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Updated: 8/20/18

Author’s Notes: For this scene I used part form the movie and the book. Also I have begun writing the next chapter so it should be out soon. So you might see quotes from both. I’m looking for a Beta for this story, if you would like to PM me. Tell me what you think. Please review!! The info I use a lot for this story I find at Series_ Wiki, in case you wanted to know.

Summary: What if the lust charm had a lasting effect on Rose Hathaway, and revealed a secret she never wanted to be told? Somewhat AU fic. Pregnant Fic. Based on the movie and the book.

Charmed by 3sth3r

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Vampire Academy.

Chapter One: Lust Charms

Two and Half Months Ago…

         “Dimitri!” Rose yelled as she banged on the door. “Dimitri, let me in! Dimitri, let me in, I think Lissa is in trouble!” The door opened to reveal a worried Russian God. 

         “Rose, what’s wrong?” Dimitri asked as he stepped aside to let Rose inside his room.

         “What is right?” Warmth engulfed Rose as a feeling of want charged through her. “Sweet sassy molassy.” Rose whispered as she entered the room.

          She could hear his heart under his skin starting to beat wildly. Her senses have been in overdrive since the accident, and ever since she can see, hear, taste, smell and feel the world must sharper than before. She walked towards Dimitri and could smell the aroma of her Russian God. It was an earthly scent, like the way wood smell after it rained and hint of mint.

         “Rose?” He questioned.

         Rose move her hand to touch his face but with a quick motion Dimitri stopped her. Suddenly Dimitri felt the same lust and want that raced through Rose. An electric current ran through them both placing  them into a haze.

         “What are we doing?” Dimitri asked almost confused.

         “Everything.” Rose said breathlessly. He brushed his lips to hers and in a hurry Rose take off his shirt. He felt her hand on his bare chest and wanted to bring her closer.

         “I love your dress.” He smiled. “Let’s burn it.”

         Rose smiled as Dimitri unzipped her dress and tossed it into the fire. He brushed his lips to hers again while pushing her against him.

         “Roza.” He whispered softly.

         They kissed again repeatedly, each kiss increasing in passion. Dimitri spared a moment to shut and lock the door of his room. But a hand held on to him and pulled him towards their body. They fell back on to the bed with Dimitri on top of Rose.

         “Oh, Roza.” He said again before kissing her deeply.

         She was gasping for air by the time both their clothes were striped. Her legs were on each side of his waist while her hands were clawing at his shoulders. They were naked together on the bed, Dimitri was kissing down Rose’s jaw and neck, slowing teasing her between her breasts with his lips. And her rose necklace that held tightly in place. Rose let out a soft moan. His hand cupped her breast, pinching each erect nipple, and slowly brought his mouth to one. She grasped as he sucked gently as Rose intensify in pleasure beneath him.

         “Dimitri.” Rose whispered lovingly. Still, there was something nagging her at the back of her brain, she knew it was important. Something that she needed to do. But all thoughts were forgotten when Dimitri’s fingers brushed her clit.

         His ministrations on her opening along with his thumb circling her clit after a swipe had her coming. Rose could feel his hardness against her leg and she wondered what it would feel inside of her. She stiffened slightly when she came and moaned long and deep, her thoughts still on his hard length.

          “Roza, you are so wet.” Dimitri’s soft voice whispered in her ear. “I wonder what you taste like.”

         Rose released a delicate moan in response. With her brain full on lust she could barely talk. Dimitri kissed her deeply before he quickly moves down her body once more. The closer he gets to her entrance the slower he trails. First he traced her hips with his tongue. Rose’s hands are in his hair, holding on tight. He holds her willing hips down as she tries to move against him, spreading them wide so he can began his feast.

         Dimitri’s tongue swipes against her folds. He flatten his tongue and swipes over and of her folds until she can’t take anymore. Until finally Dimitri’s lips latches onto her clit and sucks wildly. She comes undone for the second time within minutes.

“Dimitri!” she shouted. He smiled against her thighs, placing a chaste kiss there.

         “Are you ready to come for a third time, my Roza?” Dimitri whispered against her ear. She nodded eagerly. He caught her lips and pins her wandering hands above her head. “Roza.” He muttered. He lined himself with her opening and looked into her eyes for permission. And with a slightly nod, he swiftly entered her.

         A cry of pain came from below Dimitri. When he looked at his Roza, small tears formed in the corner of her eyes. He stilled and kissed Rose, releasing her hands from above her head. He waited until she gave the ok to continue, he felt bad for causing his Roza pain. But in return he would make sure Rose felt pleasure.

         Slowly he moved again. He was thrusting in and out of her moving rhythmically. Slowly the sharp pain Rose had felt changed into a dull ache. And soon she was feeling the pleasure of making love with Dimitri, her Russian God. It was only moments after did she feel the bloodlust return. Something that she had been starve off for the last few weeks here at St. Vladimir’s. Both she and Lissa had tried to get enough blood bags every week to help sustain her. But since they were restricted to classes and their rooms there was barely any free time to use compulsion on the Moroi staff at the clinic.

         As her fangs peaked out and her eyes turned a bright red she turned into Dimitri’s neck. She licked, nibbled and kissed just under his earlobe. His thrust began faster, the more she continued. She prepared to bite in as she held tighter to Dimitri’s torso. And with one last kiss she pierced the place where his shoulder met his neck and drank.

         Dimitri stilled for moment when he felt pain on his left shoulder. But then there was this euphoric feeling that spread through his bones. He thrust even faster, and harder. It was almost like he couldn’t stop. After drinking her fill she let go and soon she came.

         “Dimitri.” She whispered quietly as she came. Rose pulled Dimitri with her in a sea of bliss. They separated and revealed lying side by side. Dimitri could see the blood on her lips and could now feel the sore pain of her bite. But he didn’t care.

         Rose want to turn the light off in the bedroom. However her rose necklace got caught on one of the blankets and was pull off of Rose. It was only then that they realize what they had done.  And now Rose, and Dimitri dashed to go save her friend Lissa.

To be continued…