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Heart on Your Sleeve

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Isuzu walked into a dark room and saw Seiya sitting in a red cushioned chair.

"Good of you to show up, Sento," Seiya smirked. "You're just in time for the interviews," Isuzu stuttered glancing around the pitch black room. "Oh look, here they are," he grinned from ear to ear as three beautiful girls waltzed into the room and circled around Seiya's throne.

"Hello Seiya," a tall one with dark hair purred into his ear.

"Hi Kanie-kun," the second girl with pink pigtails sat herself on his lap. The last girl with short brown hair said nothing, but stood by the side of his throne and snaked her arms around Seiya.

"With all these new beautiful girls I don't think we'll need you anymore Isuzu," Seiya chuckled, caressing the tall girl's hair.

"Bu-" Isuzu started to protest but was cut off by their cynical laughter. "No," she screamed inside her head, "no, no, no. NO!"

Isuzu opened her eyes and was greeted by a hole through her roof and a gun in her hand.

"A dream?" she questioned herself, undressing and slipping into the tub. "Why did I dream about that?"

Isuzu picked up her tray of mushy curry and carried it to an empty aluminum table. She calmly sat down and began to stir around her food before slowly starting to eat it. Macaron pranced up to where Isuzu was and promptly sat down.

"You're really going to eat that? You'll get fat!" Macaron began.

"Maybe so," Isuzu mumbled, toying with her spoon before putting a spoonful of the curry in her mouth.

"Well just be careful," Macaron chuckled. "Is that Kanie?" he pointed to the door behind Isuzu and she immediately turned, furiously searching around. While she was turned around Macaron placed a tiny seed into the distracted girl's curry. "Oh sorry Isuzu, it must've been my imagination," he mischievously grinned. Isuzu stared intensely at Macaron before eating the remainder of her curry. Macaron has to turn to keep himself laughing, but when he turned around Isuzu and her empty plate of food were gone.

"Hey Isuzu-kun!" a lively brunette called.

"Hello Akiko-kun," Isuzu greeted with no emotion.

"I don't mean to sound rude, or out of place, but are you alright? You seem kind of down."

"Well I feel like I've been failing as my duties as assistant manager and I don't want Kanie-kun to get tired of me and replace me with beaut-" Isuzu slammed her hand over her mouth to keep herself from saying anything else.

"Did you just call him Kanie-kun?" Akiko inquired, "I knew it! You two are together!"

"No," Isuzu said through clenched teeth, "but I wi-" she continued to slam her hand over her mouth, muffling her voice.

"Oh that's too bad," she ignored Isuzu's strange behaviors. "Because he's really cute and funny, do you think I should talk to him?" before Akiko could finish, Isuzu sprinted down the sidewalk past a group of confused students and out the school gate.


"Sylphy is the only one who has it! Now do it again!" Moffle commanded the fairies on the stage, earning three groans and one whoosh noise.

"So you slipped her a heartsleeve seed?" Tiramy asked the mascot beside him.

"Yep, unfortunately she left before I could see if it worked," Macaron sighed.

"Damn, just think about all the questions we can ask her though," they exchanged a troublesome smile, "Like how many times she itches the ditch," they both laughed, "If she caught us we'd be so dead," and they proceeded to laugh some more.

"You're going to wish you were dead," a soft growl emerged from behind them. The two idiots froze in fear and slowly turned their heads around to see a furiously calm Isuzu standing with her duel Steinbacker pointed at their heads.



Isuzu stood over the fallen mascot's bodies when Seiya walked in.

"What is going on here?" he asked, looking at Tiramy and Macaron quivering in pain.

"Those two slipped a heartsleeve seed into my curry this morning and they're trying to make me answer embarrassing questions," Isuzu calmly replied, her gun aimed at Tiramy.

"Embarrassing?" Seiya looked confused.

"Yeah like how many times I itch the-" WHAM, WHAM, WHAM. Before she could complete the sentence, she slammed her head onto the stage behind her.

"Umm ok then. Anyways, come with me, the applicants are here," Seiya turned and walked out of the room, leaving Isuzu anxiously standing in front of the stage with a red mark appearing on her forehead.

Seiya checked to see if Isuzu was following, and found her a couple steps behind him. His mind wandered to a few moments ago when he asked her about the embarrassing questions.

"Itch the what?" he thought to himself. "Will she answer anything else I ask her?" he snuck a quick look at her and was shocked to find her not looking like her usual self. Her posture was somewhat slouched, her arms were cross over her chest, and her head was hung lower than normal. "Maybe I should ask if she's okay," but before he could, they found themselves sitting in a bland office room with a folding chair in front of a cheap white table.

"How many applicants were there?" Isuzu quietly asked.

"Not too many, it should go pretty quick," he looked her over once more. "If you aren't feeling good, you can go lie down."

"No! I could never miss work."

"Really it's alright. I mean what's bothering you anyways?" he asked, studying her reaction.

"I'm nervous about these applicants, what if the girls are-" Isuzu's eyes grew big and, WHAM, WHAM, WHAM. She slammed her head on the table. Seiya slyly grinned but pretended to act confused when she stopped banging her head.

"Well if you're fine to continue, let's bring the first one in," Seiya glanced over the resume in front of him.

"Hello," a timid girl with pigtails walked in and sat down on the wooden chair in front of the interview table. Isuzu's eyes widened as she noticed that the pink haired girl looked exactly like the one in her dream. "I'm Shina Chujo."

"Hello Shina," Seiya smiled at the girl whose feet skimmed the ground as she sat. "Why do you want to work here?"

"Well I love amusement parks and I love making people happy and having a job would be pretty fun," she enthusiastically replied, keeping eyes directly on Seiya, much to Isuzu's displeasure.

"Great you're hired," he replied, stamping her resume with a red stamp that said, 'HIRED'. "You start tomorrow. Don't be late," he put her resume off to the side and looked up at the giddy girl sitting in front of him.

"Thank you so much! I promise I won't let you down!" she cheered, skipping out of the room.

"Should you really hire a girl that young? She looks like she's still in grade school."

"We need all the help we can get," Seiya calmly replied before calling in the next applicant. Isuzu nearly fell off her chair; she was a spitting image of the short haired girl from her dream. She was clutching her side and looked really dizzy.

"He-hello," she pressed her hand a little harder into her side, "I'm Bino Banando."

"Are you alright?" Seiya asked glancing at her side.

"Of course!" she brightly smiled, a small trickle of red running down her hand.

"You're bleeding!" Seiya yelled, immediately standing up. "Were you stabbed?" he started to freak out.

"Oh, it's nothing," she smiled, her face growing pale.

"Who did this to you? Someone call an ambulance!" he shouted into the hallway.

"Well my brother didn't really want me going to this job interview," she began.

"So he stabbed you?" Isuzu asked, stunned. She just laughed in response. Suddenly the door burst open and a crazy man with wild eyes and a diaper wrapped around his head burst in with a knife. Without even thinking, Isuzu pulled her gun from under her skirt and immediately shot two pain bringers directly in the forehead of the crazy man who forced himself inside the room. "Was that him?" she asked looking down at the man, now writhing with pain. What an appropriate name for a bullet.

"Yes, but you didn't have to do that."

"Sure she did, just get some medical attention and you're hired," Seiya smiled, ushering the girl out and into the hands of the nurses at Amagi. Meanwhile the security guard came and put the bizarre man in handcuffs and brought him to the security room. "Well that was certainly eventful," he chuckled, "let's bring in another one," and with that a third girl with long black hair and a gorgeous body came walking in, a girl who appeared to be a spitting image of the one in Isuzu's dream.

"Eiko Achia, correct?" Seiya asked, looking at the attractive girl in front of him.

"Yes," she politely nodded.

"It says here you have past work experience?" he asked.

"Indeed, I worked with a lot of AV's," she smiled.

"AV's?" Seiya tried to hold back his surprise but managed to steal a look at Isuzu's face wild with fear.

"Ask her what her stage name was," Tiramy popped up and whispered into Seiya's ear.

"No!" he hissed trying to keep his voice down. "That's not a professional thing to do."

"Come on! It's only for… research purposes," he wickedly grinned. Instantly he received a pain-bringer to the head and fell over mid-interview in pain. Promptly leaving the room as the effects wore off.

"Anyways," he looked back at Eiko, "You're hired."

"Really?" Thank you so much!" she grinned, got up, bowed, and quickly left.

"You hired her to work with a bunch of kids?" Isuzu looked absolutely stunned.

"Like I said, we need all the help we can get," he neatly placed all the papers that had 'HIRED' on it on one side of the table and looked through the rest of the applicants. "We have a bit of a break before our next interview, so if you want to get something to eat you can."

"No, it's fine," Isuzu murmured looking down into her lap.

"Are you going to tell me what's wrong?" he turned and studied her expression.


"Isuzu, tell me what's wrong," he took full advantage of the heartbleed seed's effects.

"Well those three girls were really pretty and-" she tried to bang her head on the table, but Seiya stopped her by grabbing her shoulders and looking at her straight in the eyes.

"Keep going," he almost commanded.

"And… and I thought you'd get tired of me and fire me," she avoided his gaze and directed her focus to her clenched hands.

"Isuzu… I would never do something like that," he whispered, running his hands from her tense shoulders down to her hands and gently holding them.

"I was worried," she mumbled.

"You were being stupid," he chuckled, feeling her tense up even more.

"I know, I shouldn't worry about who you spend your time with."

"Well that's true, but you shouldn't keep all your emotions bottled up."

"And you should work on your superiority complex."

"But I am superior," he grinned, catching her eyes and holding them there, "I would never fire you, you mean too much to this Park."

"Thank you Kanie-kun," she smiled with a light pink hue on her cheeks. Seiya took this heartbleed seed one step further and scooted his chair closer to hers, inching his face closer and closer, while holding onto her hands and keeping her from pulling away.

"Do you want me to kiss you?" he asked with a low voice

"Yes," she squeaked unable to control the seed's powers. He replied with a smile and closed the gap between the two, pressing his lips to hers gently at first, but then growing into a heated frenzy. His hands slid up around her waist and he pulled her onto his lap. Her hands found their way around his neck and up into his hair. Their tongues explored each other's mouths, Seiya winning the battle for dominance. With one hand he reached up and removed the ribbon holding Isuzu's hair up, letting it cascade down her back and around her shoulders. The other hand moved down and gently grabbed her butt, causing a surprised moan to escape her lips.

Isuzu began to unbutton Seiya's work uniform, and at about the third button, the door flew open to reveal a very shocked applicant and an even more surprised Tiramy. Isuzu's face burned with embarrassment and tried to scoot backwards and completely fell out of the chair. Seiya simply flashed a smile at the confused pair standing in the doorway and turned to grab the application on the top of the stack.

"Please come in, I have a couple questions for you," he looked down at Isuzu whose face was still bright red and laughed before leaning down to help her up. "We can continue this later," he growled into her ear. Isuzu completely lost it and covering her face she ran from the room and into the girl's bathroom. Staring into the mirror at her messed up hair and ruffled clothes she let out a mix between a groan of disappointment and relief. Who knows where things would have gone if somebody hadn't walked in? And what did he mean by later? Seiya knew. And he thought about all the ways he could make her squirm while he sat through countless interviews with potential employers, waiting to finish the stack so he could go find the poor girl who is forced to wear her heart on her sleeve.

This should be fun.