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Updated: 8/20/18

Author’s Notes: Starts off at the night of the lust charm. I’m looking for a Beta for this story, if you would like to PM me. Tell me what you think. Please review!! The info I use a lot for this story I find at Series_ Wiki, in case you wanted to know.

Summary: What if the lust charm had a lasting effect on Rose Hathaway, and revealed a secret she never wanted to be told? Somewhat AU fic. Pregnant Fic. Based on the movie and the book.

Charmed by 3sth3r

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Vampire Academy.

Prologue: Where Do I Start?

         There are some secrets you never tell people, it’s not because you want to keep this secrets from them. It’s simply because the secrets don’t apply to them. Rose’s secret was only known by one, her best friend, the Moroi princess Vasilissa Dragomir. Everything changed after the accident. And life got even more complicated as ever.

         At first it was just a feeling, a pull towards Lissa but soon it turned into  a full bond in more ways than one. Not only could they hear each other’s thoughts, but they could inside each other’s minds , seeing and hearing as if they were one. The bond leaded to an even closer friendship.

         Blood. She knew it was a part of very Moroi’s lifestyle. Nonetheless she never needed it. But after the accident something changed. Rose woke up with a massive headache and a pair of fangs she didn’t know what to do with. When she stared at the mirror she screamed. It was late in the vampire night and she knew that this  might just be a dream. Finding no more fangs, after she check again in the mirror, she went back to sleep. But oddly there was an ache that was left behind.

         It wasn’t until a few days later where she lazily yawned in class. To Dhampir’s this was normal, just a yawn. It was only until Lissa pointed out moment later that Rose really did have fangs. With a week of having fangs Rose energy faded to a  point where she could barely get up. Lissa finally convince her to try blood and  see if it would make her feel better.

         Surprisingly, it did. With moments of draining the blood bag that Lissa had brought, Rose felt much better. Not soon after Rose and Lissa were having to break into the medical clinic to steal many blood bags to keep Rose and her secret safe. However, after they had left St. Vladimir’s Academy finding blood was easier than they had original thought. 

         Magic. Moroi grew up with it and so did Rose. She, like every other women in the Hathaway family before her, had magic. Rose’s powers started up when she was a mere child. Every summer since then Rose’s mother would teach her magic. Compared to the Moroi she knew much more about magic and how to use it. It became very useful of the last couple  years when she was away from the Academy.  She never told Lissa that she always had powers, Lissa simple assume that they had developed after the accident. She became stronger after she fully recovered and continued to practice magic after they left the Academy.

         But Rose’s magic wasn’t elemental magic like the Moroi. The Moroi could control one of the four elements: water, fire, earth, or air, with the exception of Lisa, who controlled spirit. Rose’s magic was more than just elemental, build of light, darkness and energy. Rose’s family had a book, a Grimoire, a textbook of magic. Her Grimoire included instructions on how to create magical objects like talismans and amulets, how to perform magical spells, charms and divination and also how to summon or invoke supernatural entities such as angels, spirits, and demons. The Hathaway clan had passed down this Grimoire generation after generation In a sense they were witches but the Moroi didn’t need to know that.

         Apart from the bond, the blood and the magic Rose was no different than any other Dhampir.

         “Rose?” A voice pulled Rose from her thoughts. Lissa stood in front of her, dressed in the standard school uniforms of St. Vladimir’s Academy. “I thought you wanted to talk to me.”

         Rose nodded, “Yeah, I did.” She took a deep breath, turning her face towards the window she contemplated the two am sky. “Do you remember that night Victor took you?”

To be continued…