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Saurfang had better things to do than babysit a human, especially a human who did not want to be watched. Tyrathan Khort refused to have body guards following him, but he was usually content to allow a rogue sneak behind him at a discreet distance. However this morning, he had slipped past the rogue.

Saurfang stormed through the Hold, checking every room. The human was not here. If Vol’jin were here, he would simply say let Tyrathan be. He was free to come and go as he pleased. He would come back when he was ready, and he could take care of himself. Easy for him to say, it was Saurfang’s responsibility to oversee both Vol’jin’s and Tyrathan’s safety. Then, there would be the days when both of them would sneak off without anyone knowing where they had gone. But Vol’jin was on Draenor, and Saurfang was in charge of Orgrimmar until he got back. If something happened to Tyrathan while Vol’jin was gone, it would be Saurfang‘s head.

Saurfang exited the Hold. He would start checking with Tyrathan’s usual haunts. He did not understand Vol’jin’s attachment to this human, but the human seemed to make Vol’jin happy. A happy Warchief was an easy one to deal with. As Warchief, Vol’jin could have whomever he wanted as a mate. It was not Saurfang’s place to dictate who Vol’jin could be with.

Tyrathan was not at any of the archery targets. None of the hunters there had seen him. Saurfang checked the orphanage, but the Matron said Tyrathan had not stopped by. The flight master denied selling him any flights. The goblins on the zeppelin towers swore he had not boarded any zeppelins. The guards at all the gates reported that he had not been through. The human had not climbed onto the roof of Grommash Hold again. He finally found Tyrathan in the Valley of Honor, fishing behind the waterfall.

“Hello High Overlord,” said the human when he noticed Saurfang’s approach.

“Don’t High Overlord me. Where have you been?” growled Saurfang.

“Right here fishing,” Tyrathan shrugged as if he had not wasted any of Saurfang’s time.

“Why did you sneak off without the rogue?” demanded Saurfang.

“It’s not my fault if he overslept.” His fishing bobber went under the surface and Tyrathan began to reel in the fish.

“You should have woken him up or at least told someone where you were going. I have spent half the morning... Are you even listening?”

Tyrathan gave his fishing pole a good yank and finally reeled in his fish.

“That’s Old Crafty,” said Saurfang in disbelief. “People have been trying to fish for him for years.”

“There’s a fish in Ironforge like that called Old Ironjaw.” Tyrathan casually unhooked Crafty and tossed him back into the lake.

“You’re letting him go?” Saurfang could not believe his eyes.

“It’s what I did with Old Ironjaw.” The human began to rebait his pole.

Leaving the rogue behind to guard the human, Saurfang turned and began to walk back to the Hold, shaking his head. The sooner Vol’jin got back, the better.