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Whispered in the ear (ily)

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''I can hear you thinking,'' says Yunlan, mouthing at Shen Wei's neck. ''What is it?''

Shen Wei hums and reaches for Yunlan's hand. It' easy enough, considering Yunlan is all but draped over him with their sheets long forgotten on the floor. He starts to play with his fingertips, gently tugging and pulling at each one in turn, like he's making sure every one is accounted for. Yunlan sighs, content, and thinks idly that if he was a cat this would be his cue to purr.

''It's silly,'' warns Shen Wei. Yunlan can't see his face, but by now he knows Shen Wei well enough to picture his shy, embarassed smile and downcast eyes.

''I don't care, tell me anyway.'' And oh, there's a bite mark right there on Shen Wei's shoulder. Yunlan should really kiss it before it fades away. It's in one of his favorite spots on Shen Wei's body, too, right where the neck meets the shoulder. No wonder he bit there, his past self has excellent taste, even when he is otherwise distracted by the things Shen Wei does with his hands.

''Alright,'' Shen Wei says, steeling himself, and no, this isn't right, Shen Wei shouldn't get tense when he wants to talk to Yunlan about something that bothers him. Yunlan frowns, but Shen Wei's hand doesn't stop its massage, so maybe it's alright.

''I've been thinking of how we've met, both times. When I first met you, you were already in love with me; and when you first met me, I was already in love with you.''

''That's not so bad, though, right?'' Yunlan smiles against Shen Wei's skin.

''No, no, nothing that led us to where we are now is bad, not at all. It's only that, and again I'm warning you this is stupid-'' Shen Wei pauses, taking a deep breath that Yunlan can feel against his own ribcage. ''It's only that we've never said 'I love you' to each other.''

And, oh. Oh. Yunlan's skips a beat when he realizes it's true. He feels a little bit guilty for it, but then again, what goes on between him and Shen Wei is such an evidence, as natural as breathing, that somehow he never felt the need to state it out loud, not when he can see it and feel it and sense it every time Shen Wei looks at time, every time Shen Wei touches him.

Yunlan shifts a little, leaving soft, open-mouthed kisses from the bite mark to Shen Wei's ear, taking the time to breathe him in before whispering ''I love you, I love you, I love you,'' in his ear.

Shen Wei laughs, sounding a little choked up, before turning to find Yunlan's mouth and repeating Yunlan's words back into his lips.