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The Unexpected Prophecy

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Leader -


Squirrelstar- A dark ginger tom with sparkling amber eyes.


Deputy -


Webflight- A long haired she-cat with gray fur and dull grey eyes.


Medicine Cat-


Daisytail- A small cream colored tabby she-cat with forest green eyes.


Apprentice -


Cloudpaw- A fluffy white she-cat with bright blue eyes.


Warriors -


Bluetail- A silvery gray tom with slivery blue eyes.


Woodfoot- A pale brown tom with dark spots and light brown eyes.


Mouseleg- A small dark brown she-cat with bright green eyes.


Ashpool- A light gray, dark grey spotted she-cat with dark blue eyes.


Harely- A plump brown and gold tabby with greenish-yellow eyes. He used to be a kitty pet and is on his way to the elders den.


Featherclaw- A tortoiseshell tom with blue eyes and an unusually fluffy tail.


Apprentices -


Crowpaw- A black tom with white fur running down his forehead and back and dull grey eyes.


Fawnpaw- A light brown tom with his paws dipped white and shining amber eyes.


Queens -


Violetflower- A calico she-cat with vibrant purple eyes. Her only kit is Redkit, the others dying for lack of breath.


Poppytail- A pure white she-cat with bright blue eyes. Currently nursing Mistykit and Poolkit.


Elders -


Suncloud- A flamey orange tom with pale blue eyes. He's scrawny and very thin.


Goldenstripe- A shiny golden-brown she-cat with leafy green eyes.






Stormstar- A dark grey tabby she-cat with amber eyes.




Hibiscusflower- A rusted red colored she-cat with light pale blue eyes.


Medicine Cat-


Brightflower- A soft pale yellow she-cat with pale blue eyes.




Brackentail- Soft brown tom with amber eyes




Mudwing- A dark brown tom with bright green eyes.


Mothfur- A golden she-cat with dark spots and soft golden eyes.


Leopardclaw- A golden tabby tom with pale green eyes.


Blackpool- A black tom with amber eyes.


Birchclaw- A dull grey tom with dark blue eyes.




Cinderpaw- A silvery blue she-cat with pale green eyes.




Sliverfur- A sliver grey she-cat with bright soft blue eyes. Her kits are Rainkit, Waterkit, Barkkit, Sootkit, and Hailkit.


Seedcloud- A soft brown, almost golden brown she-cat with amber eyes. Her kit is Goldkit.


Oakear- A russet furred she-cat with piecing yellow eyes. Her kits are Rockkit and Stonekit.




Sorreleye- A rugged tortoiseshell tom with pale blue eyes.


WindClan -




Thornstar- A brown tom with amber eyes.




Rushtail- A pure white she-cat with green eyes.


Medicine Cat-


Loudbelly- A plump ash grey tom with blue eyes.




Dreamwhisker- A pale cream colored she-cat with purple eyes.


Grayfoot- A light grey tom with amber eyes.




Leafpaw- a light gold tom with the same colored eyes.




Twigtail- A brown she-cat with a smaller, young kit, Greenkit.




Skyflight- A grey tom with pale blue eyes.


ShadowClan -




Spiderstar- A black and brown tom with brown eyes.




Sparkface- A mattled black and white she-cat with amber eyes.


Medicine Cat-


Quietwhisker- A pure white she-cat with clouded yellow eyes, signifying that she is blind.




Boulderclaw- A dark brown she-cat with piercing yellow eyes.


Rosetail- A calico she-cat with blue eyes.


Nightfur- A white tom with black paws.


Darkflight- A black she-cat with emotionless green eyes.




Firepaw- A dark ginger tom with bright blue eyes.




Bramblefur- A dark brown tom with amber eyes.