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Quirk Analysis

Energy + Aether Manipulation


armours + equipment in an aether reserve that appears under command

the user can only equip items that have been reserved in the aether under a certain “name” for the equipment/armour


IE) /armour “Angelica”

broken armour/equipment must be repaired due to the fact that when it’s already broken, it will rematerialize broken

can lead to exhaustion due to concentration or usage


creates a “double” of the user, dividing the quirks’ power between the user and the doppelgänger—leading to limitations of the sub-techniques of the quirks


however, allows for the user to be at two places at one time

can only re-equip with certain limbs/region of body at a time


energy reserves are smaller

reserves of energy + aether is limited due to the existence of the double


can lead to extreme vulnerability due to the fact that the double can be captured, rendering the user to be (severely) handicapped

depleted/low reserves of energy leads to quick tiredness + exhaustion


with the combination of energy + aether, it allows the user to send a signal or report a position


due to aether + energy, the user can “sense” and “see” all life forms



activation can be seen when the user’s iris gleams a golden colour

individuals sensed or seen are outlines, in which means the user can’t exactly pinpoint who the individuals are

can cause vulnerabilities due to high concentration of focus required



user can give or absorb energy/aether


allows for high concentration of absorption—high power reserves


also allows for high compression and storage of energy into shards

the user can only equip items that have been reserved in the aether under a certain “name” for the equipment/armour

can lead to excess absorption or deficiency of energy—which may lead to high influx of body temperature due to over-exertion


excess—extreme levels of heat that can lead to severe burns/incineration and heavy “steam” emitting from the body (to cool the user’s temperature down)

deficiency—extreme levels of cold that can lead to hypothermia + numbness

excess + deficiency effects can be applied by using the quirk excessively


generation of “tangible” objects or forms using high composition + compression

can be used


offensively—crescents, bow + arrow, “swords” (shards)



can lead to exhaustion + tiredness from over-use/low reserves

can lead to exhaustion + tiredness from over-use/low reserves



allows the user to enter an outer-body experience in the aether—as the user leaves the physical body—essentially becoming “invisible” to those in the physical realm

mainly used as an offensive due to the high energy abundance in the aether—allowing a surge in power and heightened reflexes + senses, as well as offensive attacks during the phasing are aether + energy based

leads to the user’s physical body unresponsive + vulnerable


causes taxing stress—both mentally + physically due to the high abundance of energy + aether pressure


if the physical body is lost or becomes unusable, the user cannot return back to the physical world, leaving them stuck and intangible—becoming a “ghoster” and no one in the physical realm can hear or see the user


in addition, with the fact that the user’s physical body is unresponsive, it can lead to fatality


IE) your physical body can’t breathe, thus being in the aether realm for too long can cause high stress + low levels of Oxygen to their body and potentially die if they return too late


“Memorize/Memory Transfer”

can be used both the aether and physical realm—any information or events are “seen” with the user’s activation of location

it’s like sending specific signals + capturing what has occurred to be transferred to another individual

mainly used passively, such as memorizing locations/layouts

the transfer is more efficient through physical contact due to there being a physical source to pass the information

leads to the user to become faint or lose consciousness after the transferral, due to the extraction and passage from one memory to another


can also lead to temporary blindness whilst transferring information


known as “Mode of Destruction” and modification


acts as a stimulation unit over the user’s own quirk after “Restriction” is released

used offensively to muster all willpower and strength in combat

used in extremities or in dire situations

generates severe drawbacks, due to the “full” potential of the quirks’ activation, such as a coma, slowed recovery rate, the inability to use their quirk for a period of time, etc.



allows the user to restrain others using the combination of absorption of energy and chains—rendering the "prisoner" unable to use their quirk because of the lack of energy

forms specialty made chains from aether + energy in addition to a specific formation of shards or one central unit that pins the target down

causes excess energy absorption, leading to the side effects of steam, burns, etc.