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Fuck was I

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They didn't make it far. 


Not far at all, in fact.


Once Korra carried Asami over the threshold, Asami slammed Korra back into the heavy oak doors and kissed her stupid.


It felt like Asami's hands were everywhere. In her hair, on her neck, tracing patterns into her ribs, gliding over her stomach. Korra groaned and pressed forward into Asami, silently begging for more of something, anything. She'd lusted after Asami for a time, yes, but now she loved her. She could think of nothing that would make her happier than giving herself over completely to the woman she loved.


Asami found a slight ticklish spot on the hollow of Korra's hip, reveling in the way her abs crunched as she tried to skitter away. But Asami held firm, clutching tighter at Korra and tearing her belt loose from her pants. It made a crack as reached the end of its journey, then clattered to the floor. But Asami hardly registered the noise. She was too taken with Korra's soft sighs and small whimpers. Too distracted by the way Korra clenched her eyes shut and leaned against the wall, hips forward, arms searching for purchase while she muttered what Asami could only assume was "please." 


"Mmmm...I intend to," Asami purred, lowering herself to her knees in front of Korra.


Korra's head lolled back against the door with a soft thump. She let out a long groan, reaching above her, clawing at the wood to ground herself, gently fisting Asami's hair. She felt her button give way and heard her zipper glide down before her overheated skin became exposed to the air. Goosebumps erupted everywhere and a faint bit of her arousal reached her nose. But everything came to a standstill when Asami gently leaned forward and kissed her through her soaked through panties. Her heart raced and her ears thundered, all her focus zeroed in on those damnably delicious lips lavishing her with affection.


Korra spared a glance down and forgot how to breathe. The sight of Asami, sex tousled, on her knees, staring right back at her with a wicked gleam in those gorgeous green eyes was almost enough to send Korra keening on its own. She chewed her bottom lip to contain a pitiful moan and allowed her head to fall back against the door.


Asami responded by yanking her panties to the side and delving her tongue into Korra's folds. She was rewarded with a sharp gasp and fingers digging lightly into her scalp. The sensation was not unpleasant, but rather distracting in its indecisiveness. Korra's fingers twitched, twisted, and dug with tentative hesitation that suggested she wasn't sure if she should or could take any sort of control. 


And Asami Sato was in no mood to be controlled.


Korra might be the mighty Avatar, master of the elements, but Asami was master of Korra.


She would cause those knees to quake, that chest to heave and rumble. Korra's hands would become steel vices locked in passion with Asami's own as her flesh burned and her lungs cried out.


And Asami would bend every cell in Korra's body if it meant calling forth the tides from within her lover, her Korra.


Unwilling to be restrained by such trivial things as clothing, Asami tore Korra's underwear from body, relishing in the satisfying rrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiipp the fabric made and astonished "Asami" that spilled from Korra's lips.


While it's true that Korra was usually the more brash and powerful of the two, Asami was filled with a carnal lust and a desperate desire to feel Korra; hold her, touch her, taste her, claim her. She was frightened and aroused by the her own intensity, but hardly deterred.


"Hush!" Asami admonished. "I'll buy yo...." but the words died in her throat when she was met by the sight of her newly freed prize. Korra's lips were petaled and glistening, the caramel skin a slightly lighter tone than normal and tinged with pink. Her perfect bud peeked from its hood, swollen and pulsing. Asami wet her lips and glanced at Korra in a moment of uncertainty.


Is this really what you want? Here, now?


With me?


And even more desperately thought:


Do you really want me?


Korra's eyes fluttered and she gave the slightest nod of her head, finally relinquishing all control to Asami.


She had chosen this. She had wanted and dreamed of this for years.


And now she was prepared to give herself wholly to Asami.


Sensing the shift of power, Asami leaned in again and set to work against Korra's beautiful Venus, her tongue giving light, "testing" (teasing) strokes that caused Korra to groan and her hips to buck.


Asami took a moment to indulge in Korra's taste as it dispersed over her palate, noting the sharp and sweet tang she usually enjoyed from a from a perfect glass of roscato, but not discounting the delicious warmth that sat heavy in her mouth, allowing her to savor Korra longer. She began to make flat, broad strokes with her tongue through Korra's folds to gather more of that divine nectar, and ended with the tip of her tongue sending a rapid flick over Korra's clit. Korra shivered at the end of each stroke, the movements of her hips becoming more frantic, but Asami continued her leisurely assault on Korra's core. Her hands traced gentle patterns into the hard muscles of Korra's thighs before she raked her nails down those sculpted legs, leaving indentations that contrasted beautifully to the sable skin. Asami sucked Korra's clit into her mouth, sealing her pillowy soft lips around the base and delicately grazing the sensitive pearl with her teeth.


The warmth and pressure of Asami's mouth felt heavenly to Korra. She began to run a hand through her own hair, tugging the strands to ground herself. She felt incredibly powerful and vulnerable at the same time. Korra could think of a thousand different ways in a thousand different lifetimes that this could have happened, but none of them felt so good or were as real as this moment.


Korra choked back a gasp when not one, not two, but three of Asami's long, elegant fingers sank into her. The stretch burned in the most pleasurable of ways, Asami filling her in ways she had never dreamed of.


Asami's movements were slow and deliberate, each serving a purpose much like the pistons of a SatoMobile. Each time her fingers searched upwards, she pulled Korra's clit into her mouth, applying exquisite pressure to the button while flicking it with her tongue. On the descent of her thrust, Asami released the tender jewel, grating it with her teeth while she simultaneously curled her fingers into that sweet spot on Korra's front wall. It wasn't long until the Avatar was a panting, writhing mess in Asami's dexterous hands, her walls fluttering wildly and her clit pounding with every strong beat of Korra's heart.


Asami expected the building release to shatter and shower her in the glory of the Avatar's pleasure. She yearned to see that thread snap, those barriers fall.


What Asami did not expect was the blinding white light that filled her foyer, the aplomb of a thousand lifetimes as Korra gave herself fully to Asami; her eyes shining with otherworldly power, one hand tangled in her hair, the other leaving slight impressions in the metal inserts of the door, back arching, hips rolling. Before a scream tears from Korra's throat, filled with the authority of the ages, yet submissive to Asami. Before Korra gives one great shudder and Asami is gulping to keep up with the flood of her release, savoring every tantalizing drop she pulls from this luminous, powerful being. Before Korra's knees give out and she sags slightly, gripping Asami's hair, lowering herself to the floor, and kissing the other woman desperately.


Before any of that, Korra whispers Asami's name like a prayer to the spirits, like she herself is a diety deserving of her worship and praise. Whispers it like a pledge; like a promise.


Korra blinks the last of the whiteness from her eyes, to find herself cradled in Asami's lap, the other woman stroking her hair. Asami greets her affectionately with a warm smile and a kiss to her forehead and Korra happily returns the grin.


She's in love and she's safe, the most amazing woman by her side to call hers and hers alone, the only person she's ever trusted enough to give herself fully to.




There was no longer room for any doubt in Korra's mind. Instead, it was filled with love for Asami.

Asami lay embraced in Korra's warmth, face barely above hers. She reveled in the sensation of Korra lazily swirling patterns along her side and hip. Asami planted warm kisses on all of Korra's skin she could reach and looked up to catch Korra's eyes flutter as she hummed happily, a smile gracing her lips. Asami felt an answering grin spread easily across her own face and she leaned down to peck Korra's nose.


Korra's nose wrinkled and she shook her head side to side, giggling. "That tickles," she protested.


So naturally Asami showered Korra in hundreds of obnoxiously loud, ticklish kisses until Korra wiggled and giggled and wheezed in protest.


When the two women had finally settled down, Korra gazed at Asami fondly. Asami felt her face burn at the attention but forced herself to remain the object of Korra's affection.


They exchanged a slow, languid kiss, each knowing they had all the time in the world now.


Asami opened her eyes and admired the softness around Korra's. She had never seen her so relaxed until very recently and she had instantly decided it was her favorite thing in the world.


Korra's eyes opened and again, as always, Asami was startled by their hue.


"You're staring," Korra deadpans.


Asami snorts indelicately. "You're observant," she giggles. She let out a small hum of happiness. "One advantage to not sleeping," she began, taking notice of Korra's cocked eyebrow, "you can't hold the embarrassing shit I say against me later."


They erupted into a fit of giggles, their laughter echoing off the walls of the room.


"Speaking of," Asami tried, wiping a tear from her eye, "what did I say that made you laugh so hard yesterday?"


"You asked me if I was a dream," Korra replied.  "Then you snorted and said of course I wasn't a dream, because if I were, I would have kissed you awake like the pretty princess you are."


Asami's jaw dropped in utter disbelief, her eyes wide with shock. "I said no such thing!" Asami cried, face indignant.


Korra laughed even harder at that which earned her a pillow to the face before Asami bent over and screamed into it.


"Love, I promise to wake you up every morning with kisses, even though technically I'm the princess," Korra stated. Asami whacked her with a pillow again, causing a duel of fluffiness and wrestling to ensure. 


Not long after, the women became quite entangled in one another, neither wanting or able to leave the bed until well into the evening.