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Interdimensional Chatrooms Are Possible

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oliverking: Felicity . . . why?

agentdamnvers: I agree with Oliver . . . why?

queenofthecandystore: Never mind the why . . . how???

queenofthecandystore: We are literally in another universe!

spartacus: Cisco?

smoakandmirrors: Totally Cisco

queenoftheboard: I’m shocked speechless

rushsawyer: Also, what’s the order of the “overprotective” users?

overprotective1: Not funny, Ms. Smoak

alwaysawinner: Found Slade

speedygonzalez: Guess that makes my dad overprotective2?

overprotective2: Well, what gave you that idea?

agentdamnvers: I can smell the sarcasm from three dozen Earths away, damn, Merlyn

allfairplay: So no-longer-evil Laurel is overprotective3

overprotective3: Very funny, Felicity

smoakandmirrors: I’m not forcing you to keep those names!



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promiseskept: Good



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merlynthemagician: Much better

secondisthebest: Ditto



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alwaysawinner: Girl, respect

fast&furious: Thank you, Winn!

moralcompass: Felicity . . . why?

smoakandmirrors: When aren’t you the team’s moral compass?

barkandbite: She has a point, Hoss

queenofthecandystore: Am I the only one giggling at Rene’s name?

agentdamnvers: Nope

fast&furious: Definitely not

supersfriend: ^^^

spacepapabear: You are not alone, Quentin

alwaysawinner: OK, that’s one of my new favorite names

spacepapabear: Really, Agent Schott?

alwaysawinner: What?! It’s true!

agentdamnvers: You are kind of our space dad

agentdamnvers: And Winn calls you papa bear all the time

agentdamnvers: Hence spacepapabear

supersfriend: She’s not wrong

thirdtimesthecharm: Not that I don’t love Kara’s name . . . but shouldn’t she be queenofthesweetshop?

queenoftheboard: I’ve got a better one

queenofthecandystore: You do???

rushsawyer: Oh, this I’ve gotta see

queenoftheboard: Just PMed Kara



queenofthecandystore has changed their name to angelpuppydanvers



oliverking: Much better

angelpuppydanvers: :)

barkandbite: No flirting in the chatroom

rushsawyer: Since when was that a rule????

barkandbite: Since I came up with it

alwaysawinner: Savage

smoakandmirrors: OK, so Cisco helped come up with this so we don’t always need to breach back and forth to keep in contact with each other

smoakandmirrors: Obvs the interdimensional lovebirds don’t need this, but still

oliverking: Interdimensional lovebirds?

smoakandmirrors: . . . sorry?

spartacus: Way to go, Felicity

fast&furious: Even in a chatroom, you’ve got a gob

thirdtimesthecharm: Is that even possible?

allfairplay: Unfortunately

alwaysawinner: ^^^

merlynthemagician: Why am I not surprised

secondisthebest: She’s not wrong, though

secondisthebest: You two are literally lovesick puppies when you’re not in the same room

secondisthebest: Let alone the same universe

oliverking: Now you’re just asking for it, Siren

queenoftheboard: I have no problem paying for the funeral

secondisthebest: Feeling the love, Luthor

queenoftheboard: Well, I try

angelpuppydanvers: I have the best friends ever

queenoftheboard: Aww, love you, Kara

agentdamnvers: Seconded

alwaysawinner: Thirded!

supersfriend: Fourthed!

spacepapabear: And everyone else, because I do not want to see constant numbers scrolling on the screen

moralcompass: Agreed

fast&furious: But we all love you, too, Kara

fast&furious: Especially since it means Ollie is less grumpy now

oliverking: SPEEDY!!!




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promiseskept: Make that two funerals you need to pay for

merlynthemagician: Excuse me while I go stop Oliver from killing my daughter/his sister



merlynthemagician has left the group



allfairplay: Well, it was nice knowing her

barkandbite: And Oliver

barkandbite: That’s if Merlyn kills Oliver to stop him

angelpuppydanvers: WHAT



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secondisthebest: Well, I think we can count on no one dying now

queenoftheboard: So no funerals, then?

spacepapabear: Ms. Smoak, what have you done

smoakandmirrors: This seemed like a good idea at the time!

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barkandbite: Hoss

barkandbite: Why do you have the most badass girlfriend ever

oliverking: I still ask myself that question every day

oliverking: I’m still lucky, though

angelpuppydanvers: Love you, too, Oliver <3

barkandbite: Again

barkandbite: Flirting

barkandbite: Don’t

allfairplay: To be fair

allfairplay: You started it

alwaysawinner: You totally did

spartacus: ^^^

barkandbite: I hate all of you

moralcompass: You realize you work for two people in this chat, don’t you, Rene?

oliverking: Twice for me?

rushsawyer: I’d change your opinion on them if I were you, Rene

barkandbite: Feeling the love, everyone

barkandbite: Feeling the love

smoakandmirrors: On to more pressing concerns

smoakandmirrors: LENA

smoakandmirrors: ARE YOU OK

queenoftheboard: I’m fine, Felicity

thirdtimesthecharm: That’s it?

queenoftheboard: It wasn’t my quarterly assassination attempt, of course that’s it

queenoftheboard: And Morgan Edge is just a sick son of a bitch

queenoftheboard: Thanks for scaring him, guys

oliverking: No problem

merlynthemagician: Quarterly assassination attempt

fast&furious: Wow

secondisthebest: You have those?

queenoftheboard: You are aware my last name is Luthor, yes?

spacepapabear: Do you have the Luthor family on your Earth?

angelpuppydanvers: Good point

angelpuppydanvers: Why did I never think of that?

oliverking: I don’t think we do

smoakandmirrors: We don’t

promiseskept: You just looked, didn’t you

smoakandmirrors: Of course I did

smoakandmirrors: A member of the team has quarterly assassination attempts

smoakandmirrors: Why wouldn’t I try and find her on our Earth

merlynthemagician: Who knew you could be such a mother hen

smoakandmirrors: I care, OK?!

agentdamnvers: Felicity

agentdamnvers: Are you implying some of us don’t

smoakandmirrors: No!

smoakandmirrors: She’s on your Earth, of course you guys care!

promiseskept: Did you imply those of us on Earth-1 don’t

smoakandmirrors: NO

smoakandmirrors: WE ALL CARE OK



smoakandmirrors has left the group



secondisthebest: She is such a mother hen

spartacus: She probably gets it from being in the bunker worrying about everyone being in the field

alwaysawinner: I totally sympathize

supersfriend: Same

alwaysawinner: Dude

alwaysawinner: You go in the field

supersfriend: Not recently

queenoftheboard: And I have complete confidence in National City’s superhero

angelpuppydanvers: Aww

queenoftheboard: Love you, Kara

angelpuppydanvers: <3

oliverking: Should I be worried about my girlfriend cheating on me with her CEO best friend

agentdamnvers: Trust me, you should not

agentdamnvers: I stand by what Siren said earlier

agentdamnvers: Lovesick puppy

angelpuppydanvers: Alex!!!

spacepapabear: She’s not wrong

rushsawyer: ^^^

supersfriend: Definitely not

angelpuppydanvers: Thanks, guys

angelpuppydanvers: Way to be supportive

barkandbite: Now you know how I felt

oliverking: I can still fire you

oliverking: Just in case you forgot

barkandbite: Good to know

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moralcompass: Wow . . . there are not as many people on here as there have been before

barkandbite: Yeah, where’s Hoss?

spartacus: And everyone from Earth-38?

smoakandmirrors: It is a literal wasteland

alwaysawinner: What’s a wasteland?

allfairplay: FINALLY someone shows up!

alwaysawinner: Well, I apologize for not getting on here during work when I have a telepathic boss

spacepapabear: Good move, Agent Schott

alwaysawinner: I still need to get you a world’s best boss mug

alwaysawinner: Oh, and Oliver’s still here

alwaysawinner: So’s Laurel

alwaysawinner: James is packing up at CatCo, probably meeting with Lena

alwaysawinner: Alex and Maggie are probably with each other

alwaysawinner: And Slade and Malcolm are with Kara

smoakandmirrors: But they’re all OK?

spacepapabear: They were when they left

alwaysawinner: Kara just had the unfortunate job of being the main victim of a psychic bank robber

spartacus: . . . a psychic bank robber

alwaysawinner: Yup

spacepapabear: Known as Psi

alwaysawinner: Get it?

fast&furious: Yeah, we get it

thirdtimesthecharm: Is Kara OK?

alwaysawinner: Well, she’s better

alwaysawinner: The thing is, Psi focused on Kara’s greatest fear

moralcompass: Oh, no

barkandbite: What was it?

barkandbite: Noonan’s running out of sticky buns?

allfairplay: Rene!

thirdtimesthecharm: Seriously?!

barkandbite: What?

spacepapabear: If you must know, it was being too late to save all of you on Lian Yu

barkandbite: Oh

barkandbite: Yeah, that’s bad

spartacus: You think?

smoakandmirrors: That’s horrible!

alwaysawinner: But Oliver helped her out

alwaysawinner: Bet you’re shocked by that

spartacus: Nope

allfairplay: Not at all

fast&furious: Way to go, Ollie!

agentdamnvers: I was just shocked she didn’t tell everyone immediately

fast&furious: Well, look what the cat dragged in!

agentdamnvers: I apologize for spending awkward time with my fiancée

smoakandmirrors: Oh, boy

spartacus: Awkward?

alwaysawinner: You still can’t decide?

agentdamnvers: No

agentdamnvers: I still say DJ

spacepapabear: So do I

thirdtimesthecharm: ???

agentdamnvers: We still can’t decide on a very important wedding detail

agentdamnvers: Band or DJ?

smoakandmirrors: DJ

allfairplay: I don’t know, a band would be kind of cool

spartacus: I agree with Felicity

barkandbite: I actually agree with Curtis on this one

thirdtimesthecharm: Nah

thirdtimesthecharm: DJ

fast&furious: ^^^

moralcompass: And I’ll sit this out, thank you very much

secondisthebest: What are we sitting out?

merlynthemagician: Oh, God, seriously?

promiseskept: Don’t tell me you still can’t figure this out

fast&furious: Guessing this isn’t news to the three of you

secondisthebest: They were going at it for a long time

agentdamnvers: I don’t think I ever got your opinions

promiseskept: No

merlynthemagician: We’ll stay out of the wedding planning, thank you

oliverking: Who’d have thought, you two being scared of discussing weddings

promiseskept: Shut up, kid

merlynthemagician: We’re ready to head back when you are

merlynthemagician: Kara said she’ll meet us over there

merlynthemagician: Also, the alien bar is much nicer when Cadmus isn’t there to try and kill Kryptonians

fast&furious: Wow

fast&furious: I never would have guessed

agentdamnvers: And again

agentdamnvers: I can smell the sarcasm from this Earth

alwaysawinner: Must be a Merlyn trait

alwaysawinner: Extreme sarcasm

promiseskept: I can see the resemblence

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alwaysawinner: What a bitch

rushsawyer: Well then

queenoftheboard: Hello to you, too, Winn

alwaysawinner: Not you, Lena

alwaysawinner: I definitely don’t think you’re a bitch

alwaysawinner: And not you, either, Maggie

alwaysawinner: I’m partly saying that because I really don’t need any more scary women after me

queenoftheboard: Aw, we scare you? I’m honored

rushsawyer: So who is a bitch?

barkandbite: Oliver’s crazy psycho teacher

supersfriend: That doesn’t clear it up

spacepapabear: We had the pleasure of meeting Talia al Ghul

queenoftheboard: Ohhhhhh

queenoftheboard: Yeah, she sounded like she was a bitch

agentdamnvers: She is

secondisthebest: So is Evelyn Sharpe

thirdtimesthecharm: She kind of is

secondisthebest: I hate she has a Canary Cry now

allfairplay: Yeah, that’s no fun

supersfriend: Hang on

supersfriend: I see a problem with this

allfairplay: What?

supersfriend: I thought Kara said those two were imprisoned

supersfriend: On Lian Yu

spartacus: Keyword is were

spartacus: Someone broke them out

queenoftheboard: Well, that sucks

rushsawyer: What about Prometheus?

rushsawyer: Or Adrian Chase

rushsawyer: Whatever the hell that guy wanted to be called

fast&furious: Ding dong the bastard is dead

moralcompass: Good one

fast&furious: Thanks!

supersfriend: So all you guys need to worry about now are his two psychotic girlfriends

merlynthemagician: That sounds wrong on so many levels

smoakandmirrors: One of them was one of Oliver’s former recruits

smoakandmirrors: And the other was his former teacher

smoakandmirrors: Also, possibly considered his sister-in-law?

secondisthebest: What

queenoftheboard: Excuse me?

rushsawyer: I’m sorry, when did Kara get another sister?

rushsawyer: And when did she and Oliver elope?

spartacus: Never

spartacus: Nyssa is married to Oliver

alwaysawinner: Why does Oliver get all the badasses

alwaysawinner: They always either end up together on this Earth or Oliver snatches them on his

smoakandmirrors: . . . um

secondisthebest: *glare emoji*

thirdtimesthecharm: -_-

queenoftheboard: I don’t fit either of those, Winn

fast&furious: I hope to God you don’t seriously think I would sleep with my brother

alwaysawinner: Present company excluded, of course

merlynthemagician: I may need bleach for my eyes now

spacepapabear: Only you could make a compliment sound like an insult, Agent Schott

alwaysawinner: I didn’t mean to!!!

smoakandmirrors: Winn

smoakandmirrors: I think you should stop talking now

merlynthemagician: Miss Smoak is telling someone to be quiet?

secondisthebest: Say it isn’t so

merlynthemagician: What a miracle

smoakandmirrors: I hate you two

agentdamnvers: Can we just pretend none of the last page happened

agentdamnvers: And please pass along to my dear sister that if she and Oliver do elope without my knowledge, I will kill them both

queenoftheboard: Seconded

alwaysawinner: ^^^

fast&furious: I don’t think either of them are that suicidal

fast&furious: But I shall pass the message along anyway

agentdamnvers: Thank you

spartacus: Where are they anyway?

barkandbite: Anyone wanna bet they’re eloping?

allfairplay: Nope

thirdtimesthecharm: Uh uh

smoakandmirrors: Definitely not

spartacus: I’m not that suicidal

barkandbite: Y’all are no fun

queenoftheboard: We are short one member

rushsawyer: We are?

supersfriend: Damn we are

supersfriend: Where’s the first overprotective brother?

secondisthebest: Oh, Oliver made a deal with him on Lian Yu that if Slade helped him find William, he would help Slade find his son

secondisthebest: Sounds like the info finally paid off, and Slade’s headed off to Calgary

secondisthebest: Don’t know when he’ll be back on again, though

merlynthemagician: If ever

secondisthebest: Aren’t you ever the pessimist

queenoftheboard: Gotta love surrogate siblings

agentdamnvers: Hey, we’re missing someone else

spacepapabear: Where did Quentin go?

smoakandmirrors: Did we just lose our moral compass?

moralcompass: For the next twenty-four hours, yes



moralcompass has left the group



smoakandmirrors: Was it something I said

merlynthemagician: Oh, God

merlynthemagician: Those of you on Earth-1, TV, now

secondisthebest: Oh, shit



merlynthemagician has left the group

secondisthebest has left the group



barkandbite: Oh

barkandbite: Um

barkandbite: Excuse me



barkandbite has left the group



alwaysawinner: Did Rene just say something nice?

thirdtimesthecharm: Oh God

allfairplay: Bye guys!



thirdtimesthecharm has left the group

allfairplay has left the group

spartacus has left the group



alwaysawinner: OK, now what did I say?

smoakandmirrors: Nothing

smoakandmirrors: Breaking news just came on

smoakandmirrors: Oliver’s just been outed as the Green Arrow

agentdamnvers: WHAT



smoakandmirrors has left the group



rushsawyer: You have got to be kidding

alwaysawinner: Well, it’s not like we can ask anyone!

alwaysawinner: They all just left!

queenoftheboard: Poor Oliver, though

supersfriend: Guess that means I’ll be covering for Kara at CatCo, then

spacepapabear: And she won’t be at the D.E.O. for the duration of this

agentdamnvers: Why can they never get a break

rushsawyer: Do heroes ever get a break?

agentdamnvers: Touché

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barkandbite: Imma steal Winn’s line

barkandbite: What a bitch

rushsawyer: Well then

barkandbite: I promise it’s not about you

moralcompass: Believe me, this woman makes you look like a saint

rushsawyer: You mean I’m not normally one?

fast&furious: *snickers*

allfairplay: You walked right into that one

oliverking: Seriously, though

oliverking: This woman is stubborn

spacepapabear: For those of us who do not live on your Earth

spacepapabear: What woman are we discussing here

angelpuppydanvers: Oh, no woman in particular

smoakandmirrors: Just the woman who’s taking the lead in investigating Oliver being the Green Arrow

spartacus: Who also happens to be FBI

agentdamnvers: What

queenoftheboard: Wow

thirdtimesthecharm: Yeah, even after Felicity and Curtis got Channel 52 news to say the image of Oliver as the Green Arrow was doctored, she’s still going to investigate

supersfriend: Damn

alwaysawinner: She’s as stubborn as Alex

agentdamnvers: I’m gonna take that as a compliment

alwaysawinner: It was totally a compliment

oliverking: Can we not discuss the investigation into me being a vigilante here

secondisthebest: You sound like you’ve been here before

oliverking: I have been

oliverking: Quentin was the lead investigator

moralcompass: My opinion has changed, as you can see

oliverking: For which I am forever grateful for

fast&furious: Aw

oliverking: Shut up, Speedy

oliverking: Like I said

oliverking: New topic, please

angelpuppydanvers: I got to meet an old friend of Oliver’s today

oliverking: OK, not the topic I was expecting to come up

agentdamnvers: Who’s this new friend?

spartacus: Oliver’s Bratva buddy is back in town

alwaysawinner: The Russian mob?

supersfriend: Do we want to know how you’re friends with him?

oliverking: It’s a long story that involves Lian Yu

queenoftheboard: So we’re avoiding that story, then

oliverking: Please do

oliverking: Slade won’t need to be reminded when he comes back

merlynthemagician: So this was your second year, then

oliverking: Way to go, Malcolm

oliverking: Actually, part of it includes year five, too

oliverking: And I do not need to be reminded of Talia al Ghul right now, thank you very much

rushsawyer: Talkative today much, Oliver?

oliverking: It’s been a long few days

angelpuppydanvers: You have no idea how big of a mess Anatoli caused

oliverking: It would have been a much bigger mess if Kara hadn’t been there to save the delegation leader

oliverking: Thanks, angel

angelpuppydanvers: <3

barkandbite: Can we go one day without having you two flirting over the chat

merlynthemagician: Why do you ask questions you already know the answer to

secondisthebest: ^^^

barkandbite: Why do you two always gang up on everybody else

fast&furious: I think it’s some redeemed villains’ club thing

queenoftheboard: Redeemed villains’ club

fast&furious: The alternative is that they’re bored without Slade

agentdamnvers: Anyone want to choose option C: both answers are correct?

rushsawyer: I’ll take that

supersfriend: Ditto

alwaysawinner: ^^^

secondisthebest: Feeling the love, everyone

smoakandmirrors: Papa Bear’s been quiet for a while

moralcompass: That name has really stuck, hasn’t it

alwaysawinner: I’m so proud

smoakandmirrors: Seriously, though, where is he

queenoftheboard: Doesn’t say he’s in the chat anymore

thirdtimesthecharm: Guys, he could just be at the D.E.O.

alwaysawinner: I’m sitting at my computer at the D.E.O. right now

alwaysawinner: He’s not here

allfairplay: So you’re at work and you’re in the chatroom

alwaysawinner: In my defense, I’ve finished what I’ve needed to do for the day

rushsawyer: That’s better than me

secondisthebest: Maggie Sawyer is in the chatroom while working?

rushsawyer: Ride or die

agentdamnvers: How lucky am I

queenoftheboard: I can get away with it since I’m my own boss

oliverking: Agreed

queenoftheboard: So I think J’onn also has the right to get on and off this as he pleases

agentdamnvers: Sucking it up to the Martian, are you?

queenoftheboard: I’m just keeping in mind that he can read minds

alwaysawinner: I still need to find a world’s best boss mug

barkandbite: I’m getting the feeling I’ll need to pick some up, too

moralcompass: Smart

fast&furious: Oh, Rene’s in trouble now

barkandbite: Why am I always the victim

merlynthemagician: Because you keep offering wonderful opportunities to be one

secondisthebest: ^^^

barkandbite: Again

barkandbite: The ganging up

barkandbite: Why

merlynthemagician: We’re both supposed to be dead

secondisthebest: It’s boring having to be dead

secondisthebest: So we make do with what we’ve got

allfairplay: And that’s making fun of Rene?

merlynthemagician: It’s not hard when he keeps setting himself up to be

barkandbite: Ouch

supersfriend: Another Merlyn trait

supersfriend: Savagery

fast&furious: I like this version of my father much better than the one before Lian Yu

secondisthebest: It’s just compliments all over the place today when did we get so sappy

spartacus: When Oliver and Kara got together

queenoftheboard: Truer words have never been spoken

angelpuppydanvers: Wow

oliverking: I don’t know if I should be insulted or not

fast&furious: Just take it as a compliment, you two

thirdtimesthecharm: You know

thirdtimesthecharm: I can’t really argue with that, actually

allfairplay: I can’t, either

smoakandmirrors: Well played, Dig

spartacus: One does one’s humble best

Chapter Text

angelpuppydanvers: So Mars was fun

angelpuppydanvers: You know, even with fighting off White Martians

angelpuppydanvers: Also, J’onn, your father is a really nice guy

angelpuppydanvers: Of course, once he knew it was actually you

smoakandmirrors: Um

fast&furious: Context, please?

fast&furious: For us humans who would have died in space?

spacepapabear: The reason M’gann called me to Mars was because they found my father

allfairplay: Good for you!

spacepapabear: Except when he saw me, he thought the White Martians were trying to break him further

allfairplay: Oh

allfairplay: Not so good

oliverking: I sense a but coming

angelpuppydanvers: You sense correctly

spacepapabear: I was able to prove to my father that I was, in fact, his son

angelpuppydanvers: And then we saved the planet!

barkandbite: So Team Supergirl wins again?

alwaysawinner: Is that surprise I sense from you, Rene?

barkandbite: Absolutely not

barkandbite: It’s just that Kara has now saved two different planets now

merlynthemagician: I value my ability to breathe, thank you very much

queenoftheboard: I’m starting to wonder if Merlyns have an off button for savagery

fast&furious: I haven’t found mine

smoakandmirrors: It wouldn’t surprise me if they don’t have one

secondisthebest: It wouldn’t surprise me, either

secondisthebest: And I live with one of them, for God’s sake

barkandbite: How’s that working out, by the way?

secondisthebest: Quiet, actually, believe it or not

moralcompass: And how much quietness is because he’s moping because Slade’s gone?

secondisthebest: Accurate

merlynthemagician: I’m right here

secondisthebest: You still miss Slade

secondisthebest: It’s weird being around and not hearing the constant wizard/magician bickering going back and forth

merlynthemagician: I hate you

secondisthebest: No, you don’t

oliverking: It’s weird watching the two of you converse without Slade

supersfriend: How’s he doing, by the way?

oliverking: No idea, actually

oliverking: Once he goes off the grid, he goes completely off the grid

oliverking: So when he comes back on, I probably won’t even know until he does

angelpuppydanvers: I’ll punch him in the face if he pulls a stunt like that

oliverking: I love you so much, have I told you that recently?

angelpuppydanvers: Naw <3

barkandbite: Whipped

oliverking: Do you have any idea how quickly I can fire you, Rene?

barkandbite: I didn’t say anything

thirdtimesthecharm: #thinkbeforeyoutype

queenoftheboard: Truer words have never been spoken

alwaysawinner: *typed

queenoftheboard: Whatever

moralcompass: Speaking of missing people

moralcompass: Are Alex and Maggie all right?

alwaysawinner: They’re, ah . . .

supersfriend: It’s probably not a good idea to bug them to come on

thirdtimesthecharm: Nah

smoakandmirrors: I’m not that suicidal

fast&furious: All in favor of tracking down Maggie’s father and butchering him?

oliverking: Thea

fast&furious: What?

fast&furious: I can’t be the only one thinking about it

secondisthebest: Nope

thirdtimesthecharm: I’d help

oliverking: William would probably want to be involved somehow

oliverking: And that’s saying something

merlynthemagician: Good for him

oliverking: No, you are not training him to somehow hurt Maggie’s father

merlynthemagician: You’re no fun

oliverking: He may agree to cause a distraction, though

oliverking: And then you could do the hurting

merlynthemagician: Suddenly you became much more fun

oliverking: . . . thanks?

oliverking: I think?

angelpuppydanvers: So it was really that bad?

allfairplay: It was very bad

queenoftheboard: It really was

barkandbite: Preach

queenoftheboard: That’s not something I really want to preach, Rene

smoakandmirrors: We have no love for Maggie’s padre

smoakandmirrors: Let’s just leave it at that

spartacus: And let the Merlyns decide on a plan to hurt him

spacepapabear: Should I be concerned about this?

moralcompass: Well, Thea’s my assistant

moralcompass: And she’s in a private conversation with her father right now

supersfriend: So we should be expecting the Merlyns to arrive and find Maggie’s father

alwaysawinner: I don’t know whether I should be cheering them on or being scared to death of them

smoakandmirrors: Knowing Merlyn

smoakandmirrors: All of the above

spacepapabear: So be concerned

oliverking: Definitely

angelpuppydanvers: Oh, Rao

alwaysawinner: I’ll go prepare for the Merlyn apocalypse

supersfriend: *Merlyn savage apocalypse

alwaysawinner: That’s even more terrifying

queenoftheboard: I’ll help with the cleanup

spacepapabear: And I’ll inform my father the Merlyns are not typical humans

spartacus: Merlyns are anything but typical

oliverking: Ain’t that the truth

Chapter Text

supersfriend: And yet again

supersfriend: Silence

alwaysawinner: *cricket chirps*

queenoftheboard: *“Jeopardy!” theme song*

rushsawyer: Nah

agentdamnvers: Winn wins

alwaysawinner: Yeah!

queenoftheboard: Hate you, Danvers

fast&furious: Did the most badass CEO ever just say she hates her best friend?

queenoftheboard: The other Danvers

thirdtimesthecharm: I was about to say

barkandbite: Sorry we’re late

barkandbite: Hoss had a new toy to try out

spartacus: It is not a toy

barkandbite: Hoss, you just got a new weapon

barkandbite: Right now, it’s a toy

allfairplay: I’m actually not offended by that

smoakandmirrors: Champagne may have been involved, too

fast&furious: I missed champagne?!

spacepapabear: How did the first few nights without Oliver go?

allfairplay: Well, let me tell you this

allfairplay: It’s still weird calling Dig Green Arrow now

spartacus: It’s still weird being called that . . .

agentdamnvers: More importantly

agentdamnvers: Is Star City still standing

barkandbite: Very funny

agentdamnvers: I wasn’t kidding

agentdamnvers: Please tell me Star City is still standing

rushsawyer: ^^^

smoakandmirrors: I’m trying not to be offended by your lack of faith

supersfriend: You guys changed leaders

supersfriend: We’re just wondering

moralcompass: Star City still stands

queenoftheboard: Fantastic

merlynthemagician: I don’t know

merlynthemagician: Agent Bitch’s office might not for long

allfairplay: Well, shit

moralcompass: Great, what did she do now?

secondisthebest: What didn’t she do?

oliverking: If I see her again some time soon, I am punching her in the face

barkandbite: I’m not a lawyer, but I don’t think that would look good on you, Hoss

thirdtimesthecharm: It wouldn’t

rushsawyer: Ditto

spacepapabear: Definitely not

moralcompass: I’d be parroting what they said

oliverking: I still want to

angelpuppydanvers: I could throw her into space?

alwaysawinner: Wow, she must really be a bitch

thirdtimesthecharm: She pretty much is

supersfriend: Oh, it takes an ultimate bitch to make Kara want to throw someone in space

queenoftheboard: Oh right

queenoftheboard: Siobhan Smythe

secondisthebest: Yep, she’s a bitch

moralcompass: You’ve never met her

secondisthebest: So?

secondisthebest: She’s still a bitch

oliverking: Like every other time we’ve been on this chat

oliverking: Can we please no longer discuss Agent Watson?

fast&furious: OK, we’ll discuss something else

oliverking: Thank you, Speedy

fast&furious: Like that anti-vigilante bill the public will now vote on thanks to Oliver

oliverking: Can we just not discuss anything in my political life, please

agentdamnvers: Um what

alwaysawinner: What

queenoftheboard: Come again?

supersfriend: Anti-vigilante bill?

oliverking: Damnit, Thea . . .

oliverking: Fine, yes, the Star City public will be voting on whether to pass anti-vigilante legislation or not, you may now discuss

queenoftheboard: What the fuck, Star City

rushsawyer: Wow, Lena, share how you really feel

queenoftheboard: Shut up, Sawyer

agentdamnvers: Please don’t kill my fiancée

alwaysawinner: Uh, I’m gonna agree with Lena here

alwaysawinner: What the fuck, Star City

barkandbite: Um, actually . . .

spartacus: Part of that is our fault

spacepapabear: You said Star City is still standing, though

spartacus: Oh, it is

thirdtimesthecharm: {Star City.jpg}

alwaysawinner: Wow, it really is still standing

allfairplay: Ouch

supersfriend: So where’s the hate coming from?

spartacus: My fault

spartacus: I froze

agentdamnvers: Oh

agentdamnvers: Well, what the fuck, Star City

rushsawyer: ^^^

thirdtimesthecharm: No need to throw shade on our behalf

allfairplay: It’s very much appreciated, though, so thank you

alwaysawinner: Ye be welcome

queenoftheboard: *thumbs up*

angelpuppydanvers: Well, if we’re going to go into details about heroes not being seen in the best light . . .

spacepapabear: Blame Maxwell Lord for that

agentdamnvers: That was pretty awful, though

supersfriend: #RedKryptonite

alwaysawinner: Did we ever show Oliver what she looked like when she showed up for work?

oliverking: No, you did not

alwaysawinner: Note: show Oliver what Kara looks like when her bad side comes out . . .

angelpuppydanvers: No, thank you

angelpuppydanvers: I like my style the way it is, thank you

supersfriend: You were pretty hot, though

supersfriend: All due respect to the current boyfriend

oliverking: I think she’s hot all the time

secondisthebest: Wow, she’s speechless and blushing

secondisthebest: Way to go, Oliver

oliverking: I do my best

spacepapabear: Back to the problem with vigilantes?

merlynthemagician: Believe me, this is not the first time vigilantes have come under fire

oliverking: Literally

moralcompass: I’m quite certain you can tell my stance on the Green Arrow has changed for the better, thank you very much

oliverking: You came up with the part of the charter that let me put the bill to public vote, I am forever in your debt

moralcompass: That’s what I’m here for

secondisthebest: If you’re like what my father on Earth-2 would have been like, I would have ended up much better earlier in life

barkandbite: What a vote of confidence

oliverking: In other news

oliverking: Alex

agentdamnvers: What

oliverking: Did Kara really know calculus when she was 4?

alwaysawinner: What

smoakandmirrors: Seriously, girl?!

allfairplay: I feel much less smarter, now

agentdamnvers: She bragged about it constantly

agentdamnvers: And she kicked my ass in it

barkandbite: Damn, blondie

barkandbite: Hot and smart

oliverking: I will wring your neck, Rene

barkandbite: The line before that is absolutely blank

rushsawyer: Nah

queenoftheboard: #thinkbeforeyoutype

secondisthebest: And just when I thought Kara’s face couldn’t get any redder

secondisthebest: Oh, and she just tossed her phone to the side

secondisthebest: My, live coverage is entertaining tonight

merlynthemagician: Well, congratulations, Oliver

merlynthemagician: You just broke your girlfriend

oliverking: Sorry, angel

merlynthemagician: She says you’re forgiven

merlynthemagician: At least, I think she said that

merlynthemagician: It’s hard to hear her through the wide grin she now has

fast&furious: I blame Oliver for the sudden teeth rotting I’m experiencing

fast&furious: Ollie, you’re paying my dental bill to get that fixed

alwaysawinner: Ditto

alwaysawinner: Also, Thea said it first, not me

oliverking: And that’s why you’re still alive

agentdamnvers: Hot, lovebird, and a badass

agentdamnvers: I’m so proud of my little sis

secondisthebest: I swear you’re all trying to make her die of embarrassment now

agentdamnvers: Read the older sister handbook

agentdamnvers: At least it’s in my job description

Chapter Text

merlynthemagician: And the Most Likely to Have Something Ultimately Disturbing Happen To Them award goes to?

barkandbite: What are you waiting for

barkandbite: A drumroll

merlynthemagician: No

merlynthemagician: Most people aren’t on yet

secondisthebest: I am not doing a drumroll, wizard

merlynthemagician: Excuse you

merlynthemagician: You are not Slade

merlynthemagician: Only Slade can get away with that

fast&furious: You still always correct him to “magician”

merlynthemagician: It’s still our thing

agentdamnvers: Oh, wow

supersfriend: Malcolm has a thing

alwaysawinner: What a surprise!

queenoftheboard: As a witness to this “ultimately disturbing thing”

queenoftheboard: I would totally drumroll

alwaysawinner: Ditto

supersfriend: ^^^

moralcompass: Oh, dear God

spacepapabear: According to Thomas Coville, it was “oh, dear Supergirl”

allfairplay: . . . hold up

smoakandmirrors: Oh, no

supersfriend: Oh, yes

thirdtimesthecharm: You’re kidding

alwaysawinner: I need to talk to Cisco about putting sarcasm buttons on this thing

alwaysawinner: But in this situation, they would totally be off

angelpuppydanvers: Have I won yet?

merlynthemagician: Like I said

merlynthemagician: And the Most Likely to Have Something Ultimately Disturbing Happen To Them award goes to . . .

queenoftheboard: *drumroll*

merlynthemagician: Everyone’s favorite blonde Kryptonian from the House of El

angelpuppydanvers: I have been worshiped by a cult

spartacus: Dear God

supersfriend: *Kara

spacepapabear: Olsen

supersfriend: Come on, it fits with what we’re discussing!

oliverking: We are not doing that

oliverking: And Rene

oliverking: If I hear one thing from you that sounds anything like a flirt, I swear to God

barkandbite: You mean to your girlfriend?

fast&furious: Wow

secondisthebest: Even I knew that was the cue to shut up

thirdtimesthecharm: You’re on your own, Rene

supersfriend: I was not that bad

spacepapabear: Yes, Rene was worse

alwaysawinner: I don’t think you’re out of the woods yet, though

supersfriend: I get that

angelpuppydanvers: Um

angelpuppydanvers: It doesn’t say Oliver’s on the chat anymore

agentdamnvers: So he isn’t

merlynthemagician: Should we prepare for Rene’s funeral, then?

barkandbite: Come on, y’all, really?

barkandbite: I can handle

smoakandmirrors: . . . Rene?

spartacus: Are you alive?

moralcompass: Guess we found where Oliver went

spartacus: Maggie isn’t here, either

agentdamnvers: I couldn’t sleep

agentdamnvers: She still is

spartacus: OK then

angelpuppydanvers: Oh, hey, he’s back!

oliverking: Rene will not be a problem anymore

queenoftheboard: You logged him off, didn’t you

oliverking: That I did

moralcompass: Guess I’ll shuffle more paperwork in his direction

oliverking: Seriously, though

oliverking: This cult was messed up

angelpuppydanvers: It really was

angelpuppydanvers: Someone literally committed arson to get me to save him just so he could join

fast&furious: Holy shit

spartacus: Yeah, that’s messed up

angelpuppydanvers: And Coville knew I was Supergirl

smoakandmirrors: What?!

allfairplay: Guess the glasses and ponytail don’t work after all?

secondisthebest: According to him, he never forgot what it was like to look into the eyes of God

secondisthebest: Or something along those lines

angelpuppydanvers: “When you look into the eyes of God, you do not forget”

secondisthebest: Yeah, that was it

agentdamnvers: And then there was the Kryptonian probe he was planning on using to blow up the stadium in National City

moralcompass: And what was that supposed to accomplish?

angelpuppydanvers: I was supposed to rescue everyone and bring everyone into their faith

thirdtimesthecharm: This guy’s a lunatic

oliverking: Preach

fast&furious: Dare I ask how that went?

angelpuppydanvers: Well, it didn’t blow up

angelpuppydanvers: So that’s a positive

agentdamnvers: Malcolm put the fear of God in Coville

merlynthemagician: Bastard deserved it

fast&furious: Did you shoot him?

merlynthemagician: I shot at him

merlynthemagician: He needed to turn the probe off, after all

merlynthemagician: I would have killed him otherwise

oliverking: You could always kill him in Albatross

alwaysawinner: I could wipe the security tapes

fast&furious: You really don’t like this guy, do you, Ollie

oliverking: Hell no

secondisthebest: ^^^

supersfriend: That was the most uncomfortable place I’ve ever been

supersfriend: Save a meeting with Morgan Edge

queenoftheboard: Ditto

angelpuppydanvers: That would be uncomfortable

angelpuppydanvers: But having people bow to you?

angelpuppydanvers: Please for the love of Rao

angelpuppydanvers: No

angelpuppydanvers: Never again

oliverking: Can we stop discussing Coville’s Supergirl cult now please

allfairplay: You’re just done with this, aren’t you

oliverking: You would be, too, if it was your girlfriend that was so visibly disturbed by everything going on

allfairplay: Gay, remember?

oliverking: *boyfriend

allfairplay: Point made

oliverking: And I somehow let my girlfriend convince me to go to Barry’s bachelor party

oliverking: I have a feeling I may regret it

smoakandmirrors: How is that going to work

smoakandmirrors: Barry can’t get drunk

oliverking: Felicity

oliverking: You do remember who Barry’s best man is, don’t you

smoakandmirrors: Oh

smoakandmirrors: Right

alwaysawinner: It’s Cisco, isn’t it

oliverking: Who else

alwaysawinner: Oh, boy

alwaysawinner: He’s gonna find a way to get Barry drunk, isn’t he

oliverking: Winn

oliverking: It’s Cisco

oliverking: If he didn’t find a way I would almost be disappointed in him

smoakandmirrors: Now I’m hoping Iris doesn’t do something completely crazy

angelpuppydanvers: Agreed

merlynthemagician: Good luck, you three

queenoftheboard: Try not to die

queenoftheboard: I already have Rene’s funeral to pay for

oliverking: It’s Central City

oliverking: We’ll need all the luck we can get

Chapter Text

angelpuppydanvers: Um

angelpuppydanvers: Anyone here

smoakandmirrors: Seriously, guys, we could use some help

alwaysawinner: Here

supersfriend: Here

fast&furious: Aye

secondisthebest: Should you be at the bachelorette party

angelpuppydanvers: Yes

smoakandmirrors: Keyword should

merlynthemagician: Present

merlynthemagician: Wait should

angelpuppydanvers: Yeah, should

angelpuppydanvers: Hang on

angelpuppydanvers: Felicity, can you

smoakandmirrors: Yup



smoakandmirrors added easteriris to the group BestTeamUpEver



easteriris: Damn you guys really did use this

smoakandmirrors: Of course we did

spartacus: I’m here

barkandbite: When did Iris join

allfairplay: It literally says twenty-three seconds ago Rene

spacepapabear: What’s going on

easteriris: My bachelorette party got crashed

easteriris: And Killer Frost is back

moralcompass: Who?

easteriris: Caitlin’s evil roommate

angelpuppydanvers: Long story, so I heard

easteriris: Very long

angelpuppydanvers: But has anyone heard from Oliver, by any chance

easteriris: Or Barry

easteriris: Or Cisco

smoakandmirrors: Hell, any of the guys

spartacus: Um

spartacus: No

spartacus: Not any of our bachelor parties

alwaysawinner: Guess Oliver really did need that luck

easteriris: Damn it

angelpuppydanvers: Scuze us while we go save the city without them

merlynthemagician: Good luck

easteriris: I never thought I would get a good luck from him of all people

merlynthemagician: I’m still on, Iris

easteriris: So I see

agentdamnvers: I’m gone for three hours

thirdtimesthecharm: And apparently we missed a lot

queenoftheboard: Oh, Iris joined

queenoftheboard: Wait

queenoftheboard: If Cisco helped create the chat

queenoftheboard: Why isn’t he on

spartacus: How about we deal with that later

fast&furious: Yeah, like after we figure out what the hell’s going on in Central City

moralcompass: Oliver hasn’t answered anything from me

fast&furious: Same for me

alwaysawinner: I’ve tried getting to Cisco

supersfriend: And?

alwaysawinner: I’d add him immediately if I knew what was going on

supersfriend: OK then

angelpuppydanvers: Good news or bad news first

spacepapabear: Is there a difference

smoakandmirrors: Cait’s fine

easteriris: Amunet got away

moralcompass: Amunet

moralcompass: Why do I know that name

thirdtimesthecharm: Ditto

easteriris: Amunet Black

moralcompass: Yeah, that’s it

thirdtimesthecharm: Well, shit

easteriris: Yeah

easteriris: Caitlin worked for her during her hiatus

merlynthemagician: Really

secondisthebest: So the good doctor grew a spine

secondisthebest: Congratulations, Caitlin

barkandbite: So Oliver is still AWOL?

easteriris: All the guys are

easteriris: Including Dibny

allfairplay: Who now?

easteriris: New member of the team

smoakandmirrors: He creeped me out

easteriris: He did his stretching thing in front of you didn’t he

smoakandmirrors: He actually did it into the speed track

easteriris: Oh, boy

easteriris: I’m sorry you saw that

smoakandmirrors: A warning would have been nice

easteriris: Apologies

fast&furious: Shouldn’t you guys still be saving the city

angelpuppydanvers: That would be why we’re turning them off now

smoakandmirrors: Once more unto the breach!

secondisthebest: Except Cisco isn’t there

merlynthemagician: Really, Siren

secondisthebest: If I didn’t say it, Curtis or Winn would

allfairplay: Mood

alwaysawinner: Accurate

oliverking: Never will I ever trust Ralph Dibny again

fast&furious: And he’s alive!

spartacus: What was with the no reply, man?

oliverking: Hang on

oliverking: Can I add people on this thing?

smoakandmirrors: Yup



oliverking added goodvibes to the group BestTeamUpEver



oliverking: I hate you

goodvibes: How many times do I have to say I’m sorry????

oliverking: Forever

oliverking: Or until you fix that stupid drink you gave Barry

barkandbite: Damn, live entertainment is awesome tonight

angelpuppydanvers: I just got the recap

angelpuppydanvers: It’s bad

goodvibes: Hi everyone

goodvibes: Nice to see the chat before Oliver kills me

alwaysawinner: Does he have to?

oliverking: Ahem

oliverking: If you will, Cisco?

goodvibes: {Video – Drunk Flash}

secondisthebest: Oh, my God

secondisthebest: And to think Zoom was scared of him

merlynthemagician: I thought speedsters couldn’t get drunk?

oliverking: Cisco did his duty as best man, apparently

queenoftheboard: What did I just watch

alwaysawinner: That was Barry

queenoftheboard: I gathered that

goodvibes: I miscalculated

easteriris: You don’t say

thirdtimesthecharm: Wait

thirdtimestehcharm: I know that place

thirdtimesthecharm: Oliver

thirdtimesthecharm: Was Barry’s bachelor party at a strip club

allfairplay: Um what

agentdamnvers: Why was Barry’s bachelor party at a strip club?

goodvibes: It wasn’t supposed to be!

goodvibes: Best man’s honor!

oliverking: If you had that

oliverking: You would have kicked Dibny out of the house

oliverking: Immediately

merlynthemagician: No one likes this Dibny person apparently

oliverking: He’s the one who dragged us to the club

moralcompass: I’m not liking him either

oliverking: I don’t, either

oliverking: I swore my past was haunting me

goodvibes: Thank God for Harry’s hand sanitizer

alwaysawinner: Wow

oliverking: And then Dibny got everyone arrested

fast&furious: Again

oliverking: Wells got me out

fast&furious: Oh, thank God

goodvibes: Thank you for getting us out, btw

oliverking: Pay me back by never making Barry drunk again

goodvibes: OK then

angelpuppydanvers: I don’t know who had the more entertaining evening

easteriris: We need to work on your definition of entertaining

barkandbite: It’s been entertaining for us

oliverking: Cisco, you will pay me back sooner if you figure out a way to block users from the chat for a time

goodvibes: Let me get my computer

barkandbite: Ouch

merlynthemagician: Move up that funeral, Luthor

queenoftheboard: Noted

Chapter Text

goodvibes: This is probably the wrong chat to ask

goodvibes: But anyone have good blackmail on Harry to get him to join

smoakandmirrors: Nope

allfairplay: Nada

secondisthebest: Nothing that would work on this Earth

goodvibes: Damnit

easteriris: And the other half of that chat is going “who now?”

moralcompass: Yes

goodvibes: He’s the Harrison Wells from Siren’s Earth

moralcompass: Ah

easteriris: Maybe when everyone catches up we’ll force him in

goodvibes: Yeah that could work

goodvibes: And where the hell is everyone else

secondisthebest: I believe Lena may be getting drunk with Sam and Kara

fast&furious: ???

moralcompass: A riddle

moralcompass: Who hates Lena to the point they would poison children to get her out of their way and whose name starts with “M?”

fast&furious: No

spartacus: Please tell me you’re not being serious

thirdtimesthecharm: I was there

thirdtimesthecharm: He’s completely serious

barkandbite: Please tell me he’s dead

moralcompass: He still lives

merlynthemagician: Unfortunately

merlynthemagician: I wanted to shoot him

thirdtimesthecharm: Let’s not ruin the decent reputation we vigilantes have on Earth-38 OK

spacepapabear: That would be preferable

spacepapabear: I don’t want President Marsdin to order the D.E.O. to hunt down Supergirl’s boyfriend family and friends

alwaysawinner: I would prefer that too

queenoftheboard: I have wine with my sisters for not even twenty minutes and this thing blows up

queenoftheboard: Really guys

easteriris: Cisco started it

goodvibes: Everything is going to be my fault now isn’t it

smoakandmirrors: Probably

goodvibes: I hate Oliver for adding me to this

oliverking: Watch it Cisco

goodvibes: What the!

fast&furious: Speak of the devil and he shall appear

oliverking: I love you too sis

oliverking: In other news

oliverking: I don’t think we’ll be hearing from the Danvers girls any time soon

allfairplay: Uh oh

smoakandmirrors: Are they OK?

oliverking: Well, Kara is

oliverking: It’s more for them to say not me

spacepapabear: If I have to order them to put their phones down I will

oliverking: That may be a good idea, actually

spacepapabear: I’ll call them right now

oliverking: Thank you

allfairplay: Uh oh

spartacus: That doesn’t sound good

alwaysawinner: Well I just got a text from one of them

alwaysawinner: It’s not good

thirdtimesthecharm: What happened?

supersfriend: It really isn’t for us to say

angelpuppydanvers: So please leave it be until it’s ready to be shared

angelpuppydanvers: Sorry



angelpuppydanvers has left the group

agentdamnvers has left the group



moralcompass: Poor Danvers

barkandbite: Wonder what happened

easteriris: Has everything been OK on Earth-38 recently?

merlynthemagician: From what we’ve seen yes

secondisthebest: Oh

secondisthebest: I may know . . .

goodvibes: You may?

secondisthebest: What happens between girls . . . ?

queenoftheboard: Stays between girls

queenoftheboard: . . . oh

queenoftheboard: Oh

queenoftheboard: Oh dear

secondisthebest: Exactly

queenoftheboard: Yeah don’t push until it comes out

goodvibes: That really doesn’t sound good

easteriris: I hope they end up OK

oliverking: Kara told me they’re heading back home to Midvale

oliverking: I think they’ll be OK after they stay with Eliza for a bit

barkandbite: First name basis with the mother-in-law already

barkandbite: Nice job Hoss



oliverking has blocked barkandbite from the group



spartacus: Wait we can do that now

oliverking: Thank you Cisco

goodvibes: Do you hate me less now?

oliverking: Yes

goodvibes: I’m moving up in the world!

merlynthemagician: Funny that that’s all it takes

goodvibes: Thea your father is annoying

fast&furious: I know where I got that trait from

goodvibes: Wow

smoakandmirrors: Savagery smelled

alwaysawinner: Same from this Earth

spartacus: A word of advice Cisco

spartacus: Do not give either Malcolm or Thea the opportunity to take another shot at you

goodvibes: So noted

easteriris: I now understand why this chat is used

secondisthebest: We take no prisoners here

easteriris: I can see that

Chapter Text

secondisthebest: Well today is going to be boring as hell

smoakandmirrors: I beg your pardon

secondisthebest: Oliver Kara and Malcolm aren’t going to be on until darkness o’clock

secondisthebest: Boring

agentdamnvers: I’m going to try not to be offended by that

secondisthebest: Welcome to Earth-1?

agentdamnvers: Better

goodvibes: You doing OK girl?

agentdamnvers: As good as I could be after breaking up my engagement

goodvibes: Oh

easteriris: I’m sorry Alex

agentdamnvers: Thank you Iris

agentdamnvers: I needed Midvale

agentdamnvers: And I need to apologize to Kara later

barkandbite: Uh oh

agentdamnvers: Again

allfairplay: Again?

agentdamnvers: Drunk Alex is not the best Alex to be around

agentdamnvers: Especially when she’s sad too

alwaysawinner: I’m screenshotting that just to prove she said that

agentdamnvers: I would be disappointed in you if you didn’t

supersfriend: So why aren’t Oliver Kara and Malcolm here?

fast&furious: Long story short

fast&furious: Slade

queenoftheboard: He’s finally back?

fast&furious: For all of a day

fast&furious: He came to ask Oliver for help to find his son

fast&furious: And I think we all knew Kara was not going to let them go without her

spartacus: Definitely not

fast&furious: And then Dad volunteered himself to go as well

thirdtimesthecharm: Wherever they’re going is not going to survive the four of them in the same place

allfairplay: You mean it’s not going to survive Slade and Malcolm in the same place

thirdtimesthecharm: That too

spacepapabear: Except Kara would keep them in line

moralcompass: But add Oliver into that mix?

spacepapabear: Her boyfriend and her two overprotective brothers against her

alwaysawinner: Yeah my money’s on Kara

alwaysawinner: She has them wrapped around her finger

secondisthebest: Point to Winn

easteriris: I never thought that could be applied to supervillains

goodvibes: Let’s be honest here

goodvibes: Who would Kara not have wrapped around her finger?

agentdamnvers: Rhea

supersfriend: Non

alwaysawinner: Indigo

queenoftheboard: My mother

spacepapabear: General Lane

spartacus: Imma bet Damien Darhk

smoakandmirrors: Oh God imagine if she had him wrapped around her finger

fast&furious: That’s a bit disturbing actually

fast&furious: Change the topic please

smoakandmirrors: I just got a notification that Maggie’s terminated her membership to the chat

agentdamnvers: *sigh*

fast&furious: Way to go Felicity

smoakandmirrors: I changed the topic didn’t I

oliverking: I’m just going to say I agree with my sister

oliverking: My girlfriend taming Damien Darhk is way too disturbing for me to even think about

oliverking: Especially when there’s a doppelgänger of the woman he killed in the same city

secondisthebest: I don’t blame you

secondisthebest: How was the flight?

oliverking: In the words of Malcolm Merlyn: a mayor and former vigilante, a sword-swinging maniac, the former Demon’s Head, and an invincible alien all together on a plane for twelve hours

alwaysawinner: That sounds like the beginning of a very bad joke

fast&furious: That’s my dad for you

alwaysawinner: OK then

fast&furious: And he’s gone again

fast&furious: Thanks for the update bro

spartacus: Blame Slade

moralcompass: If it was your son on the line you’d probably want the least distractions in your way wouldn’t you

spartacus: Very true

smoakandmirrors: Always our moral compass

moralcompass: Yeah yeah

moralcompass: I try

goodvibes: I now understand why he has that name

goodvibes: Good choice

smoakandmirrors: Thankies

smoakandmirrors: This has been silent for two days wow we suck

merlynthemagician: I apologize for not trying to break cover

promiseskept: That would be the way you get back on this chat

promiseskept: Dramatic as always wizard

merlynthemagician: Magician

merlynthemagician: It is literally in my chat name

promiseskept: I can see that

promiseskept: I haven’t lost my other eye

supersfriend: I honestly don’t know what else I expected from these two when they came back

alwaysawinner: I just find it hilarious that the first thing Slade did when he returned is call Malcolm wizard

agentdamnvers: You would

agentdamnvers: Welcome back, Slade

promiseskept: Thank you, Alex

promiseskept: My condolences about Maggie

agentdamnvers: Thank you

agentdamnvers: Hello to everyone else too

oliverking: So we figured out Quentin really is our moral compass?

moralcompass: That obvious, huh?

angelpuppydanvers: It’s a good obvious

fast&furious: Oliver keep her

oliverking: No need to tell me twice

spacepapabear: I told her the same thing about you

angelpuppydanvers: No need to tell me twice

promiseskept: I suddenly regret turning notifications from this chat off

secondisthebest: Believe me the things I can tell you about what Merlyn did

merlynthemagician: Shut up Siren

secondisthebest: Not my style

promiseskept: On the other hand if this was all those notifications were . . .

allfairplay: So to recap

allfairplay: Malcolm and Slade still annoy each other

allfairplay: Slade is back

allfairplay: And Oliver and Kara are the OTP of this chat

angelpuppydanvers: Curtis!

smoakandmirrors: So nothing has changed

angelpuppydanvers: Felicity!

allfairplay: Accurate

goodvibes: What a time to be alive

oliverking: I’d give up angel

oliverking: We can’t block them all

barkandbite: I kept my mouth shut this time at least

thirdtimesthecharm: Miracles do happen

barkandbite: Wow

promiseskept: I really didn’t miss anything important in this did I

easteriris: Not really no

promiseskept: Why am I not surprised

oliverking: You know us too well

Chapter Text

alwaysawinner: What a bitch

barkandbite: Amen

fast&furious: Preach

goodvibes: I’ve looked through the entire chat

goodvibes: That seems to be said a lot

moralcompass: If you actually met Samandra Watson I’m sure you’d agree

spacepapabear: She even gets on my nerves

agentdamnvers: And that’s saying something

easteriris: J’onn doesn’t seem like the type of Martian to get annoyed easily

spacepapabear: You haven’t seen me in the same room with General Sam Lane apparently

supersfriend: I don’t think anyone could be in the same room with General Lane and not be annoyed for long

angelpuppydanvers: No kidding

angelpuppydanvers: Also Alex

angelpuppydanvers: Check your name

thirdtimesthecharm: ???

agentdamnvers: OH



agentdamnvers has changed their name to bigbadwolf



bigbadwolf: Much better

merlynthemagician: Nice name Damnvers

bigbadwolf: Thank you very much

bigbadwolf: Back on topic

bigbadwolf: What a bitch

easteriris: Can I ask why a crap ton of vigilantes attacked police officers at a stadium

secondisthebest: They weren’t police officers

goodvibes: Oh boy

oliverking: Cayden James has the ingredients for a thermobaric bomb and made us think he was going to blow up the stadium

oliverking: Turns out it was just a set-up to get the anti-vigilante legislation passed

angelpuppydanvers: He succeeded btw

promiseskept: Unfortunately

promiseskept: Happy Thanksgiving to us

allfairplay: At least we didn’t have it in the bunker

smoakandmirrors: Yeah Rene was ready to smash French fries and call them mashed potatoes

barkandbite: I was ready to improvise

spartacus: French fries are nowhere near as good as the real thing though

fast&furious: Agreed on so many levels

alwaysawinner: We could have had Thanksgiving like it went Kara’s first year as Supergirl

bigbadwolf: Nah

angelpuppydanvers: No thank you

bigbadwolf: The less family drama the better

queenoftheboard: That actually accurately describes my Thanksgiving last year

angelpuppydanvers: Yay Medusa

spacepapabear: Not

angelpuppydanvers: We really need sarcasm buttons

goodvibes: So noted

queenoftheboard: But mother dearest is now gone

queenoftheboard: No more killing aliens for Thanksgiving

alwaysawinner: Yay no killing aliens!

smoakandmirrors: That was not sarcasm correct

promiseskept: His best friend is an alien

promiseskept: I sincerely hope that was not sarcasm

alwaysawinner: It was not

secondisthebest: I’m glad you’re back

promiseskept: Glad to be back

goodvibes: This chat is either all feelsy or way too savage

merlynthemagician: We can do savagery if you would prefer

secondisthebest: Malcolm and I figured out we’re pretty good at that

goodvibes: I’m good thanks

merlynthemagician: Figured

oliverking: Anything interesting happen on your front?

easteriris: A college professor is now a big threat to Barry

spartacus: Say what now

allfairplay: A college professor?

barkandbite: What’s his superpower

barkandbite: Being too smart?

goodvibes: Bingo

barkandbite: I was joking

goodvibes: I’m not

goodvibes: He’s way too fracking smart

barkandbite: Well then

merlynthemagician: Congratulations Rene you finally said something right

barkandbite: I hate you

merlynthemagician: You are not the first person to say that

easteriris: Damn

bigbadwolf: Smell the savagery?

easteriris: Definitely

alwaysawinner: That’s usually either Malcolm or Thea

alwaysawinner: Just FYI

fast&furious: And we’re proud of it

merlynthemagician: That’s my girl

goodvibes: This is the weirdest group chat in the history of group chats

angelpuppydanvers: And we’re proud of it

bigbadwolf: That’s my sister

fast&furious: Plagiarizers

bigbadwolf: We thought your lines were so good that we had to reuse them

angelpuppydanvers: ^^^

merlynthemagician: Well when you put it that way

promiseskept: How to get on the wizard’s good side

promiseskept: Appeal to his ego

merlynthemagician: Wow

alwaysawinner: I amend my statement

alwaysawinner: It could be Slade as well

allfairplay: We are one hot mess aren’t we



queenoftheboard has renamed the group BestHotMessEver



supersfriend: I guess now we really are

secondisthebest: And then there’s savagery coming from Earth-38

smoakandmirrors: YES

fast&furious: Lena truly is a queen

queenoftheboard: Hail to the queen baby

fast&furious: Gladly

smaoakandmirrors: Hail

bigbadwolf: Hail

angelpuppydanvers: Hail

thirdtimesthecharm: Hail

secondisthebest: Hail

spartacus: I think we’ve officially hit insanity

oliverking: I don’t know why I’m still a part of this

angelpuppydanvers: You love us

angelpuppydanvers: And by us I mean me

oliverking: This is true

secondisthebest: Ladies and gentlemen the reason we are all such saps

alwaysawinner: Welcome to the BestHotMessEver

alwaysawinner: We have sappiness

barkandbite: I think I threw up in my mouth a little

thirdtimesthecharm: So that wasn’t just me

barkandbite: Nope

goodvibes: Why can’t the Team Flash group chat be like this

easteriris: We value our sanity

fast&furious: Ew sanity

easteriris: ^^^ Case in point

easteriris: May it rest in peace

fast&furious: RIP

secondisthebest: RIP

queenoftheboard: RIP

alwaysawinner: RIP

goodvibes: Rest in peace sanity

merlynthemagician: It’s not like we knew you anyway

Chapter Text

secondisthebest: Imma steal Winn’s line

merlynthemagician: What a bastard

secondisthebest: You traitor

merlynthemagician: I still beat you to it

promiseskept: Also technically not Winn’s line if I’m reading past conversations correctly

secondisthebest: So a word was amended

secondisthebest: Who cares

alwaysawinner: You may gladly use the line

alwaysawinner: And I’ll say it too

queenoftheboard: What a bastard

alwaysawinner: What a bastard

alwaysawinner: Wait what

bigbadwolf: Guess Lena beat you to it

supersfriend: Snooze you lose

alwaysawinner: Way to be a good friend

spartacus: What did I just read

moralcompass: Some people are not happy apparently

promiseskept: Try everyone in the D.E.O.

moralcompass: OK so a lot of people are not happy apparently

promiseskept: Better

fast&furious: Do we want to know what happened?

merlynthemagician: Let’s put it this way

merlynthemagician: The mister met the ex

alwaysawinner: And it was most definitely a nightmare

secondisthebest: For him at least

supersfriend: It kind of was for us too

supersfriend: We had to watch Kara’s reactions

secondisthebest: Fair point

smoakandmirrors: Wait

smoakandmirrors: The ex as in

queenoftheboard: He who must not be named

fast&furious: No

fast&furious: Way

alwaysawinner: Yes

alwaysawinner: Way

spartacus: Please tell me you’re kidding

promiseskept: Would we kid about this

spartacus: Probably not

smoakandmirrors: Elephant in the room here

smoakandmirrors: Shouldn’t he be allergic to the atmosphere?

bigbadwolf: He got a cure from L-Corp

bigbadwolf: In the 31st century

bigbadwolf: You know, where he was for seven years

moralcompass: I thought time travel was my daughter’s thing

secondisthebest: Apparently it exists on Earth-38 too

secondisthebest: Because the ship they were in underwater and hibernating for definitely is not from this century

fast&furious: So what was the nightmare part?

promiseskept: He’s married

fast&furious: What

smoakandmirrors: What

spartacus: Wow

moralcompass: What else

queenoftheboard: Wow you’re good

moralcompass: Former police detective and police captain

moralcompass: I’m supposed to be good

alwaysawinner: Well Kara poured everything she felt to Mon-El

spartacus: Including she’s with Oliver now, may I add

alwaysawinner: Yes that was in there

alwaysawinner: No visible emotions in response

alwaysawinner: And all she got in response was “I’m sorry”

spartacus: Ouch

bigbadwolf: This was also after he broke out of the medbay, tried to steal something from the armory, and attacked two agents

fast&furious: Wow

alwaysawinner: Then he pulled the “people could get hurt” card to have me help him

alwaysawinner: And by “people” he obviously meant “Kara”

alwaysawinner: That was a bit of a guilt trip

smoakandmirrors: But you did it obviously

alwaysawinner: Of course

alwaysawinner: Because if Mon-El was telling the truth Oliver would have had my head

smoakandmirrors: Touché

alwaysawinner: So they hibernate in this weird tube thingies that are filled with water

alwaysawinner: Except one’s life support went off and we had to rescue her

spartacus: Oh boy

fast&furious: This was the wife?

alwaysawinner: Mmmhmm

alwaysawinner: The wife Mon-El didn’t tell Kara about until after he kissed her

spartacus: . . .

smoakandmirrors: Um

fast&furious: Bastard

merlynthemagician: Agreed

moralcompass: Serious question here

moralcompass: Did any of you kill him?

promiseskept: I wish

secondisthebest: Kara asked us not to

merlynthemagician: That was a bit hard after we found out he was still wearing Kara’s mother’s necklace too

fast&furious: No

fast&furious: Way

merlynthemagician: Yes

merlynthemagician: Way

moralcompass: New question

moralcompass: How badly is this guy hurt

secondisthebest: Oliver told me to make his ears bleed

secondisthebest: I succeeded

merlynthemagician: Basically we made sure he won’t hurt her again

promiseskept: And if he does . . . well

supersfriend: I get the feeling you all just got really creepy smirks on your faces

secondisthebest: Accurate

queenoftheboard: I just watched them do it

queenoftheboard: They were synchronized too

alwaysawinner: It was very creepy

merlynthemagician: Kind of in the job description

queenoftheboard: So that was how our last few days were

fast&furious: What troopers

smoakandmirrors: Also a total non sequitur

smoakandmirrors: Because we totally need a less murderous topic

merlynthemagician: Less murderous

smoakandmirrors: Did you get your wedding invites

alwaysawinner: Yes

supersfriend: We shall be there

smoakandmirrors: From Iris: “with plus ones?”

alwaysawinner: Hey Alex wanna go to a superhero wedding

bigbadwolf: Sure

alwaysawinner: I’ve got one

supersfriend: Would it be appropriate for me to take Lena?

queenoftheboard: I could always be Winn’s plus one and Alex could be yours

bigbadwolf: Just tell Iris that we’re coming

smoakandmirrors: I will do so

fast&furious: We so need this vacation

smoakandmirrors: Yes we do

spartacus: Enjoy, everyone attending

moralcompass: And give our regards

fast&furious: We absolutely will

alwaysawinner: To be continued in Central City!

Chapter Text

fast&furious created the group OperationSuperArrow


fast&furious added spartacus, smoakandmirrors, and 7 others to the group OperationSuperArrow


barkandbite: Don’t we already have a chat for this

barkandbite: You know

barkandbite: The regular chat

allfairplay: Took the words right out of my fingers

thirdtimesthecharm: Well that didn’t look weird at all

spartacus: Thea

fast&furious: Hmmm?

spartacus: Did Oliver finally decide?

fast&furious: Maaaaaaaaybe

secondisthebest: Wait a minute

secondisthebest: Are you saying

fast&furious: Maaaaaaaaybe

smoakandmirrors: Finally!

promiseskept: I think he’s been planning this since Kasnia

merlynthemagician: He literally implied it right in front of us

merlynthemagician: I’m pretty sure that was confirmation enough

promiseskept: Shut up

merlynthemagician: Nope

spartacus: He told me when I was in the hospital

moralcompass: Well at least they’re not eloping

fast&furious: Oliver hasn’t even proposed yet guys

spartacus: You didn’t hear Barry and Iris joking about them eloping when I married them

smoakandmirrors: Considering Oliver and Kara’s Nazi doppelgängers were married

smoakandmirrors: I mean

smoakandmirrors: Fair question

merlynthemagician: Sure

merlynthemagician: Maybe if they didn’t have so many people who would kill them if they eloped without telling anyone

smoakandmirrors: Why do you ruin everything

merlynthemagician: Why does everyone need me to state the obvious

promiseskept: Apparently because it annoys the hell out of you

merlynthemagician: Shut up

secondisthebest: You first

merlynthemagician: When did you get involved in this conversation

secondisthebest: When your daughter created this chat

merlynthemagician: Now I’m outnumbered

merlynthemagician: That’s just great

moralcompass: Can we get back to why this chat even exists now

fast&furious: Because those of us who a) won’t be shot on sight or b) aren’t supposed to dead need to know the plan to surprise Kara

allfairplay: Assuming she says yes of course

smoakandmirrors: Our source say Kara will absolutely say yes

thirdtimesthecharm: What source is that

smoakandmirrors: The Jitters security cameras

barkandbite: Say what now

smoakandmirrors: Yeah I think Oliver halfway proposed to Kara at the rehearsal dinner

barkandbite: Huh

barkandbite: Go Hoss

thirdtimesthecharm: How the hell do you halfway propose

fast&furious: By asking if it wouldn’t ruin Barry and Iris’s moment would you say yes at that moment

thirdtimesthecharm: I accept that reasoning

thirdtimesthecharm: So what’s the plan

fast&furious: Dinah and Laurel are with me

secondisthebest: But I’m dead

merlynthemagician: Just go with it

fast&furious: Felicity and Curtis you work on getting into the cameras in the restaurant

allfairplay: I’ll set it up for those of us who are not dead

smoakandmirrors: And yes I will make sure the redeemed villains club can see it

fast&furious: And Kara can’t suspect anything

fast&furious: So Rene and Curtis are banned from being around her for now

allfairplay: Wow

barkandbite: Rude

fast&furious: You’d give it away

fast&furious: We’re supposed to be accomplices not tattletales

barkandbite: You basically just called us toddlers

promiseskept: You really do want to get ganged up on by two redeemed villains in black don’t you

barkandbite: I said nothing

smoakandmirrors: #thinkbeforeyoutype

thirdtimesthecharm: I’ll head on over

secondisthebest: On my way

fast&furious: Now NO ONE RUIN THE NIGHT

fast&furious: I want Kara as my sister-in-law OK

allfairplay: This is gonna be awesome


goodvibes has 1 new message from easteriris


easteriris: Is the Team SuperArrow chat dead for you as well

goodvibes: Wait what

goodvibes: Oh wow

goodvibes: It’s very dead

goodvibes: Give me one second


smoakandmirrors has 4 new messages from goodvibes


goodvibes: Felicity

goodvibes: Felicity?

goodvibes: Hello?

goodvibes: Fellow techie?


easteriris has 1 new message from goodvibes


goodvibes: Well Felicity seems to be dead

goodvibes: I’m not brave enough to contact anyone else

easteriris: So all of Team SuperArrow is dead?

goodvibes: Must be


 easteriris has 1 new message from fast&furious



easteriris: WAIT WHAT


 goodvibes has 4 new messages from smoakandmirrors


smoakandmirrors: SO SORRY



smoakandmirrors: AND SHE SAID YES

goodvibes: HOLY FRACK WHAT

Chapter Text

goodvibes has 2 new messages from smoakandmirrors


smoakandmirrors: Hey Cisco

smoakandmirrors: I have a question about the chatroom I need you to answer

goodvibes: I didn’t do it

goodvibes: Whatever happened I didn’t do it

smoakandmirrors: No you didn’t

smoakandmirrors: This is a very serious question

goodvibes: Should I be worried?

smoakandmirrors: Just tell me how to kick someone from the chat

goodvibes: . . . oh boy

goodvibes: What happened?

smoakandmirrors: We’ll explain

smoakandmirrors: Just help me please


smoakandmirrors has terminated barkandbite, thirdtimesthecharm, and 1 other from the group BestHotMessEver


spartacus: Isn’t that a little . . .

fast&furious: Much?

promiseskept: No

secondisthebest: Nope

merlynthemagician: Uh uh

oliverking: Honestly the less stuff reminding me of what happened the better

oliverking: This is probably the one place that won’t with them gone

moralcompass: I’m with Oliver on this

angelpuppydanvers: I would have voted in favor of kicking them out

queenoftheboard: Ditto

bigbadwolf: Same

spacepapabear: I would have voted for just Rene

alwaysawinner: Dinah probably would have left the chat on her own

alwaysawinner: She’s not exactly a happy camper

supersfriend: Dude

supersfriend: None of us are right now

alwaysawinner: Touché

goodvibes: . . . happy engagement party?

easteriris: What even just happened

angelpuppydanvers: We know what the prosecution has against Oliver

goodvibes: And it involves three of the chat getting kicked out?

promiseskept: One word

promiseskept: Rene

goodvibes: Oh frack

easteriris: He ratted you out?

oliverking: His daughter was threatened

goodvibes: So why didn’t he tell any of you?

goodvibes: You’re pretty much the biggest team of us all

goodvibes: And there are a lot of Legends

easteriris: And that’s before you add Kara’s team

goodvibes: Exactly

goodvibes: I find it very hard to believe you wouldn’t have figured something out

merlynthemagician: I agree

merlynthemagician: Unfortunately we’ll never know now

secondisthebest: To be honest

secondisthebest: If Felicity hadn’t kicked them out I would be blocking them

goodvibes: So Rene I get

goodvibes: Why the others?

spartacus: We didn’t know who did it at first

spartacus: So Winn bugged everyone

alwaysawinner: Excuse you

alwaysawinner: I was not bugging

alwaysawinner: I was trying to help my best friend’s terrifying fiancé find out who ratted him out

alwaysawinner: All due respect to Oliver of course

fast&furious: No you pretty much summed him up

oliverking: Thanks sis

bigbadwolf: In all fairness

bigbadwolf: You are very terrifying when my sister’s life is on the line

bigbadwolf: So are three others in this chat

bigbadwolf: Not to name any names

merlynthemagician: But of course

bigbadwolf: But you’re still terrifying

oliverking: Thank you?

oliverking: I think?

bigbadwolf: It was a compliment

oliverking: OK

oliverking: Thank you

bigbadwolf: You’re welcome

easteriris: By the way we got your invites

easteriris: Caitlin squealed

goodvibes: I think Barry may have too

easteriris: Nah his face just split with his grin

goodvibes: Ah

easteriris: So the four of us are coming

goodvibes: I’ll see if I can drag Harry along

angelpuppydanvers: Oh good

angelpuppydanvers: Wait that’s in reference to you guys coming not dragging Harry

secondisthebest: I’d kind of enjoy seeing that

alwaysawinner: Me too tbh

angelpuppydanvers: So Team Flash is coming

angelpuppydanvers: We just need to hear from the Legends

oliverking: You’re gonna need a bigger loft angel

angelpuppydanvers: Please it fit a bridal shower

angelpuppydanvers: Oh wait

angelpuppydanvers: Oops

bigbadwolf: I’m a big girl Kara

bigbadwolf: I can handle that being mentioned

angelpuppydanvers: Oh good

queenoftheboard: Just warn everyone that my friend Sam and her daughter Ruby have no idea what our nightly activities are

easteriris: I shall do so

easteriris: Congratulations again

easteriris: You will get a better one in person

angelpuppydanvers: I look forward to it

secondisthebest: The sappiness has caught on

supersfriend: They’ve been around Oliver and Kara too long now

angelpuppydanvers: Wow

oliverking: I will shoot you James

goodvibes: He’s not kidding

goodvibes: He will

goodvibes: He’s done it to Barry

oliverking: Have I never mentioned that before?

angelpuppydanvers: I knew

secondisthebest: You did that to Barry?

merlynthemagician: I’m impressed

promiseskept: Good job kid

oliverking: Thank you very much

alwaysawinner: We’re complimenting each other over shooting each other

alwaysawinner: This chat is a mess

queeenoftheboard: That’s already been established

queenoftheboard: It’s in the name

alwaysawinner: Oh right

alwaysawinner: I forgot

goodvibes: Seriously

goodvibes: Why can’t the Team Flash group chat be like this

Chapter Text

goodvibes: So is it normally this boring waiting for Kara to come back

oliverking: It’s normally not the boring part that’s a problem

oliverking: It’s the waiting because it’s probably important that’s a problem

smoakandmirrors: And time goes way too slowly

spartacus: It really does

alwaysawinner: Can we stop this I need to work

bigbadwolf: We’ll stop if you fix your username

alwaysawinner: Huh?

alwaysawinner: OH RIGHT


alwaysawinner has changed their name to penn&telle


fast&furious: I understood that reference

penn&telle: Congratulations do you want a cookie

fast&furious: I would love a cookie

fast&furious: Are you offering

easteriris: I can make this more exciting

merlynthemagician: Really

merlynthemagician: How so

easteriris: Easy


easteriris added backinaflash, frostbite, and 1 other to the group BestHotMessEver


merlynthemagician: That would do it

easteriris: Ta da

backinaflash: What the heck

oliverking: Not quite my reaction when Felicity made this

oliverking: But close

smoakandmirrors: Cisco made it not me!

goodvibes: You’re the one who actually used it!

youreawizardharry: If this only refers to Team Arrow and the Earth-38ers

secondisthebest: Whoever made his nickname is getting a cookie

goodvibes: I gladly accept

youreawizardharry: Why are we in this

queenoftheboard: I’m gone to check with CatCo for all of fifteen minutes and then this happens

promiseskept: Lena changed the name

queenoftheboard: I only changed it to the truth

queenoftheboard: We are a hot mess

bigbadwolf: What was it Winn said again?

supersfriend: Welcome to the BestHotMess Ever we have sappiness

oliverking: Apparently it’s my fault and Kara’s

spartacus: In all fairness

spartacus: We did all become saps when you two got together

oliverking: But did the group chat name really have to change because of that

promiseskept: Apparently

secondisthebest: Why do you ask questions you already know the answer to

merlynthemagician: ^^^

queenoftheboard: Yes

bigbadwolf: Yup

fast&furious: Mmmhmm

smoakandmirrors: Uh huh

penn&telle: You bet

oliverking: I feel attacked

frostbite: What am I even watching scroll across my screen

youreawizardharry: Exactly what I’m trying to figure out

backinaflash: Here’s what I’m wondering

backinaflash: Why isn’t our group chat like this

goodvibes: SEE


easteriris: Because the majority of us still value our sanity

fast&furious: Ew sanity

bigbadwolf: We buried sanity a long time ago

queenoftheboard: I remember that

smoakandmirrors: RIP sanity

backinaflash: Seriously we need this in our chat

youreawizard: No we don’t

backinaflash: Yes we do

frostbite: No Barry

backinaflash: Yes Barry

backinaflash: Oh wait


backinaflash added lancelot to the group BestHotMessEver


promiseskept: And people call Malcolm and I children

penn&telle: No comment because I value my life

supersfriend: ^^^

penn&telle: Oh crap who just showed up

spartacus: The fact all of that showed up almost at the same time . . .

youreawizardharry: And suddenly evening entertainment just got more entertaining in the course of seven seconds

lancelot: Who came up with this chat name because that is perfect

queenoftheboard: HA

secondisthebest: Hail to the queen yet again

oliverking: As if this needed Sara in it

lancelot: Of course it did

lancelot: And I have half a mind to add all of my team too

smoakandmirrors: That is way too many people

spacepapabear: If anyone at the D.E.O. is interested in what is occurring and not what is on their phones

supersfriend: Busted

spacepapabear: Kara Ray and Firestorm are returning

lancelot: Fine

lancelot: I’ll add everyone later

merlynthemagician: Then this will really be a hot mess

bigbadwolf: And you wonder why people call you and Malcolm children

secondisthebest: I’m the one that lives with them

bigbadwolf: I’m so very sorry Siren

merlynthemagician: That hurts

secondisthebest: I don’t stick around to appeal to your ego Merlyn

frostbite: What is even happening right now

easteriris: Literally me every time they start

goodvibes: Something I don’t really want to end

promiseskept: And people wonder what my evening entertainment usually is

queenoftheboard: I kind of want popcorn for this

supersfriend: Ditto

oliverking: And this is the team I am saving Star City with now

bigbadwolf: I’m sorry

lancelot: How have I gone this long without knowing this exists and why isn’t my team’s group chat like this

backinaflash: My thoughts exactly

Chapter Text

backinaflash has 1 new message from lancelot

lancelot: Hey Barry

backinaflash: Hey what

lancelot: Please tell me Oliver is alive

backinaflash: He is

backinaflash: At least I think he is

backinaflash: I’m not suicidal enough to check for a pulse

lancelot: Fair enough

lancelot: We’re all worried here though

backinaflash: For a good reason

backinaflash: I mean

backinaflash: He’s basically a statue

lancelot: Well shit


queenoftheboard: Has Oliver moved at all

merlynthemagician: If he has

merlynthemagician: We haven’t noticed

promiseskept: He does with urgent prompting

merlynthemagician: Huh

promiseskept: Other than that

promiseskept: Not really

fast&furious: He’s not wrong

fast&furious: He did this last time Kara was hurt this bad though

penn&telle: Yeah he did

penn&telle: Except last time Kara was hurt this bad

penn&telle: It wasn’t because of another Kryptonian

frostbite: Alex and I are trying our bests

frostbite: We’re not miracle workers

bigbadwolf: I wish we were though

lancelot: I feel like we’ll need to stage an intervention

backinaflash: Sure

backinaflash: We’ll all get killed doing it

backinaflash: But sure

youreawizardharry: It’ll be your funerals

queenoftheboard: I don’t know if I’ll have the money to pay for all of them

penn&telle: You probably will

queenoftheboard: Yeah I probably will

smoakandmirrors: I put this on silence to try and find this bitch and this explodes

goodvibes: Who’s having a funeral?

spartacus: According to this

spartacus: Anyone who tries to stage an intervention with Sara

lancelot: Y’all are no fun

supersfriend: No

supersfriend: We just value our lives

penn&telle: ^^^

fast&furious: We also don’t seem to come back to life every time we die

lancelot: And what does your dad have to say to that

merlynthemagician: I have no interest in being killed by Oliver

lancelot: Coward

merlynthemagician: Wow

promiseskept: Nicely done Sara

promiseskept: You just broke the wizard’s ego

merlynthemagician: Magician

promiseskept: Whatever

lancelot: Thankies

penn&telle: Where’s popcorn when I need it

supersfriend: Back up

supersfriend: Every time you die

lancelot: Do we really want to go into how many times I’ve died

lancelot: Or do we want to focus on getting Ollie’s fiancée back to him

penn&telle: Since Oliver scares me

penn&telle: And because I’m slightly terrified of you too

penn&telle: Option B please

lancelot: Winn is my new favorite techie

smoakandmirrors: Hey!

goodvibes: Rude


bigbadwolf has 2 new messages from oliverking

oliverking: Alex

oliverking: Has Mon-El told you his idea yet

bigbadwolf: Oh my God you’re alive

oliverking: Alex

bigbadwolf: Yes he did

bigbadwolf: What do you think?

oliverking: If it gets Kara back

oliverking: Of course

bigbadwolf: I’ll tell J’onn then


backinaflash has 4 new messages from easteriris

easteriris: Um

easteriris: Barry

easteriris: Problem

easteriris: {Video – Kryptonian Devil}

backinaflash: Well fuck


backinaflash: OK this chat needs to be serious now

fast&furious: What is seriousness

oliverking: Thea

fast&furious: Oh hey Ollie

backinaflash: As in how do we deal with a Killer Kryptonian when we’re down our own Kryptonian

lancelot: Hang on

lancelot added gumballintherain, aresthegodofwar, and 5 others to the group BestHotMessEver

penn&telle: Can this chat even be serious

goodvibes: From what I’ve seen no

goodvibes: Frack hi guys

timecheater: The fuck?

timedetectivepretty: What even

athenathegoddessofwisdom: What did I just get added to

aresthegodofwar: No kidding

secondisthebest: Welcome to the BestHotMessEver

secondisthebest: We have sappiness

merlynthemagician: And cookies as of yesterday

lancelot: They’re trying their hand at being serious

lancelot: It’s an epic fail so far

gumballintherain: Apparently

lightemup: Why did I even get this stupid app

oliverking: Blame Cisco

oliverking: We do it all the time

goodvibes: Yep Oliver’s definitely back

promiseskept: What is up with your usernames

gumballintherain: I like Singin’ in the Rain

gumballintherain: And I used to have a baby Dominator named Gumball

bigbadwolf: Say what now

timecheater: That’s Ray

lancelot: Zari dropped Helen of Troy off on an island of warrior women

timecheater: Hey the timeline is intact

timecheater: Deal with it

oliverking: timedetectivepretty is Nate

timedetectivepretty: Bingo

frostbite: Guessing the matching usernames are Firestorm?

aresthegodofwar: Present

athenathegoddessofwisdom: Here

supersfriend: I don’t get it

lancelot: Jax called himself Ares the god of war when we were facing Julius Caesar’s Romans

lancelot: Lily decided to match

supersfriend: OK then

goodvibes: I know who Mick is

lightemup: Shut up

goodvibes: I rest my case

fast&furious: RIP

backinaflash: So Amaya is missfoxtrot

missfoxtrot: Zari made it for me

timecheater: Throw me under the bus why don’t you

promiseskept: Oh they’ll fit right in

oliverking: We’ve just given up on seriousness haven’t we

fast&furious: Like I said

fast&furious: What is seriousness

merlynthemagician: It’s not like we knew it anyway

penn&telle: RIP seriousness

smoakandmirrors: Down it goes with sanity

queenoftheboard: Please pay your respects

bigbadwolf: RIP

goodvibes: RIP

backinaflash: RIP

fast&furious: RIP

merlynthemagician: RIP

supersfriend: RIP

lancelot: See guys this is what our group chat needs to be like


supersfriend has 4 new messages from angelpuppydanvers

angelpuppydanvers: Hey James

angelpuppydanvers: If you need a Supergirl interview

angelpuppydanvers: Can it wait

angelpuppydanvers: I’m still beat

supersfriend: Oh thank God you’re alive

supersfriend: And absolutely yes it can wait

angelpuppydanvers: You’re a good friend James

supersfriend: I try to be


angelpuppydanvers: What the actual hell happened in here while I was in a coma

penn&telle: We killed seriousness

angelpuppydanvers: You mean it wasn’t already dead

gumballintherain: I think I’m gonna enjoy this chat

youreawizardharry: You of very few

timedetectivepretty: No I will too

aresthegodofwar: Ditto

timecheater: Oh I know I will


angelpuppydanvers has added timetravelsabitch and saturnianaphrodite to the group BestHotMessEver


lightemup: I’ll keep pretending none of you exist

merlynthemagician: And the award for Rudest Member of the Chat goes to?

promiseskept: Multiple people

merlynthemagician: Rude

promiseskept: I rest my case

goodvibes: Why do people keep getting added at the most unfortunate of times?!

lancelot: A better question

lancelot: Why do none of us have Mon-El’s name

timetravelsabitch: Kara wasn’t kidding when she said this place was a mess

secondisthebest: Welcome to the BestHotMessEver

merlynthemagician: We have sappiness

penn&telle: And cookies

backinaflash: Where seriousness died a brutal death

lancelot: And sanity is nonexistent

fast&furious: Actually it was murdered first

smoakandmirrors: Right

bigbadwolf: And seriousness wasn’t that far behind

angelpuppydanvers: I underestimated how much of a mess apparently

spartacus: How could that even be possible

angelpuppydanvers: Two day coma

youreawizardharry: Someone stop them

goodvibes: Nope

fast&furious: Not feeling it

penn&telle: Me neither

smoakandmirrors: Sorry Harry

queenoftheboard: You’re gonna have to deal with it

saturnianaphrodite: I’m confused

oliverking: I don’t blame you Imra

oliverking: I really don’t

Chapter Text

lancelot: What bitches

penn&telle: Hey you’re learning the lingo!

fast&furious: I taught it to her

lancelot: And they’re actual bitches

secondisthebest: ^^^

frostbite: Lingo?

supersfriend: “What a bitch” – Winn Schott, multiple times in 2017

penn&telle: That

timedetectivepretty: Huh

lancelot: Seriously though

lancelot: Bitches

athenathegoddessofwisdom: I sincerely hope that does not include me

lancelot: Nah you’re clear

lancelot: I’m talking about Fort Rozz

timecheater: Excuse you

lancelot: Fine

lancelot: The aliens we encountered on Fort Rozz

lancelot: That did not include our own beautiful aliens

lancelot: Happy?


timecheater has changed their name to mammamia


mammamia: Much


saturnianaphrodite has changed their name to matilda


matilda: Am I ever going to learn why I kept getting called this?

angelpuppydanvers: We’ll tell you later

angelpuppydanvers: On another note

angelpuppydanvers: Sara Lance is suicidal

angelpuppydanvers: Pass it on

promiseskept: Did you just now figure this out

lancelot: Rude

easteriris: What did she do

angelpuppydanvers: Tried to strangle Reign with her bo staff

goodvibes: And we missed it?!

lancelot: You betcha

goodvibes: Girl!

missfoxtrot: You would have died if you were there to see it Cisco

timetravelsabitch: You literally would have died

timetravelsabitch: Blue stars are poisonous to men

youreawizardharry: That’s insulting

mammamia: It’s also true

mammamia: There were actual corpses of men on the ground because they were poisoned by the star

youreawizardharry: Huh

oliverking: I know

oliverking: I wasn’t happy staying on Earth either

merlynthemagician: At least we had good live entertainment

penn&telle: I’m happy you thought Brainy and I were good entertainment

aresthegodofwar: Yeah he’s very . . .

gumballintherain: Weird?

lightemup: Annoying?

timedetectivepretty: Odd?

aresthegodofwar: I was gonna say interesting

aresthegodofwar: But the rest of those work too

timetravelsabitch: You guys know there’s a high chance Brainy could hack into this at any time and see you talking about him right

mammamia: Busted

aresthegodofwar: Technically I didn’t insult him

timedetectivepretty: Mine technically isn’t either

lightemup: It could be

spartacus: Notice Mick isn’t even defending himself

lightemup: Nope

gumballintherain: Classic


lancelot has created the group BestLeadersEver

lancelot has added oliverking and angelpuppydanvers to the group BestLeadersEver


lancelot: I feel like we need this

oliverking: This feels weird without Barry

lancelot: Yes it does

lancelot: Can I go back in time and punch DeVoe

lancelot: Or kill him for Barry

angelpuppydanvers: No

angelpuppydanvers: Not if it lands you in prison instead

lancelot: You wound me Danvers

lancelot: I would obviously escape

lancelot: Besides

lancelot: If our teams have their own groups

lancelot: We the high and mighty should as well

oliverking: The high and mighty

lancelot: Shut up

lancelot: I created the legend of Sir Lancelot OK

angelpuppydanvers: Seriously?

lancelot: Ask anyone


gumballintherain has 1 new message from angelpuppydanvers

angelpuppydanvers: Hey Ray

gumballintheray: Hey Kara

angelpuppydanvers: I have a question for you

gumballintherain: Shoot

angelpuppydanvers: It’s very serious

gumballintherain: OK

angelpuppydanvers: What’s with Sara saying she created the legend of Lancelot

gumballintherain: Oh that’s easy

gumballintherain: So we visited Camelot in the year 507

angelpuppydanvers: Wait what

gumballintherain: Yeah Camelot exists

gumballintherain: We were trying to get a piece of the spear that pierced the side of Jesus Christ and rewrite reality itself

angelpuppydanvers: What

gumballintherain: Sara kissed Queen Guinevere and said she enjoyed meeting her

gumballintherain: And Guinevere said “And I you, Sara Lance. A lot.”

angelpuppydanvers: . . .

angelpuppydanvers: Can I get back to you about that spear

gumballintherain: Sure?

angelpuppydanvers: Thankie



angelpuppydanvers: “And I you, Sara Lance. A lot.” – Queen Guinevere, 507

lancelot: Boom

oliverking: Sara

lancelot: Yes Ollie

oliverking: How many queens have you seduced throughout history

lancelot: I am offended you have asked such a question


gumballintherain has 1 new message from oliverking

oliverking: A question Ray

gumballintherain: Why am I getting all these questions

oliverking: How many queens has Sara seduced

gumballintherain: ???

gumballintherain: At least 2?

oliverking: Hmm

oliverking: Not as many as I expected

oliverking: Thank you Ray

gumballintherain: You’re welcome?

gumballintherain: I think?



oliverking: It’s at least two

lancelot: Who sold me out

oliverking: Why would we tell you that

angelpuppydanvers: We aren’t telling


aresthegodofwar has 2 new messages from lancelot

lancelot: Jax

lancelot: Did you rat me out to the lovebirds

aresthegodofwar: Do what now?

lancelot: Thank you for your time


lightemup has 1 new message from lancelot

lancelot: Tell the truth and I’ll get you a beer

lightemup: What

lancelot: Did you tell the lovebirds which queens I’ve seduced in history

lightemup: Why would I do that

lancelot: So it wasn’t you

lightemup: No

lancelot: Thank you for your time

lancelot: I’ll get your beer back on the Waverider

lightemup: Thanks boss


gumballintherain has 1 new message from lancelot

lancelot: Traitor

gumballintherain: What was I supposed to say?!



aresthegodofwar: Hey guys

aresthegodofwar: Is anyone else getting threatening messages from Sara

penn&telle: No

merlynthemagician: Considering all I’ve done to her

merlynthemagician: Surprisingly no

promiseskept: What the wizard said

merlynthemagician: You know what Slade

timetravelsabitch: I barely know her

timetravelsabitch: Why would I have anything

secondisthebest: Sara threatening your ass off if you hurt Kara again

queenoftheboard: ^^^

timetravelsabitch: Point taken

goodvibes: Silent on this end

athenathegoddessofwisdom: I’ve gotten nothing

mammamia: Zilch

missfoxtrot: Why would Sara be sending us threatening messages

spartacus: Why are we even asking

bigbadwolf: Oliver and Kara aren’t here

angelpuppydanvers: No we’re here

angelpuppydanvers: Managing two chats at once sorry

oliverking: And we may know why some Legends are getting questioned

smoakandmirrors: Hang on

smoakandmirrors: Where’s Ray

oliverking: As I was saying

oliverking: We may know why some Legends are getting questioned

promiseskept: What did you do

oliverking: Why do you assume it was me

angelpuppydanvers: Because all I did was ask how Sara got her chat name

aresthegodofwar: So what did you ask

lightemup: How many queens she’s seduced

merlynthemagician: Really

fast&furious: That was bold

fast&furious: So how many was it

oliverking: According to Ray

oliverking: At least two

fast&furious: Huh

fast&furious: I kind of expected a higher number

supersfriend: That’s what Sara’s upset about?

aresthegodofwar: I can almost hear her now

aresthegodofwar: She seduced me

fast&furious: That would be Sara Lance

gumballintherain: I hate my life sometimes

lancelot: Love you too Ray <3

secondisthebest: Savagery and sappiness

secondisthebest: The epitome of what this chat is about

youreawizardharry: Why am I still part of this

spartacus: I ask myself that often as well

spartacus: And then I remember the people who use this far outnumber me

spartacus: Some of whom could probably hack my phone and keep me in this

smoakandmirrors: Yup

goodvibes: Not wrong

penn&telle: Who, me?

queenoftheboard: You know us too well

spartacus: There’s your answer

timedetectivepretty: Those all literally came in within a second of each other

youreawizard: Fair

spartacus: I have made my case

spartacus: Have a nice day

smoakandmirrors: Dig’s case has been made

queenoftheboard: May it rest in peace

spartacus: Don’t you dare


queenoftheboard: RIP

secondisthebest: RIP

gumballintherain: RIP

lancelot: RIP

penn&telle: RIP

supersfriend: RIP

timedetectivepretty: RIP

smoakandmirrors: RIP

matilda: I don’t think I will ever understand this place

angelpuppydanvers: Honestly that’s just part of the fun

frostbite: This is just one big hot mess

secondisthebest: Yes it is

oliverking: No

secondisthebest: We have sappiness

oliverking: Siren

merlynthemagician: And cookies

oliverking: MALCOLM

aresthegodofwar: Oh we are definitely gonna fit right in

timedetectivepretty: You don’t say

Chapter Text

secondisthebest: Being on this with one hand is a pain

missfoxtrot: Then why are you on

secondisthebest: I think my roommates would get tired of me ranting and cursing

promiseskept: I’ve probably heard worse

merlynthemagician: Don’t tempt her

goodvibes: Dare I ask what happened?

secondisthebest: What happened is that Cayden James has a whole army

secondisthebest: And I got shot by one of them

promiseskept: He also happens to be the ex-partner of one of Oliver’s former teammates

timedetectivepretty: Oh brother

lightemup: Partner

lightemup: Or partner

promiseskept: Yes

gumballintherain: Oh dear

merlynthemagician: I don’t think Dinah dearest appreciated that tidbit of information

smoakandmirrors: I can safely say she did not

merlynthemagician: OK then

lancelot: Sounds like you’ve had an exciting time

secondisthebest: Who doesn’t love fighting armies

promiseskept: You can always drop out if you want

secondisthebest: Hell no

secondisthebest: I have dibs on Sobel

merlynthemagician: Since when

secondisthebest: Since I told you

merlynthemagician: Which was when

secondisthebest: After he shot my shoulder you idiot

mammamia: And so begins our evening entertainment

promiseskept: This would be when I let them have it at each other

easteriris: That seems smart

penn&telle: It is

lancelot: Slade I applaud you for putting up with these two

promiseskept: I try

timetravelsabitch: The good news is they’ll have more manpower and superpowers on their side the next time they take on Cayden James

bigbadwolf: Damn right

aresthegodofwar: How big is Team SuperArrow now?

merlynthemagician: When the hell did we start getting called that

promiseskept: Probably when Supergirl and the Green Arrow got together

promiseskept: Keep up wizard

merlynthemagician: Magician

athenathegoddessofwisdom: Do they do this often

secondisthebest: Constantly

queenoftheboard: Even in the middle of battles

frostbite: Why?

penn&telle: I’ve given up trying to answer that tbh

penn&telle: Quite frankly I’m a bit too scared to ask

penn&telle: So kudos to you for doing it for me

secondisthebest: I wonder it too

secondisthebest: But it’s too damn entertaining to ask them to stop

merlynthemagician: That’s what we’re here for

merlynthemagician: To be your own personal entertainment

promiseskept: Speak for yourself wizard

merlynthemagician: For the love of

merlynthemagician: Seriously

merlynthemagician: MAGICIAN

queenoftheboard: I’ll amend Sara’s statement

queenoftheboard: Laurel I applaud you for putting up with these two

queenoftheboard: Because you obviously live with children

merlynthemagician: Wow

goodvibes: I love how most of this chat right now is watching Dark Team Arrow go at each other

supersfriend: Who now

goodvibes: I mean

goodvibes: Half of Team Arrow is now former supervillains

goodvibes: And I get the feeling they wouldn’t mind doing

goodvibes: Well

goodvibes: Dirty work

secondisthebest: Nope

merlynthemagician: No arguments from me

promiseskept: Not wrong

goodvibes: See

goodvibes: Dark Team Arrow

secondisthebest: I mean

secondisthebest: It fits

merlynthemagician: Congratulations Cisco

merlynthemagician: You did something else right

goodvibes: I’m never gonna be forgiven for Bary’s bachelor elixir am I

merlynthemagician: You’ll have to take that up with Oliver

youreawizardharry: You’re lucky I got him out before he got arrested too

promiseskept: Do I want to know

bigbadwolf: Consult the chat about two weeks or so before you returned to Star City

promiseskept: Noted

mammamia: And this is the team that is protecting Star City now

lancelot: Trust me Z

lancelot: I think Oliver can handle them

bigbadwolf: And if not

bigbadwolf: All my sister needs to do is give them puppy eyes

bigbadwolf: And their hearts will probably melt

bigbadwolf: And they’ll do whatever she wants

smoakandmirrors: I think you scared them off

secondisthebest: No we’re here

secondisthebest: I am at least

secondisthebest: I’m not able to come up with a good retort to that

merlynthemagician: I’m trying to

promiseskept: I don’t think they would melt

queenoftheboard: Liar

penn&telle: Since Lena said it first

penn&telle: Liar

supersfriend: ^^^

merlynthemagician: What faith

aresthegodofwar: Literally the majority of the chat today is taken up by DTA and everyone else being savages

aresthegodofwar: Y’all are a mess

queenoftheboard: Do we really need to go over this again

lightemup: No

timetravelsabitch: I think my wife got scared off

lancelot: Blame DTA

secondisthebest: We are not the new Cisco

goodvibes: Hey!

smoakandmirrors: Out goes sappiness

queenoftheboard: I smell no cookies

bigbadwolf: Guess we’re just left with savagery

spartacus: I don’t blame your wife Mon-El

timetravelsabitch: I don’t think I do either

mammamia: Sara’s right

mammamia: Why isn’t our group chat like this

lancelot: I rest my case

youreawizardharry: Lance


mammamia: RIP

bigbadwolf: RIP

smoakandmirrors: RIP

penn&telle: RIP

goodvibes: RIP

timetravelsabitch: RIP

fast&furious: RIP

oliverking: And what the fuck was everyone high on while we were gone

secondisthebest: Savagery

angelpuppydanvers: You don’t say

fast&furious: No shit Sherlock

lancelot: The people protecting Star City ladies and gentlemen

lightemup: It’s doomed

Chapter Text


smoakandmirrors: Public service announcement

frostbite: We have those?

goodvibes: Guess we do now

smoakandmirrors: Imra Ardeen is a badass

timetravelsabitch: I could have told you that a long time ago

lancelot: I thought she already was a badass

smoakandmirrors: OK but

smoakandmirrors: She made Dinah Curtis and Rene look like fools last night

smoakandmirrors: Let me just acknowledge it to the chat

bigbadwolf: It was a beautiful thing to watch

supersfriend: ^^^

lightemup: Good for her

lightemup: What did she do

aresthegodofwar: You just want to know how she messed with them don’t you

lightemup: That’s the only reason I’m on this for

missfoxtrot: Why does this not surprise me

mammamia: Because it’s Mick

timedetectivepretty: ^^^

matilda: All I did was rip up the tiles from underneath them

secondisthebest: Yeah

secondisthebest: And make them look like idiots in the process

queenoftheboard: We had a very nice laugh about that in the bunker

penn&telle: It was glorious

gumballintherain: Wasn’t this her first time meeting them

timetravelsabitch: My first time too

gumballintherain: Huh

gumballintherain: What were your impressions

timetravelsabitch: I much rather prefer

timetravelsabitch: If I may borrow earlier words

timetravelsabitch: The redeemed villains club

secondisthebest: Is that seriously going to become a thing

merlynthemagician: Considering when we first met we almost flayed him

merlynthemagician: Just take the compliment Siren

goodvibes: Seriously

goodvibes: Dark Team Arrow

spartacus: Does that apply when Felicity and I are still on the team

goodvibes: Grey Team Arrow doesn’t sound as nice

moralcompass: Grey Team Arrow

fast&furious: What the fuck Cisco

goodvibes: See

goodvibes: It’s not a good name

youreawizardharry: And yet you can’t come up with a name for the team when everyone works together

goodvibes: Shut up

youreawizardharry: Make me

goodvibes: Lena

goodvibes: Make your boyfriend shut up

queenoftheboard: He is not my boyfriend

youreawizardharry: I am not her boyfriend

lancelot: Did those show up at the same time for anyone else

bigbadwolf: Me

penn&telle: Me

gumballintherain: Me

timedetectivepretty: Me

frostbite: Me

supersfriend: Me

fast&furious: Definitely me

promiseskept: Shall we assume Lena isn’t paying for Cisco’s funeral

moralcompass: I think that’s fair

spacepapabear: Probably

goodvibes: I feel attacked

frostbite: You deserved that one

goodvibes: Thanks Cait

goodvibes: You’re a wonderful friend

frostbite: I try

secondisthebest: I like this new Caitlin

smoakandmirrors: Hey where’s Iris?

goodvibes: Not sure

frostbite: I think she’s with Cecille

frostbite: Something about what happened in Iron Heights?

spartacus: What

timedetectivepretty: Wait what

gumballintherain: Oh dear

aresthegodofwar: What happened

athenathegoddessofwisdom: Is Barry OK

mammamia: What the hell is Iron Heights

supersfriend: All of those within three seconds

supersfriend: Man we really have no lives do we

penn&telle: Or we could all be anxiously awaiting any news regarding that place

penn&telle: You know

penn&telle: Since Barry is wrongfully imprisoned there

mammamia: Oh so it’s a prison

mammamia: Thank you

spacepapabear: What happened in Iron Heights

goodvibes: Oh not much

goodvibes: Barry just almost got trafficked to Amunet Black

smoakandmirrors: What

merlynthemagician: That was who Caitlin worked for right

promiseskept: I wasn’t in this chat when that happened and I knew that

merlynthemagician: Shut up

moralcompass: That’s not good

goodvibes: Not really no

youreawizardharry: Especially since Iron Heights has a wing for metahumans that dampen their powers

secondisthebest: Shit

goodvibes: Basically

fast&furious: But he’s OK right

goodvibes: He is

fast&furious: Oh good




lancelot: So let me get this straight

lancelot: Cecille has something that could exonerate Barry

lancelot: And she wants us there for the appeal

angelpuppydanvers: Yup

oliverking: Basically

lancelot: Well

lancelot: OK then

lancelot: Shouldn’t she be telling this

lancelot: You know

lancelot: After this could get Barry exonerated

oliverking: Think of it this way Sara

oliverking: If this works

oliverking: We’ll get to see the smirk get wiped from the face of DeVoe’s wife

lancelot: . . .

lancelot: You know

lancelot: Remind me to thank Cecille for inviting us

oliverking: My thoughts exactly




mammamia: And now the latest from the good ship Waverider

gumballintherain: What’s new Z

mammamia: Sara just left in the jumpship

aresthegodofwar: Did anyone know if she was going somewhere or not

lightemup: No

timedetectivepretty: Maybe she’s trying to be sneaky and visit Ava

moralcompass: Who’s Ava

fast&furious: Quentin’s dad mode has activated

lightemup: You’re taking that one Pretty

gumballintherain: She’s an agent of an organization formed to fix the timeline we broke

gumballintherain: She and Sara used to hate each other

gumballintherain: But now they’re getting along?

gumballintherain: I think?

athenathegoddessofwisdom: She snapped Sara out of wherever she was when we were fighting Vikings

athenathegoddessofwisdom: I think that qualifies as getting along

mammamia: I can definitely say they’re getting along

smoakandmirrors: Wait Oliver and Kara’s phones are off

spartacus: That’s odd

spartacus: Oliver always leaves his phone on

supersfriend: So does Kara

mammamia: Gideon just said Sara’s phone is off too

mammamia: Huh

mammamia: Guess we know where they are

gumballintherain: No we don’t

mammamia: Together you idiot

goodvibes: Hang on

goodvibes: Iris’s phone is off too

frostbite: Wait

frostbite: Barry’s appeal is happening right now

frostbite: That’s where Iris is

timedetectivepretty: Good luck Barry!

timedetectivepretty: Even though he probably won’t see this





lancelot has added backinaflash to the group BestLeadersEver


lancelot: Welcome to the domain of the high and mighty fellow leader

backinaflash: Happy to be here oh fellow leader

lancelot: See guys

lancelot: Barry understands

angelpuppydanvers: There’s two of them

oliverking: Oh brother




lancelot: Breaking news from Central City

backinaflash: Who missed me?

timetravelsabitch: Hey!

gumballintherain: Barry!

goodvibes: Huzzah!

penn&telle: You’re back!

lightemup: Good job Red

lightemup: You survived

timedetectivepretty: Let me translate for Mick

timedetectivepretty: It’s good to see you back Barry

easteriris: We’re celebrating at the West house!

easteriris: All teams welcome!

aresthegodofwar: Diverting the Waverider now

smoakandmirrors: Pick us up in Star please!

angelpuppydanvers: Anyone interested from Earth-38 meet at the D.E.O.

supersfriend: Aye aye

lancelot: Let’s party!

Chapter Text


backinaflash: Damn

backinaflash: And I thought Slade and Malcolm were overprotective

goodvibes: Me too

supersfriend: I’ll give it to Lord

supersfriend: I was much less uncomfortable this time around

queenoftheboard: Speak for yourself

queenoftheboard: Like

queenoftheboard: It was flattering

queenoftheboard: But it wasn’t?

supersfriend: Guess Kara having a fiancée got rid of that aspect

lightemup: What

gumballintherain: I agree with Mick

gumballintherain: What

mammamia: What

aresthegodofwar: ^^^

timedetectivepretty: I’m confused

athenathegoddessofwisdom: Me too

lancelot: Mood

fast&furious: So half of this is Team Flash and two members of Team SuperArrow complaining about something

fast&furious: And the rest of us are as confused as hell

smoakandmirrors: Accurate

spartacus: True

moralcompass: Yep

goodvibes: I shall summarize

goodvibes: In the course of less than a year

goodvibes: Everyone’s favorite Kryptonian puppy has been affected by the Christmas triduum of Kryptonite

lightemup: What

timedetectivepretty: That explained nothing

smoakandmirrors: Wait

smoakandmirrors: Are you kidding me

spartacus: Oh God

fast&furious: Well shit

fast&furious: Is National City OK

supersfriend: Surprisingly yes

fast&furious: Oh good

aresthegodofwar: I’m still confused

athenathegoddessofwisdom: Ditto

lancelot: Wait

lancelot: Christmas Kryptonite

lancelot: Green white and red

lancelot: Replace white with silver

goodvibes: Twenty points to Team Legends

lancelot: Well shit

easteriris: And red Kryptonite is apparently the one that takes away everything that makes Kara good

gumballintherain: There’s a way to make our puppy anything but good

frostbite: Let me remind you about Earth-X

gumballintherain: I know

gumballintherain: But

gumballintherain: Our puppy

supersfriend: Shocking right

timedetectivepretty: I am

youreawizardharry: Look on the bright side

youreawizardharry: National City is still standing

backinaflash: Yeah and supporting Kara

backinaflash: Unlike the last time Red K happened

aresthegodofwar: Can I back up for a second here

aresthegodofwar: Was Harrison Wells just being optimistic

mammamia: Oh damn

gumballintehrain: He was

aresthegodofwar: Did he get replaced by another doppelgänger or what

goodvibes: Well

goodvibes: Funny story

goodvibes: Would everyone’s favorite female tech support from Earth-38 like to answer that question

queenoftheboard: I hate you

goodvibes: Totally worth it

goodvibes: Because I was totally right

backinaflash: Translation

backinaflash: Lena is actually Harry’s girlfriend now

fast&furious: Really

smoakandmirrors: Mazel tov!

youreawizardharry: I hate you too Allen

backinaflash: You are welcome to return to Earth-2 whenever you please

goodvibes: Or

goodvibes: You know

goodvibes: Just move to Earth-38

lancelot: Can you pass me some of your popcorn Z

frostbite: You actually have popcorn

mammamia: Of course I do

mammamia: What else would I have to watch this

missfoxtrot: I assume what’s going on here would explain why Mick just pulled a six pack of beers from the fabricator

mammamia: That too

moralcompass: Just when I thought this chat couldn’t get more insane

lancelot: Sorry about your luck Dad

easteriris: Poor Kara though

easteriris: How’s she holding up

supersfriend: Pretty well

supersfriend: She wasn’t being a bitch while she was Red K’d

supersfriend: So that’s something

gumballintherain: I don’t know what I would dislike more

gumballintherain: Kara having all good wiped from her

gumballintherain: Or Kara being a bitch

timedetectivepretty: I’ll answer that

timedetectivepretty: Yes

gumballintherain: True

supersfriend: Also

supersfriend: My ex-girlfriend’s father is officially the worst military general I have ever met

queenoftheboard: Is it too much to text Oliver real quick and ask him to kill him en route

supersfriend: Probably

supersfriend: Though DTA would probably be more than happy to

penn&telle: I’m on my way to help catch a Worldkiller and this blows up

penn&telle: Oh but it’s an important topic

penn&telle: Give me one second

backinaflash: Wait what


penn&telle has added lifeinthefastlane to the group BestHotMessEver


lancelot: I saw ‘catch a Worldkiller’

goodvibes: And we’re missing it????

supersfriend: Are we discussing the Worldkiller or my ex-girlfriend’s father

lifeinthefastlane: Apparently both

queenoftheboard: Doesn’t even question what she sees

queenoftheboard: Just jumps right into the conversation

queenoftheboard: Lucy Lane everybody

penn&telle: Welcome to the BestHotMessEver

youreawizardharry: Oh God

missfoxtrot: Here we go

mammamia: We have sappiness

gumballintherain: And cookies

fast&furious: Sanity is buried over here

backinaflash: Sara and I buried seriousness somewhere over here

lancelot: Would you like some savagery to go with your sappiness and cookies

timedetectivepretty: I love this chat

spartacus: If we had an insanity meter

spartacus: It would explode

goodvibes: And why is that a problem

lifeinthefastlane: Who even came up with this

youreawizard: Blame Ramon

smoakandmirrors: Blame Cisco

supersfriend: Blame Cisco

penn&telle: Blame Cisco

fast&furious: Blame Cisco

queenoftheboard: Blame Cisco

goodvibes: Ouch

athenathegoddessofwisdom: Literally all of those within a second of each other

moralcompass: Let’s just say there’s a story behind that

lifeinthefastlane: I’ll take your word for it

backinaflash: Winn

backinaflash: Worldkiller

backinaflash: Explain

penn&telle: Can I do so when we’re not pulling up to the house

penn&telle: I’m on tech support duty

lifeinthefastlane: To summarize what has happened in the past 48 hours or so

lifeinthefastlane: My dad poisoned Kara with Red Kryptonite

lifeinthefastlane: Then tried to assassinate Morgan Edge which made him try to kill Lena

lifeinthefastlane: The Red Kryptonite pissed Kara off

lifeinthefastlane: So she went to force a confession out of him in front of National City’s elite while my dad was prepared to kill her

lifeinthefastlane: But the heroes saved the day like always

lifeinthefastlane: Then Winn found a few potential Worldkillers based on ideas Kara J’onn and Mon-El had

lifeinthefastlane: Kara recognized a potential Worldkiller

lifeinthefastlane: So now we’re pulling up in front of their house to catch said potential Worldkiller

lifeinthefastlane: You may now ask your questions

queenoftheboard: It’s been fifteen seconds

queenoftheboard: I think that’s the most silent this chat has ever been

supersfriend: Mark this day

supersfriend: Lucy Lane has broken the BestHotMessEver

goodvibes: I like her

goodvibes: Have some cookies

backinaflash: And sappiness

lancelot: And savagery

queenoftheboard: Oh they’re alive after all

frostbite: What even just happened

spartacus: I know I started laughing

aresthegodofwar: Same

missfoxtrot: Mick choked on his beer

mammamia: So my respect for this woman has just dramatically increased

fast&furious: Lucy you are going to fit right in

lifeinthefastlane: Thank you very much

lifeinthefastlane: Now excuse me while the D.E.O. tries to catch a Worldkiller

backinaflash: You guys got this!

lancelot: Kick their ass!

Chapter Text

backinaflash has 4 new messages from lancelot

lancelot: Barry

lancelot: Barry

lancelot: Barry


backinaflash: I live

backinaflash: Whoa full name

backinaflash: What the fuck Sara

backinaflash: Whatever I did I haven’t done it yet

lancelot: Have you heard anything from Earth-38 yet

backinaflash: Hang on

backinaflash: Nope

backinaflash: Zilch here

lancelot: Hmm

backinaflash: Gimme one second



youreawizardharry has 3 new messages from backinaflash

backinaflash: Hey Harry

backinaflash: Don’t delete these

backinaflash: It involves Lena

youreawizardharry: That was cold Allen

backinaflash: Have you heard anything from her yet

youreawizardharry: Do you assume that just because we kiss it means we contact each other every second of every day

backinaflash: You don’t do that?

youreawizardharry: No we don’t

youreawizardharry: And no I haven’t heard anything yet

backinaflash: Damn it

backinaflash: Thank you



lancelot has 1 new message from backinaflash

backinaflash: Harry has heard nothing

lancelot: Damn it

backinaflash: My reaction exactly




lightemup: Why’s it so quiet here

timedetectivepretty: I can’t believe you’re complaining that it’s quiet

lightemup: I got used to it beeping every other second

aresthegodofwar: Honestly same

gumballintherain: And we’re in the temporal zone

gumballintherain: How’s that even possible

goodvibes: I think Team SuperArrow collectively decided they have no lives

frostbite: I think the silence from all of them says otherwise

goodvibes: Aside from saving the world

goodvibes: That’s a good reason not to be on here

athenathegoddessofwisdom: How long does it take to bring down one Worldkiller

missfoxtrot: If Kara got put into a coma again

missfoxtrot: Several days

aresthegodofwar: ^^^

frostbite: I really hope that didn’t happen

frostbite: That was scary

gumballintherain: It really was

timedetectivepretty: I’m just happy I caught her before she hit the ground

lancelot: We all are Nate

lancelot: You did a good job

timedetectivepretty: That makes me feel

timedetectivepretty: Only a little better

backinaflash: Same

easteriris: I’m worried

easteriris: Should we call time of death

lancelot: I say we give them another day

lancelot: Then we’ll call time of death

backinaflash: As the other team leader in this chat

backinaflash: I second the motion

lightemup: Since when were you two the bosses

lancelot: Since Oliver and Kara aren’t on here

aresthegodofwar: Point Sara



backinaflash has 3 new messages from lancelot

lancelot: So it’s been a day

lancelot: I haven’t heard anything

lancelot: I’m about to call it

backinaflash: Have you tried PMing one of them

lancelot: Hmm

lancelot: I’ll PM Ollie

backinaflash: I’ll try Kara



oliverking has 6 new messages from lancelot

lancelot: Oliver

lancelot: Are you alive

lancelot: Reply if you are

lancelot: Don’t if you’re not

lancelot: Ten second warning

lancelot: Shit



angelpuppydanvers has 5 new messages from backinaflash

backinaflash: Kara

backinaflash: Please answer

backinaflash: No one’s answering

backinaflash: We’re all getting worried

backinaflash: Please?



lancelot has 1 new message from backinaflash

backinaflash: Zip zilch nada

lancelot: Fuck

backinaflash: One more try




backinaflash: I’m ready to call time of death unless one of you two answers

lancelot: This was your last try

backinaflash: It’s better than nothing!

lancelot: . . . .

lancelot: Twenty second warning

backinaflash: Twenty?

lancelot: I’m giving them time OK

lancelot: I gave Ollie ten

backinaflash: I thought you were going to say you gave him five

lancelot: Nah I’m not that cruel

lancelot: Five seconds left

backinaflash: Is now the appropriate time to panic

lancelot: Mayhaps




backinaflash: I’m ready for panic mode

backinaflash: I’ve heard nothing from Kara

lancelot: Silence from Oliver

easteriris: I haven’t even heard from Thea

easteriris: And she wasn’t even in National City

goodvibes: So we’re calling time of death?

backinaflash: Unfortunately

timedetectivepretty: Damnit

gumballintherain: A moment of silence

lifeinthefastlane: Well

lifeinthefastlane: That just happened

penn&telle: I’m still trying to cope

supersfriend: Dude you think you’re bad

supersfriend: We’re not her best friends

merlynthemagician: James is right

supersfriend: I never thought I would ever see you say that

merlynthemagician: I’m not a total bastard

secondisthebest: But still

secondisthebest: What the fuck

timedetectivepretty: What

youreawizardharry: That was impeccable timing


gumballintherain: WHAT HAPPENED


merlynthemagician: Aw they were concerned

secondisthebest: Shut up Merlyn

promiseskept: Ignore Siren

promiseskept: She hasn’t finished her mozzarella sticks yet

lancelot: A good reason to be a bitch

secondisthebest: I hate you

lancelot: Nah

frostbite: Seriously though

frostbite: What happened

penn&telle: Well

penn&telle: You have three options

missfoxtrot: Uh oh

penn&telle: You can have the good news

penn&telle: Or the bad news

penn&telle: Or the world is ending news

athenathegoddessofwisdom: That’s an option?

aresthegodofwar: In all fairness

aresthegodofwar: We’ve had that news several times before

mammamia: Or you could tell us the news in the order it all happened

penn&telle: Well

penn&telle: We found the Worldkiller

frostbite: Good!

penn&telle: Kind of

secondisthebest: Bad

secondisthebest: Purity kicked my ass

secondisthebest: With a sonic scream

frostbite: Oh

promiseskept: Approach the siren with caution while her ego is healing

secondisthebest: Fuck you Wilson

merlynthemagician: This is very entertaining when I’m not the victim here

promiseskept: Shut up wizard

merlynthemagician: I take it back

supersfriend: #thinkbeforeyoutype

lancelot: This Worldkiller can scream?

secondisthebest: Unfortunately

promiseskept: And is an empath of some sort

promiseskept: She pressed all of Alex’s buttons the wrong way

merlynthemagician: And then she escaped the D.E.O.’s custody

merlynthemagician: Then Alex managed to appeal to her human side

timedetectivepretty: You lost me at “human side”

lightemup: What Pretty said

penn&telle: It’s like Jekyll and Hyde

penn&telle: There’s the good version and then there’s the bad

penn&telle: Julia is the good and Purity is the bad

timedetectivepretty: I’m caught up now

timedetectivepretty: Do continue

merlynthemagician: So Julia was back

promiseskept: And then Reign found us

easteriris: Shit

promiseskept: Basically

promiseskept: She took out Oliver and Alex easily

promiseskept: Julia gave herself up so Reign would leave them be

penn&telle: That’s the bad news

penn&telle: We lost her

lifeinthefastlane: Yeah just finding out who she is was the good news

missfoxtrot: I’m almost scared to ask what the world is ending news is

mammamia: I’m not

mammamia: What’s the world is ending news

supersfriend: The main reason why Kara Alex Oliver and Lena aren’t on

lightemup: Which is

secondisthebest: We know who Reign is

backinaflash: Getting the feeling we may know who she is too based on this

secondisthebest: You do

merlynthemagician: You met her at the Christmas party

lightemup: Who?

timedetectivepretty: Wait

timedetectivepretty: Oh

timedetectivepretty: WHAT

aresthegodofwar: What the hell?!

backinaflash: Shit

lancelot: What the fuck?!

easteriris: Oh my God!

mammamia: I’m still lost

lancelot: You didn’t interact with her that much

promiseskept: Samantha Arias is Reign

promiseskept: Lena’s best friend aside from Kara and Alex

merlynthemagician: Which means she’s their best friend too

mammamia: Oh

mamaiamia: Oh fuck

gumballintherain: Poor everyone . . .

lifeinthefastlane: Kara took it terribly

youreawizardharry: How’s Lena?

lifeinthefastlane: Worse

lifeinthefastlane: Sam almost had a Reign moment in her office

youreawizardharry: That explains why it’s silence coming from her

athenathegoddessofwisdom: What about Ruby?

penn&telle: I’d have to check with Lena

merlynthemagician: But she wouldn’t let anything happen to Ruby

merlynthemagician: Everyone loves her

supersfriend: I can vouch for that

lancelot: Hang on

lancelot: I tried to choke Samantha Arias with my staff?

missfoxtrot: That’s what you’re concerned about?!

lancelot: It’s a valid concern!

lancelot: I tried to strangle one of Kara’s best friends!

lightemup: She was evil boss

lancelot: Thank you Mick

lancelot: That really eases the conscience

easteriris: Oh man . . .

goodvibes: I’m sorry guys

backinaflash: Tell Oliver and Kara we’re sorry for spamming them

secondisthebest: They’re probably grateful you were concerned

penn&telle: Just give them a while to get back on here

supersfriend: Though Lena’s going to be working on finding a way to help Sam

supersfriend: So probably expect radio silence from her

supersfriend: Sorry in advance Harry

athenathegoddessofwisdom: I hope they find a way to help her

aresthegodofwar: Same

gumballintherain: Same

easteriris: Same

goodvibes: Same

frostbite: If Lena ever needs a hand tell her I’ll help

youreawizardharry: Make it two

gumballintherain: And three!

athenathegoddessofwisdom: My dad and I could probably help too

penn&telle: I will let her know

lifeinthefastlane: I’d forgotten how stressful being a member of a superhero team could be

lancelot: You’ve clearly never been around all four teams at the same time

lancelot: But best of luck to Sam

supersfriend: We’ll pass it along

penn&telle: Thanks everyone for your concern

easteriris: It’s what we’re way too good at

easteriris: To quote practically everyone

easteriris: We have sappiness

timedetectivepretty: What a summary of today

Chapter Text

smoakandmirrors: Well

smoakandmirrors: That all happened

timetravelsabitch: I don’t even want to think about how this guy managed all that in the warehouse

angelpuppydanvers: Neither do I

angelpuppydanvers: Because quite frankly

angelpuppydanvers: That

angelpuppydanvers: Hurt

spartacus: It sounded like it did

spartacus: And I wasn’t even on the same floor

timedetectivepretty: I think there should be a new rule in this chatroom

timedetectivepretty: Context needs to be given before comments are made about a mission

frostbite: I second this motion

frostbite: Because I don’t like being confused

goodvibes: I disagree with this motion

goodvibes: Please keep confusing Caitlin

youreawizardharry: You really are suicidal aren’t you Ramon

goodvibes: Nah

goodvibes: Just bored

goodvibes: We haven’t had anything to do for a while

backinaflash: Dude

backinaflash: You probably just jinxed it

goodvibes: Frack

easteriris: Good job Cisco

easteriris: And I was just enjoying the time I had with my husband before he had to run around saving the city

goodvibes: I predict Iris wants to kill me

backinaflash: Or Caitlin

youreawizardharry: Like I said

youreawizardharry: Suicidal

angelpuppydanvers: Nah

angelpuppydanvers: Sara and Reign was still more suicidal than that

lancelot: I’m never going to hear the end of that am I

angelpuppydanvers: Probably not

lightemup: How’d your date go

spartacus: Wait

fast&furious: WHAT WHEN HOW WHERE

lancelot: Thank you for telling all the teams that I had a date Mick

lightemup: You’re welcome

athenathegoddessofwisdom: I knew already

lancelot: Yeah

lancelot: Because I asked you to help me get ready for it

lancelot: Thank you for that btw

athenathegoddessofwisdom: You’re welcome

moralcompass: Was it this Ava person

lancelot: Yes it was

lancelot: I was enjoying it

lancelot: And then the Waverider crashed

timedetectivepretty: Oops?

lancelot: You idiots ruined my date

timedetectivepretty: Sorry

lancelot: But then Ava kissed me

lancelot: So I think I can forgive you

timedetectivepretty: Oh good

mammamia: To which of those statements

timedetectivepretty: Yes

lancelot: Smart answer Nate

timedetectivepretty: Thank you

lancelot: Though Ava is wondering why there’s a picture of Amaya on our bottle

timedetectivepretty: What

smoakandmirrors: Of Amaya?

missfoxtrot has changed their name to dreadpiratejiwe

dreadpiratejiwe: There’s a reason for that

lightemup: She makes a badass pirate

backinaflash: That’s high praise Amaya

backinaflash: Take it and run

dreadpiratejiwe: Noted

mammamia: That’s a much better name than the other one

dreadpiratejiwe: You made the first one for me

mammamia: What else was I supposed to call you?

merlynthemagician: Dr. Dolittle

mammamia: Who?

frostbite: What’s that ridiculous noise I’m hearing

youreawizard: That would be Ramon

youreawizard: Cause of death – reacting to Merlyn calling Amaya “Dr. Dolittle”

backinaflash: Goddamnit Cisco

timedetectivepretty: Shouldn’t you be saying that to Malcolm

lightemup: Red isn’t that suicidal Pretty

backinaflash: ^^^

timedetectivepretty: Fair enough

angelpuppydanvers: How did we get this far off topic

timetravelsabitch: I haven’t been on here nearly as long

timetravelsabitch: And I’ve learned not to ask that

timetravelsabitch: We’d just get further off topic

angelpuppydanvers: . . .

angelpuppydanvers: I don’t know why I even asked

lancelot: Me neither

lancelot: So what happened

angelpuppydanvers: Well

smoakandmirrors: There’s bad news and there’s worse news

easteriris: Bad news first

lightemup: What’s the worse news

mammamia: How about we guess

moralcompass: Good God

backinaflash: This group chat: a summary

aresthegodofwar: We really have no lives

smoakandmirrors: Bad news

smoakandmirrors: Thermobaric bomb has yet to be found

athenathegoddessofwisdom: Say what

lightemup: The what bomb

goodvibes: Frack

youreawizardharry: There’s a what in Star City

mammamia: Fuck

timedetectivepretty: So that’s bad

timedetectivepretty: What the hell is worse than that

merlynthemagician: Vigilante is dead

lightemup: Who the fuck is Vigilante

smoakandmirrors: A double agent inside Cayden James’ little criminal group

spartacus: Who also happened to be Dinah’s boyfriend

dreadpiratejiwe: How did he die

merlynthemagician: There’s

merlynthemagician: A bit of confusion on that end

frostbite: How do you get confused about how someone dies

goodvibes: Filing that under ‘questions I never thought would be asked in this group chat’

backinaflash: Cisco

easteriris: Cisco

youreawizardharry: Ramon

frostbite: Cisco!

goodvibes: . . .

goodvibes: I’ll be quiet now

merlynthemagician: Two ways

merlynthemagician: Who did the killing

merlynthemagician: And who the only witness was

merlynthemagician: And considering Dinah was the only one who saw this happen

merlynthemagician: You’ll understand we’re concerned she may be twisted on how she saw this happen

lightemup: So who killed him

smoakandmirrors: Evelyn Sharp

mammamia: Don’t know her

mammamia: And that already biases my opinion

lancelot: Wait up

lancelot: Isn’t she still a teenager

angelpuppydanvers: Yup

merlynthemagician: Laurel talked to her literally minutes before all this happened

merlynthemagician: I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt until we actually get her story

lightemup: Good

lightemup: Girl’s still young and in a bad crowd

lightemup: Could be someone else pulling her strings

aresthegodofwar: That’s

aresthegodofwar: Actually good advice

lightemup: The Englishman gave Snart and I a chance on this ship

lightemup: That’s nothing compared to this Evelyn girl

aresthegodofwar: Touché

dreadpiratejiwe: He gives good advice doesn’t he

lightemup: Bout time someone noticed

angelpuppydanvers: Hey question

backinaflash: Shoot

angelpuppydanvers: For the Legends actually

backinaflash: Oh

mammamia: This should be good

angelpuppydanvers: Practically everyone is on right

timedetectivepretty: Yeah

angelpuppydanvers: So

angelpuppydanvers: Then where’s Ray

lifeinthefastlane: I swear this chat is usually all buzz and chatter

lifeinthefastlane: Why’s it silent for ten minutes

athenathegoddessofwisdom: Excuse us while we go rescue Ray

merlynthemagician: That’s why

Chapter Text

goodvibes: Nothing from Team Legends

goodvibes: Nothing from Team SuperArrow

goodvibes: I’m bored

youreawizardharry: And I was just getting used to silence

youreawizardharry: Well done ruining it Ramon

goodvibes: Thank you very much

lifeinthefastlane: I don’t know if I count as Team SuperArrow since I’m not actually a fielder and still adjusting to getting back into the D.E.O.

lifeinthefastlane: But I’m here

easteriris: Off superheroing?

lifeinthefastlane: Probably

lifeinthefastlane: Alex Winn J’onn and James headed over to Star City

lifeinthefastlane: Oh

lifeinthefastlane: A few hours ago?

backinaflash: Let’s be real

backinaflash: With all the shit that’s been going on in Star City recently between Oliver’s team and the other team

backinaflash: Are we really surprised they’re not here

goodvibes: . . .

goodvibes: Not at all

frostbite: Nope

easteriris: Uh uh

lifeinthefastlane: Totally not living up to my username right now

lifeinthefastlane: But what happened between these two teams

moralcompass: Oliver is under investigation by the FBI and Rene was blackmailed by them

moralcompass: But none of us knew that at first and Oliver made the call to hold those he didn’t trust out of the field until we knew

moralcompass: So Rene Dinah and Curtis formed their own team

moralcompass: And they really don’t like Oliver now

lifeinthefastlane: Oh thank you

easteriris: This is good news

lifeinthefastlane: How is this good news

easteriris: Quentin is responding

easteriris: Which means a whatchamacallit bomb hasn’t gone off in Star City yet

goodvibes: Whatchamacallit

easteriris: Shut up Cisco

moralcompass: I guess that counts as good news

fast&furious: Good news is there’s no longer a thermobaric bomb threat

penn&telle: Thank you twelfth level intellect from Colu

frostbite: What from where

backinaflash: Brainy

frostbite: Oh

frostbite: So Star City’s safe?

penn&telle: From Cayden James

penn&telle: Yes

easteriris: Thank God

smoakandmirrors: A certain sonic screamer on the other hand

secondisthebest: Winn sweetie

penn&telle: Uh oh

secondisthebest: Can I steal your line

penn&telle: ???

penn&telle: I guess???

secondisthebest: Thank you

secondisthebest: Because what a fucking bitch

penn&telle: Oh phew I thought you were about to yell at me

smoakandmirrors: It kind of sounded like it

secondisthebest: Oh you didn’t do anything wrong

secondisthebest: That idiotic trio on the other hand

timetravelsabitch: Can I just say

timetravelsabitch: If I wasn’t sure I hated them before

timetravelsabitch: I definitely know now I do

goodvibes: I’m almost afraid to ask

youreawizardharry: What did they do now

goodvibes: Thank you Harry for not being afraid to ask

merlynthemagician: For one

merlynthemagician: Shot Laurel

easteriris: Whoa

merlynthemagician: To summarize our evening

merlynthemagician: Oliver didn’t kill Cayden James’s son

merlynthemagician: Cayden had us round up his whole cabal to see who did

merlynthemagician: Those three idiots crashed the party they absolutely were not invited to

merlynthemagician: Everything went to hell

timetravelsabitch: That’s putting it lightly

promiseskept: We also learned Evelyn’s Cry doubled as a shock collar

secondisthebest: Cayden used it on Evelyn to make her kill Sobel

backinaflash: Shit

frostbite: Oh my God

goodvibes: Please tell me you told the others that

bigbadwolf: Oh they heard

bigbadwolf: They didn’t listen though

supersfriend: All they see her as is someone who turned their back on Team Arrow once before, joined up with Prometheus, and killed Sobel

lifeinthefastlane: I thought I just heard Rene turned his own back on Team Arrow when he sold Oliver out to the FBI

merlynthemagician: Exactly

spartacus: Quote of the day: “that’s the pot calling the kettle black”

spartacus: Credit goes to Evelyn Sharpe for starting the trend

easteriris: Speaking of Evelyn

easteriris: What happened to the cabal

oliverking: I just spoke to Cayden in SCPD headquarters

oliverking: Talia Anatoli and Diaz are there too

backinaflash: What about Evelyn

angelpuppydanvers: I’m assuming wherever Laurel told her to run

secondisthebest: I couldn’t specify in the moment so I just told her to run

backinaflash: So mostly a success?

oliverking: If we’re being positive sure

goodvibes: Kara cheer your boyfriend up

oliverking: Harry are you close to him

youreawizardharry: As a matter of fact I am

easteriris: That yelp was from Cisco wasn’t it

frostbite: Harry smacked him on the back of the head

oliverking: Thank you

youreawizardharry: You’re welcome

goodvibes: I made this chat for you!

angelpuppydanvers: I will fly to Central City and take you to my universe so I can toss you in the Phantom Zone

backinaflash: Oh damn

fast&furious: Can I have a front row seat to that please

spartacus: You wouldn’t be able to breathe Thea

spacepapabear: I have a spaceship to bring guests

fast&furious: DIBS

goodvibes: I think I’ll go before I say something else horrible

moralcompass: And who’s gonna say it first

supersfriend: #thinkbeforeyoutype

secondisthebest: There we go

smoakandmirrors: Right on cue

smoakandmirrors: Quentin is psychic

moralcompass: No

moralcompass: This chat has gotten way too predictable

fast&furious: You right

fast&furious: Hey where are the Legends to screw everything up again

backinaflash: I know right

youreawizardharry: How long does it take to rescue Ray Palmer

oliverking: Time travel is weird

backinaflash: I can vouch for that

timetravelsabitch: My username can speak for itself

matilda: The 21st century is still so weird to adjust to

fast&furious: The time travelers have rested their cases

backinaflash: Since Sara isn’t here

backinaflash: I feel obligated to say it for her

backinaflash: Please pay your respects

fast&furious: RIP

penn&telle: RIP

smoakandmirrors: RIP

goodvibes: RIP

angelpuppydanvers: RIP

bigbadwolf: RIP

supersfriend: RIP

merlynthemagician: RIP

lifeinthefastlane: What the fuck just happened

spartacus: Just watch and observe if you don’t know

matilda: I’ve learned to do that

spartacus: It’s more entertaining that way too

merlynthemagician: You’re no fun

secondisthebest: Says one of the children that thinks debating your name during fights is a good idea

merlynthemagician: Slade starts it

promiseskept: And that’s why she calls you a child

merlynthemagician: Children

merlynthemagician: Plural

merlynthemagician: That was directed at you too Wilson

promiseskept: Then stop correcting me wizard

merlynthemagician: Magician

fast&furious: Did my dad actually just fall for that

promiseskept: Yes he did

secondisthebest: I feel like I should inform all of you that Slade is grinning like the Cheshire cat

goodvibes: That’d be creepy as fuck

secondisthebest: It is

youreawizardharry: It’s no longer boring Ramon

youreawizardharry: Are you happy

goodvibes: Extremely

goodvibes: Thank you for asking

frostbite: And Harry just smacked Cisco on the back of the head again

easteriris: You’d think he’d learn by now

promiseskept: A question Miss West

promiseskept: Has the wizard learned not to react to what I call him

merlynthemagician: Seriously

easteriris: Point to Slade

secondisthebest: And there they go again

bigbadwolf: My condolences Siren

secondisthebest: I need a drink

Chapter Text

smoakandmirrors: So if this lady created flying monkeys

smoakandmirrors: Did that make her the Wicked Witch of the West

fast&furious: Ding dong the witch is dead

promiseskept: Good riddance

penn&telle: Thank you for saving my life

promiseskept: Any time

oliverking: Like we would let you die

promiseskept: I don’t think getting strangled by a yo-yo would be the best way to go

penn&telle: Definitely not

smoakandmirrors: Who’s even crazy enough to think of that

supersfriend: The Toyman apparently

supersfriend: No offense Winn

penn&telle: None taken

penn&telle: Considering that’s exactly what happened

frostbite: Literally all I just understood of this conversation is getting strangled by a yo-yo

goodvibes: Though that really doesn’t sound like the way to go

easteriris: Context please

penn&telle: My father is dead

penn&telle: And he was a supervillain called the Toyman

penn&telle: Turns out he made a friend in prison and she wanted to kill me and my mom

youreawizardharry: Including by using flying monkeys and a yo-yo

oliverking: Yep

backinaflash: The heck

backinaflash: That’s crazy

penn&telle: My father in two words

gumballintherain: Damien Darhk fits that well too

oliverking: What

mammamia: Way to go Ray

mammamia: First thing you say when you get back on this is mention that

gumballintherain: I’m not wrong!

spartacus: I think I read that wrong

spartacus: Ray did something autocorrect

lancelot: Unfortunately no

lancelot: Guess who we’re chasing through history now while trying to stop more anachronisms

oliverking: You are kidding me

smoakandmirrors: Oh my God Sara

fast&furious: Why didn’t we know this?!

secondisthebest: I am offended on behalf of my dead doppelgänger

lifeinthefastlane: Who’s Damien Darhk

lancelot: The bastard who killed my sister

smoakandmirrors: And tried to blow up Star City

merlynthemagician: I’ve worked with him before unfortunately

merlynthemagician: Back when I was a much worse person

lancelot: When you were an utter bastard you mean

merlynthemagician: Unfortunately yes

angelpuppydanvers: But Oliver killed him

lancelot: And his adult daughter resurrected him

fast&furious: You’re kidding

fast&furious: Nora?

lancelot: That’s her

lancelot: She and Ray spent some quality time together in Berlin

gumballintherain: Hey I stayed alive thank you very much

gumballintherain: And we actually made a pretty nice team

gumballintherain: Well until her dad showed up

gumballintherain: Her dad in the future

gumballintherain: Not the dad who was in Berlin at the time

lifeinthefastlane: What the fuck is this conversation

timetravelsabitch: Refer to my username

mammamia: Amen

gumballintherain: Long story short

gumballintherain: Resurrected Damien had to save us from his past self who was trying to assassinate this scientist who invented cold fusion

goodvibes: Cold fusion was never invented dude

gumballintherain: I have a doll that says otherwise

youreawizardharry: I agree with Lane

youreawizardharry: What is this conversation

oliverking: I’m still trying to deal with the idea that Damien Darhk is resurrected

lancelot: And his daughter is the vessel of a time demon

spartacus: I give up

bigbadwolf: Can someone cheer the place up

lancelot: Oh sure


lancelot has added thecollector to the group BestHotMessEver


lancelot: Hey Barry and Iris we have someone who belongs to you

thecollector: Who gave me this username?

lightemup: You stole the Englishman’s trench coat and the fire totem

lightemup: You collect random stuff

thecollector: Oh

thecollector: Hi everyone!

easteriris: Wally?

backinaflash: Hey!

backinaflash: Wait I thought you were

backinaflash: In a completely different country

thecollector: I was

thecollector: Then this guy called Rip Hunter said he needed my help stopping a time demon

thecollector: So I thought why not

lancelot: The Legends have a speedster now

goodvibes: Hope Gideon can keep up with his metabolism

aresthegodofwar: I’m sure Gideon is up to the challenge

oliverking: Well

oliverking: If you ever need help with Darhk

lancelot: I already have dibs Oliver

oliverking: Understood

merlynthemagician: I’d still be up for punching him

fast&furious: Agreed

lancelot: That will be kept in mind

lancelot: Also Winn I hope you’re OK

penn&telle: Thank you Sara

penn&telle: Hopefully karaoke night won’t be ruined this time

timedetectivepretty: Karaoke?

angelpuppydanvers: The alien bar we frequent often has karaoke nights

angelpuppydanvers: Winn was about to sing when the news about his father’s death appeared on the news

lightemup: That’s rough

timedetectivepretty: I don’t think that helped Mick

dreadpiratejiwe: I’m sorry Winn

penn&telle: It’s OK

supersfriend: Kara and I agreed to sing with him first when we got to the bar

angelpuppydanvers: We’re gonna cheer him up

penn&telle: Original Superfriends teamup

angelpuppydanvers: Heck yeah

aresthegodofwar: If both of you are anywhere near as good as Kara

aresthegodofwar: You’ll kill it

supersfriend: I like to think I am

supersfriend: But since Oliver calls her an angel

supersfriend: That’s a tough voice to beat

oliverking: And she’s blushing

oliverking: Well done James

supersfriend: Was that sarcastic

oliverking: I like her blush

oliverking: So it’s up to you

supersfriend: Imma take a compliment and run with it

promiseskept: Smart


backinaflash has 1 new message from lancelot

lancelot: Hey Barry

backinaflash: Hey Sara

lancelot: I have an idea

backinaflash: So do I

lancelot: . . .

lancelot: Do we have the same idea

backinaflash: I don’t know

backinaflash: Does yours involve karaoke night in National City

lancelot: What the fuck

lancelot: You read my mind

backinaflash: Great minds think alike

lancelot: But wait

backinaflash: Yes

lancelot: Does your idea involve bringing your entire team with you

backinaflash: Heck

backinaflash: It’s like we’re mentally connected

backinaflash: That’s exactly what my idea was

lancelot: So party night over on Earth-38

backinaflash: With karaoke

lancelot: And all of our teams

backinaflash: I like this plan

lancelot: I do too

lancelot: I’ll tell my team

backinaflash: I’ll tell mine

lancelot: We’ll be in Central soon

backinaflash: Awesome