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Ferris Wheel Troubles

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Seiya was lying in his hospital bed after passing out at his desk. Staring at the sunlight hitting the ceiling he heard the door click open.

"Sento," Seiya breathed.

"I can't stand being just your secretary anymore," Isuzu Sento cooed, climbing on the hospital bed and straddling Seiya Kanie

"What? Sento is the heat making you crazy?" Seiya panicked, trying to figure out what was going on, it's not like he didn't enjoy what was going on, he was simply taken aback by her straightforwardness. Then again she did threaten him with her shotgun if he didn't agree to come to Amagi Park with her so this wasn't too far off from her usual self.

"Don't run," she looked up at him with pleading eyes, inching her way closer to him. "After all," she stopped and broke eye contact, "I think I'm on love with you," Isuzu closed the gap between the two, gently pressing her lips to his. They both sunk into the kiss, Isuzu tilted her head and allowed the kiss to deepen while Seiya was enjoying the taste she had on her lips. After a few moments, they broke apart with red faces.

"Sento," searched her brown eyes.

"Kanie-kun," Isuzu whispered leaning in, "Kanie-kun," she said a little louder almost at his lips, "KANIE-KUN," she yelled. At this moment Seiya shook his head and when he refocused on the room, he found himself alone in the dark.

"Damn it," he rubbed his bandaged head, "it was just a dream." He thought back to earlier that day when the stupid pink mascot dressed up as Isuzu and toyed with him. "Why am I even thinking of her like that?" he murmured to himself, "I mean she's stiff, aggressive, but has a nice body and gorgeous eyes- Damn it I'm thinking about her again," he cursed himself, "but why?" he turned over on his side and tried to fall back asleep.


Isuzu was sitting in her bathtub, she sunk into the water so from her mouth down was completely submerged in the warm water. Her hair was wrapped in a pale purple towel and she was looking straight ahead at nothing in particular, lost in thought.

"Why was Tiramy dressing up as me? And why did Kanie look so flustered? I've never seen him like that," she thought to herself, moving her legs around and causing the water to ripple and create gentle waves. "Why does he make me feel this way? He's so arrogant and self-centered," she grumbled, letting out a deep breath that turned into bubbles in the water.

The Next Day

"Good morning Kanie," Isuzu walked into the manager's office and saw Seiya furiously writing on the papers piled in front of him. Hearing her calm yet emotionless voice made him stop what he was doing and look up at his assistant manager, she was dressed in her sleeveless, red uniform, the same one she wore when she, er, Tiramy seduced him. Swallowing hard, he forced himself to continue signing request forms.

"Good morning Sento," he tried to play cool, but his voice was slightly higher than normal.

"Are you feeling better?" she asked with her usual tone.

"Yes, it was only a slight cold."

"That's good," after a few moments and some curiosity Isuzu decided to ask, "What did Tiramy do to you anyways?"

"Oh," Kanie froze and his hand came to an abrupt halt turning his signature into childish scribbles, "They were just messing with me, you know trying to act like you."

"How did they act?" at this point she was very interested in knowing how they thought about her.

"Well, you know," he talked himself into a hole, "It didn't sound like you at all, and the zipper on the top of your, um, her head made it kind of obvious too."

"Alright," she nodded her head and returned to her work, completely aware of him avoiding the question.

The day proceeded with silence. Occasionally someone would walk in and drop a large stack of papers on Kanie's already full desk while Isuzu was out checking on the attractions that they would normally check together. She held the maintenance checklist close to her chest and continued walking around the park, absentmindedly checking down the list. It was almost closing time, meaning she'd have to stay after and finish up.

"Closing time already?" she looked up at the sun disappearing behind the mountains and walked back to the office to grab a flashlight. Kanie was inside the office finishing up the last of the paperwork and stacking it neatly in piles. Seiya's head perked up when he heard the door open it was opening and closing all day. Every time he secretly hoped it was Isuzu, and this time he had a slight smile on his face when he saw her walk in the door. They made eye contact for a few seconds but quickly glanced away with a slight red hue to their cheeks. She quickly walked to her desk and rummaged through the drawers.

"Did you finish looking at the attractions?" Seiya calmly asked, trying not to stare at Isuzu who was bending over a few feet away from him.

"I only have two more, but I'll finish soon. You can go home," she found the flashlight and stood up and tested it a few times before turning for the door.

"Wait, Sento I'll go with you," Seiya scrambled to get up and around to the front of his desk, "I just finished and my legs could use the exercise," he rubbed the back of his head and glanced at the tile floor.

"Alright, follow me," she commanded, hurrying to get out the door so he wouldn't see her blush. They silently walked down the hallway and out into the cool open air.

"Which two are left?" he asked trying to start a conversation.

"The fountain by the front gate and the Ferris Wheel."

"You know, the fountain isn't an attraction it doesn't have to be checked."

"But it's on the list," Isuzu thrust the list into his hands.

"Oh, I guess it is," he mumbled. "Why is it on the attraction list?" Isuzu shrugged and walked over to the maintenance box of the ferris wheel. She opened the metal box and turned a couple dials, checking their readings, she turned on the ferris wheel and sighed.

"There's a problem with one of the carriages," Isuzu said with her monotone voice. "I'll need to fix it from inside while it's moving," she looked back at Seiya to see him tense up. "You can stay down here, I can do it by myself," this made him freeze up even more at being called out for his fear.

"I'm… I'll be fine," he numbly replied.

"Then let's go, it's already late," Isuzu hopped into the carriage and Seiya reluctantly joined her. The carriage was shakier than the others and would occasionally make a slight screech. He sat on the bench furthest from the door and nervously tapped his foot. Isuzu was standing on the seat beside him, and removed one of the panels from the top of the carriage. She carefully observed the intertwining gears and moving machinery. With a small grunt, she punched the wall next to the open panel and they both heard a click. Immediately the ferris wheel stopped and Isuzu lost her balance. She clenched her eyes shut as her feet slipped from underneath her and the momentum of the swinging cart pushed her into Seiya's lap.

"Sento!" Seiya looked down at the girl who now sat perfectly on his lap, her legs off to the side, her arms wrapped around his neck in instinct, and her eyes were squeezed shut. Her lips were right there. Inches away from his. All he had to do was lean down and press his onto hers, she was so close, he could smell her sweet strawberry perfume, see the intricate details of her work uniform, feel her soft hair tickle his face, and he loved every bit of it. Before he could act Isuzu opened her eyes and looked right into Seiya's. They both leaned in, ever so slightly, their lips barely touched before the ride rumbled back to life and began to move and they quickly pulled back. Isuzu stumbled and stood back up, putting the panels back on the ceiling. Once again, the two found themselves surrounded in silence. They both jumped out of the carriage without a word as soon as it made its rotation and Isuzu turned off the ride and closed the maintenance box.

"I'll look at the fountain, you should go home before you miss the last bus," Isuzu fumbled with the pen as she tried to check off the ferris wheel.

"It won't take that long, it's not a problem," Seiya coolly replied, looking for any chance to be around her more. Especially after the ferris wheel. He wasn't even sure if that happened, but he still found his senses swirling from the sight of her actually in his lap and her sweet scent.


They found themselves walking through the dark park, with only a flashlight leading the way. The fountain was turned off and the water surrounding it was still and filled with coins, reflecting the moonlight. Isuzu quickly checked the panel in the ground next to the rim of the fountain. Seiya watched her work, forgetting that she took care of this place long before he did meaning she probably did this all on her own most nights. He felt a knot form in the lower pit of his stomach as she was twisting some bolts, her skirt fluttering in the light breeze revealed the small gap of smooth skin before her white stockings covered the rest. No one should make maintenance work look this good, but somehow she did. 

Sento stood and stretched her back, "I guess we're do-" before she could finish her sentence, Seiya grabbed her waist and pulled her to him, not giving her a chance to say anything before pressing his lips to hers for the kiss he desperately wanted.

As soon as their lips touched, Isuzu dropped the flashlight leaving them shrouded in a slight glow, mainly from the moon. As the shock subsided, she began to kiss back, leaning in more and standing on her toes to get a better angle. Her lips were everything he thought they would be; soft, smooth, sweet, and perfect to kiss. After a couple seconds Isuzu parted her lips and allowed Seiya to further the kiss. A few more moments passed before they pulled apart, out of breath.

"Sento, I… uh," Seiya tried to say something but for once he had nothing to say.

"Kanie-kun," Isuzu stood on her toes and placed a small kiss on his cheek. "You should go home before you miss the bus, goodnight," Isuzu gave him one last look then rushed to the employee housing and flopped onto her bed, still in disbelief that Kanie actually kissed her. Seiya stared out the window of the bus on the way home, confused on what would happen tomorrow.

*Off screen*

"This is interesting," Macaron laughed

"Why couldn't she kiss me," Tiramy cried

"As long as he stays away from Latifa I'm ok," Moffle grumbled, folding his arms and setting a pair of binoculars on the end table by his window.