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The Few Men He Trusted

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The first time, he was very, very drunk. He was in his second season of F1, and he had drunk a few to many vodkas at one of the parties. It was Fernando who was trying to drag him back to the hotel, babbling away in a combination of English and Spanish that Kimi didn’t want to follow anyways.

It wasn’t too surprising when Fernando pressed him up against the wall of the elevator and kissed him. They had done this before, they were the rookies and they somehow seemed to stick together, which also meant ending up in the same hotel room every once in a while.

Kimi parted his lips, tugging at Fernando’s hair the Spaniard gasped, before tumbling away from him as the doors opened. Kimi, through the alcohol haze, realised it was his floor and sauntered out, glancing back over his shoulder to see Fernando trailing after him. He smirked,not paying any attention to him as he opened the door to his room, walking in and leaving Fernando to close the door behind them.

Kimi sighed as Fernando pressed up against his back, arms loosely wrapped around his waist and lips attacking his neck. He turned around, letting out a soft noise at the way Nando’s eyes had darkened. There was also determination in the Spaniard’s eyes, which Kimi was a little more unsure about.

Nando pushed him backwards onto the bed, straddling his hips.

“Hola.” Fernando murmured, nuzzling Kimi’s cheek. Kimi puffed out a laugh, which turned into a moan as Fernando rocked their crotches together. Fernando pushed himself up to take off his shirt, Kimi’s eyes instantly drawn to the flat surface of the other man’s stomach, and the pronounced v-lines running to below the waistline of his jeans.

Fernando tugged Kimi’s shirt off as well, pressing their mouths together again afterwards. Kimi hummed and rolled them over, undoing his jeans as Fernando struggled to do the same under him, while at the same time trying to draw Kimi in for more kisses.

Kimi wrapped his fingers around Fernando’s cock the moment their jeans and boxers were kicked to the side, a smile tugging at his lips as Fernando moaned and threw his head back. He stroked the Spaniard’s cock teasingly slow, mouthing at the man’s throat.

He moved down slightly, kissing his way down Fernando’s chest and stomach. His fingers were moving down as well, teasing his tight hole. Fernando gasped but then shook his head, clasping Kimi’s face between his hands and pulling him up.

“Let me fuck you this time.” he purred. Kimi tensed instantly, taking in a sharp breath. Fernando blinked in surprise, brushing his lips over Kimi’s.

“What’s wrong? We don’t have-”

“Yes, I-I want to, but…” Kimi intervened, looking far more apprensive than Nando had ever seen him. “I’ve never…” he trailed off, a blush high on his cheeks.

“You’ve never bottomed before?” Fernando asked, seeming a little surprised. Kimi closed his eyes for a moment, shaking his head.

“No…” his voice slightly hoarse now. Fernando hummed.

“You sure you want to then? I mean I understand if you want to save it-”

“Oh god that doesn’t make this any more sexy, shut up already.” he grumbled, before silencing Fernando with another kiss. He allowed the Spaniard to roll them over again, gasping as his back hit the matras.

“You can tell me to stop.” Fernando told him, reaching for the bottle of lube on the nightstand. Kimi nodded but shuddered involuntarily. Fernando made sure to use plenty of lube before bringing his fingers down, keeping an eye on Kimi’s face as he pressed the digits against his hole. Kimi’s eyes fluttered closed, his brow furrowed slightly as Fernando eased an finger inside him.

Fernando pressed a soothing kiss to his hip bone, curling his finger inside the Finn. Kimi let out a soft whine, gasping as Fernando’s lips then wrapped around the tip of his already hard cock. Fernando hummed around his cock before pressing the second finger in. Kimi huffed a little uneasily, biting his lip. Fernando swallowed his cock down more, trying to ease the discomfort.He scissored his fingers, carefully opening the Finn up.

Kimi soon started to become impatient, rocking his hips down to get more of Fernando’s fingers inside him. Fernando pulled his mouth away from Kimi’s cock, licking at the slit for a moment.

“This means you’re ready?” he said with a lopsided grin. Kimi groaned and gave a curt nod. Fernando twisted his fingers one last time before pulling them away as well. He wanted to move over Kimi, but the Finn stopped him, pushing Fernando onto his back and climbing on top of him, straddling his thighs. Fernando grinned, hands brushing over Kimi’s hips. Kimi let out a shaky sigh, eyes closing again as he sank down on Fernando’s cock. Fernando pushed himself up a little so he could kiss the Finn, Kimi moaning into his mouth.

Kimi kept still when Fernando’s cock was fully inside him, brow still furrowed. Fernando kissed the side of his neck, soothingly running his hands over the man’s back. Kimi moaned as he rocked his hips slightly, nails digging into Fernando’s shoulders.

“Okay?” Fernando murmured softly. Kimi opened his eyes, lips parted as he nodded. Kimi pushed himself more up onto his knees before sinking down again, throwing his head back with a breathless gasp. Fernando moved his hips to meet Kimi’s moves, slightly in awe at the sight of the normally so stone-faced Finn coming undone above him. He moved his hand up, wrapping his fingers around Kimi’s cock.

“God you’re beautiful like this.” Fernando breathed out, stroking Kimi’s cock. The Finn was now quickly reaching his climax, groaning as he tried to hold it in. Fernando thumbed the slit, thrusting his hips up a little more firmly. Kimi cried out, going completely rigid as he suddenly spilled over Fernando’s hand and stomach.. Fernando stroked him through his orgasm, catching him as the Finn almost went boneless against him. He moved both his arms around Kimi’s back, steadying him as he thrusted up into Kimi’s tight and twitching hole.

It didn’t take him long before he came as well, gasping out Kimi’s name as his hips jerked a few last times, spilling deep inside the Finn. It took them both a while to catch their breaths, Kimi way more clingy than he usually was after he had topped the Spaniard.

Eventually, Fernando gently tried to push him off, Kimi groaning in displeasure as Fernando pulled out of him.

“Feels weird now…” he muttered, rolling onto his stomach and hiding his face in one of the soft pillows. Fernando chuckled, laying down beside him.

“I know.” he answered, rubbing his back in sympathy. Kimi’s eyes were already fluttering closed, his breathing slowing. Fernando rolled his eyes, snuggling a little closer. It always surprised him how easily Kimi could fall asleep, but he was getting used to it. Kimi sighed and slung an arm over Fernando’s bare waist.

“Thank you.” he murmured, so quietly that the pillow almost blocked the words. Fernando smiled, patting the back of his shoulder.

“De nada.”