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Man or Monster? The Truth About Newt Scamander

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In this eye-opening biography, MAN OR MONSTER, Rita Skeeter— acclaimed authoress of best sellers The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore and Spews About S.P.E.W.— explores the dark, hidden truths belonging not only of the magizoologist himself, but of his closets companions too. Secrets which have been hidden from the public eye for years, until this day.

What is the true relationship between disgraced Auror Porpentina Goldstein and the Obscurial boy? Was Muggle baker Jacob Kowalski the true mastermind behind the events in New York? Why did Scamander feel the necessity to have a French alias? And what was then President Seraphina Picquery desperate to hide about her and Scamander?

From his youth as a playful child in Hogwarts, to his time as a mischievous soldier and all through his career, Rita Skeeter lays down the facts about the world renown magizoologist and his mysteries.

All this and more is answered in—


My darling readers, if it so happens that you’re reading this somewhere public, should your curtains or legs happen to be open, I implore you, from the bottom of my heart, take cover, and shut them all now! Lock your doors, draw the drapes, protect the innocent, because this book may be my juiciest, truest, wildest book to date.

Newton Scamander is a name we all know. A legendary beast tamer, a heart breaker, a saviour, a brother. No matter how you know him, you know him. Or so you think , but did you know that Newt Scamander once had a sordid affair with the very President of America— and in fact still is? That his best friend was no more than a Muggle, one desperate to come along with him on his gallivanting journeys? Desperate indeed, enough to open Scamander’s famous beast-holding case. Enough, in fact, to begin a whirlwind of events that would go down on history! That Scamander’s very wife held an obsession for a known killer?

Oh you may know Newton Artemis Fido Scamander, Rescuer of New York, Lover of Beasts, Writer, Friend, Freckled. But do you know Newt ?

You're going to. As I did.

You will travel with me, unravelling the mysteries we’ve all been begging to uncover. And through real sources, reliable anonymous mentions, and careful, clever narration you will come to know him better than we ever dreamed of doing.

Our story begins as it always does. With rules being broken, hearts tested, and a boy becoming a man…