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BTS Smut Requests :3

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Hey guys, I'm taking fic requests!! I'm new to AO3 but I absolutely love writing stories so what better way to get better at it than take requests lol


I mentioned some tags above but I'm willing to do anything you guys have in mind. The only thing I don't feel comfortable doing is vore, but everything else I'll try my best on.


Just comment:

  • the pairings/ships you want
  • who tops/bottoms (dom/sub, sub top, power bottom, etc)
  • the prompts/requests
  • what tags you want included

The more details you add the better!


These requests will be open until 11:59 pm EST on May 17, 2019. 


I’ll do my best to get everyone’s prompts done ★~(◡‿◡✿)

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Fuck, does he love him


That was the only thought running through Yoongi's mind at the moment, the petite man having trouble even focusing on just that with how his boyfriend was eating him out. A little sigh slipped free, travelling past the yellow lollipop that was in his mouth and stretching his pouty lips apart so prettily. His legs were spread wide, feet dangling above Taehyung's back, the blonde's broad shoulders doing a damn great job at keeping them apart. Yoongi could feel Taehyung's long and slender fingers spreading his lips almost as wide as his legs, expert tongue gently lapping at the slick that dripped out of his little cunt. 


Yoongi was clad in one of Taehyung's buttoned down pajama shirts and thigh high blue and white socks, black lace panties hanging from his right ankle, long forgotten the second the blonde's tongue had pushed into him.  


God how did he get such a good boyfriend?


Ah was all because of Hoseok's meddling ass...


Though it honestly felt like a distant memory of the past, it had only been four months since Yoongi had met the quirky blonde.


He had been more of a loner than he already was back then.


His love life hadn't been going anywhere; Yoongi having gotten used to pleasuring himself with his fingers or numerous amount of sex toys whenever the need had made itself known. His life had continued in a tiring eat, sleep, and masturbate cycle until Hoseok had persuaded him to go to a party with him.


While he was never vocal about it, it was clear that he didn't like going out. Sure he could go for some drinks at a bar with his friends any day, but he would much rather prefer to lay in bed and scroll through Netflix or work on producing one of his songs. So, when Hoseok had suggested that Yoongi come with him, he was quite reluctant to agree, however, one look at the care and worry painted all over Hoseok's expression had been the deciding factor for him.


It had been there at the party that Yoongi had met Hoseok's dance club teammate, Taehyung. The younger had an even crazier amount of energy than Hoseok himself (something Yoongi hadn't known was possible until then). The two of them had immediately hit it off, the attraction between them having only grown until it had formed into a heated relationship only weeks after their first meeting. 


Sure, maybe it was crazy to get together so soon, but for the two of them, it had felt so right and natural to be with the other. Yoongi would always be glad that Hoseok made him go to that party instead of letting him stay at home. 


Taehyung was a good boyfriend, the best, dare he say. Unlike his past boyfriends - and sporadic girlfriends - Taehyung never questioned Yoongi or made him feel ashamed about any of the kinks he had. If anything, the blonde actively supported them. More often than not, Yoongi would come back to their shared apartment to see his boyfriend happily splurging the money his wealthy parents gave him on whatever items he had even shown the slightest amount of interest in. Yoongi remembered having made just one comment about how he wished he could try sucking on something sweet during their intimate moments and Taehyung had surprised him a couple of days later with a box full of lollipops, all in different sizes, flavors, and colors. 


(See, it hadn't taken a long time for Yoongi to tell his boyfriend about his oral fixation. Hell, even if he had truly wanted to keep it a secret from him, nothing could escape from Taehyung's ever perceptive eyes)


That was one of the many things he loved about Taehyung though. No matter how nervous Yoongi might be about the things he liked and wanted to try out, Taehyung always patiently listened to him, waiting until he got it all out before giving him a boxy grin and telling him he'd love to try it. Sometimes the older man didn't know if he was just given a good boyfriend or if he himself had changed little Taehyung into a sex fiend. Whichever it was, all Yoongi knew was that he was beyond perfect.


He could confidently say that he had no complaints about their relationship so far. 




...maybe Yoongi did have one complaint.


As much as he loved when his boyfriend took the time to show how much he loved Yoongi's body, the slow and gentle way Taehyung was eating him out was doing absolutely nothing for the simmering heat inside of him; the same heat that had been ignited the second he'd caught a glimpse of Taehyung shirtless and looking completely owned with all the love bites and scratch marks Yoongi had left on him from the night before. 


A small whine left him, Yoongi moving a hand up to grip at and tug his mint colored hair in frustration. Yoongi tried his best to push the lollipop just a little further in so he could get some of the desired pleasure he was seeking. 


He desperately  wanted, no, needed something much faster and dirtier than just this. He knew that the blonde wasn't fucking him into oblivion already because Yoongi had a meeting tomorrow with the singer he was producing a song for.


That fact only made him crave it more though. He wanted so badly to be shown how much Taehyung desired him, wanted nothing more than to be dominated by Taehyung in the most kinky ways possible right now. 


Dominated by someone younger than him...


They could make love any other day, take it as slow and intimate as Taehyung wanted! Right now he wanted Taehyung to do more and he wanted it now.


As always, Taehyung's perceptiveness struck again, the blonde halting his soft thrusts into Yoongi to move his head back. If Yoongi wasn't so desperate for something else, he'd probably cum at the way his slick glistened all over the lower half of Taehyung's face. 


His boyfriend lifted a hand up to wipe at his mouth, brows furrowing as he stared at Yoongi. "Are you okay hyung? You're not as vocal as usual." 


The mint haired man didn't hesitate at all, answering in a low grumble, "Well, it's hard for me to be vocal when you're doing a half assed job at taking care of me." He knew he sounded childish, he was well aware of the fact that this was no way for a hyung to act with his dongsaeng, but for fuck's sake, he really needed more. Yoongi watched as Taehyung's expression morphed into one of shock, trying to hold on strong as he licked the lollipop pressed against his lips. 


"Um...well...w-what am I doing wrong then?"






"Everything." Yoongi huffed, rolling his eyes a little to emphasize his clear frustration. "I know you're trying to make this sweet and mushy, but it's just driving me crazy here." The older man moved the lollipop a little so he could swirl his pink tongue around it. "Right now, I'm getting more pleasure from sucking the damn lollipop. I might as well have it take care of me instead of you at this point." Just incase his point wasn't emphasized enough, Yoongi pushed the lollipop further into his mouth until it was completely swallowed, moaning lewdly as he sucked it just for extra effect.


That made Taehyung blink, eyes darkening in mere seconds. “Oh is that so? Alright then.”


Yoongi shrieked in surprise as Taehyung gripped the end of the lollipop and pulled it harshly out of his mouth, making him whine at the loss. He immediately pouted, jutting his bottom lip out just the way he knew Taehyung liked it in hopes of getting his favorite lollipop back. The younger ignored him, however, staring at him with a fire in his eyes that he couldn't comprehend. “Hope you don’t regret your words later Yoongi hyung.”


The older man frowned, about to ask his boyfriend what he meant by that when he felt something round and sticky pressing against his entrance and oh fucking hell was he-


"W-What..." Yoongi swallowed around the words, a wave of something running through his body as he met Taehyung's dark gaze, trying to close his legs involuntarily at the foreign feeling, only to be stopped by one of Taehyung's large hands. "...What the f-fuck are you doing Taehyung???"


"Just giving you what you wanted hyung." Taehyung answered, "Didn't you say you might as well have the lollipop take care of you?"




"I...I did but...I-I-I didn't really mea-"


"So," Taehyung interrupted him, his voice a deep growl that forced a small whimper from Yoongi. "as your boyfriendI'm just trying to do whatever will please you." Yoongi whimpered again as Taehyung rubbed the lollipop a little harder over Yoongi's slick hole, teasing his cunt's entrance with the hard candy. Even though it was arguably the most normal of all the lollipops Taehyung had bought for him (seriously, the kid went as far as getting Willy Wonka type lollipops), it was still a little bigger than most round lollipops. Just feeling the spherical candy parting his lips to make way for it to tease his hole made the same feeling from earlier come back, Yoongi wanting to whine at the realization that it was arousal - he was fucking aroused at his boyfriend touching his pussy with a fucking lollipop. 


"You're even more wet than before hyung, did you know that?"


Yoongi closed his eyes, refusing to look at what was happening between his legs. This was so fucking wrong, so wrong but so fucking good. "I-I am n-not..."


"Really?" Taehyung stopped moving the candy, leaving it at Yoongi's hole so he could push it in lightly, an embarrassingly loud squelch sound mixing with Yoongi's mewl as he did so. "You're fucking dripping Yoongi hyung, all because of a lollipop." 


The mint haired man sucked in a long and ragged breath at the condescending way Taehyung had spoken. He couldn't help but feel ashamed at the fact that he was aroused by this, even more ashamed that he could feel himself get more wet at the awful and purely sinful idea that coursed through his mind. It was horrible, this wasn't something he should enjoy or want and he knew that if he even gave a small amount of attention to it he'd never ever be able to look at himself again the same. 


The blonde hummed, glancing up at Yoongi from between his legs with a knowing look, "What are you thinking about hyung? You're leaking so much."


Fucking hell he couldn't believe this was happening...but wasn't this what he wanted after all? 


Something more. 


"Come on Yoongi hyung,"  His boyfriend taunted, moving the lollipop away from his pussy slowly, smirk on his beautiful face that Yoongi just wanted to punch away. Or maybe kiss away. He wasn't sure anymore. "If you want me to stop, just say so."


"I don't!" He rushed, surprising the both of them with how panicked and absolutely raspy his voice sounded. "I-I don't want you to stop Taehyung-ah." Taehyung's brow arched inquisitively, eyes challenging Yoongi to say what they both knew he wanted. With a gulp, the older man's eyes fluttered open, gaze meeting Taehyung's as he licked his bottom lip nervously. "I w-w-want you to continue..."


"Continue what?"


"P-P-Please..." Yoongi swallowed, "...Please continue touching me with the lollipop Taehyung-ah. W-Want you to fu-fuck me with it." He sighed softly, blush standing out clear as day on his pale skin. "W-W-Want you t-to make me feel good Tae..."


Taehyung smirked wider, pushing the lollipop into his tight hole. He licked his lips at the way Yoongi's cunt clenched around the lollipop as he pushed the round yellow candy into it, Yoongi's breathy gasp only furthering his arousal. "Look at your slutty little cunt clenching around a fucking lollipop. You don't even care what's inside of you, do you? You're fine as long as you have something filling up your greedy pussy, aren't you?" 


Yoongi babbled, an incoherent mess between "no, fuck you!" and "fuck yes!", too dazed to care that he wasn't making any sense. The sensations raking through him were almost too much to handle, unable to focus on anything that wasn't the lollipop making his inner walls stretch around it every time it was pushed in. It wasn't much of a stretch compared to his dildos and Taehyung's cock, but just the knowledge that he had begged for his boyfriend to fuck him with a lollipop just made this so much better than anything else they've ever done together; Yoongi continuously clenching around the candy every time Taehyung pulled it out only to push it back in.


"You're so dirty Yoongi hyung." The blonde swirled the lollipop inside of him slowly, making Yoongi feel  the way the hard candy scraped against his walls. "What do you think our friends would think if they found out their second eldest hyung likes being fucked by lollipops?" 


"Tae!!!" The mint haired man cried out, arching his back as Taehyung shoved the lollipop even deeper into him, tears already threatening to spill out as the heat inside of him only rose higher and higher. Fuck, his pussy was greedy. "S-Stop..."


"But you're loving this so much." Yoongi almost made his lip bleed at how hard he was biting it, trying to hold back his scream as Taehyung's tongue pressed against his swollen clit. "We still have other lollipops left hyung. What if we use the rest of those from now on? I bet you'd easily take in that long rainbow twist one I recently got. After all, the only thing sluts like you know how to do is spread your legs and beg for it. You'd probably want me to use all of them on you." 


Yoongi's loud whines rang throughout the room, mixing with the obscene sounds of Taehyung fucking more slick out of Yoongi with every thrust, creating a lewd symphony that just heightened Yoongi's arousal. 


"T-Tae, I'm gonna cum!" He attempted to warn the younger, hoping he'd slow down a little. Of course, the opposite happened, the younger letting out a low groan as he sped up the movement of his hand, the lollipop fucking into him faster and harder than before. "Tae the c-candy...!"


"Cum Yoongi hyung. Cum all over your lollipop like the good slut that you are." Taehyung turned his head, nipping at the sliver of pale flesh the thigh highs weren't covering. "It's okay, just do it. You'll be a good boy and suck up all the cum you leave on it anyways, won't you hyung?" 


That was all the encouragement Yoongi needed.


He silently cried out as he came, harder than he'd ever done before, clenching and unclenching rhythmically around the lollipop that Taehyung continued  to fuck him with throughout his orgasm. He swore he saw stars, Yoongi blacking out for a few minutes as he rode out the pleasure.


He only came back to when he heard Taehyung's deep voice praising him, multiple variations of  "you did so good hyung" leaving him. The low voice of his boyfriend just wrapped around him like a soft blanket, comforting the older man as he laid limp against the soft bed. He whimpered as Taehyung slowly pulled the lollipop out, another much louder whimper leaving him as he watched Taehyung. The younger quickly looked up at him, worry already etched into his features and making Yoongi coo softly at him. 


"Are you okay hyung?" He repeated for the second time that night, moving a hand up to rub comforting circles into Yoongi's thigh. "Did I hurt you?"


Yoongi shook his head, smiling so widely at the younger that his gums were showing. "It was perfect Taehyung-ah. It's always perfect when it's with you." He pointed towards his mouth, "I just feel really empty right now. Want the lollipop you promised I could suck on."


Taehyung snorted, shaking his head in disbelief as he handed the candy to him. Yoongi was in awe at the way the yellow lollipop dripped with the proof of his arousal. He quickly put it in his mouth, sucking on it lightly, moaning as the lemon flavor mixed with his slick's taste. He hated how it only served in making his pussy throb at the reminder of what happened just minutes earlier. 


The blonde leaned down the second Yoongi took the lollipop out of his mouth to press their lips together, his tongue pushing in immediately as Yoongi gasped. Taehyung moved back just as quickly, licking his lips sinfully as he gave Yoongi  a boxy grin.


"Taste sweet."


"Oh my god!" Yoongi scoffed, slapping at Taehyung's arm as the younger shifted, pressing his arousal against Yoongi's throbbing cunt. "You are the worst!"


"I think we're both pretty bad after that." 


"You were the one who did it."


"You were the one who asked for it."


"I did not! I just wanted you to go faster."


"Bullshit hyung. You were making that pouty face of yours that you always make when you want to get kinky."


Yoongi groaned, slapping at Taehyung's arm again, albeit much harder than before. "Instead of talking to your hyung like that, you should be carrying him to the shower. I feel absolutely sticky from cum and lollipop residue." 


Taehyung feigned annoyance, moving up and off the bed before bending down to lift the smaller man into his arms, carrying him princess style. When Yoongi yelped in shock at the sudden movement, Taehyung just chuckled, turning them so he could walk towards the bathroom. "Anything you want Yoongi hyung. What kind of boyfriend would I be if I left my cute hyung all dirty before his meeting tomorrow."


Yoongi's heart sped up at those words, a gummy smile worming its way back, snuggling into the younger's chest, a happy sound leaving his parted lips as he pushed the lollipop back in, the empty feeling crawling its way back. 


He's definitely created a sex fiend...but he was still the most amazing boyfriend he's ever had. 


"If you bathe me I'll suck you off afterwards."


"Fucking deal."


Best boyfriend indeed.





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Hey everyone!!! I just wanted to assure you all that I’m still doing these requests! 


Sadly my classes have been hectic and have stopped me from updating a month ago like I planned.  I apologize for the long wait guys; I should be posting the next one no later than next week. 


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