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Two months later,Zhu Yilong was being interviewed by the company whom he had promised to after he ran away as he found out about Bai Yu's heat.

Afraid of having the same incident from occuring, Bai Yu had stayed at the cafe inside the studio where they were filming itself. No one seemed to notice him yet and he was proud of it;the reason being because he had shaved this morning. Maybe people didn't recognize him without his iconic stubble from the drama he filmed with his boyfriend. Nonetheless he didn't really care if he wasn't noticed. All he cared was that he knew his boyfriend would quite enjoy kissing his smooth chin now.

He thought of it being odd. The sudden intense but familiar scent of coconut oil was rousing him. It was intense and he felt the need to submit to it. He stared around him and noticed that others too were noticing and were affected the scent;some red faced and some even leaving the cafe right away. He quickly pulled out his phone to text the other,questioning him if the scent was coming from him.

Yilong whom was absolutely oblivious grew worried at the amount of crew members fanning themselves and growing uncomfortable.

"Is there anything wrong?" He politely questions while the staff members tensely nodded. He grinned despite the awkwardness and continued on with the interview. He's gotta do what he's gotta do and all he wants to do is wrap up this interview and cuddle at home with Bai Yu.

It was at the forty fifth minute that the female director screamed cut and had quickly walked out of the room. A female staff member approached him shyly,handing him a bottle of water. "Zhu Yilong-ge, we think it's better that we end the interview now. All our footage is quite sufficient. Please drink a lot of water and if you need any help feel free contact me. I'll be ready anytime you need me."

Confused,Yilong accepted the bottle of water and the card she gave him. The woman then ran away shyly and he picked up his items on the desk,greeting everyone goodbye before he leaves the room. He pauses outside the door and checks his phone. He opened the text from Bai Yu and was beyond shocked. His scent was all over the place and he just realized it.

He was in his rut.


Bai Yu had found him there standing and instantly brought him out of the building and into the prestigious hotel besides it. He retrieves the key card from the receptionist and quickly presses the 'shut doors' button of the elevator once they were in. Bai Yu releases his arm once he notices the CCTV. They maintained their distance all the way till they reached the room.

Kissing once the door closed. It was Bai Yu whom had pushed him to the door and ravished him. "You're so stupid,ge. How could you not realize your own rut?"

Yilong grabbed him by the hips and hoisted him up. Kissing him instead of replying him. With his omega close by,he finally felt his inner alpha awakening inside him. He gently placed him of the bed,pulling away to take off both of their shoes.

He grew desperate and the need to mark was all he could think of.

He pulled away and began undressing the other whom chuckled at his impatience.

"Baby, turn around for me." Yilong pleads,his eyes teary and Bai Yu knows he's in pain. He obediently turns around,propping himself on his elbows. He feels Yilong frantically kissing his back while he groans and bites into the pillow in response.

Yilong mouth travels closer to his rim and licks around the area,where his omega slick had spilt. He knows deep down that Yilong enjoys the flavour. He turned his head to the side to see whatever the other was doing at the moment. After what seemed like a few seconds,Yilong finally dipped his tongue in. Bai Yu flinched, gripping the sheets tighter in his hands. The older then added two fingers in,instantly stretching him out.

Another joined in and together pressed against his prostate,massaging the gland carefully and slowly. Bai Yu at this point was a mess,the pillow soaked by both sweat and tears. As he was quite close to his orgasm, Yilong grabbed his cock and swiftly jerked him off. The man's mouth and fingers leaving his hole but the hand around his member remained there.

He came once Yilong had pushed himself into him,blanketing him. It was euphoric,he was moaning so loudly he swears whomever was renting the rooms around them could hear him. Yilong pulled him by his hair, engaging him in a steamy kiss to muffle his moans. He continued on roughly thrusting into him,pulling out just to flip the other around onto his back.

"Baby, I'm so sorry." He says upon lining his dick against the hole. Bai Yu was already hanging to him by the shoulders,teeth biting the meat of his shoulder as he began frantically thrusting.

Bai Yu came for the second time when Yilong had bitten the side of his neck. But it seemed like the other would have him come an unpredictable amount of times before he'd have his knot implanted into him.


Bai Yu must've had passed out that one round Yilong had fucked him hard against the wall. He was in bed and was still physically connected attached to the alpha but knowing the other,he had already been cleaned. He felt the secure arms around his waist and softly smiled. He tilted his head enough to see the other sleeping and inched closer to kiss his nose.

"I'm so sorry I couldn't control myself,does it still hurt?"Yilong sleepily questions and instead of replying Bai Yu kissed his lips. "Please don't cry in the middle of the night thinking about this. I'm fine,really."

"Well if you say so."

In the end,Bai Yu still wakes up in the middle of the night to the sound of Yilong sobbing his heart out in the bathroom.