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Perfect Little [Blank]

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I stuck the tip of my finger into my mouth as the images on the screen flashed before me. My earbuds lay firmly in my ears as I watched the end product of my newly edited video. Two lean arms wrapped their way around my shoulders, causing me to jump and scream. I turned to see who it was, half expecting it to be some sort of psychotic fan that had somehow found their way to my house. Luckily, Colleen looked down at me with a bright smile as opposed to an overenthusiastic stalker.

“Bae!” A shrieked childishly, teasingly even as I jumped out of my seat, turning to wrap my arms around her. My earbuds tugged out of my ears in the process, leaving them hanging down off of the table. “I missed you,” I said, clearing my throat afterward as I tried to shove down the Little inside of me.

“I missed you, too,” she said, giving me one of her motherly smiles. Her eyes crinkled in the way that made my heart sing, and yet at the same time, it made me die a little bit inside knowing she would have to leave again.

“How are you here?” I ask, my arms still wrapped around her, though more loosely than they had been before

“I can’t just come visit one of my favorite people?” she teased, bumping her nose onto mine. She’sstraightshe’sstraightshe’sstraight, I repeating to myself as the urge to kiss her grew immensely.

“This is more of a peppy daily vlogger thing to do, not you at all!” I laughed, before I finally detached myself from her, running a hand through my long dark hair.

“Okay, I just really, really wanted to see you. And your birthday is coming up soon anyway,” she pointed out, playfully booping my nose. I fought the urge to jump up and down and pout as I continued to talk to her.

“I guess my birthday is coming up soon, huh?” I huffed. “I don’t care why you came, the only thing that matters is that you came to visit me!”

“Aww,” she cooed, “You’re so sweet! How’ve you been?” she asked, gesturing around with her arms.

“Alright. I’ve been spending a lot of time with Joey,” I said, nodding my head a little bit. “Filming and stuff,” I cleared my throat again at the lie. The real reason I had been spending so much time at Joey and Daniel’s was that they had agreed to watch over me while I was in my Little Space, despite Joey being much younger than me.

“I didn’t think I saw any videos go up with you two recently,” Colleen frowned, rubbing her head in thought.

“They’re going up for something special,” I quickly lied, digging myself deeper and deeper into the hole.

“Oh really?” she asked, smiling back at me with adoring eyes. I flinched internally, knowing that she would never adore me in the ways I wanted her to. “I’ll be looking out for it.”

I only nodded, my heart was going a mile a minute as I thought about how I was going to patch this up. “What have you been doing?” I asked, trying to skirt around the topic.

“Too much Miranda stuff,” she laughed, tugging down her shirt as it rose up, allowing me to see a small strip of pale skin. I repressed a giggle, feeling all the more childish by the moment. “Sometimes I start to believe that the YouTube theories are true!”

“Dude!” I smiled, hitting her arm playfully as we migrated to my living room, leaving the work that I had been doing running in the background. I knew that I really should have shut down my laptop and set a reminder to do some work, but I was much too excited by my crush being at my house to care about being responsible. “So who else are you visiting while here?”

“Who says I didn’t come just to visit my wife?” she joked, folding her legs up next to her as she sat on the couch.

“I know you didn’t,” I tease back, feeling giddy at the aspect of her coming just to see me. The more I spoke with the naturally maternal woman, the more the idea of having a proper caretaker sounded. Daniel was sweet, but he had his hands full with Joey and no one else was really equipped to deal with Little Me.

“I was thinking about doing a couple videos with Joey, and maybe finally doing another one with Connor,” she said, running a hand through her curls. Even though I knew it had been a joke about coming just for me, I could feel my stomach sinking slightly.

“We should all do a video together!” I shrieked. She jumped, her eyes wide, though they soon morphed from startled to excited.

“Ohmygoodness, yes!” she gasped, placing her hand playfully over my hand that had been resting on my knee.”God, I missed being around you so much!”

“Me too, girl,” I whispered, leaning in and wrapping my arms around her again. We talked for what seemed like ages until the sun had set and we were both starving. It wasn’t until my stomach growled loudly that we paused in our conversation.

“Sounds like somebody could use some food,” she giggled, poking me in the stomach. I giggled, somewhat slipping a small way into my little space. I coughed, as did she as I pulled myself back into my Adult Mindset. “Do you want to order a pizza?” she asked.

“Yeah! Pizza’s the best,” I crowed, pumping my fist in the air. She chuckled again as she grabbed her phone, logging onto some website or another to order our food.

“What do you want on it?” Colleen asked, glancing up from her phone at me with caring eyes.

“Whatever,” I shrugged. “I’m feeling adventures tonight.”

“Well I’m not,” she laughed. “Do you mind if I just get us both a cheese?”

“Naw, that sounds good too,” I answer. She flashed me a pleasant smile, which caused my stomach to flutter with butterflies and caused my heart to melt. We went right back to talking as we waited for the dinner to show up, only taking a break in talking with one another so that we could do a bit of work as we ate. I picked my laptop back up, cringing at how it had been left on the kitchen table. It was almost two in the morning by the time that we finally actually went to bed, falling into our normal routine that we practiced when she was with me. We brushed our teeth and combed our hair at the same time before we both headed off to our separate bedrooms.

As soon as I was in the safety of my own room, I fell down that well in my mind, getting smaller and smaller until I was about the mental age of five or six. I giggled giddily and ran over to my bed, flopping down on it, which caused an avalanche of stuffies to fall over the side onto the floor. “Bloosh!” I giggled, waving my arms around in the air like they were waves caused by the stuffies decent onto the floor.

“No! Help us, Lilly!” I called out in a fake voice, moving one of the larger ones that I could grab from the safety of my bed around a small bit.

“I can’t! I’m too busy helping all the other animals!” I whisper-shouted back, rearranging some of the stuffies that were dangling precariously over the edge of the bed. “Boof,” I squealed, making the noise with each stuffed animal that I ‘saved’ from ‘death’. Soon, I had tired myself out and fell asleep with my Little pajamas on in a pile of ‘saved’ stuffies.