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The Faults In Izaya Orihara

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There is no getting away from reality. Another vending machine flies through the streets. A handful of tourists look up in fear, their faces painted in surprise, their mouths agape.

Shizuo glances at them swiftly.

The locals continue walking in a hurry, not trying to get close enough to put themselves into the line of danger. Knowing it's just another of the usual fights of Shizuo Heiwajima and the dark-haired information broker from Shinjuku, they are already used to this. Honestly, they had to acknowledge Ikebukuro wouldn't be the same without them.

He starts running faster.

It's nothing new as they're seen sprinting and fighting in the dark alleyways of the city.

Shizuo knows this. Yet...

"I'll kill you, you damn flea!"

He can’t help it. Shouting in anger, the blond throws another object at the information broker. Questions such as- Why? What is this? When will they stop? –are what people used to ask. They couldn’t grasp for understanding. Now, they have no choice but to ignore it. Unlike Shizuo, who seems to be unable to ignore anything that has to do with the informant.

He tries his best to shout warning signs for everyone to avoid them. He roars, leaving behind himself a wake of worried screams from the pedestrians and smoke. He pushes through the crowd. Unfortunately, any hit from the blond is simply avoided by the person he's chasing. Bending down this way and that like a damned flea. Always managing to escape with a smile. The informant doesn’t even wince at Shizuo’s growls. He only smirks and glances at the man who is running after him. As adrenaline courses through their bodies, he laughs, knowing exactly what the man dressed as a bartender is going to shout next.





Yes, there it is. Izaya laughs.

It could have been a perfect day. No informants. No ugly fleas. Then Shizuo saw him - Izaya, that bastard, passing by him and smiling at him and Tom from across the street without a single care in the world. After all this time he would recognize Izaya anywhere. In short, Shizuo lost it. Throwing traffic signs, benches, and anything else he could get his hands on at the informant. Izaya was just up to no good. He just knew it. It was screaming to his face.

He is breathing heavily by now. Because of the blind rage, he’s already irritated beyond no return after just a few minutes of the chase. This is my cityhe thinks to himself in hostility and empowered by the anger, he glances over his shoulder to see if there are any more people closer to him than five meters. 

Shizuo smiles and prepares to hit. There is no one. 

Nothing and no one that could hold him back is in sight. 

"You can’t be running away forever, Izaya." He grunts. "Not right now, anyway."

As if on cue, Izaya abruptly stops. 


The debt-collector accidentally causes himself to run straight into a wall. Staggering back with a surprised look on his face, he realizes it’s the hard surface of the dead end of the alleyway.  

Shizuo’s smile freezes around the edges. 

This happens every time when he registers Izaya - he gets tunnel vision! He has always put a special effort into controlling his anger, but nothing seems to help when it comes to the other man. He frowns. But then, his lips curl into a grin.


A dead end. 

Shizuo stop strolling and looks back at the wall at the end of the street with a smile, pressing his hand against his now bleeding nose.  

Could this be turning around? Finally?

Izaya blinks several times over before registering the situation he got himself into. Shizuo raises his brows at him, smiling suggestively. The informant starts smirking back one of those utterly creepy smiles of his, like he just won in a lottery. It‘s in everything he does - his walk, his posture, his arrogant attitude. Shizuo whips his head around to look at him again. That blossoming, smug grin of his is nothing short of unusual. They breathe in unison, ragged and tired from the running.  

Izaya leans against one of the bins at the side of the abandoned alley and looks on as Shizuo wipes a little bit of blood from his nose.  

"Stupid Shizu-chan. You should have been more careful. You wouldn't want to get hurt now.” As he rolls his eyes, he starts pulling out a small knife from his jacket. Clicking his tongue in disapproval, Izaya then studies Shizuo with his crimson gaze, fingers tracing along the sharp end of the blade. 

 “Or do you have a death wish, Shizu-chan?” 

Shizuo frowns, staring at Izaya with what might look like a death glare, before finally speaking up in a rough voice. “You have no idea how - how  much you piss me off, do you?"

"I do a little bit." Izaya folds his arms. 

"I thought I told you to never show your face in here again." Shizuo starts taking slow, determined steps in Izaya’s direction, circling him, “now come closer so I can smash your head against this wall and go fucking home already," he throws down a challenge. 

Izaya smiles, almost softly. "Why get so worked up, Shizu-chan?”

Shizuo swallows the hot and burning lump inside his throat as he can't help but agree with him. He looks away to stare at a wall.


Is Izaya right ? Why does he even get irritated at this point?

He turns his head back at the raven, prepared to shoot something back. However, Izaya quickly continues, speaking up faster than Shizuo as if he wanted to get the subject dealt with as soon as possible. “I’m not exactly in the mood to have my head smashed against any walls right now, and certainly not by Shizu-chan, you know?” He says with a noncommittal shrug. 

"I'll get you in the mood, don't worry." Shizuo retorts roughly. He could continue to bicker with Izaya for hours, if he hasn't been getting a little more than tired of it. For Izaya, sure, a quick run around Ikebukuro with Shizuo chasing after him like a crazy animal is always a very tempting and inviting idea, but they have been doing that for literal years. Since they’ve known each other.

How is their relationship so unalterable? 

It’s always the same with Izaya, he will always think it’s no harm to him or anyone else to wind Shizuo up even further, right?  

"Stop flirting, Shizu-chan." A playful smirks dances on his lips.

How is this so easy to him? Shizuo sighs, setting aside all remaining over-analyzation. "Don't flatter yourself, idiot," he spats back at him. 

"So what if I am flattered. What are you going to do about it?" Izaya taunts. 

“I just want you gone, flea.” 

"Do you?"

"Yes!" He shouts. Something ice and ugly starts coiling in Shizuo's stomach when Izaya starts frowning at him as if he has just said something entirely new.

Silence, save for their still ragged panting. 

Shizuo finally walks up closer to him and stands in front of him. He's going to make this clear to Izaya once and for all. Hands in his vest's pockets, he looks down into the red and evil gaze staring up at him.  

“I want you gone, Izaya. Forever.”