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Hey there demons, it's me, yah boi

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The empty storage house was dark, murky and very suspicious. It was no wonder they received a hint that there had been some dark energy around this area, relating to the murders that had just happened this week.

The long hallway kept on going, looking longer and longer with each step that they took. On the other side, far way, they could see the three flashlights searching around. It was Chu, Little Guo and Da Qing.

The hints that they had gathered over the week after the crimes, all lead here. The criminal was from Dixing, a powerful soul eater who gained their dark strength through eating upon humans. Truly, a demon.

Taking a hold of Yun Lan's sleeve, Shen Wei whispered. ' Yun Lan. If this place truly has any demons in them, do nothing to invite them, to somehow show themselves or taunt them in any way-'

Yun Lan silenced him, placing a finger over his lips. Looking confused, Shen Wei blinked his eyes slowly a few times. Yun Lan stayed quiet, just winking once with a smirk on his face.

Moving forward together, they kept looking around each other carefully. Every sound made their heartbeats fasten and send shivers going down their spines.

Meeting in the middle, the five of them stood helpless.

'Nothing. 'Old Chu sighed quietly, pointing his flashlight towards their feet. Guo shook in fear, looking around him worriedly as he hold onto the hem of Chu's jacket like a child.

Da Qing sniffed the air, shaking his head. He no longer caught the scent of the criminal. They must have escaped right when they reached the storage building.

Yun Lan let out a disappointed sound, kicking the dusty floor underneath his feet. 'Should have known.' He murmured, turning to look at the direction where they had came from.

Shen Wei looked at the sad faces in front of him, swallowing once. 'Perhaps i could check the area with my powers once more.' He suggested.

'No need for that.' Yun Lan then said, turning back around. He wore an odd look on his face, and Shen Wei had a bad feeling about this. 'I have a better idea.' Yun Lan then added.

Before anyone could even ask what he had in his mind, Yun Lan hopped on top of one of the storage boxes and yelled from the top of his lungs.

'Hey there, you demon fucker! Show yourself!'

His voice echoed in the long hallway, Guo held onto his ears as the voice sounded so loud.

Shen Wei looked disappointed, pulling Yun Lan off of the box so quickly that he almost fell flat onto his face.

'What did i tell you about taunting it?' Shen Wei began nagging at him. 'What would have you done if they showed up-'

And just like that, all five of them turned to look towards the sound of movement, coming from behind the huge cardboard box that Yun Lan was just stood on.

Taking out his gun, Yun Lan targeted it towards the sound. Lifting his arm, Shen Wei gained his power and was ready to shoot the ray of dark magic towards the criminal. All five of them ready, waiting in silence, they stared at the box.

Finally, there was more movement, and Yun Lan dared to kick the damn box.

With an ear hurting scream from Guo, a huge rat escaped the box. It ran off, Da Qing behind it quickly.

Shen Wei lowered his hand, the dark magic disappearing back into him quickly. He fixed the glasses on his nose bridge and sighed. Meanwhile Yun Lan began to swear like a sailor, giving the box one last kick.

Keeping Guo behind him, safe from any other possible rat, Chu let out a laugh.

'Look's like the only demon fucker here is you.' He smirked, looking at Yun Lan.

Speechless, Yun Lan just stood there for a moment, squeezing his gun tightly. Shen Wei however lowered his head in an attempt to hide his blushing cheeks.

Giving up with coming up with a good comeback, Yun Lan just pointed at the puppet master. 'What are you just standing there? Go after the dumb cat and make sure he doesn't eat the diseased rat!' He yelled.

Smirking, Chu began walking off with Guo following him.

Sighing, Yun Lan turned to Shen Wei.

'I told you not to taunt it.' Shen Wei smiled, walking past him.

Looking stunned, Yun Lan swore once underneath his breath before following "his demon" out of the building.