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First Impressions

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“I thought you’d never come.” The voice exuded relief. Kirishima knew what it meant. That she would be glad to see him when they finally met. She wouldn’t know him, though, so how was he going to hear that? He wondered if she was in trouble, or if he’d just pass her on the street. What if she was saying it to someone else, and he’d be overhearing it? He clenched his fist. No, that would never happen.

The station bell rang, snapping him out of a small reverie in his bunk. He quickly snapped on his coveralls, sliding down to the engine where his hot headed friend and coworker waited in the engine.

“Let’s fucking go, Kirishima!” Bakugo honked the horn, almost tearing his jacket in his haste to leave the fire station. He slapped the helmet on his head as he leaped onto the machine, clambering into the front seat. “Kaminari, you fucking idiot, let’s go!” He yelled as their resident medic followed suit, one leg still half out of his pants.

“All right, all right, I'm coming!” The blonde yelled back, hair flopping as he hopped in. “Let's get out there!” He juggled his kit as he closed the door. Bakugo's ash-blonde hair gleamed red in the light of the sites as it came on, screaming to announce their exit.

“Fifth and Wood, three stories.” He snarled to his team. “Neighbors called. Music was playing, so they didn’t notice it until it was big. One trapped. Kirishima, that’s you. Kaminari, set up outside. I’m taking this fire the fuck down.”

The engine roared towards the scene. The familiar scent of smoke filled their nostrils.


The scene was a small apartment building crumbling from the fire, a little block not far from where Kirishima himself lived. He pulled on his heavy duty suit and readied his axe, breathing deeply into the mask. Bakugo brought the engine screaming to a halt.

“Go, Go, FUCKING GO!” He yelled. Kaminari leaped to the side of the engine, attaching the hose to a nearby hydrant. Bakugo tore the nozzle off the truck and aimed it, switching the line to foam. Jets of the stuff blasted into windows as they struggled to control the blaze long enough for Kirishima to complete the mission.

“Hello? Anybody?” He yelled into the smoke, dodging burning timbers and curtains of orange that licked up the walls. His axe swung into a door, opening it instantly. He saw a woman in with pink hair and a pink dress cowering in a corner. Gotcha, he thought.

“Don’t mind the axe, Ma’am, come with me!” He yelled, reaching out for her hand.

“I thought you’d never come.” She replied. With a jolt, they both realized that this was it. This was the moment. The voice he’d heard in his head a thousand times - it was her!

“It’s you!”

“Ma’am, we’ve got to hurry!” He shouted, though his mind was racing. They had to make it out. He picked her up off her feet and sprinted down the stairs, narrowly missing  a sheet of flame as they burst through into the night.


And just like that, it was done, and they were left admiring each other in the night air.

“Hi, I’m Eijiro Kirishima, and, uh,” He paused. “We’re soul mates.”

“I’m Ashido Mina. The pleasure is all mine.” She said, drinking in the sight of him. One thought pulsed through both their minds.


This was going to be so much fun.


“I have to admit, I was so worried about the axe thing.” She teases, acting like there’s not a burning building behind them.

“You know, I can see that.” He laughed, rolling his spiky red head back before pausing in shock. “Guess it comes with the job.”

“I’m just happy it wasn’t a psycho.” She replied, clearly enjoying herself despite the obvious calamity.


Behind them, Bakugo stormed away from the fire, pissed that he hadn’t been able to put it out himself as two other trucks finished the job of putting out the smoking ruins of the apartment block. He ripped apart his jacket to unzip it, cursing his fucking hose and the fucking house for having such small fucking windows. A blonde reporter sashayed up to the caution line as he pouted.

“Hey there, champ. Care if I ask ya some quick Q’s?” Her eyes roved up and down his figure, eyes straying to his abdomen, which showed rock hard abs through his undershirt.

Fuck no.” He fumed at her before realizing that the obnoxious question was it.


“Fucking hell, a reporter?” He groaned.

“It’s Camie, thank you very much… Soulmate.” Her eyes teased him to no end. Almost annoyingly beautiful. “This is gonna be mad lit.”


Kaminari had just finished with another burn patient. Wiping the sweat off his brow, he turned to the shock victim, a slender girl with close cropped purple hair. She grabbed his hand with her surprisingly cold fingers.

“Tell me something funny.” She shivered, pulling the mylar blanket up around her.

“Yee, Yee, I’m Pineapple Boi.” He blurted out. Memes were a hobby of his, but he’d never expected them to come in handy.


With a zing not unlike a shock from an AED, he snapped his head up to look at the girl, grinning ear to ear.

“Wow. Okay, um, I’m Jiro Kyoka.” She stared at him, frowning. “What’s with that stupid look?” His smile widened.

“I’ve made so many jokes, tried so many lines. I practiced in front of the mirror, even. But the last situation I would ever think of.” He swallowed nervously.

“Kaminari Denki, nice to meet you.”