bed with him, to be his.

Toshinori hadn’t screwed up. He refused to say that this was a mistake, and the happy excited smiles Katsuki and Izuku wore every time someone mentioned the baby solidified his resolve. He would fight anyone to keep his little growing family: physically, mentally, legally, it didn’t matter. He would fight them and he would win. There was nothing that was going to tear them apart if he could help it.

“I swore I’d take care of him.” Toshinori says, lifting his head from his hands to look at his mother. They were both stubborn people, but she knew when some battles weren’t her own, a trait Toshinori still struggled with from time to time. Her disappointment in him may never be resolved but she would trust him to work this out on his own, and that was all he needed.

“I know you will, you came here after all.” Chiyo says giving the man a small smile. She takes a breath and slides out her chair to walk to her son’s side. She places a hand on his shoulder and gives him a consoling pat.

“You and Izuku will have to come to dinner tonight, we’ll explain it to your father.” She says turning towards the door. She misses the way Toshinori tenses, ruffling a large hand in his already unruly hair as he stands from his chair. What she does witness is the little nod he gives her when he steps up to her side at the door.

“Now let’s go see my new grandbaby.” Chiyo says pleasantly, opening the door and stepping into the hall. She stops to pick up the results of Katsuki’s blood work from the the nurses station. Reading over the chart once more, confirming that Katsuki was indeed pregnant, and that his hormone levels, and white blood cell count were within normal parameters. She steps back into the room, Toshinori trailing anxiously behind her, and sets herself up at the ultrasound machine.

Katsuki watches curiously as the two make a reappearance, Izuku squirming next to him impatiently. He shoots a questioning glance at Toshinori who steps close to pick Izuku up. The alpha shakes his head slightly and gives him a smile that Katsuki has come to associate with hiding something. He isn’t given the time to dwell on it as he hears the machine switch on with a little hum.

“Are you excited to get your first look at your baby?” Chiyo asks, pulling on another pair of gloves. She smiles as the teen nods his head somewhat hesitantly. She gives him time to shuffle back, lifting his shirt and leaning back into the table. Her smile widens at the little shiver he lets out as she spreads gel on the lower part of his stomach. She presses the wand to his skin and turns her attention to the screen.

“There now, see this dark circle here? This is where your baby is going to grow.” Chiyo says gesturing to the screen. She carefully shifts the wand, watching the grainy blobs shift across the screen as she does. Her eyebrows lift in surprise and she hums thoughtfully, squinting at the screen for a better look.

“Is something wrong?” Katsuki asks nervously. His gaze flickers from the woman to the screen and back. He beats back the panic, telling himself it’s probably nothing and he’s overreacting. The longer Chiyo stays quiet the harder it is for him to remain still and to keep the mantra going. Though it’s really only been a couple seconds since she made the curious noise.

“Nothing’s wrong dear, I just wanted to make sure of something.” Chiyo says, grinning up at him secretly.

“Here they are,” She says tapping one part of the screen at a little tadpole looking blob then trails her finger a little further.

“And here’s the other.” An identical little beany shape.

Katsuki stares, his breath punching out of him in a rush. He continues to stare as the words flit about in his mind, the other, as in one more, like two. He feels like his heart stops, starts, stutters, and races. The whole while his world is sharply zeroing in on the two tiny beany blobby bodies curled close to each other on the screen.

“What?” Katsuki blurts out in awe. His grip tightens on his shirt hem, straining the fabric betweens shaky fingers. His mind reels, how did he go from having one baby to having two babies? His gaze snaps to Toshinori, and he notes the horribly enraptured look on the alpha’s face as the other looks at the screen as well. He kind of wants to strangle the man, and kind of wants to screech in excitement. He isn’t sure where he stands on either of those options just yet, so he shifts his focus back to Chiyo.

“They’re twins. You can see their heads all the way down to their little rumps. Very cute.” Chiyo says tracing a finger along the curve of one and chuckling fondly. She shifts her cursor to measure them, beginning to calculate Katsuki’s estimated due date. Now that she had done her bit as disappointed mother, she was just as thrilled to meet the new additions to the family as everyone else in the room.

Katsuki’s gaze shifted between the screen and his stomach a couple more times. For some reason the connection wasn’t clicking quiet yet. He knew they were there, he could feel it, but it seemed so surreal that the tiny little blobs on the screen were his babies. That he was even having babies, plural. They were going to get bigger, and eventually they were going to be here, and that just boggled him.

“Holy shit.” Katsuki murmured to himself. He let himself sag back into the table, his head tilting back to look at the ceiling with wide eyes. There were babies inside him, and no matter how many times he repeated the fact to himself the feeling was the same. A swooping mess of emotions that had a broad grin breaking out on his face and giddy laughter bubbling in his chest. He was really pregnant, with his and Toshinori’s babies. He lifted a shaky hand to his mouth to quell the little squeal he wanted to let out, and gasped breathlessly as he took in the situation.

Toshinori fondly watched Katsuki go through his emotions. He was feeling pretty astounded himself. He honestly doesn’t know if he’s ready, one baby had been more than enough but two was a bit shocking. His own cheeks were beginning to hurt from how hard he was smiling. He would give anything to make this last forever. To see Katsuki so excited about their coming children, and it’s bittersweet. The world would turn against them if anyone knew, and the fact sours his expression.

“Grandma, what does twins mean?” Izuku asks, squinting at Chiyo with curious eyes. Toshinori turns his head to look at his son, missing the way Katsuki suddenly stiffens. Chiyo pauses spinning around in her chair to smile at Izuku, a smile the toddler readily returns.

“It means, Bakugou-san is having two babies.” Chiyou explains. She holds up the correct amount of fingers for emphasis, chuckling to herself as Izuku squeals excitedly. The toddler kicks his legs animatedly and Toshinori struggles to keep him from falling from the chair. Toshinori nods along as Izuku asks him if he’d heard the news and how the toddler would need to come up with two names now. The information has appropriately sparked double the excitement in the child.

“Would you like photos?” Chiyo asks, turning back to Katsuki. The teen blinks out of his suspicious stare, turning his head to look at the woman in shock. Chiyo doesn’t think she’s ever seen someone look so bewildered when being offered ultrasound photos. It’s almost funny in a way, like the other didn’t know that was a typical thing.

“Can I?” Katsuki’s voice shook as he sat up fully, wiping the gel off his stomach with the offered paper towel. He bites his lip as the small doctor nods at him, his sight moving back to the still image of his babies on the screen. He scoots forwards as the machine whirs lowly. He clings to the edge of the bed as Chiyo pulls three little photos off the printer. He gingerly takes them from her hands, trailing a finger along the border of the top one as he looks at it. He’d have to start thinking of them as the babies, instead of the baby.

“I’ve prescribe you some vitamins to supplement you, since you are rather young. Other than that, everything looks fine Bakugou-san. Just stop by the front desk on your way out to schedule yourself another appointment in two weeks.” Chiyo says with a smile. She pats Katsuki on the leg reassuringly, not at all bothered by the distracted nod he gives her. She let’s her chair sink down once more and stands.

“I’ll see you at dinner, Toshinori.” With that Chiyo is gone. Toshinori bites his lip at the accusatory look Katsuki shoots him. He rubs the back of his head, sighing gently. He owes an explanation to the teen, he knows, he just wasn’t sure if he wanted to do it here.

“Chiyo is my mother.” Toshinori admits, biting the bullet. He can see Katsuki’s expression turn from shock, to horror, to rage and he braces for the explosion. There was probably a better way to go about this, but it’s too late now.

“Your mother!? Did you tell her?” Katsuki hisses. He’s seething, and panicked. Toshinori’s guilty little nod practically sends him off the deep end. He had met his boyfriend’s mother and not even known. What’s more is she knows he’s pregnant by her son. Holy shit, she must think he’s an absolute slut. Katsuki clamps down on the garbled shriek he wants to let out, trapping it behind his grinding teeth. He fists a hand in his hair, furious at Toshinori for leaving him in the dark. He also doesn’t want to get into it here, in front of Izuku and in a space where anyone could walk in.

He swallows his rage, sliding off the bench and heading for the door. He pointedly doesn’t look at Toshinori as he walks by. Truthfully he’s not all that angry, disgruntled and embarrassed, but not particularly mad. He can admit he probably would have refused to come if he knew the ‘doctor friend’ was related to Toshinori, but a little heads up would have also been nice. He purses his lips, pushing the thought from his mind as they head for the door. He huffs when Toshinori goes to pay the bill, only to find the fee has already been waived. Toshinori tries to argue the fact but the nurse at the front desk waves his hand and tells them Dr. Chiyo already sorted it out.

The car ride back to the house is quiet on Katsuki’s part. The teen is furious, and Toshinori knows this. His reason for not telling Katsuki about his relation to Chiyo was because he didn’t want the teen panicking and possibly canceling the appointment. Now that it’s backfired on him though, he’s finding it hard to remain steady in the idea he’d made the right choice. Instead he sweats nervously as Katsuki pointedly ignores him, and remains quiet the entire ride. He sweats as Katsuki says nothing when they walk through the front door. When Katsuki finally clicks his tongue at him and walks up the stairs, Toshinori knows his shirt is probably drenched.

Toshinori takes a breath, pinches the space between his eyes, and lets out a deep sigh. They’ve got a long way to go on this communication thing. He’ll admit it was a particularly nasty thing to spring on the teen, but he’s not going to chase the other down every time Katsuki’s upset with him. Although, actually telling that to Katsuki might be a little more difficult than he thinks. He bolsters himself, telling Izuku he’ll be right back, and heading up the stairs after Katsuki.

“Katsuki, I know you’re upset.” Toshinori says, as he pushes through the door to his bedroom. He shuts the door behind him folding his arms across his chest as Katsuki glares at him furiously from the edge of the bed. Katsuki is cute when he’s mildly affronted, when he’s actually angry he’s quite terrifying, but right now he’s adorable. His eyebrows are furrowed, his cheeks are puffed out, and his nose has a little wrinkle over it. Toshinori has to firmly remind himself that Katsuki is actually mad at him and not get swept away by his admiration of the teen.

“Yes I’m upset! You introduced me to your mother and I didn’t even know! I looked a right mess. My hair wasn’t done. I’m in a freakin band T-shirt. I’m wearing fucking yoga pants! She’s gotta think I’m some dumb slut.” Katsuki shrieked, throwing his arms in the air. He falls back into the bed with a soft wumph. He rolls onto his side and curls into a ball, gripping at his hair with white knuckled fists as he frets over it.

“She doesn’t think you’re a slut.” Toshinori assures the teen. He seats himself on the bed next to the other, leaning over the other to look him in the eye. He huffs when Katsuki avoids eye contact by burying his face into the mattress with a little pout. Toshinori rolls his eyes and shifts further onto the bed, laying himself behind the teen and pulling him into an embrace.

“She doesn’t. She sort of congratulated us in a roundabout manner, actually. Though she was very adamant that I should stop thinking with my dick.” Toshinori says. He grins as Katsuki chokes on a laugh, the teen twisting around to look at him. His heart rate spikes at Katsuki’s little smile and he finds himself just observing. Her returns the little squeeze Katsuki gives him as the teen curls closer, feeling like his heart is going to burst from him.

“Ok.” Katsuki sighs, pressing his forehead into Toshinori’s chest. He wriggles an arm under the alpha’s side, startling a tickled laugh out of the elder. He files the information away for later, instead focusing on pulling himself further into the hug. He sighs in content, basking in Toshinori’s steady presence and warmth. Maybe being this enamored was dangerous, but it seemed like it’d be ok for now.

“We’re having babies.” Katsuki mumbles after a while.

“We are.”



“What have you fucking done to me?” Katsuki accuses. He smiles as Toshinori bursts into laughter, the elder’s shoulders shuddering with mirth. Toshinori shakes his head and smiles down at the teen. Katsuki leans up to kiss him only to freeze as the door creaks open. He looks over his shoulder as Izuku toddles into the room.

“What are you doing?” Izuku asks curiously. He cocks his head to the side as he watches his papa and Kacchan hug each other. He wanted to join, but maybe Kacchan was sad again. He knew his papa really helped in cheering Katsuki up the first time, so maybe he’d have to wait.

“Oh! Come here, Zuzu!” Toshinori called excitedly, waving his son over. The toddler came obediently, awkwardly trying to crawl onto the bed with too short limbs. Toshinori saves him the trouble and moves to scoop him up, carefully depositing the child between himself and Katsuki. He was quick to envelope them both in his arms once situated. He takes a deep breath, reveling in the soft pleasant scents both Katsuki and Izuku give off. The thought that Katsuki was the mother of his children, all of his children, sat comfortably in the back of his mind, barely acknowledged. Still he pulls the two closer, and rumbles happily. He presses his nose into Katsuki’s hair to get a better whiff of the teen’s changing scent.

Katsuki lets out a little squeak of surprise, similar to Izuku’s own happy squeal. He carefully wraps his arms around the toddler and lets Toshinori pull them both into a bear hug. He smiles to himself, curling around Izuku and rubbing his cheek into the toddler’s hair. He preened as Izuku wrapped small pudgy arms around his neck and nuzzled right back. He found himself zoning out slightly, falling into nurturing habits instinctively. He’d have to let Toshinori into his nest the next time he made one, family cuddling was something he didn’t know he’d needed until now.

Chapter Text

Toshinori was currently faltering on the front porch of his childhood home, trepidation aching through his bones. He shifted from foot to foot, staring at the solid wood door in front of him. Warm light filtering through the window at the top, conveying the comfort he was supposed to feel upon returning home but one he was currently not getting. He was wholly ignorant to how this night was going to go. His parents had aged a great deal but he never lost the healthy respect that he had for them. He’d never been a particularly difficult child, but neither was he the shining star some made him out to be.

He anxiously curled his fingers around the handle to the little gift bag he was holding, it’s contents a peace offering of wine. Izuku rocked back and forth on his heels beside him, using his hand as leverage for the motion. He wonders if he should’ve left the child with Katsuki, the conversation he wanted to have with his parents was bound to be too much for the toddler. He also wasn’t quite ready to tell Izuku yet either. His shoulders jumped as the door was suddenly pulled open.

“Izuku!” Chiyo greeted, upon spotting them standing on the porch. She bent at the waist to give the toddler a kiss on the cheek. She glanced up at Toshinori, her eyes narrowing as the other waved awkwardly. She straightened taking hold of Izuku’s hand and drawing him into the house, conversing with the toddler the whole while.

Toshinori took a breath, his shoulders sagging as he followed after. It was already shaping up to be a long night, and he had barely walked over the threshold. He pushed the door shut as he crossed the threshold, bending over to take his shoes off. He glanced up towards the living room to witness his father also crouching down to give Izuku a hug. The sight of the elder alpha reaching down to ruffle Izuku’s hair gave him pause.

Torino had always been intimidating to him. Although the years had passed, leaving laugh lines and wrinkles in papering skin. Though Toshinori had long since outgrown the man in stature. His father would always be the threatening muscular tower that Toshinori had known in his youth. Coming against that now, when he was supposed to be wiser, stronger for his family, he didn’t know if he could withstand the pressure. The thought had him shaking where he stood, grip tightening around the handles of the little gift bag he was still holding.

He takes a step into the house, then another, and another until he’s also standing in the living room. He watches Torino rise, the elder’s gaze directed towards him in a detached an calculating manner. The atmosphere feels oppressing. It feels silent, even though Chiyo is pleasantly indulging Izuku in a conversation a scant few feet away. He suppress the urge to fidget as he nods towards his father. He carefully places the bag down on the coffee table and blows out a silent breath.

“I need to talk to you.” Toshinori says quietly, his gaze never leaving his father’s. It gives him the perfect view of dark eyes narrowing towards him in suspicion. He watches the man’s lips pull into a scowl, a noncommittal hum vibrating in the back of his throat. He watches as the elder turns and motions for him to follow. He casts a glance back at Izuku and his mother, a quick reminder as to why he’s doing this, before shadowing his father’s steps.

The stairs to the basement creak under their weight, one of the only signs of the home’s age. The space is practically an exact mirror of the living room upstairs. Made up of rich earthy tone carpeting, plush dark chairs and couches, and a sturdy pine coffee table. If Toshinori were to round the corner a little ways away, he would step into his old bedroom, probably still decorated they way it had been when he’d gone to move in with Inko. He turns his attention back to his father, the man looking him up and down in speculation.

“What is it?” Torino asks. He looks wholly unimpressed with his son, and the younger alpha hasn’t even told him anything yet. He raised the boy into the man he is today, he knows all of Toshinori’s tells when he’s feeling guilty. He also knows his bull headed child doesn’t think the guilt is particularly warranted, it’s shallow. Whatever problem Toshinori had, and it was a problem because those were the only times his son took the time to visit, the other didn’t think it was all that concerning.

“I wanted to let you know I’m seeing someone.” Toshinori starts cautiously. He knows it’s not enough. He knows his father thinks it’s not enough, sees the wheels turning in the man’s head. He needs to order his sentences so the impact is lessened. Should the most problematic come first, last? Which made it seem like he wasn’t a lecherous predator. Torino’s silence forces him to elaborate quickly.

“I’m very fond of him. He’s almost two months pregnant with our children.” He decides to say first. There’s no easy way to admit what he’s doing. He knows he shouldn’t have done it, knows he should have waited, but he can’t find guilt in his decision. He really does like Katsuki, perhaps too much.

“That’s not all, what else?” Torino grumbles. He can see Toshinori’s avoiding the major issue. Anger simmers beneath his skin, he feels like he should be furious, like this little bit isn’t enough to make him as angry as Toshinori seems to believe he should be. He’s upset Toshinori’s impregnated an omega outside of wedlock ticks his older sensibilities, but he knows that’s not what Toshinori feels guilty about. Knowing his son is still hiding something about the situation sets him on edge. The way Toshinori bites his lip and steps back defensively, doesn’t help the feeling in the slightest.

“He’s young… seventeen.” Toshinori admits and it’s like the air has been sucked out the room. Torino goes stock still, eyes wide and jaw clenched. The elder’s steady ire has been overtaken by the upswing of disbelief, but the anger is quickly gaining grown again. Color rises to his face like lava in a volcano, and he’s ready to blow any second.

“You what!?” Torino roars, spitting the words in righteous fury. The way Toshinori squares his shoulders against him, buckling down for a fight, only makes his fury rise that much higher. His foolish son has no idea what he’s done, sees no fault in the laws he’s broken, the lives he’s ruined with his careless mistake. Torino is not going to let that go.

“Dear! Toshinori! Dinner is ready!” Chiyo calls down the stairs, putting a stop to their mounting fight. Both know this argument is far from over as they stare each other down. Neither wants to yield yet, to lose the battle in the face of the upcoming war. Toshinori takes a breath and turns away first, glancing at his father one last time before heading back up the stairs.

He regrets it as they take their seats at the table. Chiyo pleasantly loading their plates with a home cooked meal. Torino’s glare hasn’t let up one bit, and Toshinori’s own displeasure is fighting its way to the surface again. Everyone is silent beneath the oppressive atmosphere. Nothing is heard beyond the grating screech of cutlery against plates. The grandfather clock in the next room over ticks loudly, tolling like a church bell marking a death. He should’ve waited until he had time alone with his father exclusively, but it’s far too late now.

“Izuku-chan, do you want to come live with your gran-gran?” Torino asks the toddler, breaking the silence of the room. He braces his forearms on the table edge, and sends a disarming smile in the toddlers direction. He ignores the way Toshinori’s fingers tighten around his fork, and the sound of a jab far too forceful into a ceramic plate.

“What about papa?” Izuku asks. He blinks at his grandfather in confusion, his own fork halfway to his mouth. He politely sets it down before his pasta can fall. His grandfather’s smile widens even further and Izuku returns it in confusion.

“Your papa’s gonna have to go away for a while.” Torina says somberly. He folds his hand together in a steeple and pointedly looks Toshinori’s way. It’s phrased exactly as it’s meant, a threat. He tilts his head at the way Toshinori clenches his jaw, daring the other to try anything.

Toshinori drops his fork in a fit of exasperation, throwing his hands up as it clatters to his plate forcefully. He looks away, grinding his teeth and asking for guidance from whatever god would take his request right now. He sets his hands down on either side of his plate, barely restraining himself from slamming them into the wood. He fixes his father with a look containing his fury, disgust, and disbelief at the man’s audacity to include Izuku in this conversation. Toshinori was not a fan of those who played dirty.

“Kacchan watches me until papa comes back though.” Izuku says thoughtfully. He quirks his lips in a pout as he thinks about it. His papa normally tells him if he’s going somewhere far though. He did love his grandparents though, maybe he could convince Kacchan to let them visit while papa was gone.

“Kacchan?” Torino asks raising an eyebrow. He comes to an immediate understanding as Izuku brightens considerably. It’s the same person, the one Toshinori’s been messing with. Toshinori wouldn’t associate with anyone Izuku didn’t like, but the toddler seemed very fond of his babysitter. He clicked his tongue, glowering at his son as Izuku began his tirade on his favorite subject in the know world.

“Kacchan is the bestest!” Izuku exclaims, bouncing in his seat.

“He can do everything! He knows how to ride a bike, and sew, and cook, and he can draw really good. He’s kind of loud sometimes, but it’s ok cause he scares away all the meanies. And it never hurts when he brushes my hair. And he makes cookies when I’m sad.” Izuku rambled. He waved his arms about excitedly, threatening to knock over his juice cup with each flailed motion. He had a lot to say about Katsuki, he would keep going forever if no one stopped him.

“Papa likes Kacchan too!” Izuku says suddenly.

Toshinori swings his head to look at his child, suddenly jarred from his irritation with his father. He doesn’t know what Izuku knows, or what Izuku constitutes as likes. He’s struck with the sudden thought that Izuku’s heard them, that he’s managed to mentally scar his child and hadn’t even know it. It’s not like Izuku knows what sex is, but if he has heard their escapades he has to wonder what they’re doing. He dread having to explain that to his toddler.

“They have sleepovers, and stuff.” Izuku continues, blissfully unaware of how Torino and Toshinori both tense for different reasons. Torino’s just gotten all the fodder he needs for his indignation to be fully realized. Toshinori is shocked and a little bit terrified of what could come from Izuku having this knowledge.

“Shit.” Toshinori hadn’t even realized the word slipped from his mouth until Izuku was staring up at him with wide eyes. Izuku’s eyes tear up, lower lip trembling as he starts to gasp. Toshinori has never backpedal faster in his life. He quickly scoops Izuku up, cradling the toddler in his lap.

“No, no, no. It’s alright, I’m not mad at you Izuku. I just didn’t know you knew Katsuki-kun and I had sleepovers.” Toshinori rushes to assuage the boy. He’s still very upset his father chose to include Izuku in his misguided interrogation. He would be getting on the man about that. He understood that Izuku was already involved in the situation, but the child didn’t have to know about it just yet.

“I hope you’re not too upset we didn’t tell you.” Toshinori says. He carefully wipes the tears off Izuku’s cheeks and places a kiss on the toddler’s forehead. He smiles as Izuku wraps small arms around his waist, burying his face into his father’s chest. Toshinori looks over his son’s head to glare at his own father defiantly. Let the elder judge him on this, it would be his mistake.

The remainder of dinner is conducted in practical silence. Chiyo and Izuku carry a conversation, but Torino and Toshinori spend the time attempting to glare each other into submission. The end finds them silently, tensely, washing and drying plates together before heading back to the basement to finish their conversation. It’s like facing the coming storm; the winds quiet and the plains vacant of all living creatures but the oil black clouds sit heavy on the horizon.

“You shouldn’t have involved Izuku in this.” Toshinori strikes first. He hesitates on the stairs, grip straining around the banister. His hold only tightens as his father scoffs at him dismissively, turning to glare up at him derisively. It was always like this, like Torino thought everything Toshinori said was a foolish request.

“You involved him as soon as you decided to stick your dick where it doesn’t belong.” Torino grumbles, turning away. He pinches at the space between his eyebrows, moving across the room slowly. He knows Toshinori’s always been a leap first damn the consequences kind of person, and it irritates him to no end. He’d never thought his son’s reckless personality could result in a situation like this.

Toshinori clenches his jaw against his own irritation, a harsh exhale leaving him as he watches his father walk away. He looks towards the wall, just to direct his ire elsewhere for the moment. He grapples with the intrusive thoughts that tell him to lash out at the elder alpha, instincts that would have him fight his father for dominance, to push him out of the pack leading role. Perhaps they would’ve been useful in a long forgotten past, when they’d had to fight and hunt and gather, but now they’re merely a nuisance. Toshinori quells his mind and takes a calming breath before following after his father.

“My relationship with Katsuki is not a mistake, and I’m trying to do what’s best.” Toshinori gets out slowly. He won’t snap, he doesn’t want to. He wants to take every chance to keep this from escalating into a fight. He knows his father is hurt, possibly felt betrayed, but it doesn't make the snide comments hurt any less.

“What’s best would’ve been you leaving that boy alone, instead of tricking him into bed with you!” Torino snaps. He whips around to glare at Toshinori, vitriol pouring from his gaze. He steps forwards, aggressive and domineering, all threatening posture and agitation. He’s been alpha of the household for years, he’ll be dead before he ever lets Toshinori control the flow of the conversation.

“I didn’t trick him!” Toshinori roars right back. All pretense of civility is out the window now. His level of toleration has been surpassed, he is beyond furious right now. His vision practically tints red with the weight of it. He doesn’t know if he’s mad on Katsuki’s behalf or his own. It doesn’t stop his lips from pulling back in a snarl, nor his teeth grinding together.

“You can’t even comprehend what you’ve done because you never think things through. You’re always jumping in feet first and expecting the world to fall in line.” Torino hisses. He jabs a finger in Toshinori’s direction to make his point. He snarls in disgust looking over Toshinori’s scandalized posture.

“What did you offer him? Did you promise him money, told him you love him, swore up and down he was the only one, huh? Anything to get your dick wet.” Torino spits. His words are venomous, and Toshinori doesn’t know if the elder believes them or not. The older alpha throws them like bombs, each one blowing chunks in Toshinori’s sensibilities. It leaves the other man feeling hollow and crushed, anger seeping out of him slowly.

“You think so little of me? That I would lie to someone for sex? I like him alot, and I hoped you could see that. I came to you because you’re my parents and you deserve to know. You seem so determined to drag me though. It wasn’t like I was ever good enough for you anyway.” Toshinori says, barking a sardonic laugh. He rolls his eyes and clicks his tongue in frustration. He’s hurt and still vaguely angry, tears are beginning to gather in his eyes and his throat feels thick and raw the suppressed cries.

It’s always been like this, nothing he did seemed to please his father. Not when he went to college on a full-ride sports scholarship. Not when he started his company. Nothing he did would ever be enough. He shakes where he stands, hands balled into fists and shoulders hunched. His teeth clench, grinding so hard he can hear them squeak. If he would never come out on top, he shouldn't continue to bother.

“You ruined him,” Torino points out with a sigh. “He’ll have to walk his graduation with your damn child in his belly. All the time he could’ve spent enjoying life as a teen goes to you in the bastard you put inside him.” Torino continues his voice fridged.

“Do not call our children bastards!” Toshinori’s shout is loud enough to send the china rattling in the cabinet next to him. The silence in the wake of the boom is just as loud. His chest heaves with labored pants, and he curses to himself. He’d never thought he was a particularly violent alpha, but he really wants to strangle his father. He wants to cross the small gap between them, tackle the man to the floor and lay in as many hits as he can get. He turns to pace, striding back and forth, putting the coffee table between himself and the elder as a buffer.

“He is not ruined. I’m not forcing Katsuki into anything. I asked him if he wanted to do this, he gave me permission.” Toshinori snarls out. He moves like a caged animal, prowling around the space in measured steps. His shoulders are rolled forwards, tense with agitation. Every now and then he shakes them out in an half hearted attempt to calm himself only for the to curl right back up again.

“Look at you, you’re making excuses for yourself. How can he give you permission? You’re his employer. He’s emotionally invested in Izuku. If he said no to you, would you have kept him around? Would you have let him continue to visit Izuku? Because I don’t think you would. I think you would’ve shut him out, or you would’ve kept pressing until he said yes anyways. You’re selfish, Toshinori.” Torino says sardonically.

The words are said as if they’re the damming statement, the one thing needed to convince Toshinori of the wrong he’s done. The way the younger freezes, turning to stare at him in disbelieving silence all but seals his victory. Torino shakes his head, gritting his teeth and clicking his tongue. His shoulders sag and he turns towards the phone on the end table next to the couch. He moves towards it with a grim sort of determination.

“What are you doing?” Toshinori asks. His words come out as a partial demand, the rest coated in confusion. His skin crawls like it’s trying to detach from his body, and an otherworldly sense of dread overcomes him. He takes a step forward, lurching in his urgency. He doesn’t know if he’s trying to get to the phone first, or trying to intercept his father, but the withering glare he receives stops him in his tracks. His heart pounds as his father takes the handset out of its cradle.

“My son is a rapist. What do you think I’m doing?” Torino asks. He never thought he’d have to do this, not even in his wildest dreams. The idea of calling the authorities on his son makes him sick, but he can’t very well condone what Toshinori has done. He doesn’t get the chance to dial as Toshinori is suddenly in front of him, hand gripping over top of his almost hard enough to bruise.

“Don’t.” Toshinori says, everything he’s feeling leaves him at once. His request is weak, even as his grip remains iron around the phone. Torino can’t possibly be serious, but looking into his father’s eyes seeing the indignant rage build in them he knows the other is. His heart pounds in his ears and his stomach fills with lead.

“Please, don’t. Don’t punish them for something I did.” Toshinori says frantically. He tightens his grip on the phone as Torino tries to wrench it away from him. He feels a little guilty knowing he can overpower the other in this manner, but he’s desperate. At this point in time it’s all he can do. Beg.

“I made the decision to pursue this. Not Katsuki. Not Izuku. Me. I should’ve broke it off, but I couldn’t. I can’t.” Toshinori babbles. His words spill from his mouth, rushed, incoherent and feverish. He speaks like an addict trying to get his fix, and maybe he was. All he knew was that he couldn’t let it end here, wouldn’t.

“I wanted this, him, so much I spent my ruts yearning for him. I needed him, and when I got him I couldn’t stop. I didn’t think, not about the consequences, not about how Izuku would feel, not about the future. None of it.” Toshinori rushes. He drops to his knees, hands still clenched around the phone. He feels crazed, like a man possessed. He presses his forehead to their joined hands as if in prayer, clenching his eyes shut and groveling.

“Please, just let me try and make it right. Let us figure it out. Don’t do this to them.” Toshinori pleads. He hopes to change his father’s mind, on this at the least. There is no argument he can make to convince the man he isn’t in the wrong, but maybe he can get the other to overlook it.

“Toshinori, how can I possibly leave you like this? Look at yourself.” Torino says. He knows the line between love and obsession is thin, and he doesn’t know which side Toshinori stands. Yet he sees his son like a lunatic, frantic in his motions and speech. His words are akin to those who are raving, fervent and lilting. It’s hard to believe the boy he raised as become this.

“You can do it knowing you’ll leave my family intact.” Toshinori says. His hands shake as he releases the phone, limbs dropping to his sides. Tears slide down his cheeks and his breath comes in little shudders. As his father steps back in shocked surprise, Toshinori leans forwards folding his hands on the floor in front of himself in a full dogeza. He presses his forehead to the back of his hands and chokes on his words.

“Please, father, I’m begging you. I know he wants these children as much as I do. Let me take care of him, and Izuku, and our little ones. Let me be with them, let me be with him. Please, please don’t make that call.” Toshinori is far beyond dignity at this point. If this is what he needs to keep his slowly growing family together then he will do it and more.

Torino shakes as he looks at the back of his son’s bowed head. His grip tightens around the plastic of the handset and he grinds his teeth. His son had a lot of nerve asking him to overlook this, asking him to willfully act ignorant of his crime. He thinks of Izuku all the confusion the toddler would feel being separated from the only parent he’s ever had and the omega babysitter he’s come to love so much. Oh, the omega carrying Toshinori’s child, so young, being suddenly left to raise children on his own.

“Get out.” Torino sighs. He’s filled with equal parts resignation and disgust. He shouldn’t be doing this, shouldn’t let the other get away with it. As angry as he is, he knows he can’t send his own child to prison. Not when he knows how many people this was going to affect. Not when he knows Toshinori is only foolhardy and not malicious. He takes a breath, setting the phone back in it’s cradle and looking Toshinori over once more.

The other is sitting back on his haunches, hands fisted upon his knees. There are tear tracks still wetting his face, yet his overall expression is one of tenuous relief. His shoulders slump and he tilts his head back to laugh wetly, more tears forming in his eyes. He struggles to his feet, the time it takes feeling like forever. He wavers in his place, looking towards his father for guidance.

“Get out!” Torino snaps. He swings his arm towards the stairs, pointing viciously. This time is more firm, final. He may have let Toshinori go for the time being, but he doesn’t want the other here any longer. He wants the other gone so he can try and process everything he’s thinking without going back to plotting his only child’s murder.

Toshinori jolts, turning to the stairs quickly. He knows this is probably as good as it’s going to get and he should be grateful, but he looks back at his father regardless. He opens his mouth, a half formed thank you on his tongue, but the expression he receives from the man in question has him snapping it shut just as quick. He sighs, a small frown on his face, and continues up the stairs. The quick dismissal stings a bit, but it's infinitely better than having the police called on him. He wipes the tear tracks from his face, lightly slapping his cheeks before stepping into the upstairs living room.

“Izuku, we’re gonna go home now.” Toshinori says. He wonders if his voice sounds as bad as it feels. He doesn’t want to worry Izuku but the disheartened look his mother gives him makes him want to tear up all over again. He forces a smile as Izuku looks up at him, half a cookie shoved into his mouth and eyes shining brightly.

“Ok.” Izuku chirps, sliding from the couch. He picks up his tiny backpack and shoulders it on carefully. Chiyo also rises from the couch, giving Toshinori a concerned and questioning look. To which he just shakes his head, placing a hand in Izuku’s hair and guiding the toddler to the foyer.

“Tell your grandma goodbye.” Toshinori suggests. He feels guilty watching Izuku happily hug his mother, the toddler blissfully unaware of the reason they’re leaving now instead of spending the night like normal. He wonders what izuku would think of everything if he knew. If he’d be able to understand the complexities. If his son would hate him later on in life when he knew the full extent. Toshinori quickly decides not to ponder it just as well.

“What about grandpa?” Izuku asks. He sits on the step pulling on his shows and slapping the sticky velcro across the strap. He turns to his father as the man pulls on his own shoes. He tilts his head at his papa’s quiet hum, furrowing his brow when he gets a sad smile from the man. He doesn’t really like those. He’d been getting less since Kacchan and papa started their sleepovers. Maybe it was because Kacchan didn’t come with them.

“He’s a little busy. We’ll give him a proper goodbye next time, yeah?” Toshinori suggests. He turns as his mother tugs on his sleeve. Even with the little step boost from the entryway to the foyer she is so much shorter than him. Still he obediently bends down to give her a hug, wrapping his arms around her waist.

“I’ll talk with your father. Be good, Toshinori.” She whispers as she folds her arms around his neck. She pecks a kiss on his cheek, and Toshinori knows he’s a momma’s boy. The simple little action lets him know that things are going to get better. As long as she is on his side, he knows it will be fine, despite the bone deep weariness that has settled in him from the whole ordeal. He nods once and pulls away reluctantly, offering her a half smile in the process.

“Alright.” Toshinori says, taking hold of Izuku’s hand. He gives one last nod to his mother before heading out the door. The night is still, not even the small cold breeze ruffles their clothing. Toshinori stares up at the night sky as they make their way towards the car, he ponders his predicament warily. Their shoes crunch across the pavement, the click of the door locks ringing in the silence of the night.

“Papa, is Kacchan at home?” Izuku asks, holding out his arms for his father to pick him up. He keeps them raised as his papa buckles him into his car seat. Toshinori pauses, he blinks and looks up at the toddler thoughtfully. Izuku stares back imploringly, nothing but genuine curiosity in his gaze.

“Yea, Katsuki’s at home.”

Chapter Text

Katsuki held Izuku’s hand in a practical steel trap. He tilted his head down to watch the child skip along, the hero themed backpack thumping against his tiny shoulders. The elder omega mentally ran over the list of things currently packed into the brightly patterned bag; coloring books, crossword puzzles, tablet, headphones, change of clothes, first aid kit, prepaid cell phone, and 5000 yen in emergency cash. He’d gone really overboard packing for the child when they were only going to Kirishima’s house. It was instinctive, he couldn’t help it. His own bag was loaded down with a blanket, juice boxes, various snacks, another first aid kit, and a credit card with Toshinori’s name on it.

He hated how anxious he was getting, becoming borderline paranoid over the last few days. Toshinori’s resolute silence over whatever the hell had happened with his parents was not helping in the slightest. He knew something had happened, because the mopey and distant way the alpha was acting was really starting to piss him off. Every time Katsuki asked about it Toshinori would just wave him off with a stressed little smile and tell him not to worry about it. It was all very irritating, but Katsuki had to respect the alpha’s boundaries in the hopes the other would tell him in his own time. It was still driving him haywire though.

His mind was constantly urging him to fix whatever was wrong. His inner omega chanting at him incessantly to make his alpha happy. As a result he found himself fussing over every little thing almost unbearably. He’d practically cornered Toshinori in the foyer as the alpha was making his way out the door one morning: thrusting a packed lunch at the man, straightening his tie, critically ensuring every wrinkle had been meticulously ironed out of the man’s suit the night before, stretching onto the tips of his toes to brush wild strands of hair out of the alpha’s face.

The worst part was how Toshinori was so graciously understanding of it all. Ducking down and giving a small sad smile as Katsuki groomed him to perfection. It only served to drive Katsuki further into his weird concern induced rage. He was trying to make everything as comfortable as possible. Which is why he was dotting excessively on Izuku as well. He couldn’t believe Toshinori had the audacity, the nerve, to look so sad. To look so damn guilty about what, Katsuki had no damn clue.

Heap on to that the fact that being pregnant was also starting to really freak him out and it was a recipe for disaster. He’d pulled on a pair of pants three days ago and hadn’t been able to button them. His stomach was starting to pouch just a bit, pushing out over his pants hem in a soft slope. The physical reminder he was going to have babies brought him to tears. Fat ugly tears that rolled down his cheeks, turning his nose red and snotty, and giving uncontrollable hitches to his breath. He’d thought he’d be a little more prepared for the pregnancy hormones when they hit, of course he was fucking wrong. He didn’t even know if he’d been elated or terrified when they had started, but he wasn’t looking forwards to any repeats.

“You sure you’re gonna be alright, Deku?” Katsuki asked for probably the twentieth time. He was apprehensive to introduce his group of hellion friends to the toddler. They were good people, but if Izuku became too nervous or frightened around the group he wouldn't hesitate to take the child out of there. Fuck the study group if that happened. Since Toshinori was being a secluded dick Izuku was going to receive the brunt of his overwhelming comfort instincts. Luckily the toddler was more than ok with that.

“Yeah! I’ve never met Kacchan’s friends. I think it’ll be fun!” Izuku said brightly, teeth practically sparkling as he beamed up at Katsuki. He swung their linked hands, turning his attention back to the walkway. He hopped over a crack in the sidewalk, humming to himself tunelessly. He wondered if all of Kacchan’s friends were like Kacchan. He scrunched his nose as he tried to imagine a room full of Kacchans, then promptly laughed to himself.

“Alright then.” Katsuki said watching Izuku giggle to himself. The child’s pleasant disposition was doing wonders on his frayed nerves. He just had to remember that everything was going to work out. Still he grimaced as he stepped up to Eijirou’s front door. He ran a hand over the scent blocking patch on the back of his neck, as if to make sure it was still fixed into place. He didn’t realize he was starting to smell so much like Toshinori until the alpha himself pointed it out, and now he was paranoid about it. The patches normally last for 5 hours, and he’d just put it on, so it should be fine. It wasn’t like his friends had met Toshinori before, they wouldn’t be able to recognize his scent, or know why he was practically covered in it.

Katsuki took a deep breath, convincing himself it was going to be fine. He had barely rung the doorbell, his hand subconsciously tightening around Izuku’s, when the door was swung open suddenly. He snarled, stepping in front of Izuku slightly when the child squeaked in shock.

“Bakubro, you made it! And you have a kid!” Eijirou shouts. The boneheaded alpha takes zero offense to the sudden display of aggression from his friend. He’s more than used to Katsuki's snappy attitude. Instead he drops into a crouch, smiling at Izuku widely, he holds his hands out to the child carefully. His smile growing ever wider as the toddler takes them cautiously.

“Why, I’ve met a princess!” Eijirou says, kissing the back of Izuku’s hands dramatically. He knows omega children like that kind of thing, and if Izuku didn’t he’s sure the toddler would tell him. He’s pleasantly rewarded with Izuku’s cute reaction.

Izuku flushes to the roots of his hair, a wobbly shy smile crossing his face. He giggles softly, looking away and toeing at the ground bashfully. He grasps at Katsuki’s pants leg with one hand when Eijirou lets his hands go, the other he tucks close to his chest in a loosely curled fist. He casts little glances up at Eijirou every now and then, marveling at the friendly alpha.

“Cut that shit out.” Katsuki scowls, giving Eijirou a sharp chop on the top of the head. He’s unsympathetic to the dramatic little cry Eijirou lets out, the alpha slowly falling over in the doorway. He glares down at the other with full disdain as he steps over the others prone body and into the house. The last thing he needs is for Izuku to gain a puppy crush on any of these idiots. He was already in an illicit relationship himself, he really didn’t need Izuku following in his footsteps. His scowl deepens as he toes off his shoes, turning to help Izuku get off his own.

Eijirou finally rolls back to his feet behind them. The redhead swings the door shut and gestures for Katsuki and Izuku to follow him further into the house. Katsuki can already hear the others on their short walk to the living room. He’s utterly unsurprised when they enter the room to the total chaos that is their friend group. He can’t help but click his tongue as he watches Mina shout encouraging chants as she tosses piece after piece of popcorn at Denki’s open mouth, more of them missing than landing. Hanta is the first to see them enter the room, perking up and lifting a hand to wave at them, only to get practically shoved out the way by Mina’s excitement.

“He’s so cute! Bakugou, oh my god!” Mina screeches. She scrambles up from her position, scurrying over to drag Izuku into hug. She squeezes him tightly, nuzzling her cheek in his hair. Nurturing instincts are hard to shake as an omega, and Mina’s never tried particularly hard to do so. She happily revels in how soft and delicate the toddler smells, faintly picking up Katsuki’s scent all over the child as well.

“Oi, you need to ask him if you’re gonna pick him up!” Katsuki snaps, prying the startled toddler from Mina’s hands. He swiftly looks Izuku over, worried the child might be distressed. Luckily Izuku’s eyes are only widened with surprised confusion and not fear. Katsuki lets out a little grateful sigh, and rubs the bottom of his chin over top of Izuku’s head. He doesn’t even think about the quick scenting he’s just done, it’s practically habit at this point. He settles the boy on his hip and glares Mina in to submission, the other omega backing away sheepishly.

“Sorry, sorry.” Mina laughs, raising her hands in surrender. She resists the urge to laugh at Katsuki for going full fussing omega on the child. It’s such a contradiction from how she normally sees him that it’s hilarious. She holds her hands out towards Izuku again, wiggling her fingers in a come here motion.

“Can I hold you?” Mina coos. She feigns a pout as Izuku shyly shakes his head no, and buries his face into the side of Katsuki’s neck. It’s so weird to see a child clinging to their resident explody boy that Mina doesn’t even try to stop the offended gasp she lets out when Katsuki grins at her triumphantly. She follows them poutily back to the table, flopping into her spot next to Eijirou with a huff.

Katsuki rolls his eyes as he sets Izuku down across from them. He makes his way to the floor as well, swinging his back pack into his lap and helping Izuku with his. He watches as the toddler bounces excitedly while waiting for Katsuki to hand him his activity book. Izuku takes the offered activity book with a polite thanks and squeezes himself as close to the older omega as possible.

“Do you need any help, Izuku?” Katsuki asks, popping open a bag of rice crackers and handing them to the toddler. Izuku shakes his head and takes the offered bag, shoving a couple of crackers in his mouth. Katsuki shrugs and finally turns his attention to his friends, sure that Izuku will be alright for the time being. He raises an eyebrow at their various looks of amusement and disbelief.

“You guys better get to work too, unless you want a toddler to be a better student than you are.” Katsuki says with a pointed look. He pulls out his own workbooks, ordering them on the table in a stack from earliest to latest test.

“So mean!” Denki whines tossing his head back. Hanta nods along sagely, his arms crossed over his chest. Katsuki rolls his eyes at the two, reaching over the table for a discarded piece of popcorn. He flicks it at the complaining teen, snapping at the two to get to work.

He should’ve known they weren’t going to get much studying done from the beginning. In the thirty minutes they’ve been studying Izuku’s finished his workbook and moved onto a crossword puzzle. In the same amount of time the topics they’ve covered where: who’s banging who, which teacher has the worst leg hair, and now this, the supposed sizes of their classmates dicks. It was a miracle these kids ever managed to pass anything, let alone the calculus they were supposed to be studying. Katsuki was so glad he chose to look at the material prior to coming over.

“I heard Tetsu’s big, like rea~lly big.” Denki says wiggling his eyebrows. He makes a vague motion with his fingers. Mina starts to protest and Hanta boos audibly, tossing more popcorn at the beta. Denki just giggles and bats away the flying kernels, ducking his head and protesting the abuse with a cackle.

“Oi!” Katsuki shouts finally fed up. He glares at Denki as the other turns to look at him, then gives a pointed jerk of his chin down to Izuku. The toddler had since moved into Katsuki’s lap and was blissfully unaware of the topic of conversation, carefully circling the words he could find in his crossword puzzle. Katsuki leveled an unimpressed look at the other blonde as Denki made the motion of zipping his lips and tossed him a wink complete with finger guns.

“Ne, ne, Izu-chan! Can I call you Izu-chan?” Mina asks, switching the topic swiftly. She leans over the table, her smile huge as she waits for the child to respond. Most of the children Katsuki’s come in contact with endup running from the surly omega in tears. She needs to know why the child Katsuki babysits seems to like him so much.

Izuku looked up from his worksheet with a blink. He tilted his head at the female omega, squinting his eyes in speculation. On one hand she did pick him up and it was scary. On the other hand she had curly hair like him, but it was pink like cotton candy. She smiled big, and she did apologize, besides anyone with cotton candy hair had to be nice. So he nodded affirmatively, it’d be ok for her to give him a nickname.

“Izu-chan, what does Bakugou do when he babysits you?” Mina asked, jumping on the topic. She had to know, it was killing her, physically. Katsuki hated being touched, hated when people got close, but he was letting Izuku crawl all over him. He had even scented the toddler earlier! You only do that with potential pack and family!

Izuku frowned in confusion, his cheeks puffing out uncertainly. He crosses his arms as he thinks, placing a hand over his mouth. He squeezes his bottom lip between two fingers, furrowing his brow deeply. He’d had to think about this a lot recently, it was too much to list in one go. He found himself arriving at the same conclusion more often than not.

“Uh, Kacchan is like a mom!” Izuku says by way of explanation. He grins at Mina boldly, confident he has managed to encapsulate everything he needed to. He makes a poor attempt at snapping his fingers like he’d seen people on tv do when they make an announcement but falls woefully short. Instead he claps his hands together, his eyes squinting up with his continued smile.

“A mom?” Hanta asks. He’s tuned into the conversation as well at the toddler’s announcement. His usual grin is plastered across his face corners lifting even higher at the ridiculousness of the thought. His eyebrows rise into his hairline as Izuku nodds enthusiastically, more than ready to expound upon his observation. Hanta was definitely going to make fun of Katsuki for this later, it was too good an opportunity to pass up.

“Yeah! He does dinner, and baths, and playtime, and cleaning, and bedtime.” Izuku lists unfalteringly. He lifts a pudgy finger for each one, staring intently at his hand as he does so. His nose wrinkles as he tries to remember what else Katsuki does for him. He tried to think of what other mom things that Katsuki did, and he knew there were more.

“Oh. My. God!” Mina squealed, bouncing up and down in her chair. She slaps her hands on the table in excitement, pounding out a harried rhythm. She whips her head around to grin at Katsuki, tears in her eyes and an uncontrollable smile on her face.

“Bakugou! Oh my god, that’s so cute!” Mina roars with laughter. Her body shakes so hard she almost topples over. Around her the others try to stifle their laughter as well. Eijirou being the most successful as he hides his single chuckle behind a cough and an encouraging smile. Denki and Hanta have no reservations about bursting into laughter, leaning against each other as they do so.

“Shut the fuck up!” Katsuki roars, heat springing to his cheeks. This is why he’s never brought Izuku to meet his friends, because Izuku was a pure an unsullied summer child and his so called friends were fucking heathens. He was never going to hear the end of this, and he was never bringing Izuku around these hellions again.

“So, Bakubro reminds you of your mom?” Denki asks, straightening from his bout of laughter. Katsuki immediately shoots his fellow blonde a look, alerting the other that he’s fucked up ten ways from saturn. However, no one could say Denki was particularly good at reading the mood. So Katsuki’s murderous glare, commanding the other to shut up, goes unnoticed.

“No, I don’t have a mom.” Izuku says with a little shrug. He turns his attention back to his worksheet, sure that the conversation is over. They normally don’t last long when people start talking about his mom. He doesn’t really understand why everyone turns all funny when they find out he doesn’t have a mom. He’s never had a mom, so he doesn’t see why it’s so important. What he does have is his papa, and Kacchan, and that’s all he needs.

“Oh.” Denki says finally noticing Katsuki’s irked stare. He shrinks under the gaze, eyes darting away and hastily shoving a handful of chips in his mouth to keep from saying anything else. He feels terrible now, but he hadn’t known, really Katsuki was so sensitive sometimes.

Katsuki clicks his tongue as Denki pouts around his mouthful of chips. He knows Izuku isn’t bothered, simply because Izuku knows nothing about his mother. Toshinori doesn’t really talk about her either, and Katsuki’s didn’t want to try asking again. He’s never seen any pictures of her around the house, but he knows Toshinori has to have them with the way he takes photos of Izuku. Yet, he’s only seen the one.

He’s only seen the picture Toshinori has in the shrine. She’s beautiful, and everything about her looks so gentle. From the small smile on her face, to the fluffy scarf wrapped around her neck. The simple sophisticated half updo her hair is in, green, just like Izuku’s. The little crinkle around her eyes, and the rosy tint to her cheeks. She looks like a goddess against the red and orange leaves in the background and Katsuki sometimes wonders if she hates him.

He wonders if she’s watching him take her place. If she’s looking down on him as he cooks and cleans for her husband. As he tucks her child into bed reading him stories and kissing his scrapes and bruises. Katsuki wonders if she sees him beneath Toshinori, hears every shriek and sigh as he let’s the man fuck him. He feels guilty, he doesn’t want to be a replacement. It’s a hangup he has to get over himself, has to stop thinking about himself as always the second partner.

He frowns, running a hand through Izuku’s curly hair. He wants everything to go well with Toshinori, because he likes the alpha, and because he wants to give Izuku a mother. Izuku’s never mentioned it, but he knows the other kids have probably said something to him about not having a mother. If Izuku lets him, Katsuki would like to fill that role. He’d love it if Izuku could say he has a mom, and that his mom is Katsuki.

The omega shakes it off forcefully, he can’t think about it right now. He reaches across the table for a couple chips. As soon as the salty snack hits his tongue he wants to hurl. He claps a hand over his mouth to hold back the gag. He hastily displaces Izuku from his lap as he scrambles up. Her feels bad about the toddler’s little squeak of surprise, but the way his stomach rolls doesn’t give him the time to apologize.

He misses the way his friends look up at him in stunned confusion. Misses how they all look at each other in alarm as he snaps the bathroom door shut behind him. Their silence as they all turn to each other for answers and the way they jolt when they hear him retch.

“What the heck?” Mina aks quietly. She leans back to look down the hall Katsuki disappeared to. She wonders if she should go check on him but also knows that he’d resist any help she tried to offer. She settles for looking at the others who all give her little half shrugs.

“Kacchan’s sick. So he does that sometimes.” Izuku pipes up helpfully. He grins as the teens all look at him in surprise. He then turns his attention back to his crossword, determined to finish it so he could show it to Katsuki. He squints his eyes in concentration, tongue poking out between his lips.

“Uh, sick how?” Hanta asks cautiously. He hoped it wasn’t contagious, because whatever it was sounded bad. He wasn’t too keen on catching the flu this close to exam season. On the other hand, he knew Katsuki hated being sick with a passion and probably wouldn’t expose them all to it if he was carrying a spreadable disease.

“It’s a good sick! Kacchan is gonna have babies.” Izuku answers, eyes sparkling. There are various reactions to his statement, the first and foremost is how quiet the room gets. Then there’s a quiet wheezing noise from Denki. Then all hell breaks loose among the quartet.

“Kiri, what the hell!?” Mina shrieks. It’s the first thing she jumps to, and it hurts. She knows Katsuki and Eijirou are close. She heard the rumors about the redhead escorting Katsuki out of class during the other’s heat. She didn’t think there was any merit to them, the two had been friends for years, surely something would’ve happened by now if there was any interest between them. Mina had lived in that security, despite how beautiful Katsuki was, and how smart, and rich and everything about the other omega that she just couldn’t live up to. Now though, now she wasn’t so sure that Eijirou hadn’t picked him.

“Wha-? It wasn’t me!” Eijirou defends. His eyes go wide in shock, and he looks around for someone to back him up. What he gets in return is a skeptical glance from Denki and a strained grimace from Hanta. He can’t believe it, that they thought it was him. Especially Mina, that stung. They’d gone to middle school together, granted they weren’t really friends back then. Still he’d been crushing on her for practically eternity, and now he’s going to miss his chance because she thinks he’s with Katsuki.

“Dude, who else could it be?” Denki says incredulously. He’s only ever seen Katsuki around one alpha consistently without losing his shit, and that alpha was Eijirou. Hell Katsuki barely tolerate Hanta long enough to give the only other alpha in their friend group a highfive half the time. He’s seen the fiery omega down a six foot muscle bound alpha with a sturdy gut punch for calling him honey. It wasn’t that far off to assume Eijirou was the father.

“I dunno, how about Sero?!” Eijirou snaps back, throwing an arm out at the dark haired teen. At this point he’s moved from hurt to annoyed. They’re acting like he’s Katsuki’s only alpha friend, like he’s the only option available. It was like they all thought he was waiting on his chance to bang the omega. Like this was him somehow coming out of the friend zone he was perfectly fine being in. He liked being Katsuki’s friend, not whatever this was, the rumored father of the omega’s unborn child.

“Woah, as much as I love Bakubro you don’t stick your dick in crazy.” Hanta says waving his hands in protest. He wanted no part of this cluster fuck, but he did feel bad about the way Mina and Denki jumped on the other alpha. He was one of the few, the other part of the few was Katsuki, who knew about Eijirou and Mina’s big fat pining crushes on one another. He was also one of the few sworn to secrecy about it. He knew that Katsuki was way too loyal to infringe on that budding relationship so he was ninety-nine percent sure Eijirou wasn’t the baby daddy.

“What the fuck are you all shouting about?” Katsuki grouses, absentmindedly rubbing at his stomach as he stares at the gaggle of teens. His voice stops them in their rampant finger pointing tracks and they all whip around to stare at him like deer in the headlights. He narrows their eyes at them as the cast furtive glances at one another daring the other to ask the question. Katsuki rolls his eyes at their poor attempts at being discreet, huffing in annoyance as he decides they’re all just being idiots.

“Kacchan, I did it!” Izuku says, as the teen makes his way over. He holds up his crossword proudly, giggling as Katsuki picks him up. He curls into the teen’s side as Katsuki carefully takes the sheet from him to look over.

“Oh, good job, Deku. You found every one.” Katsuki praises as he sinks to the floor. He settles Izuku in his lap again, rifling through his bag to find the pack of stickers he keeps on hand. Izuku squeals as Katsuki hands him a Kamui Woods sticker for a job well done. Katsuki turns back to his own work, steadfastly ignoring his friends questioning glances. His grip tightens on his pencil as they start jostling each other, egging one another on.

“What?” Katsuki finally snaps impatiently, jerking his head up to glare at his friends. Denki has his elbow in Eijirou’s ribs, the redhead snarling at the other in a way that’s uncharacteristic for him as he tries to shove the beta blond off. Hanta and Mina both stare at him with wide eyes, glancing between each other with guilty faces. They remain resolutely silent, and Katsuki feels his irritation mounting. He’s just about to snap at them once more when Mina breaks.

“You’re pregnant?” She shrieks, her voice cracking at the end. Her hands have come up to clench together in front of her chest, as if she can’t believe it. Her lip wobbles with uncertainty and her eyes shine with the onset of tears. It can’t be true, it just can’t.

It’s Katsuki’s turn to freeze, his hand flying to the back of his neck as his eyes go wide. The scent blocking patch is still in place and he has a split second to wonder how they know before realization kicks in. He groans, sliding his hand around to cover his grimace. His eyes clench shut as grinds his teeth.

“Deku…” He sighs out, dropping his hand to his side. He releases another steadying breath and looks down at the toddler who’s staring back up at him inquisitively.

“Remember when I told you the babies were a secret?” Katsuki asks, raising an eyebrow. Katsuki huffs as the toddler’s eyes go wide, and he slaps both hands over his little gasp. Katsuki ruffles the child’s hair, about to assert that he’s not mad but his friends are already in motion.

“You’re having a baby!”
“ -- gonna tell us?”
“How could--!”
“--so stupid!”
“I can’t believe--!”

The words tumble over each other in a tumultuous crash. Each of his friends trying to voice their objections, and concerns out in the air as quickly as possible. Katsuki brings his hands up to rub at his temples as he listens to them, his nerves fraying fast. He was hoping to tell them one at a time, so he wouldn’t have to deal with this bullshit, but he had to work with this now.

“Shut the fuck up!” Katsuki roars, bringing momentary silence to the room. He’s not fast enough to capitalize on it. Eijirou sweeps into the role of group leader quickly, interjecting in whatever Katsuki was going to say next.

“Bakubro, Katsuki. Were you ever gonna tell us?” He asks. His eyebrows are pushed inward, and his chest aches with something akin to betrayal. His bottom lip is pulled between his teeth in uncertainty. He doesn’t want to pry but this was important.

“It’s not like I could hide it forever. I’ve already gained like ten pounds.” Katsuki grumbles. He drags a hand down his face unhappily. If he could hide his entire pregnancy he would, it’d be so much easier. That was impossible though, he was going to get big fast carrying two kids. He was already starting to smell pregnant, and people were going to question why he was wearing scent blockers outside of his heat. He wrinkled his nose as Eijirou shifted anxiously, sharing a look with the room’s other occupants.

“Do we even know the dad?” Eijirou asks cautiously. “I mean you don’t really hang out with a lot of people.” He scratches at his cheek, his gaze roving away. It was pretty telling that the probably didn’t know the father, since everyone had initially assumed it was him. Then he wonders if something bad had happened to Katsuki, and they just never knew.

“You don’t think I can pick a damn alpha!?” Katsuki bristles. He knows he’s taking it wrong, but he can’t help it. It feels like an insult to Toshinori. Or like the alpha wasn’t borderline perfect and Katsuki was an idiot for sleeping with the man.

“Katsuki, you know your hormones are gonna tell you you’re in love with him. It’s biology.” Mina says, holding up her hands placatingly. She doesn’t know how exactly Katsuki feels, but she knows that the development of a baby hinges heavily around the alpha’s presence. She knows that an omega is going to want to stay around them as much as possible while carrying. She knows because it’s been drilled into every omega’s head since their first sex education class during gradeschool.

Katsuki also took those classes and he knows where she’s coming from, but she doesn’t know. She doesn’t know that Katsuki’s been infatuated for the last year. Doesn’t know how Katsuki had begged to get pregnant. Had begged the alpha to fill him up, knowing they could get in so much trouble. She doesn’t know, and he can’t tell her. He swallows his anger bitterly, forcing himself to let it go, all for naught.

“Was it during your heat?” Hanta asks almost naively, not knowing he’s about to step on a landmine. “They took advantage of you, Katsuki.” He continues wringing his hands together nervously. He’s not completely familiar with the way omega heats worked. If they were anything like ruts, though, then he knew a lot of normal barriers went right out the window.

Katsuki snaps, his thin willed restraint breaking instantaneously. He whirls on Hanta, his teeth snapping and a growl in the back of his throat. His fists clench and unclench in his agitation, leaving behind small crescent shaped indents from the pressure of his nails. In the back of his mind he knows they’re trying to help, that they’re just looking out for him. It doesn’t get past his rage though, and he’s on his feet in a matter of seconds.

“I don’t have to listen to this shit.” He snaps He hastily throws his and Izuku’s things into his open bag, uncaring if the papers or workbooks became crumpled in the process. He bundles Izuku in his arms, throwing the bags over his shoulder in the process as he begins to head for the door. He’s stopped as Mina practically flings herself across the table to latch onto him.

“Katsuki! Stop! I don’t want you to be another missing omega!” Mina screams. It’d slowly been pressing down on her when she realized Eijirou wasn’t the father. When she realized it could be anyone. Someone they don’t know. Someone terrible, and Katsuki would be gone, just like one of her middle school classmates. A story that rocked their small community for well over a year. Katsuki was strong, but she didn’t know if he could survive something like that.

Katsuki sighed, he wasn’t dumb. He knew what she was referring to, and he still wasn’t naive enough to think it couldn’t happen to him. The difference was he knew Toshinori, and he wanted to tell them. He wanted to let them know that the alpha who replaced every bush in his front yard and the neighbor’s as soon as he realized Izuku was allergic was a far cry from an alpha that would hurt him. He couldn’t though, they had taken the news of his pregnancy so bad already. The wouldn’t possibly be able to stomach the reality of his relationship.

“Look,” Katsuki huffed, sinking to his knees. He freed up a hand to pat the quickly tearing Mina on the top of the head, carefully tugging his fingers through soft curls. He glanced around the table at the rest of his friends pointedly. He took in the apprehensive expression on Eijirou’s face. The stressed and concerned look Hanta was wearing. The still stupefied and shocked expression on Denki’s face and smiled at them all reassuringly.

“I know you don’t know the alpha, but I do. I’ve actually known him for a good while, and I know he’s gonna be a fantastic dad. You don’t have to worry about me. I’m working it out.” Katsuki says, because it’s true. He’s pretty sure the smile on his face looks as love struck as it feels, and he can’t even be upset about it. Toshinori had promised to take responsibility, and Katsuki had to trust that. At least he hoped it was going to work out. He still had yet to break through the funk Toshinori had put himself in but he figured he’d fix that when he got home.

“Can I be the godfather?” Denki suddenly blurts, speaking for the first time in a while. The tension in the room breaks suddenly, and they all turn to look at Denki with surprise. Katsuki can’t help but snort, laughing to himself at the ridiculousness of the request. He shakes his head, grinning at the other teen sharply.

“Hell no. Ei’s gonna be their god father.” Katsuki says with a roll of his eyes. The shocked ‘Bro!’ from Eijirou has him looking at the red haired teen with a raised eyebrow. The other’s eyes are shining with emotion, gazing at Katsuki with awe. It’s a quick transition from there to the other openly sobbing about how he was going to be the best uncle in the whole wide world.

“No fair! I wanna be their godmother! I’m gonna throw you a baby shower!” Mina declares with a pout. She continues to cling to Katsuki like a leech even as the other tries to push her off. She babbles about her ideas, gender reveals and food choices. Hanta and Denki are quick to throw in their own, the entire mood of the room shifting sharply.

“Why would you give the babies a shower? They’re still in Kacchan’s tummy.” Izuku says in confusion. He’s squished between Mina and Katsuki, but it doesn’t hurt so he doesn’t want to say anything about it. Mina coos excitedly, turning to face Izuku with a broad smile.

“It’s like a birthday party for the babies before they’re born!” Mina says proudly, expression teeming with glee. Then she pauses, as if suddenly thinking of something. “Wait, you keep saying babies. Don’t you mean baby?” Mina asks in confusion.

“Nope, they’re twins.” Katsuki clarifies with a little shrug, and the room explodes again. This time it’s with excitement. Eijirou is throwing him an exuberant thumbs up, tears streaming down his face the whole time. Mina is screeching about how two babies meant twice the cuteness. Denki agrees with her, commenting about how he’ll be able to pull twice the chicks when babysitting. Hanta is quickly dissuading that thought, stating that Katsuki probably wouldn’t ever want Denki around his kids, calling him ‘Bakumom’ in the process.

Katsuki rolls his eyes at their antics, but it doesn’t stop the small smile from creeping across his face. He’s grateful for their ability to roll with the situation. How quickly they flipped to supporting him after making sure he was ok. He would never admit it, but he was going to need their help. He’s going to need them around when he gets moody and too big to walk without a waddle. He’s made good friends, and he’s never been more sure of it than now.

Chapter Text

“My friends know I’m pregnant.” Katsuki announces flippantly around the toothbrush in his mouth. He has to tilt his head back to keep the foam from dripping down his chin as he does so. He’s wearing a shirt he’s stolen from Toshinori as pajamas, the hem fluttering around his thighs as he continues to prep for bed. He looks at Toshinori’s reflection in the mirror in front of him as he bends to spit the paste out of his mouth. The alpha stands beside him at the double sinks in the master bathroom in a similar state of tiredness.

Toshinori almost disregards the comment with a little hum, too caught up in the familiarity of his own night time routine. He’s patting his freshly washed face dry with a fluffy cloth when he halts, staring into the white towel in shock. He drops the towel to the counter top, his hands shaking. He feels himself fall, stomach dropping and heart beating wildly. He thinks this is it.

“Your friends know you’re pregnant.” Toshinori reiterates. He knows Katsuki wouldn’t lie to him about that, and he wouldn’t think the teen was lying anyways. He lets out a stunned breath, his heart sinking. He leans forwards bracing his hands against the counter top heavily. This is where it all falls apart. He’s actually going to jail. When Katsuki’s friends convince him that Toshinori is a terrible man, that he’s only been taking from teen, he’s going to be arrested.

“Toshinori?” Katsuki asks in alarm. He drops his toothbrush, turning to his suddenly tense alpha in panic. His hands flutter nervously, gingerly resting against Toshinori’s shoulders and arms. He’s not sure what happened, or where the alpha went in his mind. He steps closer, biting his lip and looking up at the alpha with open concern.

“I’m fine. It’s, I’m fine.” Toshinori mutters. He takes a breath and straightens up. He turns to Katsuki slowly, taking his hands in his. He brings them to his lips, gently kissing the backs and giving a small rueful smile. He’s over thinking things. It was going to be fine, it had to be fine.

“You don’t seem fine. Are you worried they’ll say something? I didn’t tell them who you were. I wouldn’t do that to you.” Katsuki says. His nose wrinkles in distaste and a scowl forms on his lips. He feels vaguely hurt by the idea. A bit like Toshinori doesn’t trust him, which is ridiculous, but maybe he’s just naive.

“No, It’s alright, good, maybe. You’ll need the support.” Toshinori mutters with a shake of his head. He takes another breath to steady himself. He reminds himself that it’s not just about him. That Katsuki is going to need the help. Pregnancy is hard, Toshinori knows this. He just wants to be sure he’s around to help, and the idea anyone could call the police on him at a moments notice is just something he’s going to have to come to terms with.

“You don’t sound so convinced.” Katsuki says with a little glower, pulling his hands out of Toshinori’s so he can fold his arms across his chest. He knows how bad Toshinori would look if word got out, his friends made it abundantly clear. Their age gap was also a major problem moving towards a stable relationship, and Katsuki hated it. His friends were dumb but well meaning and if they knew about how much older Toshinori was they would burst into action before Katsuki could correct anything. There had to be a way to tackle it without the situation blowing up on them.

He narrows his eyes as Toshinori sighs, gaze sliding away to look somewhere in the middle distance with tired eyes. Katsuki clamps down on his rage as that sad look shifts back to him and Toshinori steps forwards to place large hands on his shoulders. He always feels small when Toshinori touches him, and most of the time it’s thrilling, now though he feels like a child. The familiar sad smile that graces Toshinori’s face has Katsuki flipping his lid.

“What the fuck is wrong with you!?” Katsuki snaps, shrugging off Toshinori’s hands and stepping back. He’s moved into full rage, nothing is going to stop his tirade at this point. Especially not the little surprised look Toshinori gives him. He dodges the alpha as he steps forward in an attempt to placate the mood Katsuki is working himself into.

“You went to talk to your parents and then come home like this! This mopey distant thing and I’m sick of it! What did they say to you, hah? Because I know they said something, but you won’t tell me about it!” Katsuki fumes, his shoulders tense, and he’s pretty sure he’s yelling by the panicked look on Toshinori’s face. It makes him angrier that the alpha keeps glancing at the door like Izuku is going to pop in at any second. Which Katsuki knows he won’t because Izuku sleeps like a bear hibernating through the winter.

“I…” Toshinori falters in the face of Katsuki’s furious glare. He bites back his excuses, shoulders sagging and drags a heavy hand down his face as he sighs. He rubs at the back of his neck, tilting his head back to look at the ceiling as he tries to formulate a response.

He’s so tired, his sleep pattern has been thoroughly wrecked by his anxiety. He’s always so worried his father will change his mind, that there would be a knock at his door and the police would cart him off to jail. He finds the thought plaguing his dreams, sporadically waking from nightmares with ragged breaths. He’d spend those dark witching hours watching the rise and fall of Katsuki’s chest, trying to memorize every detail he could about the teen in case it was the last time he saw the other.

“It’s… I’m not….” He stumbles for words. They’re supposed to be working on communication, but how can he put this thought into words. How does he explain that he’s utterly terrified of the thought of losing Katsuki before they’d even properly gotten started. He huffs, his body straightening itself with resolve. He steps towards Katsuki again, taking hold of his wrist and dragging the teen to him. He folds the other into a hug, burying his face in Katsuki’s hair and clenching his eyes shut.

Katsuki relaxes into the hug curiously. He loosely wraps his arms around the alpha’s waist, pressing his cheek into Toshinori’s chest and slumping against him heavily. He’ll wait for the other to gather his thoughts, even if it’s an impatient wait. He breaths in the man’s scent, using his fingers to trace idle patterns into the other’s back as he listens to Toshinori’s heartbeat.

“He called me a rapist, threatened to call the police.” Toshinori admits bitterly. His tone is quiet almost too low for Katsuki to make out. He drops his head, tucking his face into the side of Katsuki’s neck in order to hide the way his eyes water with angry tears. He seeks out the maple caramel scent Katsuki has, something familiar and grounding now that it’s permeated practically every inch of his home.

He feels weary, downtrodden, and overall just really horrible. He doesn’t want to revisit the fight he had with his father. Hasn’t heard from the man since. In fact the only correspondence he’d gotten was a message from his mother reminding him about Katsuki’s next appointment, no news on how her talk with the elder alpha went. It’s a headache Toshinori doesn’t really know how to abate, and he isn’t too sure he wants to be the bigger person.

“What?” Katsuki growls, his body going stiff. Anger flashes through him like a flood, and he finds himself all levels of furious. The angry he was before has no measure to the anger he has now. He hopes to god what he thinks he heard isn’t what he actually heard. He might be young but he’s pretty sure he can plot a whole ass murder and get away with it. He’s vaguely aware of Toshinori trying to downplay the situation through his rage, and that was a definite no go. He bats Toshinori’s hands away as the other tries to soothe him, throwing his arms up in aggravation.

“Don’t fucking shush me, Toshinori! That’s bullshit and you know it.” Katsuki accuses as he pulls away. His shoulders hunch and shake with his pent up rage. He wants to swing at his unknown opponent. Wants to sock them in their dumb pretentious jaw. He’s sick and tired of everyone undermining his decisions, acting like he shouldn’t be allowed to make them in the first place. There are teens out there getting knocked up all the time. Katsuki was one of the few who had a nice responsible alpha that actually wanted a baby.

“How fucking dare! I’m not a child. You didn’t rape me, I wanted to sleep with you. I always want to sleep with you! I don’t understand why everyone feels like they should have a say in how I get fucked! I’m responsible for my own damn decisions until my fucking uterus is involved? No, It’s my body, I do what I want! ” Katsuki screeches. He’s all smoke and fire as he storms about the bathroom, pacing in a tight controlled circle as he waves his arms about. He spits curses and complaints the entire time, glaring at the tile as if it’s personally offended him.

Toshinori sighs as he watches Katsuki stomp about. The teen has always been a paragon for his own beliefs, sticking to them with a passion that rivals religion. Toshinori’s admired that for a good long while, amazed at how someone so young could already be so confident in his thoughts. He also knew Katsuki was going to get upset about the current topic, and it’s part of the reason he’d been so hesitant on telling him. He tiredly rubbed at the space between his eyebrows and sighed. He didn’t particularly want the other badmouthing his father, but he’s grateful Katsuki is on his side.

“You don’t think you forced me, do you?” Katsuki asks quietly, all his vitriol fizzling out all at once. He scurries back to Toshinori somewhat urgently, snatching up the alpha’s hands again. He weaves their fingers together tightly, squeezing in slight desperation and drawing them up against his chest. His lips pull into a worried frown as he stares up at Toshinori imploringly. He still has the doubt that Toshinori is only trying to do the right thing, that he doesn’t actually like Katsuki himself.

“I think,” Toshinori pauses, the sudden change in topic throwing him off. He waffles on the question. Katsuki had said at first, not to the sex, but to getting pregnant. Katsuki had said no and Toshinori had weedled him into it. Sure, the young omega was so excited now, but was it just because Toshinori was so adamant about it and Katsuki didn’t want to say no?

“I was selfish.” Toshinori finishes softly, body drooping sadly. He has moments to catalogue the series of facial expressions that Katsuki goes through, watching in mild confusion as it happens. The slight widening of the other’s eyes, swiftly swapping out to disbelief before being replaced by a determined scowl. Toshinori cuts off a startled yelp as he’s sharply tugged out the bathroom. It’s a little bit of a whirlwind as he finds himself stumbling forwards, being pushed over, his back hitting the mattress. Katsuki cuts off all his protests by quickly straddling his lap, glaring down at him fiercely.

“I’ll show you selfish, you shitty alpha.” Katsuki threatens, his hands hooking beneath the hem of his shirt. He yanks the shirt off over his head, whipping the offending article of clothing to the other side of the room in one liquid motion. He drags his hands down Toshinori’s chest like he’s issuing a challenge, a smile sharp and sinister working it’s way across his face.

“Uh…” Toshinori chokes, lost for words as he stares up at the omega before him. He finds himself only able to gape at the other, mind whirling with the facts presented to him. One: Katsuki’s ambition and drive was startlingly attractive, and he briefly wonders what it would be like to be properly dominated by the petite omega. Two: Katsuki’s wearing a matching set of lingerie. A simple yet sexy black one with elegant lace, accentuating the weight Katsuki’s gained in the early stages of his pregnancy.

Toshinori haphazardly wonders when Katsuki put it on, and if this was the original plan for the night. He feels like he should’ve noticed, like he would have noticed. What with the way the cotton panties bite into the plump flesh of Katsuki’s hips dimpling the skin around the elastic band. How the tiny bralette pushes up the new swell of Katsuki’s growing breasts, the small mounds jiggling slightly in their cups. It’s so very pretty, and Toshinori is shamelessly hooked.

“I’m gonna fuckin’ ride you.” Katsuki says in a manner that leaves no room for questions or arguments. His voice is sultry as he rakes his nails down Toshinori’s sides. He pushes his hands beneath the alpha’s shirt, rustling it until it’s pooled beneath the alpha’s armpits. His words are a declaration for the future and there’s nothing Toshinori can do to stop it. Not that Toshinori has any plans of doing so.

In fact he just wheezes at the statement, his brain still several steps behind his body. His cock is already fully on board with this new development, tenting his sweatpants eagerly. He gasps as Katsuki grinds back against him, applying just the right amount of pressure. His hands settle somewhere on Katsuki’s body before he realizes it. His grip is light as he holds the other through the sinful rolls of curvy hips.

“Katsuki, Katsuki.” Toshinori chants distractedly. His eyes rove up and down the other’s form, trying to take in everything at once. He swallows heavily as Katsuki drags hands up his own lithe form. Pale fingers skittering over smooth skin and the light cotton fabric of the bra he’s wearing. He briefly pushes his breast together in a way that makes Toshinori’s mouth water, before sliding his hands around his back to unhook it. Toshinori follows the movement with razor focus, gaze not leaving the article of clothing until Katsuki drops it to the floor at the side of the bed. After that he only has eyes for Katsuki.

Katsuki is impatient, as it seems, fed up after his brief little tease. He raises up onto his knees, back arching as he brings his hands back down his thighs. He hovers over the alpha predatorily, head tilted haughtily and sly grin ever present on his face. He hooks his fingers into the band of Toshinori’s sweats, pulling them down just enough to tuck the elastic under the man’s impressive balls. He brings a hand to the crotch of his panties, using the other to steady himself, and bunches the fabric to the side. His folds are already glistening with slick, the tops of his thighs wet and slippery. He can’t help the little moan he lets out as he tucks the head of the man’s length into his folds, sliding down far enough to only take in the tip.

“God, you’re gorgeous.” Toshinori strains through grit teeth. It’s a struggle to keep from thrusting upwards, into Katsuki’s sweltering wet heat. He’s lucky Katsuki’s toned thighs are doing an excellent job of keeping him pinned as the teen sinks downwards agonizingly slow.

“Fuck.” Toshinori hisses as Katsuki inches downwards. His focus goes hazy and his head knocks back into the sheets. Katsuki does this clever little trick, that’s a combination of a roll of his hips and rhythmic squeeze that has Toshinori moaning brokenly. He’s a man dying at the hands of a god.

He props himself up slightly when Katsuki’s hips connect to his, looking up at the other with rapt attention. He shudders at the look on Katsuki’s face; part feral, dangerous and dark. He feels like he’s going to be eaten alive, and he’s ok with that. Katsuki runs his tongue over his top lip salaciously, tipping his head back so he could look down at Toshinori haughtily.

“Now, I’ve got you all to myself.” Katsuki purrs, lifting his hips. He watches the man shudder and tense beneath him. The fingers on his hips tighten to bruising and Katsuki grins. One of these days he’s going to have to ask Toshinori to mark him all over, to sink his teeth into every available part of Katsuki’s body. With that thought in mind, Katsuki sinks back down, a little sigh leaving his lips.

Katsuki rolls his hips, the slick sound of him moving up and down mingling with the deepening of their heavy breaths. He braces his hands on Toshinori’s chest as he lets out little pitched gasps. His head tilts back exposing the long column of his throat as he grinds downwards. His eyes flutter closed as he works himself in small circles just to feel the shift of Toshinori’s cock inside of him. He’s only done this once before during his heat, and he has to keep reminding himself to keep bouncing lest he melt into a pile of goo on Toshinori’s dick.

Toshinori’s chest moves in steady labored breaths. His sight flicking up and down Katsuki’s body, watching as sweat slowly works it’s way down the valley of Katsuki’s breasts. They bounce with each up and down motion, the rose pink nipples pebbled and hard in the omegas arousal. Toshinori would love to pop one in his mouth currently, would love to feel how soft the flesh beneath them has gotten. He sucks in a sharp breath as Katsuki bears down, his cunt squeezing at him tightly.

“Where’s your mind, alpha?” Katsuki jeers, looking down at the alpha with smug satisfaction. His thighs begin to strain, muscles bunching and twisting as he pushes himself up and down. He feels a bit like a god under Toshinori’s focused gaze. He brings a hand to his mouth, biting his knuckles against a squeal as Toshinori bucks beneath him. He should scold the other for moving out of turn, but the sharp spike of arousal he got from the thick head of the man’s cock bumping against his cervix stalls his action.

“On you, always on you.” Toshinori grunts, thrusting up into Katsuki again. He watches the teen bounce atop him, body arching up and back, tongue peeking out from between plush pink lips. It’s quickly becoming his favorite view, the teen writhing on his cock, thighs straining to keep his lithe body moving. Toshinori’s gaze drops to the small bulge of his cock in the softening pudge of Katsuki’s stomach. It made him so hot, that little bit of extra fat, Katsuki was going to start showing soon.

His focus is broken by the sound of something in the background. He vaguely realizes it’s his cellphone on the second to last ring. He ignores it in favor of Katsuki’s breathy moans, it probably wasn’t important. The device is silent for only a moment before it begins to ring again, the screen lighting up and the item sliding across the bedside table from the force of the vibration.

Katsuki scowls at it so ferociously Toshinori entertains the idea of it catching fire. He sighs as the other’s irritated gaze is focused on him. He’s quite lucky he has long arms as he flails for the device blindly. He manages to grab hold of it as it begins to ring for the third time, harshly disconnecting it from the charger and answering blindly. He should’ve checked the caller ID.

“Yagi, have you seen Katsuki recently?”

If hearing Mitsuki Bakugou’s voice on the other end of the line while he’s balls deep in her son didn’t knock six years off his life span he was immortal. His eyes widened comically and he shot up, almost toppling Katsuki from his lap in the process. He hopes she doesn’t hear the indignant little squawk Katsuki let’s out as Toshinori stops him from tumbling to the floor. The alpha’s entire life flashes before his eyes and he ponders if he’s made the proper arrangements. Then panics because he has yet to add Katsuki to his will.

His heart hammers in his chest and he swears she knows. She just knows everything he’s done to her son in the last few months. She knows every place he’s touched the teen. She knows every nasty dirty word he’s growled into the omega’s ear while they sweat it out between the sheets. Swears she knows Katsuki is pregnant and that Toshinori is unapologetically the father. She most definitely knows he’s in the middle of fucking her child at this very moment. His mind scrambles for a coherent thought, he’s taking far too long to answer.

“Um, yes.” He wants to smack himself for how it comes out as more of a question than a statement. He sounds guilty, he knows he sounds so damn guilty. He’s got to lie to her, and he has to make it convincing, otherwise he’s added another person to the list of those who think he’s just out to take advantage of the teen. Katsuki is not his victim, but it’s hard to keep that in mind when he knows society will tell him otherwise.

He breaks out of his thoughts as Katsuki grumbles in irritation, clearly ready to get back to their earlier activity if the little rocking of his hips is any indication. Toshinori waves a hand at the teen frantically, trying to hush him as quietly as he possibly could. The last thing he needs is for Mitsuki to hear her son complaining about Toshinori not fucking him in the background of their conversation. He mouths an apology as Katsuki stares at him furiously, nostrils flaring and brows furrowed.

Katsuki clicks his tongue with a huff, folding his arms over his chest and turning his head away with a pout. He’d thought the call would be quick, a last minute work thing or something. Toshinori’s going soft inside him and it’s a little uncomfortable and killing the mood. He glares at Toshinori from the corner of his eye, hoping the heat of his stare will be enough to get the man off the phone, but it’s no such luck. Nothing better to do, he leans forwards slightly, stretching to hear who’s on the other side of the line.

“He still over there?” Mitsuki asks impatiently, but not worriedly. Toshinori frowns at the tone. He figured she’d be a bit panicked upon discovering her child not at home, instead she sounds disappointed. She hasn’t jumped to an erroneous conclusions yet, so he’ll take the win where he can get it. He slides a hand around Katsuki’s back as the teen rears back sharply, eyes wide with panic.

Katsuki grips at his hair with one hand, covering the small curse he lets out with the other. His fucking alpharen was apparantly home, and looking for him it seemed. She just had to do this, of all the fucking times, she had to do it now. He bites at the inside of his cheek with a snarl, and shifts slowly. He slides out of Toshinori’s lap, wincing at the cooling mess of slick and precome on the insides of his thighs. He sits beside the alpha gingerly, iron cold lead replacing the raging fire inside his stomach.

“Yes, He and Izuku were both asleep by the time I got home.” Toshinori replies easily, and he shouldn’t be able to do so. The guilt is still there after all, it’s been there since he last spoke with his parents. It’s so simple for him to just push it aside when he looks down at Katsuki as the teen leans into him. He really likes the omega, and that tops the guilt. He strokes a hand through Katsuki’s hair, mouthing a little thanks as Katsuki tucks him away again.

“Lazy shit. Can you wake him for me?” Mitsuki asks with a click of her tongue. Toshinori frowns at the disappointment he hears in her tone, and it feels strikingly familiar. It twists something ugly inside him and he glances at Katsuki to gauge his reaction. What he finds only affirms his fears, Katsuki’s eyebrows furrowed, nose crinkled, and a frustrated grimace on his face.

“Of course, though I’m sure Izuku just wore him out.” Toshinori says with a forced chuckle. At the woman’s grunt of confirmation he hastily mutes the microphone, letting his hand fall into his lap. He rubs at the back of his neck with his free hand, blowing out a breath in a harsh sigh. His interactions with the Bakugou alpha were far and in between, but this just seemed exhausting.

“Who does she think she is, showing up out of nowhere and demanding to know where the hell I am!” Katsuki grouses, snatching the phone from Toshinori’s hand. He squints at the screen with a fierce growl, the sight of his father’s name making him angrier than it should. It’s like the woman had some fucking sixth sense for when he was enjoying himself and made it her mission to bring it down.

“They should be more concerned with where they’ve fuckin been! It’s been two fucking months!” Katsuki readily complains to the alpha beside him. He clenches his teeth against the outraged screech he wants to let out and takes several deep and ragged breaths to cool his anger just a bit. He glowers at the phone again before unmuting it and pressing it against his ear.

“What?” He snaps impatiently, irritation dripping from him in spades. Any terror he thought he’d feel when finally confronting his parents again has been lost in the wave of burning anger coursing through him. He’d half thought his parents abandoned him, but no. His shoulders shake and his fingers curl up as he listens to the scolding click of a tongue on the other side of the line.

“Hah? Is that any way to speak to your father. I don’t know why Yagi-san allows you to keep watching his kid, you ungrateful brat. I bet you’re passing on bad habits.” Mitsuki gripes.

Her words are familiar but no less tiring. Katsuki’s shoulders slump, settling in for the critique she was sure to give him. She always had one, it’s annoying, but nothing new. He pinches at the bridge of his nose taking a breath and asking for patience.

“And what are you doing falling asleep on the job like that? What if something happened because you were too lazy to do your work properly? Yagi-san shouldn’t pay you.” She continues.

“What do you want, hag?” Katsuki asks again. He knows by now all those questions where rhetorical and answering any of them would mean he was sassing her and she would beat his ass. He frowns a she scoffs at him, then almost jumps out of his skin as a hand touches at his lower back. He looks at Toshinori quickly, surprised the man hadn’t left him to have the conversation by himself. He sinks into the touch as the alpha begins to rub small circles into his skin, the tension bleeding out of him slowly.

“I want to know why you’re not home.”

“Because It’s fucking late and I didn’t want to walk.”

“You plannin’ on ever coming home?”

“Yeah, in the morning. It’s like midnight!”

“Huh, your bitchass can’t handle walking home in the dark?”

“Fucking—!” Katsuki starts to snap, pissed his alpharen is so damn demanding. She wants her omega child to walk home, in the dead of night. The bitch didn’t even offer to come get him. He was beyond over it, and good and ready to tell the woman to go to hell. Only he wasn’t holding the phone anymore, Toshinori had taken it from him before he could properly get riled up. He rounds on the alpha ready to shout at him as well, but he was already transitioning into placating the other alpha.

“Pardon my interruption, Bakugou-san. It’s no trouble at all for Katsuki to spend the night. I felt it was unsafe for a young omega such as himself to walk home at an hour like this. Izuku is also so very fond of him, so I figured letting the two have a sleepover of sorts would be fine. I should’ve called but I didn’t want to bother you at work.” Toshinori says smoothly. It seems to work as she waives off his concerns with moderate cheer. They exchange pleasantries for a moment before she requests he give the phone back to Katsuki.

Katsuki is honestly still in awe of the fact Toshinori managed to talk his father down. He listens halfheartedly as the woman rants at him to be thankful for the hospitality Toshinori is showing him. She tells him not to be a little shit and thank the elder properly. To which Katsuki sardonically thinks he could’ve worked it in if she hadn’t fucking called. Instead he just rolls his eyes as she demands he better damn well be ready to greet them when he comes home. When she finally hangs up, it’s not relief he feels.

“Fuck.” Katsuki sighs after the line goes dead. He drops the phone into the sheets, tilting his head back to groan at the ceiling in frustration. Things were going great for him, he thought he was so ready to handle all the obstacles that were going to come at him. Of course his parents had to come back as the first, bursting his perfectly crafted bubble. He rubs at his forehead with a growl, trying to push off his growing headache by sheer force of will. His shoulders start to shake and he presses the heels of his palms into his eyes, trying to stop the inevitable.

“Fuck!” Katsuki snaps, his voice cracking. He grinds his teeth together, slamming a balled fist into the top of the mattress as his tears finally bubble over. His breath hitches, coming into his chest cold and shaky. His vision is blurry and he buries face in his hands just because he doesn’t want to see that. He offers no resistance when warm arms encircle him, pulling him into Toshinori’s chest. He sobs, body shaking, as he’s tucked into the space beneath the alpha’s chin, the comforting rumble of the other’s croon buzzing through his back.

“Why couldn’t they just stay away? When I need them they’re never around. And now, when things are going so good for me, when I think I’m ok without them they come waltzing back in like they’re the fucking guest of honor! Not even a: Hi Katsuki, sorry we’ve been gone so long.” Katsuki wails, lifting his face out of his hands to look at the alpha imploringly. He knows the alpha doesn’t have the answers. Still it’s good to just voice them and have someone listening.

Toshinori frowns, his heart breaking at the look on Katsuki’s face. The teen’s red rimmed eyes and splotchy cheeks, desperation pouring off of him in waves. He rubs a hand up and down the other’s back, watching carefully as Katsuki continues to cry. Understandably he’d been terrified when he first answered Mitsuki, but that had been fleeting. Instead he’d ended up sitting by as she berate Katsuki incessantly for something, all that she knew, was an innocent mistake. Another time he would have thought it was just a strong form of tough love. Yet being subject to that for days on end would be draining, and the very negative yet resigned reaction Katsuki had towards the situation was telling.

“Ugh, fuck. I’m sorry, she cockblocked us too.” Katsuki complained, sniffling miserably. He pulled out of Toshinori’s arms slowly, rubbing at his eyes with the back of his hands. He grumbled about how much he was crying, glaring at the tears wetting his fingers. His nose was stuffy even though it’d only been a short bout. He absolutely loathed crying.

“No, don’t worry about that.” Toshinori says quickly, cupping Katsuki’s face in his hands. He tilts the other’s head back to look at him, using a thumb to stroke away the tears that remain clinging to Katsuki’s cheeks. Katsuki’s eyes are still watery and lack the spark that normally make his crimson irises shine like fireworks. Toshinori will do anything to bring that back.

“Let’s take a bath and head to bed. Yeah?” Toshinori suggests, giving a little prompting hum. He leans down to place a soft peck on the teen’s lips, pulling away to smile at the sniffling omega. He slides from the bed, pulling Katsuki up with him and leading the teen back to the bathroom. He turns the knob for the faucet, the water beating into the porcelain of the brass footed tub with a steady rhythm, bringing with it soft puffs of steam.

Katsuki presses his lips together against his pout as Toshinori slides him out of his panties. He goes pliantly as the elder guides him to a shower stool and slumps onto it. He feels himself relax as Toshinori begins to rinse him down with warm water. He lolls as the elder washes his hair and back, large sturdy hands sliding over his skin with a warm sponge. He realizes he’s exhausted, and the alpha’s gentle scrubbing helps him unwind from the state he’s coiled into.

He must have dozed off at some point, because he’s sitting in the tub between Tosinori’s legs, his back pressed against the man’s chest, when he blinks his way back into focus. The water is warm and whimsical wafts of steam lazily curly in the air around him. It smells faintly of lavender and his skin feels softer, more sensitive, as Toshinori rubs at his arms with firm strokes. Shit, he’s totally being pampered.

“Feeling better?” Toshinori asks, his voice quiet and intimate. Katsuki tilts his head back to look at him. If Katsuki where a poet he’d spin sonnets about this moment. He’d liken the soft smile on the man’s face to summer night bonfires. He’d write about the quiet strength behind ocean shores and still waters like the blue of Toshinori’s eyes. Katsuki was no poet. Instead he takes in a small breath, slammed with how fucking much he adores this man, and scrambles to face him.

To say Toshinori was shocked by the teen’s sudden movement would be an accurate statement. His protest is cut off before it can begin by Katsuki’s lips pressing firmly against his own, and his arms suddenly full of the teen. His hands take a familiar place on the omega’s hips and he quickly directs the other into deepening the kiss. He’s very aware of how greedy he is when it comes to Katsuki.

Katsuki follows willingly, arms winding around the alpha’s neck as he draws himself closer. He languidly mirrors Toshinori’s movements, tilting his head the way the man wants him to. He lets out little pleasant hums as the other licks into his mouth, breath growing deep and ragged. He sighs dreamily as they draw apart, and he sags forwards, pressing his forehead against Toshinori’s shoulder.

“I love you.”

Chapter Text

Toshinori liked his work office. He didn’t design it, but that didn’t take away from the fact that he liked it. It was a spacious corner office with large windows that overlooked both the city below and the interior office space of the rest of the department. He kept a small seating area with a set of couches and a coffee table that he regularly held meetings at. His desk sat more towards the back wall, a more traditional dark wood with all the necessary amenities. The desk he currently sat at. Head buried in his hands. Existential crisis on going.

He had frozen. He had a second chance to respond to Katsuki’s declaration of love and he’d locked up like fort knox. Somehow Katsuki’s affection had gone from a somewhat tentative ‘I think I love him’ to a very real ‘I love you’, and Toshinori was lost. He couldn’t return the phrase. Three words he couldn’t say. Three words he couldn’t decide that he wanted to say. Three words he couldn’t decided he didn’t want to say.

Toshinori let his head thud to the surface of his desk with a frustrated groan. What’s worse is the moment to talk about it with Katsuki had already passed. Gone the second he’d stiffened in panic, mind devoid of any thought in that moment. The singular moment where Katsuki had sighed the words into his mouth, pliantly draped over his body. The moment when the teen pulled back with an understanding smile, placing another small kiss on his lips, and left him ruminating in the cooling water of the bath. His mind had been left spiraling in his panic, dread crawling down his back and guilt sitting in his stomach. He’d sat there until the water grew stagnant and cold and his fingers were pruning. He hadn’t come to a conclusion then, and he hasn’t come to one now: three weeks after the fact.

“I take it something important is going on?” A voice intones, as flat and unimpressed as ever. Toshinori jerks his head up at the sound, gaze snapping to the sharply dressed beta standing in the doorway. The man is as crisp and proper as ever: hair neatly slicked back, suit pressed to perfection, shoes polished, and glasses free of any smudges or specks of dirt.

“Sasaki!” Toshinori says in surprise. He sits up as his CFO takes a step into the room. The man raises an eyebrow, the arch disappearing behind the rim of trendy glasses. Toshinori winces slightly as a hefty stack of papers is placed upon his desk. He’d forgotten there was a finances meeting coming up. Now that he thought about it, he’d have to factor Katsuki and the babies into his own personal finances at some point in time. He could cover it easily, but maybe he should setup another bank account for the teen’s personal use. It would be easiest if he could just add Katsuki to his but that would be a tad bit suspicious.

“You’re seeing someone.” Sasaki says seriously. He takes a seat at one of the chairs in front of Toshinori’s desk, crossing his impossibly long legs at the knee. His lips quirk up at Toshinori’s spluttering and shocked return to reality. He looked the man over once, easily picking out the things plaguing the alpha’s mind. He hasn’t spent eighteen years at the man’s side as a friend and business partner just to ignore all of the alpha’s tells. The wistful smile combined with the furrowed eyebrows adorning the alpha’s face are so similar to the expression he wore when first dating Inko. Sasaki would be foolish not to draw the conclusion.

“You can tell!?” Toshinori wheezes, in shock. He rubs at the back of his neck nervously, eyes flitting away from the man’s scrutinous gaze. He hadn’t realized he was being so obvious about it. He pauses, this may be a good chance for him to get some advice. Standing suddenly he strides briskly across the room to lock his office door and flip the switch to the privacy windows, fogging the glass instantly. He collapses back into his chair folding his hands together and leaning on his desk slightly.

“I haven’t been able to tell him I love him. Our relationship is new, of course, but I’ve known him for such a long time that it should be easier than this.” Toshinori explains without preamble. He looks to Sasaki imploringly, grateful the beta immediately takes his words into consideration. He thinks it’s a side effect from the man’s unique upbringing, having been born to a free spirited omega-omega parenting, Night Eye was the other’s legal name. Growing up with that had caused it’s fair share of problems, but the other always took the rational approach to things.

“Why is it important that you tell him so quickly?” Sasaki asks, his eyes flickering over Toshinori’s frame thoughtfully. He knew Toshinori was impulsive, but he was also very sincere. This had to have been a long time coming if Toshinori was this bent out of shape over the prospect. There was a lot to unpack with this topic, and he was only unraveling the ribbon. The heavy sigh Toshinori lets out at the question only confirms his suspicions.

“Because he’s pregnant, and I feel like I’m just using him to satisfy my need for company.” Toshinori explains, rubbing at his forehead unhappily. He leans back in his chair, chewing on the inside of his cheek.

“I told him I’d take responsibility, and I will. I am, but it doesn’t feel like enough. I’m derailing his entire life so he can have these children for me and I can’t even love him properly.” Toshinori says, running a hand down his face in frustration. It’s not that he doesn’t care for Katsuki. He does, so very much. He thinks about Katsuki often, every emotion under the sun is attached to the teen in some manner. His heart flutters and pounds, sinks and soars when around him, but it’s not the same. He doesn’t feel the same with Katsuki as he did with Inko, and it makes him sick.

Sasaki frowns, his eyebrows furrowing deeply. He distinctly remembers when Toshinori’s late wife had gotten pregnant with Izuku. He remembered because Toshinori had called him at three in the morning bristling with excitement. The alpha loved children, wanted a small army of them. To learn that Toshinori had not only impregnated an omega, but was keeping it secret was strange. The man felt incredibly guilty of the relationship, and Sasaki needed to know why if he was going to be of any help to the man.

“Toshinori--” Sasaki began, his voice laced with warning. His eyes only narrowed further as the man flinched, closing his eyes in resignation. He gets the feeling he’s not going to like what Toshinori has to say. The alpha was a man ruled by his heart first and morality second. Generally, because Toshinori was a well meaning person he stayed out of trouble. However if there were a situation where he met a bonded omega who was in an unhappy relationship and fell in love, Toshinori would cast aside societal norms.

“I, He has to depend on me to support the babies. I can’t leave him. I don’t want to leave him. He’s not in the position to take care of them on his own. He needs me. I feel like I’ve trapped him.” Toshinori rambles. They’re excuses, he knows they’re excuses, but he’s desperate. He doesn’t want to rehash the fight he had with his father with Sasaki but he’s going to have to. His hands come up to grip at his hair and he slumps forward to stare at the wood of his desk with frenzied eyes. It sounds horrible in his head, and even worse out loud.

It wasn’t like he meant to become a predator. It was just that night. A Night after a long exhausting work day, when he’d come home to Izuku and Katsuki and realized this was perfect. That Katsuki was perfect. Katsuki who was a homemaker: a wonderful cook, kept the house clean, kept him and his child healthy and well fed, kept him company. Katsuki, who was brilliant, fierce, and attractive. Toshinori had gotten one whiff of the teen’s heat scent and let himself go. Let himself get whisked away by his carnal desires and now the waterfall of consequences were bearing down on him. He can’t regret it. He won’t, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

“You need to tell me.” Sasaki says with a sigh. He watches Toshinori break down impassively. This was obviously something he would need to fix, but first he needed to know the extent of the damage. He folded his arms over his chest, tapping his index finger against his upper arm as he thinks. He knows Toshinori, knows how stubborn he is. Knows he has to wait for the other to break.

“I can’t.” Toshinori growls, lifting his eyes to stare at Sasaki sharply. He doesn’t need the fight. He doesn’t need to be reminded that Katsuki’s legally a child. He gets that reminder each time he watches Katsuki fix the tie on his highschool uniform. He gets that reminder when he watches Katsuki and Izuku work on their respective homework at the kitchen table. He gets that reminder when he watches Katsuki suppress an amused snort at whatever internet thing his friends have sent him, that Toshinori does not get. What he needs is support, and it looks like the only person he’ll get that from is Katsuki. He doesn’t want to fight a battle he’s already losing.

Sasaki hums noncommittally, adjusting his glasses out of habit. He’ll have to do this the hard way. He taps his foot in contemplation as he lays the groundwork for figuring out the omega Toshinori’s managed to get himself tangled up with. It should be easy. He’d only been present for not only the various short relationships Toshinori’s had previously, but the entirety of the man’s relationship with his wife. He’s confident the omega is someone he knows, it’s just a matter of figuring out who.

Toshinori is a doting father, almost to the point of overbearing, so he knows the omega has to be good with Izuku. Someone who would attend all the school plays, birthdays, and sporting events that he goes to for the toddler. It had to be someone Toshinori’s known for a while, someone he’s spent time developing a deep level of fondness for. The alpha linked physical and emotional intimacy more closely than he thought, so a one night stand was out of the question. It was most likely someone the alpha was regularly in contact with. Someone Toshinori’s probably spoken about before, and someone Sasaki has probably met.

The list of people the beta comes up with is admittedly short, because of Toshinori’s busy work schedule and the devote adoration he has for his son. The list of omegas that meet that criteria is in the single digits. Sasaki almost dismisses all of them, almost. One sticks out. A babysitter Toshinori had excitedly talked about Izuku being in love with. A young omega the alpha was so glad to have as a role model for the child. An omega that spends a lot of time at Toshinori’s house, around his son, around the alpha.

“You didn’t.” Sasaki states in disbelief, staring at the wall behind Toshinori’s head. He uncrosses his legs, shifting up in his seat uneasily. His gaze snaps to Toshinori when the alpha doesn’t respond, unwavering and demanding. He refuses to believe the darkening feeling in his chest. Toshinori was a lot of things; impulsive with a drive that caused more trouble for the people around him than he realized, but his moral compass rarely waverd.

“Toshinori, tell me you didn’t fuck your son’s babysitter!” Sasaki snaps. His fist bangs against the wood of the desk, jostling the pen holder slightly. Toshinori refuses to meet his eye, wiping a hand down his face tiredly. Sasaki is honestly at a loss for words. Toshinori could have had any omega he wanted, and he picked an underaged one.

“You should feel guilty. Using him to replace your wife.” Sasaki spits the accusation like venom. He’s heedless of the way Toshinori’s scent flares in warning, unable to smell it because of his status. He doesn’t catch the way Toshinori’s fists clench, the alpha’s shoulder’s tensing in agitation. He doesn't catch the snarling curl of the man’s upper lip to display elongated fangs, or the sharp grinding of his teeth. Sasaki rolls on with no regard for any of it.

“You were so lost when Inko died, and miraculously this couple from your neighborhood offers to have their son babysit for you. Of course the boy’s a walking wet dream for alphas. Why wouldn’t he be? Attentive, attractive, and he does all the little nest making nuances.” Sasaki scoffs. His tapping foot picks up speed and he glares out the window towards the skyline. Toshinori’s always had this ideal for a perfect nuclear family, and now it’s gotten him into trouble.

“He is not replacing Inko.” Toshinori snaps. His fingernails bite into his palms as he tightens his fists a little further. He wants to rebuke the beta, to fling himself back a hundred years where he could throw around his alpha status to put the other down. To physically maim the other for speaking out against him, against his family. The reason why makes him sick. He wants to fight back so hard because a small part of him kind of agrees with what the other is saying.

This domestic routine he has with Katsuki isn’t fair. It’s not fair that Katsuki has essentially taken the role of his wife. He’s the picturesque homemaker. Dinner is always ready when Toshinori gets home, the house is immaculate, Izuku is safe and happy, and Katsuki is barefoot and pregnant. It’s not fair, because Katsuki has no bond mark, and no ring. It’s not fair because he feels like committing to Katsuki will erase Inko. It’s not fair.

“There are many things we don’t agree on, and many times you were right. This is not one of those times.” Toshinori says, forcing himself to take a breath and step back from the ledge. He rubs at his forehead, falling back into his chair with a weary sigh. He props his elbows on the armrests of his chair, turning his attention to Sasaki pleadingly.

Sasaki sucks on his teeth, his lips puckering as if he’s tasted something unpleasantly sour. He strings together a line of curses long enough to leave him winded. His jittering foot stops immediately, and he uncross his arms to spread his hands out on the desk in front of him. He leans forwards fixing Toshinori with a glare riddled in disdain and disgust.

“Tell him to get rid of it.” Sasaki demands, straight to the point. He doesn’t back down, even as Toshinori balks. The alpha’s face goes pale, the man rearing back in horror. He doesn’t waver as Toshinori reigns himself in, sky blue eyes hardening to steel. He’s been on the other end of this look a handful of times. The dark set and heavy pressure of a man used to being in command, a gaze and presence that’s helped Toshinori build his company to the empire it is today, crushing opposition beneath its weight. Sasaki is not immune, but he is resistant.

“I think this conversation should end here.” Toshinori says, voice hard. He picks up the stack of papers Sasaki had originally brought with him. He stubbornly plucks a pen from the holder on his desk and ignores the man before him. He hears Sasaki click his tongue, the beta standing before him a minute longer before he hears the footsteps retreating from the room. He waits until he hears the door click shut before tossing away his pen. Toshinori runs his hands through his hair, leaning back in his chair and staring up at the ceiling with grit teeth. It’s just one problem after the other.

His phone chimes with a notification and his eyebrows raise in surprise. He drops his hands to pick up the device, opening it with a few quick swipes of his finger. A small smile crosses his face as he reads Katsuki’s name across the top of the banner. It’s a fairly asinine question about what he wants for dinner, all things considered. Still, it sets his heart aflutter and has him grinning like a fool. This was all the confirmation he needed. The warm affectionate feeling that passes through him whenever he thinks about Katsuki is more than enough.

He sits up fully, a sudden determination to show the omega how much he cares for him. He responds with a suggestion that the all go out to dinner. He opens the search engine on his phone to start scouting places while he waits for Katsuki’s reply. It has to be nice, but not so fancy that it would bore Izuku. A conundrum because he wants to take Katsuki somewhere extravagant, somewhere he could spoil the other for everyone to see. He perks up like a dog as his phone vibrates in his hand and the incoming message rolls across the screen.

He deflates, shoulders drooping, as he reads the words. Katsuki’s parents want him for an event they’re going to, so dinner tonight is out of the question. Toshinori sags in his chair, willing to admit he’s pouting. It seems like it’s been centuries since he’s gotten to do anything remotely amorous with the teen. With Katsuki’s parents making a grand re-entrance into the omega’s daily life, and their new found interest in spending as much time with the other as possible, it has become quite difficult to express his affection. He can count the number of times they’ve managed to steal a peck from one another over the last two weeks on one hand.

It’s not even really the sex that he misses, he’d be lying if he said that wasn’t part of it, but it’s mostly just the other’s presence. He didn’t realize how much space Katsuki had begun to take up in his life until there was a distinct lack. When he comes in the door after work, Katsuki is on his way out. Izuku would cling to the teen desperately begging Katsuki not to leave with teary eyes and pouting lips, and Toshinori was basically the same. Yet Mitsuki had seemed to grow an acute psychic awareness of her son’s whereabouts, because each time Toshinori so much as laid a hand on the teen’s shoulder a call would come in from the woman. It was frustrating to say the least.

He sighs again as his phone buzzes in his hand, and he swipes at it forlornly. He should’ve checked the message type instead of wallowing in his self pity. Instead he opens the conversation and promptly chokes on his own spit with how sharp his inhale is. His phone slides from his hand, clattering face down on his desk as he stares straight ahead in shock. His cheeks burst into flames and he brings his hand up to cover his mouth. His gaze drops to the phone lying seemingly innocently on his desk, but he knows that’s a lie. He picks it up cautiously, turning it over to look at a screen that’s already gone dark into sleep mode. His eyes flicker towards the door ensuring it’s still closed and the windows are still frosted before he chances unlocking it again. He stares at the screen, his bottom lip clenched between his teeth at the sight that greets him.

Katsuki looked like a dream come true. Red eyes hooded alluringly, staring deep into the camera lens he has hoisted above his head in the selfie. He has a nail clenched between his teeth, index finger resting against shiny plump lips. He’s laid out on the pale sheets of their bed, smooth creamy skin only obstructed by a somewhat sheer set of lacey red lingerie. The bralette is stretched tight over his newly budding breasts, his dark areola scarcely visible behind the fabric. The barely there panties do little to cover the bulge of the teen’s tiny cock, and wrinkling in the wet folds of his cunt. A red ribbon tying them closed on the sides in pretty neat bows like a christmas gift. Katsuki was going to kill him.

Toshinori swallowed thickly, drinking in the view presented to him. He should tell Katsuki not to send him pictures like this. Ones where he’s tempted to save them to his phone, and draw them back out when he gets lonely. He should delete it now, and never think of it again. Lately, though, he’s been particularly weak to the matters of the flesh. He licks at his lips, a familiar hunger stirring in his belly. He looks over the photo again, taking in every detail he possibly can and freezes.

“Oh.” He groans, bitting at his lip a little harder. He’s just noticed the smallest swell to Katsuki’s abdomen, belly curving out over the hem of his panties just a bit. Toshinori is hooked. He hasn’t been shy about his pregnancy kink, not in the slightest. Seeing the product of their coupling begin to show on Katsuki’s body made him hot like no other, and it may become a problem later. He can’t believe he did that to the omega, can hardly believe Katsuki let him. He shifts in his seat, pants suddenly feeling all too tight.

He shouldn’t. He’s in his office. At work. At the company he owns and operates. He’d just finished an argument with his long time friend about this, his illicit affair with an underaged omega. He really, really shouldn’t, and yet. He finds himself leaning back in his chair, palming at his crotch, hissing at the barest hint of relief from the pressure. Before he stops to think, he’s using his hand to frame his obvious erection, snapping a picture to send back to the teen. He sends a short caption to accompany it: ‘look what you do to me.’

He scrolls back up to the photo, thumb hovering over it before he taps it, the picture blowing up to the full width of his phone screen. He’s gotta stop. Stop stroking at himself. Stop bitting his lip at the photo. Stop imagining Katsuki playing with himself while he waits for Toshinori to get home. He should stop, but instead he spreads his knees a bit wider, giving himself a little more room. The next message he receives from Katsuki Is short enough for him to read with opening as the banner scrolls across the top of his screen and it sends a spark of excitement rolling through his frame.

‘I’m going to do more.’

He barely has time to let that excitement settle in when his phone begins vibrating in his hand. The screen flashes with an incoming video call from Katsuki, the teen’s name emblazoned across the device like a siren’s call. This is another moment where he shouldn’t, but he signs himself over to the devil willingly and freely; tapping to answer. Katsuki’s grinning face greets him immediately and the teen pulls the phone back to show he’s dressed in the same ensemble from the picture. He glances off the screen briefly, but his attention focuses back quickly enough.

“Hi.” Katsuki chirps, wiggling his fingers in a little wave. “Izuku’s down for a nap, so I thought I’d entertain us. Provided you’re alone.” Katsuki continues, his voice dipping into a purr. He’s sitting on his knees, back arched enough to make him look tempting, succulent. He uses his free hand to adjust his bra, fingers lingering to trace the skin there, dipping into the valley of his breasts and drawing downwards in a deliberate line to tuck between his legs.

“You’re trying to kill me.” Toshinori grumbles without malice. Truth be told, he’s already sliding from his chair, awkwardly shuffling to his door, boner still tenting his pants, to lock it quickly. He can’t take his eyes from his phone screen as he makes his way back to his desk. It leaves him practically blnd to his surroundings. His free hand fumbles for landmark furniture so he doesn’t end up in the carpet. He makes it back to his seat in relatively one piece. He won’t mention jamming his shin on the corner of the coffee table

He falls back into his chair, watching as Katsuki sets his phone up somewhere at the edge of the bed. Then the teen shuffles back, sinking into a docile like position, sitting on his feet one hand tucked between thick thighs. Katsuki brushes a strand of hair out his face, tucking it behind his ear, and looking away bashfully.

“I-I’ve never done anything like this before. Do you wanna direct me?” Katsuki asks, fidgeting in his spot. He peers up at the camera with mild trepidation, a blush tinting his face up to the tips of his ears.

Toshinori feels his breath leave him like he’s been punched in the gut. He’s nodding in a manner that’s almost a crazed frantic, too overwhelmed with everything he wants to do to string together a coherent sentence. How much did Katsuki trust him? Could he get the teen to edge himself? Could he get him to use a few toys? To beg for his alpha desperately into the empty room? His head was spinning, and his attention focuses sharply on Katsuki’s stomach, bringing his wants into alignment like divine intervention.

“Who got you pregnant?” Toshinori asks. He shifts in his seat again, leaning back in his office chair as he pops the button on his slacks. Any type of embarrassment he feels is quickly drowned out by excitement as Katsuki’s eyes light up in recognition. He licks at his top lip as Katsuki leans back on the sheets, trailing hand over the barely there curve of his stomach, a demure smile lighting up his sharp features.

“You did, alpha.” Katsuki purrs, sending a shudder through Toshinori’s frame. The younger blonde runs his fingers over his skin lightly, tracing a line from his belly button to the hem of his sheer panties and back.

“You’re so good for me, Katsuki.” Toshinori rumbles, the sound moving up from his chest in a way that rattles his teeth. It’s a visceral reaction that he can’t, nor does he care to, stop. Its intensity is unfathomable and only mounts further as he watches Katsuki’s pupils dilate, darkening the teens eyes to a deep maroon.

“You’ll continue to be good for me, yeah?” Toshinori questions. His teeth ache from how much he wants to bite into the soft flesh displayed at the base of Katsuki’s neck. The pale expanse of skin taunts him as the teen tosses his head back with a keening gasp, little pleas falling from his lips. Toshinori doesn’t know if he’s in love, but as he watches Katsuki’s hands tug and twist at his nipples, palms sliding down over his body, roaming over his weeping cunt and cute little cock, he knows he’s damn well close.