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Save My World

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Rain and thunder fall onto the roof of the school. The silence in the room could be cut with even the bluntest of knives. Pitter patter of the rain seemed to get louder as the teacher began handing out the examinations. Pitter patter there's a test on her desk. Pitter patter there's eyes watching from behind her back, knowingly stalking her. She doesn't dare to look up but rather gaze at the piece of thin white paper on her desk.
Hearing the thunder roar sends a chill up her spine and causes her body to silently shiver. She glances up to meet the teachers stone cold eyes and then back down to her paper. She didn't study or practice for this. Picking up the pen in hand and writing her name down she felt her shoulders go heavy.
Eyes burning into the back of her soul, or rather whats left of it. Biting her lip the girl tried answering the questions. She was two lines down when she felt the softest tap on her cheek. falling with a silent tap on her desk was a small piece of torn paper. She didn't glance to see who had tossed it but rather open it there and then.
Her eyes seemed to well up and she scrunched it in her balled fist. Anger seeping through her veins and turned in her seat with eyes of blazing fury. Her doe-brown eyes met the sharp blue icy ones of the girl sat in the far back. Her pale skin playing with her locks as her pink lips curled into a knowing smirk.
The girl was going to throw the paper back at her but before she could even move an inch the icy blue-eyed girl raised her hand and with a knowing grin of doom she spoke to the teacher.
"Sir, Sophia is trying to copy me!" She pouted like a child.
Sophia was enraged. She turned to the front of the classroom and glared up at the teacher. He walked over to her and gave her a warning before looking up at the girl who had made the accusation.
"Emily if you were concentrating on your test you wouldn't have seen Sophia. Get back to work."
Emily huffed and brushed her golden locks out of her face with a spiteful sound emitting from her mouth covered in bright pink lipgloss.
Sophia didn't turn back at Emily but kept to herself. She didn't even try to do the week's examination. The small drops of the rain continued to fall until the heavy sounds of the rain were drowned out with the school bell.
Without hesitation, Sophia rose from her seat and swiftly grabbed her black backpack. She was so close to making a quick and painless get-away before Emily and her goons piped up.
"Whats wrong Sophia? Daddy gave you a rough time yesterday?" Emily snickered along with her brainless beings she calls her friends.
Though Sophia didn't feel a thing when that vile comment left her lips. She was too broken to feel anything. She just turned and gave them a glance before grabbing her hoodies hood and putting it over her head.
One step out of the classroom and she heard them burst into a fit of laughter and continue to mock her. She looked down at her arm and cursed at the blue mark that was on it as it stared straight back at her mockingly.
Her father didn't do a thing to her. Emily just hasn't got a clue whats been going on in her life. Did she ever actually care back then? Were they, friends? Did she even spare a thought of her welfare before she became the bitch she is today?
Going to her locker in a deathly silence Sophia put her books away and let out a shallow breath. She still had that dumb note Emily threw at her. She opened it again and with a concentrated mindset, she read over the words etched into the paper.
'No one liked you hon, Can't you see or are you too blind like your mother? Do the school a favor by jumping off a bridge and decreasing the population yeah?'
She wiped the tears from her eyes and threw the note to the floor and slammed her locker shut.
This was just a normal day at her school. What had she done to deserve this much abuse from her so-called best friend? Ever since Emily started cheerleading and hanging out with those girls she used Sophia as a target. Her personal dartboard.
The comments hurt but not enough. Her mother always told her to have tough skin and to keep going. Sophia walked down the library where she grabbed out her sketchbook and began to draw until her heart's content- that is until lunch is over. She loved to draw and make her imagination come to life.
Every blot of ink and every line of pencil helps her escape the hell of reality. Her Dad doesn't understand it.
"Get a job." He says.
"Stop wasting your time doing that." He says.
"Go do the housework." He says.
He's not abusive but he is a complete waste of space of a parent. It was her Mother who raised her not this person she hadn't met until she was forced to. Her mother went blind after an accident and was no longer able to take her of herself nevermind Sophia, so she had to live with her father.
He doesn't work. He doesn't do the housework. He doesn't care for her emotions. He will pick on her. It's like having another Emily at home except this one is middle-aged and severely overweight. Sophia wonders how he can even walk nevermind get to the fridge for food. Did I mention he drinks constantly ?
Yes, Sophia has it bad. But the bruises are her own fault. To escape reality she climbs the tree outside her bedroom window and sketches or reads upon the highest branch of the tree. The emerald leaves waving in the breeze and her imagination gazing upon the sky above. Sometimes she miscalculates her steps and falls which is what happened yesterday. She fell and got bruised a bit but her father couldn't care a less.
Now in the library, she's sketching until that devilish bell rings and it's off to chemistry for her.
When she gets there she sees Emily in her seat with a grin. She doesn't spare her the time of day and walks past her to Emily's old seat.
The teacher began to speak tot he class when Emily's big mouth began to talk, again.
"Miss Thratcher!"
"Yes, Emily?" Miss Thratcher asked turning from the class board.
"Sophia stole my seat!" She cried.
"What?" Sophia snapped with a wicked glare. "How could I steal your seat?" She seethed.
"Miss she took it from me," Emily said like the teacher's pet she is.
Sophia huffed and the teacher looked at her. "Sophia give her back her seat."
"I never took it so I can't give it back." Sophia rolled her eyes.
"Sophia that's where Emily sits."
"No! She was in my seat when I got here so where else would I sit?" Sophia raised her voice. The anger seething out of her entity.
"Sophia drop the attitude." The teacher yelled.
"Sophie, if you wanted to trade you could have asked," Emily said sweetly. Her voice almost caused Sophia to vomit.
"Oh shut up! You knew full well you took my seat and now your whining about it like a little bitch!"
"That's it! Sophia detention and take yourself somewhere else for the remainder of the class."
Sophia scoffed. "Gladly."
With that, she stormed out of the chair and was about to run out of the room before a foot dressed in a slick black heel tripped her up. She fell onto the floor with a thud. Groaning as the fading sound of the class' laughter filled the air. She looked up to see Emily smirking down at her for a split second. She scrunched her face in anger and was about to punch her before the teacher grabbed Sophia's arm and dragged her from the floor and out of the door.
"What has gotten into you?" The teacher asked as if it were a rare occurrence.
"It's her!"
"Emily is a very nice girl Sophia. Maybe its just a bad day for all of us eh?"
"Yeah, sure it is." Sophia scoffed.
"Now about that attitude, I'll be writing to your father about this."
Oh great, She thought. As if he would care anyway. She didn't answer.
"For detention, I will not be here tonight but the school attic needs cleaning so you can go help out there."
Perfect. She can just skip it and go home to-
"Mr Strange will be waiting to escort you up there. You will need a key to get in."
Sophia's face dropped. She nodded timidly before the teacher turned to go back into the classroom, leaving Sophia to her thoughts. Slowly the brunette glanced back into the room from the door window. She and Emily made eye contact and Emily waved slyly with her hand. She knew full well it was her fault.
One day.
One day this will all come back to her in the form of karma.
Sophia shot her a look of disgust before turning on her heel and pacing quickly down the boring grey hallways to the girl's bathroom. Practically running inside like it was the last thing she was going to do, Sophia ran to the sinks and grabbed the basin with her hands.
She watched as tears left her eyes and dripped through the plug hole of the sink. Looking in the mirror she wished to scream but her voice was flushed out by the lump in her throat. She simply couldn't go on anymore.
Now she has to clean some kind of attic? That is the least of her worries.
She wishes she would just disappear just for a moment.
To escape reality.
And never come back.
When the school bell rang again it was over. The girl sighed in relief. But then stopped in her tracks when a voice boomed around the hallway.
"Sophia Black!"
She turned slowly with a face of 'oh god no' on her face.
"Detention really kid?" Strange asked. Mr Strange is the most chill teacher you will ever come across. It might be weird but he's honestly a better friend than Sophia has in this hell hole of a school.
He's young. Only 27 and teaching but gets everything about her problems. He can even see past Emily's tricks so his class is freedom for her. He teaches English which just happens to be something she loves.
"Nevermind lets just get you to the attic- Hope you don't hate dust." He chuckled.
He led her up four flights of stairs and several turning corridors weaving in and out of the building complex. Sophia didn't realize how big this school was until now. She felt guilty that she had somewhat disappointed her favorite teacher who was just rambling on about how not to let Emily get to her but she had faded from reality. Her imagination played back memories yet to come from when she would get home.
Pizza or Pasta for tea? Will she sketch or read? Anything new on Tv?
Her thought bubble of seclusion was popped when the ladders up to the attic were dropped from the small hole in the ceiling.
"Okay, good luck."
"Wait you're not coming with me?"
"Me? Oh no I have papers to mark."
She smirked. He raised an eyebrow and realized what she was pondering about. "No leaving Sophia, I will be right down this ladder with these babies." He held up all the papers he had yet to mark. When was he carrying those?
Sophia rolled her eyes in a slouch as she dropped her bag next to her teacher's foot before climbing up the ladders.
She glanced back down to see her teacher texting on his phone before making it to the attic floor. It was dark and dusty. Everything you would expect from an old attic. Old equipment from the 1900's and old paintings from the art classes in the previous years. Old old old.
Nothing new or to her interest as she grabbed a rag on the edge of a large crate and began swinging it around aimlessly. Walking around on the creaking floorboards she spotted a small string on the ceiling. She pulled it and the light was soon released from the ancient light bulbs on the roof.
"This sucks." She said unamused. There needs to be something interesting up here. Shrugging her thoughts and conspiracies away she began cleaning or rather lightly dusting things. She had to hold a hand to her mouth so she wouldn't breathe in dust.
Cleaning and dusting for a while she moved over to the very far back of the attic where the real treasures were. And by real treasures, I mean old yearbooks and old contraptions.
"A record player eh?" She said trying to work it. Shrugging she put it back down on the floor and wiped the dust from the front of a large chest.
Her eyebrow peeked in confusion.
'Property of Vivian Valcrest'
Who is that? Was that the founder of the school or something? Wiping around the lock with the now filthy rag she discovered that it needed a key. Sophia tried with her little strength to open the chest to test if it was already unlocked but it didn't budge.
She was never getting in this. It was almost impossible to open.
Her imagination sparked. Almost impossible but not quite. In an energetic dash, she sprung around looking for an old key. Judging by the chest, this was old. Maybe even hundreds of years old.
She turned around suddenly and knocked a vase from the top of a bookcase shelf. It smashed into pieces. Huffing in annoyance she brushed the smashed pottery out of the way in order to clear the path but what caused her to beam with a smile was a true find.
The key, hopefully to the chest, sat on the floor waiting for her arrival.
Grabbing the small key she unlocked the chest with a satisfying click. Moving other objects out of the way she slowly opened it.
Then her dreams and theories were popped like a bubble.
"Junk?" She said in disappointment, her hand scavenging the chest only to find old pictures and other useless items.
She sighed once more and was about to close the chest for good but a small object did catch her eyes. She picked it up with both hands.
A box- small and in the shape of a hexagon. Golden with a darker golden border and fancy details. On the top of the box was an encryption under a large single clear gem.
'To Enter what Reality Desires but cannot form open the door to The Averyx Realm'
"Is this some kind of joke? This looks like a jewelry box." She asked herself. Her hands fiddling with the latch that opened the box. She began to shake it and it sprung from her hands. She jumped in fright and looked at it. The gem began to glow purple.
"A mood box maybe?"
It turned back to a clear gem so Sophia decided to open the box.
"What a waste of time." She tutted before standing on her feet. Pulling out her phone she glanced at the time. It was late. She best goes home.
Not even bothering to put the box back she turned on her heel.
Two steps from her original place the box began to move. She shot her head around to look at it skeptically. She deeply believed in the supernatural but this is taking it to the next level. Did that box just move? She looked around to see if anyone else was up here with her.
Scared, she tapped the box very gently with her foot.
"What am I doing just-"
The box began to thrash around and the outer rim got brighter. The inside of it began to let out a cloud of purple, almost glittering and gleaming without light touching it. The blubs on the ceilings began to swing and flicker. On and off the light kept leaving Sophia without warning. Sounds of thudding and a high pitched laughter filled the room before it went silent.
Not knowing if this was safe Sophia sat there in shock and fright. What exactly was that? Was it some kind of curse?
"What the heck!?" Sophia screamed in hopes Mr Strange would come up to see what was going on. Little did she know he was visiting a female teacher after classes instead of being in detention. Every teacher has their secrets.
The light shrowded the attic before dying out. Sophia was on the floor sitting up and glaring at the box in utter confusion if anyone had ever experienced it to that level.
"Enough with the fancy lights what is-"
A loud bang and a thrash of lightning struck the school attic roof before purple smoke spurted from the box and Sophia was a coughing mess. The floor began to rock and the gates of hell were surely opening if Sophia had ever seen it. Green lights burst through the cracks of the floorboards as the wood began to rock up and down. Thudding and a strange whisper filled the air along with the thick deep purple smoke.
Waving her hands about she tried to open her eyes.
"Emily you better not be playing a sick trick on me or I swear I will not hesitate to throw you out of the school window when I catch you!" Sophia screamed and coughed.
"Wow, now that's a warm welcome!" A dry and sarcastic voice snorted.
Sophia's eyes shot open and her jaw dropped.
"The hell!?"