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Dirty Little Secret

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After Vegnagun had been decommissioned and Tidus was back, Yuna’s life became peaceful again. Their new life together was blissful, albeit marred now and again by the typical squabbles of a couple.

Tidus was away with the team to compete in a tournament and Lulu had tagged along. She had said that a change of scenery was nice once in a while. Thus it was up to Yuna to look after Lulu’s place for a few days, no big deal.
Yuna was cleaning the place a little bit and stumbled upon a small collection of spheres. Curious, Yuna played a few. They were recordings from their childhood. Wakka and Chappu playing blitzball on the beach, Yuna dangling from a tree branch and falling into Kimahri’s arms, giggling. The nostalgia cast a smile on her face. She was about to put them away again when she noticed an odd one. Buried under the rest, it was wrapped up in a cloth. Her inner sphere hunter reared its head. She couldn’t just leave a sphere someone had hidden without taking a glimpse. She unwrapped it and played the recording.

She was greeted by Lulu, fellating someone. Yuna gasped in shock. The man was holding the sphere, so she couldn’t tell who it was. She wondered how old the recording was. It looked to have been made in Guadosalam, so it was probably from her pilgrimage. She didn’t know Lulu had had any affairs during the journey. The black mage bobbed her head up and down the shaft at a rapid pace, seemingly eager to milk the man. Only once did she release him to compliment him on his endurance before she continued sucking. The man groaned a little when he came. Lulu swallowed the load and opened her mouth to show that there was nothing left.
“I think you’ll be a contender for the top spot on my list, little boy”, she purred before the recording cut out.
When it resumed, the scenery had changed to a room in an inn. Lulu was naked, and bouncing presumably on the same man she had been sucking off before. Her large breasts bounced beautifully and she moaned lustily.
“It has been way too long since I felt like this”, she told her lover with a flushed face.
The man reached for Lulu’s boobs with one hand and started groping them, much to Lulu’s delight. She encouraged him to keep it up as she bounced faster and faster.
“Mmh, I’m almost there”, she said, and her movements became more erratic. Suddenly she stopped bouncing. Her whole body quaked and deep groans escaped her. She slumped over a little when her orgasm had run its course and looked towards her lover.
“I haven’t had a climax like that in years”, she said and leaned into the camera.
A kiss could be heard. She got back into frame afterwards.
“You’re almost done, too, aren’t you? Just thrust it into me, I’ll let you finish inside”, she murmured.
The man put the sphere aside and nothing could be seen anymore. The recording continued for a few seconds which were filled with the noise of bodies slapping into each other.
Next came a recording of Lulu’s back. She was on her hands and knees, taking it from behind. Her soft ass jiggled with every impact and the man gave it a slap from time to time. Yuna couldn’t tell where they were, but the ground looked like sand and it was outdoors. The sounds of their fucking made Yuna horny. She started gently touching herself through her clothes as she listened, and saw the man pull out and cover Lulu’s butt with cum. A certain uneasiness came over Yuna as she listened to the man groan in pleasure. It sounded familiar, but despite the possible implications, her excitement only grew.
The scene changed again. The sphere had been set up so that Lulu’s boy toy didn’t have to hold it himself. It showed them lying on the grass in the Calm Lands. The man’s face was hidden behind Lulu who was riding him with her back turned to him. It still baffled Yuna that Lulu would just sneak off to have sex out in the open like that. Lulu was on full display, her boobs bouncing, partially from her own movement, partially from the thrusts of her lover. He had gripped her hips and slammed into her pussy eagerly. Yuna pictured herself in Lulu’s place as her fingers sank into her damp snatch. The cool breeze teasing her nipples and clit, a dick being jammed into her from below, not caring if someone saw her. The sight of Lulu cumming and the man not stopping his thrusts was delightful. The scene came to an end when the man pulled out and started squirting semen onto Lulu’s belly, lots of it getting caught in her bush. Lulu rose and, covered in cum, walked over to the sphere to end the recording. Yuna was furiously masturbating at that point. Her clothes had been discarded, and she had made herself comfortable on Lulu’s bed.
The recording continued in Zanarkand. The man was holding the sphere again and recorded how he fucked Lulu’s big tits.
How did she find the time to do this undisturbed?, Yuna wondered.
A terrible realization had come to her. There were precious few men Lulu could’ve possibly been with in Zanarkand. His tan was too dark for Sir Auron, it was clearly not Kimahri and she had seen Wakka naked before. He wasn’t that well-endowed. Lulu had been fucking Tidus behind Yuna’s back, even after they had made love in Macalania. Such acts take two of course. She watched Tidus bury himself between those big, warm pillows, without a care in the world, as if Yuna didn’t matter. Yuna should’ve been heartbroken, but to her own surprise she was aroused. More so than ever before.
“Yeah, fuck her tits”, she whispered as she watched, pleasuring herself.
Lulu was teasing her own nipples while Tidus’ penis popped up from her cleavage and disappeared again in rapid succession. Tidus gasped when he came. Strings of thick cum plastered Lulu’s boobs. When he was done, she lifted her breasts up to lick up as much as she could. Lulu smiled lewdly and the recording was cut off again.
The recording resumed in a room on the airship. The sphere was set up again, and recorded Tidus and Lulu making love on a bed. Lulu hugged him tightly and had her legs wrapped around him while he lay on top and his hips moved in a smooth rhythm. His thrusts were long and deep and made Lulu sigh and moan. They were closely intertwined and only Tidus’ increasingly fast thrusts betrayed their rising excitement. When Tidus was slamming into her hard and fast Lulu started to groan.
“Yeah, baby, let me have it. Cum in me! Put a baby in me!”
It was too much for Yuna to take. As her boyfriend came deep inside the woman she might describe as her big sister, Yuna was overcome with excitement and came, too. She squirted and made a mess of Lulu’s sheets. She kept watching and saw the lovers engage in passionate kissing as Lulu reached for the sphere and cut the recording. That was the end.

Yuna didn’t know what to do. Tidus had cheated on her in the past and Lulu had deceived her. Who was to say that they wouldn’t do it again. In fact, as far as Yuna knew, they might’ve been going at it at that very moment. Maybe that was the true reason why Lulu wanted to go to Luca with the team; a nice getaway with her stud. It was horrible, and yet, Yuna didn’t feel bad. She would have to talk to Lulu about this, and about the fact that their affair turned Yuna on.
Who knows? Maybe they’ll let me watch, she thought.