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Gift Fic #1 Cruel Chara Vore

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I ws tired.


Frisk's constant resetting was really starting to piss me off. As i stood here for the 100th RESET in the void I saw Frisk appear in front of me AGAIN. I said "Frisk i've had enough. Your RESETS are getting annoying."

I held out my hand as i held Frisk's SOUL in my hand. They said "B-but Chara w-what are you going to do to m-me" I smirked as i squeezed their soul as it was compressed down to an incredibly small size.

Suddenly they began shrinking as they got smaller and smaller until I towered above them. I laughed cruelly as they gulped before i lifted my shoe and stamped on their tiny body over and over.

Each time brought their screams of agony as their legs were crushed under the weight of my shoe. I then lifted my shoe laughing once again as I snatched them up feeling their cries of pain and blood run all over my hand.

I smirked as i dropped them under me before ploppin my heavy chubby ass onto them crushing them a little more as they screamed for mercy. I merely laughed as i said "You think you deserve mercy? NO. you deserve this you dirty resetter"

I let loose a huge fart as i felt them bump against the walls of my ass. I giggled as I proceeded to crush them a bit more under my butt before getting up and smirking again as i said "Not so fun is it?"

I snatched them back up and shoved them into my socks where i toyed with them as i wiggled my horrible smelling feet a little more before putting pressure on them as i heard their bones crack.

I viewed their soul seeing it was close to breaking so i decided to give them a little show before they became my meal. I removed them from my shoe as I giggled before shoving them into my shorts and underwear against the monster that was my cock.

I moaned as i felt them squirm and wiggle as my cock grew hard against my shorts as their body was crushed into half. I moaned as i felt their blood on my cock and released cum all over nearly drowning them as they were forced out and into my waiting hand.

I smile as i said "Well that was quite fun but now it's time for you to die i think. They thrashed even more upon hearing that as i opened my hungry mouth before tossing them in and swishing them around as i felt their blood and dying broken body swish around my mouth.

I tilted my head back before swallowing as they were crushed by the impact of falling into my stomach. I heard the soul start to break as i forced it into my body. I was real again! and i would finally end the cycle.