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Bakugou Katsuki Talks in His Sleep

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It was the first time Bakugou stayed the night at Kirishima's. To note, it wasn't planned.

It was just supposed to be some sort of movie night with Kaminari, Sero, and Mina at Kirishima's house, since they were free to leave campus for the weekend.

Upon hearing about such an event at lunch, Bakugou grabbed his lunch and thrusted it into the garbage can before stalking away, grumbling to himself before anyone could ask him if he wanted to hangout with the group.

He didn't feel like himself that day. Anyone who looked at him might assume he's acting the same as ever, but Bakugou felt especially grumpy and he didn't want to go to some preschool play-date. He stalked to his room, his limbs aching for his bed. He felt tired, annoyed, and now a little bit hungry. He huffed as he shoved his door open before diving straight into his bed, nuzzling his nose into the soft fabric of his pillow.

The familiar scent of Kirishima drifted through his nose, and it made him wonder momentarily about just how often that boy was in his room, occupying his space, breathing in his air. He shook his head, his nose scrunched up slightly as he tried to rest his eyes.

Not only two moments later was his quiet peace interrupted by a loud red haired freak bursting through the door, calling out, "Bakugou!"

Bakugou let out a long, deep groan as he curled in on himself. Maybe if he didn't say anything Kirishima would leave.

Kirishima stepped into the room and his eyes instantly landed on the lump in Bakugou's bed. He quirked an eyebrow, asking more gently, "Bakugou?"

Bakugou ignored him, begging silently for sleep to just come and take him.

Bakugou's thoughts were interrupted as a huge mass jumped onto his bed, jostling him from his not-slumber. Bakugou's eyes widened before he sat up and whipped his head over to the laughing Kirishima snuggled up on his bed. "You have thirty seconds to leave before I kill you," Bakugou gritted through his teeth, his eyebrows furrowed.

Kirishima whined as he sat up too, "Bakugou! I'm just here to ask if you're gonna come watch the movie with us?" The end of his statement came out as a question. Kirishima peered up at Bakugou with a small smile as he waited for an answer.

"No," Bakugou huffed before flopping back on the mattress. A grunt fell from his lips as he curled his arms around his pillow.

Kirishima gasped, taking offense, "And why not?"

"Because," Bakugou grumbled as he twisted in his bed, turning away from Kirishima.

Kirishima pouted as he stared at Bakugou's back before encouraging, "It will be fun." He dragged out the 'n' as he nudged Bakugou's shoulder.

Bakugou sighed, he knew he shouldn't turn around to look at Kirishima for one reason and one reason only: that pout. That devastating pout. Kirishima had a way of getting what he wants - from anybody - simply by looking so damn adorable.

But he did turn. His rose a lazy eyebrow, "Will it shut you up and get you out of my room?"

Kirishima beamed, "Yes!"

"Okay then, I don't know what you're still doing on my bed," Bakugou mumbled as he turned back to his original position.

He had to fight a laugh as he felt Kirishima scramble off his bed as he called out, "Yay! I'm glad! See you later alligator!"

Bakugou shook his head, but allowed a small smile to creep up onto his face as he thought about Kirishima's very own smile.


Once the group had met up at Kirishima's, they began to set up for the movie. Mina and Kaminari argued over what film to watch as Sero and Kirishima brought out some snacks. Sero looked at Kirishima with an apologetic grin as he asked, "He's not coming?"

Kirishima shrugged in response, opening his mouth to reply, but an abrupt knock on the front door tore him from his thoughts. His face lit up as he scrambled to the door and when he opened it to see Bakugou standing there, he grinned as he ushered Bakugou in, "I didn't think you were actually going to come! Come in, come in!"

Bakugou let out a snort as he grumbled, "I said I would, so here I am." He kicked off his shoes before showing himself inside, having been to Kirishima's house countless times before this.

It was not only until Bakugou unceremoniously dropped onto the couch that Mina and Kaminari had come to a decision. They decided to watch some dumb comedy about a bank heist that will take a supposed 'twist'.

They whole group was all piled up in Kirishima's living room, squished together, quietly bickering as they waited for the movie to begin. Bakugou sat on one side of the couch and Kaminari sat on the other side, with Mina in the middle. Sero sat in between Kaminari's legs - Kaminari was one hundred percent playing with Sero's hair, and Sero seemed to enjoy it as a content smile fell to his lips (Bakugou pictured Sero purring like a cat and had to fight back laughter) - and Kirishima sat in front of Mina, his head bumping against her legs as he so casually rested against her.

Once the movie began, a chorus of shushes erupted from everyone in the room until Bakugou let out a groan, "Guys, just shut the fuck up already."

Mina stifled a laugh as she pointed out, "Okay, Mr. Grumpy pants."

Bakugou sent her a glare as he grumbled, "Just watch the damn movie.'

She complied after giving a curt chuckle. Bakugou rolled his eyes, but trained them onto the television screen. He could admit that the film was mildly amusing as it did bring a smile to his lips during some of the more funny parts. It wasn't until half of the movie was over that Bakugou had glanced at the people next to him.

Kaminari's hands stopped playing with Sero's hair, but both of them wore grins as they watched the movie. Mina was cackling at Bakugou's side, clutching her stomach as she rasped about how hilarious one of the characters was. When Bakugou's eyes fell to Kirishima, he paused momentarily, allowing himself to take in every detail of the side of his face. The way Kirishima's smile brought out just the tiniest of dimples made Bakugou's heart do some sort of acrobatic shit in his chest.

Bakugou hardly watched the movie after that. He was too focused on watching Kirishima grin up at the screen. He was soaking in the pure happiness that radiated off of Kirishima, and it made him feel warm and happy to attend such a childish event.

When something funny happened, Kirishima would let out that adorable laugh, and he'd nudge Bakugou's knee, sending tingles up Bakugou's leg and straight to his spine. Bakugou let out a quiet chuckle every now-and-then as he caught glimpses of the movie, but he could feel the weight of the day drop on him as he sat comfortably in the presence of his friends. He slowly sunk further into the couch as he rested his elbow on the arm of the couch with his head in his hand. His gaze focused solely on Kirishima. He dragged his eyes down Kirishima's jaw and over the outline of his nose. It was perfect, Kirishima's nose, and no one could tell Bakugou otherwise. He had the strange urge to kiss Kirishima's nose. He thought about the way Kirishima's face would scrunch up and that endearing little blush of his would dust over his cheeks.

A blush covered Bakugou's own cheeks as he thought about the red haired boy who sat in front of him, and he was grateful all eyes in the room to be focused so keenly on the television in front of him. He let out a chuckle, more to himself than anything, as he shook his head.

When did I become so engrossed with Kirishima?

A sudden onset of sleepiness washed over him, and at first he fought the sleep off to the best of his ability; although, he could feel the way his eyes drooped and the way his body sunk deeper into the couch, so he let go of his fight. Bakugou dozed off quietly, and no one really noticed until Kirishima turned to Bakugou with his hand on Bakugou's knee, ready to ask him about his opinion on the movie, but he stopped mid sentence, "Baku - oh." Kirishima rose his eyebrows up in curiosity as he peered up at Bakugou's sleeping form. Bakugou had snuggled up on the arm of the couch with his arm tucked underneath his head. His breathing was slow as four pairs of eyes watched him in shock.

"Now that's not something you see every day," Kaminari chimed in as they all peered at Bakugou.

Sero hummed in agreement before speaking thoughtfully, "He did seem a little tired today."

Kirishima nodded before snapping as he whispered, "Now that you mention it, when I went to his room today he looked like he was trying to take a nap."

"I still don't understand how he doesn't kill you over that," Kaminari mumbled as he squinted at Kirishima, "You guys have the weirdest friendship."

Kirishima waved a hand, a snort erupting from his lips, "Shut up."

Mina stayed quiet briefly, a thoughtful look on her face as she peered at Bakugou. His pale skin was illuminated by the credit scene of the movie, and she had the sudden urge to touch him. She turned to peer down at Kirishima with a soft giggle, "He's asleep. I'm gonna poke him."

Kirishima furrowed his eyebrows as he warned, "I dunno, I wouldn't. What if -"

But by the time half the words have left his mouth, Mina was poking at Bakugou's cheeks repeatedly as she murmured to herself, "Surprisingly soft."

Kirishima stood up slowly as Bakugou fidgeted in his sleep. He had furrowed eyebrows as he mumbled something incoherent.

"I think I'm just gonna let him crash here. But you guys -" He turned to the three pairs of eyes that begged him, "Have to leave. No, before you ask, you can't stay. You have your own beds, and my mother would lose her mind if she woke up to five teenagers in her house instead of just the usual one."

Collective groans filled the room and Mina cried out quietly, "Unfair! Bakugou gets special treatment! This is favoritism!"

Kirishima held up his hands as he hushed her, "I don't favor anyone, okay. Now leave my house." 

All three of them rose their eyebrows at Kirishima as Sero spoke, "Dude, do you ever realize what you do sometimes?"

Kirishima groaned, dragging a hand down his face as he ushered them to the door, "Get out, just get out."

Mina grumbled as she walked out the door, linking arms with Sero and Kaminari as she huffed, "Fine, we don't need him."

Kirishima could hear Sero's faint laugh as he shut the door behind him. He shook his head while he walked back to the living-room. Once he stood in the doorway, he peered at Bakugou, who was curled up on the couch. He felt a light blush dance over his cheeks as he he thought about how content Bakugou looked when he slept. It wouldn't be the first time he's seen Bakugou's blissful sleeping face, but it was still an all around pleasure to witness.

Kirishima let out a soft laugh before noticing the slight chill on his arms. He peered at Bakugou who wore shorts and a t-shirt. It was extremely hot outside, but inside his mother liked to keep it cool and livable. Kirishima stalked down the hallway, dug out a spare blanket from the closet, and came back to gently drape the blanket over Bakugou. He tucked the blanket around Bakugou, his hands hesitating on Bakugou's shoulders. He felt temptation climb up his spine as he peered at the sleeping boy.

I shouldn't, he thought to himself as he raised his hand. but now I have to.

He has never had the curiosity of how Bakugou's face felt until Mina put the thought in his head.

Kirishima's hand hovered over the side of Bakugou's face for a while before Kirishima finally won his internal battle with himself. He gently caressed Bakugou's cheek, his fingers slow and tender.

Well, Mina wasn't wrong.

Kirishima had to tear away his hand from Bakugou's face due to the unusual soft baby-like feel of his cheeks. He wanted to keep touching Bakugou, and he momentarily wondered what Bakugou's hands would feel like if he were to hold them. Kirishima let out a content sigh, a fond smile dripping from his lips as he pulled away.

Two seconds later, a hand grabbed at his wrist and he yelped as he looked at Bakugou with wide eyes. "She stole my pizza - I will send her to the seventh circle of hell," he grumbled clearly in his sleep before dropping Kirishima's hand and squirming around before settling once more in his spot on the couch.

Kirishima's heart leaped in his chest as he took in a deep breath, resting his hand over his heart as he murmured, "That was close." He assumes Bakugou would all around murder him if he woke up to Kirishima feeling up his face. He let out a long breath before slowly backing away from Bakugou. His thoughts trailed to Bakugou's sleeping statement and his nose scrunched up slightly.

That was... interesting.

Come morning time, Kirishima walked sleepily out into the living room as he itched his scalp, a big yawn escaping his lips as he paused his movements to allow his body to stretch. He smacked his lips together, clicking his tongue right after. He jumped slightly when he heard Bakugou gurgle in his sleep, "The monkeys are here, dammit." Kirishima blinked. He almost forgot about Bakugou crashing on his couch, and so when he saw the boy curled up on the couch, he felt pleased. He made his way over to Bakugou, making note not to make too much noise as Kirishima smiled warmly and sat down slowly next to Bakugou, resting his arm on the cushion of the couch as he turned to face Bakugou completely. Bakugou was still curled up on the arm of the couch and it looked uncomfortable, but Kirishima let him sleep as he sat there listening to Bakugou talk in his sleep with curious eyes. "Don't roll the cart on my face," Bakugou murmured to himself and Kirishima let out a puff of laughter as he rested his cheek on his hand. This was truly a first and he was soaking it in. Never had Bakugou said any full, coherent sentences in his sleep before, so it was enticing. Bakugou gurgled some more random statements before  slowly waking up. Bakugou furrowed his eyebrows as he blinked at the unfamiliar television set in front of him. His eyes trailed over the wall, and finally to his side where he noticed Kirishima watching him, and he jumped slightly, "Fucking-" A groan escaped his lips. His neck felt strained and fuck - really sore, "What the hell Kirishima? Is that how you wake people up? Jesus Christ." 

Kirishima giggled innocently as he cooed, "You just look so peaceful when you sleep! I can't help it. Also," He paused, a grin creeping up his lips as he laid there. 

Bakugou rose an irritated eyebrow as he huffed, "Spit it out."

Kirishima hummed as he sat up. He reached his hand out to gently grab Bakugou's shoulder as he spoke, "My friend - my dearest Bakugou - you talk in your sleep. "

Bakugou scoffed, "The fuck I do. I don' know where you got that idea from." He tilted his head with furrowed eyebrows as he stretched his legs out, grumbling, "You must be hearin' shit, again."

Kirishima gasped as he let go of Bakugou's shoulder to punch him in the arm as he cried, "Bakugou, that was one freaking time! Let it go! I had no idea about that dude's quirk, okay!"

Bakugou let out a deep chuckled as he hummed, "Sure, sure," He paused briefly, "Crazy,"

Kirishima huffed as he crossed his arms, "Whatever, Mr "Don't roll the cart on my face.""

Bakugou turned to face Kirishima, confusion etched into his features as he asked, "What?"

"You heard me," Kirishima grumbled, adding on, "You most certainly talk in your sleep, and you know what? You say the weirdest crap, too."

Bakugou sat up straighter before mumbling in confusion, "You've got to be kidding right now."

Kirishima shrugged, loosening his arms as he hummed, "Although; to be fair, I can admit it was most certainly amusing, so it doesn't both me."

Bakugou reached out and took his turn to punch Kirishima as he yelped, "Hey! No the fuck it wasn't."

Kirishima rose his eyebrows, un-phased by the sudden impact on his shoulder as he asked, "So, you're not denying the fact that you do talk in your sleep, though?"

"I - what - no!" Bakugou stammered, his eyes wide as realized the hole Kirishima found in his statement.

Kirishima leapt up off the couch with a giggle as he danced in front of the couch, pointing and singing, "Bakugou Katsuki talks in his sleep! Let the world know!" Bakugou held his mouth open as he peered at the giggling mess in front of him, heat rising up to his ears as he heard Kirishima sing, "Sometimes he says some weird stuff - but don't be phased!"

Bakugou reached out to grab at Kirishima, mumbling, "Shut up." Kirishima evaded his touch easily as he continued to sing in a mocking tone. Bakugou growled from his spot on his couch, a hint of warning in his tone, "Kirishima."

Kirishima paused his movements to look at him with a curt smile, "What is it, sleep talker?"

Bakugou shook his head in disbelief as he stood from the couch, "Oh, you're asking for it now, shitty hair."

"Oh yea," Kirishima taunted, a playful grin on his lips, "What are ya gonna do, blasty?"

"Oh, ho ho," Bakugou let out a rare, playful laugh as he returned Kirishima's grin, "You'll see."

Kirishima laughed back, quirking an eyebrow, "Will I?"

It was only two seconds before Bakugou had his hands on Kirishima's shoulders. Kirishima quit the small talk as he focused on pushing at Bakugou's chest, a grin still plastered on his face. Play fighting ensued, and Bakugou had drug Kirishima down onto the ground where the boys wrestled, breathless laughs escaping their lips as Kirishima wrapped his legs around Bakugou, attempting to get the upper hand as he tried to roll the both of them over. They rolled around, both fighting for dominance as their hands fought against the other. In a swift motion, Bakugou had rolled on top of Kirishima, straddling his waist. He pinned Kirishima's arms above his head with one hand, his other hand making a move to slam into Kirishima's chest. Kirishima peered up at him with wide eyes as he felt himself slowly be defeated.

Bakugou paused his swift moments, his hand hovering over Kirishima's chest for a short moment before he gently dropped it over Kirishima's heart, declaring, "I got you, you're a dead man."

Kirishima feigned a cry of pain as he dramatically called out, "Oh, this is it! I end here!" He then made his limbs go limp as he closed his eyes and hung his tongue out of the side of his mouth, pretending to be dead like some bad actor in a one star action film.

Bakugou chuckled as he settled down on top of Kirishima's waist, taking his hand away from Kirishima's arms. He left his other hand resting over Kirishima's chest, and he could feel the fast, rhythmic beat underneath his fingertips. "You know," He mused, "For a dead person, your heart is awfully lively."

Kirishima peeked open an eye as he murmured, "And?"

Bakugou chuckled, peering curiously down at Kirishima before revealing, "I guess I'm a bit ruffled as well."

Kirishima opened both his eyes now, only to look up at Bakugou with confusion, "What?" He laughed, aware of the fact that Bakugou could still feel his pulsing heart through his hand. 

Bakugou shook his head, murmuring, "Here." He grabbed Kirishima's hand and pressed it over his own heart, his fingers gently fitting between Kirishima's.

Kirishima could feel the way Bakugou's heart pumped underneath his touch, and he felt warmth creep up his sides as he laid there, stunned by this sudden interaction. He stammered quietly, "Oh." 

Bakugou nodded, humming softly. Kirishima could feel the soft vibrations radiate through his palm and he felt almost giddy as Bakugou showed this interesting side to him.

Both of their thoughts were interrupted as Kirishima's mother walked into the living room. The boys froze in their spot, blood draining from their faces as Kirishima's mother stopped to peer at them with a weird look. Her eyes dragged over them. There Bakugou was, straddling Kirishima in the middle of the living room. Both boys' hair were tousled, and their cheeks flushed from the sudden wrestling. Kirishima's shirt rode up slightly and Bakugou's was hanging loosely off his shoulder. Her eyes fixated on their hands. The way Bakugou was so tenderly pressing Kirishima's hand to his chest made Kirishima's mother wonder. She had been woken up by some kind of ruckus going on in her living room, and she'll be dammed if there is any teenage fooling around going on in her house, and before the two could even explain themselves, she said calmly, "You better not be having sex on my clean carpet, or so help me God, Eijirou!"

Bakugou choked on his spit, his cheeks erupting in flames as Kirishima shrieked from underneath him, "Mom!"

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Kirishima and Bakugou have gotten more comfortable with each other as time went on. You could oftentimes find them hanging out together, studying, or just casually being in each others presence. 

This only lengthened when U.A. built the dorms and placed Bakugou and Kirishima right next to each other.  

Now, it was just normal for them to be with each other. No one would really see Bakugou in the lunchroom without Kirishima sitting next to him, chirping happily to anyone and everyone who sat at their lunch table. That is, unless they were fighting, but that's rarely the case. 


Bakugou groaned, throwing his head back to look at the ceiling. He rubbed his eyes as he let out a disgusted huff. 

Kirishima peaked at him curiously before asking, "Somethin' wrong?"

Bakugou let out a sour laugh as he looked at Kirishima, who was curled up on Bakugou's bed with papers scattered around him. Bakugou kicked his legs up, resting his feet on the edge of his desk, allowing his book to rest in his lap as he replied in an annoyed tone, "I can't figure out question five on the math homework. We must have done these thousands of fucking times - but I can't focus right now." 

Kirishima sat up completely, using his finger to point to his paper, "The one about converting radicals?"

Bakugou hummed, his eyebrows furrowing as he watched Kirishima look at him, then his paper, and then back at him, biting his lip. "What?" Bakugou asked slowly, his tone low.

Kirishima let out a nervous chuckle, "I have the answer, you know you're the one who taught me how to do these."

Bakugou frowned, dropping his feet to the floor before leaning over and grabbing the paper Kirishima offered him. His eyes scanned over the paper briefly, and you could see the gears turn in his head as he read over Kirishima's answer. He dropped his hand onto his book with a deep sigh, "Yea, that's it, all right." His lip twitched up in a scowl as he growled, "I'm too distracted to do homework right now, lets do something else."

Kirishima let out a worried laugh, "What's been on your mind to distract you this much? I mean you're usually done with your homework before I am."

Bakugou paused, his heart jumping to his rib cage as Kirishima peered at him. The way Kirishima tilted his head to the side thoughtfully was cute, and endearing, and Bakugou just wanted to touch Kirishima' face and-

Now's not the time to get flustered, dammit.

Bakugou looked away as he shoved his books up on his desk, grumbling, "It doesn't matter, shut up." He could feel heat travel up to his ears. 

Kirishima rose an eyebrow as he dragged out knowingly, "Okay." 

Bakugou groaned, dropping his forehead onto his desk, murmuring, "Just drop it, Kirishima." His cheeks felt warm as he peaked at Kirishima from his spot at his desk.

Kirishima offered him a warm smile as he gathered his papers from Bakugou's bed, "Fine, fine. But don't think I'm not gonna bring it up again. Anyways, what do you want to do now?"

Bakugou stood up, taking a moment to stretch out his stiff limbs before plopping onto his bed next to Kirishima. He laid on his back, peering up at Kirishima. In all honesty, he could just watch Kirishima sit there and play on his phone and he'd be perfectly content, but he shrugged as he pulled his arms behind his head, mumbling, "I dunno. A movie? Just something besides boring ass homework."

Kirishima chuckled down at him, "Your voice lacks enthusiasm, are you sure?"

Bakugou shrugged again as he dropped his eyes. He turned toward Kirishima, laying on his side as he played with the zipper on one of Kirishima's pockets. Bakugou made a silent note to himself that zipper pockets on sweat pants may be the best invention yet.

"Bakugou," Kirishima groaned, "I don't like it when you get all vague."

Bakugou hummed, keeping his eyes low as he murmured, "I - I dunno, I just wanna like -" he paused, groaning to himself momentarily before continuing in a flustered tone, "I just wanna be in your presence. Is that a crime?"

Kirishima let out a soft chuckle, "Oh." A smile encased his lips as he peered down at Bakugou before replying fondly, "Well, it certainly isn't a crime, but I'm flattered."

Bakugou took a short moment to peer up at Kirishima's toothy grin. He grunted in response, a blush on his cheeks, "Shut up and put on a damn movie already."

Kirishima hummed, a soft laugh escaping his lips as he turned to look for the remote to Bakugou's TV. He could feel Bakugou's eyes on him, and he shook his head to himself as he grabbed the remote from being tucked underneath Bakugou's pillow. Once he grabbed it, he turned back to find Bakugou staring at him intently and he felt a light dusting of a blush on his cheeks.

"What?" Kirishima asked slowly as he flicked the TV on. 

Bakugou shrugged again, and Kirishima gave him a warning look. A smile crept onto Bakugou 's face as he hid his face into the blanket on his bed, murmuring, "Just - put a movie on." Kirishima huffed, grumbling to himself as he turned his attention to the television.

Bakugou was enjoying himself as he silently teased Kirishima. He pulled his face from his blanket to peer at the TV screen, rolling onto his stomach. He let out soft chuckle as he watched the beginning credits to a popular cartoon, dog centered movie play. "You love this movie, don't you?" He mused as he turned his gaze back to Kirishima. 

Kirishima looked down at him with an annoyed huff, "And so what if I do?"

Bakugou stopped himself from shrugging and just smiled, "I didn't say it was a bad thing, Kiri."

"Whatever," Kirishima grumbled as he watched the talking dogs on the screen with slouched shoulders. 

Bakugou chuckled before turning his gaze to the film as well.

Bakugou had made it about thirty minutes in before sneaking a peak up at Kirishima again. Now Kirishima wore an amused smile, and it was pleasant to see. Bakugou has realized recently that Kirishima was far more interesting than most films, and it was distracting, but it wasn't like he couldn't re-watch the movies later so when people ask him about them he actually can have a response. 

Bakugou kept his eyes trained on Kirishima for a while and he felt tired as he laid there. Usually he wouldn't get sleepy so early into the evening, but Kirishima brought a certain warmth with him that made Bakugou feel cozy and at ease. Kirishima reminds Bakugou of home, in a good way.

Bakugou suddenly felt compelled to just wrap his arms around Kirishima - so he did. He re-positioned himself, shuffling back slightly before wrapping his arm around Kirishima's stomach, the other tucking behind Kirishima's back, resting on the bed. It could also be said that Bakugou was almost touching Kirishima's butt, but that depends on how one would view the situation. Bakugou curled his legs behind Kirishima as well, feeling more comfortable than before as his head bumped into Kirishima's thigh. 

As this was happening, Kirishima let out a sound of surprise as he held his arms up in confusion. "Bakugou?" Kirishima asked slowly, feeling baffled as Bakugou cuddled around him. A deep blush colored his cheeks as Bakugou hummed softly, not really replying to him at all. Kirishima let out a nervous chuckle, his hands still hovering in the air. It wasn't like they haven't had close encounters, but they weren't usually this - well - this snuggle-y. They play fought all the time, wrestling each other until they were gasping for air. It was not only fun since they matched each other, but good practice for their future hero work. When they would both be good and tired, they would lay next to each other, shoulder to shoulder as they talked about whatever.

Kirishima turned slightly, hesitantly dropping his hand down into Bakugou's hair, resting the other one in his lap. When Bakugou made no move to push Kirishima's hand away, he gently began brushing it back, forgetting about the movie playing in the background momentarily. 

Bakugou hummed in content before murmuring with closed eyes, "My mom used to do that when I was little. Feels nice." Kirishima's fingers were gentle as they brushed through Bakugou's hair, and Bakugou shuddered inwardly as he felt tingles in his skull.

Kirishima let out a fond laugh, "Well, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. " He didn't mind this, in fact, he was enjoying the content smile that graced Bakugou's lips - and the fact that it was caused by him made him feel giddy. 

Bakugou didn't say anything else, basking in comfort as he laid at Kirishima's side. He didn't fight sleep as it came to gently take Bakugou into the world of dreams.

Kirishima continued to pet Bakugou's hair gently while watching the movie, as if it were second nature already. When the movie finished, he turned his gaze down to Bakugou who snoozed lightly at his side. He didn't want to disturb the sleeping boy next to him, but his back ached from sitting like that for nearly two hours. He looked down at Bakugou before attempting to slowly pry Bakugou's arms from around his waist. Bakugou's arms only tightened, though, as he murmured half asleep, "Don't go."

Kirishima let out a strangled coo as he spoke softly, "Okay, okay, just let me move around a bit, my back hurts." Bakugou was still half asleep as he gurgled out something incoherent, blinking his eyes open as he loosened his arms.  Kirishima quickly shuffled next Bakugou and Bakugou didn't hesitate to wrap an arm over Kirishima's stomach, nuzzling his nose into Kirishima's shirt as he fell back asleep. 

Kirishima had to suppress sounds of excitement as he too snuggled into Bakugou.

Kirishima awoke to Bakugou mumbling in his sleep, his arms holding onto Kirishima tightly. Kirishima noticed the way Bakugou's eyebrows were screwed up, and his face looked pained as he whimpered. Kirishima's eyes widened as Bakugou made feeble sounds while grasping onto Kirishima tightly. He wasn't sure what to do, but he could tell Bakugou was having some sort of an unsettling dream. Tiny beads of sweat danced on Bakugou's forehead and his face was contorted as he grumbled in his sleep, his words incoherent but so clearly laced with fear. Kirishima let out a coo as he reached out to pet down Bakugou's hair, murmuring softly, "Bakugou?" 

Bakugou made no signs of waking up as he squirmed underneath Kirishima's hand. Kirishima let out a sigh as he pulled his hand away, sitting up next to Bakugou. Bakugou's grip let go as Kirishima sat up and it seemed as if the sleeping Bakugou was confused and couldn't decide if he wanted Kirishima to touch him or not. Kirishima peered down at him with a frown as he spoke louder, "Bakugou?"

Bakugou flinched slightly, murmuring, "Please don't."

Kirishima's heart ached in his chest, and he just wanted to relieve Bakugou from the nightmare he was stuck in. "Bakugou, wake up," Kirishima tired as he gingerly shook Bakugou's shoulder.

Bakugou let out strangled, "Let me go, let me go."

Kirishima had had enough and he took both of Bakugou's shoulders, shaking them roughly in hopes of pulling Bakugou from the nightmare as he shouted, "Bakugou!"

Bakugou's eyes snapped open and he shot up with a gasp, knocking his forehead right into Kirishima's nose, causing Kirishima to let out a tiny yelp. Fear was written over Bakugou's eyes as he scanned his room, looking at the familiar surroundings and making note that he wasn't back with the villains, but safely in his room, with Kirishima, who had a bloody nose -


Bakugou rubbed at his forehead as Kirishima watched him with worried eyes, his fingers pinching at his nose as he asked, "Bakugou are you okay? You were having a nightmare." His voice sounded funny and he paid no mind to the blood dripping on his fingers.

Bakugou sputtered out, "What -" Fear crept into his eyes as he rushed out, "Did I do that?"

Kirishima shook his head, "Yea, but it's no big deal. Are you okay now?" He scooted closer, his hand still holding his nose. The bleeding stopped, but he was trying to not drip blood onto Bakugou's blanket.

"I'm sorry -" Bakugou wheezed, bringing a hand up to roughly shove it through his hair, his breathing labored as he recalled everything that has happened to him recently, "Water - can you get me some water?" Bakugou rasped as his heart pounded in his chest. 

Kirishima took no time to reply as he scrambled off the bed. He grabbed Bakugou's barely full water bottle and rushed to the bathroom where he filled it, and momentarily looked at his nose. He deemed it safe to let go before heading back to Bakugou, who sat there on the bed with a pained expression. "Bakugou what's wrong?" Kirishima asked, worry dripping from his voice as he sat back on the bed, handing Bakugou the water.

Bakugou gratefully took it, drinking a generous amount.  He paused as he attempted to catch his breath, his eyes screwed shut as he reminded himself that things were okay now. He held up his finger as to motion to wait a minute, humming to himself uncomfortably. 

Kirishima just watched him with a worried expression, wondering what's going on in Bakugou's head as he sits there, clutching the water bottle. It was a few minutes until Bakugou let out a shaky breath, running his hand down his face before peering at Kirishima sheepishly. He let out a nervous, dry chuckle before mumbling, "Nightmares suck."

Kirishima frowned, his eyes boring into Bakugou's soul as he spoke slowly, "That wasn't just a nightmare, Bakugou." 

Bakugou looked away, his heart still recuperating from the episode he just had. Bakugou snapped, "Pretty sure it was just a nightmare. I would know, it happened in my head." Bakugou flinched inwardly at his tone, but he couldn't help but feel defensive, even if this was Kirishima. 

Kirishima rose his eyebrows before reaching out to grab Bakugou's hand, tugging on it slightly as to say, "Look at me."  He was not about to let what he just witnessed go, and he'll be dammed if he can't make Bakugou talk. 

Bakugou hesitantly peeked back at Kirishima. Kirishima's brows were furrowed with worry as he watched Bakugou intently, not letting go of his hand. Maybe the gesture was to comfort Bakugou, or maybe it was to keep him from running away. Bakugou felt that maybe it was a bit of both.

"Now please, tell me what's going on. What was that? I know nightmares suck, believe me - I know - but I've never seen someone have such a reaction like that before." Kirishima explained as he kept a firm hold on Bakugou, his eyes searching Bakugou's face for answers.

Bakugou groaned as he childishly whined, "Why can't we like - Not - talk about it?" He hasn't told anyone about his... difficulties as of late and he really wanted it to stay that way. He's been getting better and for a while the nightmares had stopped, so he wondered curiously why tonight of all nights, he had to have another one. 

  "Bakugou Katsuki," Kirishima warned, "If you don't tell me what's going on right now, you will not be a happy camper."   

Bakugou groaned because Kirishima wasn't lying. Just because he's the happiest ball of sunshine doesn't mean he can't make your life a living hell. He was as serious as it gets as he encouraged Bakugou to speak up with his eyes, his hand still holding onto Bakugou. "I," Bakugou began before letting out a puff of air through his nose. To say it out loud would really only confirm his mental struggles, and he has been trying so hard to keep this buried away from everyone. Not only was it embarrassing for him, the hard ass of the class, but it was hard to talk about. He let out a weak laugh, opening and closing his mouth as he tried to search for an explanation. Kirishima's expression only deepened and he seemed a bit anxious as he waited. His eyes searched Bakugou's, sending Bakugou into a spiral of thoughts.  Kirishima was roped in, and there was no way he could come up with a believable excuse now. Bakugou took his free hand to pinch the bridge of his nose, mumbling, "It's - Well," He bit his lip, rubbing his face roughly.

"Bakugou?" Kirishima asked more softly as his thumb began to rub over the top of Bakugou's hand. "You can tell me anything. I will never judge you - unless, that is, you're being a prick," Kirishima said slowly, the ending of his sentence coming out with a light tone as he tried to break the serious mood that had surrounded them.

Bakugou let out a soft snort, "Yea." He looked down to where Kirishima gently brushed his thumb over Bakugou's hand. He just wanted to lace their fingers together and kiss every knuckle on Kirishima's hand - but he didn't. The gesture was endearing, and it made his heart swell with adoration. Kirishima somehow always knew what to do and say around Bakugou, and if Bakugou could hear Kirishima's inner monologue about not knowing what to do half of the time, he would call him an idiot and say he's dong just fine. Kirishima effortlessly calmed Bakugou just by being in the same room as him, so gestures like these... Well, lets just say they were important to Bakugou. "Let me..." Bakugou trailed off as he turned his gaze to his dresser. He made a move to stand and Kirishima held tightly onto his hand, squinting at Bakugou. Bakugou let out a soft chuckle as he explained, "Let me show you something."

Kirishima looked at him, hesitancy in his eyes as he questioned, "You're not going to run away, are you?"

Bakugou shook his head, the corners of his lips twitching up slightly as he breathed out a laugh, "No, Kirishima, I'm not running away."

Kirishima slowly loosened his grip before letting go as he dragged out, "Okay."

Bakugou stood from his bed, shuffling over to his dresser. He took in a deep breath as he peeked at Kirishima, who sat on his now messy bed - his face still riddled with worry. Bakugou sighed as he pulled open the middle drawer, shoving his hand into the piles of folded underwear and pajamas. He fished for the familiar feel of the bottle, and when his fingers found the cap he paused, mentally preparing himself for whatever sappy reaction Kirishima might have. He wrapped his hand around it, the bottle light in his palm. He then shut his drawer and climbed back onto the bed. Once settled, he held out the  empty bottle of pills between his index finger and thumb, mumbling, "These are anti-depressants -"

Kirishima interrupted him with a squeak, "Anti-depressants? Are you depressed?" His words were rushed and a flash of empathetic pain crossed his eyes.

Bakugou huffed, "Let me finish, and no, " He paused, thinking for a moment, "No. These are for... " He trailed off momentarily before speaking quietly, "Panic attacks." 

Kirishima tilted his head as he asked slowly, "Panic attacks?"

Bakugou nodded before handing the bottle to Kirishima, explaining, "I'm supposed to take them daily. They're supposed to help with PTSD, I guess? I don't know, I'm not a doctor. I just know they help - it's just I've run my prescription out - but my doctor says I'm way better than before so hopefully I won't have to be on them forever." 

Bakugou didn't even noticed the momentary slip in his words as Kirishima whipped his head up from examining the empty bottle, "PTSD? Bakugou - my God - why didn't you tell me sooner? Why didn't you -"

Bakugou let out an exasperated groan as he covered his eyes with both hands as he murmured, "Fuck. I don't know? It's embarrassing?" 

Kirishima gasped, "There is nothing embarrassing about it! This is something serious!  All this time and you've been dealing with this on you own?"

Bakugou dropped his hands and shrugged. 

"Just - Just stand up," Kirishima demanded as he stood from Bakugou's bed, leaving the empty bottle forgotten on the tousled blankets.

Bakugou peered up at him, a frown on his lips as he asked, "Why?"

"Just do it, dammit," Kirishima directed with his hands, his eyes stern. 

Bakugou slowly stood, his eyes trained on his wall. His mind found the boring beige more interesting then Kirishima's intense stare. He almost couldn't handle it, Kirishima's look, that is. It made him feel guilty most of the time, and other times just dumb. 

Then, without warning, Kirishima wrapped his arms around Bakugou's waist, pulling him into a tight hug as he murmured, "Bakugou, please don't hold everything on your shoulders. I am here to help you with anything in any way I possibly can, got it?" His words were  strangely soft and caring as he dropped his serious act. 

Bakugou inhaled sharply. He felt rigid as he stood there. Not because of the sudden closeness Kirishima had brought on, but because he felt like an idiot. "I -" Bakugou, stuttered, his eyebrows furrowing as he turned his gaze to the strands of red hair in the corner of his vision. 

Kirishima hushed him softly, "You don't have to say anything. Just know I am here for you."

Bakugou nodded, swallowing hard. He was still for a moment, but he felt the burning in his arms - the aching feeling just to reciprocate the hug. He let out a puff of air through his nose before he hesitantly wrapped his arms around Kirishima's shoulders. He buried his face into the side of Kirishima's neck, feeling his body loosen as he breathed in the friendly smell of shitty cologne. Kirishima rubbed Bakugou's back slowly as Bakugou's grip tightened around him, his fingers gripping at Kirishima's shirt. His felt his heart race in his chest, and he assumed Kirishima could feel it too as they stood there chest to chest, holding each other. 

They stood like that for a while, embracing each other comfortably, before Bakugou finally mumbled out, "Thank you."

Chapter Text

One day later in the next week, Bakugou peered at Kirishima curiously as he rested his head in his hand. He watched as Kirishima furrowed his eyebrows, mumbling to himself about how the meme he was looking at on his phone wasn't even funny - just dumb. Kirishima dropped his phone on the table with a huff as he exclaimed, "Okay, I'm officially bored right now."

The class was supposed to go on an exciting field trip to a museum to learn about the past heroes - and possibly meet some - but unfortunately a freak accident occurred and the whole entire museum was flooded with about five inches of water. Kirishima had been bubbling with excitement since he learned about it, so when he found out about the water incident, he nearly cried. School was canceled for the rest of the day, and the students were allowed to go off and do whatever they so pleased. "You know," Kirishima whined, "I really wanted to go to the museum. I heard it is literally so amazing there." 

Bakugou hummed, "I know." He watched Kirishima glare at his phone, and Bakugou found his little fit rather amusing.

"And now I'm just- now I'm sad, dammit." Kirishima frowned as he turned his vision to Bakugou.

Bakugou let out a small gasp as he asked, "Sad?" The gears in Bakugou's brain had already begun turning as he watched Kirishima closely, his eyes scanning Kirishima's face.

Kirishima shrugged sadly, murmuring, "I'm just bummed out. I really wanted to go."

"Hey," Bakugou cooed, "Why don't..." Bakugou trailed off as he thought about the possible things they could do, "Why don't we go to the movies? It can take your kind off it, and it might be fun."

Kirishima shrugged, a pout still on his lips as he murmured, "I guess."

"Come on, I'm sure it's better than sitting here. Besides, once they get the museum all cleaned up, 'm sure we'll be able to go as a class. And if they don't reschedule, then I'll just have to take you myself," Bakugou explained, his heart aching as he stood. He felt horrible as he watched Kirishima frown and shrug lamely - he just wanted to see Kirishima's bright smile again and he had every intention of trying his best to make that happen.


"Kiri, are you sure you want to see this?" Bakugou asked as he peered up, his eyes scanning over the ominous movie poster.

Kirishima huffed at his side, "Yea, it looks interesting."

Bakugou turned his gaze to Kirishima. He looked determined as he stared up at the poster; although his shoulders still drooped sadly. Bakugou hummed curiously, his eyebrows furrowing as he murmured, "Are you positive?" Bakugou was unsure if a horror movie would really cure Kirishima's gloominess. Kirishima ignored Bakugou's question as he grabbed Bakugou's sleeve, tugging him into the line. Bakugou allowed himself to be led into the line before trying to ask again,"Kirish-"

"Bakugou, I want to see the movie. Anyways, don't you like scary movies?" Kirishima huffed, a pout on his lips as he added on, "Besides, we've literally seen everything else." That was no lie. It was common to find the redhead and blond hanging out at the theater, and the workers there had become fond of the pair.

Bakugou held his hands up defensively as he laughed, "Okay, okay. It's just - we're not talking about me, we're talking about you, but if you want to see it, then that's fine. If you don't, that's also fine." Kirishima gave Bakugou a warning look as Bakugou laughed at his side before speaking with a hint of a warning tone, "Okay, sunshine, we can see the movie. But don't say I didn't warn ya."

"Why am I the only one upset about the museum?" Kirishima grumbled suddenly as they stepped up to the counter. Both boys shoved their hands into their pockets, fishing for their wallets as the cashier greeted them with a smile.

Bakugou hummed as he pulled his wallet from his pocket, "I'm pretty unhappy with the situation too."

Kirishima let out a confused huff before asking, "Then why are you so uncharacteristically chipper right now? It's not that I'm complaining, but..." Kirishima trailed off as he peered at Bakugou, wondering. 

A devious smile captured Bakugou's lips as he spoke softly, "Probably 'cause I'm with you." Kirishima's hand froze in his pocket as he looked at Bakugou with wide eyes, a blush forming on the tips of his ears. Bakugou took this moment to speak to the cashier, "Two for Gateway to Hell."

Bakugou then held the money over the counter as he heard Kirishima stutter at his side, pulling his wallet frantically from his pocket, "Wait - I'll pay for mine-"

Bakugou shook his hand holding the money at the cashier, who peered at the boys curiously, directing, "No, he will not be paying for his ticket. Don't take his money."

Kirishima huffed, ignoring Bakugou's statement and reaching out to hand the confused cashier money he so hastily pulled from his wallet, "Just -"

Bakugou clicked his tongue as he grabbed at Kirishima's hand, stopping his movements before offering a smile to the cashier as he spoke, "We're all set, thanks."

Kirishima let out a low childish whine as he fidgeted in Bakugou's grasp. Bakugou plucked the money from in between Kirishima's fingers before smoothly lacing his fingers with Kirishima's and dropping their hands at his side. Kirishima sputtered noticeably, gaping at Bakugou as Bakugou took the tickets from the cashier, who too peered at the boys with wide eyes. Bakugou then led a stunned Kirishima out of the line, a victorious smile dancing on his lips. He'd been wanting to hold Kirishima's hand for a while now, and he finally had the excuse. They stopped briefly and Bakugou reached over Kirishima to deposit his money back into Kirishima's pocket as he explained, "For compensation, you can continue to hold my hand. Do you want popcorn or anything?"

Kirishima didn't know what to say as his cheeks erupted in flames, his eyes still wide with surprise. His heart raced in his chest as Bakugou peered at him, waiting for an answer. Kirishima opened his mouth, stuttering out, "I- no- I mean - Yes - I'll hold your hand - but no-" Kirishima paused, feeling more flustered by the minute as his cheeks flushed.

Bakugou let out a quiet giggle as he shook his head, squeezing Kirishima's hand as he murmured, "Come on, let's go find the theater."


Bakugou felt Kirishima jump at his side, a faint gasp escaping his lips as he peered at the screen with wide eyes. Bakugou tilted his head slightly so he could peer at Kirishima, hearing him shift at his side. Bakugou squeezed his hand gently, turning his gaze back to the film. He blatantly made it clear that he had no intentions of letting go of Kirishima's hand, so the two silently agreed to keep their hands intact as they watched the movie. It had been about twenty minutes in and it was already horribly gruesome. Bakugou watched the movie with a grimace, and couldn't help but cringe slightly at the sight of blood pooling around a woman. He took in a sharp breath as another person fell victim to the murderous spirit. He momentarily wondered about how this movie was even conjured up.  Who in their right mind comes up with this kind of scary bullshit people seem to enjoy? 

Bakugou felt Kirishima squeeze at his hand rather roughly, so Bakugou pulled his eyes from the gruesome scene to a more soft and adorable scene. Kirishima had his eyes squeezed shut tightly, his eyebrows knit closely together as he attempted to shield himself from the screen. Bakugou rubbed his thumb gently over Kirishima's knuckles as he glanced back at the screen. A shudder crawled up his spine and he too had to look away from the horror on the screen. He instead focused on Kirishima, who sat there stiffly. He watched him for a moment, and when he saw Kirishima flinch hard as a scream erupted in the theater, he shook his head, a fond smile appearing on his lips. Even when Kirishima is upset, he still tries his best to make everyone happy. He did this today by picking a movie he thought Bakugou would enjoy; although as Bakugou's eyes scan the screen momentarily, he decides he's not very much into the movie either.

Bakugou pursed his lips as he stood up, tugging on Kirishima's hand gingerly. Kirishima peeked open his eyes to peer at Bakugou curiously. He opened his mouth to speak, but Bakugou held his finger over his lips before whispering, "Let's go."

Kirishima stood with no complaints, and the two walked out of the theater still hand in hand. Once out in the lit hall, both of them squinted as Bakugou commented, "Okay, that movie is fucking sick." A chill ran up his spine as he recalled what he'd seen. "Who the hell came up with that anyways?"

Kirishima nodded his head, a sheepish look crossing his face as he murmured, "Yea, I dunno."

Bakugou let go of Kirishima's hand momentarily to adjust his jacket as he grumbled, "People are fucking weird. I mean I like thrillers - but that? " Bakugou began talking with his hands for added emphasis, "No. No way." 

Kirishima let out a deep sigh, scratching the back of his neck as he murmured, "Sorry. I thought it might be good." He felt defeated as he took in Bakugou's disgusted look.

Bakugou shrugged, letting out a tch before explaining with the wave of a hand, "It's no big deal.  Anyways, now what? Wanna go back to the dorms since this was a shit show?"

Kirishima's eyebrows dipped further, and his frown deepened as he mumbled, "Yea, let's just go back. I'm tired."

Bakugou nodded as he suppressed a coo, his heart crying as he hesitantly reached out to gently lace his fingers with Kirishima's. Kirishima's grip was loose as they walked back to campus in silence, and Bakugou couldn't help but glance at Kirishima every five minutes due to the deep frown on his face. He felt like a failure when they eventually reached their rooms. Kirishima rubbed his eyes with his free hand, letting go of Bakugou's hand as he murmured quietly, "I'm just gonna go to bed. See you tomorrow."

Bakugou opened his mouth, but he had no time to reply as Kirishima slipped through his door quickly. Bakugou bit his lip as he peered at Kirishima's closed door. He held his hand out, but paused, an exasperated huff escaping his lips. He then stalked to his room, feeling unaccomplished. He tugged his clothes off with a dissatisfied grunt before flopping on his bed angrily. He grumbled to himself, "I need to get better at this." By this, he meant making people feel better. He was still so unsure of many things, and he couldn't help but feel insecure about his tactics, especially when it came to Kirishima. He frowned as he pictured Kirishima's doleful eyes and the crinkled in his forehead. Bakugou slammed his fist into his pillow angrily, grinding his teeth together. Maybe if he didn't fucking suck Kirishima would be beaming at his side right now instead of going to bed at eight p.m. Bakugou laid there in bed, his nose scrunched up due to his failure, and he began to have a mental argument with himself.

He laid there for a while, mentally abusing himself as he thought about his lack of people skills. It wasn't until about an hour of self loathing that his eyes fell droopy with sleep. He allowed himself to curl up lazily on top of his blankets, not even bothering to pull pajamas on as sleep took him.

Although; Bakugou only slept for a couple of hours before he awoke to faint knocking at his door and a watery voice call out, "Bakugou?"

Bakugou woke with a snort, confusion etched into his features. He lifted his head from his pillow, his eyes confused as he heard another knock with a familiar voice following, "Bakugou?"

"Kirishima?" Bakugou gurgled as he sat up, blinking at his clock. It was only one in the morning as the knocks on his door got more desperate. Bakugou sat up, rubbing his eyes slowly before calling out, "Gimme a second to-"

Before Bakugou could even finish his sentence, Kirishima was walking into his room, tears in his eyes. He shut the door quickly, dropping Bakugou's spare key onto his desk before crawling onto Bakugou's bed without a word, dropping next to Bakugou unceremoniously.

"And you're already in here. Why?" Bakugou pressed lightly, his tone slightly annoyed at the disturbance. He peered down at Kirishima, a frown growing on his lips when he heard a muffed sniffle. "Kirishima, are you... crying?" Bakugou asked.

The lump on his bed grumbled, "No."

Bakugou's expression softened as Kirishima's voice failed with a crack. Bakugou let out a sigh, looking up at the ceiling momentarily as he reminded himself that this is Kirishima, and even though he's seen Kirishima cry plenty of times, it still tugs at his heart strings. He dropped his eyes back down to Kirishima as he murmured, "Something is obviously wrong, Kirishima." Kirishima made no effort to reply as he sniffed. Bakugou's eyebrows twisted up in worry as he watched Kirishima's shoulders shake slightly. "Kirishima?" Bakugou asked gently, dropping his hand down to Kirishima's back.

Kirishima let out a feeble whimper, not caring about intruding in Bakugou's personal space as he scooted inwardly on the bed, burying his face into Bakugou's pillow, feeling pitiful.

"Kiri, talk to me. What's wrong?" Bakugou asked gently before adding on seriously, "Do I have to kill someone? Did sparky send you one of those dumb videos again? If he did so help me God-"

Kirishima sat up with a huff, his eyes wet and his lip quivering as he murmured, "No, it's not that."

Bakugou rose his eyebrows as he grumbled, "Good, because that shit isn't funny. Anyways, what's up? Explain the tears."

Kirishima looked away, mumbling, "It's stupid now that I think about it."

Bakugou frowned before reaching out to poke at Kirishima's shoulder, "Hey, if I learned anything from you, it's that feelings aren't stupid." Kirishima shrugged in response, his fingers playing with the fabric of Bakugou's blanket. Bakugou sighed as he encouraged in a more gentle tone, "Come on Kirishima, you can tell me."

Kirishima sniffed, rubbing at his nose with his sleeve. He peered up at Bakugou who gave him a small smile. He took in a shaky breath before speaking unevenly, "F-First of all, I'm still m-mad about the museum. And then, the whole movie thing - I couldn't h-handle it because I'm a wimp - and you wasted your money on me for nothing -  and-" Kirishima wheezed, tears dripping from his eyes, "I just feel like a jerk about it."

"Hey," cooed Bakugou as his eyebrows screwed together, "I told you, I will make sure you get to see that museum, okay? And don't worry about the movie - It's not a big deal, I promise. That movie was really... Unsettling so you are't a wimp."

Kirishima made a feeble sound as he shrugged. Bakugou's heart ached as he reached out to gently cup at Kirishima's cheeks. His thumbs brushed at the tears spilling from Kirishima eye as he reminded, "And, you are no where near a jerk. Kirishima, you don't even exist on the jerk scale."

Kirishima let out another faint whimper as his tears began to cease. "I'm sorry," Kirishima hiccuped, "I'm just - I'm just sad - and I feel like I was a bummer all day - and- you spent it with me instead of being productive - or something -"

Bakugou let out a fond sigh as he cupped at Kirishima's cheek, breathing out, "Kirishima, we all have bad days. It's okay." Then, in an act of bravery, he leaned forward to press a soft kiss to each of Kirishima's cheeks before murmuring sweetly, "C'mere." He reached out to gently pull Kirishima closer, wrapping his arms around his shoulders. Kirishima scooted closer in between Bakugou's legs, tucking his arms around Bakugou's waist as he dropped his chin to rest it on Bakugou's shoulder with a shaky sigh. Kirishima's hands felt cool against Bakugou's bare sides, and he shuddered slightly as he became blatantly aware of the fact that he was basically naked save for his boxers. A blush danced on his cheeks as he reached up to brush his fingers through Kirishima's hair, murmuring, "Do you want to try and sleep?"

A faint hum rumbled through Kirishima's chest, and so Bakugou took the lead and guided the two to a laying position. Kirishima faced away from Bakugou, feeling sheepish as Bakugou wrapped his arms around Kirishima, tucking his knees behind Kirishima's own, assuming the role of the big spoon. "Bakugou?" Kirishima asked quietly as he felt Bakugou nuzzle his nose into his hair. He could feel Bakugou hum, so he continued slowly, "I'm sorry."

Bakugou cooed as he squeezed Kirishima, "There's no need to apologize." Bakugou felt sleepy as Kirishima's warmth radiated through him, and he let out a content sigh as he felt Kirishima hug at Bakugou's arm. He snuggled as close as he could get, and soon both boys felt the world of dreams creep up on them.


It was about five in the morning when Kirishima awoke to Bakugou's incoherent gurgles, his whole body pressed tightly to Kirishima's. He could feel the way Bakugou shivered slightly, and he became aware of the fact that the air in Bakugou's room was relatively cool. That and Bakugou was only in his boxers. Kirishima let out a quiet snicker, feeling better than before. When he looks back at it, he can't help but cringe slightly. He was just in a weird mood the whole entire day, but he supposes it had his perks as he hears Bakugou mumble, "Kirishima... My best friend... My..." Kirishima turned in Bakugou's arm, hearing a weak protest fall from Bakugou's lips as he slept, "Noo... 'm cold."

Kirishima chuckled softly as he pried Bakugou's arms from his waist, sitting up to pull at the blankets underneath him. Bakugou's sleeping form let out a whine, his brows furrowing  as he murmured in confusion "Warmth gone? Where go?"

"Hold on Bakugou," Kirishima whispered as he tugged at the blankets. When he pulled them free, he dropped down next to Bakugou as he pulled them over the two.

A drunken smile appeared on Bakugou's lips as he nuzzled his nose into the fabric, curling up at Kirishima's side. "'S warm... Like Kiri..." Bakugou gurgled as he wrapped his arm around Kirishima possessively, "My Kiri, Kiri... Should be..." Bakugou hummed, "My... Boyfriend?"  Kirishima's breath hitched in his throat as he peered at Bakugou with wide eyes. A content smile fell to Bakugou's lips as he nodded subconsciously, murmuring, "Would like that."

Kirishima let out a low whine, trying to suppress a string of coos that so desperately wanted to leave his lips. He tucked his arm over Bakugou, nuzzling his nose into Bakugou's forehead where he pressed a sweet kiss, murmuring over his skin, "I would like that too." Kirishima could hardly sleep after that, his body buzzing with a newfound happiness; although, sleep did tug at his eyelids and soon he was knocked out cold.


Kirishima woke to gentle fingers running their way through his hair. He blinked open his eyes to find Bakugou's face mere inches away. Bakugou's movements never paused as he mumbled, his voice thick with sleep, "Mornin'."

Kirishima peered at Bakugou's soft facial expression, a blush crawling up his neck as he remembered what Bakugou had said in his sleep. He couldn't help but grin widely at Bakugou as he beamed, "And good morning to you, chatty Cathy."

Bakugou rose his eyebrows, a grunt forming in the back of his throat. "Now what did I say?" Bakugou grumbled lightly, dragging his fingers from Kirishima's hair and down his back to rest his hand. 

Kirishima snickered, biting his lip as he peered at Bakugou. He felt giddy as Bakugou squinted at him, waiting patiently for a response. "Well," Kirishima began slowly, the huge grin still plastered to his face, "How should I put this?" Kirishima mused as Bakugou grew more interested. Kirishima let out a hearty laugh before explaining slowly, "You basically said, and I quote, "Kiri should be my"," He let out another giggle as he finished, ""Boyfriend.""

Kirishima watched as Bakugou slowly processed what he had said, his eyes growing wide as he sat up with a squeak, "Oh my fucking God-" Bakugou ran his fingers through his hair, nervousness creeping up his spine as he rasped, "That's so - Oh my God - This is it, this is where I die," Bakugou wheezed, his heart racing. Out of literally everything he could have said in his sleep, he had to go and unconsciously confess his feelings - basically?

"Is it true?" Kirishima piped up from his spot on Bakugou's bed, adding on, "Is it true that you want me to be your boyfriend?"

Bakugou let out a long breath of air as he peeked at Kirishima with red cheeks before explaining hastily, "Yes. Now, look, I get it if you're like not into that or whatever - but I've sorta just been thinking about you a lot lately and- like - I don't know - you're actually pretty damn adorable all of the time - and I just wanna be with you - and -"

Kirishima let out a snort, bringing his hand up to drag it over his face before sitting up with a fond smile, "Bakugou, stop for a moment." Bakugou stiffened, his eyes still wide as he peered at Kirishima, his lips parted. "First of all, that's the sweetest thing that I've ever heard come out of your mouth. Second of all, do you really think I'd be here with you right now if I wasn't into you as well?" 

Bakugou stuttered, a shrug pulling at his shoulders, "I don't know - You're my only friend! How would I know the difference between you liking me and liking me? I have no idea what I'm doing!" He seemed exasperated and felt exposed as he sat there in his boxers, his cheeks flushed. 

Kirishima laughed, a huge smile on his face as he reached out to squeeze Bakugou's hand. "Dude," Kirishima couldn't help but let out a string of giggles as he tried to explain, his words failing him as Bakugou watched him with a confused expression. In one swift movement, Kirishima had leaned forward and pressed a sweet peck to Bakugou's lips before pulling away, his cheeks hot as he asked, "Is that explanation enough?"

Bakugou let out a strangled sound of happiness as he brought his hands up to cover his face, crying out, "Oh my God, I am so embarrassed. I want to die - I want to go dig a hole, crawl in it, and just die."

Kirishima shrugged, a smile still tugging at his lips as he cooed, "Don't be. You're rather cute, so don't worry about it."

Bakugou let out a gasp as he dropped his hand to point at Kirishima, firing back, "I am not cute."

Kirishima rose an eyebrow as he gestured to Bakugou's boxers, which, by the way, had cats on them the whole entire time. "Tell me how the literal exploding boy of class A wears kitten boxers and still thinks he's not cute," Kirishima quizzed.

Bakugou let out a huff as he exclaimed, "So I like cats, what's the big deal?" Kirishima shook his head at how endearing Bakugou was being, and just shrugged with an affectionate smile. Bakugou growled playfully as he reached out, "Oh, you're gonna get it." Bakugou grabbed at Kirishima's shirt, making a point to reach for his sides as he cried, "Tell me I'm not cute."

Kirishima's eyes widened and before he could even open his mouth, Bakugou's fingers had found his side, and within two seconds he was shrieking with laughter as he pushed at Bakugou, wheezing, "B- Ba-" 

Bakugou held nothing back as he straddled Kirishima's waist, pushing him down onto the bed as he ran his fingers along Kirishima's sides with a grin, "Tell me I'm not cute!" 

Kirishima bubbled with laughter as he writhed underneath Bakugou's touch, his face hot and tears forming in the back of his eyes as he called out, "O-Okay! Okay!" Bakugou's movements paused as he raised an expectant eyebrow down at Kirishima, his fingers still hovering over his sides as a threat. "Okay, " Kirishima wheezed as he dropped his hand over his heart, letting out a few stray giggles before peering up at Bakugou with a grin. He moved his hands to drop them over Bakugou's hips before snickering, "You are, without a doubt," He took in a deep breath before rushing out, "The cutest boy I've ever seen."

Bakugou let out a betrayed gasp, a pout forming on his lips as he grumbled, "I am not!"

Kirishima shrugged, a smile still on his lips as he beamed, "Sorry to burst your bubble, babe."

Bakugou rose his eyebrows as he sat up straighter, asking, "We've been dating for like two minutes and you're already calling me babe? There has to be a rule somewh-"

Bakugou's sentence was interrupted as he heard a loud yell and footsteps enter his room, "Bakugou- have you seen - Oh-"

Kaminari peered at them, frozen in place as his eyes trailed down to where Kirishima's hands rested on Bakugou's hips. He let out a squeak as he looked back up at them, his eyes wide as he blurted out, "That's suggestive in more ways than one." 

A deep blush colored his cheeks as Kirishima mumbled, "Oops."

Bakugou's cheeks flushed as he remembered Kirishima barging into his room, probably leaving the door unlocked by accident. He looked briefly at Kirishima who gave him a sheepish shrug before turning to Kaminari with a growl, "Don't - Hey!" Bakugou called out as Kaminari turned on his heel, bee-lining out the door. Bakugou leapt off the bed, a shout falling from his lips as he ran after him, tiny explosions erupting from his palms, "You're a dead man, Pikachu!"