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I've got a love that keeps me waiting

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The love of a god was a distant thing, abstract.

Shen Wei loved with his teeth. That was his nature. He got close and dug in and even death didn't relax his jaws.

KunLun loved him as well as a god was able to love. Humans could damn the world and everyone in it for their beloved, a demon couldn't do anything but. A god had an order and a purpose. If they tried, very very hard they could get close. It just never changed the ending.

KunLun did love him though. That was why Shen Wei was always able to get close enough to strike the fatal blow. Why he always forgot.

Another cycle. A hundred generations, until KunLun was human enough to have a choice, and then Shen Wei made him choose.

Shen Wei stood before Yunlan with his heart in his hands, his teeth bared. A simple decision, him or the world.

Maybe this time.