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Anthem of Youth

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“Alright! Looks like we have time for one last fan letter. And it’s for Riku!” Mitsuki announced. It was Saturday night and Idolish7 was filming an episode of their show, Kimi to ai na night. They were in front of their live studio audience, and reading fan mail. Mitsuki eagerly opened their last letter and began to read it. “Dear Riku-kun! I am a sixteen year old girl and a big fan of Idolish7! You are my favorite, and have been since you first debuted. I was wondering, what would your ideal lover be like? Would you like an introvert or an extravert? And why? Please describe your ideal lover as my friends and I are very curious! Thank you! Love, Akane-chan.”

The audience clapped at the letter, as they seemed very excited for such a question. Idolish7 clapped as well. Everyone did. Except for one person. Iori Izumi sat there with a frown on his face, glaring at his brother.

“Nii-san. Isn’t that a bit inappropriate to as-“

“I’D LIKE TO DATE IORI!” Riku suddenly burst out, showing no shame. “My ideal lover would be a lot like Iori. They would be sweet, sensitive, and super smart! I’d probably pair better with an introvert since I am an extravert myself. And you know what they say! Opposites attract!” He giggled.

Iori's jaw dropped in horror, not believing what he was hearing Riku say on live television. “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!?”

Riku laughed. “It’s true!” He smiled, looking over at Iori with his sparkling red eyes. “A perfect couple would fill each other’s gaps and work as one unit! Like two halves making a whole. A right brain, and a left brain…” He chuckled, directly at Iori. Then he turned back to the audience. “I’d like to date someone like Iori one day! And maybe even marry them too.”


“Riku!! Iori!!”

The fans went wild at Riku’s answer, cheering in ecstasy. Yet Iori just sat there, completely stunned by what Riku had said. The fact that they were dating was meant to be a secret. And although the truth hadn’t directly been revealed to the audience, Iori felt like he was outright being teased on stage. He glared at Riku.


The Idolish7 boys all laughed, since they knew the truth. Iori and Riku were already a couple. The moment was like a special little secret between the boys. Riku smiled at his lover. Iori was blushing so badly.

“I think Iori and Riku would be an adorable couple!” Mitsuki snickered. “Right!?”

“Eh!? Nii-san!” Iori sobbed.

“Yeah no one is better for Ichi than Riku!” Yamato proclaimed.

“No one makes Iori flustered like Riku does,” Sogo commented.

“Oh! And Riku is always at his happiest when Iori is around!” Nagi announced.

“Iorin gay,” Tamaki added.

Iori turned red like never before. He couldn’t believe what his friends were saying on live TV. Were they insane!? The audience screamed and raved at the moment. Yet Iori merely buried his face in his hands, humiliated. How dare they play this little game with him.

Mitsuki smiled and patted his little brother on the back. “Relax, Iori. We’re just teasing,” He giggled. Then he turned back to the camera. “Now then! Thanks for watching today’s episode everyone! We hope you catch us next t-!”

“Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” A few members of the audience began to chant. “Iori~! Riku~!”

Mitsuki’s eyes widened. “U-um. Haha. We hope you see you all next time so we-“

“KISS! KISS! IORI! RIKU! KYAAAAA!” More people joined in. Eventually, the entire audience stood up, jumping and screaming for Iori and Riku. The room was thrown into uproar. It was ear piercingly loud. The Idolish7 boys were shocked, and stared at the audience with fear.

Misuki knew it was his job to wrap the episode up. He saw the producers signaling him behind the camera. “U-um! Next week, we are planning to…!” Yet his voice was hardly audible over the screams of the audience. He swallowed nervously and looked at his brother.

Iori had never seen Mitsuki look at him so desperate for help before. Yet he knew he had to do something. Iori and Riku had started the problem. So it needed to be one of them to end it. Iori rose to his feet. “Please, please calm down!” He tried to call over the audience. "Please take your seats."

“KISS! KISS!” The audience persisted.

“Don’t you love Riku, Iori!?”


Iori swallowed. He never took embarrassment well. And this was the most humiliating moment of his entire life. The peer preasure was insane! His stomach was churning with anxiety and he felt like he would pass out at any moment.

Kissing Nanase-san…On live TV. It could lead to scandal. No one can know we’re already a couple! We’ve never even had out first kiss. Well…I’ve had mine…b-but Nanase-san…Nanase-san…

“STOP!!!!” Riku suddenly screamed at the top of his lungs. He jumped up from his seat and faced the audience head on. His screech had been so loud. So startling. It wasn’t like Riku to react in such a vicious way. The entire studio fell silent, staring at Riku in shock. Tear came to the red-hair boy’s eyes. And he looked at everyone in misery. “Please… p-please do not pressure us into such things! First kisses are special! They shouldn’t be forced! If we weren’t idols… this wouldn’t happen!” He yelped. “I…I’d never kiss Iori! NEVER! I’ll won’t kiss him and I never will!” He screamed. “NEVER!"

Without another word, Riku raced off stage and out of the room. The area fell silent, for what felt like an eternity. No one could believe what they had just seen. Especially Idolish7.

Mitsuki looked back at the camera nervously. “Ah! A-and now for a commercial break! Don’t go anywhere!” He smiled awkwardly.

“Nanase-san…” Iori watched in shock as Riku vanished behind the curtain to run backstage. “Don’t go…”


“Please excuse me…” Iori said, entering the dressing room.

After running offstage like damsel in distress, Riku had gone to hide in the dressing room. He was sitting on the couch, hugging his knees like a child. “I-Iori?” He squeaked, looking up when he heard his boyfriend enter the room. “How did you know I was in here?”

Iori sighed and approached Riku. He sat next to him on the couch. “Because I know you so well,” He answered. “You’re my boyfriend, after all.” He stared at Riku for a moment, not understanding what had gotten into him. “Well?” he urged. “Are you ready to tell me what’s wrong? Or are you just going to break down crying like a baby?”

Riku pouted, glaring at Iori with rage. “You’re so sharp-tongued!” He shouted. “Look. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry I ruined the show and freaked out like that. I didn’t mean to cause a scene and…I don’t know what came over me.”

Iori studied Riku. His body language. His facial expressions. And of course, the tone of his beautiful voice. Iori was an expert at observing Riku. No one could read him better than Iori could. Yet in that moment, IRiku was acting so weird even Iori was confused. Nothing made sense. “Perhaps something is weighing on you, Nanase-san,” He realized. “Stress isn’t good for your health. Where is your inhaler? Do you feel light headed at all? You look a bit red. Nanase-san, just tell me where your inhaler is and I’ll go-“

“STOP!!!!” Riku shrieked, just as loudly as he did in the studio. He covered his ears and trembled, as if being tortured by Iori’s words. “How are you so calm!? We were just humiliated on live TV and it was all my fault!” He sobbed. “But what was I supposed to do? Either I run off and disappoint the fans, or k-kiss you in front of everyone…and create the biggest scandal ever…”

Biggest scandal ever, huh?

Little did Riku know Iori was already caught in a worse scandal with somebody else.

“Nanase-san. Please relax. You were right to exit the stage rather than kiss me for the world to see,” Iori reassured his lover. “Through...perhaps your manner in doing so was a little over the top. I understand that the peer pressure had been substantial but it wasn’t appropriate to shout at the audience like you did. Besides, it’s not like what you were saying was the truth. About never wanting to kiss me.” He folded his arms. A moment of silence passed.


Iori grew concerned when he didn’t hear Riku reply. He looked at him in confusion. “…R-right?”

Riku paused. Then he lept up from the couch. “Iori! You’re being just as cruel as the audience! Putting me on the spot and forcing me to make such a difficult decision!”

Iori’s jaw dropped. He couldn’t believe Riku’s answer. “What do you mean difficult!?” He shouted, jumping up as well. “How is it a difficult decision!? I’m not asking you to kiss me now! I’m asking if you want to kiss in the future! We’re dating, Nanase-san! It’s fine if you’re not ready for it, but… saying you never want it is ridiculous!”

Riku turned red and stomped a foot on the floor in anger. Iori and him bickered like little kids all the time. It was normal for them. But this argument wasn’t one that would occur between little kids. This was a serious disagreement. One Riku didn’t want to face. “It isn’t ridiculous! It’s my life!” He insisted. “Iori… maybe I’ll never be ready to kiss you!”

“Nanase-san…” Iori felt his heartbreak. He couldn’t tell if Riku was serious, or just yelling at him to prove a point. Whatever the reason, it infuriated him. “If you find kissing me so repulsive then why are we even together? Perhaps we’re better off without each other.” He folded his arms and faced the other way.

Riku shivered. “Th-that’s not what I meant! Please, Iori!” He grabbed Iori’s shoulder from behind. “You’re not listening to me. You never listen!” He begged, now clenching onto the back of Iori’s jacket and pulling it. “I…I just want our first kiss to be special. Being forced to kiss in front of an audience for fanservice isn’t special. It’s twisted. And wrong. If we were normal people we could go on dates all the time and fall in love naturally! But we’re not! We’re idols! We have to hide our relationship from the world and hide our true feelings.” He pressed his forehead to Iori’s back in sorrow. “It’s not fair. I want m-more than anything to be a good boyfriend for Iori. But… I don’t know how to do so. I’m sorry. I’m…” He sniffled. “I’m not good enough for you, Iori…”

                Iori’s eyes widened. He couldn’t believe what Riku had just admitted. His mind was spinning. Yet he didn’t hesitate to react right then and there. “NANASE-SAN!” He screamed, voice booming with rage. He whirled around, suddenly grabbing Riku’s wrist. And he squeezed it. “How dare you say that…”

                “Ahh!” Riku gasped when Iori grabbed his wrist. “Hey! L-let me go, Iori!” He cried, struggling to get away.

                “How dare you insinuate you’re not good enough for me. ARE YOU AN IDIOT!?” Iori shouted.

                Tears came to Riku’s eyes as his emotions overwhelmed him. He trembled violently, trying to pull away. But Iori was so much stronger than him. “I’m sorry! Please forget I said anything!”

                Iori growled. He couldn’t stand Riku’s attitude sometimes. That atrociously adorable attitude that just drove him crazy. God it drove him crazy. How could someone be so cute? It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t natural. Riku was like a princess. Iori’s heart was set ablaze when he saw that desperate look in Riku’s eyes. Oh the things he wanted to do to him in that moment. Overpower him. Teach him. Assert his will over the small, innocent boy. That’s it. Teach him…teach…

                He decided that was exactly what Riku needed. To be taught a lesson.

                “Listen to me, Nanase-san. You’re an idiot if you don’t recognize how important you are to Idolish7,” He began. “And… how important you are to me… That’s it. I’ll show you. I show you just how amazing you are.” Iori growled. “Get up,” he commanded, in a low husky tone. Without warning, he began dragging his boyfriend by his wrist to the other side of the room. Riku was left no choice but to stumble after the other male.

“Ahh! Iori! Quit it!” Riku begged, like a helpless child. “Let me go, please! I-!” He gasped. Iori suddenly stopped pulling him. And instead, pushed him forward. Riku froze when he saw what he was standing in front of. It was a long, full length mirror that displayed his reflection. Riku looked at his reflection in confusion. “What are you doing, Iori…?” He whispered.

“Shh,” Iori hushed his lover. “Please calm down and indulge me just for a moment, Nanase-san,” He begged. “I won’t hurt you, I promise. I care about you more than anyone in the world…” He said sweetly.

Riku’s eyes sparkled as he looked at Iori’s face in the mirror. “Iori…”

Iori suddenly put his hands on Riku’s hips from behind, holding him in place in front of the mirror. “Stay,” He commanded.  

Riku gasped, almost instantly. “AHH! H-hey! What are you doing!?” He sobbed. No one had ever touched him like that before. It made him blush a bright red. “I don’t need you to scold me, like you always do! I know I was wrong to freak out on stage. I’m sorry, ok! I take it all back!” He yelled.

“This isn’t about that. This is about you and I,” Iori explained. “Nanase-san… I want you to look in this mirror and see how amazing you are. Gaze deeply into your own reflection and distinguish why you’re so incredible…”

 “Eh!?” Riku shrieked. He looked back into the mirror. And he quivered. He saw at his reflection. The reflection of a terrified red-haired boy trapped by the assertive male behind him. He blinked.

“Tell me Nanase-san…” Iori leaned into Riku’s ear from behind. “What do you see?” He whispered, ever so delicately. His sweet breath shafted against Riku’s ear, making the other male feel a chill run down his spine. “What do you see in the mirror?”

“Ah!” Riku gasped. “I-I don’t want to look in the mirror! I don’t like mirrors, Iori!” He yelped. It was the honest truth. Riku never liked his reflection, because it reminded him of someone. “MHH!” Riku suddenly gagged.

Iori yanked Riku’s chin back toward the front, forcing him to see his reflection. And he smirked. “Good boy…” He whispered. He slowly began moving his palms up and down Riku’s sides. Stroking. And caressing his beautiful curves. The motion was so smooth and perfect. He rubbed Riku’s body so tenderly. Worshipping his beautiful hips.

Riku fell into Iori’s trap and began melting. He shuddered and gripped onto the mirror for dear life. “H-Hey…what are you…?”

Iori chuckled. “Cute…” He whispered. He cleared his throat before leaning back into Riku’s ear. “Nanase-san…” He whispered. “Listen to me. You are Idolish7’s weapon. You alone. You have all the perfect traits to make the most perfect idol the world has ever seen,” He praised. “Your personality, your looks, your gorgeous precious adorable voice…”

“Hya!” Riku squealed when Iori suddenly grazed his nails on his sides. He panted softly, feeling heat rise in his body. It was like Iori was casting a spell on him. Riku was left no choice but to look in the mirror, Iori’s words ringing through his mind. “D-did you just call me…perfect?” He asked. He took that word very seriously when it came to Iori. Iori knew perfection better than anyone. Hearing that word from his lips was a blessing Riku didn’t think he deserved. “Iori…your h-hands…” He looked down, seeing Iori gripping his waist. It looked so posessive. 

“Does it feel good?” Iori smirked.

“Mn…” Riku could hardly speak, he was getting so lost in the moment. He squeezed his eyes shut and gave Iori a little nod.

Iori was aggravated Riku hadn’t used his voice to respond. He craved Riku’s voice so badly. He decided to do everything he could to pry that precious voice out of him. “Open your eyes, Nanase-san,” He commanded. “I want you to look in the mirror.”

Riku held back a moan and looked back to the mirror. He couldn’t believe how red his face had become. Was Iori really making him that flustered? He whimpered, feeling Iori’s gentle fingers trail up and down the sides of his tummy. It tickled. It itched. It felt so mindbreakingly good. Damn it! How did such simple touches from Iori feel so amazing?

Because he was Iori Izumi. Because he was perfect. That was the only explanation.

Iori tucked some of Riku’s red hair behind his ear. “Tell me, Nanase-san…” He whispered. “What do you see in the mirror? Describe it to me. Don’t exclude any detail.”

Riku squeezed his hands into fists, leaning onto the mirror in desperation. “Iori…” He muttered. “I…I see you,” He answered. “I see my boyfriend!”

Iori frowned. That wasn’t the answer he had wanted. “Wrong answer,” He growled in Riku’s ear. Frustration fuled him. And he suddenly got an idea of how he could prove to Riku just how perfect he was. “Hm. I’ve always liked this outfit on you, Nanase-san. Your Monster Generation costume…” Iori whispered, rubbing his hands on Riku’s tummy. “But it’s a bit too revealing. Letting the whole world see your body makes me a bit upset… Let’s get this naughty thing off of you. Shall we?”

“EH!?” Riku squealed. “N-naughty!? Iori, wha- AH!” He suddenly squealed, as Iori began tugging at his costume. He desperately yanked the vest shut, trying to cover his body. “Iori! You’re crazy!”

“Shhh… Don’t shout. It’ll hurt your gorgeous voice…” Iori whispered. It was a struggle. And Riku was relentless in his fighting. But eventually, Iori was able to strip Riku’s vest off of him, leaving his boyfriend shirtless. He neatly folded the vest and set it aside, before grabbing Riku and pushing him to the mirror again.

“IORI!” Riku yelped. “Stop! I don't want-!”

“God, look at you Nanase-san…” Iori’s eyes widened. “Mm…” He began massaging Riku’s shoulders. His palms rubbed lower and lower until they were on Riku’s back. He trailed his fingertips down Riku’s spine with ease, basking in every curve of his body. “You’re so beautiful…”

Riku suddenly stopped fidgeting. He swallowed, processing what his boyfriend had just said. “You think I’m…beautiful?” He asked softly. “Ah…!”

Iori reached his arms around again and began rubbing his fingers over Riku’s nipples. Poking and twisting the tiny nubs between his fingers. “Interesting…” Iori whispered, observing Riku closely. The logical person he was, he found it fascinating to observe Riku’s reactions- and compare them to Tenn’s. Twins were quite the test subjects. Tenn reacted nearly in the exact same way when touched in those places. Iori’s little experiment made him smirk, as he continued to smear pleasure into the other male. “I knew your body would be sensitive here…very interesting indeed…”

“Ah! Ohh Iori…!” Riku bit his lip, lobbing his head to the side.

“Eyes back on the mirror, Nanase-san,” Iori snapped. “Look at your reflection! Look at yourself! Don’t say I’m the only one you see. Don’t you see you!? For once, be selfish. Stop seeing HIM in your own reflection!"

“Iori! Aaaah~!"

“You’re beautiful, Nanase-san. Inside and out. Pure. Exquisite. Do not compare yourself to Kujou-san..." Iori commanded. "Idolish7 is nothing without you. Hear me? You’re the personification of talent…”

“I’m…!” Riku squeaked. He couldn’t handle the little whispers in his ear. He watched the reflection of Iori’s hands gliding on his skin. Somehow, seeing it in the mirror made it more exciting. Riku was trembling with pleasure. “B-but…!” He suddenly yelped. “I’m weak! I might have a few talents- but everyone does! More importantly, I was born with a weak body! It’s a curse, Iori! I’m just scared that I’m holding everyone back! What if Idolish7 would be better without me!? My illness will always get in the way!” He shouted. He sniffled, as tears began falling from his ruby red eyes. He cried, rivers streaming down his cheeks. He covered his face with both hands. “Maybe…Tenn-nii was right. Maybe…I’m not meant to be an idol.”

Normally, Iori would yell at Riku for saying such a thing. Yet in that moment, he didn’t feel rage. He felt an epiphany. “Nanase-san…” He groaned into Riku’s neck. “Don’t you remember the promise I made you? All that time ago...?” He whispered, lips brushing against Riku’s neck. “No matter what. I swear. I will make you into a superstar.”

Riku felt his hair stand on end. Iori’s chilling voice was so captivating. He found himself hypnotized by those delicious words. He cried more, trying to wipe away his tears. “You really think I can? Become a s-super star?”

Iori smirked as he was finally getting through to Riku. He wanted to break him. “Yes. And I’ll prove it. Look in the mirror. Watch how breathtakingly gorgeous you are when you melt for me, Nanase-san…See the desperate look in your eyes. The flustered expression on your face. How your body curves and complies to my every will…” He whispered. “Watch. And listen to your golden voice.”

Without warning, Iori began pressing kisses on Riku’s neck. Soft, warm lips lavished Riku’s bare skin. On his left. On his right. Between his shoulder blades. Iori made tiny red lovebites all over his boyfriend, claiming his beautiful body as his own. His teeth nibbled Riku’s ear. And soon, his tongue ran down Riku’s neck.

It had happened too fast. Riku’s innocent mind could hardly process what was happening. His body heated up in a passionate blaze- unlike anything he had ever felt before. He tried to cover his mouth. But instead he found himself leaning into the mirror, barely able to support himself.

“A…a-ahh! Oh Iori~! Ah!” A chorus of moans spilled from his lips. He was still crying. But it wasn’t out of sadness. It was out of pleasure. He felt kisses on his neck. And rubs on his chest. It was too much to bare for someone as sensitive as sweet Riku. He sobbed into the mirror for dear life. “Aaa Iori~ Please! Please!”

“Please what?” Iori growled, suddenly biting down on Riku’s ear. “Tell me what you want.”

“Uwahh!” Riku yelped. He had no idea what had gotten into his usual embarrassed Iori. Usually the younger male was too shy to hold hands, let alone initiate a connection like this. Perhaps it was because they weren’t facing each other, and eye contact was difficult. Or perhaps it was because Iori was growing up- swimming in his sweet youth- maturing into the cool and sharp person his physicality always implied he was.

But why? What was causing Iori to act so dominant all of the sudden? Riku had no idea. Little did he know it was because there was another person in Iori’s life, who had been teaching him- prying that dark side out of him. Someone else had been changing Iori. Changing his entire demeanor.

                “Y-yes! Yes, aaa I’m sorry…!” Riku sobbed. “Iori m-…make me…” He whimpered. “Make me into a super star…. CONTROL ME…!”

                Iori grinned. “Good boy.”

                Another moment passed as Iori worshipped every inch of Riku. Caressing his delicate, soft skin. Whispering sweet nothings into his ear. Riku trembled. And god how he moaned. His precious reactions only fuled Iori even more. Iori couldn’t hold back. He pressed his hips into Riku’s behind. And Riku instantly jolted in alarm.

                “Yes. That’s it…” Iori growled. “Let me hear that voice, Nanase-san. That voice that can change the world. Moan for me.”

                Riku rapidly shook his head. He bit his lip so hard it nearly started bleeding. “NMM! IORI! What’s gotten into you!?”

                “Say my name again.”

                “Ah! Please! This isn’t you!”

                “Nanase-san…I’m warning you…” Iori hissed. “Do you want to be a super star or not?”

                “Mm!” Riku sobbed. He choked down his cries and submitted to Iori. “Yes!” He replied. “I’ll do anything…make me into a star…IORI!”



                Iori pulled Riku's chin back toward the mirror, forcing him to see his desperate, melting reflection again. “You see it now, don’t you? Come on…” He urged. He looped his arms around Riku and cradled him. Resting his chin on Riku’s shoulder, he looked into the mirror with him. “What do you see?”

                Riku’s head was spinning. He didn’t handle any of this well. Perhaps Tenn would. But not Riku. Riku wasn’t like Tenn. He didn’t get these sorts of lustful urges. And he’d never beg for sex. He was much too afraid, and much too delicate to ever enjoy something so rough.

                The opposite of Tenn.

                Tenn was always confident. Tenn could lure people into anything to get whatever he wanted. Meanwhile, Riku always struggled. And now, he was struggling to tell his boyfriend no. Tenn would never tell Iori no. But Riku would. Riku didn’t want any of the physical contact. So unlike Tenn.

                They were exact opposites. Almost as if they were…

                “Mirror images…” Riku whispered.

                “Hm?” Iori kissed Riku’s neck.

                Riku swallowed, staring at the mirror in a trance. “I see…a couple. In the mirror. A couple that looks very good together…Perfect.”

                Iori smiled. “Is that so?” He asked. “Good. I’m glad I’ve finally shown you how perfect you are, Nanas-“

                “BUT IT’S NOT ME!” Riku suddenly shrieked. “AHH!” He slammed his fists onto the mirror in agony. Riku hated mirrors for a reason. He couldn’t ever look in one without seeing his twin. Tenn’s hairstyle was practically his but backwards, after all. Riku struggled to shake the images of his flawless twin from his mind. “I’M NOT… LIKE HIM!” He screeched. “AAHHH!”



                “STOP THAT THIS INSTANT!”

                “LET ME GO! NEVER TOUCH ME AGAIN!”

                “STOP RESISTING! LISTEN TO ME!”


                “NANASE-SAN I’D NEVER HURT YOU!”

                “I SAID GET OFF OF ME, IORI!”

                After tussling, screaming, and clawing at each other, Riku eventually succeeded in ripping away from Iori’s grasp. It was so rough. He yanked away from his boyfriend with all his might, suddenly tripping and collapsing to the floor. Iori screamed his name. But it was too late. Riku fell down and laid on the hard floor in agony. He felt like he had been both mentally and physically tortured. And he had.

                “I’ll never kiss you, Iori...never..."

                “Riku! Iori!” A sudden voice called. Before Iori could react, the door to the dressing room suddenly flew open. Sogo and Tamaki rushed into the area. “You guys need-!” Sogo froze when he saw the scene before him.

                Tamaki’s sapphire eyes widened. “A-are you two ok?” He gasped. “What the hell? Why is Rikkun on the floor!?”

                “I’m fine! I-I-I’m fine!” Riku lied. He quickly rose to his feet and got his balance. Nervously, he grabbed his vest and began putting it back on. The whole scene looked suspicious. But Riku quickly changed the subject before questions could be asked. “What’s going on? Why do you two look so worried?”

                Sogo raised an eyebrow. But quickly turned back to the matter at hand. “There’s bad news. Manager needs to see everyone right away,” He clarified. “Apparently an article was just released by a gossip magazine. It’s already everywhere! Every website, every street corner, every social media post…”

                Tamaki nodded. “It’s the stupid media spreading rumors again. But this time they claim they have photographic evidence,” He added. “They claim one of our members is in a secret relationship. With a member of a rival group." He turned and looked at Iori with shameful, forlorn eyes.

                Iori felt his heart pounding. “Wh…what?” He whispered. “Who?”

                “It’s you, Iori,” Sogo informed. “You. And Kujou Tenn.”