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Diana's Secret Tapes

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The first time she had heard of them, she responded with a look of absolute incredulity. You would respond the same way if someone told you that Wonder Woman: a founding member of the Justice League and the most powerful superheroine of them all, had secretly made a buttload of sextapes. Not only had she made a buttload of sextapes but she was also a huge submissive that took great pleasure in being dominated by just about anyone. Who the hell would look at Diana of Themyscira and think she was anything but a dominant, strong, independent woman who took shit from no one. All of the reasons above were why Barbara Gordon did not think these tapes were real. Yet what if they were?

Stargirl had been the first to start gossiping about it. How the hell she found out, Barbara had no clue yet Stargirl told the rumor to Supergirl, Barbara’s number one BFF and that’s how she found out about this ridiculous gossip. At first Barbara had dismissed them both as insane and way too horny to be thinking about such things yet she couldn’t stop wondering about these supposed tapes herself. Who wouldn’t? They would be worth a fortune! Barbara would never sell them of course but imagine how much perverts all over the world would dish out to see Diana getting her ass dommed by someone or the other.

The tapes weren’t real either way… or were they? That was the million dollar question and it dominated Barbara’s entire train of thought for three days before she decided to do something. She was Batgirl after all and she had some wicked hacking skills not to mention fantastic intuition. Being one of the proteges of the World’s Greatest Detective had its benefits indeed. Hell, she was probably better with tech than the big guy himself.

All of this led to tonight, Barbara clad in her Batgirl costume breaking into Diana’s place in Washington D.C. near the Hall of Justice. She had went to D.C. all the way from Gotham and luckily the amazon was not home that night. Barbara didn’t even want to think about the ass beating she would get from Diana if she got caught. Then she would have to deal with Bruce who would probably give it to her even worse. Luckily she avoided that ungodly nightmare scenario and disabled Diana’s whole security system. Once satisfied that no alarms or cameras would catch her, she had quietly slipped inside, used some hardware she developed herself to download all of the files on Diana’s computer in seconds and slipped out just as fast as she had come in.

Barbara felt insanely guilty during her return journey to Gotham. She had “borrowed” the Batwing to get to Washington which was fine since Bruce was currently in Africa hunting Ra’s al Ghul but it still wasn’t right. She felt so dirty. Besides Bruce, Diana was her biggest role model yet she had just broken into Diana’s home and stolen all the information off her computer on the off chance her horny ass would find some sextapes. She needed a hot shower.

She finally reached home around midnight and it was still pretty early for her seeing as how she’s Batgirl and she operates on little to no sleep anyway, so she decided to take a hot shower and go to work. Barbara quickly slipped off her Batgirl costume and took a quick shower before re-entering her room and going straight to her computer to sift through Diana’s files. The young heroine threw on some sleep shorts and a simple tank top before examining the information on her flash drive. She turned up with nothing… for about five minutes before she came across a folder simply marked “XXX”. Barbara simply gulped and clicked on it before her eyes went wide.

“Holy shit! Holy goddamned shit, no freaking way!” she yelled in joy before feeling ashamed of herself for breaching Diana’s privacy so severely. She clicked on the folder and examined the thumbnails of all the videos. They were definitely sex tapes… and she was going to watch every single one of them this goddamned instant. Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin could handle patrol for the night, they didn’t need her right now. Her father wasn’t home as usual and probably wouldn’t be back until the morning. That means she had plenty of time to watch all of these. She went to click on the first one when she hesitated. She didn’t want to do this alone. She was too embarrassed to see herself become this. Some filthy little pervert who wanted to see her role model in serious heat. If she was going to stoop this low, someone had to come with her.

“Kara. You won’t believe what I found! Get your ass to my place in Gotham right now!” Barbara exclaimed through her phone.

“Babs, whatever it is you found can wait until the morning. Hate to burst your bubble babe but not everyone is nocturnal like you Bat Family types.” Kara sassed back.

“Well Ms. Sass, you’re going to miss out on a real treat! A treat you’ve been gossiping about for a while now.” Barbara declared almost sick with how proud she was of herself.

“What are you on about Babs? You seriously want me to come to Gotham all the way from Smallville?” Kara asked clearly sleepy and getting fed up with Barbara’s teasing.

“Come and find out what I’m on about Kara. It would only take you like, a minute to get here anyway.” Barbara teased. She could hear Kara sit up on her bed and huff into the phone.

“Barbara you better tell me why your calling me at this ungodly hour right now or I will be coming over there but to discipline your big bubble butt for interrupting my beauty sleep!” Kara uttered in a scathing tone.

“First of all, my butt is not that big! Second, you punishing me would be totally unfair! You are a freaking Kryptonian after all and my ass is not built for that abuse. Finally, Diana’s tapes are totally real and I’m about to binge watch all of them without you right now. Byeee!” Barbara giggled into the phone and hung up. She waited exactly one minute before Kara flew threw her bedroom window decked out in her full Supergirl costume.

“Geez Kara why are you in costume? We aren’t facing any threats.” Barbara pointed out.

“Yeah except Diana finding out we have her sex tapes and coming over here to beat our asses black and blue.” Kara deadpanned.

“Let’s be honest my ass is the only one in any real danger! You Kara, are Supergirl! Diana would break her hand trying to hit you! Besides I’m the one who laid it out on the line here!” Barbara retorted.

“Fair points I suppose. I’m only in costume because there’s no way in hell I’m flying in my pyjamas and I brought a change of clothes. I’m going to change and your going to tell me how you got your hands on these.” Kara stated. Kara changed as Barbara brought her up to speed and the Kryptonian could hardly believe what she was hearing.

“Wow who knew sweet, innocent little Barbara, who scolded me for being “too horny” was secretly such a naughty little girl herself!” Kara mock scolded and Barbara squirmed in her seat because that last line kind of turned her on. “I might have to put you over my knee after all little one. You’ve been a very bad girl.” Kara teased knowing exactly what she was doing.

“Oh shut up will you! Your out of control kinky ass will be satisfied by these I’m sure.” Barbara spat.

“My out of control kinky ass? You mean our out of control kinky asses. I bet your search history will back me up on that.” Kara challenged. Barbara was silent and Kara stuck her tongue out at her triumph.
“Soo, there’s no going back from this… you ready?” Barbara asked as she hovered her mouse over the play button on the first tape. Kara quickly said no, left and returned with enough snacks to feed a small village. Barbara still felt disgusted, she was going to watch Diana’s, freaking Wonder Woman’s personal sex life like it was some cheap romcom.

“Well, are you going to let the slumber party smut marathon commence” Kara chuckled, seemingly less ashamed than Barbara was.

“Well someone’s certainly excited.” Barbara mumbled but Kara caught it with her super hearing.

“Don’t be giving me attitude. I bet if I stuck my hand down your shorts, you’d be soaking wet!” Kara claimed.

“Wha- that’s ridiculous! I- no!” Barbara sputtered. She loved Kara to death and the Kryptonian was the best friend a girl could have but sometimes Barbara really wanted to strangle her.

“Aww Babs your so damn cute when you blush! It matches your hair and everything! Soo adorable!” Kara cooed.

“I hate you.” Barbara chuckled before she hit play on the first video and reached for a bag of chips.