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"What even are you dreaming about, Yun Lan?" asks Wei's amused voice.


Lan is confused. He is kissing Wei and Wei is kissing him back. The Wei in his arms is not the one who is talking.


He can hear Wei's voice from somewhere else, close by. Another Wei walks into view.


Lan can feel through his bond with Wei. Both are real. There's no impostor. How is this even possible? Did he just create a clone of Wei or something because of the artifacts? Because of his emotions?


The Wei standing in front of him laughs, as if he has heard that and it's a distracting but beautiful sound.


The Wei in his arms is also confused. Apparently, he hasn't heard it.


The other Wei walks towards them and chuckles, trying to cover his mouth but failing. "You are dreaming and you pulled me into your dreams, Yun Lan. You are having a nice dream, apparently."


The Wei in his arms disappears and Lan jerks awake.


Wei is sleeping beside him with a shy smile on his face. Wei slowly opens his eyes as well. He sits up and just grins at Lan.


Lan groans, "Seriously?" He wants to choke the artifacts to death or something, thank God they aren't alive. Otherwise they would have been dead by now because of Lan. 


The artifacts are playing with them once again.




The next time it happens, it's not funny. Wei is having a nightmare. He is dreaming about being stabbed by Zun's icicle, he is dreaming about Lan being tortured, he is in pain, he is bleeding and he can't stop and he can feel Lan's pain as well and he just wants everything to stop.


Lan is pulled into Wei's nightmare because of the intensity of Wei's feelings. Wei is in pain, he is worried and there's also an underlying sense of hopelessness and fear.


Lan feels like he wants to comfort Wei till the end of time. He never wants to let Wei go through these again. Once was more than enough and terrifying as hell. He can't lose Wei again.


He walks in and ignores the pain in his own chest. He ignores all the blood on the floor, he ignores Zun's shock, he ignores the gaping look from his tied self.


He walks towards Wei who is lying on the ground. He kicks at Zun's legs, hard enough for the bones to snap, which were on Wei's body and hisses, "Stay away from him." This is just a dream, no way can this change what has already happened but it's satisfying. Zun is a better person now but he wasn't when this happened and Lan doesn't feel regret.


He bends down and kisses Wei's forehead. He whispers, "Let us go back, love. Wake up, my Xiao Wei. This is not real, just a dream."


Wei jerks awake and finds himself in Lan's arms immediately.


He needs this physical reassurance. He needs to know that Lan is alive and well and not hurt.


He pushes away Lan and Lan lets him go without a fuss. He contacts the Justiciar and confirms that Zun is doing well and that there are no problems in Dixing. He cannot deal again if Zun were to go insane again. He cannot deal with it if Lan is going to be in trouble again.


He stumbles back towards Lan who just envelops him. Lan kisses him and swallows Wei's whimpers and gasps and pants. Lan gently rubs Wei's back and chest. He can't breathe. Wei can't breathe.


Lan gently stops Wei's arms from trying to claw at his own neck.


He gently nudges at Wei and asks for permission, Lan walks into Wei's mind and Wei lets Lan read all his thoughts and feelings. They connect physically, emotionally. He lets Lan's presence envelop him in a soothing way and he finally relaxes.


It is hard for them to fall asleep again and Lan is refusing to come out of Wei's mind and Wei feels better this way.


They stay like this for the rest of the night, cocooned in each other's mind.