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Lightning Strike

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Her eyes were a wicked gold, shining with mischief. If I could I would kill them all and take whatever Jedi they had their hands on, but since I couldn't do that I had to bargain and deal with her, which had gone so well, but the look on her face told me she was about to do something I wouldn't like.

"One more thing, just a little thing, Think of it as a parting gift. I agree with the number of credits. However, I want you to do one more thing," Great, one more hoop to jump through.

"And that would be?" She smirked; "The only way I will allow you to leave with him is you fucking him senseless." By the gleam in her eyes, she was one hundred percent serious. I wouldn't be able to get around this 'gift' of hers. I wanted to strike her down, but that wouldn't allow me to take Obi-Wan away from her because I would then be dealing with guards.

Two against a hoard of guards wouldn't matter how good we were, they would eventually overrun us. It was no use, I would have to harm Obi-Wan. Not that either the queen or he would know it was me given that I had worn a mask and neutral clothing. I had a very tenuous hold on my secrets as it was, I didn't need someone to tell my master that I was here, that I was getting my hands on a Jedi.

I was led to red painted doors, and the slaves stood solemnly at either side. I pushed the doors open and stepped inside quickly before shutting the doors behind me. Incense scented the room, giving it a warm and earthy feel, Obi-Wan, Against the vibrant reds, greens, and blues his pale skin took on a creamy color. A blindfold covered his eyes, no doubt to protect prospecting customers, a gag insured that he wouldn't be able to use his silver tongue, and his ability to use the force was prevented by an inhibitor collar, smooth dark leather with silver worked into it, It suited him.

If I could do this any other way I would, But this wasn't going to go how I wanted it to. The queen wanted me to, To sleep with him, someone from my own lineage. Qui-Gon would be quite mad if he were still alive if he found out I had even agreed to have sex with my own grand padawan.

I leaned down and ran a finger down Obi-Wan's arm, he jerked back like I had burned him with my mere touch. So he was conscious, this would be less than pleasant for him. Qui-Gon had been convinced that Obi-wan and Satine had slept together, but I believed differently. Obi-wan had returned to the Jedi.

If they had slept together that would have caused him more anxiety than what he had shown. No, I was pretty confident he was still virginal, Even now. At most I feel he would have kissed someone, maybe even allowed them to touch. I doubted that Obi-Wan had gotten far enough with the Duchess to have actually had sex with her. Something I would now be forced to take from the man.

I let out a breath and peeled my boots off and my trousers, I didn't want this, even as beautiful as he was. This was wrong on so many levels, I never really wanted to hurt him. No matter how much I pretended to want him dead, I could never really want his death. He was my last link to Qui-Gon, and to the order.

No matter how much I felt that the order had failed in keeping to the ways of the Jedi, having become nothing but the lackeys of the Republic. He shivered as I slid the back of my hand against a thigh, the gag creaking as he bit down on it. He was expecting pain, terrifying, unyielding pain. I wouldn't give him physical pain, I was more worried about the conscious pain I would be putting him though. I gently probed his entrance with the tip of one finger, and he clenched against it. That would only make this more painful, I couldn't help the sigh that slipped out of my mouth.

I didn't want his pain, as much as it would make me stronger. I didn't want that kind of power over him. "Relax, it will make it easier." My Vocoder made me wince as my words were made to sound colder than I meant them. Obi-Wan shook his head, a whine low in his throat. I guess we would just have to do this the hard way.


I wanted to scream, to rage against the servants that had stripped me down and bound me hand and foot. Softness surrounded me. Pillows most likely, more expensive than they should have been. I didn't understand why people insisted on being greedy, but it was something that sentient beings just did. There was no changing the darkness that clung to some peoples hearts.

Like the Queen...The queen had found it amusing that someone would buy me as a slave, her final sick joke she told me was that they had to fuck me before they were allowed to take me away from this place. The door to the room creaked open, the buyer or Anakin? I hoped the latter as I didn't want a stranger to think that they could tame me, make me from the Jedi I was into a slave.

I had expected Anakin or Rex would find me first and we would escape. But I doubt this was either of them. This person walked too softly like they were used to sneaking up on people. A finger trailed down my arm, and I flinched away from the feeling, it had been far too soft.

This buyer was being so tender with me as if I was a lover rather than a servant. It was conceivable that they hadn't wanted to bestow the abuse the queen sought to give me, perhaps they had acquired me because I was a Jedi and they had plans, A separatist maybe.

It would make the most sense, the separatist would love to get their hands on a Jedi, either to gain knowledge or to torture them. Sex I doubt was the first thing on their minds, so the queen was quite likely forcing this. The back of a hand oh so softly skimmed the flesh of my thigh and I quivered, this was not how I expected this mission to go. Honestly, I should have thought ahead. I hoped that none of the others were captured, I didn't want them to have the same fate as me.

I recoiled as a finger pressed against me, I didn't want this. I didn't want this shame! I was a Jedi Master, I should have been able to escape this! "Relax, it will make it easier." Oh god no, no no no! I shook my head, please just go away. They continued to touch me anyway, I pressed against the pillows at my back. This couldn't be happening...

Something cold and slick slid down my skin and around my abusers' fingers, I shivered and couldn't help the whine that escaped my throat. The man's fingers rubbed the substance against me, a finger slipping shallowly into me. A flare of panic took over as he continued to press fingers into me, twisting them and opening me up.

Tears streamed down my face, this was really happening, I was going to be taken against my will. My body reacting against my will, my cock stiffening, pleasure growing in my abdomen. Fingers withdrew and something bigger pressed against me, oh force, he was really going to put that inside of me! The man grunted as he slowly pushed forward, my back arched as the pain shot inside of me, his penis was too big not to stretch me further than his fingers had.

My face was tacky from my tears, which had stopped. I had no more to give, he continued to assault me heedless of my tears or the shivering of my body. I couldn't breathe, the gag was hindering me! I groaned and shook my head, I needed this off before I suffocated! The man must have realized what was going on because he paused and ripped the gag out of my mouth pulling hairs as he did so.

I gasped harshly, attempting to get my breathing in check. The man pushed forward causing me to let out a noise, oh force what had that been? "Please, please stop!" The man hushed me; "Almost, we're almost done." I sobbed, why couldn't he just stop? Fingers brushed against my face as if to soothe me. I snarled and thrashed against my bindings, I couldn't take this anymore. I needed to be freed from this horrid man, a darker part of me screaming for this attackers life.