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By Order of The King

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Steve always thought that him and Bucky would have the perfect life after the Infinity War was over.

He envisioned the two of them sharing a room in the new, state of the art, Avengers Mansion where they could indulge in every luxury that Tony Stark could afford. They would continue doing their heroic duties, get married, start a family, and live the best life that money could buy.Even if Tony hasn’t uttered one word to him after Thanos’s defeat, Steve knew that the billionaire had a room waiting for him and Bucky in the billionaire’s new manor.

After all, Steve and Bucky helped save Earth....along with the rest of the ex-Avengers, of course. If it wasn’t for them, Tony wouldn’t have been able to save anyone. Sure, Tony had the help of the Guardians, Bruce, and the magicians, but they weren’t enough to get the job done. Steve...Bucky...the ex-Avengers...they were the deciding factor between victory and defeat.

Since they all risked their lives to fight the Mad Titan, the least Tony could do was give Steve and Bucky a room in his new house....and the ex-Avengers deserved rooms too...if that’s what they wanted.

Tony owed him.

Tony owed every single one of them, and rest assured, Steve was going to get what he was owed. He had to do it for himself, Bucky, and the life they both wanted and deserved.

Steve put a lot of time in planning the life that him and Bucky would have together, which made it so shocking when ten words reduced those plans to dust.


“Steve, I don’t want to go back to America yet.”

The former super soldier’s heart froze in mid-beat when those words left Bucky’s lips.

Everything was set for them. They were free. Thanks to their efforts against Thanos, they were pardoned for what they did during their Civil War. None of them were going to spend a single second locked up in a government facility.

The black jet was waiting for them, fueled and ready to go. All they had to do was get inside. They could start living the life that Steve wanted...that they both wanted...

“Why on earth do you want to stay in Wakanda?”, Steve voiced aloud.

Bucky’s eyes darted to the left. “I’m not ready.”

Steve sighed, taking Bucky’s hands in his own. “Look, if you’re worried about someone giving you a hard time because of what Hydra made you don’t have to. It wasn’t you. I know that...they know that...and the rest of the world will know it too.”

Bucky stepped backwards, separating his hands from Steve’s. “It’s not that. I’m not ready in here...” The ex-assassin pointed to his temple. “My mind isn’t one hundred percent.”

This tidbit of information infuriated Steve. He grabbed Bucky by the shoulders. “Is T’Challa not giving you the help you need?! He promised me that he would help you! If he’s going back on his word, I’m gonna have a few words with him!”

Steve stormed towards the Wakandan Palace with every intent to give the reigning monarch a piece of his mind. Bucky blocked his path by standing in front of him.

“Steve, don’t jump to conclusions. T’Challa’s giving me all the help I need. I just need a little more of it.”

“So....when you feel normal’ll come back to America?”

Bucky started to chew his lip. “.......Yes.”

Steve’s baby blue eyes brightened up like fireworks on the Fourth of July. He wrapped his arms around Bucky in a giant bear hug.


Both men jumped at the sound of the jet’s horn. Then, Clint’s voice pierced through the air. “Let’s go, lovebirds! Some of us want to actually go home today!”

Steve glared at the archer while Bucky chuckled. Steve mumbled into Bucky’s shoulder.

“Text me when you get a chance.”


“Promise me!”

Bucky rolled his eyes. “I promise.”

Steve lifted his head, so his sky blue eyes could stare into Bucky’s earthly brown irises. His eyes glanced downward at Bucky’s lips, before going upward to look at Bucky again. Steve leaned in to kiss the object of his affections goodbye, but instead of their lips touching, Steve’s lips somehow pressed against Bucky’s cheek instead.

He would’ve tried again, but Clint yelled, “Steve! Hurry up!”

Steve made a mental note to himself, “As soon as we get back home, I need to throw my shield at Clint for ruining the mood.”

Bucky commented, “You better go.”

Steve nodded before vowing, I’m with you till the end of the line.”

Bucky nodded in acknowledgment. “Same goes to you, punk.”

Steve reluctantly went inside the jet without Bucky. As the jet roared to life and began its ascent into the sky, Steve gazed at Bucky through the window and waved him goodbye.

The former soldier waved back and Steve kept his eyes on him until Bucky was no longer visible.

Steve felt sadness creep into him, thanks to Bucky’s absence, but he said one thing to himself that cheered him up,

“He’ll come back home soon. We’ll be together again in no time.”