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Yaoyorozu Momo-

For as long as she could remember, Momo’s hair was always long like her mothers. Maybe not as long, but long nonetheless. She even prided herself a lot for it, for how long and beautiful it was, how healthy and strong it was. It was one of the many traits she had taken from her mother. Although there was few things she didn’t have of her mother, like her eyes. Momo’s mother’s eyes were more strict, focused and wise. They were careful and extremely observant like a supereon herself should be.

She was still incredibly beautiful; her skin tan and dark was also one thing she didn’t inherit from her mother. Otherwise they would have been twins in both looks and smarts.

But her mother wasn’t the only one with such brains, her father had an outstanding lab, as one should if they were a biochemical engineer. Using dozens of sciences together, he creates things that helped thousands of people before, and thousands more to come. Not only was he great at creating medicines and treatments, but he was also great in creating machinery. His inventions never ceased her amazement. Even the Japanese military had their eyes on him, always buying ideas and plans from him every year.

She wished to be like them both, since the careers were both so interesting. But it was hard to choose just one of those dreams. There was also the chance that she might pick one and hurt the other’s feelings for not wanting to be like them once she grows older. Putting her marker down with its cap back in place, she grabs on to a doll beside her and walking up to her guard, Mr. Kawaste, someone she had known for her entire life.

“Mr Kawaste!” she calls up to him, pulling her doll closer to her chest, “What should I do? Should I become more like father, or maybe like mother?” she tilts her head to the side, her curious eyes searching for an answer as her personal guard turns away from the opening of her door to face her.

He goes to bend down to her level, a knee on the ground as he tells her, “Miss Momo, you don’t need to follow into your parent’s footsteps, you can create your own future. Follow what’s in here,” he pats himself in the chest, and Momo kindly smiles up to him. It wasn’t an answer she was expecting, she really just wanted one or the other, but she wasn’t rude to dismiss him. She nods her head in agreement instead of saying anything rude.

The man smiles again, patting her head as he stands back up again, straightening himself out he takes place back to the door, standing guard and leaving Momo to herself with her toys.

 αu αu αu

Mother never took her out anywhere, they had couriers and messengers to fetch things like groceries, and they’ve been working under father and mother here in her home long enough to know what is needed. They family doesn’t really eat together, and rarely seen as a whole, but there are a few who come to eat in specific times, and not to mention the personnel have to eat as well.

And with a big house like Momo’s, a mansion as they so called it, they needed all the help they could get. Especially since mother and father were always busy with their own work.

Anyways, mother never took her anywhere, not even to the park where she heard the kids play and ran around until they exhausted themselves. Not to the markets where she hears are filled with different colors, and sweets of all sorts. So, she knew something was wrong when her mother had secretly taken her from her room, into the spacy garage where a car was already running. There was no driver, which is another odd thing, and even more so when mother ended up there. It was unlike them to drive, both her parents sitting in the back seat having someone else driving.

Mother wasn’t always serious, she was kind and sweet. But there was times during work, where she was frustrated and angry. Just like now.

With no explanation, they drive off.

Her home was at least miles away from her neighbor’s home, and even more so from other civilization like the city. But mother doesn’t head towards the city, she goes the opposite direction with Momo in the back seat looking out of the window with wonder, hoping to see something new.

She was always locked up from society, her parents created a playground for her to play inside the home. They created a classroom in the mansion, so she can feel like a student in a private school. The only thing off was that she was always alone.

Mother and father both believe that it’s dangerous for her to leave the mansion, saying that there was bad people in the world that didn’t like mother and father, and would do anything to get back to them. Hurting little girls was definitely at the top of the list of can dos to them.

So, she listened, and did everything she was told. There was even a time where she had to practice memorizing paths to the closest hiding spot, hiding either in the bunkers or the hidden vents. She would be placed in a random spot in the mansion and her mother would always time her. The fun parts would be beating her record time, and father carrying her out of the designated picking up spot and treating her with a large glass of ice-cream as a reward. Even if mother disapproved, she looked away from it, just so Momo could eat her delicious treat.

It was perhaps an hour later, with mother going faster and faster in the car that they made it to their destination.

It was in an area she didn’t recognize, nor could she really even try. It was just a large field with dying tall grass and weeds of different kinds. Mother got out of the car first, closing the door shut she heads to Momo’s side of the car in the back, opening the door and unstrapping her from her seatbelt. She pulls her out of the car, closing it shut before bending down to Momo’s height.

“Momo,” her mother’s Japanese accent quickly changes to one of a heavier language, Russian, her father’s preferable language, “Momo,” her hands slide up to the girl’s shoulders, she squeezes tightly, there’s worry in her face, much different compared to the serious one she displayed on the ride here. “We’re going to go inside a big building okay?” Momo doesn’t take her eyes off her mother, she doesn’t see any big building, but she nods her head nonetheless.

“I need you to be completely quiet, and never say a word. Don’t ask questions, and don’t let your eyes wonder, looking straight to where we are heading, okay love?” She kisses her daughter’s forehead after Momo nods again, she smiles and stands up quickly. Taking her daughter’s hand, she tells her another thing before silencing herself completely, “Remember everything you see, remember everything you hear, okay?”

As they walked, Momo starts to get scared. Her mother is walking in a path where there is no path, just giant weeds, and big beetles crawling about. She clings on tighter onto her mother’s pencil skirt, grey and void of any color.

As they continue to walk, Momo starts to realize that there was in fact a path underneath them. That the hard cement was covered in dirt and dead grass. It was hard to tell from far away, but there was no doubt about it, sometimes shuffling her feet, she saw a grey spot of cement beneath her.

They soon start to go downhill, or at least she feels like they do go down, but there was no hill. Eventually steps start to appear, and a large lump on the ground has a hole at it’s side, something like a cave. They enter it, but instead of going straight, they start to head down, deeper and deeper until there was no light above them.

There’s a door her mother opens, and she’s rushed in before her mother shuts the door behind her tightly. On this side of the door, there is light, but it was still poor. There was grey everywhere, and there was no color anywhere along the walls.

Once they get deeper into the hallways, the walls start to open and branch out in different ways. There was a few strangers here and there, and they had boxes with them, or at least some of them had boxes with them. They came in all different sizes too, big wooden crates, to small red coolers.

She quickly diverts her attention forward like mother said, leaving everything else to pass her. She wasn’t sure why she was brought along, mother said she couldn’t do nor say anything, so it wasn’t like she was at all useful, or maybe mother needed her memory to help her. She did have a brilliant memory like her father, memorizing conversation and locations easily, remembering pictures of all sorts and recalling them without trouble. So maybe mother needed her to listen in a conversation, so it can be replayed back to her when they were alone.

Smiling, she looks up to her mother, her long black hair was so much longer than Momo’s but still as beautiful and thin. It reached all the way to her mother’s thighs, and not to mention it was perhaps longer since it was in a pony tail on the back of her head. If it wasn’t for her mother’s darker skin tone, her and mother would be completely alike, both in looks and smarts.

Although mother always said that she had father’s eyes. Filled with wonder and cheer, completely like a child’s. Looking back toward their direction of their destination, there is a man there at the end of the hallway, and he seemed to be looking at Momo’s mother with intensity.

His eyes quickly move down, to look at the little girl beside her. There’s surprise in his eyes, but he doesn’t say a thing when they stop in front of him. The man forces a cough, looking away from Momo before leading her into a room. They both enter swiftly with the door closing behind them.

The room, like the rest of the building is dim lighted, but there was enough light to see around the room. It was a plain white room, with a table in the middle, much like a metal table father uses to play cards with friends. It’s long, and there’s a desk with different tools off to the side. Despite looking rather old, it was clean and had a sterile smell to it.

Her mother speaks to her in a whisper, a phrase in Russian telling her to stay quiet and pay close attention. She only nods, gripping on tightly to her mother’s skirt. There’s a man who walks in through the other door opposite of them, he wears a lab coat much like mother and father wear.

But he looks unkept, his hair rowdy, and his eyes tired. He looks devasted even as he looks up at Momo’s mother. He grumbles out a few words, but nothing either of them can hear. But soon, he starts to speak out loud, directly to Momo’s mother.

“You brought your kid? Very unprofessional of you.” He growls as he takes off white plastic gloves and dumps them into a red box. “You do know why you’re here right Mrs. Yaoyorozu? This is no conversation for a child to hear.” Her mother stays quiet, her posture straight and her expression, well there was no expression. She looked completely plain to Momo.

“Anyways,” as if not expecting an answer the man begins to tell her many things, some things that don’t sound all to coherent, or at all stable, but he says it all with such fluency Momo is caught off guard, she doesn’t understand what the man is saying, and looking up to her mother, there was a glint of confusion in her eyes as well.

At the end of it, Momo makes the conclusion that father had done a wrong. Something about the Japanese military knowing the secrets of someone. Secrets that were not supposed to be told to another soul. But father did, he told the Japanese military. She understands that father had something valuable, and he was told to improve it. But instead he threw it in the hands of the Japanese government, and even going as far as talking to the military about it. Or at least the government told the military.

Soon the man becomes angry, sneering at Momo’s mother unexpectedly, he looks frustrated, scared even. There was a craze look in his eyes, and the dark circles around them didn’t really help with the fact that he looked insane. “You do understand what will happen Mrs. Yaoyorozu? You do understand that me knowing about this information will put me in a bad place? And even more so for your family.” Mother starts to look angry, but she stands quiet, keeping to herself as the man ranted on.

When he gets no reaction of any kind the man physically lifts the small desk with tools on it, causing everything to fall to the ground with such a force. “Your family is in danger Mrs. Yaoyorozu, your entire estate will disappear any minute now! Your husband has doomed all of you! And all those working for him in the black markets!”

Momo mother’s straightens her back, picks her chin up as she glared at the man before him, “My family will not disappear.” She says strictly, “We are dozens, and our personnel is strong enough to protect all of us. We will be fine.”

The man laughs, dropping his head, while slapping the metal table with open palms. He shakes his head, “No, you don’t understand, how can you not understand!” he seemed to be stressed, and there’s shaking throughout his body, it’s faint but Momo can see it, “You are just like your husband, so blockheaded, so stupid!” he yells out, “If you won’t listen, if your husband doesn’t listen, R.R will make themselves known starting with your family. There is nothing that can save you from them. R.R will exterminate all of you like pest.”

He laughs again when Momo’s mother assures him that no harm will come to him or her family. But he doesn’t seem to be happy to be laughing to Momo, he seems crazy, insane even. The more he tries to reason with Momo’s mother, the more desperate he sounds, the more tired and soon at the end of it, he sounds even more accepting of the outcome.

He repeats what he says before, sometimes in simpler tones, thinking that Momo’s mother was certainly stupid. That father has a large head, saying that he was the reason they’ll be dead. It pains her to hear of it, to listen to this man’s offending words, and not be able to say anything back.

Several times she had to stop herself from tearing up, stopping herself from covering her ears and yelling at the man to shut up. To just make it all stop.

 αu αu αu

They’re in the car again, Momo is corned up in her seat. Her mother didn’t go back to the front seat. She’s outside, sitting on the ground and wailing. Momo closes her eyes shut, covering her ears to stop herself from hearing her cry. She had never seen her mother cry, she had never seen her mother looks so sad and terrified. She looks shaken, and her eyes are filled with fear. She cradles herself as she loses herself in the cries.

Maybe, after an hour, Momo’s mother comes back. She get in the driver’s seat and sits for a while, she doesn’t press the gas pedal, nor does she press the start engine button. She simply just sits. Momo doesn’t say a thing.

Minutes later the car does start up and looking at the rearview mirror she sees her mother has her strict glare again. But her entire face is puffy and red. Her eyes still glossy and incredibly wet.

They arrive home, and instead of letting Mr. Kawaste take her back to her room, mother takes her to father’s office.

Momo is placed down in front of his desk where he sits behind it, and she asks the guard to shut the door, Mr. Kawaste is present, standing by the door. Father’s desk is covered in papers, but the real interesting parts are the matryoshka dolls, there is only three. One bigger than the rest, but they’re very beautiful, detailed heavily. She loved them.

Mother then sits off in a seat at the corner of his office room. She crosses her legs and puts her hands together, holding them tight.

Father looks excited, like Momo has something to present him, or even a present she might have made for him. But instead, she looks over to her mother, and she nods, encouraging Momo to recite everything she had heard.

Three sentences in, Momo’s father’s smile completely vanishes. The love in his eyes disappear into shock, he stares at Momo who continues to say what she was told to memorize. Not even half way into the conversation that happened early in the morning her father abruptly stands up.

He slams his hands against his desk, knocking a few things down with the force. “Are you fucking crazy!” He yells, directing it to her mother. Momo has never heard her father curse before, and it honestly scared her. She stops talking and looks to her mother who had tears welling up in her eyes. “Why did you take her there? Your own daughter!” He continues to yell, and even asks more questions as her mother stays silent.

After her father pushes all the items on his desk to the ground out of frustration, her mother gets up from her seat, “You are missing the point entirely!” She takes a few steps forward, and Momo takes a few steps backwards, “I brought her there, so you can finally hear what you’ve been avoiding, if you won’t listen to me, then listen to your own daughter!”

The closer they get to one another, the more Momo feels a hit will be thrown. Mr. Kawaste quickly goes to Momo, picking her up hurriedly, and out of the room.

She’s placed in her own room, on top of her white bedsheets. Mr. Kawaste tells her that everything is going to be fine, and she doesn’t need to worry. He leaves her in her room, telling her that she should take a nap. But she stays awake the entire day, laying in her covers as she rethinks the conversation with the crazy man in the lab coat.

She doesn’t sleep that night either, too busy wondering what was happening and what was about to happen. The man would also pop into her mind each time she closed her eyes. He looked too shaken, at the brink of tears.

Something father did, something he shouldn’t have done has awoken a fear not in just the man’s heart, and not just in mother’s mind, but in her as well.

Mother being scared was red flags that something serious was coming up. Something that had to deal with something called R.R.

Whatever was happening, her father seemed to be delusional, as if he genuinely believed that nothing was going to happen. Yet he too had his fear-ridden eyes like the stranger. Why her father had broken a contract with this organization is still is unbeknownst to her. But she thinks and thinks throughout the entire night what it could have been. She really wanted to believe that whatever was happening, her father was on the good side. That the organization called R.R. is bad, and since they’re bad, that means that her family is no longer safe. That her father had turned in something dangerous for the sake of Japan.

And as if nothing happened, the next morning everything was the same as always. But at the same time, there was an odd feeling throughout the mansion. Like the fact that everyone was gone. The couriers, the maids, everyone was gone, even the guards weren’t around. Her mother was the one who woken her from bed, and her father was the one to make breakfast that morning. They acted the same, they didn’t look like they wanted to yell at each other or anything.

They had delicious oladi, her father’s specialty, with juicy sausages and potatoes. She even asked for seconds, and her father had made her even take thirds. Which she gladly took up her plate to get.

They went to the park for the first time in her life. A public park. She never has been surrounded with so many kids her age before. Her aunties and uncles never had children of their own, a reason Momo didn’t understand until she was older.

She said hello to a few children and played along with them great. They played tagged, and they ran around all over the playground. Her mother and father were sitting on a bench, watching Momo laugh and run around to her hearts content.

Later in the day, she falls to the ground, a rubber feeling under her definitely help the fall. She feels a little pain on her elbows and knees, but there’s a sting greater on her nose that flares up with pain. She closes her eyes completely shut, trying to hold in her tears as she tries to get up.

“Are you okay?” A stranger’s voice speaks up, scared of the new noise Momo’s eyes opens wide to look at a kid, or well, he looked like a big kid, someone older and stronger than Momo. She’s a little frighten since she can’t see her parents, but the boy looks really kind, his red eyes are filled with innocence, even his smile was appealing. He reaches out for Momo, slow and steady he offers the little girl his hand. “Want help?”

She doesn’t say a thing, only looking down at the hand and realizing the man was covered from head to toe in black. His hat covered most of his hair, but there was a few red strands visible here and there. It was a hot day too, and the sweater the man wore seemed to be too thick for the weather. But she reaches for his hand anyway, taking hold of it she notices how thick skinned the palm of his hand was, rough despite his young age.

Pulling her up, she stands to see the male smile down at her. There’s still a clueless look on her face as the male’s smile brightens, he lets her hand go and takes a step back. He waves a little, before turning around and walking away. Momo wants to say thank you, but there was something odd about him.

She watches the male go, catching up to a few people waiting for him. They looked older, they even stood taller than him with faces rather stern. They were all beautiful though, all of them with sharp noses and high cheekbones. Red to orange red hair underneath the black hoodie.

None of them look back to her, not even the male waves one last time.

“Momo?” Jumping from the sudden voice, Momo turns to face her mother with a look of concern, “Are you alright?” and before she could reassure her mother, blood trickles down her nose.

After a week with just her parents, the entire estate comes back to life. Mr. Kawaste is there, guarding at her door, which makes her happy. Despite her parents being there, the estate gets pretty lonely, and it felt more like home when there’s people at every corner.

Two weeks after that, everything seems to be getting back to normal, well her parents are happier, mother doesn’t seem to be on the verge of tears anymore, and father had stopped looking sane as he pretended he was. They both spent loads of time with Momo too, either helping her with her private lessons, or playing doctor and scientist.

Father loved being the patient and mother love overexaggerating scenarios, that sometimes went out of control. Nonetheless, Momo was amazing at solving it all.

 αu αu αu

The beige car is old, it runs but stops sometimes. The driver would sometimes have to pull the car to the side so that he could fix whatever was wrong with it. The engine didn’t sound all too well either, constantly making noises that seemed off and entirely unsafe. Momo has noticed that the seats were made of brown leather, far too old and ripped all around in different areas. Even the sun had left it wrinkled and old.

She can faintly remember that the paint on the exterior was chipping away, and again the car was terribly old, and onlookers with blurred faces would watch the car go.

After a while of the silence in the car, Momo takes in her surroundings, realizing that she was the only one in the car besides the man driving. She doesn’t feel at all uncomfortable, but each time she tries to look at the driver from the rearview, the mirror turns black. And there’s no reflection but the dark color that was sprayed over it.

She wishes she could move, her body refuses to. They feel incredibly heavy and the only thing she can move is her head. She thinks it’s because of the seatbelt pulling her to the seat, and also the fact that she’s so drowsy. No matter how she commands her body, it refuses to listen to her.

She opens her mouth and says a few words, but nothing comes out. She can feel the words leave her mouth, but no noise reaches her ears. She tries again, and then again, and soon she begins to panic. She tries to move again, forcing her body to move and she can see that her finger tips slightly move, but that was about it.

She then begins to yell, as hard as she called, calling out to the driver, asking him for help asking him where they were going. But it was all to vain, no matter how many times she yelled and called out for help, no one answered back. The car continued to drive.

She looks out to the seat window, wondering that maybe someone can help stop the car, it wasn’t at all going fast so someone had to see her. Someone had to see how distressed she was with her face expression alone.

But the faceless figures stand without motion. They watch the beige car move along the street, heading nowhere but ahead, passing building after building. Soon tears start to prick her eyes as she watches the people stay in place, watching her disappear from their sights.

She calmly lays her head back, easily accepting the fact that she was being taken away from who knows where, to an unknown place. Looking back up, out of the window, faces start to appear, faces she begins to recognize.

“Mother!’ she calls out, and this time her voice is heard, with happiness brimming in her, she calls out to her father, and then to Mr. Kawaste too, more names slip out of her lips as they appear. She’s so happy that her smile starts to hurt, glad that that she can finally hear her own voice. Even more glad that the faces outside of the car are faces she knows, faces she knows will save her.

Yet they stay put, they watch Momo go, watch the car drive off without even a frown on their lips. They looked completely impartial with the fact that she was being taken away. They stayed, motionless shoulders slack and leaned a bit forward, their dull and foggy eyes watched her go.

Quickly jolting up from her position, she quickly takes in her surroundings. She was in her room, on the bed under the sheets and nothing was out of place. Each toy and book was kept in her shelf. The window was completely shut, and the curtains were completely still. Nothing had seemed out of the ordinary, but her heart was still beating faster than usual.

Letting go of the breath she did not know she was holding, she takes a look around her room again. After reassuring her beating heart that all was fine, she pulls the sheets over her shoulders, and lays on the bed again. She tries to snuggle into the pillows, trying to find comfort again, but no matter what position she put herself in, she couldn’t find a spot good enough to calm her nerves.

Sighing, she simply pushes the blankets off herself.

Which actually felt nice, the room was getting a bit hot and with the covers off a nice chill runs through her. The cold feels nice for a change, and she actually thinks she can fall asleep like this, no pillow cushioning her head, and no blanket restraining her.

The room rumbles, and Momo quickly snaps her eyes open again. There’s a large sound coming from the opposite wing of her, far too loud and close to be anything minor. The room then shakes, and the books on her shelf falls over, screaming out of fear, she pulls herself to the headboard of her bed, watching the toys fall next.

There’s someone at her door as soon as they fall, Mr. Kawaste doesn’t even bother with the fallen toys and books, quickly maneuvering around them he grabs hold of Momo who screams more until she’s clinging tightly to the man. Mr. Kawaste pulls her to his chest firmly as well, quickly leaving the room and dashing off to the left.

She’s shaking, and she doesn’t know what was going on, but her chin was over Mr. Kawaste’s shoulder, allowing her to gaze upon a nightmare. Eyes widening, Momo sees red splattered against the walls, men she knew on the ground, drowning in a pool of red. Her grip tightens on the man holding her, no gasp or shout leaves her lips, completely frozen from the sight, as someone walks up a few steps with a large weapon their hands. She doesn’t recognize the person, nor could she. They were wrapped in black, completely covering all of their skin. Their mask looks strapped on to their lower face, since their red hair flowed flawlessly to her neck.

Mr. Kawaste quickly turns to a left, heading towards another set of stairs in the mansion, but he quickly stops as soon as he’s on the topmost step. Momo can feel his body stiffen completely, and as soon as they turn around there’s a woman there, a mask absent like the one behind them. There’s a hand at the back of Momo’s head, pushing it down, covering it from the flying bullets. Momo tries to pull away since she can’t breathe like this!

When she successfully does pull away, grasping for air, she’s quickly put down. Mr. Kawaste’s face pulls up in front of her. He’s standing with a shakily smile on his lips, he grabs hold of her arm, his left hand on top of her head, cradling it carefully, “Momo, you need to hide okay?” he says hurriedly, but all Momo could focus on was the blood dripping from between his lips.

There’s a ring of shots, causing both Momo and Mr. Kawaste to flinch, his body reacts faster though, covering Momo completely so nothing comes to harm her. She pulls herself in tightly in his arms, scared of the loud noise coming closer to them both. Soon, it disappears again and Mr. Kawaste voice booms in her ears, “Momo, please you need to hide!” He quickly stands and shoots off his own gun behind her.

But she doesn’t let go of him, her grip on the man’s jacket is tight and unwilling to let go even for a second. “Momo!” his voice is cut short, he groans and there’s a large patch of blood she’s quickly noticing on the man’s thigh. “You need to go!” he shoves her harshly, and the girl still refuses to, completely confused, completely in shock.

She was so scared to let go of his coat, too scared to be left alone.

There’s yells coming from everywhere, gun shots after the there. There’s no end to them at all, and staying here would just get her…

With one more quick shove, Momo lets go completely and runs. Her mind finally taking control, letting her move her feet again. She doesn’t look back at Mr. Kawaste, remembering her mother’s words carefully each time they practiced.

Despite always running around in these practices, pretending she’s being chased by a monster all those years ago, her legs suddenly feel heavy, but she pushes harder, forcing herself to go faster. She makes a quick left, and then completely runs straight, avoiding the turns that had loud booming noises. Soon, a right turn appears, and its filled with complete silence. She doesn’t take the time to notice how bare this hallway looks, how clean and free of red. How there was no body laying on the ground peacefully in a dreadful manner.

She runs down the hall, going as fast as she could, then quickly falls to the ground, her knees skidding on the tile floors. They hurt, but she has no time to distinguish the pain. She crawls quickly to the left, where there’s an indent on the wall with a little statue of an angel. She shoves it away from the wall, getting herself between the statue and the wall.

Her finger nails are then pushed roughly into a small lining in the wall, and she pulls as best as she can, drawing the small secret compartment open. She slides in as fast as she could, quickly turning around and pulling the metal hand bar towards her, shutting the door completely. She then lets a few locks fall, closing each one tightly.

Turning back around, she’s surrounding with nothing but darkness. Gulping with tremors spreading through her, she gets on her hands and knees and begins to crawl. There was a certain path she had to take, and they were all different depending where she entered, but she knew where to go. To one place father said he will find her in.

She crawls and crawls, allowing the palm of her hands to turn red, allowing the metal rub harshly against her knees. She wants to stop, she wants to breath, and no matter how many times it runs through her mind that she’s gone far enough, she keeps going.

Eventually she makes it to the place on the first floor as father said would be their finding spot, she doesn’t move in too quickly the only source of light in the vents knowing that she would be discovered quickly if she even so much peeks out of the vents.

So, she stays put, allowing the noises of explosions surround her. Allowing the gun shots to become a serenade for her. Anything to make the fear leave her body. She has her hands tightly over her ears, and knees to her chest. Her body is quivering in fear, but she stays quiet as long as she can.

Soon enough, counting thirty minutes to distract herself, everything is dead silent. She pulls her hands from her ears, looking to the opening, wondering if it was all over. Sniffing, she crawls a bit forward, she takes a look outside.

Which she immediately regrets. She gasped loudly, several of the men and women that worked in the mansion, all of the door guards were on the ground, rivers of pools leaking out of their bodies, guns out of their reach. Some and visible wounds on their flesh, others had clothing covering their fatal wounds.

She snaps her hand over her mouth, quickly realizing that she’s made a noise. She doesn’t see anyone around her, but she always had to make sure, pulling herself away from the opening, she sits on her bottom, she was short enough not to have to bend down entirely while sitting.

She waits patiently wondering if anyone out of her sight heard her.

Unfortunately, someone had.

A pair of reddish black combat boots stand in front of the vent, she gasped again, but it’s muffled, she tries to pull away from the opening, hoping that maybe she could hide at a corner. Turning to face behind her, she sees that the next corner is meters away from her, she wouldn’t be able to make it in time before the monster catches sight of her.

Turning back around to face the vent, she lets out a loud scream, but its cut short only because her fear is screaming at her body to run, to shut down, to escape, to play dead, anything, anything to get those eyes away from her. The person before her watches her carefully, his red eyes bright and wide. He quickly pulls away from the vent, grabbing on to the restrains and forces the vent to open.

Momo begins to cry.

There’s ruffling at the other side before the person appears again, he’s taken off his black mask that covered half of his face. He crawls in a bit, as Momo breathes in deeply to yell as hard as she can, her face burning up completely despite her body feeling entirely frozen.

But there’s a hand over her mouth in a matter of seconds, and her shout is stifled before it even started. She looked down at the hand before looking back up at the man before her.

He seemed familiar. The man pulls back his hand, he closes it to a fist before springing out his pointer finger. He motions her to stay quiet, puckering his lips with a small shush. He places that hand down, using the other to bring out a black blanket. Confused, Momo allows the male to wrap her around it, covering her head to toe.

Then, he quickly takes out a small metal ball, it lights up prettily, then throws it behind her quickly as it was activated. He pulls the girl closer to him, pulling the blanket completely over her head as the heat prickled slightly on her back. It was an explosion that he threw, yet he protected her from the small heat that hit her.

He pulls away quickly, hearing a voice she didn’t, he quickly covers her again with the heavy black blanket making sure not a part of her was exposed. Pushing her in more into the vent, he removes himself entirely from the vent. There’s complete silence again, but soon after voices of languages she could not understand started to speak. The closest to her spoke in the same language, nothing recognizable.

The voices go on, and only until one voice says “R.R.” does her eyes snap open in horror.

 αu αu αu

An hour passes, and she’s sweating profusely. The heat surrounding her is causing her to fall asleep, that or she was extremely tired. Both could also be realistic answer.

She wakes up to new voices, the sweat surrounding her makes her feels gross and uncomfortable, but she knows she has to stay put and wait for father to find her. But there’s a voice, someone she thinks she knows. It’s warm and tired, it’s exhausted and there’s curses.

Snapping her eyes back open, she quickly finds the voice to be extremely familiar. Pulling the black blanket off her, she quickly crawls out of the vent, it was left open by the male that hid her, so she was free to run out without restrain.

Heading to the voice she recognizes, completely ignoring the stares and shock running through everyone else’s faces, she cries and yells, throwing her hands in air so the man she knows can see her. And he quickly does. He bends down to her level, quickly catching her in his arms. Pulling to her to his chest, he silently ask, “Where have you been?” his white scarf is soft and plush, and she remembers how warm it was. His shaggy hair all over the place makes her feel all the more happy, to see someone she knows, to see someone alive.

His voice is soft in calming her, scared even but Momo ignores it. Allowing the man to carry her away from the nightmare she had to face alone. “Here, I’ve been here!” she cries out, clinging on to the man for dear life. Mother talked about Aizawa sir all the time, how he always shown up beaten and bruise, asking for mother’s medicines and help. He was always at the brink of death when he came and visited. But each time he was recovering he would entrain Momo with his dry jokes and facts that she never found interest in.

They’re placed in a car, Momo not at all allowing for Aizawa sir to let her go, but the man asks her if she could let go of the black blanket she unknowingly brought with her. She looks down at it, her tiny fist gripping the fabric tightly, a quick memory of red flashes past her mind. She nods her head and lets it go. Aizawa sir tosses it to the other side of the car.

After she fully has calmed down, and is now sitting on Aizawa sirs lap, the man pats her head and tries to smile. But there’s strain in it, even Momo can see it clearly.

He lets his hand fall and tells the little girl that he was sorry. Momo wasn’t sure for what, but Aizawa sir says it again, and again, and he looks down to his empty hand, closing it to a fist before saying it again.

Momo, was a smart little girl. Even for her age she was remarkably intelligent. She didn’t need hints nor clues, she didn’t need an actual explanation. She knew, she knew that her parents weren’t coming back for her. That Mr. Kawaste won’t be at her room’s door. That her room was no longer hers. She knew, and honestly, she wished she could pretend it wasn’t true, pretend that she was clueless like a seven-year-old should be.

She wished, but she knew. That father won’t come looking for her in their promised hideout spot.

 αu αu αu

Not a single soul beside her survived. She was the only Yaoyorozu to survive, not even one employee was left out of mercy. Dozens of bodies, of all genders were found around Japan, dead and left without a single clue on what happened. People believed it was the black-market agents that worked alongside the Yaoyorozus.

A tragic day for the Yaoyorozus, a headline once said. A devastating day for Japan.

Both the Japanese government and the corrupted markets mourned for the loss of the Yaoyorozu family, also known as the Russian Mafia that resided in Japan. Completely destroyed in a single night.

Even years later, when she was twenty-five, she still gets recognized by the people, constantly being asked and harassed, “How did you survive?” with an intelligent father like her own, or a mother with high value in security, even with the guards surrounding her had died that night. So how did she survive?

Sometimes Todoroki was there to shove the media away from her, sometimes it was normal pass byers, and she would always answer the same, with the male with the red hair, and the male with the red eyes in her man. The same male who asked if she was alright and picked her up causally, she says “I was just lucky.”

She doesn’t recognize the man who saved her, she doesn’t remember him every night and thanks any god for her savior. That man, along with the rest of the Red Room agents killed her family, her friends. They completely driven her to a corner of loneliness, they ripped away the family she had, the happiness that could have been. He was not getting credit for saving her and killing everyone else. Her life doesn’t excuse the hundreds dead.

She doesn’t keep the black blanket she now knows is a cloaking device, she gives it to U.A, where they place it in a record room specialized for Red Room objects. She doesn’t come by every week to remember the man who had given her the thing. She doesn’t come to think of him each time she holds it in her hands. She simply holds it because she’s remembering the man she plans to kill, remembering why she was in U.A, and why the Red Room had to fall.

Sighing, she puts the blanket back into its box, putting it back on the high shelf.

She walks out of the room to find Uraraka standing before her. She’s out of breath but there’s excitement in her face, “Momo!” She yells out loud, very unnecessary but the excitement overwhelms her. “We got a location on R.R!” she waves her hands eagerly, and the large smile on her face is replicated by Momo. She quickly walks towards Uraraka, “We need to head to head to the conference room! Everyone is there waiting.” Uraraka says, as she turns to lead the way.

“Who found it?” Momo asked jogging to catch up, millions of questions running through her mind.




αu αu αu