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Anthem of Youth

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Iori wrote in his notebook before leaving the Idolish7 dorm:

It is a cold Saturday evening. I can see stars outside my window, illuminating the night sky and highlighting the beautiful atmosphere. With the soft moonlight as my guide, I plan to make my way to the hotel downtown. Kujou-san has instructed me to meet him on the ninth floor. Now is my chance to escape before the others notice. However, I cannot help but wonder about Nanase-san's whereabouts. I pray for his wellbeing. I want to be the only one in the world to make him smile. Perhaps I can do so after tonight. 

How ironic. Iori followed Tenn's directions to the hotel and knocked on the door he was instructed to approch. Only a few seconds passed before Tenn opened the door. He looked up, expression brightening when he made eye contact with the younger male. “Iori!” He exclaimed. Without thinking, Tenn lunged forwards and grabbed Iori into a warm hug. He embraced him sweetly, clinging to his waist with affection. And snuggling his face into Iori’s chest. “I missed you!”

                Iori blinked, startled by the sudden affection. “H-hello...” He said softly. He hesitated for a moment before slowly reaching his arms around Tenn’s waist. He returning the lovely hug. “Kujou-san…”

                Tenn’s heart fluttered when he heard Iori call his name. Being touched by him sent an electrifying shock through his body. He had missed those gentle hands so much. Yet he suddenly felt embarrassment strike him. It wasn’t often Tenn got embarrassed. But when he did, he turned bright red. “Ah!” Tenn pulled away in shame, not meaning to have grabbed Iori in such a way. He quickly forced his expression back into his usual emotionless face. “My apologizes,” He growled. “Come in.” He opened the door, gesturing for Iori to enter.

                Iori exhaled. Then he took a step forward, and entered the hotel room. Once inside, he looked around. It was a small yet beautiful room decorated in silver and black. It looked very regal, extravagantly elaborate. The wallpaper was elegant. The bed was huge. A gorgeous chandelier hung from the ceiling. And there was a beautiful view overlooking the nighttime city outside the window.

                “As expected of Trigger’s center…” Iori sighed under his breath.

                Tenn closed the door behind them. And locked it. “I apologize for asking you to meet me here,” He began. “But this appears to be the only way we can see each other. Free from Yaotome Productions, free from Takanashi… free from the pressure and stress of the vicious public trying to suffocate us…”

                Iori instantly knew what Tenn was referring to.

                “Have you seen the article yet?” Tenn inquired.

                Iori took a deep breath before replying. “Yes,” He answered. He cringed, recalling how he had cried himself to sleep numerous nights in a row. After a gossip article was posted claiming Tenn and Iori were having a secret affair, the entertainment world was in uproar. Interviews and paparazzi swarmed the Idolish7 dorm day in and day out. Iori couldn’t handle the pandemonium. This was his worst nightmare. “I cannot turn on my phone without seeing it everywhere. Idolish7 was horrified when the article was posted. Manager called a meeting to discuss it. It was humiliating…”

                Tenn nodded. “Anesagi-san did much the same thing. They must have snapped eight pens in half while scolding me in front of Gaku and Ryu,” He explained. For some reason, he was smiling. Much to Iori’s confusion. “Hm. Well?” Tenn urged. “What did you tell Idolish7? We need to have an explanation that doesn’t overlap.”

                Iori shuddered. “I…I told them… the article was fake.”

                “Fake?” Tenn raised an eyebrow. “You have to do better than that, Iori. They have photographic evidence!” He screamed, suddenly grabbing Iori’s shirt and yanking the younger male’s face closer to him. “Do you not understand the sheer indignity we’re drowning in!? I’m a professional! These kinds of things aren’t suppose happen to me!”

                Iori turned red with shock. He was terrified when Tenn lashed out at him. “I-I’m sorry!” He yelped. “I’m sorry, Kujou-san! I never wanted this to happen!”

                Tenn glared at Iori. “I’m the best the entertainment industry has to offer. I’ve been trained at such a young age on how to live the painful and strenuous life of an idol! I know better than to break rule number one and get caught in a scandal with a rival!” He yelled. “It’s your fault! Y-your fault, Iori…” His grip on Iori’s shirt loosened until he let go. “F-for being so perfect. And stealing my heart…” He sighed in defeat.

Iori’s jaw dropped. He gazed into Tenn’s beautiful face in shock. “I s-stole your…?” He felt himself melt at Tenn’s words. “Kujou-san…”

“Ha-ha…” Tenn suddenly laughed, almost as if he were in pain. He smiled at Iori weakly. “And after all we’ve been through, you still refuse to call me my first name,” He sounded sad. “I’m pathetic.”

Iori swallowed. “Please do not take it personal! I-I refer to everyone like that! It’s polite. I’m younger than everyone, you know!” He defended. Then he sighed. “Look. I hate this mess as much as you do. I never intended for any of this to happen. And I’m terrified,” He explained, shuddering. “Absolutely terrified.”

Tenn sighed and sat down on the bed. He hung his head in defeat. It wasn’t like the poised Tenn Kujou to slump over so vulnerably. He almost looked human. “I’m sorry I yelled,” He apologized. “This must be harder on your than anyone. I understand that. You’re a high school student. A child. And children shouldn’t have to deal with these types of things…” He bit his lip. “I’m so sorry, Iori.”

Iori had never heard Tenn apologize in his life. He found himself pulled in by those sweet words. He sat down on Tenn’s left, quiet for a moment. “N-no need to apologize,” He spoke up after a while. Then he blushed. “Ahem. I am just as at fault as you. We’re in this together, Kujou-san.”

“Together?” Tenn looked over at Iori. His rosepetal eyes sparkled, making the most precious expression of joy. The moment Iori saw him, he melted. Iori was always weak to cute things. And in that moment, Tenn was the most adorable sight he had ever seen. He really did think he was beautiful.

Youth was meant to be a time for people to have fun and experiment. People were supposed to make connections, and learn and grow as human beings. But it was different for idols. They were limited. Restricted. Trapped. As a member of the rookie group, Idolish7, Iori was finally understanding just how suffocating the life of a celebrity was. He sympathized with Tenn. He revered him. And didn’t want him to suffer any more than the entertainment industry had already twisted him to be.

Yet Iori was trapped now, too. He had made a horrible mistake and didn’t know how to fix it. He loved Riku. He loved Tenn. But he didn’t know who he loved. Perhaps it was because he was so young. Although he was a genius, it’s not like he was truly mature enough to choose the love of his life. So instead, he was trapped between a cruel angel and a cheerful monster. He was 17. He was young. He was swimming in his youth.

Yet he had made a wrong turn.

And now he was drowning.

Pulling out his phone, Iori loaded the article. He leaned closer to Tenn so they could both see the dreadful thing together. He had looked over it a million times already, yet he still felt his stomach churning in disgust as he read the horrific headline.

                The title was: Idolish Scandal

                There were numerous paragraphs written, entailing details of the supposed secret romance between Iori and Tenn. Based on eye witness accounts, interviews, and even song lyrics- as if they had anything to do with those. Most of it could be considered lies. However, what couldn’t be ignored was the large picture at the end of the article. The undeniable proof that made his specific scandal more valid than any other gossip article in idol history.

                A picture of Iori pinning Tenn to a wall, holding his wrists on the sides of his head. He leaned into him so closely. Gripping his body. Their lips just centimeters apart. But what made the image so heartstopping was the look in their eyes. The aggressive, hungry glare in Iori’s silver orbs. And the delicate, submissive glow in Tenn’s rosey ones, reflecting Iori’s passion. No two people on earth looked at each other like with like that with such lustful desire unless there was something between them. And the article went on to say just that.  

                A moment of silence passed as both boys just stared at the image. Then, Tenn finally shattered the quiet. “I suspect a security camera took the photo. You can tell by the quality of the pixels and its dimensions. A paparazzi would have taken it as a RW2 file rather than a JPEG,” He described, as the fame expert he was. “Iori…we’re horribly lucky there were no cameras in the dressing rooms…”

                Iori shuddered, not wanting to think about that possibility. There could have been images circulating of them kissing, or worse, them having sex. He cringed, quickly turning his phone off. “I do not consider this lucky,” He advised. “I consider this a warning. We’re idols. Cameras surround us at every corner. We can’t let this happen again, Kujou-san. Hear me? This must never happen again!”

                Tenn gazed at Iori, not understanding if he was referring to pictures being taken, or their relationship as a whole. Then he realized something. What was their relationship? They never agreed they were dating. And they couldn’t. Iori was dating Riku. But was he truly? Or did he plan to break up with him still? Tenn’s mind was spinning. He didn’t want to be just an affair to Iori. He quickly leaned over and grabbed Iori’s hand, squeezing it in desperation.

                “Iori! I have a question…” He called. He looked at him desperately.

                Iori was startled by Tenn’s sudden touch. He looked down at his petite hand. Then up into his gorgeous eyes. Swallowing nervously, his heart pounded at that inevitable inquiry.

“Iori…What are we?”

                Riiiing riiiing riiiing…

                The sound of Iori’s phone sliced through the atmosphere. Both boys fell silent, staring at each other. No one dared move. Then, Iori slowly reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone.

                “Please excuse me. Hello?” He answered, without looking for who was calling. Instantly, his heart soared when he perceived a familiar, beautiful voice.

                “Hi Iori!” Riku cheered. “Sorry to call you so suddenly. I went to your room and you weren’t there! Kinako was in there though,” He rambled. “Where are you, Iori? I was getting worried.”

                Iori nearly gaged with shock when he heard that voice. “N-NANASE-SAN!?”

                Tenn’s jaw dropped as he listened. “Riku…?”

                “Ahaha. Yeah. Sorry if you’re busy,” Riku laughed nervously. “I realized we haven’t talked in a few days. Not since that episode in the dressing room…” He turned red. “Where are you, Iori?” He asked again.

                Iori swallowed, trembling with fright. “Wh-where am…I?” He whispered in horror. He quickly flashed a look at Tenn. A needy, desperate look.

                A precious look that only made Tenn grin with success. He loved when Iori relied on him. “Tell him you’re at school,” Tenn aided. “You’re at school helping a classmate with a project. And you won’t be home until later,” He folded his arms.

                Iori obeyed. “I’m at school, Nanase-san,” He answered. “Helping a classmate with a project. Sorry for leaving without telling anyone.” Iori was sensitive. He was a terrible liar. In fact, he realized in that moment that he had never lied to Riku in his life. He had never lied to anyone in his life. He felt his emotions turn sour as his collected attitude nearly resembled Tenn’s for a moment. Yet he didn’t have time to focus on it. Tenn had saved him. And that was all that mattered. “You needn’t worry about me, Nanase-san. I’ll be home later.”

                “Good boy, Iori,” Tenn smirked. “Now hang up,” He commanded.

                Riku smiled. “Oh! A school project! Fun!” He bubbled. “I guess I didn’t hear anything from Tamaki since he never pays attention in class, haha!” He believed the lie.

                “Iori. Hang up on him,” Tenn hissed. “Now, Iori!”

                Iori’s heart pounded with anxiety. He couldn’t stay on the phone with Riku while Tenn was there! He needed to find a way to analyze the situation and solve the dilemma quickly. Yet he was never good under pressure. Just like what happened at Mufest

                “I wanted to apologize, Iori,” Riku continued. “I was wrong to lash out the way I did a few days ago. I don’t know what came over me,” He explained.

                Tenn growled, clenching his hands into fists. “I told you to break up with him, Iori. You’re no good for my little brother. The longer you pull this stunt, you’ll only hurt him more,” He snapped. “Iori is Riku’s poison!”

                “SHH!” Iori begged, covering Tenn’s mouth with his left hand. He continued to hold the phone to his ear with his right. “I-I apologize as well, Nanase-san!” He continued the conversation. “I should have spoken to you about this days ago. My apologies.”

                “It’s not your fault, Iori! I’m sorry I’ve been in such a weird mood lately. I guess it’s just the stress from being an idol, hehe…”

                “S-stress?” Iori asked, instantly wondering if he was putting too much strain on Riku again. He didn’t want Tenn to be right! He didn’t want to face the reality that he was making Riku suffer!

                “Mhh!” Tenn shoved Iori’s hand away. “Iori, listen to me. I will give you to the count of three,” He whispered. “You do not want to upset me.”

                Iori shuddered. “I-its ok, Nanase-san! We can talk more when I get home, alright!?”

                “No, no! Wait, Iori!” Riku begged. “I have something I need to say. It’s kind of embarrassing so I might as well say it over the phone,” He went on. “The truth is… I feel like I’ve been a bad boyfriend to you. I don’t let you touch me or kiss me or-…! A-any of that stuff!”

                “One…” Tenn began counting.

                Iori felt like crying. He didn’t know what to do. “Wh-wh-what are you talking about Nanase-san?”

                Riku sighed. “You’re my first boyfriend. So I don’t really know what I’m doing. I want to make you happy but… I’m really scared. I’m scared I’ll disappoint you. And you’ll leave me! Iori, what if I do something wrong and you abandon me!?”

                “Abandon you?” Iori was shocked.

                “Two…” Tenn growled. He folded his arms in rage. “I’m warning you, Iori…”

                Iori was scared of Tenn. And confused by Riku. “Nanase-san, what are you talking about? I’d never abandon you. Why would you say something like that?”

                Riku groaned. “Urggg I don’t knowwww,” he sobbed. “I’m just really scared of messing up! This is a secret, Iori. I’ve never had my first kiss! Ah!” He admitted, like a squeaky school girl. “I don’t know how to do it and I don’t know how to handle physical intimacy. What if I mess up? What if I freak out and have an attack!? What if we get romantic at the wrong place and time and get caught!? It could cause a huge scandal for Idolish7!”

                Iori’s head was spinning. He could sense the distress in Riku’s voice. He didn’t like when that gorgeous voice was laced in agony. Yet he didn’t know how to help him. It’s not like he could make him feel better by saying he hadn’t had his first kiss either, or that he had never gotten physical with anyone. That would be another lie. Yet Iori began to contemplate Riku’s words. He had never thought about how Riku’s respiratory illness would play into a physical relationship. “Perhaps your illness could pose an issue,” He stated, simply.

                Riku took that the wrong way. And nearly broke down crying. “I’M SO SORRY I WON’T BE ABLE TO PLEASE YOU, IORI!” He suddenly burst out. “I’m useless! I’m weak! You’ll never be happy with me because I can’t give you that pleasure! I’m not good enough for you and I never will be!” He sobbed, unleashing his emotions that had built up over the past few days of not speaking to Iori. “At this rate… You’ll abandon me! I know you will! You’ll leave me! Desert me! Just like everyone does! WHY, IORI, WHY!?”

                Iori couldn’t believe his ears. Riku sounded fiercely hysterical. He always knew Riku had abandonment issues. But this was out of hand. Riku nearly sounded mentally unstable. “Nanase-san, calm down! Calm down! I never said I would leav-!”

                “Three,” Tenn suddenly cut Iori off. Unable to wait any longer, he decided to advance. He would do anything to get Iori’s attention back on him. And as the master of manipulation he was, he knew just how to do so. He got on the floor and sat on his knees in front of Iori’s legs. He blinked up at him, batting his long eyelashes. And titled his head to the side innocently.

                Iori looked at Tenn with a terrified expression. He didn’t know what Tenn was up to, and in that moment he didn’t care. Squeezing his eyes shut, he tried to continue the conversation with his boyfriend. “Do not say such things, Nanase-san. I don’t care if you can’t get physical. I’m not dating you for that. I’m dating you because I lo-…! UWAHH!” His eyes suddenly shot open. When he looked back down, he nearly had a heart attack. What he saw was enough to make his soul leave his body. He almost dropped the phone and broke it

                “Hmhm~” Tenn chuckled. He had successfully unzipped Iori’s pants. And pulled out Iori’s cock. He wrapped his slender hand around it, smirking up at the other male with satisfaction. “Such a bad boy, Iori~” He whispered, so only Iori could hear. “Playing the two of us like we’re your little sluts. If Riku refuses to get physical with you because he’s too scared, then your body belongs to me,” He snickered. “Poor little Iori. Did your cock miss me?”

Iori was horrified. He wanted to shove Tenn away in humiliation. But he couldn’t make a verbal scene with Riku listening! And with such a serious conversation underway, he couldn’t hang up either! He was trapped. “S-STOP!”

                “Iori! Are you ok!?” Riku gasped.

                Iori rapidly shook his head. “I’m fine I’m fine I’m fine!” He sobbed. “N…Nanase-san, please listen to me. I would never break up with you for such a trivial reason. Your physical abilities do not define you. You’re worth so much more to me than that.”

                Riku perked up. “R-really?”

                “Besides, I’d never build an entire relationship on lustful desires and intercourse.”

                Tenn felt something snap in him when he heard Iori say that. Starved for attention, the boy quickly stuck out his tongue and ran it up Iori’s cock. Licking him from base to tip. Coating Iori’s dick in wet, hot saliva. He smirked up at him with gratification. “Mm~”

                Words cannot describe the horror Iori experienced in that moment. He couldn’t hold back his alarm. “A-AHH!” He yelled, feeling pleasure shock his body. He quickly gasped, covering his mouth with his hand. He looked down at Tenn in fury. In desperation. In weakness. That silent eye contact was enough to exchange a million words.

                Kujou-san… don’t…

                Iori…I’ll show you who you belong to…

                “I know you don’t want me to feel bad. But being able to show someone you love them through touchy ways is important! I think! That’s what Nagi said!” Riku expressed. “Iori… don’t you get it? I can’t even kiss you. It might cause an attack! I’ll never be able to kiss you!”

                Iori gazed down at Tenn, completely mesmerized as the other male licked his cock. It was the most beautiful, hypnotic thing he had ever seen. His dick started to get hard in Tenn’s hand, growing in length. God Tenn looked so good. He was so slutty with a cock to his lips. Pleasureable chills ran through Iori’s body, making his skin tingle. He was so distracted he hardly remembered he was on the phone.

                “I-Iori? Are you still there?”

                “AH! Yes!” Iori snapped out of it. “Sorry! What did you say?” He inquired. “Don’t take any advice from Rokuya-san. Ever. Besides, don’t they kiss as a greeting in his country?” He clarified. “Listen, Nanase-san. You’re lucky this conversation is on the phone because it’s mortifying. But I need you to know th-tha…aaa…Oh god!” He suddenly slurred. “Ah!”

                “Mmh…” Tenn groaned, beginning to stroke his hand on Iori’s dick. He gave him multiple pumps, up and down. At a deliciously slow pace. Enough to drive him crazy. Every now and then he would press a kiss on Iori’s tip, with his soft angelic lips. It sent electricity down Iori’s spine, pleasure flooding his body. He couldn’t handle it.

                “Nn…” He moaned, arching his back. He closed his eyes in deep pleasure.

                “Mmn. That’s my sweet Iori. Melt for me. I’m the only one that can make you feel so good…” Tenn chuckled devilishly. “You’re so sensitive. So weak to me. Melt for me…”

                Iori didn’t have the strength to push Tenn away anymore. He roughly bit down on his knuckle, desperate trying to hold back his moans. Yet Iori was truly a sensitive mess. Keeping in his pleasured noises was the hardest thing he had ever done. He had never gotten a blowjob before. And he hardly knew what it would feel like. Yet somehow, Tenn was an expert at it. Every touch, every kiss, every warmth. It was mindbreaking. How he knew just where to touch was beyond Iori. The poor perfectionist couldn’t wrap his analytical mind around it. His cock was now erect and dripping at Tenn’s mercy.

                “What was that?” Riku asked, cluelessly.

                “N-nothing!” Iori gasped for air. “Your health is more important that my desires! I’m not some playboy, Nanase-san! I don’t, mn, desire such perverse things! I’ll only kiss you if you want!”

                Riku’s face lit up. “Really? But I thought boys wanted naughty and dirty things!”

                “Nanase-san, you’re a boy too.”

                “Oh yeah.”

                Tenn’s lips pulled off Iori’s cock with a pop. Drooling, he looked up at Iori with seductive eyes. He licked his lips. “Mmn. You taste so good, darling. I’ll make you cum for your precious boyfriend to hear~”

                “N-no!” Iori sobbed, trying to yank Tenn’s hair back. Yet Tenn didn’t care if he was dragged around like a doll. He liked it rough. Disobeying, he placed his lips back onto Iori’s cock. And slowly began bobbing his head on it. The hair pulling only turned him on.

                “AAH KUJOU-!” Iori covered his mouth

                “Iori? What was that?” Riku questioned. “Is there someone there with you?”

                “I’M FINE!” Iori burst out, not knowing he had been asked a different question. His mind was breaking. Without thinking, he found his hand losing its rough grip on Tenn’s strawberry hair. And before he knew it, he was petting Tenn’s head lovingly. Twirling his soft hair in his fingers. Rewarding him for doing such a good job. “God, oh god, oh god…!”

                “Mnn…” Tenn purred, bobbing his head on Iori’s cock. He thought the taste was delicious. He sucked on him like candy. The most delicious candy in the world. Hearing Iori fall apart was so cute. He loved hearing those dazzling moans fall from Iori’s lips. He felt it twitch in his mouth and he knew Iori was close to his climax. He made direct eye contact with Iori. Then, he suddenly deep throated the entire length.

                “AH!” Iori arched his back. He felt overstimulation seize him as he drowned in the pleasure. “S-so…good…”


                “Mn…Nanase-san. If kissing is so important to you… And you refuse to do it…Then what’s the point in dating?” Iori asked, hardly thinking. “You won’t even give me a chance. It’s unfair. At this rate it’s like we aren’t even a couple…”

                Riku’s eyes widened. He jumped up from where he was sitting. “What!? Iori, no! That’s not what I meant!” He sobbed. “I just want to make you happy! But I’m scared…s-scared that…”

                Iori growled. “Are you an idiot!?”

                Riku didn’t understand that Iori’s emotions were crumbling, and his mind was breaking. He thought Iori was mad at him. So he teared up. “Iori, please! You’re my everything! I don’t want to lose you! I LOVE YOU!”

                You’re my everything.

                I don’t want to lose you.

                I love you.                                               

                Iori had yearned to hear those heartthrobbing words from Riku since the day he met him. Such a gorgeous voice. Such profound words. In a normal circumstance, he would turn red. And melt. And most likely cry tears of joy. However, he felt his body betraying him. He could hardly focus on Riku.


                “Please come back home right now so we can talk, Iori!” Riku begged. “Our relationship is at stake! You sound like you hate me! Please come home!”

                “I C-C-CAN’T…!”

                Tenn popped his mouth off Iori’s dick once again. He began stroking his hand at an insane speed, wanting to push Iori over the edge of insanity. “Cum for me, little Iori…” He whispered, smirking up at him with lust. “Just give in. You know you want to… God, it feels so good. It’ll feel so good to cum, Iori…” He urged him. “Close your eyes. Hang up the phone. And cum all over me.”

                Iori shivered violent as his body couldn’t handle the mindbreaking pleasure. “Y-YES!” He moaned.

                “Iori…I’m losing faith in our entire relationship. If you refuse to come home and talk it out, then we’re at a stalemate,” Riku declared. “You obviously don’t want to fix this! So I’ll just leave you alone!” He sobbed. “B-but before I go…I wanted to ask you something. Something I’ve been too scared to ask you for the past few days…”

                Tenn sucked harder on Iori, working his little mouth to please him. He already won Iori’s full attention. Now he just needed to break him. He gazed up at Iori with half-lidded eyes, loving every sweet moan that escaped his lips. Iori was so cute when he moaned.

                “Aaa-aaask me…!” Iori begged, not knowing how much longer he could last.

                “Iori,” Riku said. “I want to know the truth about the gossip article. Why were you pinning Tenn-nii to the wall? Was the article really fake? What’s your true relationship with him?”

                Iori felt his world crumble around him. He had prayed every night that Riku wouldn’t directly ask him that damn question. He hadn’t thought of a proper explanation. And now he couldn’t, because his mind was too far gone.

                “I-I’ll see you tomorrow! Nanase-san!”

                “Huh? Tomorrow!?” Riku yelped. “What do you mean tomorrow!? Where are you!? IORI!”

                “Ahh I-I love…you!”

                “I just want to know the truth ab-!” Riku gasped. “You…you love me?” He felt his heart skip a beat.

                Iori had no control. He didn’t even know who he was saying those words to. He cringed, feeling the pleasure overwhelm him. “I h-have to go! Nanase-san… Goodbye!”

                “IORI!” Riku sobbed.



                Iori hung up the phone and threw it with his last bit of energy. The second the device left his hand, he grabbed his forehead in daze. “A…! Hyaaaaaa!” He moaned passionately, cumming on Tenn’s face. He drenched the boy in his hot seed, painting his face white with sticky liquid. Iori covered his mouth in shame, desperately trying to hide his flustered expression. He hadn’t meant to cum on Tenn like that. God, Iori had never done something like that in his life! He thought it was vulgar and humiliating. He sobbed into his hands in mortification. “I’m s-sorry!”

                Yet Tenn thought it was anything but embarrassing. It was spectacular. He licked the discharge off Iori’s tip, cleaning every drop of it. And swallowing. Like it was the most delicious taste to ever grace his tongue.

                “Mmhh…good boy, Iori. That’s my little Iori~” He hummed with approval. Liquid dripped down his chin. He began collecting it on the back of his hand and licking it off like a cat. It was drop dead sexy.

                Iori stared down at Tenn, mesmerized. Seeing his cum on Tenn’s face stirred some dominant instinct in Iori. “K…Kujou-san…” He whispered, in a trace. “You’re beautiful…”

                Once Tenn cleaned himself up, he stuck is tongue out for Iori to see that all of it was gone. “Don’t be embarrassed, sweetie. We both got exactly what we wanted,” He grinned. “Didn’t we?”

                “Kujou-san!” Iori sobbed, flopping back onto the bed. He stared up at the ceiling, holding back tears. “How could you do that!? Why!? Nanase-san could have figured everything out! Is that what you want!? Is that what you want, Kujou-san!?”

                Iori felt the perturbation of sheets and blankets. Tenn crawled onto the bed and laid next to him, resting his chin in his palm. He gazed at Iori. “You know what I want.”

                “No I don’t!” Iori looked at Tenn with distress. “What is it that you want!?”

                Tenn merely smirked. He reached out and caressed the side of Iori’s face. “I want you.”

                Iori felt his heart flutter. He couldn’t deny that Tenn had done an amazing job. He quivered, getting a warm feeling in his body. The two had never laid next to each other in bed before. Somehow, it felt lovely. Magical. Like some sort of fairy tale. Iori wondered if that was how couples felt when they woke up in the mornings. He blushed, realizing such thoughts were far too romantic and fluffy. Not at all cool and sharp. Plus, he wasn’t in a romantic relationship with Tenn to begin with.

                Was he?

                “That felt…really good. Kujou-san…” Iori said softly. “So good…”

                “Did it?” Tenn pet Iori’s hair gently. “Good. I live to make you happy, Iori.” He leaned closer to him. He curled up to Iori’s chest, like a girlfriend would to a boyfriend. He nuzzled between Iori’s arm and chest. “I missed cuddling with you, baby.”

                “I missed it too…” Iori admitted, truthfully.

                “Do you ever think about me when we’re apart?” Tenn asked. He blushed. “I-it’s fine if you don’t. I know we can’t see each other often because of all these circumstances out of our control…but…” He whispered. “That doesn’t mean I care for you any less. You mean so much to me, Iori. You’re the only one who… Likes the real me…”

                Iori swallowed. Tenn’s words were so genuine. Of course, their relationship had been built upon a foundation of sexual interactions. Yet it had bloomed into something more. Tenn enhanced Iori’s confidence. And Iori enhanced Tenn’s passion. Having to fake his personality 24/7 for the fans was exhausting. Sometimes Tenn felt lonely. Like no one in the world knew the real him. But he had shown the real him to Iori. And Iori thought he was beautiful. It made Tenn feel the love he had never experienced in his suffocating life. Perhaps that was why Tenn was so addicted to him. Iori was his comfort- his safety- his one and only confidant in the whole world.

                “I think about you all the time,” Iori leaned in to whisper in Tenn’s ear. “From first thing in the morning when I wake up, to tossing and turning in bed before I sleep…” He admitted. “Th-the other day, I found myself zoning out in class dreaming about you. Yotsuba-san had to nudge me to snap me out of it. It was so embarrassing…”

                Tenn giggled, loving the hum of Iori’s soft whispers in his ear. “Somehow I can’t imagine the perfect Iori Izumi zoning out in class.”

                Iori blushed. “Neither can I…” He sighed. He pressed his lips to Tenn’s forehead. “But I guess you have an effect on me…”

                Tenn felt butterflies in his stomach. For the first time in his life his heart was truly pounding. Not for the fans. But for one person. One amazing person who made him the happiest boy on earth. “I know this is wrong…” He whispered. “God. I know even just being alone with you is wrong. Let along kissing, touching, and having sex. But I’d rather die than lose you, Iori!” He clenched onto Iori’s shirt. “This is torture for me too, you know! I don’t want to get caught! I don’t want to ruin Trigger and…DISAPPOINT THE FANS!” He sobbed. “But most of all… I do not want to steal my brother’s boyfriend. That was never my intent. Never…”

                “Shh. It’s alright,” Iori brushed his thumb over Tenn’s bottom lip. He looked into his pretty face. And he smiled. “I understand. I understand.”

                Tenn smiled back. “You don’t understand,” He replied. “But maybe you will someday soon.” His eyes sparkled. “Oh Iori…”

                Iori closed his eyes for a moment, hugging Tenn to his chest. He could run his hands along every gorgeous curve of Tenn’s body, and worship him. Even with his eyes shut. He knew the angelic curves of his body so well by now. He had them memorized. Just where to touch to pry the most precious reactions out of him. To hear that sweet little voice sob in pleasure.

                That voice…

                A quick image of Riku flashed through Iori’s mind. Sparkling ruby red eyes and a smile that can light up a room. Iori gasped, horrified, and yanked away from Tenn.


                Tenn looked at Iori. “Huh? What’s wrong?” He asked.

                Iori shivered. He no longer cared if he was having a secret relationship. His issue wasn’t the scandal. His issue was the constant realization that he was cheating on Riku. Riku. The person he was supposed to love more than anyone else in the world.

                “I promised to never abandon Nanase-san…” Iori sniffled. “Only a fool would abandon someone as wonderful as him…”  

                Tenn frowned. He felt bad for Iori. He really did. And he felt bad for Riku too. But he wasn’t ready to explain all that. Simply wanting to cheer his beloved up, he leaned his face to Iori’s ear.

“If Riku refuses to kiss you then I’ll kiss you a thousand times to make up for it, darling,” He whispered. He nibbled on Iori’s ear gently, kissing and teasing. With his lips. His teeth. His tongue.

Then he suddenly pressed his mouth to Iori’s and embraced him. Sparks flew. Iori couldn’t deny it. It only took a moment before his dominant urges took over and he rolled Tenn over, pinning him down. Their sloppy kiss broke and they both panted, locking dazed eye contact.

“Haah, ah, hah…I won’t make you stay here, Iori,” Tenn whimpered. “You have your own will. But if you do choose to stay with me… C-could you please…” He bit his lip. He had never said something so pure in his life. “Please hold me in your arms all night? Warmly. Lovingly. Hug me tight and don’t let me go until daybreak…” He begged, diamond eyes sparkling with plead. “Please don’t be gone when I wake up…That’s all I ask…”

Iori swallowed. “No matter what I do I’ll be abandoning one of you…” He realized.

"Whatever you choose, just don't leave half way through the night. I'd rather you leave right now than trick me into thinking you'll be by my side when I wake up," Tenn explained. "I will not be tricked again. I had someone who did that to me before..."