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The Beauty in Broken Things

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Kintsugi (Kintsukuroi)   

     is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum

is the art of finding beauty in the broken pieces




The sound of the shutter closing and the dull hum of a song Yoongi didn’t recognize filled the small studio. The bright afternoon light came through the glass walls at the front in big, long sheets, catching on the dust that filled the air.




Yoongi mindlessly stared at his phone, lazily refreshing his twitter feed for the fifteenth time with no expectation for anything new to present itself on the screen. He hadn’t done anything in the past week, or maybe it was the past two weeks. The hot summer heat seemed to have melted Yoongi’s brain and turn it into a pile of mush that couldn’t keep the days straight anymore. Summer was always slow with business, despite the quiet hum of the ever-busy city of New York that could be heard.


The sound of the bell signaling that someone was walking through the doorway shifted Yoongi’s attention from his phone to the door, where a young woman with bright red lips stood.


“Hello. How may I help you?” A deep voice from behind the desk asked. This drew the woman’s attention to the tall man behind it.


“I’m looking for Min Yoongi. Is this where I can find him?” She asked, walking closer to the desk that was ten feet from the door.


“Who’s asking?” Yoongi asked, surprising both himself and the woman at how gruff it sounded. The man behind the desk chuckled and smiled sweetly at the woman, revealing his dimples.


“That will be him, ma’am.” He said as he gestured with his hand behind him in Yoongi’s general direction. The woman followed the gesture and her dark eyes widen slightly in surprise as she looks at Yoongi, who was sprawled out on the couch behind the desk.


“Um… I’m Jillian Selzer.” Yoongi sat up as he saw the woman digging in her purse. He walked over to the desk just in time for her to hand him a small slip of paper over the desk. “I’m the social media coordinator with New York City Ballet and I would like to talk to you about a project we were willing to hire you for.”


Yoongi looked down at the card.



Jillian Selzer

Social Media



“I have more information about the project if you were willing-”


“Nah.” Jillian had begun to dig in her bag once more but immediately stopped at Yoongi’s voice.


“Excuse me?” She asked with wide eyes.


“I said no. I’m not-” Yoongi was cut off by the sharp stab of pain in his side and he realized the man next to him had elbowed him in the rib.


“I’m sorry Ms. Selzer, Yoongi doesn’t know what he’s talking about. We would much appreciate more information about the project, to review it before we make a decision.” The man next to Yoongi said with a cheesily bright smile. Jillian didn’t look that convinced about Yoongi’s appreciation as he nursed his abused side but placed a folder on the desk nonetheless.


“Alright, this is all the details of the project and ways to contact me when you make your decision.” Jillian was still looking at Yoongi with her dark eyes as she closed her bag and started to walk out of the studio. She looked over her shoulder and said, “Please come to a decision quickly.”


And she walked out.


“Namjoon what the hell?!” Yoongi exclaimed and turned to look at the taller male with an exasperated look on his face.


“What?!” Namjoon replied with an equally as exasperated tone.


“What the fuck? Why’d you ask for the details?” Yoongi already felt a headache beginning to form behind his eye.


“Did you not hear her?” Namjoon asked with his eyebrows raised. “She’s with New York City Ballet! You know how rich those kind of places are! And she wants you for a project.”


It was true, Yoongi knew that successful performance art companies were filthy rich, despite the fact that it might be a dying business. Old people loved paying hundreds of dollars to see “the classics”.


“Yeah I know, but you also know how fucking stuck up dancers are.”


Yoongi has taken his fair share of dancer photos. Young dancers would often come to Namjoon’s small studio to take photos and Yoongi had to constantly restrain himself from choking the little twigs. They were too naive and stuck up, always mad at Yoongi that he didn’t catch a photo of their leg when it was higher, or that their stomach was too big in all the photos. They would never be satisfied and always leave the studio with a fuming Yoongi.


“They’re young. These will be professionals!” Namjoon scoffed.


“How do you know? You haven’t even looked into the file?” Yoongi retorted. He picked up the file from off the desk and flipped it open. After flipping through pages of what Yoongi deemed “useless-junk”, and letting them fall to the floor, he finally found the page he was looking for.


“They want to hire me for their fall to their spring season and just take photos of their dancers- in class and on stage…” Yoongi whispered as his eyes skimmed the paper, struggling slightly with some unfamiliar words.


“Holy shit…” Namjoon whispered as he looked at a piece of paper that fell onto the ground.


“Namjoon, what kind of shit is this? They want me to take photos of their dancers every day for half a year?” Yoongi whined. There was no way in hell he was going to do this. “And I’m the only one working on this project!”


“Holy shit, Yoongi- look at this…” And Namjoon flipped the piece of paper he was looking at and pushed it into Yoongi’s face. Yoongi’s eyes widened as he looked at the paper because holy shit.


“Holy shit… 8,000 per month… for ten months!” Yoongi was looking at the numbers on the paper and he was honestly finding it a little hard to breathe. Who would spend $80,000 for a fucking photographer?


“What’s up with you two?” Yoongi almost jumped when he heard the new voice. He was too deep in his own thoughts to have noticed that the taller male had come out from the back and stood next to him.


“Jeongguk, look at this.” Namjoon said as he shoved the paper into the younger’s face. His eyes widened and his mouth dropped open.


“Holy shit…” He breathed out. “Yoongi… why the fuck would you say no?”


“Ballerinas are too stuck up. Oh, and don’t even get me started on male ballerinas. Divas.” Yoongi sighed.




“Yoongi… Just look at this! Your work will be out there, and not just out there, but out there out there. You’ll become a recognized photographer! And look at all the money. Who cares about how stuck up the clients are?”


Yoongi winced slightly at Namjoon’s words. He never liked thinking about the fact that Namjoon, Jeongguk, and him were apart of a small and struggling photography company. They had big dreams of making it in the photography world, which was one of the main reasons they moved from Korea to New York, to the city of dreams. Yeah right. More like, the city of impossible rent and rude people.


The three of them had pitched together to pay for a small studio, no bigger than a classroom, and started a business. Namjoon was the brains behind it all. He was able to sort out all of the shit that came with starting a business in a foreign country. Namjoon had even managed to get a small studio close to downtown New York.


The three of them had done well enough for their first year and made just enough to survive, which was what Yoongi considered successful.


Yoongi let out a low sigh and looked back at the file. The $80,000 he would get looked very fucking nice. Maybe he could restrain himself from choking a dancer. He briefly glanced at the phone number on the card he was given and dialed it. He brought it up to his ear, much to the apparent surprise of his coworkers.


[ “Hello?” ]


“Yeah, this is Yoongi.” He said bluntly.


[ “Oh, that was quick.” ] Jillian said and Yoongi could practically hear the smile and tease in her voice.


“Just a quick question… Why me?”


[ “Oh, well, Mr. Martins said he liked how you saw the world.” ] Mr. Martins?That name didn’t ring a bell in Yoongi’s mind but he assumed it was someone in charge. He liked how Yoongi saw the world. The fuck did that mean?


“I’ll take the job.”











Yoongi loved autumn.


He loved to see the leaves in the trees dancing in a whirlwind of red and orange, to feel the cool wind caressing his cheeks gently, to listen the calm melody of an endless rain. Although, that was in Daegu. Now, Autumn in New York is covered up by the fog coming in from the ocean, making everything a dull, hazy grey. Yeah, Central Park was nice, but it never satisfied him like the autumns in Daegu. Even Seoul wasn’t this dreary.


Yoongi pulled his coat around him a little tighter, shivering slightly as the cold air wound itself around him, weaving its way under his clothes. He cursed himself slightly for not taking a cab, but it is too late to go back; he was already three quarters of the way to the building. And besides, traffic was surprisingly crazy.


New York was not actually always in a traffic jam, despite what books and movies would portray. Many people opted to take the subway instead of driving, making the streets relatively traffic-free, most of the time.


Yoongi rounded the corner and posters with ethereal-looking dancers caught his eye. Being a photographer, Yoongi couldn’t help but look at the photos. The motion blur gave the dancers a ghost-like quality, yet they were in focus enough to see their defined muscles. Why did they need Yoongi if they already had people who could make those posters?


Yoongi looked down at his phone and saw he was close - two minutes to be exact - to the building. Yoongi rounded another corner and his eyes widened as he turned into a huge courtyard. Three separate buildings formed three fourths of a square around an area of grey and beige stone. The fountain in the middle caught the morning light, and - if Yoongi was being honest - he was a little taken aback by it. New York is a city filled with bigger things. Bigger parks, bigger streets, bigger buildings, but this place was something else. This place was huge.


Yoongi was at a loss for words as he walked to the center of the plaza. It then hit him that he had no idea which building he had to go into. The three buildings each had ceiling high windows and huge pillars, making them even more daunting. He had accepted the job with only the address and the time to meet. Where the fuck was he supposed to go?


“Mr. Min?”


Yoongi turned his head, so fast he got whiplash, in the direction of the voice. He saw the familiar figure of Jillian walking over to him.


“I’m sorry, I realized didn’t tell you where to go.” She said when she finally reached Yoongi, a little breathless.


“S’alright.” Yoongi drawled. Okay, he might have been a little annoyed, at her and at Namjoon, but he was a petty person.


“Please follow me.” She said as she started walking to the building left of the fountain. Yoongi watched his reflection in the big windows as he walked towards the building, promptly disappearing as he walked through the door. He scrunched his nose when the scent of bleach cleaning products and another smell he couldn’t recognize met his nostrils.


They walked down a long, wide hallway that had many doors attached to it, many of them open revealing large studios. They reached the end of the hallway and turned down a hallway on the right, which was a lot smaller than the one they came from. This one also had a lot of doors attached to it, but many more of them were closed, presumably hiding the offices behind them.


The reached the end of the hallway and Jillian opened a door, revealing the dark room behind it. When Jillian flick the lights on, illuminating the whole room, Yoongi couldn’t help the small noise he made when he saw the photo studio before him.


The room was probably bigger than Namjoon’s entire studio. There were three stations, each with huge pieces of grey floor to ceiling paper. In front of each piece of paper were cameras probably worth more than Yoongi’s apartment and Yoongi had to stop himself from drooling at the shiny equipment. He subconsciously shifted a little bit, making him keenly aware of the small camera in his bag, the camera he’s had for three years, which was like a sponge compared to the diamonds of cameras throughout the room.


“This is our photo studio. You are welcome to leave your equipment here and use the cameras but it’s up to you.”


Yoongi could only nod, for he was still in shock.


“And you went over the stuff in the folder right? All the stuff about the project?”


Yoongi nodded again and started to walk further into the room, towards one of the set up cameras. He leaned forward to inspect it in further detail and was in slight awe at how pretty it was.


“Mr. Martin was very excited to start this project. He had always wanted to release a photo book about NYCB but he never found a photographer he liked. Guess you have something special.”


“Hmm…” Yoongi hummed and his eyes widened slightly in surprise at Jillian’s words. It wasn’t like Yoongi was a well-known photographer so the fact that some old rich guy liked his work was surprising.


“Okay, so now that you know where this place is, let’s head to the studio. The dancers should be starting class soon.” Jillian said as she turned towards the door on her heel. Yoongi adamantly followed her, slightly sad to leave the beautiful equipment. “Oh one thing…”


Yoongi jumped back when Jillian suddenly turned around to face him again. “Don’t you dare think about messing around with our dancers. We have enough tension already, we don’t need a photographer sleeping with one of our employees.”


Yoongi mentally scoffed at that. Yoongi didn’t know what the other tension was but who did this woman think he was? Some horny teenager? He had his urges but he was a professional and would keep his personal life completely separate from his work. And no way in hell was he going to do it with a stuck up ballet dancer.




Yoongi followed Jillian into a large studio. Huge windows, at least ten feet big, allows the room to be filled with dazzling morning sunlight. The light material on the ground and the tall mirrors reflected the light, making the room almost blindingly bright.


Now, Yoongi had seen pictures of ballet dancers and he knew that they are flexible but for some reason, he just never thought it was real. It wasn’t until he walked into that studio and was greeted by a mass of bodies on the floor bending in impossible ways, that he realized how flexible dancers were. Yes, that woman had her leg up on the chair and her crotch on the ground. Yes, that man was completely bent in half.




“Alright class, let’s get started.” Yoongi jumped a little at the voice behind him, and the movement of the dancers, and turned around to find its source. He was greeted by an old man with bright blue eyes and hair that stuck up in all directions, his hand outstretched in Yoongi’s direction


“Ah Mr. Min, it's nice to meet you.” His voice was laced with an unfamiliar accent.


“The pleasure is all mine sir,” Yoongi said with a curt smile as he took the man’s hand. Ah god how he hated greeting clients and the small talk that followed.


“I’m assuming Jillian filled you in on everything?” He replied as he brushed passed Yoongi after letting his hand go. Yoongi spun around and followed the man, his bag bumping his thigh.


“Yes, she did.” Yoongi went through the description again, mentally sighing at how many times he had to do it.


“That’s good.” he nodded. “I think it would be beneficial if you just watched class today, to get a feeling for what you will be capturing.”


Yoongi idly nodded, his attention snatched by the dancers. They seemed to have all found their respective spots and a silence slowly fell upon the room, heads turning to look at the man in the front, although many eyes fell onto Yoongi.


“Alright everyone…” The man said, his voice barely any louder than when he was talking with Yoongi. Yoongi silently prayed that he wouldn’t introduce him in front of everybody. “Please meet Mr. Yoongi Min. He will be our photographer for our photobook.”


As the man gestured to Yoongi, he mentally cursed the old man. All eyes in the room fell on him and Yoongi shifted slightly under their heavy gazes. He didn’t really know what to say so he nodded and brought his hand up for a small wave. Hopefully he didn’t look as awkward as he felt.


The small chuckle he heard, told him otherwise and his gaze shifted to the right of the room, near the piano in the corner of the room. His gaze fell on a man - no, a boy? - who was smirking at him.




Was the first thought that crossed Yoongi’s mind when his eyes scanned the boy. He was short, probably no taller than Yoongi. His raven black hair fell on his forehead and in front of his eyes which were dark and thin (definitely not American). Yoongi’s eyes fell down to his lips and - wow - those lips were nice. No, scratch that, they were more than nice. They were full and pink and looked really soft and -


Wait, no. What the fuck? That little brat had a small smirk on his lips and he had definitely chuckled.


Yoongi tore his eyes from the boy and idly scanned the rest of the dancers, who were no longer looking at him - thankfully.




The class started and Yoongi just watched. The class started with combinations of small movements, small bends of their knees, small motions with their legs. It was actually quite mesmerizing how each dancer made each movement slightly different from the dancer next to them.


The movements evolved over the course of an hour but the dancers still held onto the barre. They began to move their arms in big dramatic swoops to match their legs that lifted up into the air way higher than Yoongi thought was humanly possible.


During one combination, Yoongi’s eyes wandered back to the boy who chuckled and Yoongi’s jaw almost dropped because, yes, that boy’s leg was almost to his ear and, yes, his neck was long as he looked down at the ground and, yes, Yoongi was a little taken aback at how pretty he looked just then-


Ah nope. He wasn’t. Nope.


Eventually, the dancers discarded the barres and gathered in the center. He watched as the girls in the glass put on different shoes from the soft, tattered ones they had before. When they were finished, they would stand up and then promptly rise to the very tips of their toes and onto the box-like end. Yoongi subconsciously wiggled his own toes in sympathy for the girls who put on what Yoongi was sure were torture devices.


The dancers lined up in lines and did combinations that were similar to the ones they did previously, only now there was a lot more moving. They would turn on only one leg or do a series of little movements that carried them forward, backward, or sideways.


His jaw almost dropped when he saw ‘Pretty Boy’ do a series of turns. Yoongi couldn’t count them, he had no idea how, but he was sure that the boy did at least six full rotations.


The class ended with a combination of big jumps and Yoongi honestly thought he saw some of the dancers fly.




Yoongi followed the old man to his office where they would discuss the project and Yoongi mentally sighed because he had gone over the detail countless times beforehand. He briefly glanced at the plaque next to the office door before walking in; Peter Martins.


So this was Mr. Martins.


Peter sat down in the chair behind the desk and motioned for Yoongi todo the same in the chair in front of the desk.


Peter wanted to make a photobook that showed all aspects of the dancers at New York City Ballet. He wanted a large part to be their rehearsals and classes in it because “that’s where the magic happens.” Yoongi would have to come in at least four times a week to get enough rehearsal photos and he had to go to all the performances.


Yoongi sighed as he walked out of the building, thinking about his schedule. It was honestly a little daunting, considering he hadn’t been commissioned the entire summer and only messed around with his camera. Would he be good enough?


Yoongi shook his head. Of course he will be good enough. Now, Yoongi never liked to brag, he deemed it a pointless exercise, but self doubt could get the fuck out of Yoongi’s head. He would be good enough.


He was dragged from his thoughts when he felt a buzz in his back pocket. He reached around and dug out his phone, turning it on to be greeted by a message from Namjoon.


Joon [1:35 PM]

meet me at the studio today if you have time

Yoongi [1:36 PM]

yeah, sure

give me 5 min




When Yoongi walked into the studio, he immediately found his way to the couch he spent most of his summer on, immediately sinking into the soft material.


“Hey Hyung.”


Yoongi looked over at the desk and saw Namjoon leaning against it, a bored look across his face as he idly tapped at his phone.




“How was your first day?”


Yoongi groaned in response, earning a quiet chuckle from Namjoon. He wasn’t exactly hating the job, but he had multiple scenarios planned out in his mind as to how easily annoying it could get.


“Okay I guess…” He sighed. The memory of the class he watched was still fresh in his mind and he was constantly picking out the perfect moments for a picture. “I think I can get some good pictures.”


Namjoon hummed in response.


“What did you want?” Yoongi asked, suddenly remembering why he was in the studio.


“Oh… Just wondering if you wanted to grab lunch with me and Jin?” And at Namjoon’s question, Yoongi’s stomach grumbled. He hadn’t eaten since the morning and it hadn’t been much considering he had no idea how long he would be at the ballet studio.


“Fuck yeah.”











Yoongi indolently watched the buildings pass by as he rode in the taxi, gripping the warm cup of coffee in his hands. Yesterday, he had been too pent up on nervous energy to feel tired but it was short lived. He had to wake up at ass o’clock in order to pack all of his equipment and start his day. He barely had time to run to his favorite coffee shop and get something to fuel him.


When the cab arrived to Yoongi’s destination, he got out and paid the driver. When he looked up at the courtyard, he wasn’t blown away by it like last time. There was no bright morning sun to reflect off of the fountain, only a dull fog, making Yoongi shiver. He held his coffee in both hands in an effort to warm them as he walked to the building he was in the previous day.


As he entered the building, he was greeted by a dull chatting that he hadn’t heard the day before. As he walked further down the large hallway, he glanced into one of the many studios and saw that it was filled with kids.


Okay. Maybe not kids, but definitely not the young adults he observed yesterday. They were probably teenagers. At least three fourths of the class were young girls who had on black leotards and pink tights. The other fourth of the class were young boys, in skin tight white shirts and black pants, also skin tight. They all stood diligently as they watched an older woman, presumably their teacher, talk and move around the limbs of one girl.


He let out a little grunt of disbelief as he continued down the hallway. The kids in there looked so young, probably no older than sixteen. He remembered what he was doing at sixteen and it definitely wasn’t waking up at an ungodly hour to attend dance class.


He rounded the corner to the smaller hallway, thinking about the day ahead. He finally got to take photos and the thrill of doing so after not being able to for such a long time made excitement tingle up in Yoongi. He was going to-  




“Ow - fuck.”


Pain sprouted in Yoongi’s nose and spread quickly to the rest of his face. He brought his had up to his nose as he blinked his eyes and took a step back, trying to figure out what had just happened.


In front of him were two men. One of them was really tall with ashy grey hair that contrasted with his olive skin. He had his arms up and his eyes were wide; frozen as he stared at Yoongi. Beside him was a much shorter man - oh … it was ‘Pretty Boy’. A wide smile was on his face and he looked like he was three seconds away from rolling on the floor with laughter.


“Oh shit… sorry.” The tall man said in a surprisingly deep voice. He lowered his hands but he was still frozen in place, looking unsure of what to do. “ Sorry - Sorry… I - I - did I break your nose?”


And at that, the smaller male broke. A loud laugh escaped his lips and his eyes turned into thin slits as his smile widened.


Wow. He looked really nice when he laughed.


“Taehyung - oh my god -” He breathed out between laughs, his cheeks getting progressively redder as he struggled to get enough air. The Korean he spoke between breaths pleasantly surprised Yoongi.


“Jimin… shut up…” The tall man whined, elbowing the laughing mess next to him before turning back to Yoongi. “I’m sorry. Are you alright?”


Yoongi would have almost laughed at how strangled this man’s English was, each word calculated and full of thought, if it wasn’t for the steady throbbing that began in his nose.


“Peachy.” Yoongi groaned until he felt something hot on the front of his shirt. He looked down and groaned again when he saw his white T-shirt now stained brown with at least half of Yoongi’s coffee. “Aw shit… was looking forward to that.”


This caused ‘Pretty Boy’ to laugh harder, clearly having the time of his life watching Yoongi’s despair.


“Hey,” Yoongi grumbled at ‘Pretty Boy’. “It’s rude to laugh at your Hyungs.”


‘Pretty Boy’ perked up at this, looking at Yoongi with a raised eyebrow and a small smirk, his cheeks violently pink. “We’re not in Korea anymore- and how do you know you’re my Hyung?”


“Yeah, but that doesn’t excuse you being a brat,” Yoongi mumbled. He was probably being petty but considering he had half of his coffee spilled on him and a throbbing nose, he would let himself slide. “And you look like you’re twelve so of course I’m your Hyung.”


‘Pretty Boy’s’ eyes widened and his mouth formed an ‘o’ as he brought a hand up to his chest.


“I will have you know, I am the ripe age of 22.” ‘Petty Boy’ gasped and Yoongi chuckled at the boy’s mock-offense.


“Yeah, still your Hyung.” He grunted with a sly smile. He crossed his arms but immediately pulled them away from his chest with a disgusted grimace when he felt the warm liquid being pressed up against his skin. ‘Pretty Boy’ flashed Yoongi a devious smile that made him glare at the younger.


“I’m Park Jimin. Nice to meet you Hyung.” He put extra emphasis on the ‘hyung’ making Yoongi scoff in annoyance. Yoongi was grateful he finally got a name because he wasn’t too keen on calling him ‘Pretty Boy’ the entire time Yoongi was on this job (because he wasn’t going to acknowledge how pretty Jimin was his entire time at NYCB).


“Min Yoongi,” he grunted. Wait, shit, he probably already knew that.


Jimin chuckled a little causing the pink, that had slowly disappeared from his full cheeks, reappear.


“Yeah, I know.” Shit, now Yoongi looked like an idiot. “Mr. Yoongi Min.”


Jimin chuckled again and Yoongi couldn’t help but join him. The way Mr. Martins had introduced him was very funny and Yoongi might never get used to hearing his name said in that fashion. The tall boy next to Jimin also chuckled and Yoongi turned his attention to him, silently asking his name.  


“Ah, Kim Taehyung.” He said, reading Yoongi’s mind, and bowing his head slightly. He smiled sheepishly when he lifted his head back up, bringing a hand up to scratch the side of his head. “I’m sorry about your coffee, Hyung…and your shirt... and your nose…”


“Hmm…” Yoongi hummed. “S’alright. I have a bunch of shirts like this anyway.”


That was true. At least 50 percent of Yoongi’s closet consisted of white T-shirts because he was tight on money and white T-shirts were really really cheap. He chuckled lowly when he saw Taehyung’s entire body relax when Yoongi spoke, relief washing over his features.


“So, you’re actually going to take pictures today?” Jimin asked as he gestured to the bag at Yoongi’s hip.


“Yeah.” Yoongi nodded.


“Cool. You should take a bunch of pictures of me. I’m fabulous.” Jimin smiled widely and placed a hand on his hip as he did a motion as if he was flipping hair over his shoulder. Yoongi scoffed at his cockiness.


“Yeah, sure.”


“Oh, you know. You couldn’t keep your eyes off of me yesterday.” Yoongi felt embarrassment rise up in his throat but forced himself to not let it show.


“Oh, you just reminded me of something.” Yoongi mentally cursed himself for the lame excuse.


“Uh huh?” Jimin hummed and he crossed his arms with a smirk on his face as if he could see right through Yoongi. “What did I remind you of?”


“A chimpanzee.”


Jimin’s eyes widened in shock as his jaw dropped to form an ‘o’. Taehyung beside him, choked on something as he brought a hand up to cover the huge grin that was forming. Taehyung’s hand didn’t help muffle the loud, deep laugh that escaped his lips and he almost doubled over because of how hard he was laughing. Funny how their positions switched.


“Oh, Jimin - that was a - good one…” Taehyung choked out between laughs. Jimin lightly punched the taller man’s arm and hissed under his breath.


“Wow… okay…” Jimin whispered, clearly shocked by and not expecting Yoongi’s words. “That was a good one.”


Yoongi chuckled at Jimin’s still shocked expression and felt a small sense of accomplishment well up in his gut seeing the cocky boy in front of him disappear.


“Ah shit…” Jimin whispered as he looked something behind Yoongi. Yoongi turned around and noticed a clock on the hallway wall. “I have to get ready for class. Bye”


Yoongi barely had time to turn back around to face him before Jimin brushed past Yoongi and sashayed down the hallway. Yoongi turned back to Taehyung who had recovered from his laughing fit and now looked slightly awkward now that Jimin wasn’t beside him.


“Hey, kid,” Yoongi said, making Taehyung jump a little. Yoongi pulled the zipper of his thinner jacket under his thick jacket up, completely concealing the coffee staining his shirt. “Don’t worry about the coffee, it’s alright.”


“Oh - okay…” Taehyung said while fidgeting with his fingers. Yoongi walked past Taehyung, not before patting the taller’s shoulder in an awkward but hopefully comforting way, and made his way further down the hallway.


Yoongi would deny it till the day he died but he smiled as he walked to the photo room. He hadn’t had a casual and relaxing conversation like that in a while, and especially not one in Korean. Namjoon, with the help of Seokjin, had convinced Yoongi to try and speak English as much as possible because ‘emersion is the best teacher’. Emersion his ass. He didn’t like looking like a complete fool every time someone asked him a question as simple as ‘How are you?’ .


Yoongi was always sour at Namjoon because of that. By the time they moved to New York, Namjoon was practically fluent. Seems like the hours of watching ‘Friends’ paid off.


The two younger boys were energetic and maybe a little too loud, but it was a perfect change in energy that Yoongi would gladly have again.


But he would also deny that, too.




When Yoongi walked into the big studio he was in the other day, he immediately began studying the room. The time to ogle was over. He looked at how the morning light came down in sheets of gold (the clouds from earlier must have cleared up) and illuminated the dust particles that drifted through the air. The mirror and the grey material on the floor, once again, reflected the light, making even the corners of the room bright.


Yoongi could work with this.


He walked over to the corner of the room and brought his camera up to change the settings. It was his own camera because as much as he wanted to use the expensive cameras he was offered, the familiar weight of his own camera was comforting.


He adjusted the exposure and brought the camera up to his face. He aimed it at a random dancer sitting on the floor and quickly snapped a picture. He brought the camera away from his face and looked down at the photo he just took.


He sighed when he saw the man, a slim guy with blonde hair and an angular face, looked like a vampire. His face practically blended in with the wall, washing him out completely. He turned down the exposure and tried again.




He turned it down a little more and then took another one. He almost cursed out loud when he saw that the picture was dark, really dark. He sighed when he saw that the bright sun was no longer coming through the large windows. Fucking clouds.


Yoongi didn’t have a bad temper, per say, he was just a man who liked things to be simple and easy. Realizing that the ever-changing amount of light that came into the studio would make the next two and a half hours extremely tedious, made Yoongi sigh.


Oh well.




Class started again with the old man walking in and every dancer scrambling to get a barre or put something away. They did the same small movements they did the day previous, tiny bends in their knees, stretches of their torsos, small movements of their feet, but Yoongi didn’t have time to gape at the dancers.


He immediately got to work. He shifted in his corner trying to get the right angle. He crouched low enough so that his camera could get the dancer’s knees and down. He waited until all the dancers had their heels together and their toes pointing in the opposite directions; as if their feet were pressed up against the wall.


He snapped a couple pictures before lowering the camera to look at what he took. He was angled in such a way that he could see all the dancers’ legs in his line of sight. The ones further away from Yoongi were blurred but the legs were clearer the closer they were to the camera.


His camera wasn’t the best camera, and it definitely wasn’t the most expensive, but it was good enough that you could see the details of the dancers’ legs. The tattered leg warmers around their ankles, the scuffed shoes clinging to their feet, the lean muscles working underneath their skin. Yoongi didn’t know much about dance, but he had a feeling this is what it was. Countless hours of hard work and dedication. Maybe dancers weren’t as stuck up as he thought…




Yoongi found his gaze, and therefore his camera as well, drifted to Jimin a lot. The younger had a constant furrow on his brow in concentration as he constantly studied himself in the mirror. There were rare times, though, where Jimin seemed to get completely lost in the combination and a blissed expression of happiness would find its way across his features. It happened usually when he was jumping. The music and the movements seemed to carry his mind away from the mirror and he looked like he was flying.


Yoongi wished he could have caught those moments with his camera.











Yoongi grumbled to no one in particular when he walked through the double doors of the building he had been cooped up in for the past two days. He wasn’t mad about that fact, per say, but Yoongi had slept in and hadn’t had his daily dose of coffee so every little thing was making him grumpy.


As he turned down the familiar small hallway, he spotted Jimin leaning against the wall with a coffee in his hand and enamored by something on his phone. A large sweater engulfed his torso. Dark leggings hugged his legs and a leg warmer covered his right ankle. Yoongi’s gaze paused when it landed on Jimin’s hips. A material that resembled that of a garbage bag was around his waist and followed the line of Jimin’s leg until mid-thigh.


Yoongi furrowed his brow in confusion as he approached the younger.


“Didn’t know you DIY'd .” Yoongi scoffed making Jimin jump.


“What?” He asked after quickly recovering.


“Your weird-ass shorts look like you pulled them straight out of the trash.” Yoongi mused as he gestured at Jimin’s shorts. Jimin promptly looked down at his weird shorts and then back up at Yoongi with a small smile.


“These are expensive-ass, weird-ass shorts for your information,” Jimin replied, a hand going down and pulling his shorts for emphasis.


“Why the fuck would you spend even a penny on garbage bags?” Yoongi asked, thoroughly confused.


“Cause they’re so comfy and they keep me warm.” Jimin squealed and he wrapped his arms around himself as he rocked back and forth. Yoongi just grunted in response, a little shocked at how fast Jimin went from being arrogant to… cute? No, not cute, annoying.


Yoongi continued down the hallway, walking past Jimin until he felt a small hand grab his arm and a quiet ‘wait’. He turned around and saw Jimin holding out the coffee he was holding towards Yoongi.




“What’s this?” Yoongi asked, eyeing the cup in Jimin’s small hands.


“A coffee dumbass.” Jimin giggled and, wow, if that wasn’t the nicest sound Yoongi has ever heard. “It’s for you.”


“I can see that.” Yoongi huffed. “Why are you giving it to me?”


“Taehyung bought it for you as an apology for yesterday.”


“Oh... Why isn’t he giving it to me?”


“He had to run to the costume shop,” Jimin said a matter-of-factly. “The idiot forgot about the meeting they were having.”


“Costume shop?” Yoongi raised an eyebrow.


“Yeah. Taehyung is part of the costume team who makes all of the costumes for NYCB. The costume shop is where all the costumes are stored and made. It’s here, at Lincoln Center, just like, a building away.”


“Oh.” Yoongi hummed. He didn’t know what else to say. The unfamiliarity he had with the world of ballet made nothing Jimin was saying really meaningful but he enjoyed the look Jimin had in his eyes when he talked about the costume shop, even though his rambling was giving Yoongi a headache.


“It’s so pretty. When the sun is out, the room is so bright and I swear there are like one million sequins in that room so I get blinded.” Jimin laughed and a gentle pink dusted his cheeks. So pretty… “Anyways, I’m sure you’ll see it one day. Take your coffee.”


Jimin gently tapped Yoongi’s chest with the cup he held in his hand as Yoongi moved his hand to take it.


“I have to go so... see you in class,” Jimin said with a warm smile as Yoongi took the cup from Jimin.


“Sure thing, brat.” Yoongi deadpanned as Jimin began to turn around.


“Brat?!” Jimin stopped turning around to look at Yoongi with wide eyes.


“Yeah…” Shit, why did he say that? “You spent money on a pair of garbage bags. Who the fuck does that?”


“Whatever, sloth,” Jimin said as a devious grin replaced his shocked expression.


“Sloth?” Now it was Yoongi’s turn to look at the other wide-eyed.


“Yeah, sloth. You look like a sloth.” Jimin’s smile only grew wider and more devious.


“That’s rude, comparing people to animals.”


“I only speak the truth,” Jimin said defensively and brought both his hands up in mock-arrest.


Okay, Park Jimin was definitely more annoying than he was pretty.











The week progressed and Yoongi began to get into the rhythm of everything. Wake up at an ungodly hour, get dressed, get out for coffee, walk to NYCB, and then take photos of the class. He would then go to his own studio and look at the photos, adjusting the exposure and saturation just slightly till he was satisfied with them.


Despite only taking photos for a week, he had gotten quite a bunch of nice photos. The ever-changing routines and combinations that the dancers did, made it easy to get many different shots.


He would also constantly bump into Jimin and Taehyung.


The little brats were infuriating, especially Jimin. Okay, ‘infuriating’ might be a little harsh but Yoongi has the tendency to be dramatic despite his laid back personality. Yoongi would constantly tease the younger about anything: his ridiculous warm-up clothes, his tiny hands, the fact that he was shorter the Yoongi by only half a centimeter.


Jimin would always be prepared with a comeback, usually teasing Yoongi about his grouchy personality in the morning. Taehyung would usually follow Jimin up with another insult.


It was quite surprising how easily they fell into this pattern, but Yoongi wasn’t complaining.











When Yoongi walked into the building, he could tell something was up, the building was practically buzzing with excited energy. The kids who were usually taking a class when Yoongi arrived, were walking around or talking in hushed little groups. Yoongi walked further down the large hallway and did a double take when he saw a crowd of dancers huddled around a bulletin board. He didn’t even recognize half of them. He spots Jimin standing behind the group, standing on his tiptoes and craning his neck. He was wearing those stupid garbage bag shorts again.


Yoongi walked closer to the group and weaved through the people to find himself next to Jimin.


“Hey?” Jimin jumped at Yoongi’s gruff voice. “What’s going on?”


“Oh,” Jimin craned his neck more, but clearly to no avail, his bottom lip jutting out into a pout. “The cast list for ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ is up. We’re performing that for our fall season-”


“JIMIN!” Both Jimin and Yoongi turned their heads in the direction of the voice. A short woman - girl? - with large eyes was running to Jimin. When she was in front of them she threw her arms around Jimin and squealed with excitement. “Jimin! You got the white rabbit!”


Jimin’s eyes widened and he pushed himself out of the tight hug to stare at the girl as if she had told him pigs were actually green instead of pink.


“I- wait - you’re - you’re kidding?” His words were jumbled and his voice was dripping with disbelief. The girl widened her eyes and her huge smile grew bigger as she shook her head.


“No. I’m not!! You got it!” She laughed as she pulled Jimin back in for a hug. Jimin relaxed into her arms, closing his eyes, although only for a moment. His eyes shot open and he pushed the girl off of him again.


“Wait, but I’m only in the corps?!” The girl chuckled at Jimin’s confusion.


“I guess he might have seen something special.” She said with a large grin. “But, Jimin, you know what this means, right?”


Jimin looked at her, just as confused, until he gasped and brought his hands from her shoulder to cover his mouth.


“Oh, my god…I-” Jimin paused, seemingly at a loss for words.


“You could get promoted!” The girl finished his sentence, smile still present on her face.


Jimin spent the next couple minutes pacing back and forth, muttering another ‘oh my god’ every so often. The crowd of dancers began to clear away and Jimin bolted to the sheets of white paper pinned to the board. His eyes scanned it until he seemed to find what he was looking for.


“Oh my god...” Jimin whispered, disbelief still visible on his features when he turned around.


“Hey? You good?” Yoongi asked, slightly confused at Jimin’s reaction. Why was this ‘white rabbit’ such a big deal?


“Yeah… yeah… it’s just, oh my god …” Jimin began to bite his bottom lip nervously and fidget with his hands. He looked up and met Yoongi’s eyes, noticing the confusion in his gaze. “It’s just, so the part of the white rabbit is a pretty big part of this ballet and I’m only in the corps de ballet, like the background people, yet I’m cast as the white rabbit, so, it’s just… yeah.”


A huge smile slowly grew on his face, making his eyes turn into thin crescents and a gentle pink dust his cheeks.


Wow, he was really pretty when he smiled-


“Oh, congrats,” Yoongi said, cutting off his own thoughts.


“Chimchim!” Yoongi jumped at the loud shouting behind him and looked over his shoulder to see Taehyung running down the hallway towards Jimin. He reached Jimin in record time and enveloped the smaller male in a bone-crushing hug. “Chim! Clara told me you got the white rabbit!!”


“Yeah… yeah, I did.” Jimin nodded as he spoke, which was muffled by Taehyung’s chest.


“That’s great!!” Taehyung let go of Jimin and squealed as if he had gotten the part. “Oh my gosh, we’re redoing the costume this year, too, so it will be so cool!”


“I’m excited!” Jimin whispered. The huge grin hadn’t left his face, almost making him look like he was in a daze. And for some reason, Yoongi felt excited, too.











Yoongi was told, by Jillian, to go to the costume shop the next day. He remembered Jimin mentioned it once but Yoongi wasn’t quite sure. When Yoongi walked to the building he found out that it didn’t look like a shop. The Samuel B. and David Rose Building was not a tall skyscraper but looked like one of the tall office buildings that occupied downtown New York. It was the same beige as the rest of the buildings in the plaza.


Yoongi stepped into the elevator only to see a familiar mop of black hair rushing in next to Yoongi.


“Oh, hey Yoongi,” Jimin said breathlessly. “Didn’t see you this morning. You’re fast.”


Yoongi had watched the company class that Jimin wasn’t in and took some photos. The feeling of disappointment gnawed at him throughout the class but Yoongi pushed it down.  After the class was done, he immediately packed up his camera and walked over to the building.


“Yeah, I guess.” He eyes Jimin’s flushed cheeks and disheveled hair, obviously just out of his class. “You are too.”


“Yeah. Taehyung is fitting me today and he might kill me if he doesn’t have at least fifteen minutes to gush to me about the costume.” Jimin said with a chuckle. The elevator rang, notifying the two men that they had arrived at the eighth floor. The doors opened, revealing a beige hallway (seriously, is everything beige in this goddamn plaza?).


Yoongi followed Jimin as he excitedly saunters down the hallway. They reached a corner and when Yoongi turned around the corner he stopped in his tracks. Jimin was right, it was really bright in the costume shop.


The huge floor to ceiling windows let in copious amounts of light stream into the room. There were tables lined up, each having a row of sewing machines on them. If there was no sewing machine, there were cases of needles and thread. Buttons, ribbons, piles of tule, and all sorts of fabric and fabric scraps were everywhere. In between the machines, on the floors, atop a costume. It was filled with color.


There were mannequins at the end of each table. Some wore a colorful and fresh looking tutu while others wore none or half of one. There were also some dancers, in the same state as the mannequins, wearing half-finished costumes, or completed ones.


It felt like a fine couture house, textile museum, the dressing rooms at a department store, a fantasy workshop, and his grandmother’s attic all rolled into one space.


“Told ya’ it was something,” Jimin said with a small chuckle and nudged Yoongi slightly.


“I never denied it you brat,” Yoongi grumbled but Jimin had already dashed further into the shop. Yoongi mumbled another ‘brat’ under his breath as he followed the younger, chipper male.


He continued to ogle at the costumes around him. Yoongi wasn’t really into theater that much but he saw an old woman hunched over a costume, sewing it, the realization that all the amazing costumes he saw were hand-made made him respect the people of the costumes department deeply.


“Chim!” Yoongi, once again, jumped at the loud voice that he knew to associate with Taehyung. “I’m so glad you’re here!”


Yoongi peered behind a rack of poofy dresses and saw Taehyung practically bouncing off the walls as he played with the tape measurer hanging off of his neck. His wide, box-like grin present on his face.


“Jimin, I get to do this entire costume!” Taehyung squealed, speaking a little too fast. “I get to do the entire white rabbit costume.”


That obviously meant something big for Jimin began to excitedly jump up and down with Taehyung, both resembling excited toddlers.


“Hmph, children…” Yoongi scoffed, earning him a pout from Taehyung and a death glare from Jimin. Yoongi just shrugged his shoulders and shifted his attention to his camera. He pulled it out of his bag and turned it on. He adjusted the settings with ease, the camera already adjusted to take in the large amounts of light that seemed to grace wherever the dancers were.


When Yoongi looked back up, he almost let out a small sound of surprise because Jimin was standing in front of Yoongi, shirtless, as Taehyung moved around him, taking measurements. He was…




Lean muscle decorated his entire torso, which would make sense considering dancers couldn’t be too bulky. His golden skin was even, as if he regularly laid out in the sun. And, holy shit, he had a tattoo. Yoongi almost gasped when he saw the black ink that was on the side of his ribs. Yoongi couldn’t see what it was before Jimin caught him staring.


“You like what you see?” Jimin teased, raising his eyebrow.


Right, Jimin was a brat.


“You wish,” Yoongi mumbled. He was still a little too shocked and tired to actually come up with a good comeback. Jimin snorted but seemed to become uninterested as Taehyung moved away from him and pulled out something from a bin. Jimin’s nose crinkled up in disgust when he saw the slightly yellow piece of fabric in Taehyung’s arms. He unfolded it to reveal a jacket that could have been really pretty, but the faint yellow tint just made it seem old and gross.


“Aww.” Jimin sighed as he looked at the sad costume in front of him. Taehyung merely shrugged and started undoing the buttons on the front of the jacket. He opened it up and motioned for Jimin to turn around so he could put it on.


Jimin slipped the jacket on and started buttoning it up as he turned around. Taehyung looked at Jimin for a moment before walking around Jimin, eyes trained on the costume.


“Can you move your arms around for me?” Taehyung mumbled as he continued to walk around him. Jimin nodded and started to move his arms, slowly as if he was testing the water to see if it was too cold.


Taehyung hummed as he observed the fabric of the costume bend and fold, obviously too big for Jimin. Yoongi decided he should probably take some photos because that was his fucking job. He brought the camera to face a snapped a photo just in time to capture Taehyung’s frown and obvious dislike of how the costume fit Jimin.


It was a good photo.


Yoongi decided he should probably not loiter around Jimin and Taehyung, so he ducked out from behind the rack of dresses and back into the larger room. Yoongi walked over the where he entered the room and assessed it quickly. Figuring out the good angles that got the light in the space but wouldn't result in generic and undynamic photos.


He snapped a couple photos as he walked further into the shop, still in awe at how many costumes there were. Jimin had told him once that there was a room filled with past costumes, so apparently, there were far more intricate costumes than Yoongi could fathom. Yoongi was sure he had some kind of stupid expression on his face but the costume shop was too overwhelming to care.


Yoongi heard a giggle and whipped his head around to see Jimin smirking at him.


“Don’t get lost in here.”


“The only one who would get lost in here is you. You would probably need a map to get the hallway that is literally right there.” Yoongi retorted as he gestured to the hallway a couple feet in front of him.


“Yeah, well, sometimes the racks can be really tall and you don’t know where you are in relation to everything else.” Jimin chuckled.


“What the fuck? You’re shorter than me!”


“By one centimeter dumbass. And I’ve already accepted my fate as a short person. You just wallow in it.” Jimin said with confidence practically dripping from his voice.




“Whatever you say,” Jimin giggled. “... hyung…”


The ‘hyung’ was long and drawn out and so obviously a tease. Yoongi opened his mouth to say something but before any sound could pass through his lips, Jimin darted past Yoongi down the hallway and out of sight.


“You little shit,” Yoongi grumbled.




Yoongi spent the next couple of hours watching as Taehyung worked on what was presumably Jimin’s costume. Okay, first of all, he was taking photos as well, and second of all, he wasn’t taking photos of just Taehyung. He had approached a couple of other seamstresses but they were kind of stuck up and suffocating to be around.


Yoongi felt comfortable around Taehyung, okay!? Sue him.


“Hey? How did you find yourself here?” 


"Uhh... I went up the elevator...?" Taehyung said dumbly.


"No, you dumbass." Yoongi scoffed. "I mean here as in America. 


Yoongi was thoroughly confused as to how a Korean man, who spoke very broken English, would find himself working for New York City Ballet as part of their costume department.


“Well…” Taehyung mussed and he pressed the tip of his pen into his cheek as he thought. “I was at Kyungpook National University for a year, studying medicine, but I hated it. I was always interested in clothes.”


Taehyung sorted through a pile of small white squares on his desk.


“So you just moved to America?” Yoongi scoffed.


“I applied to the Fashion Institute of Technology and I got accepted so I studied fashion design there for a year.” Taehyung seemed to have found what he was looking for as he took a piece of white fabric and brought it to the sewing machine where another piece of white fabric lay. “I started to apply for jobs but, of course, I don’t know English and I was a broke, foreign college student.


“But, by some miracle, NYCB noticed my work at the end of the year exhibition at FIT and I was hired!”


“They hire people as young as you?”


“I guess I’m just that good,” Taehyung smirked.


“Yeah, yeah…” Was all Yoongi could say because, yes, Taehyung was just that good but he would never say that out loud.


“Thankfully I met Jimin here. I would have died without him. He was my saving grace.”


“Hmm…” Yoongi hummed, suddenly wondering how Jimin came to live in New York.


“What about you?”


“What?” The question caught Yoongi off guard.


“Why are you here?”


“Reasons.” Yoongi simply stated.


“Oh come on.” Taehyung stopped the sewing machine to pout at Yoongi. “That’s a crap reason.”


Taehyung looked at him with large, expecting eyes and Yoongi silently cursed his weak resolve.


“My friends and I moved here to start a photography company.” Yoongi sighed.


“Oh, that’s so cool,” Taehyung said wholeheartedly as if three people starting a company was the coolest thing in the world. “What’s your company called?”


“Cypher Photography.”


“Ooh, that’s a nice name. Hip .” Yoongi grinned slightly at the English slang Taehyung used, remembering a time when he too would use copious amounts of slang in an attempt to have a casual conversation. The English taught to you by online programs and the English people actually speak are very different. “Where are you guys from?”


“I’m from Daegu,” Taehyung’s eyes immediately lit up at the familiar town. “And my friends are from Busan and Seoul, but we all studied in Seoul together.”


“Why didn't you start a company in Korea? Like, why move to America when you could have started a company in Korea.”


Yoongi tensed at the question. It made Yoongi’s stomach do a flip and uneasiness rose up in his throat. The younger seemed to notice the change in Yoongi’s mood and his face immediately fell into a neutral expression.


“I should probably focus on this, actually.” Taehyung turned on the sewing machine and started to move the two pieces of fabric in a graceful pattern as the machine sewed them together. Yoongi relaxed as the younger went to work and continued to observe him in comfortable silence.


Taehyung turned off the machine and pushed it away slightly and pulled out some needle and thread. He threaded the needle and picked up the fabric on the table, which he had previously discarded.


The younger’s brows were furrowed in concentration as he pulled a needle through the fabric, back and forth, countless times. He licked his lips constantly, which lead to his mouth hanging open because he was too concentrated to close it. Taehyung’s eyes sparkled every time he held up a new piece of fabric and would immediately place it down in the ‘perfect spot’.


Yoongi briefly wondered if that was what he looked like when he was working.











The second time Yoongi went into the costume shop was two days after he stepped into the magical place. When he walked down the hallway and turned into the room, it felt just as nice as before.


Yoongi wasn’t quite sure why he liked the costume shop so much. Maybe it was the big windows that let in copious amounts of warm light, although there was become less and less of it as the weather slowly got greyer. Maybe it was the quiet that would fall on the shop once the dancers left and everyone went to work.


He definitely didn’t like it because Jimin was with him, skipping alongside him as they walked further into the shop. He was being annoying, excitement fueling his childish behaviors. Yoongi didn't even know why he was following Jimin. He just got dragged by the younger before class and lamely followed.


They walked past the tables until they spotted Taehyung who excitedly motioned for Jimin to follow him behind a rack of costumes. Yoongi trailed behind Jimin and pulled out his camera. Something in his gut told him he would need it.


Taehyung was holding something behind his back when Yoongi turned around the rack of costumes, excitement almost bursting from him. Taehyung brought out whatever was behind his back and Jimin’s eyes grew to the size of saucers. A wide smile grew on his face and his eyes glinted with excitement.


Yoongi quickly brought the camera up to his face and snapped a picture. Yoongi looked at the picture he took and let out a relieved sigh when he saw that he got exactly the picture he wanted. Jimin’s cheeks were pink and his smile was wide and he looked so fucking happy.


Taehyung was equally as happy as he held up the beautiful jacket. It was made of shimmery white silk that had elaborate patterns made by little silver thread. The small golden accents, like the buttons, made it seem like something a prince should have worn. This was a costume for a rabbit?


“Oh my gosh… Tae…” Jimin gasped. “It's beautiful!”


Taehyung didn’t say anything, a proud and big smile still on his face.


“Can I try it on?” Jimin asked quietly, almost as if he was going to be told no. Taehyung nodded eagerly and started to unclasp the golden buttons on the front of the jacket. Jimin pulled off his grey t-shirt and Yoongi barely had time to ogle at his body before the white jacket was being thrown on his shoulders. Taehyung started to clasp the buttons and… wow.


Now, Jimin wasn’t as tan as Taehyung, but the white silk made his skin seem golden, glinting slightly like the material. His cheeks were dusted with a gentle pink and his smile was so fucking big.




“Do I look pretty, Hyung?” Jimin teased, adding extract emphasis on the ‘hyung’. “Do I look like a prince?”


“You’re supposed to be a rabbit, dumbass.” Yoongi deadpanned, forgetting his previous thoughts.


Park Jimin was a brat.











Rehearsals were brutal. Now, Yoongi was really in no position to be talking, he was only taking pictures, but they were tough. His time spent at the studios increased by six hours so he was working into the night.


He really shouldn’t have been complaining.


The dancers he was photographing were drenched in sweat and breathing harshly as they took a break, some of them collapsing on the floor. It had been two weeks of intense rehearsals to prepare for the performance that was that weekend. Yoongi still couldn’t believe that the dancers had to learn a full-length ballet, which was two fucking hours, in two weeks. What kind of animals were they?


Yoongi started when the sound of a piano filled the room. He sighed because of course, they were running it one more time. They always run it ‘just one more time’.


Yoongi raised his camera to his face and hovered his finger over the shutter button, preparing for the ‘perfect moment’.


They were running the part where Alice fell down the hole and into Wonderland. Yoongi never read the story, but he was getting a good idea of what it was by the bits and pieces he gathered from the rehearsals.


‘Alice’, Yoongi didn’t know her real name, ran around in a state of frantic confusion, occasionally doing a delicate movement on the tips of her toes. A loud flux in the music symbolized the start of a rush of people to run and leap across the studio, a confused ‘Alice’ still in the middle.




The music faded out to a quiet, few notes and the dancers gradually stopped running around, leaving ‘Alice’ alone with Jimin, the white rabbit.




Now, Yoongi had seen multiple of Jimin’s practices, but he couldn’t get over how sharp and fast his movements were as he moved in an almost frantic manner. Well, he was a rabbit who was concerned about being late.


Jimin and ‘Alice’ soon began to dance together. It was an odd mix between ‘Alice’ giving weight to Jimin and him just completely lifting her up. The movements were almost seamless thanks to the hours they spent rehearsing it. The two dancers almost looked as if they were made to dance with each other.




They split apart and Jimin continued to jump around, his legs moving faster than what Yoongi thought was humanly possible. He ran around the studio in frantic circles until he ran to the far back corner where a crowd of dancers were huddled. He was considered off-stage so the raven-haired dancer hunched down, clearly exhausted from the hours of rehearsal.


He ran his fingers through his hair and pushed it off of his face as he stood up straight and -




Jimin’s cheeks were dusted with a fierce pink from the exercise. His entire face shone with a thin layer of sweat and his full lips were parted, taking in deep gulps of air.


Maybe that’s what he looked like after-


Yoongi immediately pushed that thought from his head, not wanting to know where it would have ended. He tore his eyes from the younger and focused his attention on the dancers who were actually dancing.


What the fuck was that?











Yoongi collapsed onto his bed with a low groan. He needed to organize his photos from the past two weeks and decided that the night, after the longest rehearsal yet, would have been a great time to do it. Yeah, good thinking.


He turned on his phone and squinted his eyes as he was momentarily blinded by the bright light.


2:17 AM


Yoongi let out another groan and draped his arm over his eyes when he remembered the performance that was the next day. The first showing of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland for the season. He already regretted organizing the photos.


He glanced at his phone again and saw a text message.


Joon [3:39 PM]

we are taking everyone out for dinner tomorrow

you free?

Yoongi [2:19 AM]


sorry man

im working and i will be until october 15


Yoongi sighed when he brought his phone down, wishing he could go out, but the month of performances didn’t allow him that freedom.


Joon [2:20 AM]


wtf are you doing up?

Yoongi [2:20 AM]


and you are up too

Joon [2:21 AM]


but you will definitely come out with us when youre finished

with the commission

Yoongi [2:22 AM]

yeah sure

cant wait to see your stupid faces


That wasn’t really true. Yoongi had only seen glimpses of Namjoon and Jeongguk over the past three weeks, only seeing them when he rushed to the studio to do a small errand. It had been even longer since he saw Seokjin. He would never admit it but he missed he idiots he considered friends.


Joon [2:24 AM]

Sure yoons




It was the next day, well technically it was the same day, and Yoongi had only gotten four hours of sleep, thanks to the anxiety that had kept him tossing and turning in his bed. Yoongi didn’t know why he felt restless, but anxiety is a bitch, making you worry about all the possible ways something could go wrong, no matter how many times you’ve done it or how comfortable you are with it.


When he arrived at the plaza, he didn’t walk to the familiar building he knew held many studios. Instead, he walked past the fountain and towards the building just behind it. It was similar to the other buildings that surrounded the fountain, but its huge arches and funkily-shaped windows made it more elegant.


He walked through the doors and was slightly intimidated by the grand entrance. The ceiling was high and well lit, there were multiple balconies with glass guardrails, and there was even a weird statue of two figures on the far wall. Everything was polished and clean, making Yoongi feel out of place with his ripped jeans and T-shirt.


He saw a small sign that pointed to a door reading ‘seats’, so Yoongi followed the arrow.


Now, if Yoongi felt intimidated by the entrance of the theatre, he was beyond overwhelmed when he walked to the stage. The audience area was huge. Like, not just big, but fucking huge. There were six levels of seats, each with more seats than Yoongi could count. There were so many fucking seats.


Everything was really bright. The lights that shone from the balconies reflected off of the golden walls, giving the room a nice even light throughout. The ceiling had square patterns that were in such a way that resembled a flower and a huge chandelier that looked like a beehive with lights. Yoongi had no eloquent way of describing this place except: ‘fucking crazy’.


“Mr. Min?” A familiar voice made Yoongi stop ogling the room and return his attention to the stage. Jillian was standing there, with a sour expression on her face, clearly annoyed at something.


“Uh... Yeah?” Yoongi asked lamely.


“Follow me please?” She started walking across the stage and Yoongi had to scramble up the stairs, clutching his bag, onto the stage to follow her behind the curtains. The stage was huge as well, the curtains towering over Yoongi like waterfalls of fabric.


Yoongi followed Jillian through a dark door, everything behind the curtains was dark, into a brightly lit hallway. The sound of muffled chattering instantly met Yoongi’s ears and he suddenly became aware of the fact that the building actually had a lot of people in it. Guess the walls have good soundproofing?


He walked idly behind Jillian down the hallway until they reached a door, exactly the same as the other ones they passed. She opened it to reveal a very small room with a table and a mirror outlined with light bulbs above it.


“This room isn’t reserved for anyone so you can use it to keep your stuff in during the shows.”


Yoongi hummed and nodded in response, which seemed to be enough for Jillian so she walked out of the doorway and down the hallway to some location unknown to Yoongi.


Yoongi didn’t idle in the room, he had all he needed in his bag. He walked out of the doorway, closing the door behind him, and peered down the hallway in both directions. The walls were a boring white, making neither direction look very interesting.




Yoongi jumped at the voice and turned his head down the opposite end of the hallway and saw Jimin and Taehyung, who must have just turned the corner, walking towards him.


“Oh if it isn’t the resident idiots.” Yoongi sighed as the two men got closer. Maybe the boring white hallway wasn’t too bad.


“Aw come on, you love us.” Jimin cooed.


“Only in your dreams darling.” Yoongi replied, his voice sickly sweet with sarcasm. Jimin responded by sticking out his tongue while he smiled widely and Yoongi mentally cursed Jimin because, god, he looked really pretty when he smiled. Why did his cheeks have to go so high that it made his eyes disappear?




The company had class on the stage and Yoongi idly watched them and took a few photos. The class was nothing special but Yoongi was still mesmerized by it. Maybe he had a secret love for ballet that he never knew about.




Twenty minutes till the show started.


The energy level backstage was crazy. Everyone, even the dancers who had performed more than a thousand times were pent up on nervous energy. Dancers wearing intricate costumes rushed through the hallways as they frantically wished everyone good luck, trying to get to their spots.


Yoongi found himself in a small hallway, trying to get away from the craziness of it all. He thought he was alone until he saw a movement from the corner of his eyes. He whipped his head around to see Jimin, although, it took Yoongi a little while to recognize him.


His face was covered in so much makeup Yoongi didn’t even know where to begin. His eyelids had dark, black eyeshadow on them. In the inner and outer corners of his eyes, there were white dots. There was a dark line at least a quarter of an inch below his eyes. His cheeks, which looked a lot more defined than they normally did, were dusted, actually dusted, with a violent pink. A dark line traced the natural curve of Jimin’s top lip, which was pink, while his bottom lip matched his skin tone, making it look washed out.


Yoongi glanced up at his hair. The normally raven black strands were dusted with white and pushed back, off of his forehead. The large, white ears that rested rested atop of his head and the beautiful white jacket solidified that Jimin was indeed, the white rabbit.


“You look really fucking weird,” Yoongi stated blatantly as he stared at the younger. Jimin’s eyes widened but then turned into thin slits as a smile broke across his face.


“Thanks. That means I’ll look really fucking good from the audience.” He chuckled weakly. Yoongi immediately felt the need to comfort him. His normally cheeky personality seemed dulled down and it, for some reason, made Yoongi soften.


“You nervous?”


“Nah… I’m good,” Jimin said nonchalantly. Yoongi glanced down at his fingers that were fidgeting and saw that his nails were short and uneven, clearly from biting.


“You’ll do great. You’ve practiced this enough times you could do it in your sleep.” Yoongi was absolutely shit at comforting people but his words seemed to help Jimin, for the younger relaxed his shoulders with a big sigh.


“Thanks, Yoongi.” He offered Yoongi a small smile and Yoongi felt a warmness creep over him as he looked at the younger.


“Five minutes!” A voice echoed through the hallway and Jimin immediately rushed past Yoongi and down the hallway, Yoongi’s eyes never leaving the ears that bobbed atop of his head.




The show was fantastic, it really was. There was a different energy to the dancers. They looked so alive on stage, as if they were made to dance on that stage, as that role. The bright lights and the dazzling costumes added even more to the already wonderful performance.


When the performance ended, the applause was almost deafening, which would make sense considering there was almost three thousand people in the theatre. As the dancers walked past Yoongi, who had found refuge behind a curtain, they looked elated and almost high off of the adrenaline. They looked as if they were the happiest beings in the world, despite their laboring breaths and sweaty bodies.


Yoongi caught sight of a pair of white ears bobbing up and down and Yoongi’s eyes feel down to see Jimin’s smiling face. His smile was so fucking big his eyes disappeared completely. His cheeks were red, and Yoongi was positive it wasn’t from just the make up. His smile was so big that it revealed a slightly crooked front tooth which Yoongi found o so endearing.


Yoongi quickly brought up his camera and hit the shutter button.













The rest of the shows passed by just like the first one. It was actually crazy, how the dancers could perform for almost every night for a month straight. Yet, Yoongi never got tired of seeing them perform. Maybe he truly had a secret love of ballet.











It was the last show. Yoongi felt exhausted for the dancers. He didn’t understand how they could make each performance just as energy filled as the previous one, but they somehow did, and Yoongi was thankful for it. He loved seeing the performances and Yoongi was seriously questioning what the fuck happened to him over the past month and a half because this wasn’t him. Min Yoongi didn’t like ballet, the prestigious white people dance that was full of stuck up brats.


But, alas, there Min Yoongi was, enjoying every second of the shows.




Yoongi took a sip of the drink in his hand and wrinkled his nose at the sickly sweet taste. Fucking rich people and their weird ass alcohol.


“What’s with that face?”


Yoongi turned around and came face to face with Jimin, his eyes bright and cheeky. Yoongi quickly swept his eyes over Jimin’s body because, goddamn did he look good in those pants. Now, Yoongi had seen Jimin over the past month wearing skin-tight tights, but for some reason, those tight dress pants were doing something to Yoongi. The silky green dress shirt he wore fit him nicely even with all the buttons buttoned up. To top it all off, his jet-black hair was parted, making it easier to see his eyes. Yoongi felt slightly embarrassed by his own boring, all black outfit because Jimin looked really good.


Wait, no. Jimin didn’t look good. What was he thinking?


“I make this face when I see something stupid.” Yoongi deadpanned.


“Aww, Yoongi, I’m wounded,” Jimin said with a feigned hurt but immediately returned to smiling bright and happy.


“What’s got you so happy?” Yoongi asked, taking another sip of his drink and yeah, it was still horrible.


“I got promoted,” Jimin said with a wide smile. “You are now looking at a NYCB soloist.”


“Cool,” Yoongi stated because he didn’t know what else to say. He didn’t know the hierarchical structure of a ballet company.


“At least be happy for me,” Jimin whined as he lightly punched Yoongi’s arm.


“Go talk to Taehyung if you want happy.”


“Aww, what’s got you so in the dumps?”


“This after party kinda sucks. This champagne is kinda gross.” Yoongi said, gently swishing around his drink.


“Oh, yeah…” Jimin hummed. “Say, some of us are going to go to a nearby club. Want to join us? It’s going to be an actual after party.”


“Is that alright? Don’t you have some new, ‘soloist’ responsibilities?” Yoongi joked.


“Nah.” Jimin swatted his hand as if he was trying to hit a fly. “They won’t miss me.”


Yoongi nodded. They most definitely wouldn’t miss Yoongi.


“So, you in?”




The music was a loud thudding against Yoongi’s skull as he leaned against the bar, a beer in hand. The flashing lights and the people shouting made Yoongi’s head hurt more. Maybe he preferred the dull after party more.


“Ahh, Yoongi. You’re boring.” Yoongi turned around and once again was met with Jimin. Although this time, the first three buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned, allowing for Yoongi to see the golden skin across his collarbones. The club was dark, yet Jimin’s skin shined bright, reflecting the colorful lights that flashed.


“Hmm…” Yoongi hummed in response, trying hard to not stare at Jimin for too long.


“Come on, dance with me.” Jimin pleaded with wide eyes.


“I think you forget our jobs.” Yoongi chuckled. “You’re the dancer, not me.”


“Oh come on.” Jimin chuckled, and before Yoongi knew it, a small hand grasped his wrist and dragged him through the crowd of bodies. He barely had time to see down his beer.


“You little shit.” Yoongi hissed at Jimin, who only brushed him off with a cheeky smile before letting go of Yoongi’s hand. They were in the very middle of the dance floor and Yoongi hated it. Sweaty, dancing bodies kept bumping into him, making him regret even coming to the club in the first place.


Yoongi looked back up at Jimin after shoving a guy, who was grinding on him very fiercely, off of him and his jaw dropped. Jimin’s fourth button had been unbuttoned, revealing at least half of his golden chest that reflected the light beautifully, but that wasn’t what made Yoongi speechless.


The ballet dancer was moving to the beat of the music with slow and sultry moves that made Yoongi’s mouth water. Jimin began to body roll and, fuck, was he good at those. Jimin was sensual in the way he danced. Nothing was hard-edged about the way he moved, but every one of his movements were powerful in a way that made Yoongi's breath hitch.


His entire body was moving fluidly in a way that just screamed sex god. Yoongi felt warm heat coil up in the pit of his stomach.


Jimin finally looked up into his eyes, the eyeshadow Yoongi hadn't noticed before slightly smudged by the heat and sweat of the bar. Jimin’s eyes were dark yet he smirked, almost as if he knew what he looked like. Jimin walked towards Yoongi, slow and seductive. He stopped merely inches from Yoongi’s face so he could count each eyelash on the younger’s eyes.


“What’s wrong…” Jimin asked slowly with a sly and teasing smile. “...hyung?”


It’s as if all at once, something connected between them, and Yoongi’s self-restraint snapped.


He didn't know how they found themselves in a secluded hallway in the back of the club, but they did.


Yoongi pushed Jimin up against the wall and immediately crashed his lips onto Jimin’s. The younger was stiff, but only for a split second, before he moved his lips against Yoongi’s.




They were everything Yoongi thought they would feel like and more. They were so soft as they moved against Yoongi’s in an almost frantic hunger.


Yoongi nipped lightly at Jimin’s bottom lip earning him a small moan that Yoongi swallowed in another searing kiss. He tasted like that stupid champagne from the after party but, for some reason, it tasted so good on Jimin’s lips.


Yoongi’s hands, which were above Jimin’s shoulders and against the wall, started to slowly snake their way down Jimin’s body as they continued to kiss. Yoongi felt Jimin shiver against him as his hands found purchase against Jimin’s hips.


Yoongi pulled back, slightly to catch his breath, earning him a startled gasp from Jimin. Yoongi looked deeply into Jimin’s eyes. His eyes were dark with lust and want, and his eyelids were hooded, making him look already thoroughly fucked. The loud music was all but a dull hum in Yoongi’s mind because all there was was Jimin and only Jimin.


Yoongi didn’t waste much time catching his breath before dipping his head to place open mouth kisses along Jimin’s neck. A low breathy moan escaped Jimin’s lips as he lifted his arms to run his fingers through Yoongi’s hair, only encouraging him to kiss lower.


Yoongi got to Jimin’s collarbone and nipped slightly at the exposed skin, making Jimin whine. Yoongi’s hands wandered from Jimin’s hips to the front of his pants where he could feel Jimin’s growing arousal. He lightly brushed over Jimin’s bulge and Jimin immediately rolled his hips against Yoongi’s hand.


Yoongi chuckled against Jimin’s collarbone at how needy the younger was. He slowly traced his hand up until he felt a button and promptly unbuttoned Jimin’s pants. He slid his hand down Jimin’s boxers and held his cock. Yoongi started to stroke his length, slowly, drawing out breathless moans from Jimin.


Yoongi pushed at the fabric around Jimin’s waist with his other free hand until his pants and boxers were around his thighs and his cock was free. Yoongi slowly got down on his knees so he could see Jimin’s hard member.


He looked up at Jimin, a silent question hanging in the air.


“Oh, fuck yeah, of course.” Jimin breathed out, understanding Yoongi’s question.


That was all Yoongi needed. He moved his face closer to Jimin’s hips and placed his mouth against Jimin’s cock. His lips were still closed, making Jimin whine in protest. Yoongi smirked before grasping Jimin in his hand and languidly running his tongue along the base until he reached the tip, tongueing at the slit and tasting the salty precum.


“Shit, oh my god, Yoongi,” Jimin moaned, which encouraged him to lick another stripe, this time up the side.


Yoongi wanted to tease Jimin all day because, fuck, the breathy moans and broken whines he was making were so good, but the thumping music reminded him of where they were.


He parted his lips and took Jimin into his mouth, wrapping his mouth around the head, flicking lightly with his tongue and making Jimin cry out softly.


“Ah- fuck-” Jimin moaned. His hands found their way to Yoongi’s head and his fingers were tangled in Yoongi’s blonde hair, now a complete mess.


Yoongi pushed further down Jimin’s cock until he felt it reach the back of his throat, but he didn’t gag- he didn’t have a gag reflex which was mighty handy at times like these. His tongue traced a circle around Jimin’s member as he slowly brought his head back.


“Oh- shit- oh my god-”


Jimin’s words encouraged Yoongi to move his head back down Jimin’s cock and back up. He slowly picked up the pace of his bobbing head, Jimin’s moans becoming louder and more whiny. It wasn’t long until Yoongi felt Jimin’s finger squeeze tightly around the strands of Yoongi’s hair that they held.




Yoongi didn’t need Jimin to finish; he knew the younger was close. He started to bob his head and move his tongue faster. He hallowed his cheeks and took all of Jimin in his mouth just in time for the younger to come down his throat.


A strangled cry left Jimin’s mouth when Yoongi sucked Jimin through his orgasm, making sure no drop fell out of his mouth. Now, Yoongi wasn't one for swallowing but the sounds Jimin let escape his lips made it worth it. He pulled off of Jimin with a lewd ‘pop’ and smirked as he licked his lips. Yoongi looked back up at Jimin and was met with big, surprised eyes. His cheeks were a gentle pink yet his lips looked violently red and were slick with spit.


Jimin grabbed the collar of Yoongi’s shirt and tugged the elder up into a fiery kiss, both moving their lips against the other’s.


When they parted for air, Jimin looked at Yoongi with dark eyes that burned with arousal and need.


“I want you to fuck me Hyung,” Jimin whispered against Yoongi’s lips. Yoongi looked at the younger, slightly shocked at the words that just left his lips.


“You just came…” Yoongi said lamely.


“Yeah-” Jimin chuckled softly. “But I’ll be good by the time we get to my apartment.”




Riding in a taxi with arousal coursing through your veins and a really hot guy palming at your erection during the ride is a terrible idea.


0/10 would not do again.


“Ahh- fuck.” Yoongi groaned as Jimin ran his fingers along Yoongi’s bulge. He had been painfully hard ever since he had kissed Jimin and the teasing fingers of the younger were not helping.


“Just a little further…” Jimin whispered close to Yoongi, his hot breath against Yoongi’s neck making him shiver. “You sure you can make it?”


“Shut up…” Yoongi forced out between gritted teeth, gripping the seat trying to find purchase on something, anything that would take his mind off of Jimin’s hand.


“Here we are sirs.” The taxi driver said reluctantly, probably worried that there would be a mess in his car.


“Thank you.” Jimin dug into his pocket and paid the driver before opening the door and stepping out of the car. Yoongi shivered when the chill air wound itself around him. The cold was a promise of a  bitter winter. They walked silently but swiftly through the building, riding the elevator in silence. If it wasn’t for the elderly couple riding the elevator with them, Yoongi might have just fucked Jimin there. When the elevator doors opened, Jimin practically dragged Yoongi to a nearby door. His small hands fumbled with his keys as he unlocked the door, but he managed to get to door open, dragging Yoongi into the room.


The door didn’t even close before Jimin pushed Yoongi up against the wall and Jimin’s lips were back on his. Warm and soft and… needy. Jimin nipped at Yoongi’s bottom lip and Yoongi almost laughed at how their positions switched, but he didn’t really care. Kissing Jimin felt too good to care.


Jimin pulled back so their lips could disconnect, but no further. They were mere centimeters apart and Yoongi could feel Jimin’s intense heat radiating off of him as he looked at Yoongi with dark eyes.


“Bed,” Yoongi whispered, but he barely recognized his own voice. It was deeper, rougher, needier.


Understanding flashed across Jimin’s eyes and he took hold of Yoongi’s wrist and guided him to a closed door. Jimin captured Yoongi’s lips as they walked through the doorway, his small hands sliding Yoongi’s jacket off of his shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Yoongi stumbled backwards until he felt the back of his knees hit the end of something and he fell backwards onto a soft surface, the bed.


Yoongi shifted back until he was on the bed fully, his eyes never leaving Jimin as the younger threw off his own jacket and started unbuttoning the last few buttons of his shirt. Jimin let his shirt slide off and Yoongi’s breath caught in his throat when Jimin’s torso was exposed.


It wasn’t like Yoongi hadn’t seen him shirtless before, but the different context made it so much more.


There were no lights turned on in the dark room, but Jimin’s skin almost sparkled as he crawled over Yoongi to straddle him. He crawled until his nose brushed against Yoongi’s but instead of kissing him, Jimin dipped his head and kissed the skin right under Yoongi’s jaw making him groan. Yoongi turned his head away from Jimin as he worked his way down Yoongi’s neck.


Yoongi didn’t even realize Jimin was unbuttoning his shirt until he felt hot hands run up and down his chest. His small fingers began to unbutton his pants. Yoongi hissed when he felt his boxers being pushed down to reveal his hard cock, the small amount of friction frustratingly not enough.


“Wow… you’re so hard.” Jimin chuckled against Yoongi’s neck. Yoongi wanted to retort something back, spit out a good comeback, but Jimin wrapped his hand around Yoongi’s cock and immediately, all the words he knew left his brain.


“Fuck…” He breathed out, completely in shock at how good it felt to finally be touched. He almost whined when Jimin drew back his hand.


Jimin pushed himself off of Yoongi and leaned over to the nightstand, opening a drawer to grab something. He awkwardly cringed out of his pants and boxer so when Jimin returned to his straddling position, he held a condom and a small bottle of lube and was completely naked.


Yoongi took in Jimin’s naked form- his strong thighs, his toned torso- and felt his pants grow even tighter than before.


“Maybe… you could take these off.” Jimin said slowly pointing to Yoongi’s pants, his voice raspy with arousal. Yoongi eagerly complied. It was awkward, trying to shimmy his way out of his pants with Jimin on top of him but the feeling of having his dick out and not confined to any pants made it worth the struggle.


Yoongi turned around and tossed his pants and boxers somewhere in the room and turned back to Jimin, making him freeze. Jimin was still straddling him, but he had two fingers eagerly stretching himself out. Strangled whines spilled from his lips as he seemed to hit a good spot.




“You like that?” Jimin looked at Yoongi and smirked, clearly amused by the surprised expression that must have been on his face, but it soon crumbled as a moan slipped from his lips.


He continued for another arduous minute, each second making Yoongi impossibly harder.


“Okay…” Jimin sighed as he slipped his fingers out. “Lay down.”


“Fuckin’ finally,” Yoongi grumbled as he fell back so his back was against the soft mattress.


“Hey, I’m about to ride you, you ass.” Jimin retorted.


“Yeah, and I gave you a blowjob.”


“True…” Jimin mused before ripping open the condom and sliding it, along with some lube, down Yoongi’s length, the slight touch making Yoongi groan. Jimin positioned himself above Yoongi, guiding his cock to his entrance, every little touch tantalizing Yoongi.


When Jimin sank down, a low guttural moan slipped past Yoongi’s lips because, fuck, Jimin felt good. Jimin threw his head back, his lips parted in a silent moan. He didn’t even wait to adjust before he rolled his hips, making both of them gasp at the friction.


"Fuck." Yoongi groaned. "You're so tight."


"Yeah," Jimin breathed out. "Most dancers are...


“Oh fuck…” Jimin moaned as he rolled his hips again, his thighs quivering. He lifted himself up slightly and then brought himself down, he started moving like that. Lifting himself up and then dropping back down, gaining rhythm.


The muscles of Jimin’s legs were rippling under Yoongi’s hands, a thin sheet of sweat breaking out on the dancer’s skin as he bounced on top of him. Yoongi groaned every time Jimin sunk down completely, his ass settling on Yoongi’s hip bones momentarily. Jimin was so hot and tight around him, clenching whenever Yoongi would whisper or groan.


Yoongi began to meet Jimin halfway, thrusting his hips up and the dancer dropped down. Jimin reached back and put his hands on Yoongi's thighs for leverage as he kept fucking himself on Yoongi's cock, face and neck flushed, eyes closed and wet lips parted, breathy and high moans filling the room.


“Oh fuck… Yoongi…” He moaned out his name as if it was the only thing keeping him tethered to his sanity. “ ‘M close… I'm gonna come...”


Yoongi groaned, unable to formulate words. He was close too, feeling the burning pleasure building up in his stomach. He honestly had no idea how he hadn’t come sooner for he had been on edge for at least an hour.


It only took a few more roles of Jimin’s hips for Yoongi to come with a strained groan, spilling into the condom. Jimin continued to fuck himself through Yoongi's orgasm, reaching a hand around to stroke himself and eventually coming with a high pitch moan, his body shuddering in pleasure as he came on Yoongi’s stomach.


They stayed like that for a moment, both reveling in their post-orgasmic state, heavy breathes escaping their lips, Jimin’s hand on Yoongi’s chest trying to keep him from collapsing on the older. Yoongi felt completely drained, his powerful orgasm sucking all the energy he previously had, which wasn’t very much, out of him.


He was so drained, he barely remembered cleaning up his stomach. He was so drained he barely remembered Jimin dragging him into his bed telling him he could stay if he wanted. He was so drained he barely remembered the dread that curled up in his stomach when he realized what he just did.











Yoongi scrunched his eyes before he opened them, the burning sensation of the light shining through his eyelids making him in no rush to open them. A dull headache solidifying his decision to keep his eyes closed.


He turned over off of his arm that fell asleep and relaxed, hoping for sleep to take over his body again. He immediately frowned because his bed was not that big. His blankets were not that soft.


He opened his eyes, hissing at the bright light, but sat up straight. This wasn’t his bed. He looked around the room and everything from the previous night came crashing back.


The club.


Jimin’s dancing.


Jimin’s lips.


Jimin’s moans.




Yoongi looked at the empty spot next to him and sighed. He shouldn’t have been surprised nor disappointed because it was normal.


People always left Yoongi.