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Trust Me, Trust Us, Trust You

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Stiles was the first one to move. Somehow. He pushed himself off the ground and was just about to look around frantically when a cool, comforting hand cupped his cheek. “Mica?” his mom’s voice was quiet, “How do you feel?”

It was then that Stiles realized he was glowing, faintly. He brought a hand up to watch as the light seemed to flow around it.

“It’s amazing, isn’t it?” his mom asked him, gently, “But nowhere near as amazing as you, my Mischief.” Then forgetting about his glowing body for a moment Stiles threw himself at his mother, afraid that she would vanish again any moment now. Claudia caught her son easily and tugged him close, tucking him in her arms. The glow ignited in her too, and the soft light spread throughout the clearing, waking up the Hale pack who came back to consciousness as the spirit forms of the dead Hales circled them, keeping them safe.

The moment John awoke he swiftly got to his feet, looking for Stiles only to see him and Claudia on the ground a few feet from him, wrapped up tightly together in a hug. They were glowing. John didn’t know what to do.

“Go to them,” the form of Talia Hale that had appeared at his side encouraged him, “We only have so much time here. Go.” The former alpha nudged the Sheriff along with a pointed shove in the direction of his son and wife. He didn’t need telling twice. As he approached the glow receded, passing from Claudia into Stiles as they drew apart slightly, “What? Why?” he heard Stiles ask in wonder.

“It’s all yours now, I kept some back. It might have killed you otherwise, Mischief,” she responded smoothing a hand over Stiles’ hair. Her voice shook slightly as she spoke his name, “Sweetheart, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry that I couldn’t protect you.”

“Mom,” Stiles opened his mouth to protest, but the look on his mom’s face stopped him, he had to hear her out.

“I am under no delusions that you do not blame yourself for something, but know this Mischief, it was not your fault.” As she spoke a feeling of certainty and calm forced itself into Stiles’ mind, settling there, like a wolf protecting its cubs. The feeling behind his mother’s words growled at the darker thoughts in his head. She was protecting him now, even now. She felt he was worth protecting and at that thought Stiles pitched forward and wrapped his arms around her again, holding her tightly and crying silently.

John, unsure of his welcome, but unable to keep himself from drawing closer knelt next to the two of them. Claudia looked away from Stiles, her eyes, so much like her son’s own met her husband’s squarely. Her gaze was fierce, and John had no delusions that she was particularly happy with him at the moment, but there was also love in her eyes, so much love that he thought even now he would happily drown in it, if only to be with her again. She took one hand off of Stiles shoulder and beckoned John forward. The little family tucked themselves into a tight knot of love, warmth, and comfort.

Talia shook her head at John as he set off to greet his wife and comfort his son. Then she turned around to survey the pack, eyes alighting first on her brother, then her son, the one who’d become Alpha against all odds. She strode forward to greet them too. Unfortunately, Laura and Robert both had the same idea. The three of them crashed into Derek, Talia tugging Peter into the embrace too. They fell to the ground at the force of impact, but Derek couldn’t find it in himself to care. His mother, father, and sister were all here. The majority of the rest of the spirit Hale pack had vanished after the fight, and while Derek would have loved to see his cousins and other relatives he was almost deliriously happy to have his parents and sibling back with him and Peter.

The rest of the new Hale pack watched, in amusement as their Alpha was tackled by his family, the bright happiness he was feeling flaring over their pack bonds. Eventually, the three spirit wolves got up pulling their packmates up with them. “Aren’t you going to introduce us to your pack, little bro?” Laura teased Derek, cuffing him lightly over the head, but all Derek did was smile and beckon his betas forward. Chris, Allison, and Lydia following after them, smiling at the scene.

“Wait, where’s Cora?” Derek asked once introductions had been made, looking around, unsure if he’d just missed her.

“She’s with another pack at the moment, but she’s not bound to them.” Claudia’s voice entered the conversation as she approached the packs, Stiles holding tight to her hand, John keeping an arm around her waist, “I have a feeling she’ll be along shortly.”

“She’s not dead?” Peter whispered, hope in his eyes.

Claudia shook her head “No, she’s not.” Then she turned to Talia “Do you want to make the introductions?”

“Pretty sure they’re clear on who you are, Jinx” the former Alpha told her friend, rolling her eyes “This, for those of you that are thick enough to have not guessed yet, is Claudia Stilinski, former Spark and Emissary of the Hale Pack.”

Talia’s words were met with amusement and confusion. “But I don’t remember…” Peter started.

“You wouldn’t, that was the beauty of this whole plan concocted by our enemies,” Claudia told him, voice sharp, “We’ll get you your memories back, all of you” her eyes flickered from Peter to Chris and then landed on Derek “But we don’t have much time” her voice went softer as Stiles tightened his grip on her hand.