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Alpha's Mate

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5:30 AM

Jungkook was sleeping peacefully in his small and comfortable bed which Namjoon gifted him last year in his birthday, he didn't asked for it but the elder still somehow understood he was uncomfortable in his bed. He was the youngest omega after all, the most spoiled one. He would have slept peacefully if a certain omega didn't shake him while yelling like a lunatic.

"Taehyung is coming back!" Yelled Seokjin, till Jungkook was fully awake and was rubbing his eyes with the sleeves of the comfortable shirt which he wore to sleep. "who?" he asked trying to figure out what the hell was going on. "Taehyung, Kim Taehyung, how could you forget him" Seokjin scowled at him while opening Jungkook's closet. It took some time to register the mane in his mind, and when it did he sat up straight, sleep long gone from his eyes and memory clear.

Kim Taehyung. Kim Namjoon's step brother and the most powerful alpha of the south, much older than Jungkook and what intrigued him so much that he never saw the elder smiling. Rather when they were young and Jungkook used to play with other pups Taehyung would never play or smile with them. Perhaps he hated children. Jungkook will be nineteen soon, when he saw Taehyung last time before he went to the south he was only ten, he doesn't remember much but those cold eyes and the blank face that always made him intimidating somehow.

"What are you doing?" He asked, finally giving up on his sleep and getting out of his bed, Seokjin was rampaging through his clothes. He glanced at him before speaking, "he is here for the coronation" Seokjin picked out some presentable clothes and handed him, "go and wear those the ceremony is going to start soon" this was the last words Seokjin spoke before shoving him in the bathroom.

Coronation. What kind of coronation, Namjoon was already the current alpha then whose coronation he is here to attend. He decided to wait and twisted the shower knob, letting the water wash away the last trace of sleep from his eyes.The morning was quite cloudy, the sun was still hiding under the grey clouds as it was still the rainy season. Junkook smoothed his unruly wet hair with his palm and looked around for a familiar face. The pack ground was big but not as big as the packs of south, they were huge. The southern wolves are bigger and stronger, Jungkook heard from his father that the pack's previous alpha, Namjoon's father was a southern wolf but due to some disagreement with his siblings about inheritance he came to the north and formed a pack with northern wolves.

Namjoon was his son, as far as Jungkook was told. But when Taehyung suddenly showed up and everyone came to know that he was also the son of the current alpha, the pack was full of chaos. However Taehyung didn't stay for long, after six months he left. Jungkook doesn't know anything after that. He was too young back then.

"Kookie!" He turned his head to see a red haired alpha waving at him. "Hobi hyung" he walked towards him, the alpha grinned his lips forming a heart shape that he has no idea how it happened. "Seokjin woke you up too", he said patting his shoulders sympathetically, Jungkook shook his head trying not to sigh at the memory of his precious sleep being snatched. "Hobi hyung what's the coronation about?" he asked and Hoseok pursed his lips, "I don't really get involved in the political matters but as far as Yoongi said Taehyung and Namjoon is going to share this pack and probably merge this with another". Jungkook nodded trying to comprehend.

Merging, it means new people entering and another head alpha. He wasn't really good at politics let alone understanding the pros and cons. He trusted Namjoon, everyone in this pack did, if he took a decision he must have thought it carefully. He was engrossed in thinking when a sudden splash of a scent broke his revere. The peculiar scent of rain and the wet soil after raining, it reminded him of his childhood. He looked everywhere around him seeing some alphas and betas starting to gather. He glanced at Hoseok who was talking to someone beside him. He was sure now that only he was feeling that scent and no one else.

That means this was his mate's scent. Jungkook was now frantic, turning his head to every angle possible to find the source of the scent. It was strong, so strong that he was sure his mate was now in wolf form. "Attention!" a sudden bark from the beta made everyone silent and the chatter died down. Yoongi cleared his throat before giving a refusing gesture to the beta who was providing him a microphone.

"As much as I am quiet apologetic that I disturbed your sleep but this sudden meeting was necessary" Yoongi's clear voice echoed through the ground and some of the older chuckled. "We, I mean me and Namjoon always tried to manage this pack giving everyone the most freedom and spoiling the adorable ones" he then looked at Jungkook causing every eyes turning on him, he went stiff trying to figure out what the hell Yoongi meant but a blush spread through his cheeks and he lowered his head momentarily forgetting his urge to sniff everyone present here to find the owner of the strong scent. "However as you know we never differentiated anyone but it's also true that we do have some special people in his pack" Yoongi again glanced at Jungkook before continuing "and I am afraid we are threatened for that". Yoongi's last words caused murmur in the crowed, everyone turning to look at Jungkook. Hoseok wrapped a hand around his shoulders in order to calm him down.

"Silence!" The beta yelled again, causing the murmur die down. "So we arranged a merging" Yoongi spoke the last word and the beta was ready to yell again but the crowd was dead silent. A small feeling of dread crept on everyone as everyone lowered their head. Jungkook couldn't get what was happening but the scent was strong now, he was going frantic. "Kookie..." Hoseok's words died in his throat when Namjoon entered the pack ground in his wolf form and someone else beside him.

"The coronation is finished" Namjoon announced as soon as he gained his human form and clutched the silk robe Seokjin gave him. The others were not allowed to see the coronation, only the future pack alpha was trained for the coronation and after finding their mate the luna was allowed to accompany them. However Jungkook couldn't listen to a single word Namjoon was saying because his eyes were fixed to the other wolf beside him. He was still in his wolf form, Jungkook stared at him, his eyes wide and breath sallow. The colour of his fur was blue black and his eyes were red, Jungkook thought the fate was playing some sick game when he found the scent of the certain alpha in front of him.

He was huge, his majestic size stood under grey sky, Jungkook felt dizziness covering him when he suddenly looked at Jungkook and their eyes met. A low growl escaped his throat making the chatter dying down in an instant. Jungkook whined, a typical omega whine that every omega does after they meet their mate. But when the alpha didn't moved an inch from where he was standing Jungkook felt tears prickled his eyes, his mate probably didn't want him. What if he was disappointed that the omega was a boy, granted in werewolf world there is no difference between men and women but still being a male omega was rare as much as a female alpha.

Jungkook shakily started walking, humiliation washing over him when he suddenly shifted and his scent perked up, the alphas and betas surrounding him covered their noses, they were fairly civilised wolves Jungkook thought. He heard Hoseok calling behind him but he ignored and started running, his legs could give out any moment but he still ran, the scent of rain and wet soil followed him and he ran covering his nose trying to avoid his scent. Just when he was about to exit the pack ground someone howled so loudly behind him that he collapsed.

He curled up in a ball and wailed loudly, he couldn't fathom the fact that he was rejected. He wasn't someone special, other than being a male omega there wasn't anything special about him. He grew up seeing his parents then when they died Namjoon took him in. He wanted a normal life not where he will have to feel miserable because his mate rejected him. Whom he waited for so long.

The scent of rain was so strong that he felt dizzy. Jungkook looked up to see the black majesty running towards him, when he stopped Jungkook sat up straight and the alpha lowered his head causing their nose to touch, then he started sniffling from his ears to his throat. Jungkook whined again, its was down right embarrassing and humiliating but he couldn't do anything about that. He wanted his mate. The alpha stopped sniffling and when he was satisfied he looked opposite and a beta dropped two robes in the distance. Jungkook knew he have to shift now, when his alpha trotted over and brought the clothes with his mouth, there was a deep voice suddenly echoing in his head.


At first he was confused, he shook his head to see if he was hallucinating, but then when he looked a the wolf's meaningful glance towards him, he understood. It was his mate's voice. Jungkook shifted almost instantly, his milky skin a bit dull in the lack of sunlight and brown hair falling across his eyes. The omega sighed, the exhaustion of running recklessly and shifting took over. In front of his eyes the blue black fur was disappearing into a tanned skin, board shoulders and long legs. The alpha's eyes were still blood red, it wasn't glowing but Jungkook could see the lust and anticipation when he glanced all over him, his long blue black hair touched his waist and fell across his shoulders as he looked down.

He was beautiful, Jungkook was mesmerised, he didn't know if he deserved it or not, perhaps he didn't, it was probably a dream and he was just a fragment of his imagination. The alpha crouched down at him, his long hair working as a shade as the cloud disappeared and the sun was starting to shine brightly.

"Why did you run away all of a sudden?" His voice startled Jungkook, the deep rich voice which caused him to shiver and the alpha frowned, he grabbed his shoulders and gently pulled him up wrapping the robe around him and tied it around his waist. Then he took the other robe and started wrapping him around himself. "I-I thought you rejected me" His hands halted from tying the robe around him. "What? What makes you think that" he furrowed his eyebrows. Jungkook gulped, his eyes trailed towards the man's chest, he unknowingly clutched the front. "You didn't responded when I called and...." his cheeks flared when he remembered how he called his alpha.

"You know I can't leave till the announcement is completed" the alpha chuckled. Announcement? what announcement? wait....

"Taehyung?" Jungkook exhaled when his mate touched his cheeks, taking in his everything. "Yes I am" his deep voice replied. Taehyung's fingers found his lips caressing it gently. Jungkook trembled violently at this action, his heart beating loudly in his chest.


Jungkook turned his head in lightning speed and saw a man leaning on a nearby tree. Taehyung gritted his teeth, clearly annoyed by this and wrapped his arm around Jungkook hiding his small body in himself. "What the fuck Jimin" he growled at him. The other man rolled his eyes not paying attention to the alpha and walked forward. He was short, quiet shorter than Jungkook and Taehyung, he tilted his head and chuckled, Jungkook caught a whiff of his scent, he was an alpha. "You are such a pretty kid" he leaned forword to touch Jungkook's chin with his pointed finger but was stopped when Taehyung caught his wrist.

"ooooh possessive" he laughed. "I am Jimin by the way, Taehyung's platonic soulmate" he grinned looking at the alpha. Jungkook bowed at him with difficulty since his mate was clutching his shoulders. Jimin gave them a huge grin which made his eyes disappear. "Seokjin hyung is worried Jungkook didn't even eat anything continue your PDA in the bedroom" Jimin said and turned around to leave.

"This guy got this habit to pop up in wrong time at wrong place" Taehyung whispered before holding his hand and started walking. The moment they reached the pack ground everyone gathered around them, some gasped seeing Taehyung. His long smooth hair and majestic beauty was something that no one expected, some whispered about how lucky Jungkook was.

Taehyung went in clutching Jungkook's hand. Jungkook was still in daze, unable to fathom that he was the alpha's mate, the head alpha, such beautiful face, he didn't know if he deserved it or not but he was happy.






"It's such a relief that Jungkook found his made these days male omegas are not safe at all" Seokjin commented while serving a well dressed Jungkook. Jimin nodded munching on an apple, "I agree hyung the way almost everyday there is a news of rogue attack, this will get out of hands". Yoongi was sitting with droopy eyes, "at least one good thing happened, Taehyung came back and Jungkook is safe now, letting him go was the most despicable decision ever". Seokjin hummed preparing something for himself after Yoongi refused when he tried to prepare something for him.

Yoongi poured himself a coffee and sat opposite of Jungkook watching him intently, munching his food. "What about you" Jimin suddenly asked, at first Yoongi couldn't catch, then when he realised it was directed towards him he said a little 'what' and sipped his coffee. "What about your mate?" Jimin asked in a nonchalant voice. Yoongi choked, spluttering coffee everywhere on the table make Seokjin laugh.

"I don't know what are you talking about" Yoongi waved his hand getting up to find something to clean the mess. Jimin smirked, a meaningful smirk which was laced with mischief. "This guy is on to something" Taehyung entered the room and instantly said. "What? I am just warming up" Jimin mustered his most innocent face. "We are going to work together so behave" Taehyung warned him before sitting beside Jungkook.

He wore a suit, his long hair tied in a half messy bun, the long fringes messily scattered on his face, his shirt neatly hugged his petite body and board shoulders, the blue waist coat defined his small waist and Jungkook suddenly forgot to eat and kept staring at the majestic beauty in front of him. Taehyung rested his coat on the table and poured some coffee where Yoongi poured from again not letting Seokjin get up from his chair. When the alpha finally sat beside him he glanced at Jungkook's plate and raised an eyebrow, "Why aren't you eating?" . The omega came to his senses and hurriedly started eating.

"Why Taehyung isn't eating?" Seokjin asked when Yoongi also took his own food and started eating to get ready for the day. "Taehyung is trained traditionally, he won't eat anything till his mate finishes eating" Jimin answered taking the last bite of the apple and disposing the core in the bin. Namjoon entered the hall shortly, Seokjin busied himself in preparing his breakfast. Jungkook saw his alpha attentively watching him eating and he thought Taehyung must be really hungry, "You should start eating, I won't mind". Taehyung picked up an egg-roll from his plate and started munching. "See I told you here no one is going to punish you for breaking tradition be at ease Tae" Jimin patted his shoulders and then looked at Yoongi who was peacefully eating his food, he suddenly grabbed his left hand and dragged him outside.

"Hey what the he-"

"We are going to be working together since you are with Namjoon and I am with Taehyung" Jimin said once they are outside and Yoongi nodded frowning, not satisfied with the situation. "Then let's get along" He smirked, Yoongi gave him a sharp glare, "You stay the fuck away". Jimin kept smirking, "Stop lying to yourself Yoongi you felt it too right?" He took one step ahead. "We are both alphas" Yoongi tried to use his last weapon. "And? still we recognised each other with smell what do you think if its not fate" Jimin flailed his hand trying to make a point.

Yoongi sighed, turning his head to the pack office, "This is so fucking complicated". Jimin gave him a brightest grin and his heart unknowingly fluttered, "Then let's go we should start working" Jimin grabbed his hand and pulled him.

Yoongi doesn't know what will happen the next but he is sure happy.