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My two Gay Boyfriend`s

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Ok so warning this is all fake there's probably a very low chance that this will actually happen this is just all fanfiction for those of you who forget that people write in accurate story's. .

as I park my car and head up the stairs and head to my class .im a transfer student wanting to major in the Korean scholarship covered the full tuition fees. and the best part settlement & monthly allowance, it offered other things like Korean language training, medical insurance, tickets, research allowance all the goods but I'm not worried about that right now.

stepping into the lecture room felt really weird to me today and I couldn't understand.

sitting down putting my things down, I look out the window going over the notes I took yesterday in my head. a scuffle of a chair being pulled out alerts me.

"Y/N you ok?" Jungkook asks as he sits down pulling your chair closer to his as he puts his hands on your thigh rubbing it ."Is she sick or something" Taehyung pulls out the other chair next to you, his hand flies to your forehead checking your temperature.

"you don't feel hot" he mumbles taking your leg and putting it on top of his and rubs it

"Honestly I woke up this morning feeling really fricken restless" you said as you look up to see the professor coming in and getting ready to begin the lesson.

"Like my gut feeling was going into over drive"you say as the teacher is writing on the board .

"Maybe you were in a spot in your house were there was just a lot of energy flow. You know"Jungkook points out haveing a good point.nodding my head we concentrate on the rest lesson scince the quiz I gonna be tomorrow.

Getting up after the 3 hour class I get up the couple's hands falling to their laps as I stretch. My phone falling out of my pocket and under the table I crawl under trying to reach for it but it falling down to the next table.

Not noticing the pair staring at my ass as I bend over giving them a glimpse of my burgendy thong I had on.

Taehyung grabs his chest and looks at Jungkook with wide eyes and grabs his hands and shakes him .

"Kookie are you fucking serious I know that we were just talking but I actually really really fucking want that to happen. Man"taehyung whispers As he feels just a little hot.

After retrieving your phone you head out the door "you guys wanna do something today" you ask nodding you all hop in your car and drive to their house.

"Oh shit I forgot have a appointment soon I'll be back in like 50 minutes" you wave as you zoom off

Jungkook pushes taehyung down on the couch "Did you see baby girl this morning how she was bending over
And even without giving a thought about whether or not we could see her" he questioned as he pushed taes gray hair from his face. "God kook she's so bad she dose things like that all the time"he whines as he pulls kook closer to him so he can kiss him and rub his hard on against his leg

"Did she make you hard baby"kookteased as he pulled taes pants and underwear off. He spreads taes legs ad he spits on his hole. His finger rubs the spit in.

"Did baby girl make you wanna stuff her full of cock and watch as her holes try to clench down"kookie whispers as his. Finger slips past his ring he slowly slides it in out all the way to the knuckle.

Taehyung let's out a long moan as Guk hits at nerves "Wanna ,ahh,wanna see baby girl streched out around our cock,mmmh, see if she can handle us" he grunts kook adds another finger and twist them so he can hit tae in the right spots.

"Bet she could take us Tae after we fist her pussy till she's leaking all over the bed and squirting on our hand. we'll tell her to thank us . Just to get back at her for teasing us for so long" Jungkook adds in two more fingers and bends over tae and whispers in his ear . "we'll have dripping with drooling rolling down her chin her eyes rolled back , her tongue rolled out as we fuck her so hard she'd taste us for weeks".

Jungkook pulls back and unbuttons his pants pulling his cock out . He slaps taehyungs hole with it and rubs the head over it.

"Fuck kook I want that so bad wanna wanna have her all sloppy for us" he says breathily as he wiggles.

Jungkook puts a hand on taes back as he prods at taehyung slowl pushing in then coming out quickly before Tae could get the chance to enjoy him.

" What if Y/n we're come right now while I'm teasing you. And she can see your face. How you look so wrecked even though my whole dick hasn't even gone in" taehyung groans our long and whimpers with your name on his lips.

Jungkook pushes in completely as he feels the ridges inside glide against his cock as they catch on the head. He can feel them tighten around him as he thrust in .

",Fuck tae i can feel you so good" jungkook groans out as he grabs taehyungs hips .

" God baby imagine our girl in her knees watching us she fingers her little pussy for us . Legs spread wide"

He pounds in hard as Tae let's out a Yelps at jungkook hitting his spot just right. His head rolls as he thinks about all the dirty talk jungky spout to him

" Kookie I'm gonna cum! Oh fuck gukk I can't !" He can feel every drag as jungkook pulls out

Jungkook can feel Tae twitch so he position him at better angle slamming into his prostate.

Taehyung let's out a loud moan cumming on to the sofa. Squeezing jungkook in a vice grips, guk spurts into his hole pulling out as some dribbles out.

Jungkook groans at the sight.

"Taehyung let's get cleaned up real quick before baby girl gets here" he says as taehyung nods softly heading for the shower.

Several minutes later their both dressed in different clothes as they cuddle on the couch. Jingling is heard as the door opens

" Hey boys I'm a little late because on my way back I saw Chim,he was sitting by himself at a cafe so I joined him" you say as your feet take you to the living room.

The two boys look up and smile at you

" We have something we want to tell you , will you be our girlfriend?"